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Firefox Web Browser App

Experience a fast, smart and personal Web. Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy. Upgrade today and join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefox for a more personal browsing experience. FAST. SMART. YOURS. Firefox is made with you in mind and gives you the power to take back control of your Web experience. That’s why we design the product with smart features that take the guesswork out of browsing. SEARCH INTELLIGENTLY & GET THERE FASTER - Firefox anticipates your needs and intuitively provides multiple suggested and previously searched results across your favorite search engines. Every time. - Easily access shortcuts to search providers including Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon. BROWSE PRIVATELY - Your personal information belongs to you. In Private Browsing mode, Firefox won’t remember any of your history or cookies, but new bookmarks will be saved. - Delete your browsing history, passwords and more in a single tap. - Choose the private data you want to remove. SYNC FIREFOX ACROSS YOUR DEVICES - With a Firefox Account, access your history, bookmarks and open tabs from your desktop on your smartphone and tablet. - Firefox also safely remembers your passwords across devices so you don’t have to. INTUITIVE VISUAL TABS - Intuitive visual and numbered tabs easily let you find content for future reference. - Open as many tabs as you like without losing track of your open Web pages. EASY ACCESS TO YOUR TOP SITES - Spend your time reading your favorites sites instead of looking for them. Learn more about Firefox for iOS: - Have questions or need help? Visit - Read about Firefox permissions: - Learn more about what’s up at Mozilla: - Like Firefox on Facebook: - Follow Firefox on Twitter: ABOUT MOZILLA Mozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resource accessible to all because we believe open and free is better than closed and controlled. We build products like Firefox to promote choice and transparency and give people more control over their lives online. Learn more at Privacy Policy:

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Firefox Web Browser app reviews

  • Buggy as hell 1/5

    By Jonathan1412
    The browser can’t render image galleries without scrambling the the page, many images get scrambled. And they can’t even consistently apply Night Mode to their own people interface! The browser is sadly quite shoddy.
  • One major bug... needs fixing 3/5

    By sirnotappearinginthisfilm4
    Great app lots of functionality and more privacy feature for the iOS but there is a glitch that occurs on most websites (I run iOS 12.1.4). What happens is when scrolling up and down the page, it appears the css of the page clips over large parts of the website, creating a glitchy image that can’t be read easily or not at all. Hope you see this and investigate. I’m sure I’m not the only one. ;)
  • It would be better if 2/5

    By Buffyandsneaky
    It would be better if it would stop asking me if I want to save my credit card password. Every time I have to click don’t save
  • Lovely. 5/5

    By DayMerch
    This is the best browser i have ever used. I have used Google Chrome because it was insanely popular, but now, this browser is better. It’s great because it’s ad-free for me for free! I don’t know about the other reviews, though. It’s their bug. But this app is oh my gosh, fantastic!
  • Absolutly Horrible 1/5

    By Dennyhayes
    Firefox has stopped working on almost every site I use, and they try to control what you can view. The last update stopped the pictures from coming from one website, so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it. But they would not allow me to reinstall it, because they want to force you to buy another device, so that you are using it on at least two devices. They lie, saying that that is for security, in case you forget your password. So I guess that every app that I use needs at least two devices attached to it. It amazes me that anyone would actually believe that:) I talked to a couple programmer friends who said that Firefox has been getting worse for years. So I just deleted it, for good, and installed the Opera browser. I also have Safari installed but I typically use different browsers for different things. I design special apps that require use of a browser, and since my app is used by almost 4 million people, them being a control freak has lost them a lot of customers, because all of these users are being told to use something other than Firefox. In response to your developer’s comment, I have tried to install it on and iPhone 6 Plus, and an iPhone 8 Plus, and it refuses to allow it to be installed unless I install it on at least two devices. I have a masters degree in electrical engineering, and have been designing databases for computers since the 80s, so I’m no idiot. And I’ve tried everything to get around it, but it apparently can’t be done. There is even a message on the screen to click on which says “Why is more than one device required?” So either you need to stop smoking those funny cigarettes or stop lying.
  • History data won’t delete completely 1/5

    By HvyTnkr
    My browsing history will delete from the library using the data management setting, but the sites are still suggested when I start typing in the address bar. What’s the point of deleting personal data if the data still persists? This is supposed to be one of the better privacy browsers. It needs to be fixed.
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By bdiehs cnd d
    Do u wanna let me in on the secret why did I download this app if it takes me to fuggin google??!!? Aaannnd deleted.
  • Press & hold UI change 4/5

