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  • Current Version: 3.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Firehouse Restaurant Group, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Firehouse Subs App App

Welcome to Firehouse Subs! Use our app to earn food rewards on your purchases, order from Firehouse, find locations, and more! Available for all US locations (excluding Puerto Rico). Earn 1 point for every $0.01 you spend at Firehouse Subs, and save up your points to redeem free food rewards for subs, upgrades, and more! Download this app to: + Get a FREE large drink just for singing up! + Manage your rewards account + Order -- pay in-app via credit card or pay when you pick up your order + Find Firehouse Subs locations + Play our game for bonus points + Refer friends for bonus points How to: 1. Sign up in the app for a Firehouse Rewards account. 2. Enter your phone number at the register every time you visit Firehouse Subs. If you order via the app, we’ll automatically add the points to your account. 3. When you have enough points for a reward, it will turn yellow. 4. Tap on the reward you want to activate it, then enter your phone number next time you order to redeem the reward. Points earned are based on the pre-tax post-discount amount spent. Rewards cannot be combined with other rewards, discounts, or offers. Need help? Contact [email protected] **Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Firehouse Subs App app reviews


    By muahahhahahahhahahahxhdhahahah
    it’s annoying how i cant order mac and cheese through the app...
  • App Functionality 1/5

    By Loodoggydogg
    Tried to order through the app yesterday and it kept telling me I needed to call the store because of an error. Called the store, waited on hold for two customers to be rang up form what I could hear on the other end. I try again today and see that the order WAS actually completed. I go check my email to confirm and open the app again and again, I cannot order without calling the store. This app is awful. You can’t do anything without completing your order first and sometimes it still doesn’t work. This is like my 3rd complaint on this review page and I don’t feel like my complaint are taken seriously so I’m just going to give up and save myself and you the trouble. At least I won’t be hurting your review score anymore right?
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By nana 0618
    Got new phone and not able to log in. Now what
  • Payment of order gives system error 2/5

    By Piggy tails
    Each time I click the button for submitting payment I receive an error, ‘We’re sorry your order could not be ...... you can complete your order by calling the store.’ I have edited the payment info. Verified it was correct. Used a different payment source. All with no success. I typically have had to reorder verbally, because an order record was not created from my app order. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
  • Firehousesubs 5/5

    By Mamajo089
    Heard theses subs were good, not true . They are excellent. I was a first timer but will be a regular. I just need to get the roundabout down. It took three times of going to Hiway 12 and coming back finally made it and was worth the long drive. This little place was hopping but staff shifted gears and orders were made pronto! Busy nearly always spells great. I like the promotion idea too first responders never get enough credit. See you soon!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Patience2012
    When I try to do anything in the app I just keep getting an error message that says there’s a problem and to contact customer service.
  • Bug 4/5

    By NoRadioForMe
    Please fix the special instructions free text block so it can be edited at cursor placement, not just at the end of the string. Otherwise a quick easy app for ordering!
  • Hard to use rewards in-app 1/5

    By Jason Pruitt
    I have points for an item. It’s in my cart. I have a reward to pay for it. “Use reward? This cannot be undone” okay, sure. Then, you LOSE the reward and are forced to go order in-store. Ridiculously bad design.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Yippeskippy
    App is slow, will not process orders. Will not load any information unless I am on cellular data. Junk.
  • "Your order could not be completed" 1/5

    By Coolout
    I was told I could get a free sub for my birthday, which is the only reason I signed up. I figured if it worked I'd continue to go. Although it correctly figured the "free" price, it would not allow me to process the order even after entering a credit card. Happy birthday to me! But at least the company now has my credit card info and password, so there's that.
  • Good luck 4/5

    By Countrygirlmandy
    When the app was working for me it was great. For the past few months it has not longer worked for me and I have lost access to my points and been unable to redeem any of my points or even know how many points I had. I tried calling my local store since I frequent it so often they know me on a first name basis and I’ve emailed support more than once without resolve. As of today I will no longer support the app and will choose another lunch destination.
  • Too many errors 2/5

    By Opt-mind
    App gives way too many errors when I try to login and I have to contact customer support continuously. It says I have to contact CS but I can’t be doing this all the time I’m trying to use my rewards. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still didn’t fix it.
  • Locks up 1/5

    By sts209876
    When imputing Password and login just locks Up. Waste Of 20 minutes
  • Fire house subs 5/5

    By hoseparty
    This place is really good and the kids meals is worth it for kids it comes with chips and a drink
  • Check your email if you get an error message! 2/5

