Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes

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  • Current Version: 5.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fire Emblem Heroes App

Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 25 years, continues its journey on smart devices. Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—a Fire Emblem that's like nothing you've seen before! This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases. ■ An epic quest The game features an ongoing, original story where new characters and dozens upon dozens of battle-tested Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe meet. There are over 1,300 story stages available as of January 2021! (This total includes all difficulty modes.) Clear these story stages and you'll earn Orbs, which are used for summoning Heroes. New story chapters are added frequently, so don't miss out! ■ Intense battles Take part in strategic turn-based battles streamlined for on-the-go play with maps that fit in the palm of your hand! You'll need to think hard about the advantages and disadvantages of each Hero's weapon...and even evaluate the map itself as you battle. Lead your army with easy touch-and-drag controls, including the ability to attack by simply swiping an ally over an enemy. New to strategic turn-based battles? Don't worry! Use the Auto-Battle option to have your characters fight on their own. ■ Strengthen your favorite Heroes There are many ways to strengthen your allies: leveling, skills, weapons, equipable items, and more. Take your characters to greater and greater heights as you battle for victory. ■ Replayable modes In addition to the main story, there are many other modes where you can strengthen your allies, compete against other players, and more. ■ Original characters meet legendary Heroes The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series and brand-new characters created by artists Yusuke Kozaki, Shigeki Maeshima, and Yoshiku. Some Heroes will fight at your side as allies, while others may stand in your way as fierce enemies to be defeated and added to your army. * Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply. * You must be at least 13+ to use this game with a Nintendo Account. * We permit our third-party partners to collect data from this app for analytical and marketing purposes. For more information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy. * Variations in individual device specifications and other applications being run on a device may affect normal operation of this application. * May include advertising.

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Fire Emblem Heroes app reviews

  • Bad just bad 1/5

    By Guy123456293
    My farts are entertaining then this game. Save your money and time.
  • It’s been books since my last review, so below. 5/5

    By Karma Ace
    The game has a very good pity system now, it could use more AR maps, and they’ve been trying to expand on the story. It’s a positive change in the right direction. Hope it keeps getting better!
  • Devs if your reading 5/5

    By Wceii
    Can you make resplendent hero Camilla for Feh pass? If you do I’ll absolutely spend money.
  • Good Game 5/5

    By Bossman780
    I really enjoy Fire Emblem and I believe that this is a great mobile app for the series!
  • Fallen Edelgard killed FEH 1/5

    By asrtrtyjlpdssdf
    Fire Emblem Heroes was a favorite game of mine for years. Then they added a single hideous character and the game changed entirely for the worst. Fallen Edelgard has ruined any ability to enjoy the game. I have a couple. I hate what she has done to the gameplay. I also have a few units that are 10 mergers, with heavy flow and skill investments and they are now obsolete. I have spent a money on this game, and made some really fun free mergers…..but it’s all pretty much irrelevant now. The game all revolves around that one unit. Avoiding it, spending money to win it and hating that you have to, or devising ways of trying to deal with it (which will probably fail).
  • I’ve never play a fire emblem game so I have nothing to go off of 5/5

    By Deliah the watcher
    So I wanted some extra Nintendo points for my account and I was surprised on how good it was idk how good the real games are but the graphics are amazing I LOVE IT :D
  • GG 5/5

    By WIN. hao
    Thanks for the 5 star. add friend pvp
  • Gatekeeper 5/5

    By Atlyuim
  • We want more Beast Characters! 5/5

    By luimartini
    I love this app over all and I know we are limited on certain kinds of characters. But I think it would be cool if they came out with a beast character every month weather it be a holiday character, seasonal or just regular. Just my two cents. Thanks for an amazing game!
  • Gatekeeper 5/5

    By Not ThunderDumbZ
  • Fun but has gacha 4/5

    By DoggoMemeLord
    Fun game, interesting gameplay, but be prepared for a lot of gacha
  • Great game 5/5

    By babyyoda(the child)
    This game not only has great mechanics but it also has amazing graphics and challenges and characters.
  • Was Great 2/5

    By JSkull1986
    This game was awesome with the only problem being how low your probability was to get the characters you want. Not that big a deal. At least you could play all your favorite characters from FE but now a days there are OP characters that can take your whole team out alone and if you don’t have them you are… not going to win or have much fun at all. In the past get this, now it’s best if you don’t start.
  • Not fire emblem 1/5

    By Wargreymon7773
    I would love if this was good

    By HUNTER_9917
    They actually put Gatekeeper in the game 10/10
  • Great app 5/5

    By Subwolfzero91
    This game is absolutely amazing a great alternative to playing your favorite fire emblem characters 10 out of 10
  • Great gacha game 5/5

    By Espeonage
    Feh can be pretty stingy at times with rewards, and despite having minor bugs it never gives compensation. As well, the game is currently being dominated in many modes by a certain character, and thus new people who do not have that character or a way to beat them are out of luck. But besides these things the app itself is great. Great gameplay great voice acting great art. Any unit you pull can be viable, literally any one.

