Firewall - Spam Call Blocker

Firewall - Spam Call Blocker

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  • Current Version: 1.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ad Hoc Labs, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Firewall - Spam Call Blocker App

Firewall is the only app that can handle the state of spam calls today. BLOCK 100% OF SPAM CALLS Most robocall blocker apps try to determine which numbers spammers use, but spam callers and robocallers switch numbers and use fake Caller IDs to get around those blockers. Firewall works the opposite way. You create a list of people from your contacts who you want to hear from, and only those approved callers can ring through. All other callers get blocked or sent to voicemail. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY AND PRODUCTIVITY Firewall is guaranteed to block spam calls, fraud calls, and robocalls, but it does a lot more to help keep your number private and keep you productive: - Avoid unwanted text messages, with our SMS spam blocker - Eliminate disruptions from legal but annoying calls (car dealers, salespeople, etc) - Screen messages with visual voicemail - Pause the blocker when expecting an important call from an unknown number - Protect your personal number by making anonymous outbound calls to unknown numbers - Keep your privacy intact - your contacts are stored locally unlike other robocall blocker apps - Get support from our U.S. based customer service team 7 days a week Some of our favorite features include: BEST-IN-CLASS VISUAL VOICEMAIL Quickly see who called and what they wanted, so you can determine if you want to call them back, block them, or add them to your allowed contacts list. OPTIONAL SMS FILTER SMS spam is on the rise. Flip on Firewall’s SMS filter to keep scammers and marketers from polluting your messages with unwanted texts. PRIVACY FOR ALL Firewall is built by Ad Hoc Labs, the same company that makes Burner, the award-winning 2nd phone number app. We build privacy-first communications tools, and unlike many other companies, we value privacy above all else. We would never sell your data or compromise your privacy. 14-DAY FREE TRIAL Firewall is free to try for 14 days - we know you’ll love it! If not, you can opt-out of the subscription during your free trial and won’t be charged. Once your free trial ends, your subscription will automatically renew at $3.99/mo with no commitments. Cancel at any time. Firewall is only available for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint customers. Firewall robocall blocker lets you block unwanted calls and puts you back in control of your phone. Here’s a little about why people love us: “Kryptonite for unwanted calls” - Macworld “My phone hasn't rung once. I couldn't be happier” - CNET “A radical option to crack down on robocalls” - Axios Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Firewall - Spam Call Blocker app reviews

  • Calls 1/5

    By pokiekirax2
    I still get 6-10 calls a day that come through as scam, but they ring my phone.
  • How I remove this firewall from my phone 2/5

    By oyamat123
    I delete the application and people can’t call me
  • Best robocall blocker! 5/5

    By dfrfdaniel
    I've tried quite a few paid robo call and spam call blocker and none of them looked as elegant and clean as Firewall, I really love the functionality along with the custom greetings those are very nice! I think a very underrated feature is the one that lets you call back with a different number, that's quite amazing because if you aren't exactly sure that call was spam you could call them back with a different number in app without risking the potential spammer knowing you are interested (I did test this called a friend back with this and it showed up as a 202 number mine is 407) All in all this is my favorite app and I will absolutely stay subscribed.
  • Review of worth of Firewall 2/5

    By ChaShinOak
    Firewall is very good for ID-ing robo callers, excellent, in fact. Thank you for a very good job of that portion of your services. However, Firewall does not review all telephone numbers listed as authorized entries in my phone contacts list. In other words, all numbers listed with authorized entry in my contacts list - OTHER THAN FAX machine listings, should be allowed to ring thru’. Businesses, medical offices, and some friends who also have business or secondary phone numbers, should be allowed to ring thru’. Further, I do not understand nor have I discovered the use of the alternate list provided by Firewall. At first I thought it was for alternative numbers authorized by titled entry as described in the paragraph just above. I quickly learned that apparently is not what the alternative list is for. Please send an explanation as to the correct use of you alternative “whitelist” is for & how to manage that tool. Thank you very much for the help. Faith Prior
  • Horrible waste of money! 1/5

    By Fudgie13
    Do not waste your time or money on this piece if garbage! It blocked several calls from people on my contacts list! I deleted it after not even a full month.
  • Ads?! 1/5

    By Dfreedom
    I am paying for this app why am I now seeing pop up ads in the interface?! Totally inappropriate for a paying customer. Get rid of them please.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Joe in Avon Park, Fl.
    I cannot get calls to come through even though I put all calls on my contacts list on their so called whitelist . I also put my wife’s and sons phone numbers on the whitelist and neither of them can call me direct. I am now trying to cancel this Service and can’t do that either. No customer service number either. Terrible app.
  • Great at Stopping Robocalls, but in dire need of scheduling Feature 3/5

