Fire Up!

Fire Up!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
45,590 Ratings
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Fire Up! App

Fire out balls and break as many blocks as you can! Upgrade your tank to become stronger and unlock cool tanks! How far can you go??


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  • Why Max 2.15B Pts? 3/5

    By Chick12:)
    Why am I making out on Points at 2.15B? No matter how high I score in the game, I never get more than that after the game to increase speed and power, even though it shows the higher amount below the 2.15B.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Lolo3737373
    I paid to upgrade and I still have to watch the ads. Nothing changed by paying to upgrade.
  • Very addictive. 5/5

    By ElyjahTheBoss
    This is a very fun and addicting game, I can play it anywhere which makes the game even more fun. There is a lag problem please fix it when I connect to wifi and try and play it, it starts to lag that's my only complaint besides that ten out of ten.
  • High score glitch 2/5

    After a certain score the game won’t register your points. After 2 billion if you go higher the game won’t give up anymore points to add to your weapons. I got 5.5billion twice but every time I go to use those points it only shows me having 2 billon
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Skperson
    Super addicting but a little to easy
  • HELLA FUN 5/5

    By The kid revuer
    Super fun love it
  • Addictive 5/5

    By Thermis20
    Play and see
  • Good but has a small problem 3/5

    By austinallen
    Maximum number of points you can earn for upgrades is 2.15billion, even if your score is north of 10billion. It’s really slows progress and is frustrating.
  • Ads 1/5

    By BOTDFfan15
    Love the game, but I get an ad every time I die and the one time I played an ad to double my points, it constantly would send me to the App Store. Wouldn’t even send me to the App Store for the ad it showed me and now it’s affecting the other games on my phone, if it continues I’ll have to delete the game to see if it’ll fix the problem with my other game apps
  • Great but buggy 4/5

    By Tjduncan77
    This game is awesome and very addicting but it freezes a lot.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Seaneyo33
    This game is a blast! Very addictive once you start leveling up. But they need to raise the max level of points. Capping it at 2.15B is too low! I’ve beat that in one round so I didn’t get all my points. Please update the game to allow more points. Thank you!
  • 🍌🦑 5/5

    By Glingglobgploopfhfjfjfhgjd
    Lot of fun
  • Fun 5/5

    By garybwilk
    It’s a great game and fun to play
  • Absolutely Terrible 5/5

    By GøDLy
    This game as terrible mechanics which and can be fixed. Getting stuck where I’m stuck on the left/right of the screen and it only happens on this level and is pretty ridiculous. The absurd amount of constant 1k when my strength is 15. plus it take so long to level up your stuff it’s almost not fun. ———————————————————— STOP USING US FOR MONEY DEVS!!! THAT IS RIDICULOUS YouTube/Twitter ICatchDubs
  • This is the best game ever 5/5

    By Ksisssmndndnene
    Thank you for who ever maid this game it is the best
  • 🙂 5/5

    By gracie🤩
    Nice game
  • Fire up 5/5

  • Best game😇😇😇😍😍😍😍 5/5

    By YaBoi272717283boi
    Live it
  • No more ads! 2/5

    By Useles Ads
    Doesn’t everyone HATE ads?
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Ysaak
    Good game. Reminds me slightly of Galager or other arcade games of the 80’s. Great to play if you are in a boring meeting, stuck in an airport, or when your wife is watching Say Yes To The Dress
  • Don’t right long 5/5

    By rights short reviews
    Good game
  • New cannon 2/5

    By Sporty2001
    I have the newest update and I do not have the new cannons. And I also do not have levels where there is a boss.
  • Do not let your kids have this app! 1/5

    By ibeenjamn
    This app has very inappropriate adds that kids should not be seeing.
  • Cool 5/5

    By ChrisCrave101
    It’s a good game must play
  • Great game , great everything 5/5

    By Burns, Cayden
    I can play this game for hours and hours !!!! Really great game recommended for all
  • Game 5/5

    By melisamuro05
    A amazing and fun game to play
  • No longer fun 1/5

    By Elise Hart
    Score and points storage max at 2.15 billion. I'm upgrading 12 levels per game. Idk if it's a points accruing bug or a purposeful thing, but when I use the max strength slider and hit a red power up, points accrue by tens of millions instead of the value of the blocks. Edit: score limiting has been fixed, but you can still only spend 2.15 of your points.
  • Point throttling 1/5

