Firefox: Private, Safe Browser

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser

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  • Current Version: 27.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Mozilla
  • Compatibility: Android
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Firefox: Private, Safe Browser App

You have the right to own your life – and your data. That’s why Firefox fights for you with tech you can trust. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. Install today and join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for speed, privacy, and more personal browsing experience. FAST. PRIVATE. SAFE. Firefox is twice as fast as it was before giving you a powerful web browser that delivers more speed and control. Keep what’s personal private with strong privacy control. With Firefox, you decide what to share online and when, because your life is your business. We designed Firefox with smart browsing features that let you take your privacy, passwords, and bookmarks with you safely wherever you go. PRIVACY CONTROL IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES Firefox gives you greater privacy protection while you’re on the web. Block unwanted ads and trackers that follow you around the web with Enhanced Tracking Protection. Search in Private Browsing mode and you won’t be traced or tracked — your private browsing history is automatically erased when you're done. OWN YOUR LIFE WHEREVER YOU INTERNET Add Firefox across your devices for secure, seamless browsing. Sync your devices to take your favorite bookmarks, saved logins and browsing history wherever you go. Send open tabs between mobile and desktop. And Firefox makes password management easy by remembering your passwords across devices. Take your internet life everywhere, knowing that your data is safe, never sold. FIND IT FAST WITH A SMART SEARCH BAR Firefox anticipates your needs with smart search suggestions and quick access to the sites you visit most. Type in your search question and get suggested and previously searched results across your favorite search engines. And choose which search provider you want as your default, including Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon. ORGANIZE YOUR TABS THE WAY YOU LIKE Create as many tabs as you like without losing track. Firefox displays your open tabs as thumbnails and numbered tabs, making it easy to find what you want quickly. Pro-tip: with a Firefox Account, you can send an open tab on one device to all your others with a single tap. DISCOVER MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE Find and share great content across your devices. Open a new tab in your web browser to see the sites you visit most, your recent bookmarks and popular articles on Pocket. Firefox remembers your most recently used apps to help you get where you’re going fast, without hassle. SHARE ANYTHING IN A FEW TAPS The Firefox web browser makes it easy to share links to web pages or specific items on a page by remembering your most recently used apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and more. Learn more about Firefox for iOS: - Have questions or need help? Visit - Read about Firefox permissions: - Learn more about what’s up at Mozilla: - Like Firefox on Facebook: - Follow Firefox on Twitter: ABOUT MOZILLA Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people more control over their lives online. Learn more at Privacy Policy:

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Firefox: Private, Safe Browser app reviews

  • Best browser alternative to Chrome 5/5

    By Rajam1866
    I have switched to Firefox for day-to-day work and concerns about privacy. The app works great with full of security aspects and protect from privacy aspects.
  • Best browser out there. 5/5

    By Monty Pitts
    Been using Firefox for many, many years. Safe, stable, secure...and it doesn’t report to Microsoft, Google, or anyone else. Highly recommended.
  • Useless without an ad blocker. 1/5

    By scotthilt
    The lack of built-in ad blocker is a major down side. Normally I would recommend Firefox as their default browser, but I can not recommend this app due to the lack of a built-in ad blocker. Users are better off sticking with Safari until Mozilla fixes this major issue.
  • It’s growing on me (update) 4/5