    By GravitaZ24
    This is by far the best app I’ve found for filtering Robocalls. One huge drawback, I have to go manually pause it for work hours so I don’t miss an important call. I try to whitelist as many as possible but can’t do them all. I’m close To dropping my sub because of this hassle. If it had an option where you could schedule pauses it would be perfect.
  • Very Very Excellent blocking 5/5

    By Zoeyzara
    It’s very good at blocking unwanted calls and text messages.
  • Firewall 1/5

    By Paul Pigpen
    It is the worst spam blocker and contacts blocker and anyone else blocker don’t get this I get no calls and the support is dead
  • Great call blocking solution! 📵📲 4/5

    By zerøsix
    In the past I really enjoyed the quality of call blocking that Firewall provides, but what is strange is that the price went up to $3.99/month or $34.99/year instead of $1.99/month like I used to pay. But fortunately you’re able to renew your subscriptions from within the Settings app under your Apple ID “Subscriptions” section and I was luckily able to restart my subscription at the original pricing of $1.99/month like it was for me up until it expired in the end of January. I’m a happy camper once more! 😇👍
  • It blocked all my calls even ones that are on my favorite list ! 3/5

    By My Archives
    I chose to discontinue until I get further understanding of how it works!
  • Contacts 4/5

    By runnglo
    I love the app and how it blocks robocalls. However, some of my contacts that are listed, are getting blocked and the phone does not ring.
  • Firewall 3/5

    By mgml1952
    I truly thought I would love this but now I’m not sure. I don’t think as many calls are coming through that usually have been. But even just now 2-3 times in a row I’ve gotten a call from same number which came thru with no name of who it is therefore I know the Number isn’t in My Whitelist. It’s been one of the numbers I’ve been trying to stop and not succeeded at getting rid of even with Firewall. This confuses me. Yesterday I deleted couple numbers that also go through that aren’t in my whitelist. Suddenly here’s once again the other I spoke of in beginning ringing one more for me to hit drcline. Just wondering why nothing stopping it all. Gonna try to add other stuff now to see if will help but not sure if will continue this dubscription.
  • ... and there’s always a BUT! 2/5

    By C w/Eyes Open
    I liked the APP originally but then I’d find that it had blocked several of my contacts including my husband and best friend whom I talk to frequently. I would have to go in and UNBLOCK these people. I also have an issue because I’m on a “family share” plan for use of my apps, music and such but my husband can’t access the app and I also have a business phone that I can figure out how to access the APP on! I feel that it was working originally with the 15-20 extra calls per day that I was receiving but now I’m not sure! I’m not going to pay $29.99/yr for this thing not to work!
  • Great at calls, not good at SMS 3/5

    By Zypsy1
    Switched to this from another blocker for whitelisting and am very happy with the performance in blocking calls. SMS is a different story. Firewall has blocked a few messages but maybe 8-10 have made it through for the three that were blocked. I've got iMessage disabled in messaging settings so that isn't the source. All in all, worth it but don't expect total relief.
  • Voicemail 3/5

    By rewing
    Works great to stop unwanted calls, especially using the whitelist setup. However, the voicemails are not recorded. They are only transcribed. And, the quality of the transcription is nothing more than BAD. I’ve used RoboKiller before. It wasn’t as effective as whitelisting, but I could listen to my voicemails. Considering going back to it solely for that reason.
  • Good 4/5

    By ahmetooo
    Nice app the messages are going now to (unknown & Junk) but can we do auto delete or and auto block setting on daily basis to remove them automatically. Thanks
  • Peaceful days 5/5

    By cinderlla327
    I have nothing but great things to say!! I have not had one robo call since I downloaded this app!! Thank you!!
  • I never leave reviews 5/5

    By B Carney
    I have had this app for some time now. I am not a tech person, at all. I was so bombarded with useless call, so I installed this app & four others at the same time frame. (None were the free type). I wanted to see if this “type” of app really worked on useless calls. Out of all I tried this App has the most features, easy to use & set up...and most WORKS...100% of the time. As far as the monthly fee...I’d rather pay for the app to block all the calls & messages than spend my time answering calls/messages that are bogus. It’s definetly a Keeper!
  • Awesome but needs pattern matchimg 4/5

    By jfwiedmayer
    Great job with this app. One shortcoming is not being able to whitelist ranges or patterns. My work calls mostly come from numbers 212-555-1XXX. It would be great it I could upload a list or be able to whitelist a range/pattern so that my work calls don't get interrupted. FEATURE REQUEST from a happily paying customer.
  • Add dark mode 3/5

