Firefox: Private, Safe Browser

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser

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  • Current Version: 24.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Mozilla
  • Compatibility: Android
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Firefox: Private, Safe Browser App

You have the right to own your life – and your data. That’s why Firefox fights for you with tech you can trust. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. Install today and join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for speed, privacy, and more personal browsing experience. FAST. PRIVATE. SAFE. Firefox is twice as fast as it was before giving you a powerful web browser that delivers more speed and control. Keep what’s personal private with strong privacy control. With Firefox, you decide what to share online and when, because your life is your business. We designed Firefox with smart browsing features that let you take your privacy, passwords, and bookmarks with you safely wherever you go. PRIVACY CONTROL IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES Firefox gives you greater privacy protection while you’re on the web. Block unwanted ads and trackers that follow you around the web with Enhanced Tracking Protection. Search in Private Browsing mode and you won’t be traced or tracked — your private browsing history is automatically erased when you're done. OWN YOUR LIFE WHEREVER YOU INTERNET Add Firefox across your devices for secure, seamless browsing. Sync your devices to take your favorite bookmarks, saved logins and browsing history wherever you go. Send open tabs between mobile and desktop. And Firefox makes password management easy by remembering your passwords across devices. Take your internet life everywhere, knowing that your data is safe, never sold. FIND IT FAST WITH A SMART SEARCH BAR Firefox anticipates your needs with smart search suggestions and quick access to the sites you visit most. Type in your search question and get suggested and previously searched results across your favorite search engines. And choose which search provider you want as your default, including Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon. ORGANIZE YOUR TABS THE WAY YOU LIKE Create as many tabs as you like without losing track. Firefox displays your open tabs as thumbnails and numbered tabs, making it easy to find what you want quickly. Pro-tip: with a Firefox Account, you can send an open tab on one device to all your others with a single tap. DISCOVER MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE Find and share great content across your devices. Open a new tab in your web browser to see the sites you visit most, your recent bookmarks and popular articles on Pocket. Firefox remembers your most recently used apps to help you get where you’re going fast, without hassle. SHARE ANYTHING IN A FEW TAPS The Firefox web browser makes it easy to share links to web pages or specific items on a page by remembering your most recently used apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and more. Learn more about Firefox for iOS: - Have questions or need help? Visit - Read about Firefox permissions: - Learn more about what’s up at Mozilla: - Like Firefox on Facebook: - Follow Firefox on Twitter: ABOUT MOZILLA Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people more control over their lives online. Learn more at Privacy Policy:

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  • Love Firefox, but mobile version need better tab controller layout 3/5

    By TienHuynh5312
    Can firefox implement tab controll just like Safari iOS? I find Firefox iOS needs two hands to be able to switch tab and close.
  • iPhone 6s 1/5

    By chromecastdrinkcoaster
    Does not work on iPhone 6s
  • Like the sync option 4/5

    By spyrospyn
    I like the browser except for the extra taps to get to bookmarks. Can Firefox be set to allow the bookmarks toolbar to be what shows when a new tab is created? Also, when tapping on the URL, it would be helpful to have bookmarks show or even allow for custom bookmarks in the app since sites that you visit on a mobile device are not always the same as what you visit on a desktop.
  • So buggy after update 2/5

    By SebbyValentine
    Not sure what happened, but after the recent update text fields fail to appear, or if they do appear, typing in them does nothing. In the rare chance it does appear and you can type, submitting the form does nothing or refreshes the page. Tested on Firefox for iPad and android
  • Pls make slider to un window tabs 4/5

    By mac miller grande
    Be green. Window tabs are too CPU intensive and that wastes energy. There is a 20 second lag when you have hundreds windows.. So Please make a list view option. A simple text list. It's so easy to program. It also helps the environment by reducing battery usage. A million people wasting energy on window tabs is kilowatts of electricity wasted over time. Also Read what people are saying. Your app is ruining battery life You should hire a company to do your programming. What you have now is not working. The fundamentals of software development is completely wrong at your organization. There is no thought about CPU and memory load and energy usage. Skill is needed to think out cpu cycles and memory problems and overheating a cpu. You cant hire any programmer for that. You need programmer who was a game maker in the 1990s or 2000s. A person knows how to get the app's work done with the fewest CPU cycles and the fewest accesses to the worst memory banks. That kind of person usually knows how write their own libraries or edits corporate libraries because they know that most SDKs are not very refined and are actually bloated messes that allow hackers to hide code. ie Apple SDK Even better. Hire a company to port Android firefox to IOS. :| Don't give up. You will work through your financial crisis but you will need to hire real nerds that don't always make everyone happy and they may say something not PC but it is accurate
  • Is new update causing problems? 3/5

    By Marguerite Mo
    I love Firefox and it’s commitment to privacy, but have had issues being able to pay one of my credit cards using this browser, and now I cannot log into my bank from it, yet I can from Safari just fine? I don’t know what’s going on, but hope it can be fixed soon.
  • So many issues 1/5

