Find Near Me - Nearby & Around

Find Near Me - Nearby & Around

  • Category: Navigation
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  • Current Version: 6.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: XLabz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Find Near Me - Nearby & Around App

How many times have you had a need to find a Gas Station in the middle of a trip or to locate the nearest ATM in a city which you are new to? Find Near Me helps you to do this and much more in just a few clicks. User Reviews: "10 Stars, better than some paid ones! - One of the most brilliant apps I was looking for. Very smart, you can create your own search category." - by Homer J of Sydney Find Near me is a easy to use application which helps you find ATM's, Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Taxi, Restaurants, Wi-Fi spots or virtually anything near you. The application uses the in-build GPS in the iPhone to find your current location and plots pointers as overlays on a map to show points of interest in the vicinity of your current location. The application is highly customizable and the user can add and save his/her own search terms for future use. Find Near Me also tells you how far the searched location is from your current position. Features: - Automatically finds your current location and plots it on a map. - Customize the application to include custom search terms. - Find distance of searched locations from your current position. - Use it on-the-go to search for places of interest. - See if you have anything near buy Disclaimer: Find Near Me uses Google Maps™ API to plot locations and hence relies on the accuracy of the data provided by Google Maps™. The developer makes no assurance on the accuracy, relevancy or correctness of the data provided by the application. Google™ and Google Maps™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

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Find Near Me - Nearby & Around app reviews

  • very good 4/5

    By leah peterson:)
    i love this app i have just recently moved and it is helping me find things near me would definitely recommend
  • Sort of short of expectations 1/5

    By Tlfmd
    I am at a hotel I have never been to before. I saw a mall as the taxi drove up past a restaurant that occupies the corner that is surrounded by the hotel and parking lot. The nearest grocer is 2.3 mi away except for the jewel osco across the street in the mall I mentioned. The nearest restaurant is similarly, not the chipotle, outback, red robin also in the mall. Need I say more? When it finds the Starbucks it send me to one 2 mi away instead of .5 mi. I will delete In favor of Google
  • Useless 1/5

    By sandman1318
    App no longer works even after uninstalling and reinstalling it. I get a message saying, “something went wrong please try again, request failed.” I’m sure glad I paid $2.99 to get rid of the ads. I have the iPhone 8 and the latest iOS firmware.
  • I am surprised more people don’t use this 4/5

    By jakepaige760
    I found this app a long time ago simply to find ATMs nearby, now I use it often to find more obscure or specific things that google maps tends to skip over. This is incredibly helpful especially when you may be driving between towns or in a town you are less familiar with. Sure, it’s hit and miss at times but it has several options I can’t find in other apps and it doesn’t take up much data storage. So it’s a yes from me
  • What happened? It’s broken!! 1/5

    By tonster01
    I’ve used this app a lot while traveling...but not today. Instead I got an error message.. “Something happened, try again later” Doesn’t help now☹️
  • Not working 1/5

    By Caylephoto
    App is exactly what I want, but I keep getting request failed messages. Hope this is fixed soon, this app looks amazing.
  • Something went wrong 1/5

    By PasMaj
    Tried on multiple devices. Keep getting message “Something went wrong. Try again later.” Does not work. But ads in app work perfectly.
  • Apple Watch-Aweful! 1/5

    By Mr. Luigi
    I can search for Pizza, Gas Stations, Police, etc. on the iPhone app and generate substantive results. The same searches on the Apple Watch version of the app yield "no results" or a severely reduced list compared to the iPhone list. It appears the Apple Watch version of the app does not search beyond a couple miles from your current location. For example, there is a police station about 5 miles from my house. The watch app produces "no results." That is unsafe information in an emergency. The app should give you the closest 3-5 sites meeting your search retirement no matter how far away. In addition, the data offered on the Apple Watch is very poorly documented or flat out WRONG. I searched for pizza nearby me and the Watch app wanted to send me to my local High School! This is a good example of the kind of app that gives the Apple Watch a bad name.
  • uhh 2/5