    By DavoColo
    Not sure where the wild claims about this browser are coming from. In fact, for me, it is quite fast, quite stable, and pays attention to privacy and security. Dark mode is fine. Sync also works well for my workflow — and syncs more interface elements than other browsers (though the Reading List is only local, unfortunately). And Mozilla cares about user privacy — despite some missteps over the years, they are a world leader in this area. They deserve to be commended. My complaints are more about the relative complexity of the UI. Safari, as expected, is a miracle of Zen design. The DuckDuckGo browser is as well (and adds some nice built-in privacy-enhancing features and options). But in its effort to be all things to all people, the Firefox interface has become almost too complex to parse easily. Compare the way FF shares a page (in a control that’s hard to reach on a big phone) to Safari’s method. That’s just one small example. My suggestion as a stopgap: Let the user turn off or on various interface elements. Me, I would turn off Top Sites and Recent Bookmarks to start. Those are particularly annoying “features” that just clutter the interface and slow my workflow. Pocket Suggested Readings (which I generally like) are already optional, so why not do the same for other interface features? Given the default (opt-out) telemetry already in place, Mozilla, in a few months you’ll see exactly which of these features your customers want and actually use. Added question: When I clear cache and data then immediately put FF in private mode, why do I soon see data from multiple sites accumulating in cache? Is it just FF reaching out to download favocons from bookmarked sites or something less benign? Either way, this behavior is confusing as hell — like much of FF for iOS. It doesn’t seem to happen always, but occasionally — another cause for confusion. And I’m still waiting for full-featured bookmark editing that would also allow moving and sync to any folder, not just a special mobile bookmarks one. Other browsers have accomplished this years ago. At this point, this is just embarrassing. For now, Firefox is a work in (slow) progress. I use it periodically, and exclusively, as a way to get access on iPhone to my desktop Firefox bookmarks. For it to be my daily driver or default browser — as will be possible in iOS 14 —would require some reimagining. Frankly, it doesn’t fill me with joy these days. And the glacial pace of FF development makes me think it never will. UPDATE: I decided to use Firefox exclusively on my iPhone for awhile — to see if I could get used to its quirks and consider it as my go-to browser. You know what? You can (mostly; see some exceptions above). It’s not as intuitive as Safari, but it does a lot of nice (if nonessential) tricks, once you learn how to access them. Copy an URL and open Firefox — it volunteers to take you there. Long-press a link and it offers up a preview. And more. It takes some work to figure out, but there is a payoff. Honestly, I use it mostly for access to my desktop Firefox bookmarks. But it’s a decent browser in other ways. And it may well be my default in iOS 14. If only Mozilla would put some resources into a faster development cycle and fix some of the obvious issues that vex users, particularly related to bookmarking.
  • Bad Company 1/5

    By SwiftLemon
    Mozilla is actually a bad company when you really read what they do. So this get an uninstall.
  • Can’t use sideways in landscape, no audio in background 1/5

    By 74910384203
    iOS apps aren’t supposed to rotate upside down. This is because the Orientation Lock button locks the screen to portrait, so if you want to use Firefox in landscape while holding your device sideways it’s now impossible. This didn’t used to happen. Also, the app bundle is missing the entitlement to play audio in the background. Good luck using this to listen to internet radio or podcasts.
  • Broken 4/5

    By Apple manny
    Won’t even open websites after latest update
  • Overlapping bookmarks 4/5

    By avengerswasframed
    A bug on overlapping bookmarks
  • Great 5/5

    By Induvidual
    Fantastic and fast, much less buggy than Safari
  • If you people see this then read it 3/5

    By benjamintheboxer
    It’s good and trash so I rated it 3/5
  • What I look forward to the most 1/5

    By sjshdia
    I am going to damage you ma'am. Physically and in a deeply severe manner.
  • Really 5/5

    By middleschoolerxd
    Smells like micah
  • Fast & sync: A+; battery: D- 3/5

    By LAX20531
    I hardly use Safari unless I’m taken there by some other app as a result of it being the native browser. I never use Chrome because of its bloat. What needs improvement is the battery efficiency which is pitiful. In only 2.5 hours of browsing I used about 85% of iPad’s enormous battery which is just pitiful, and I back background refresh and notifications primarily turned off for most apps.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By swimwi
    Firefox is obsessed with keeping users in firefox. Don't believe me? Try downloading a PDF for markup. It is impossible. Why? To keep you using firefox. Deleted.
  • Needs ‘close all tabs’ function. 4/5

    By nbits
    I managed to accumulate a large number of open tabs and the app was crashing frequently. It should have been a simple matter to close all those tabs and start with a clean slate; however, for lack of any such function, it soon became clear that reinstalling Firefox would be less time-consuming than closing the tabs manually. This is ridiculous and unacceptable.
  • Android > ios 4/5

    By DaylightBlue
    I know apple forces you to use Safari engine but in terms of design and options android is superior in my opinion. The android firefox beta better too. I do like how you can search tabs and the sync tabs works most of the time. Sending tabs works well most of the time too. One of the downsides is android is slow. iOS is only a little better in that regard. I am anticipating more great things. Can you fix an issue where firefox restarts when there’s many tabs?
  • Pocket. 1/5

    By BrettosaurusRex
    The trash that you guys recommend from pocket when I open my browser sends fire through my veins. How is this the garbage being promoted by the only major browser that isn’t owned by big tech? I remember when pockets recommend things were interesting stories that challenged the mind. Get rid of whoever is in charge there or I’m done supporting Mozilla in any way.
  • History 1/5

    By fieldtripz
    For some reason, even when I clear everything under "Data Management", every single time I reopen this app it opens a webpage from...history? It doesn't actually remove History I guess.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By UnNotchslayer1 Games
    Just fix the website glitches. Sometimes I can’t tap on a website or tap anything so I have to restart Firefox. But besides that, I’d say this is the best mobile browser
  • Thank,ag 1/5