    By USA36
    Add dark mode for 5 stars. Hate to wake up middle of night and to be blinded by white background
  • THIS IS NOT FREE!!! 1/5

    By Kolobus101
    So was going to try it out but a subscription??? For an app that is soon to be standard on android and IPhones?? If I get any spam from you all you will be the ones paying me monthly...
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By JJBs Girl
    Trying to set it up on my iPhone 8 and wants me to call an international number but I don’t have international abilities. Now trying to figure out how to stop it and find a new one. Don’t need to be charged for something I’m not using.
  • Fantastic protection... some customization needed 5/5

    By zanyterp
    Great protection for generic calls. My concern is that I cannot create my own blacklist. When new numbers are added to the pools, they come right through. It is possible that the numbers are legit _somewhere _ but never to my phone. Thank you for all you do...I will be watching for a future when I can subscribe again to meet my needs. Robocalls beware!
  • Not happy 2/5

    By Cookie1801
    Block all call

    By Sassy Nike girl in Georgia
    There have been Pros and Cons using this system so here is my feedback as to why I gave a 3 star rather than a 5 star review: setting necessary business transactions when I cannot know the source of a call back has been frustrating. Any suggestions on handling that? Otherwise, multiple unwanted Robo and telemarketing calls are no more. My life is more peaceful and much more quiet!!
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By anne27514
    Unable to get any calls through the iPhone: whitelisted or otherwise. I wish you would correct it. Really annoying. Thanks.
  • In some ways it’s great...others it’s terrible 2/5

    By CT Fam
    Great at stopping robocalls but it takes over the phone with poor audio quality. It also makes using the phone and calling people back a terrible experience. I am cancelling my subscription.
  • So easy 5/5

    By peggylap
    I love this It Block. Calls I don’t want to answer
  • Love it 5/5

    By Biertroll
    Had the two week trial for four days now? I’m in. I don’t get debt collector or spam calls anymore. The only bad thing is having to pay monthly. I don’t need another bill. If there was a discount for buying yearly I would buy two.
  • Useless 1/5

    By E_Lo7
    Only giving one star because you’re required. Couldn’t get it set up properly, the Firewall call would never connect and now I’m getting text messages stating a call couldn’t go through because I hadn’t turned off the forwarding.... one thing says it’s connected and the other doesn’t??? Please help
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Coolguy719719
    Hi I tried the free trial it blocked calls and texts I didn’t see a yearly plan do you offer yearly plans?, I do love the app when I tried the free trial
  • Firewall 5/5

    By Cautious observer
    It’s a good app to use it for blocking the unwanted calls
  • Has potential 3/5

    By greatiam31
    It’s does what they say. My issue is call quality. Incoming calls are poor. There were times I would answer and the person on the other side could not hear me.
  • Echo 4/5

    By Cartersl04
    There is a echo whrn I call comes thru the firewall from whitelist. Other than that I do not have any issues
  • Review 5/5

    By bowlinggreat55
    I just started this protection plan and sometimes I’m getting some unwanted calls that make my phone ring hopefully this will stop telemarketers is the issue I want to keep this service I think it’s working just needs to work a little better on my phone number 315 516 5056 thank you MR David seabrook
  • Awesome 5/5

    By bermudalocket
    Finally a spam-blocking app that works AND looks nice. I especially love that I can set different voicemail messages depending on whether the call was blocked or not. After over two years of waffling back and forth between Hiya and Robokiller, I think I finally found a permanent solution. EDIT (1/30/2020): a month and a half later and it’s still working like a charm. I have absolutely zero complaints about this app or the way it handles calls. The one suggestion I have is for the SMS filtering to be a little more lenient with OTP/2fa texts. They frequently get silenced and are not forwarded to iMessage on my Mac.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 5/5

    By CosmosStar43
    I’m very hesitant about downloading any app to my phone without reading reviews, fine print, etc. I took the chance of downloading this app after reading positive reviews... I was desperate to find an app to block all of those pesky Robocalls. Well ! I am very pleased to announce that this app blocks everything that you don’t have listed in your contact list on your phone. My phone has been so quiet .... except for calls that I do want and know. It also lets you know what numbers are known Robocallers ... scans unknown numbers ... and just scans and blocks everything! I’m on the trial period for using this app, but for the very low monthly fee they charge afterwards it is definitely worth it!!!! I recommend everyone download this app! Thank you so much developers!
  • Blocking calls I want 3/5