    By LAX20531
    I’m a Windows user and its helpful to have my sessions saved devices, along with the security enhancements provided by Firefox. The one missing piece I continually attempt to use is the Peek & Pop functionality for links I want to open in background tabs. An add-in add blocker is needed. Finally, why are often use commands buried so deeply within the UI? I’ve tried to mitigate my use of bookmarks since they’re duplicated and out of control, but having to perform 3-4 clicks to drill down is not effective. Can we have a press and hold on the lower hamburger bar to bring up the library? Or a dedicated icon?
  • Let the user remove pocket 2/5

    By Iugurtar
    Better than average browser, let the users take more control. Make firefox better.
  • Don’t download this app 1/5

    By kbr80
    It does not work. Most web pages do not fully load, distorted or Worse. Bad app
  • History 1/5

    By B-Redacted
    History still present after clearing data.
  • Love Firefox on Desktop, NOT iOS 1/5

    By Speak4Truth
    Unfortunately open tabs on Desktop do NOT Sync over to Firefox on iOS. I am signed into same account on both devices, with all settings set to sync. Why does description say it will sync open tabs?? Please fix!
  • WTH are my synced tabs? 2/5

    By Delayed Reaction
    Am I missing something or did my synced history disappear? It used to be available when you clicked on the address bar and the little clock would be there, now there’s nothing. That is 98% of why I use firefox
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By orlnortiz
    Not really a great implementation. Would be nice to have more customization.
  • Great browser, company, and philosophy 5/5

    By Ducktart
    Firefox on iOS is a great browser. It's privacy-centric, which is an underrated feature in the Facebook age. It's the only third-party iOS browser I have found with a reader mode, which is the only thing that kept me with Safari. Pocket integration is fantastic. I love that Firefox is completely open source so I can see exactly how my information is handled and make privacy decisions accordingly. I look forward to Firefox Notes coming to iOS. It seems like there is finally going to be a good solution for syncing rich-text notes between my iPhones, Macs and Linux machines. Note: there are certain things beyond Mozilla's control that make Firefox seem slower than Safari. Apple does not allow Mozilla to use its Quantum engine. Further, Safari is granted system privileges so it stays in RAM longer, making Firefox seem slower this is not for lack of trying on Mozilla's part and is a limitation all third-party browsers face. Keep up the great work, Mozilla. Stay focused on your principles.
  • My new default 5/5

    By Japanezedann
    I've switched from Chrome to Firefox for privacy reasons and it's just been so much better lately. I use it on my computer and phone. The tracking protection is amazing, it's essentially an adblocker.
  • What goes here 1/5

    By Skip113
    Why would FF add a required authentication to login to ones acct, but NOT tell anyone who uses IOS that the feature does not work on IOS unless one searches for the REQUIRED extension and then finds it does not work on IOS????. So one can not login to there acct on IOS or get the code it generates while using IOS.? Duh, hello.. are the stupid folks running the asylum in the development area. Gees
  • Wikipedia freaks out 3/5

    By Chris was taken
    Everytime I try and load something on Wikipedia it bugs out and doesn't show the full article. That's my only issue everything else if pretty great.
  • Nice app! 5/5

    By Jørdãn❤️🧸
    (This is not a good description) but I like it and it’s good to use
  • Never fixed 1/5

    By PinkNekoFire
    For years I have had the same issue as everyone else I know with the mobile Firefox. When you scroll on 99% of pages, the screen breaks. Half the page goes to the top, the other the bottom, sometimes it just randomly rearranges. Tilting the phone to landscape is the only fix. Annoying as all hell. Time and again they don't address this. I have had this issue on multiple iPhones and androids. None of my friends or family use the app for the same reason, aside from synching bookmarks, this app is more trouble that it's worth. Though with the ridiculous amount of resource the main version uses these days, I'm on the verge of ditching it too.
  • Love the app but.. 5/5

    By Farbod-cx
    How come I cant see the nav-menu for (history, top sites, bookmark,..) on top of the new tabs! I have an 8+ .. is there a setting that I miss?
  • Does not block cookies/No longer blocks cookies 1/5

    By For da King
    Earlier versions of the Firefox Focus browser app allowed blocking both trackers and cookies. Later versions do not allow blocking cookies but only blocking trackers. I deleted an earlier version to reinstall and now I can only block trackers and not cookies. Extremely disappointing. Why not be able to block both trackers and cookies like on the the laptop/desktop Firefox versions? How can you be a privacy browser without the ability to block third party or any cookies? Also there is no way to see what data has been stored on the app. What has happened to Firefox? Make this a paid app and block some cookies!
  • Good but some gripes… 3/5