    By Kappa Face no Space
    So many bugs it’s unbelievable, especially compared to other browsers
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By Tally18
    Ever since this updated, my app has been crashing and reloading everytime I switch to another app and it hasn’t done that before this update
  • Buggy program 3/5

    By trvlmn33
    Having problems with window tabs. Reboot a website or start anew website and program has major difficulties loading. Open four or five windows from the same website and they will not load properly. This needs to be fixed.
  • firefox 5/5

    By Delsey7026
  • Great Mobile Browser 5/5

    By Sarat58
    Please add the option that user can rearrange the sites pinned for To Sites.
  • Good browser 4/5

    By conroy3644
    More features than Safari and I rarely find issues, my only gripe is I wish it was a little faster.
  • Not compatible with some websites 3/5

    By zxctbim2345
    I’ve had to use another browser when accessing some websites so I’ve stopped using the app. Have the same issues when using the browser on the Mac. It doesn’t work with my banks software
  • Can't install extensions? 2/5

    By cummies98
    I thought iOS was supposed to be ahead of the curve. Get with the times, Apple.
  • Firefox works very well across all platforms 5/5

    By jpadusr
    Firefox helps me stay in synch on all platforms. It provides good security and privacy features.
  • If these following points can be included. 3/5

    By Tim Brook
    They can use safari backbone clean design and feel. Hide URL over ISP feature for desktop can be done here in mobile app too. My apartment providers provide free WiFi and then they are sniffing and tracking users data and WiFi use along with data. Can Firefox stop them. Only law enforcement if needed can use users data with warrant not these goons which target you and start stalking. Like my apartment people. B0st0rds Many a times many crypto websites might be putting cache files and draining battery and data. Is there any way that these websites can never ever be able to abuse that? When one forget to clean cache. There is no way to clear cache or data when leaving Firefox and every time incognito mode can’t be used. Give as many as manual customization options possible.
  • No way to control Auto complete 1/5

    By RC454
    Constantly auto completes addresses even when not wanted. Until this is fixed the browser is worthless.
  • Advertised features simply do not function... 2/5

    By Version 3.31
    I created a Firefox account because of the ability to send tabs from one device to another. I created the account, signed in on both devices. Both my devices are on the same network (though I don’t think that should make a difference). The both my devices appear on the send options under “send to other device.” But when I send a tab - it simply doesn’t appear on the other device... This is very frustrating especially considering Mozilla doesn’t have any customer support. Just an online forum for other users to provide feedback. Mozilla’s instructions for this feature boast about how simple this feature is to use, and yet - it *simply* doesn’t work...
  • No longer privacy focused 1/5

    By userandom
    Firefox used to have a setting to automatically clear private data upon app exit. No longer there. They want your data to survive between sessions so that websites can have more data on you.
  • User Agent is wrong 1/5

    By aso__
    And it breaks many websites. God, how i wish i could use firefox on ios, but it break so many websitessssss.
  • No extensions 1/5

    By extensions-lover
    No extensions available...for me=useless.
  • Meh 5/5

    By Mellow003
    Meh I don’t really care because I’m only 8 years old. But it’s okay app. I guess
  • Kill pocket! 1/5

    By Matrixfox
    Really?!?!? I can’t disable pocket!?!? Make the crazy go away please! I don’t like reading. I hate news articles, no one thinks like me. Please allow us to disable this cancer you so call pocket!
  • Great privacy features, very buggy 2/5

    By Tester829
    I use Firefox for the privacy features, but it’s very buggy and frustrating to use. Pages load incorrectly, scrolling gets stuck, links stop working, videos load incorrectly. A very frustrating browser. I would switch if another browser had similar privacy features.
  • Keeps opening YouTube app directly in incognito 2/5

    By Amit12
    What’s point of incognito, when it opens YouTube app directly in incognito mode.
  • Battery killer 2/5

    By Backwards K
    Not sure what FF is doing in the background, but after a few minutes of browsing, my battery drops 30%. Not having this problem with other apps but this is untenable.
  • History is never cleared 1/5

    By Vnauduri
    I had set every single option available to make sure it does not store browsing history. And also clear the history immediately after the browser is closed. But apparently Firefox is not full proof. It is keeping the history of the sites you visited under Recently Visited. Which is not right after claiming that it cares about privacy. DELETED. Duckduckgo is king in these aspects. FF is generations behind or intentionally keeping history. BAD
  • Privacy mode needs improvement. 1/5

    By Fototico
    I am huge into privacy. Which makes me concerned about using this app. I try to use this browser in privacy mode, but there are times that the privacy mode turns off without being obvious. There should be a setting that allows people to ONLY operate in privacy mode unless the user goes into settings to turn it off. I love the computer version of firefox. Since I installed it in my desktop and laptop years ago I have never looked back at any other browser, but this mobile version is not for me. I'll stick with Dolphin or Atomic. So far my favorite two browsers for my iphone and ipad, with Dolphin being on the lead. I really hope they change this app and improve it to resemble more the desktop version. As of right now is not good enough for me. The ONLY thing I somewhat like is the ability to sync bookmarks with my computers. But again, please don't separate bookmarks.
  • Pls update version 4/5