    By Gperson4
    yeah i got this to help plan for my day in a different city and i could not figure out how to change the city... don't think you can. i think you can only use current location. also, i tried to click food and waited for a while whilst it said loading... got sick of it and restarted the app, then tried again.. same thing. don't know if i'm just in time-crunch mode or if it's a crappy app
  • Crashes every time I try to open 1/5

    By WWF enjoy
    I loved the app prior to the crashing when I try to open it. Since I can't open it anymore I should give it 0 stars but I really liked it when I could use it.
  • Need to rework 2/5

    By Bvn_k
    I am looking for pubs around me in Los Angeles, and this app is showing me local hot dog shop and pie café! Adios!
  • Nothing 1/5

    By Nickname already chosen bs
    Downloaded, adjusted location settings as advised. App couldn't find a grocery store and I was next to one. Deleted off phone.
  • Better than similar apps 4/5

    By alhearn
    I like this app better than similar apps that do the same thing -- find nearby POIs - restaurants, banks, gas stations, etc. They have more categories and the information seems to be relatively current and accurate. I particularly like the Google street view option which provides a visual idea of the place to help you find it -- in addition to normal driving directions. Honestly, this app does nothing much more than either Apple Maps app or Google Maps app on an iPhone, although since it's designed specifically for locating nearby POI services and businesses, it's a bit easier to use for that purpose. But the biggest reason for my using this app is that it supports the Apple Watch much better than either of the two apps mentioned above. Google Maps doesn't provide POI seaching at all on the Watch and Apple Maps only offers a few categories. This app would be even better in the Apple Watch if it offered Glances. The ads at the bottom of the screen and occasional pop-ups are very annoying and you must pay $2.99 to have them go away.
  • Great app 5/5

    By hsaudio
    Great app!
  • Vip 3/5

    By Hi M N
  • Seams to give directions to spam best 1/5

    By An angry customer64
    So many ads that it is hard to use.

    By J Mays
    I got this specifically for the watch and it gives me the loading wheel of death. Avoid at all costs!
  • Don't bother with the Watch version... 1/5

    By Steckley
    Phone app works fine, but on the Watch, I just get the endless spinning wheel, even after restarting both phone and watch. Don't bother.
  • Made an unauthorized purchase 1/5

    By Gm3001
    Avoid at all costs.
  • Ad spammer 1/5

    By slaninaj
    Just spams ad's junk
  • Horrible App Not Really Free 1/5

    An add free window suddenly pops up which will not allow you to close it unless you press the "restore" button which then without your express permission it says you bought the add free version. It's a scam!!!
  • Olddog 1/5

    By Loosingfaith
    Ad free will not stay! Have to constantly restore!
  • Not for Apple watch 1/5

    By Nitz328
    As long as you have Google maps and Siri you don't need a find near me app. Only reason to get it was to see how well it work with Apple watch. Terribly disappointed. Dont even waste your time
  • Don't install for Apple Watch 1/5

    By Jorlle
    Doesn't work on Apple Watch. Displays "No Results" for all searches. Only works on iPhone.
  • Pointless. Doesn't work with watch 1/5

    By Jpzendog
    Why bother saying it is compatible with Apple Watch when it isn't and never was. Don't bother with this app.
  • No results on Apple Watch 1/5

    By ErnestoCortazar
    Works fine on iPhone 6s but on Apple Watch does not germs results... glad I didn't pay for the free ad version
  • Doesn't work with Apple Watch 1/5

    By songpolice99
    This app works on my phone fine, but when I pull it up on my Apple Watch it says "no results" and won't load anything.
  • Wretched 1/5

    By Papaduffer
    Bring back the old "Near Me" and dump this thing. Nothing is alphabetized, if you go to a selection and discover it isn't what you want, close the whole app and start over- there is no facility to back out a screen or two. The "directions" are always in the way, voluminous, and near-incomprehensible. Deleting it and looking for something else.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Notafan007
    Good app. Just wondering why some items are alphabetized and why some are not?
  • Used to be easy 1/5