    By fjpoblam
    Not a habitual browser. Here’s why, and some suggestions. 😴 - Mozilla/Firefox: Listen to your users! IMPORTANT! (as we say in CSS). No ivory tower. We’re here. REALly. (Get it? Real.) - Fix bookmarks. Many (probably most) use them. It’s a matter of efficiency. iOS bookmarks need to be *editable*! Rename, change URL, reorder. Then, not desktop bookmarks separate from mobile bookmarks: just...Bookmarks! And how about this: make “Top Sites” analogous to the Safari “Favorites” bar. don’t keep sticking recently visited stuff there: that belongs in History! - Give us easy access to History and Reading List. - Pocket? Complete utter waste of whitespace and broadband. I have news apps IF I want to see that guff. - You say and are proud of Firefox as a bastion of privacy? Yet Google comes as the default search engine and Facebook comes in the default pinned sites? Anethema! That’s like saying, “We stand for privacy but we can see through the window thhat you left your drawers down.” Walk the walk, folks. Make Firefox a TOOL, not just a symbol. Nuff said.

    By 123456 don't get 789
  • A few changes would help. 4/5

    Home button and Bookmark button really should be in the navigation bar... not buried in a sub menus.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By fire the nickname idea person
    I love firefox, I use it on my windows laptop. A lot of features aren’t compatible with iPad though, you just keep saying ...dang, it doesn’t do _ _ _ on ios either...:(
  • Consumes Battery Like Nothing Else 3/5

    By Caayit
    I was looking for a place on Google Maps, looking for information about it on Firefox. It took me about 30 minutes, even less. My battery dropped from 70% to 25%. My battery works fine. It is not flawed. When I looked at usage statistics, it said 50% for Firefox and 40% for Google Maps. How can a browser consume more battery than a heavy maps application that is using GPS antenna? And it is not “a little higher”, it is a huuuuuuge consumption.
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By Hock3yMom
    This app has been working well but just recently it wants to crash when I'm right in the middle of searching something. I've cleared out what needs to be cleared out & made sure it was updated. Not sure what else to do.
  • Forced to give them your number!! 1/5

    By StopNLean
    I REALLY DISLIKE the fact that you HAVE TO sign in on your cellphone and give them your number for you to create an account. Very stupid. Deleting this app immediately because of that reason!
  • Can’t change home page! 1/5

    By disjsbdvfbx
    Can’t change home page and new page setting!I change the setting but when I open the browser,it’s always Firefox home page. Maybe that’s because I’m in China!!

    By Ezra1mz.nih
    for the last three weeks ive had no bookmarks/history/reading list bar it’s so crazy. takes away from the whole experience. that’s the only reason i use firefox
  • Disappointed Android to iOS user 1/5

    By Iwillreviewit
    Dragging tabs becomes unavailable after a few days 🤬🤬 Having been a Android to iOS user, Firefox has truly disappointed. Many things the iOS version lacks that the Android version has. SUPER LAGGY AND SLOW! Keeps freezing and crashing! Not only are bookmarks not bookmarking, but the few that do get bookmarked, get unbookmarked when I try bookmarking something else 1) Why can’t we use extensions on the iOS version? 2) Why not the ability to close more than one tab at once? 3) Select multiple items at once and then delete them all at once in both history and bookmarks. 4) The ability to move open tabs around and put them in a different order. 5) Why can’t webpages saved as pdf’s be on ONE pdf page instead of several pages? 6) On Android you can switch between tabs by swiping left/right at the search bar, why doesn’t the iOS version have that? Having to open the tabs button each time I want to switch to the next tab over is inconvenient, a pain, and time consuming. 7) Bookmarks are not saving NO MATTER how many times I press the “bookmark page” option. Even closing out of the app and reopening doesn’t help. 8) On Android there is a “close tab” option in the menu, iOS doesn’t have that. Instead for iOS, you have to go into tab view mode to delete a tab, which is not only time consuming but also causes the app the freeze and slow down more than it already does. 9) Desktop view DOESN’T WORK for any site. 10) Why is there no option to turn JavaScript on/off? 11) Battery usage seems to have gone up since the last update.
  • Getting there... but still needs improvement 3/5

    By dankenpo
    A lot of mobile sites are still unusable in Firefox Mobile. I frequently can’t access the site menu (I click on it but nothing happens) on numerous sites that work fine on Safari and Chrome on my iPhone. I prefer Firefox over other browsers but the mobile experience is still too poor.
  • Please Add ‘Create PDF’ and/or Save to Files’ Options 4/5

