Fing - Network Scanner

Fing - Network Scanner

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 8.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fing Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fing - Network Scanner App

Fing has helped 35 million user worldwide to understand: • Who's on my WiFi • Is someone stealing my WiFi and broadband? • Have I've been hacked? Is my network secure? • Why Netflix has started buffering? • Is my internet provider giving me the speed I pay for? Fing is the #1 Network Scanner: discovers all the devices connected to your WiFi and identifies them, with our patented technology used also by router manufacturers and antivirus companies worldwide. With Fing App’s free tools and utilities help you: • Run WiFi and Cellular internet speed tests, download speed and upload speed analysis and latency • Scan networks with Fing’s Wi-Fi & LAN network scanner and discover all devices connected to any network • Get the most accurate device recognition of IP address, MAC address, device name, model, vendor and manufacturer • Advanced device analysis of NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP and Bonjour names, properties and device types • Includes port scanning, device ping, traceroute and DNS lookup • Receive network security and device alerts to your phone and email Add Fingbox to unlock advanced network protection and smart home troubleshooting features: • Know who’s home while you’re not there with Digital Presence • See devices near your home with Digital Fence • Block intruders and unknown devices automatically before they join your network • Set parental control features to schedule screen time and pause internet access • Analyze bandwidth usage by device • Find Wi-Fi sweet spots • Automate network speed tests and get reports for benchmarking ISP performance • Secure your home network with opened port detection and network vulnerability analysis Have a question? Get in touch at [email protected] or learn more about Fing App and Fingbox at

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Fing - Network Scanner app reviews

  • This apk 5/5

    By Megan2013*
    Very Good
  • Good 4/5

    By برنامج كويس علي خفيف😂
  • غير مغيد 1/5

    By M🙏🏽
    لايمكن حظر المتصلين ، داخل التطبيق مكتوب تحكم في حمايتك من المتطفلين وطلب مني التسجيل وسجلت ، ولا استفدت منه بشي، اضف الى ذلك التطبيق يطلعك منه فجأة
  • It’s been ‘monetized’ 1/5

    By all_the_good_nicks_are_taken
    Fing was a neat, handy app. Now it’s an way to deliver ads every time you switch screens. Don’t upgrade if you still have the old version.
  • Easy, powerful app 5/5

    By Blackboots
    Easy to use and indispensable tool for networking
  • Ok 5/5

    By Feridk
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Santiago10*+
    Good app
  • Was The Best Free Network Scanning Tool! 3/5

    By SierraTech
    I have to maintain records for various clients, and this tool provides fast method to scan networks. The database seems to contain fewer manufacturers than previous versions. It used to identify more routers and WAPs manufacturers like ZyXEL and identify IP camera manufacturers. Now over half of devices show Generic, not very helpful.
  • Fing 5/5

    By Irishmanbmw
    What an awesome app. I finally can know what is going on in my network. The monthly report is very detailed and very helpful
  • They removed the ads if you own a fingbox! 5/5

    By Symgryph
    I am now writing it is five stars because it no longer does ads if I have a Fing box🤠
  • Ate all my data 1/5

    By YumYumSing
    I installed this app on a Thursday night and in less than a week it had eaten up more than 2.5 GB in a 3 hour period. It was constantly doing some sort of background location thing. So horrid and cost me $15 extra dollars on my phone bill. I know it was this app bc it was the only new app I had installed btwn the time when my data use was normal and when it went crazy through the roof! Do not trust this app.
  • good app 5/5

    By butterflyMina3000
    fast and convenient
  • App is totally useless after update 1/5

    By Kef103
    Last update completely ruined all app functions .
  • Great Update 5/5

    By izikugal
    This is a great app and even better with the box. Managing 150+ devices in my house and Fingbox is a critical part of keeping it all running
  • Crooks 1/5

