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First Watch Mobile App

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: First Watch Restaurants
  • Compatibility: Android
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First Watch Mobile App App

Need a fresh way to start your day? You’ve come to the right place. Our app enhances your First Watch experience with a heap of features at your fingertips. Get in Line Secure your spot in line at your local First Watch with our fast and easy “Get in Line” feature. Order To-Go and Delivery Conveniently order fresh and delicious First Watch through the app for quick pickup or delivery. Browse the Menu See our year-around options or explore what we’re cooking up for our limited-time menus. Easy Reordering Express reorder your favorites in just a few taps. Estimated Wait Times Plan your First Watch run with accurate wait times at your local restaurants. It’s time to wake up and smell the Million Dollar Bacon. Download the First Watch app today!

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First Watch Mobile App app reviews

  • This app is terrible 2/5

    By The other Don W
    This app is a perfect example of mediocrity. The app identifies me by name and tracks me but requires I enter all my info manually every time I want to get in line.
  • App Can’t Add Properly - Preventing Checkout 1/5

    By Adamp46
    Perfect example of why you can’t award app development to the lowest bidder. Get it fixed, it’s a complete embarrassment, and you lost our business because of it.
  • Never Remembers Me or Location 2/5

    By RCL2
    Not a great app. It works fine once I enter everything — but I have to do so from scratch each time. It doesn’t remember me or the restaurant I visit every week or two. It has spot to pull up recent locations but says I have none.
  • clearly for boomers 3/5

    By AlSaysGoVote
    clean design, clunky checkout that makes me want to order elsewhere. needs apple pay.
  • Waitlist Function Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Angryberd
    Was wondering why this app had such low reviews….until I joined the waitlist in the app before going to the restaurant. When i got to the restaurant at the time the app promised us, we were told the app didn’t work and we had to join the 45 min normal line. Quite disappointing. Just don’t have features that the individual restaurants can’t adhere to….pretty simple concept.
  • Lackluster Medallion locale 1/5

    By reonix
    Restaurant in a dilapidated strip mall parking lot. Food nothing special worthy of mentioning….management and staff was pompous rude, uncouth, and entitled… as if they forgot they are job I’d is to be serving the customers…🤦‍♂️✌🏻 won’t be returning they will likely be shutting doors soon 👎🏼👎🏾
  • Must be having a bad day! 2/5

    By Loving Cortez
    First of all I love this restaurant! However today was way off! I always order the breakfast tacos but today they were not up to par! Mine was a 2go order and the tacos were laid flat in the box and defiantly not a corn tortilla that they usually use but a flour tortilla, which completely changes the taste of the taco. Also the beans were cold. I placed my order online and the confirmation stated it would be ready in 12 minutes for pickup. I arrived at the restaurant and waited at the counter at least 5 minutes and no one acknowledged I was even there. There were only at most 8 customers in the restaurant but no host or wait staff was to be seen. The only visible workers were the cooks in the kitchen. Only when a delivery person arrived to pick up an order and she went to the kitchen to get help with her order did anyone come to the front. Even when they do I still was the only one waiting and was only acknowledged when I asked about my to go order. This was at the 12 minute mark and the waiters response was “they are still working on it!” Finally 8 minutes later he came out with my order. This type of service is not the type of service I have received in the past nor was the quality of the food. Hopefully this is just a rare occurrence and not a developing trend!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Me826373737
    The restaurants don’t actually save your spot in line. Might help first watch make money collecting data, but the app doesn’t offer any benefit whatsoever to the user.
  • This app should be removed to preserve the First Watch brand 1/5

    By David_S8324
    The other usual ordering apps have a more accurate representation of ETA and the ability to sign off as “ready for pickup”. This app is a world of hurt. The ETA is always odd and the two times I’ve used it I have been waiting an average of 45 mins. As if that wasn’t enough, the “get in line” option just forwards you to a webpage that texts you and says “check in when you get there”???? No ETA updates, no text updates, no ability to do anything in the app.
  • Non-commitment to fixing the issue (as far as I can tell) 1/5

    By SJHealthCoach
    The app has an issue with the Colorado Retail Delivery Fee. It won’t account for it in the total on your credit card. Therefore, the totals don’t match and the delivery can’t be made. I reached out to the company and got the usual thank you for letting us know, blah, blah, blah. That was not quite two months ago and have not seen it fixed. Tried an order today and still an issue.
  • Delivery Orders Don’t Work 1/5