    By whitehatblackcat
    🍎😇😇😇😇😇Great app
  • Not good on iPad Pro 1/5

    By badken
    Can’t pin tabs, doesn’t draw screen edges properly, confusing up for simple features, couldn’t find addons (maybe pilot error there, but it wasn’t where I expected it)... Keep trying, Mozilla.
  • I used to love this app... 3/5

    By Lalalalaureeeen
    Not sure what happened. Firefox is usually pretty solid. I’ve always used it on my computers. Found the app for mobile devices. I’ve had this for over a year, it’s been good up until the last few updates. Now its starting to glitch/freeze periodically. It will not refresh the page. Just downloaded Opera and have none of these issues.
  • Just bad on iPad Pro 1/5

    By STOPchris
    It synced once 5 days ago, will no longer sync even when I attempt to manually force a sync. I click on passwords and logins and nothing ever shows up. Before the terrible Mozilla reps come around and give their generic reply, I’ve already signed out and back in and restarted my iPad. Welp, back to Chrome for me, BECAUSE IT WORKS!
  • One of the Best Browsers ever! 5/5

    By Sargeant пояйф
    This browser, Firefox is by far one of the best I have used. Sync is very useful and very efficient for different devices. I love it, and couldn’t be more satisfied. So secure and I can finally browse the internet without having to be worried about Google always looking over my shoulder. Yay!! :)
  • Not Working with iPhone 13.5.1 update 2/5

    By Day-glo World
    Firefox was my go to iPhone browser. Since the most recent iPhone software update, FF searches are sluggish, images don’t load, and pages appear incompatible. What the heck happened? Will delete soon if FF developers don’t get this browser’s act together.
  • Mhmmmmm 5/5

    By MojoSenju
    Ppppppoooooorrrrrrrnnnnnn huuuuuuuuuub
  • Needs undo close tab 3/5

    By real_chimmihc
    I understand all browsers on iOS are just re-skins of safari and there isn’t any reason to put much effort into it but this is a basic feature. I am sick of losing my tabs because it is super easy to accidentally swipe horizontally instead of vertically on a tab.
  • Feedback 5/5

    By tabormark3x
    I like the new features and concepts to everything private and secure, but when I use my firefox it loops to Apple store back and forth from browser. Like in a loop.
  • Great app for iPhone! 5/5

    By drgnadm
    Firefox has been my preferred browser because of how it places saved websites in a convenient location and has in-app features to delete user history & cookies. With Safari, I have to jump through a few hoops to get to saved websites or delete user history & cookies on my iPhone.
  • A genuine reply 5/5

    By F L Ą K Ø
    I’ll be using this as my go-to browser now.
  • Bookmarking is a pain 4/5

    By Which nickname is not taken???!!! Please~
    It is a good browser all around. But one thing that is really inconvenient is bookmarking. Can you pls make it remember the last opened position and do not expand each folder? Every bookmark was default into mobile bookmark folder, which I never use. It takes me a few mins to find my way around to move a bookmark into the right loc.😂😂
  • Best browser 3/5

    By DogeyDogeyDoge
    I’m really enjoying it. The app might benefit from a few more updates/touch-ups. Themes, like on desktop, would be super cool. More control of privacy, like on desktop, would also be nice. I wish it would open to a new tab when I leave tabs open, instead of always opening to the first open tab.
  • Sad face 2/5

    By Okami_j13
    Every time I open the app it crashes
  • Outstanding Browser Love the new Logo 5/5

    By Mikegwald
    Firefox is fast and secure and in my opinion the best browser on the market just amazing. On a side note I absolutely love the New Logo. 😀
  • Latest update destroyed the app 1/5

    By Ron in STL
    Since last update app has become slow, sluggish, and hangs up. Virtually unusable.
  • Bookmarks 3/5

    By spacestarssss
    Please make bookmarks easier to access!
  • Ver 26.0 (18099) 1/5

    By victor_seafog
    Every update of Firefox for iPad degrades the app into a worse functioning app. The new version has so many bugs I’m leaving it. Almost every site constantly refreshes making it ridiculous, in addition any other open tabs I return to are blank pages or simply don’t respond, so I have to close and reopen to start over. At least the pop ups telling me that I’m using a older ver. of the browser that will shortly not be supported is gone. This warning was on sites such as you tube, and now the chat is working on you tube but it just refreshes every 20 seconds.
  • Microphone issues iOS 1/5