    By Works too good
    Unfortunately, I’m missing calls from the ‘whitelist’ and it’s causing a rift in my marriage because my husband is thinking that I’m blocking his calls. And he’s not the only person I’m missing call from that I’d like to get through so I’ve canceled the subscription until this is resolved. Have enjoyed the screening aspect of this app. I’ll let you know if I have problems canceling the subscription.
  • Great app but.... 4/5

    By CardinalMom22
    I recently download the free trial and was LOVING it!! Even touted it on Facebook to all my friends because I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was (plus, it has a great sense of humor, which I enjoyed). However, today, it just stopped working. I have had a torrent of calls blowing up my phone all day and I don’t know what went wrong. There is no real way for me to check in the app so I am at a loss and I am not sure how to contact support about it. Please advise on how to fix this because I REALLY don’t want to delete this app!!
  • New User 531 4/5

    By New User 531
    It is very nice to have my phone back. Having mostly unwanted calls took its utility. I wish I could figure out how to listen to the messages.
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By Tartan Golf Master
    All the features have not been explored yet but am very excited about the ability to block and identify known robocalls as well as the fantastic transcription of messages. Congrats to the developers for such a broad range of services! Thank you so very much for the thoughtfulness, ingenuity and thoroughness which is exhibited very apparently to little skilled individuals such as me! Would greatly appreciate a detailed tutorial .. it’s probably already there and I am too computer illiterate to find it!!!!!
  • Stop using 3/5

    By Haitihelper1
    I have canceled my subscription but it’s still active because it’s paid for through another week. I want it to stop working because it’s blocking calls from my doctor, lawyer, hospital. They are now calling my husband. I dejected the app so now I can’t see who’s getting blocked. Help! How do I get this to end? I have appreciated the to o calls getting blocked but even when I have added people to my whitelist they still continue to not get through.
  • SURPRISE 1/5

    By wysejohn
    ITS NOT FREE!!! THEY CHARGE YOU THRU APPLE PAY!!!! And I’m spending vast amounts of time trying to get out of it
  • Cost 3/5

    By Prplenana
    Does this have a monthly fee?
  • Works as advertised 5/5

    By Gadwall
    I wish this app would have been available when Apple first allowed third party blocking apps. I kind of think Ad Hoc Labs might have been too slow to market with this. If they add features I think they’ll succeed long term with this app. I think my requirements are a little unique. At my high point I was receiving 18 - 25 spam/scam/robo calls per day. I’ve tried 4-5 other paid apps with mixed results. I enabled AT&T Call Protect Plus (which also allows unknown calls to go directly to voicemails) and I went to the IOS beta as soon as possible just to block these calls with Unknown Caller. I was down to one scam/spam call per day getting through. My issue with IOS unknown callers is I receive a ton of unsolicited sales call for work. They tend to email me first so these sales calls were still getting through since Siri recognizes their phone numbers. I wanted them all blocked. Period...full stop. My issue with Call Protect unknown callers is I get a bunch of robocall voicemails filling up my voicemail. I decided to give Firewall a try and it stops them cold. I like the tiered voicemails, especially having two different greetings. One for whitelisted numbers and one for everyone else. They block the obvious spam/scam/robocalls so you don’t even see the VMs. Between AT&T and Firewall they are very effective. I wish the call quality was a little better but frankly I barely actually take calls unless from family or coworkers and never from a salesperson without a specific meeting being setup. I’m old enough to remember a time before cell phones and answering machines when if we weren’t around to answer a call we just missed it. I remember answering machines when we returned calls if necessary. Frankly with voicemails, text messages, chat apps and emails I see no reason to be a slave to picking up every call.
  • Didn’t let whitelist through 1/5

    By BooBooJeffries
    Every time I tried to answer a whitelist call, I just got silence and the caller was sent to voicemail. Doesn’t work.
  • LOVE♥️ But problem with SMS blocking 4 stars. 4/5

    By Annajewels
    As far as them stopping the calls from coming in....ITS BEEN WONDERFUL!!!!! Everyday I would get 7-10 a day!!! Most coming from the same cities in the USA!! It’s heaven not running to see who is calling, or just hearing the phone ring that many more times a day, then having to go into the phone more to block the number and add it to the HUNDREDS I’ve already blocked but they have tons more to use so I have block more!! It’s a lost cause trying to think you can stop it by your own self blocking these “PITA’S” just go for the small fee per month, it saves so much aggravation and time!! BUT..on reason for 4 stars...I opted for blocking spam text messages, but They still come through. I don’t know if there is something else I need to do on my end to completely stop them or if they need to take more steps to ensure they are not getting through. If you don’t mind that, then by all means save the misery of those annoying machines calling you all day and night long!

Firewall - Spam Call Blocker app comments

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