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First Coast News Jacksonville App

The First Coast News app allows you to stay up-to-date with local and breaking news, sports, as well as real-time weather and traffic conditions in the Jacksonville area. App Features & Highlights: LIVE STREAMING You can now watch LIVE STREAMING broadcasts in the app! You can even choose to set up reminders for Broadcast times in the News Schedule section. WEATHER See current weather conditions, live interactive radar, hourly and extended forecasts, and weather-related health information. Now home page and Weather section of the app adapt to changing weather conditions and gives you most relevant up to date information. TRAFFIC Our interactive traffic map provides real-time information about traffic incidents, commute speeds, accidents, events or construction areas that can impact your travel plans. ALERTS Sign up for Breaking News, Weather and other alerts—for the stories most important to you. Don’t want to receive alerts in the middle of the night? No problem, you can set a quiet time. SHARING Easily share articles and video clips with your network via Facebook, Twitter or email. YOUR TAKE You can now upload your own pictures and videos of the action to share with FCN viewers through Your Take… we may even include them in our coverage!


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First Coast News Jacksonville app reviews

  • First Coast News = THE BEST!! 5/5

    By EcoBroker Diane
    Being a native Floridian who lived in South Florida, I was accustomed to very good news reports that came out of Miami-based stations. Fast-forward to today. I now live in a 55+ retirement community in Nocatee and love it. My husband and I exclusively rely upon the First Coast News for an accurate portrayal of the latest happenings in our local area, as well as the rest of the world. Additionally, we have the FCN Radar app and review it several times a day. For example: I was about to take my golf cart to lunch but checked out the weather. Whoops..impending rain. Oh, well. Lunch at home, it is! Thank you, FCN!
  • Great app 5/5

    By dominicann904
    This a great app that keeps me updated on things happening around the city
  • Needs work 1/5

    By BamaBethinFL
    I seldom use this app because it does not provide as much useful information like another station's app.
  • Not everything is breaking news 1/5

    By disneybelle1
    The alerts that are sent out from this app are a bit much. I can understand if something is truly breaking news. When you send an alert that a school in S Florida will be going back next week- that’s not breaking news and can wait until the noon news. When alerts are sent, they should be clear. Sending an alert that several schools are on lockdown but not listing the names of the schools is simply trying to create fear. Please do better!
  • Great App 4/5

    Keeps me abreast of what’s going on locally and nationally in a very timely manner.
  • New app as of 1/2018 1/5

    By Buoybill1234
    The new app isAWFUL. It contains less news and is poor for scanning the news
  • Help us keep up from the distance 5/5

    By Ghgchghcghgcch
    We moved at the end of October, thanks to Irma. We still miss our First Coast and you give us the pleasure of keeping us up today in what is going on ‘at home!’
  • Very good local news coverage 5/5

    By Slcharley
    As life long native Floridian I can’t always catch the news on TV. This is a great alternative for on the go news.
  • I like local news 4/5

    By Pin Seeker
    New to this area. I look at this app every morning for the local news. Only drawback is sometimes the stories stick around too long.
  • Old bylines 1/5

    By Profked
    two to three new story's but the rest are two to three days old and way to many ads please update you story's every day and cut down the ads Unto you can fix I will be using cbs 47/fox 30 for more up todate news
  • All ads and stupid comedy no news 2/5

    By dabbadabbadoo
    The first time I watch this it was a few minutes of a news clip and then the important stuff that you wanted to know set in a few minutes will explain blah blah blah well then there was these jerky women doing stupid comedy on and on and on and so I clicked to the local news and it was commercial and so I clicked back and then there was like a split-second of Tim again like I was just missing it and how could I miss it we're talking 30 secs and then another commercial so I guess you have to sit there and endure this horrible stuff to get the 30 seconds of news each time
  • America's got talent 1/5

    By jax viewers
    Why in the world did you interrupt the last minute of the show when they are picking a finalist #%¥[email protected] Who is the brain trust running the programming?
  • Local Jax option 4/5

    By Mac2fly
    THIS IS a good source of local news and weather . Great app
  • FCN App is a Cut Above The Rest 5/5

    By kesslerkim28
    FCN gives timely and reliable news updates and summaries for Jacksonville and the NE Florida area. I very much like the way the news stories are concise and relevant without any biased references. I also enjoy being notified instantly when newsworthy events occur.
  • Just bad 1/5