    By Gunthermic
    Contacted second time. App still has ads in it. Truly upsetting to treat those that spent money with them. Device good, but app that you use 1 Star. Don’t use!!!! Contacted by developer: given the stock answer that it it is fixed. It is not still has ads built In. Such a disappointment for what was a great product and app. You pay for device and now ads all over Unbelievable. I purchased the Fing box and now have to look at their ads in the app constantly. I am so disappointed they took a great product and decided to screw over those that bought and constant ads all over now..
  • WiFi Must Have 5/5

    By puterist
    In the new IoT world, having too much information is not the problem, not knowing is. WiFi creates multiple surfaces for intrusion without opening a door. Almost everything in our daily surrounding is becoming electronic. Ping absolutely enumerates every contact surface needed to be in the know with one’s WiFi .
  • All the update does is add an ad banner and pop up 1/5

    By Mildly handycapped
    Get Net-TOOLBOX instead. What a crummy thing to do to your supporters. Send out an update that only activates in app ads while claiming bug fixes. Shady sneaky developers. Time to move on. Your Fing device is crap as well.
  • good app ruined by ads 1/5

    By Peejlife
    ads ruin user experience
  • Thank you for removing ads for Fingbox users 5/5

    By MAP-Dallas
    The Fing app, combined with the Fing hardware, make it so much easier to troubleshoot my home network. I really rely on this device. Troublesome devices which used to cause problems for the whole Network are now easily singled out and fixed. Enhancement request: I like the periodic automatic testing of my ISP speed. Can you alert me me when the test result comes back less than usual? It’s useful to find weird problems such as my ISP changed my speed (their error) or my router needs to be rebooted. Thank you for taking out ads for Fingbox users.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Rick G
    Fingbox and fing software keeps getting better. Utilities provide sophisticated/very useful information on device activity on your networks (even when remote) including regular bandwidth tests - exactly what you need for standard device-network analysis.
  • 3rd party adverts? 1/5

    By Ehstwakter
    Now Fing has taken adding 3rd party ads out of the update description. Pretty sneaky!!! No Fing! No!
  • Was worried when ads started showing up in last release 5/5

    By p*dub
    Thank you for fixing that. Ads are gone with this release and I’m happy again
  • a 5/5

    By بهروز. بهروز
    very good app
  • It seems good in theory but 2/5

    By AVeryConcernedPerson
    But whenever I open the app it only shows two connected devices, the network itself and the device I am using. I don’t know how to fix this and refreshing the devices page has done nothing. It has been completely useless so far.
  • Hate the ads UPDATE 4/5

    By Traj
    I bought the Fing box. So why should I have to tolerate having ads clutter the app? This is enough for me to toss the whole thing in the trash. Get rid of this or I will. ————— They listened and saved my Fingbox from going to the landfill.
  • Free and we want to keep it that way? 2/5

    By m0gely
    It doesn’t matter what you want. It matters what we want. Few are complaining about the ads. What they are complaining about is no in-app option to pay to remove them. Paying $100 for a Fingbox isn’t it. Your boilerplate copy/paste response is looking silly at this point.
  • Wow! Great! Added ads now for a purchased product! 2/5

    By apple_nomad
    Added ads for a product I purchased. Worse idea ever...
  • Awesome, useful app 5/5

    By calvinbrodice
    Used fing for many years and happy to see updates. Thank you
  • The best 5/5

    By neutralcolor
    Thanks for removing the ads for Fingbox owners. Back to 5 stars.
  • Ad supported now :( 3/5

    By stephen.vandyke
    This used to be a 5 star app, now I have to bring it down to 3 specifically because they put in ad support in the latest version. From a business perspective I understand why they do it, but without also adding a paid version with no ad support it shows a real “we don’t care about the users”. No one likes ads and a lot of people will pay to get rid of them. Most people who use this tool are IT folks and adding in ads just cheapens the impression of the quality of the product. I love the tool and even have multiple Fingboxes so asking for a couple bucks a year for an ad free version is easy to get behind. Please please please make an ad free version otherwise a lot of people will start looking elsewhere.
  • They’ve removed advertisements to product you have bought. 4/5

    By Lee Robins
    Removed advertising for fingbox users.
  • Removed 2 stars because they introduced ads you can’t turn off 5/5