    By altrues
  • Love game, hate app size 4/5

    By StillElevationNoMatterHowFar
    I’ve loved the gameplay in Fire Emblem since my Gameboy Advance days, and this game is such a lovely extension of that into my phone. They’ve truly done an incredible job. That said, one thing that is absurd is the file size & storage required from you phone. Don’t be fooled by the 100MB size listed below. Once all the updates/patches/etc are attached the game is well over 25GB. They desperately need to fix the size of this game as it’s larger than some AAA PS4 games I’ve played.
  • A good game, but with balancing issues and more 2/5

    By DxDfan
    It’s a fun game with an engaging story, a good line up with characters voiced and plenty of side stories to explore their characters more. Compared to other games with a gacha system this one is more forgiving since earning currency for more summoning is alright, but getting dozens of copies of the same character gets very annoying especially if you dislike the art style on them which makes them not worth keeping. What keeps me from giving this game a higher rating is the imbalance mechanics I am noticing in some of the game modes like Aether Raids, Arena, and others. It’s confusing to me that no matter how much I level up my characters and know what units are strong against what it’s nit clear how I keep loosing because you hit a point where the game becomes less fun and more frustrating especially if you don’t have any units capable of holding own proving useless. I might go back to Fate/Grand Order because for its faults it’s gameplay is at least straight forward and leveling up and enhancing your characters isn’t such a mind numbing grind.
  • This is my honest opinion 5/5

    By Sharpi08
    I love this game. It’s honestly amazing! But please, PLEASE, bring back brave lucina for weekly revival 23! I had an account with brave lucina at some point, but it got deleted, and I didn’t have a Nintendo account yet so it was gone… I was devastated, and I honestly can’t find the 2021 schedule anywhere… so please?
  • I love this game but I cant play it (literally) 1/5

    By headphonesCheck
    I am on an iPhone 8, and the game simply does not work on my phone. I open it and it tries to load, and then immediately crashes. Ive tried reinstalling multiple times and yet I still can’t even get to the start screen. I really enjoyed playing this game but now I can’t even get into it! please help :(
  • 🥵😮‍💨😶‍🌫️ 5/5

    By Dc2.K
    FAp FAp FAp FAp FAp FAp
  • Garbage 1/5

    By confusing at first, but fun
    Don’t waste your duck emergency on your way to the airport
  • A pretty great game all round 5/5

    By Blake272753
    I’ve been on this app for a couple years now and I can say it’s got a steady stream of orbs and great chances for any game like this. Undoubtedly one of the best mobile games out there and great to hop on every day for a little pick-me-up!
  • This game is amazing 5/5

    By ThreeCoronet259
    I would recommend this game to everyone even if you get unlucky the game still allows you to get good heroes and it has a variety of modes to play and if you don’t like them then you don’t miss out too much by not playing them. It’s fun and easy to learn
  • Gud 5/5

    By Funky Meme Child
    Very gud plz buy papa come back
  • Its the Gatcha 2/5

    By St. Islands
    I love seeing my favorite fire emblem characters and the game is fun and simple, but the events are usually bad, or feel repetitive it no longer feels fun. The constant disappointment of summoning unwanted characters after spending so much time playing feels like a joke. If you want the good characters ypu really have to pay for them. Honestly its becoming a cashgrab at this point. I hate how I spend time, effort, and yes, some money, just for disappointment. Its getting worse.
  • Spin2win 3/5

    By Yuri Best Girl
    Once you grind all ur people, they become unstoppable and the enemy can’t do anything. That’s why starting a new chapter makes it feel like it’s just repeating the same thing. Even when you DONT grind, your team still stays the same level, so ur team could be level 38, and on the second chapter the enemies could be 4, so you can just steamroll them.
  • Fire Emblem on the go! 5/5

    By Wandering Adventurer
    I love being able to strategize with all of my favorite characters from different generations. The seasonal variations are fun and the art is beautiful! The rotating events keep me entertained, the free orbs and summon tickets help with building a team, and the story missions are very well done
  • OK for a free game 3/5