    Updated every few days, stories stay on for weeks
  • FCN 5/5

    By Clifton 52
    Y'all app is doing a good job about everything y'all share!
  • FCN 5/5

    By lonijax
    Love this app. It keeps me up to date on everything.
  • Integrity rarely seen. 4/5

    By GrayTrendsetter
    Very timely, seemingly accurate. I believe they try to do the right thing
  • FCN JAX 4/5

    By CBlnc
    I like First Coast News. I don't like ABC News. They are liberals and I don't like liberals.
  • Great App! 4/5

    By EvilAsil
    After using FCN through their website I became frustrated because you couldn't find news easily. After downloading the app many months later I have found this to be one of the best tools yet. I'm always informed of important information and the app is very easy to navigate. Great Job FCN! While this is very true much of their information is the same tab after tab and others rarely change. I love the notifications and the traffic cam as well. Very well thought out! Updated: 5/13/17 Still a great app, many typos from time to time but the biggest complaint I have is repetitive news. Each tab has the same news as the first mostly. You can do better than that!
  • Live feed 3/5

    By Mask Queen
    The live news feed does not load.
  • FCN 4/5

    By Waikoloa Wahine
    I like the app. Sometimes, the story I want doesn't appear. But, for the most part, the app works for me.
  • Enough notifications 1/5

    By Da pilot man yolo
    I woke up this morning to 30 notifications from FCN. Stop sending notifications in the middle of the night.
  • FCN 5/5

    By Eagleguy87
    I really like the app and how it keeps me up to date on weather and news
  • I love the app 5/5

    By Socalsutherngal
    It's easy to use and gives me all of the info I need
  • Much better than last version 4/5

    By Mikjax
    I like the breakout of topics such as traffic, weather, radar, etc. Too many ads for my liking, though.
  • Nice App 4/5

    By SMinFla
    Since I began using this App I like how I can stay on top of breaking news, and the timely traffic reports. FCN translates the great staff work and reporting into handy information.
  • Flash updates just what I need 5/5

    By Angeliaxoxo
    I was lucky define this app whenever hurricane Matthew hit Florida. The media, even here in Florida decided to cover the election more than the hurricane Matthew. For me. Normally that is ok but when threatened by a storm like this, I needed more coverage! As it was coming straight for us, I would have thought that the local TV media would have been more interested in possible victims knowing the details, routs & our safety, rather than repeating the same old rhetoric about Trump that was reported over and over. I along with many others were just completely baffled because we literally felt as if we were forgotten about over something that everybody knew & heard from every explanation and every side about 1 million times over. Safety was on my mind, not Trump or Clinton! Jeebers. (I was one of the many complaining about this... Just wanting to keep my home and family safe) It was so frustrating to as we would watch and wait to find the weather! 😕😨. Nevertheless, I luckily stumbled upon an opportunity to download this app Through my Facebook feed! It was perfect as I was simply just on Facebook to see if I could track the storm and see if friends had more info. I saw it and figured I would give it a try in hope that maybe this would make it easier to find the information I needed. I also thought to myself that it would be a good opportunity to have the news on my telephone just incase the electricity went out! At the time I was clueless and had no idea the threat of the storm. Whenever I downloaded the app, I was able to FINALLY get the information that I needed & with its current updates (was perfectly, about every 15 minutes or so) then, we decided to go ahead and evacuate. If it was not for this app, I probably wouldn't have! I'm very happy I did! Then current news for my hometown was available out of state! Traffic was also available for my hometown out of state and let me know when I can start coming back into town, when I should leave to avoid traffic and so on! It seriously Made this whole entire thing, so much easier to deal with. I mean we really did not want anymore inconveniences! We were aware also of not only the news in our hometown but it cover the news in the area that we were at two so it was all around just perfect. It was Refreshing especially at this time. I have never stopped using it and refused to take it off my phone, now! 😊 Thank you for having this.. Read on if you want -breaking news before it hits the TV, on scene footage, current, right on time! -fast and super easy to use! -updates traffic and alerts you of any accidents or slow moving roads to get you to where you need to go, quicker! -yes, Able to share any bit of info to messenger, to your Facebook, family and more! -the alerts are detailed -quality color and no known glitches. -enjoyment! I love the news, already. This site is enjoyable to view. -even politically, it has been (except one article) One of the more unbiased news that I have seen lately. It's actually nice to have. -I even get updates on both candidates. I'm still an undecided voter! It's nice to be able to have an update on both sides and see what both are doing and I really do appreciate it. Yes, rallies too. -The weather is clear and right on every morning so this is the first app that I will turn on in the morning. I look at it before I start my day! I have now shared this app with so many friends and family members and everybody seems to like it so I felt compelled to write a review and to let the people out there know that don't have this yet, to go ahead and get it. You will not be sorry and this is so much better information then you will get it on by us channels like CNN I have completely boycotted them along with many others. I really enjoy feeling like I am being taken care of and I am getting the information that I need. Most of the news channels these days only give you the information that they want you to hear and I don't appreciate that so thank you for this opportunity.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Rtminfla
    This app was downloaded in preparation for Matthew. I really relied on the updates during that long weekend. Thank you. Post hurricane I find messages are for things I really think are important and not constantly blowing up my phone. It's a great addition to my iPhone.
  • News vs Ads 5/5