    By TheColorBug
    App said there was an error with processing my order so I called to place it instead but shortly after I got an email saying my order was confirmed and my bank account showed that I was charged. Thankfully the ladies caught the mistake and didn’t make a duplicate order but the app needs to be fixed so this error message doesn’t pop up when it’s not necessary.
  • I’m done deleting app 1/5

    By majxhdbdbc
    It keeps on crashing on my iPhone max it even signed me out and is not allowing me to sign in honestly if it doesn’t fix soon there’s no need to have it.
  • Please update this app 3/5

    By GentryGraphics
    I love eating at firehouse but I can’t say the same about using this app. Slow to load at times and confusing on using rewards for what “qualifies” and what does not. Seems to be buggy in this regard. They were able to apply the reward in store but by doing so I had to wait in line and not able to take advantage of the take out and skip the line by using the app to order. Would be great to easily apply discounts or maybe click on the reward and fill out the order from there by being given options. Even the employee seemed to have complaints about this app. Please look into this!
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Skoorg
    I love to get a good deal and track items for credit, but everytime I use this app, it says no internet connection, and never allows me to receive credit for my food here
  • Lacks Only Gift Card Useage 3/5

    By I'm LJH
    Great food. Great rewards program. Good app. The only thing it lacks is the ability to pay with a Firehouse gift card.
  • No Apple Pay? Account required? 1/5

    By $1K Master
    It’s very odd that Apple Pay is accepted in the store but apparently not in the app. Worse, you apparently HAVE to create an account and then store a payment method. Look, I am NOT going to do that. Having accounts and payment information littered all around the internet isn’t going to fly here. I’ve had accounts compromised and cc information stolen a few times (Hellooo Target!), so keeping my info spread to a minimum is essential. No Apple Pay? No dice.
  • Dawsonville 5/5

    By charlie farnesbarnes
    What a great team... restaurant super clean, my sub was served to me at the table and they came back to make sure everything was good. Highly recommend and I will be back for more!!!
  • No internet connection 1/5

    By "On"
    My app worked fine for several years. However, in the last couple of weeks I get a "no internet connection" notice whenever I use the app. It doesn't matter if I am using wi-for or cellular data. What's the problem ?
  • Log in 1/5

    By appy512
    I try to login but the Log In button doesn’t respond after email and password are entered.
  • Glitchy!!! 2/5

    By Loverforfashion
    I have so much trouble with this app & accessing the rewards program online. The program itself is good , but I keep getting glitching on the app. It signed me out and every time I try to sign in , the screen glitches and blinks out. So annoying , I can monitor my acct! Also it does not apply points when you order online which is annoying
  • Payment options 3/5

    By Coop442
    App is very intuitive however have to ding it two stars because there is no option to pay in store when wanting to use cash.
  • Firehouse Promptly Fixed My Reward Points Issue! Bravo! 5/5

    By hoodrat91910
    UPDATED REVIEW: Firehouse Subs Customer Service promptly fixed the issue with my reward points balance. They had offered Triple Points this past Sunday, April 14. However, when I ate there on that day, I only received the standard amount of points. I sent an email to them with a screenshot showing the points that I received. They promptly credited my account with the remaining points that I should’ve gotten. I really appreciate this excellent customer service! Thank you very much, Firehouse Subs! You guys and gals rock! Along with having the best sandwiches in town, you now have the best customer service! ORIGINAL REVIEW: Late last week I received an email from Firehouse Subs saying that this past Sunday, April 14th would be Triple Points Day at all Firehouse restaurants. I went there for lunch and placed my order as usual. Delicious as always! When I got home and checked my account, I did NOT receive triple points as promised. Instead, I received the standard amount of points. When I tried to submit a message/complaint through their app using the form they provide in the app, it kept glitching and would close out before I was able to send the message. Very buggy. So do I get the triple points or not? By the way, I’m a long-time customer and fan of Firehouse Subs – I currently have over 60,000 points in my rewards account.
  • Clunky, Time-Wasting, Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By vivvav
    I like Firehouse Subs a lot. I usually order from Grubhub. So when I saw they have a rewards point system with their own app I downloaded it to cut out the middleman. It’s a travesty. For one, you don’t actually order in the app. You tell the app you want to order and then it opens the browser in your iPad. Then near the end of the order it asks you to input you contact info over and over and won’t let you continue. And when I thought I could just order from my laptop instead it tells me my account is already connected to the mobile app and can’t be used from my computer. Firehouse Subs are great. Their app is not. It’s just a waste of time.
  • A app that loses customers 1/5