    By SOA33
    I downloaded Firefox for homework purposes for college because it was supposed to be easier to access the microphone, unfortunately for me, the microphone does not work under Firefox, secondly it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to contact customer support, you call the number it gives (866-211-3251) for tech support and it hangs up on you or says user busy after a couple of rings, so no help at all! I tried literally everything, contacted my carrier and even Apple, and its not an issue on the iPad. The issue is with Firefox and since I can’t get to talk to a person about it to try and fix it, that’s the reason I gave 1 star. Supposed to be super easy and reliable and its not. Huge inconvenience for me to have to use another device for my homework!
  • Did you just break it? 2/5

    By Myob33
    The latest update came through, and i can’t work in gmail anymore. Can’t tap and move the cursor, can’t do the space-bar-press cursor trick, can’t fix spelling mistakes and typos. ARGH! Also finding that even though i use firefox, ads show up on other pages based on my searches. I use firefox to not be tracked. Please revisit this version and make it work again.
  • NOT FOR KIDS 1/5

    By TheLogicalWizard
    This app is not for kids. The parental filter I a joke. It is WAY TO EASY to get to some shady looking parts of the web. Just get chrome, IT DOES THE SAME THING but there actually trying to fix that.
  • I can’t download any add ons 1/5

    By person is mad
    Ya :|
  • Ads 1/5

    By Helispook
    Latest update removed ad blocking. Constantly bombarded by Google ads. Never happened before and I have been using Firefox since day 1 on iPad. Probably stop using it over this issue.
  • My main browser. 4/5

    By dudeitsjim
    I love Firefox, but for iOS it’s just ok. Some websites will tell me to update (it it’s already updated) and I have to use Safari still foe these sites that five me that warning. Saving a bookmark in a specific folder already I have made. Firefox, please fix these 2 issues :)
  • Horrible User Experience 2/5

    By PolarBearKev
    I have used Firefox on and off now for a span of seven years, and I keep checking in to see if they fixed their terrible bookmark UX, and I am disappointed every time. Let me go into detail. For as long as I can remember, the most frustrating aspect of mobile Firefox is accessing bookmarks. Too many taps!! There should be a library icon on the navigation bar at the bottom, you tap ONCE and it shows you your bookmarks. More specifically the user should be able to customize what bookmarks they want to see right up front. For me, all my bookmarks live in the Bookmarks toolbar. I never put bookmarks into the Bookmarks menu - I mean, does anyone? Second point, right now when you tap the menu and tap “Your Library” it slides up this pane which displays your bookmarks, great - however, it’s super annoying to dismiss. If you don’t land your finger exactly on the right spot and swipe down, you end up swiping something else. There should be a “Done” element or some other way to dismiss that pane other than swiping. Even tapping on the gray swipe element to dismiss would be ok. I really love what Mozilla is doing with Firefox, with emphasis on security and privacy, but their UX/UI needs some serious attention. Even the desktop browser looks dated and has issues. These things wouldn’t bother your average user that much, but as a UX/UI designer myself - it grinds my gears.
  • how disappointing 1/5

    By whatamesswithnicknames
    Below is my original rev from Feb this year, and it really me off that today I see it’s simply been deleted. This alone gets you zero stars, Moz! Whoever reads this, consider SnowHaze instead. ***** There are many issues with the iOS version, and they have little to do with the iOS environment or webkit. No control over jscript, too little control over cookies (it takes 7 taps/clicks to erase all cookies, no add-ons, etc, etc. One cannot help the idea that Mozilla wants to please the folks who make a living on ads and tracking. @dev team Mozilla: please start a PC and learn how to do what pleases us users. Today I read the applicable privacy policy (link below). Wow... It starts saying, “your privacy matters”. That is great. Then come pages after pages of fine print, with link after link into other company’s privacy policies. Who do you think will read and understand all this ever? I am tempted to take another star off. A clear, user-friendly pp looks very different.
  • Please consider 4/5

    By Kpakpo1z
    Firefox is my favorite and even though I face challenges using it for printing at my workplace I will like to see the pocket, send and even monitor on the mobile version will really help and make it easy switching from mobile to desktop or vise visa. I know it can be done though but as I said will make things easier. Thanks for the good works you’ve been doing. 👍
  • App broken, background is now black 1/5

    By Kidologist
    The background is solid black instead of white - makes my favorite app browser now useless.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Durpœ
    Use it for school
  • A bad glitch please fix 2/5

    By kellimac74
    I tried to download btroblox addon and it said i didn’t have Firefox but i was on the app and i pressed the download in App Store and it was already downloaded and i couldn’t get btroblox

Firefox: Private, Safe Browser app comments

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