    By LoBasso5
    Impossible to navigate. Looking for a new app.
  • Useful app, but... 3/5

    By Gust2
    Very comprehensive listing of locations, but I wish I could discover how to delete "favorites?"
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By SydneyDAK
    Love it. Shows your location and everything around it. Provides reviews, directions, ratings, is color coordinated, and is easy to navigate. It really helped me out when I was visiting a new location for a month.
  • Great Apple watch App 5/5

    By Thealct
    Most useful app for the watch. Must have core app that Apple missed and Google won't track you
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By MLawrenceOU
    This is a great app for the Apple Watch. It's very easy to use and surprisingly accurate.
  • Nice App. 5/5

    By Another bad app, buyer
    Nice app, very quick. One thing missing. You need to add running trails to the list.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By sknightjr1
    Finds the restaurants you want but the directions/Gps app is terrible. You can't even copy an address to put into a decent gps app like Waze. Don't bother
  • Hangs up 1/5

    By L:j:k
    Latest version 5.3 hangs up on iPod Touch. Do not update!!!!!!
  • waste 1/5

    By Amaira2013
    shows you places which are closed for yrs ... good app to waste gas ...
  • Almost... 2/5

    By AbitaBoo
    This app is almost exactly what I needed. The fatal flaw though, is that you can't open the directions in Apple or Google Maps, or any other map program for that matter. The app lists the directions for you but there is no way to do turn by turn directions. You can't even cut and paste the address into another app or add the location to your contacts. So, I won't be using this one until it is more functional.
  • new version is good 5/5

    By Bhgftgn
    love the improvements!
  • Very helpful! 4/5

    By E.Lane
    Very Helpful!
  • This app is pretty awesome. 5/5

    By AngelaSmiles
    I mean, it does what it's supposed to. It's not buggy or force close so far. I suppose they can put a description of what the business offer to Make this app better. -A
  • TOTAL TRASH - Update 1/5

    By NurtureWarrior
    This app was fine but now less than worthless. The new version's designers must think it is sooo cool to use light grey text on white background. And as there is no category for "Truck rental", I entered that as an add on only to come back a day later to find it gone. Now I try to add a keyword and the app refuses to accept them. I am done with this piece of garbage. Previous update The app usually works fine but lately it has been reporting finding nothing fitting my keyword. I rarely use the generic listings, preferring to search by biz name. This drops my rating from 4 to 3 stars. PREVIOUSLY WROTE: I've only used this app once and it looks good so far. What is missing is the ability to search in an area that I will be going to in the future, either by inputing the zip code for that loction or better yet, by tapping the future location on the map.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Love_269
    It would be nice if there was a setting to put the places in a list instead of scattered. It's hard to pick just one of there is another behind it. It doesn't refresh as you drive.
  • Blows chunks 1/5

    By KC-ILM
    The only reason it gets one star is that I can't give it zero. The old version of Near Me gave you a list of what you asked for and then let you map whatever was of interest. No ads, no crap. This is now worthless. Might as well just use Google Maps.
  • Meh.... 2/5

    By Punkweed
    Marginal. Can't expand the search area and doesn't create a list so you have to hunt a lot. Also cannot research other cities that may be nearby. Needs work.
  • Not accurate data everytime 3/5

    By Srabana
    The other day i was searching for electronic store near me and it gave me back the name of an office with the name "Electronic" on it. All the categories are not well defined.
  • Very disappointed. 1/5

    By Chuckmor
    Really liked the old version. New version locks up, doesn't identify locations, and doesn't find new locations with map scroll (look ahead). Will not be using this version.
  • Find near me 2/5

    By Dust46886532
    App was great but now it keeps glitching and shutting off after I deleted Around Me.

Find Near Me - Nearby & Around app comments

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