    By Kirby-tpa
    Horrible app! The only predictable function is capture of payment card data. Otherwise, menu selections seem to be whatever the app chooses to acknowledge. The irritation this app produces is certainly one method to dissuade customer loyalty.
  • The app rarely works 1/5

    By jessifortune
    It almost never lets me submit my order
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Lubagel19
    No option to pay with a gift card. Extremely clumsy app.
  • There seems to be no way to reset my password 1/5

    By arsydog118119
    I have tried more than once over the last few months to reset my account, to no avail. I never receive a reset email. I have tried to create a new account but since I only have one phone number the system will not allow me to do it. I think the app looks great but there seems to be a lack of support.
  • Login issues 1/5

    By AsiaMH.
    This app has login issues. I tried to login in to my account and I kept getting an error message. So I decided to create a new account and it would not create. It help telling me that I needed to provide valid information. I just decided to delete the app why have it if I can’t even use it!
  • Rewards don’t process 3/5

    By AnimalHouse!!
    Whenever I attempt to use the rewards while checking out on the app, it doesn’t work. It says the reward discount applied and the total on the confirmation page correctly displays the discounted total. However, the full amount is what is billed to my credit card.
  • When it works it’s good 3/5

    By cbhunny
    More often than not I get an error message when I try to order that says online ordering is currently unavailable. I don’t have time on my break to stand in line.
  • App No Longer Works 1/5

    By robmurk
    Used to be able to order all the time for rapid rescue pick up and now it doesn’t work any longer. To make matters worse when I call in orders to the Athens GA location the employees seemed to hate I called to place the order but i had no choice because the app doesn’t work.
  • Rewards Redeemed but not applied in order 2/5

    By Parker Tells Ya...
    I have tried three times with ordering through the app and then applying my rewards. Well all three times it shows redeemed but when I go to pick up my order it never comes through on my order. Super frustrating and I am always back at my house when this is realized. It should be a pop up that asks if you want to redeem and a confirmation on the order. Or a simpler way. The directions on how to use the rewards should not even need to be posted. Why do I need directions on how to use my rewards???? So now I am out my rewards until I build them up again and they go away...
  • I Must Be An Idiot 1/5

    By Ferrous86
    Rewards I tap to add a reward and it just leads me back to the same place. The store NEVER gets notice of the reward being added and has to assist. Location The location closest to me, which is only 1.2 miles away, shows in the app as being almost 4 miles away. The app always selects the second closest store as the closest. Ordering I’ll correct the app and select the REAL closest location, add a sub, and then it magically puts be back to the wrong store. Then when I try to place my order, it keeps making me set the time further and further out, because it’s so slow to respond. Finally I hadn’t been to Firehouse in months, because of the crappy app. I was going to try again today, but guess what...I’m going elsewhere.
  • Great app and sandwiches 5/5

    By TruckSales
    App works well, quick and easy order and customize. Subs are top notch!!
  • App not working 1/5

    By CUMinnie
    This app is unresponsive.
  • Great food Awful App 1/5

    By Bobssnadwchi
    Love firehouse subs. Delicious brisket sandwich, but the app needs needs to improve.
  • App crashed while trying to place order 1/5

    By jkc96
    iPhone Xs Latest ioS
  • In dire need of update 3/5

    By Appledapple785
    This app is really poorly optimized and in dire need of update.
  • Firehouse App 4/5

    By Powermactpa
    Good food good app.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Ashtin Bauns
    This app never works correctly. I’ve emailed tech support over 30 times, downloaded new versions 4 times and it still have the same problems. The food is great, but I’d eat Subway just to save me from the frustration. How can such a large company have such a horrible app?
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Junzhu01
    I have ordered through this app. But when I go to the store to pick up I was told the order never went through. No idea what happened but I will never use this piece of junk anymore.
  • Won’t let me create an account. 1/5

    By RoseyE5
    I keep trying to order via the app, and when I go to create an account, it tells me that I need to enter valid data for all of the required fields, but it gives no feedback as to what is wrong. I checked everything like 10 times, and then gave up. Too bad.
  • Need a lot of work 2/5

    By S & L
    Needs a lot of work. Is not user friendly. Service really bad.
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Jleazier
    I literally end up wasting so much time ordering through this app because it never goes through at the very end. So annoying!
  • Far easier to order on line 1/5

    By Bamafan-n-SC
    App keeps telling me the password is incorrect. It’s not. Or tells me a new security system is in place and takes me to a new account creation page. Which feels in an email address I cannot remove. I just wait until I can access from my laptop.

Firehouse Subs App app comments

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