    By Aguazales
    EDIT: after the latest update, I don’t see obtrusive ads in the device list, so resetting to 5 stars again. I quite like Fingbox as a device, but I am removing two stars because the latest version puts ads the middle of this app. This app is the only way to use their hardware device that I already paid $75 for, so the fact that there are ads for random VPN services smack dab in the middle of the device list when you scroll through the app really annoys me. And they’re not even giving you the option to disable ads for like a one-time $1 purchase (which would still annoy me), they’re just there permanently. Quite distracting too since the Fingbox app has a very minimalistic design and color scheme, and the ads I’ve seen are all garish reds on black backgrounds.
  • Ads, no bueno 1/5

    By Balbino vasquez
  • Ads 1/5

    By Elyadeen7
    Now this nice app is ruined by ads. PiHole to the rescue.
  • Ads? really? 1/5

    By mathom
    So I pay to buy your hardware and then you start showing me ads in the accompanying app? Not cool.
  • Fingbox great but now it has ads 2/5

    By elu376
    I don’t want to see ads when I paid money for my Fingbox.
  • Love the app and FingBox device. But ads? Really? 4/5

    By AndrewCCM
    Great service and even paid for the appliance. Works great. Not a fan of ads being implemented in last version at all. Dinging 1 star due that. It’s very distracting and I spent quite a bit of $ on this app/device combo.
  • Bye bye Fing 1/5

    By PaulG121212
    Fingbox user Fing you can keep your ads to yourselves
  • Disappointed with the ads. Have Fing hardware... 1/5

    By basf_audio
    As others have reported - the whole notion of now having ads in an app that I use because of the Fing hardware that I purchased is a bit hard to believe. I rarely leave reviews but seeing others with the same opinion of mine help me take a few minutes to share my same sentiments. I bought the hardware because Apple disallowed the MAC address lookups needed by Fing to do their goodness. Now. Yikes. How about disabling ads if you detect your own hardware?? C’mon...
  • Thanks for the Ads 3/5

    By Apple-aholic
    App works. Unfortunately with the latest update they added pop up ads.
  • Ads 3/5

    By medicrcr
    Last thing I wanted to see was ads in the software. I have been using since the beginning and now we have ads. No good!
  • Alright app. But please add an option to pay to get out of advertisements 3/5

    By panoptic
    Decent app. Has it’s issues and is quiet buggy but does its job. They just updated the app to include ads, however no option to pay to get out of having to view the adds, which breaks up the list of devices. Probably will look for another app to use.
  • I used to love the app 1/5

    By Sebastian.K
    I manage 4 Fing devices with this app. One at home and 3 at our local school where I tech-volunteer. It rocks my socks that I can troubleshoot network issues remotely. Absolutely love it! However, recent update brought ads. Yes, ads! Even for Fing box users. They are injected in table view. What were you thinking?! 🤦‍♂️
  • VPN Advertisements 1/5

    By Rick6981
    I rated the last version of this application with five stars. By adding non wanted “VPN Advertisements” to the current version, I have dropped this application to only one star... Thanks for “Trashing” a good useful application. Please revert back to the previous application version. 👎
  • Ads now? 1/5

    By rutrowgeorge
    Boing boing boing. Jumped the shark.
  • Great until the advertising arrived 3/5

    By kmess at mac dot com
    App was great, so I bought a Fingbox. Why am I being subjected to advertising within the app after buying a Fingbox? Once someone buys your hardware, cut out the advertising, please! V2 of the Fingbox refuses to identify several devices.
  • Ads for paid product? 1/5

    By WhatNowHuh
  • Paid hardware with ads?? 1/5

    They added advertisements shortly after I ordered my fingbox, I’ll be returning it now.
  • Bought Fingbox - now ads 4/5

    By Great_AZ
    A while back I purchased a Fingbox. Nice device. One big NEGATIVE- new edition has ads. I will never recommend paying for a product that contains advertisements.

Fing - Network Scanner app comments

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