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Fios TV

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  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Verizon Services Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fios TV App

Stream live sports, breaking news and more. It’s the only streaming app you’ll ever want. There’s live TV, premium channels, On Demand and your DVR content, too. With recommended watchlists, easy-to-find favorites and a smart and simple interface. You can take it to go, download to watch offline or stream data-free on Verizon Wireless. It’s included with your Fios TV subscription.   Robust Watch hundreds of live TV channels at home and on the go, or thousands of movies and shows On Demand. With a visually beautiful and smart, full-screen video player. Personalized Easy access to your personal DVR recordings, On Demand purchases, downloads, bookmarks and more. Get recommendations for shows and movies you’ll love. Intuitive Easy to find your favorite entertainment. Search for shows, movies, actors, teams. Filter by genre, ratings, favorite channels and more.   Smart Manage your DVR, watch recordings or use the app to play them to your TV.   Data-Free Verizon Wireless customers stream data-free. Instant Download the Fios TV app and start streaming as soon as you place your order. The Fios TV app is included with the Fios TV subscription. Req. compatible device and Fios® TV. Content restrictions may apply. Fios Internet req’d for in-home use. Full channel access and DVR streaming require Fios Multi-Room DVR Enhanced or Premium Service. Max. combined 4 simultaneous Live TV and/or DVR streams per media server. Verizon Wireless Data-Free Streaming: Req. postpay 4G LTE service. Non-streaming activity and app diagnostics (e.g., app downloads, starting/restarting the app, going off airplane mode and transitioning from Wi-Fi to 4G LTE) will incur data charges. For Verizon Unlimited customers, app data usage will be counted, not billed.  Early access to Fios TV app begins with activation & ends upon installation or in 14 days, whichever comes first. Remote control functionality requires use of Fios® router & HD set-top box. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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Fios TV app reviews


    By Bella10034
    I love it! I only have 1 cable box at home and I use the app to watch live tv and recorded shows when I’m in bed or in the kitchen doing something.
  • It has my favorite tv show 5/5

    By love bird124
    Have my favorite tv show
  • Could be more... 3/5

    By pjlicari
    As One of the options against Cablevision, it would’ve been nice to offer more than what I get. Many of the channels are blocked out, where the Cablevision basic package Included this. I am slowly adapting, but that’s far I’m unimpressed.
  • Got to have 5/5

    By CNN dad
    Fios app, best thing since Whole Wheat Bread!!!! Every morning and through out the day when I'm away from the house, I watch. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁
  • Stopped working after update 1/5

    By sjrdsvk
    Been watching shows on my ipad for over a year. Now after updating the app it’s in a signin loop. Been trying for 2 hours to get to work. Frustrated as hell and want to scream.
  • Too many commercials! 3/5

    By Keepin It Reel
    The TV business model with 5 commercials every 15-20 minutes does not translate to streaming video. I imagine some executive was quite pleased with themselves when they cam up with the idea to eliminate video controls during the commercials, such as fast forward, rewind, pause. Unfortunately for those of us who are flipping back in forth from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, and such, where no commercials exist during the video, the TV commercial model is incredibly tedious and annoying as hell. It’s time to break the TV model and rebuild your business model Fios.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By royroyroy!
    The screen never comes right up. Constantly need to restart. Much worse than the Optimum App I had previously.
  • Service great! App a life saver! 5/5

    By Corkins
    Live TV, programming DVR from my phone. Awesome. Only wish I could watch DVR shows from my phone
  • One more reason to switch 1/5

    By daverx2
    One more reason to switch. Update not available on my ipad2. Old version won't work at all . Asks me to update my device!! How 'bout they buy me a new ipad.? Totally disrespectful of their customers. They could at least allow the older version to work as it did before.
  • Can't use it anymore!!! 1/5

    By Jess 75
    I have an older IPad an now I can't even watch shows on it anymore because it doesn't have the required update and probably never will
  • Buffers Too Long 4/5

    By WilletRun
    There are times when I use the app and it takes an excruciating period of time for the selections to appear so that I can choose what I want to watch! It’s very frustrating and I log on to another app and have to come back to try it again. In today’s technology and rates of internet speed, this shouldn’t happen! Once I get on, I enjoy having the TV mobile.
  • Useless App 2/5