    By JohnJacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
    Please Add ‘Create PDF’ and/or ‘Save to Files’ Options. For instance, I couldn’t download a pdf file (via Firefox Send) on the Firefox iOS app. I had to do it via Safari’s ‘copy to iBooks’ tool. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • Bad menus 2/5

    By Russn8r
    Too cute. Can’t find things. For example, how to increase font. Can’t see the micro print. Why not use English drop down menus? The menus are in English so why not put use English at the top of the menu instead of an annoying icon that makes no sense?
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By UB1
    It is quite disappointing that Mozilla, an entity that purports to value independence from big business, now embeds Pocket in Firefox, which feeds media from the same 4-5 websites as Apple News, Google News, and the rest of the bullies on the block. A constant diet of tasteless and uniform mush for the American brain.
  • Really Good 5/5

    By Frxstbite
    Let’s just be honest, better than safari and google and edge. You all know it. Just the battery usage had went up usually...
  • Pocket extension ruined Firefox 2/5

    By agent_theory
    Firefox was long my favorite browser...until the Pocket extension. Aside from being totally useless, It blocks access to my speed dial bookmarks. There is no way to disable it (online instructions do nothing). Ruined Firefox for me.
  • No Gecko, but the next best thing 5/5

    By i80and
    It’s a pity Apple won’t allow them to use Gecko to support modern web standards, but this is a good next best effort. Firefox Sync keeps my iPhone seamlessly in lockstep with my other devices, and for a niche product, it’s rock solid.
  • I’m probably going to uninstall FF now. 1/5

    By gif-critic
    Way to ruin the way I browsed for the last 7 years. Moving bookmarks and history makes yours a horrible app.
  • the google issue + no customer support + Pay fee for tech snooping threw my email 1/5

    By rymatta87
    I jjst I just tried to call Firefox for customer support and they actually do not have a phone number to call. Anytime I try to do any Google search or check my email with Google on Firefox browser it shrinks the tax and makes everything so large that you can actually see any of the things that are going on in your email anytime I go to use a Google search on Firefox it makes the text super large and the areas were you trying to type super small so you can actually see anything. I’ve opened the same links in safari not an issue so it’s definitely not just my desktop and I called the so-called Firefox Support number I then spoke with the person for 20 minutes getting them to remote into my account at which point they told me they could fix the issue but I have to pay a one time support fee then that lady started to trying to open up my personal emails while she was remolding into my computer!!
  • Used to be good, 1/5

    By LDRoadie
    But now, it will not allow saving of an image to photos by press-and-hold. File a bug, they ignore you.
  • Photo access 1/5

    By Nonstationary
    Requires full photo access, including read and right, when I try to save an image from a website, even when the permission has already being set to “add photo only”. Is this a bug or a misbehavior in terms of user privacy?
  • Menus and bookmarks missing after updates of Firefox and iOS 1/5

    By omron10
    Where do I go to get previous version of Firefox app. This latest update absolutely ruins FF usability. Please restore previous tab functions/user interface.
  • Safari > Firefox? 3/5

    By bucksworth311
    I browse in firefox. Open a page that has a video and instead just a black box. I open the same page in Safari and the page loads with everything that it should. What's the deal, Bro?
  • No more privacy/buggy for a while now. 1/5

    By SadKatLostHerFox
    I miss what Firefox used to be. It used to be about privacy and it used to work well. Now they force you to share all pic access instead of download only access. Horrid trying to get to history and many other issues. It freezes and crashes. I need to find a browser that respects privacy and works. I’ll miss my fox...

    By ridiculous ginger
    so I would normally rate FF with 5 stars, because I love FF, it’s wonderful and awesome and so easy, not 3, but you have gone down 2 stars because of this recent ridiculously STUPID update. And maybe, probably, most definitely, I’m making a bigger deal out of it. But come on Firefox. I shouldn’t have to click on the 3 line thing for the menu to view my history, bookmarks, and whatever else the other two options were. Why it would be removed from the opening screen where it was before I will never know. It’s not more convenient. Its inconvenient. And yeah it only takes like an extra second and why am I complaining about something so dumb but still. I spent a good minute looking for where the bookmarks and history things went. No quero Firefox. Sadly using Safari because I refuse to go back to google chrome
  • Firefox cares more about privacy than others 5/5

    By ../x
    Firefox is a good choice if you don’t want to be monitored by the big creeper companies.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By nga1438
    Your latest update is terrible. I can’t get rid of pocket and don’t like it. Will be using another browser.

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