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Find My Friends allows you to easily locate friends and family using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Just install the app and share your location with your friends by choosing from your contacts, entering their email addresses or phone numbers, or using AirDrop. When you share your location, your friends can start following your location immediately and easily share their locations back to you so that you’re both in the loop. If at any time you don’t want to be followed, you can hide your location with a single switch. Find My Friends lets you set up location-based alerts that can notify you automatically when a friend arrives at the airport, a child leaves school, or a family member arrives home safely. You can also set up alerts to notify friends about changes in your location. When you use Find My Friends, your location can be shared from any of your iOS devices, allowing you to choose the device you have with you most often. If you have a cellular capable Apple Watch, Find My Friends will even switch your location to your Apple Watch whenever you are away from your iPhone. For best location accuracy and notification performance, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your device. FEATURES • Easily locate friends and family • Location-based notifications • Simple privacy controls • Parental restrictions • Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch • Share your location temporarily or permanently • Quickly share your location with nearby friends using AirDrop • Use phone number or email address to share your location and invite friends to share back • Support for 3D Touch How Your Data is used When you have Location Services enabled, you can share your device’s current location with anyone you choose using Find My Friends and Share My Location. When using these features, your location is only sent to Apple if it is actively requested by a friend you are sharing with, and retained for 2 hours, after which it is deleted. Supported languages: English, Arabic, Australian English, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Canadian French, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hong Kong Chinese, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese REQUIREMENTS: Find My Friends Version 7.0 requires iOS 11 or later and iCloud. You can create a free Apple ID to use with iCloud on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

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  • Muy mala 1/5

    By Nadie55
    Esta aplicación tiene retraso de hasta una hora no es precisa, y mucho menos te indica la ultima ubicación.. deberian hacerla de nuevo.. para usarla con personas es muy mala
  • Of course 1/5

    By W8lossheidi
    Yeah….kill it cause you can CHARGE for it. 🤬
  • I miss this! Live saver. 4/5

    By c0rvix
    This saved my life once! I know people use it for the wrong reasons! But thanks to this app it actually saved my life.. I was able to be located when I needed to be found. I used this app also to make sure my sister was okey when she would go places and She would track my phone too this is very helpful when you are going for runs or your alone a lot. I don’t like how you have to go to the messages to look at their location now. App needs to come back! A lot of crime junkies would also agree to this because if you listen to true crime In crime junkie 101: always let someone know where your going. If I don’t tell anyone they can check my location. I understand we have the itag thing but I don’t carry many thing around with me just my phone and my credit cards are Apple Pay so that tag is useless to me .
  • Friend finder 1/5

    By Joe doax
    The app in the App Store is stating my phone which is an up to date model doesn’t have the ability to support the app. What gives?
  • Dead 3/5

    By The DUV55
    This app is dead now
  • Really? 1/5

    By aronmaxx
    Is this the only way for the Apple folks to use and find their friends that they shared their location with? And it must be through the Find Friends mobile app and if so how come it’s my luck that was my iPhone 8 I can’t download this app and use that feature what am I missing?

    By alejandro's iPhone 7
  • Hate. This. App. 1/5

    By francogurlz
    Half the time you get "Location Not Available". I used to se Find My iPhone which was great, but since my other account users migrated to their own Apple ID's, I was forced to switch. This would be fine if it would just find the people!!!!
  • Program update? 5/5

    By johncwestbrook
    This is such a basic program. So I ask, why do you need to update it? I had to download an old version. Why?? That's unknown.