    By Disappointed VZ customer
    Terrible app. It constantly freezes when trying to watch a current show or something recorded on your DVR. I’ve gotten various errors and notified Verizon but have not received an resolution or fix.
  • Fios remote 5/5

    By the gorl Carlo
    I love it!
  • Almost perfect 3/5

    By kshdhhdhd
    Would love it if I could watch and look on the web at the same time like with Netflix and amazon.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By malkabina
    This is always closing on its own...and freezing during programs...wish you would get it right with all your updates ! I watch my Fios app on an iPad which I had to purchase a new one. Because of your new version...which is awful! Just an update to this bad review, we reset our router and now this app works perfect LOL
  • Commercials 1/5

    By yurrrpp
    They’re wayyy to many commercials. Also they are to long i understand it’s like tv but honestly it’s not if I’m not watching it live.
  • Tv listings on phone app 1/5

    By emma&nikki
    The TV listing will not come up if I am in my house so I can not record any programs from my phone while I home They do come up my I am out of the house I find this very annoying The listing use to come up but now they don’t and very inconvenient
  • Older iPad doesn't work with this anymore 1/5

    By MsMug
    I have an older iPad. With the forced update to the app, I can no longer use this app. The ability to stream and watch shows from my iPad is included in the astronomical monthly amount I pay. Fix this, Verizon!
  • Cox Contour app was always better 1/5

    By Joy nomore
    I thought when I moved to Fios my service would be better than COX. I just found out that Cox’s contour app is infinitely way better. You could actually watch any show you want at your own time. The fios upgrade even made everything worst then it was before. You now have to pay for shows when you have been already paying for cable. If there was a zero I’d rate this zero.
  • No 3/5

    By djbartender
    Tiene pocas opciones i filtros
  • Update made it worse 2/5

    By Bookerttt
    It’s unusable now.
  • Fios tv 2/5

    By Gr8Mazinga
    App not working most of the time.
  • Bring back the old app 1/5

    By Unique Pen Name
    I used the old app on my iPad almost every evening. Each time, I’ve tried to use the new app, I end up frustrated and give up. Tonight, I logged in and the Favorites have been cleared out. I’m deleting the app. Totally useless.
  • Its ok 2/5

    By cc1898
    When it works it’s great but it doesn’t work half of the time.
  • Very satisfied customer 5/5

    By lampson8
    Having this service is the reason among others why I renewed with you, your customer service is second to none...thank you
  • 404 error 1/5

    By Hiraozair
    Keep getting 404 error Keeps buffering
  • New app is more crap then old app 1/5

    By fios not as good as they claim
    I down loaded new app because the old on said I had to. I keep getting an error code! Come on Verizon.
  • Not easy 1/5

    By Carlos Tru
    It’s hard to find what I am looking for
  • Its not one star , its a zero ! 1/5

    By Cougar126m
    Unable to update my ipad to ios10 . Unable to use this app i am paying for .
  • Unsupported customer 1/5

    By u dont want my opinion
    Every year my rate goes up, and I still do not have favorite channels!
  • Needs multitasking 3/5

    By TechBeast
    By now Verizon should have multitasking on this app just like Netflix. It would make a world of difference.
  • Can’t get all my channels 4/5

    By Disenthralled
    The channels I get come in fine, but not every channel that I subscribe to is available on this app
  • Boo. Skip and Repeat. 1/5

    By spumoni25
    When watching live TV on the app, you here one bit of dialogue, then you hear it again... and again... and again. Impossible to watch. Get it together.
  • What a waste 2/5

    By blackberrirain28
    Very disappointed! I have an older iPad which is in excellent condition; however I don't get anymore updates which stops me being able to watch tv on my iPad. This is high way robber! I refuse to purchase another's pad when this one work fine.
  • Can no longer use on my iPad 1/5

    By BrwnSkinLady
    Due to your update, I can no longer use on my iPad 2 because your update requires iOS 10 and older iPads can not be updated. Total fail Verizon, total fail as usual! Not shocking, 8 years of poor customer service.
  • Missing Functionality 3/5