    By Hdjsuxbud
    It’s an ok game, but it caps at 2.15 billion points. Meaning, if you score 3 billion you only get 2.15 billion to spend
  • I love it 5/5

    By MrsJankowski
    This game is so cool
  • Tooooo many ads!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Fixurbugz
    Extra annoying more than any game I’ve played.. Tooooo many ads!!!!!!!!
  • Great game, but needs work still. 5/5

    By Ace24961
    I’ve loved all Voodoo games since I’ve started playing them, however, they’re all still a little buggy. Updates fix most of them though. I’ve invested quite a bit of time into Fire Up! and both my speed and power are over level 1000. Trouble is that the maximum number of points to be accumulated is only 2.15 billion, even though my best is 10.06 billion. It’s a little dumb that I can collect 10 billion points but only get to keep a fifth of them. It’s also a little slow to upgrade now because it takes 300 million to upgrade my power and 80 million to upgrade speed, so each game I can only really upgrade 4-5 levels between the stats. Pls fix this Voodoo! Love your stuff!
  • Love it but hate it 5/5

    By ajschelin
    I love the game but it is a little easy like I can keep my shooter in the middle.
  • I don’t know what to do 1/5

    By Petunia cactus 55
    So I got this game recently because my friends had it and when I got it my game looked the same but when I play at the top it says a level and I’m at level 6 and there’s a boss fight and my friends games don’t have any levels or bosses. Plz help
  • Great😃 4/5

    By Develgirl🐺
    I would rate it a four because you don’t get money in the game,please make games where you can store your money in the game 😡😱
  • Beast game 5/5

    By xlghost15
    Best game ever get it now they have perks,levels and different Coker balls to choose from
  • Wicked! 5/5

    By Massachusetts man
    It’s wicked fun! I love it!
  • Ads 1/5

    By Jlh0113
    Way way to many ads good game but that’s the only thing ads
  • Ad fest 1/5

    By Constipated Panda
    Its pretty absurd to be forced to watch very long ads after finishing one game not to mention that the game becomes way too hard after making a few upgrades in the shooting rate and power. its like im playing the “ad up game” where the actual games are like 20 seconds and the ads are like 30 seconds. terrible app game
  • Bug report 1/5

    By T. M. E.
    The game won’t award me more than 2.15B coins per round even if I get more than 2.15B. Makes playing the game less fun to play knowing I won’t get all the coins I should.
  • Nick 4/5

    By WhackaBall
    Can not get more than 2.15B points collected? Even after had a 6.35B game? Please advise why
  • Bad scaling 1/5

    By thewinner118
    Once I hit over 3billion points, it no longer gives me the point I earned, I just hit a 6.16 billion run, and did double by watching an ad, ended up with “2.12B” points.... very disappointed
  • Cool for the most part 4/5

    By redroob the title
  • Fun game but too many adds 5/5

    By ECNL14
    I like the game a lot but the ads are always coming. Like right after u did u get an add and all u want to do is play it again. But the game is really fun BUT it is a little to slow to react to. U SHOULD BUY THIS APP!!!😍😃😃😃
  • Fun but..... 1/5

    By Scoop2622
    It is fun game but the 9 million ads really ruins it. It’s almost worth paying for just not at the $3 asking price. Be aware even though you have sound off in the game and or on your phone some ads will still have sound on them. This in general is the reason for the 1 stars.
  • How good de game is 4/5

    By xXBluejXx
    This game is da best
  • My 5 star review 5/5

    By Bragabran
    This game is really good to play ,there are really high scores and goals you can beat and earn new things, it really let’s go of my stress and is satisfying to play.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By Spiros Eleftheriou
    TOO MANY ADS! Other than that, it's a really fun game to play, I haven't had the urge to play an iOS game in a while, and this game is simply awesome!
  • Get this game!! 5/5

    By Emy12046
    It is so addictive and I am so happy it exists!!!🤩🤩🤩
  • I hate it 1/5

    By xxcxxxxxx
    Too many ads

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