    By CrazyD00d
    Overall the app is excellent, but can you please update the app so that it can support most extensions? I want a extension that requires version 48.0, and the iOS version only still has released up to version 23.0. Please update.....
  • Some bugs 1/5

    By emperinter
    It not will works when I take a new tabs from another tab and I can’t know the process of one webpage will breakdown when loading a tab.
  • Https too many redirects 1/5

    By jjwlsbwpsucekid
    Many websites won’t load? Shows Https too many redirects. I love Firefox on desktop, but wow this mobile app is just a bad browser. A browser should be able to load all pages, there is no excuse.
  • The Updates are getting worse 3/5

    By Brilliant1
    The new update has made it so when changing from dark to light mode it refreshes the whole entire page over and you lose where you were. This never happened before so why now? This update is trash bc of that and this bug needs to be fixed.
  • Broke Facebook mobile 9/11/19 1/5

    By Esthesis
    Edit: Mar ‘20. External links from FB finally open in a new tab. However updating to iOS 13.3, but still unable to long press open in new or background tab on Facebook mobile site. DDG browser now has this issue also. Fb and/or page admins are suppressing discord by muting notifications to users, so having multiple tabs open was the only solution. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS FF ADMINS. Edit: Oct 4 ‘19. Still same issues after update. Have moved on to DuckDuckGo browser. Unable to open ANY external links from Facebook mobile site after last update. Still can’t highlight/copy text either. Reader mode needs to be blacked out like the old versions. Bookmark situation is slightly better but still garbage and tedious. Bring back ad blocking! Man, FF used to be so good... What happened???
  • What’s the difference between Firefox and Firefox focus? 4/5

    By winfield001
    As above.
  • Continual crashing 1/5

    By Cveman
    Latest version has trouble opening, just keeps crashing.
  • “Old browser” 3/5

    By Hdhjhduehdhdusuhcjshdjddhdh
    Almost every website I go to says that I am using too old of a browser. I am on the latest version of Firefox
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By JohnDeereG
    Adding a bookmarks doesn't allow you to specify a folder. Online help says home page options include blank page or bookmarks - neither appears in my Settings. Can't enable the Home icon. Why do some tabs open with Settings icon, others with a qr code icon instead? I use Firefox on my laptop and desktop (Windows machines). I was hoping for more consistency across platforms but I guess bells and whistles are more important. If it wasn't for the fact that I share bookmarks across platforms, I'd ditch Firefox on my iPad. As it is, I usally use a different browser on my iPad.
  • Slow but good UI 2/5

    By NolanBusa
  • Opening firefox links me to AAA 1/5

    By Frog in the sky
    The installation leads to very strange and suspicious behavior. Opening Firefox links me directly to the AAA app which does not work properly.
  • Broken Sync 1/5

    By DTrain13
    I used to love Firefox but ever since they stopped supporting mobile sync it's lost so much functionality. It's still a passable browser but it's much easier to just stick with Safari.
  • No flash 1/5

    By Animal Head Contender
    Pointless slow browser
  • Primary browser 1 year + 5/5

    By Madtown AS
    I have used this browser as my primary browser for over a year. It’s icon sits right next my message app. The browser works great for me and I haven’t any problems. I would suggest giving it a try. I like using duck duck go as an alternative to other search engines. I do have chrome, google app and safari on my phone, but don’t need them. I wish I could make my phone open all websites from ads and inadvertent clicks in Firefox.
  • Works good 5/5

    By Dude123098
    I like it
  • Translation feature 2/5

    By بي بي سي سيس
    Please add feature translations to next version Firefox iOS 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💔
  • Sir lagsalot 5/5

    By FroadnRoller
    Your best is an idiot. Download the source code and make it better yourself and save the engineers your painfully ignorant useless pointless existence. Your opinion is less than. The fox rocks. It light it functions it hides it rides. everything besides Safari is Chromium based... the farther it progresses the worst it gets. Opera and brave have so much background noise you need a gaming platform to keep up. Safari is legit. Vivaldi is another planet that should just be a root terminal client end off story. Mozilla has definitely grown into its perfect 10 platform. The app dev availability and sync to device and send files to and from. Love it.
  • WARNING 1/5

    By El Nerdo Degeek
    Passcode DOES NOT WORK on iPad, it can be enabled but it never prompts you for it, just starts right up.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Dollar Sign Wonka
    What a nice browser. Especially vs barebones Safari. And Mozilla is very trust worthy. The co-founder invented JavaScript :D
  • The engine is out of date 1/5

    By roneckon
    Update, will you?
  • v23.0 iOS 12.4.5 (iPhone 6+) 5/5

    By Rhzyak
    Fixed •• Keyword search works again! Hadn't checked this in a long time, but it is SO GOOD to use! •• Issues with Refuce Transparency have been fixed Cons •• Pros •• Great design, bolder and easier on the eyes than default Safari •• Account syncing is fairly painless, and tab sharing (mobile to-and-from desktop) has worked without issues Other than the advantages of the default web app, Firefox is fantastic, no complaints!

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser app comments

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