    By Some iPhone dude
    The game itself is fine, and it’s a decent way to pass some time if there’s nothing else to do. The battles can take some thinking and strategy to get through, although it eventually feels like the same thing on repeat after a while. The writing for the story mode can get pretty lame, like they write themselves into a plot hole and the only way out is a last second convenience that feels pretty anti-climactic. The summon system is a complete joke. With each round, you get up to 5 summons from a random selection of colored orbs. If you don’t see the color you want, there’s no backing out, so it becomes a waste. Also, the chances of getting what you want are downright awful at times. For instance, I just wasted over 300 orbs trying to get a certain character, and came out with garbage. It took months to earn those through actual playing, and had I bought them, that would be an over $150 value down the drain. I can buy three AAA games for that! The chances are so bad that it’s completely not worth paying even a penny on this. If I could just buy the special heroes for a few dollars like a DLC add-on, then maybe I’d do it. But this? Absolutely not. The purchase system is 100% predatory and should be avoided. The fact is, you could actually spend $1,000 and still not get what you want. So overall, this is a decent free game for passing time. Just don’t spend any actual money unless they change the system, because 9 out of 10 times, it’ll be a waste.
  • camila 5/5

    By Khloe5529
  • Just Wow! 5/5

    By AuraXenoriaLyla
    Hard to describe it with words! Theres just something about that God given Uforia me nostolgia that is indescribably Epic!
  • An AMAZING mobile game for an Fire Emblem fan! 5/5

    By Tear of Aqua
    I RARELY leave 5 star reviews but this game deserves it. Never had any bugs/glitches, the story is great, and each character is unique. Not sure if this is too much to ask but could you guys maybe add more sections for teams? I know the limit is 20 teams, but I do have one great amount of 5 star Heroes.
  • It Fire Emblem 5/5

    By mildmanakete
    fire emblem good
  • stan pheonixmaster 5/5

    By hdhdhdhdnj
    he walked so we could run
  • i have played this game everyday for 3 years 2/5

    By Yeet Wugh
    i honestly would not recommend a new player getting into this game. at this point, i think the game is just milking the money it can from veterans and whales (see: feh pass loyalty), and the people still playing are too invested to stop (see: me). most of the negative reviews are about the summoning rates, which, yeah, they can be a little unforgiving, but its very possible for a f2p to max out a five star character with saving (about 9 months or so). this game is actually pretty generous with its in game currency given that youre willing to grind through all the events it has. the problem is for the past half a year to a year, the powercreep has increased exponentially–to the point where, you almost need at least one unit on every new banner in order to compete in the gamemodes. playing the game at higher levels is exhausting, and playing at beginner levels with newer units becomes trivially easy. theres honestly no fun to be had in the actual gameplay. so the fun part (in theory) would be collecting your favorite fire emblem characters and building up your own units. the problem with that is, many characters end up being underwhelming, absolutely unable to perform, or locked behind gacha with no gurantee of getting them. a bit of venting here but i saved up for a year for the release of my favorite character, and i am also a pretty competitive player who needs newer, stronger units; my favorite character ended up being a weak, barely salvagable unit who, if not for my brief happiness that he was in the game at all, was a very unfortunate addition to the game. and god forbid your favorite character is an older unit you want to build for current meta. out of all the units from 2+ years ago (about a third of the cast in the game), maybe 3 or 4 people are usable. youll just end up with disappointment if someone youve heavily invested into gets curve stomped by a new unit with their base kit. theres really no point in getting into this game at this rate. just look up the pngs online and consume fan content of your favorite characters. i promise a scroll through fanart tags will be a more satisfying experience than this game could ever give.
  • Fantastic game, but there’s one thing 5/5

    By Leila Lucero
    I love this game, one of the best I’ve ever played. However, I only wish that there was an easier way to obtain orbs. I understand that you can get orbs from story mode and such, but I personally have completed all of said things, on every mode excluding lunatic. But let’s face it, it’s lunatic. Now, I understand that you can’t just go giving away orbs for free (excluding daily log-ins and things like that), but it would also be great if they were easier to get, like without having to fight to the death to get a single orb. Perhaps add little mini games that give orbs as a reward? Simply a suggestion. Otherwise, an excellent game! Edit: I’ve been having a problem lately. Anytime I try to view any past movies, the app will not let me press the “view” button, and I can’t view the past movies by going to the beginning of each book. I don’t know if that’s the app being weird, or if it’s just my phone being glitchy (I have a newer model, however). Thank you!
  • Best game ever!! 5/5