    By catcrmr
    Update 6/18/19 Dislike that I STILL have to stop watching a program to see current time and time remaining in current program. Still freezes often even though using FIOS internet in 800 sq ft house ranch style home. Update: jump to last channel now added, thank you. Will update again if freezing subsides and other features added back. Update: the more I use it the less I like it. It freezes a lot. Needs previous functionality restored of ability to jump to last channel with one touch, seeing time and program progress without closing program, and leaving filters at last state. I really dislike using this app. It’s ok - pretty intuitive but then again I thought FIOS Mobile was, too. I miss tapping on the screen while watching a tv program and seeing what time it ends without leaving the program. I also don’t like that we can’t choose last channel watched while in a tv program, thereby flipping between two programs during commercials. Please bring that functionality back! Another thing I don’t like is having to set my filters AGAIN every time I go into TV listing. Between the two, for the way I utilize the app, don’t do away with FIOS mobile.
  • Bull sh**t 1/5

    By MrHellas
    Can’t watch local channels on your phone, tablet, iPod etc. out side your home using WiFi. So long Fios
  • Help 5/5

    By pop1507
    It keep stopping when u watch your dvr shows please fix
  • thrilled 5/5

    By ZV48
    I’m thrilled with my Verizon FIOS TV! .....a must when doing a day at the DMV !!
  • Blocked older versions 1/5

    By Aaliyah1900
    I now can only watch tv on my phone because my iPad can’t update to the latest version. This is a major problem. I will look into a different cable company. This is ridiculous!
  • More Manure. 1/5

    By Verizon isnt on the horizon
    Stop the mandatory updates! 5 days ago you forced another one. Either your coders are morons or what the other reviewers say is true. You’re trying to sell more crap. I just lost the ability to start my dvr for the 2nd time in a week. Pathetic
  • You Did It! 1/5

    By B-Stein
    I didn’t think it was possible...but you made it even worse. I still can’t pair my device with my set top box and now my library of streaming content is even smaller. Now must buy past seasons of premium channel series even though I subscribe to that channel. The app user interface has devolved in lockstep with the set top UI into a carnival of frustration. You made Comcast look good...You did it!
  • Control of Remotes Does not work 1/5

    By Katz's Itunes Accounts
    You cannot reach a live person to help you troubleshoot or to support this app in anyway. You have to do it through email. The app no longer controls my cable boxes in my house. The old app work just fine this app does not work and Verizon what was unable to help me get it fixed. I really wish they would put the old app back in place until they got this thing working. The support feature is basically useless and Verizon only responds in the app rather than to an email address. Do you really expect people to check for messages in the app?
  • Remote Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By mlmmdjm
    The in app remote doesn’t work any more. It comes and goes, sometimes while fast forwarding. Terrible update please fix this bug!
  • Bug in search 2/5

    By Jgostl
    When using Search and trying to record the search result, the app never selects the HD channel. No option is offered. This makes Search kind of useless.
  • Who is saying they like this app??? 1/5

    By Can't stream on iPhone
    I have had nothing but problems with this app since it was updated over a year ago. If I try to watch DVR shows when I’m home it says it can’t communicate with my cable box (even when I’m standing next to it on or off) and if I shut off the internet on my phone it says “content not available outside home network”. Live streaming offers too few options. On demand is the only option so why use this app at all?
  • App pretty good but not quite great. 4/5

    By Scottinarl
    Works amazing when out of town, can access live tv and my DVR on my phone. However in home it has a few quirks, especially with channels like MSNBC and others owned by Comcast. If I walk too far from my verizon router, my phone may switch to either my other WiFi router or LTE. If that occurs it not only locks my access but frequently requires re-entering security credentials which due to the times we live in, is exceptionally long, cumbersome, and inconvenient.
  • No AirPlay 3/5

    By shagayle
    I was loving this app until I was not allowed to AirPlay to my Apple TV. It’s still convenient to be able to use the app and watch tv on my phone but I’m extremely disappointed the feature of AirPlay was taken away.
  • this channel is available for viewing from your fios tv box only 2/5

    By Bob RVA 1958
    Local channels. Received this message when selecting local channels “this channel is available for viewing from your fios tv box only”.

Fios TV app comments

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