    By CrazyDad59
    App is good, but I do not appreciate ads being there. Ads are so annoying, and you're not allowed to set a switch to turn them off, so I usually delete the app. So as Hurricane Matthew was approaching and on top of us, I'm trying to stay informed only to find the "news" app not reporting it but popping up ads. I want to read the news and not watching commercials opening up on my phone that I did not ask for.
  • Thank you 4/5

    By SweetGypsy
    Love my alerts!
  • Timely notifications 3/5

    By PV Papa
    This is a so-so app. The app itself is good but the news stories are very weak. When I receive an alert I open the app and there is no story. Just the one line headline. If it is news give me the full story. I know you want me to go the the TV but you make more on the app with advertising.
  • Notifications are poor 2/5

    By CCANZ
    Would love to use this app however notifications do not lead anywhere & can't locate the news stories. Deleting app for now and perhaps try it again at a later date.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By SailorTomV
    The important items are at the top.
  • Have to hunt for news - stories rarely updated 1/5

    By Ghost Plane
    Latest version crashes if it eventually loads. Often hangs without loading. Stories poorly edited, buried ledes. Ludicrous spelling errors. Weather app is worth getting.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Been there done that!!
    I really like this app. It keeps me informed of current news as it unfolds. I don't have to wait until the news at the end of the day.
  • Great news app 5/5

    By Password security
    This is my daily go to news app for local news. It is super easy to navigate, never crashes and refreshes frequently to keep adding the top news. I have it set to give me need to know alerts which it does as well. I love this app. Way to go channel 4!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By jcbrownell
    Phenomenal app
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Jagatordon
    Great app for local news and weather
  • Enjoy using 4/5

    By JCofA
    Enjoy but really would like it if you would write more of the story. Two or three lines is a little frustrating. Other than that traffic updates are good. Weather is good,radar and weather warnings are great. I'm really a channel 4 fan but your app works far better !!
  • It's the one I go to 4/5

    By "JAX"-Cat-Kay
    I get quick notification when something is happening. A and even quicker updates as they occur
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mkhongkong
    Totally worthless. What I hate the most are the links from the news alerts. It takes forever for the app to open and when it opens the text is exactly the same as in the news alert! Seriously? On top of it the content is lame. Calling most of the content news is a stretch!
  • Poor App 2/5

    By PPV101
    It is not worth opening.
  • Good 4/5

    By Gilhooley52
    It's getting better. I use it as my primary source for news in Jacksonville.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Sw33t001
    It doesn't connect with the program when I get notifications and the blue FCN screen just sits. I can tell you it gets a bit frustrating. Hope you fix it.
  • It keeps me up- to -date all day long 4/5

    By Fan2!!
    The app pings me with breaking news all day long. I can quickly look to read the short synopsis of the news. If I want more, a simple tap takes me to the news site where I can get more details. A great app! Glad I downloaded it!
  • Best news in Jax 5/5

    By Anniegeo
    I've tried some of the other news stations but First Coast News is simply the best. I like the notifications- traffic, weather etc. Shannon Ogden , Tim Deegan and others are outstanding.
  • First Coast News 5/5

    By Scotthen56
    Very informative, always have the latest Breaking events.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By MermaidHamster
    A lot of times the stories are out of date and old. I rely on other local news apps for breaking news. I do like the look and the way it's laid out though.
  • It's rather good. 4/5

    By G. Lee B.
    Very informative. Not imposing. Can control notifications.

First Coast News Jacksonville app comments


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