    By morguewolf
    This game gets better and better year after year
  • 😩 5/5

    By nonames😭
  • Gambling 2/5

    By TomoEatSock
    It’s just gambling
  • Great game 5/5

    By AsAsd fsgvcg
    Absolutely amazing game with tons of characters and plenty of opportunities to get good characters without spending money.
  • Still going strong 5/5

    By Mr. Aliso
    This game is four years old and it is still frequently updated and retains a high quality. New and interesting challenges and characters are added very often. Seeing this game grow since it’s release has been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow.
  • Great game, only… 4/5

    By Mike L.G
    The combat and storylines are epic, very good. I just wish orbs were more commonly earned via gameplay because I can’t just spend my money every time I see a way to get one of my favorite fire emblem characters featured in events but would need to splurge to beat the deadline because I don’t play much.
  • It WAS good but now it’s in ruin 1/5

    By jetplane ninja
    Where do I even start?! When I first played this game in late 2017 I was immediately hooked , sure there were not that many heroes at the time but it still provided some interesting game modes. And unlike modern Gacha games that always scrape you for money feh treated all players equally and the ones that always spent money still got something in return. Flash forward to modern feh which is a complete mess, power creep has destroyed the game and some of the new units like legendary Sigurd and especially fallen Edlegard are stupidly op and ruin the competitive modes. And I cannot be the only one that thinks Feh pass is way to overpriced like $10 dollars a month Netflix does not even charge that much but then again ever since 2019 I$ has been shoving micro transactions in our faces come on $2 dollars for 3 orbs, you can’t even summon any heroes with those , And I$ really likes selling girls in bikini’s that are super op. Feh just is not the same anymore and I am just running out of new things to do,If your a F2P player like me then good luck because I$ does not treat you to pounds of orbs like the whales.
  • bad game 1/5

    By play dark souls III
    big booba for no reason. is bad and make people honru bad
  • Best Mobile Game 5/5

    By GameReviewer1641
    Fire Emblem Heroes is the best Nintendo mobile game out there. There are tons of events and game modes, very generous summoning rates compared to other gachas, and the Orbs distribution is nice as well. The story is also interesting and compelling. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to download a new game. 5 stars.
  • Non new character 2/5

    By Needforspeed5509
    Why for summon mode crazy of lot duplicates 4 star of lot.. of reach limit max… no longer play so performance this games.. all time bored.. another other games I’m sorry it officially..
  • Nintendo made a Gacha Game. It’s really good. 5/5

    By //Entropy//
    First thing first: this game is a Gacha game. This means that you have to use a certain currency in order to have a chance to summon certain heroes you want. That being said, the rates in this Gacha game are one of the most generous I think I’ve ever seen. While other Gacha games are infamous fo having pitifully low rates like 0.6%, Heroes has an incredible 9% chance to summon a 5 star, 3% of which is on focus, and another free 3% (called 4 star special) which will not subtract from your pity. Speaking of, pity increasing the chances of you getting a 5 star over time is really nice as well. This game is also very friendly to players not looking to spend anything. Lots of good 5 star heroes are available without all the Gacha shenanigans, and some you can even get for absolutely free. The pool of heroes increases all the time, so there are so many heroes to obtain, and so many different choices as to who to build. This leads to my personal favorite part of this game: you can build whoever in the world you want. Every single unit in this game is usable in some way, so it’s never truly a waste to invest in your favorite unit. A couple of skill and a good weapon is all it takes to take a unit deemed unsalvageable into a masterpiece. Watching your units decimate maps after you put so much work into them is exactly where I get my joy from playing this game, and all other Fire Emblem Games. Speaking of units, a lot of these units are presented masterfully. The art is amazing, the voice acting is top notch, and the animations are super slick. It’s a joy to watch this game play out sometimes. Play with combat animations on for a bit. I promise you won’t regret it. There are so many game modes and events to play, and while not all of them are amazing, they offer a nice change of pace to your regular content. If you’re just starting, however, I recommend staying away from Arena and Aether Raids. Come back to those modes when you have a couple of good projects. Player Vs Player in this game can be quite ruthless sometimes, with some players maxing out certain very strong units the day of their release. Of course, intelligent systems usually Litsens to problems that the community has, and has super receptive for years. You’re in good hands with these developers. Overall this game captures part of the fun of Fire Emblem, and still is one of the best Gacha games I’ve ever played. Thanks, Nintendo.