    By mark.bosley
    For some reason, even though staff at the restaurant tell me they have passed on screen shots to the IT department, First Watch won’t fix the errors in its app. A few months ago an error was introduced making it impossible to order delivery. If you select delivery and enter your credit card patient details, the order total gets recalculated by the app to an amount that doesn’t match what is being charged to the credit card. Since the two numbers don’t match, the payment can’t be processed and the order won’t go through. It’s been like that for months. HOPE CAN YOU NOT HAVE NOTICED THE DROP IN MOBILE ORDERS?
  • Sign in and payment are cumbersome and insecure 1/5

    By redshirt8188
    Doesn’t support Sign in with Apple and Apple Pay
  • Continues to be stupid 1/5

    By Glucose Doc
    Even though it welcomes me by name on booting it makes me add all my contact information in order to get “in line”. And frankly, my email address is none of your business. Isn’t there some 16 year old you can hire to write better code? Honestly- you can buy a $500 pressure washer on the Amazon app with a single swipe.
  • App 4/5

    By Mssge
    I wish the mobile app had an easy way to add something else to my order.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Chelle & Family
    Downloaded it for “get in line” but the function doesn’t work.
  • Updated app doesn’t do as much as the original 3/5

    By Poetess74
    The current app functionality is limited. I seem to remember being able to edit and cancel my request using the app in the past. I just added my party to the wait list, but looking at the app, I can’t tell if the request went through or not. The Get in Line function should be disabled if I have already put myself in line, and I should be able to modify or cancel my request.
  • No Amex support, no Apple Pay support. 1/5

    By MediaManNJ
    Two major problems. First, the form validation is broken on credit cards and only allows a 3 digit CVV number, so you can’t use Amex to pay. Second, being able to use Apple Pay is a huge deal on the Apple platform to pay for things, and First Watch doesn’t support it. The people demand better!
  • Good idea for the app but not executed well 2/5

    By odg13
    The biggest issue I’m having is that the app does not let you store an AMEX for payment. AMEX cards have a 4 digit CVV. The app only allows for 3 digit CVVs. Therefore I am not allowed to even use the app to place an order at all. I got the app hoping to make ordering a little easier. However, the app doesn’t store any of my information like phone number and credit card number.
  • How can this app be this bad??? 1/5

    By Slapdis
    This app comes from/for a National chain and the buffoons that have made this app should be FIRED!!! Nothing saves! How stupid!
  • Won’t save basic info 3/5

    1) App won’t accept the CVV on an Amex card, so I have to go to to save a card to my account. 2) App remembers all my info except for phone number, which I have the pleasure of typing each time. If these were both fixed the app would be 4-5 stars.
  • Checkin is worthless 1/5

    By SilentCitizen1988
    Several times i’ve checked in with a 25 min wait, gotten there 20 min later and still had to wait 30-45 minutes. There’s no point if they don’t honor the checkin system. Better off to just leave if there’s a wait, reservation system is completely broke.
  • Birthday promos don’t work 1/5

    By Chfjkfk
    Stupid app doesn’t allow you to use your birthday promo because it makes an error message saying that they’re trying to charge your card at the regular price instead of the discounted birthday promo price.
  • AMEX cards 2/5

    By Smitty B
    Need to update the app to except the 4 digit cvv number for Amex . It’s the only card that has it. Once you type in the number it should automatically identify it as an Amex card and allow you to enter the 4 digit code on the front of the card..
  • Doesn’t Store Info 2/5

    By Somewhat Concerned
    This app doesn’t store data. I have to consistently add my phone number and credit card info. I downloaded the app because I thought that it would be easier than ordering from the website but most times it isn’t.
  • Can’t add up a bill accurately… 1/5

    By LaXRoX007
    … so unable to actually place order food
  • Can’t use Amex card with the app 3/5

    By iscbruc
    The cvv code box has a character size limitation, preventing the use of Amex cards.
  • Get In Line Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Sandro305
    Before heading to the restaurant about 20 mins away on a 30-45 wait time, we got there on time, decided to get my name on the in-restaurant waiting list, I got called before my Get In Line, ordered and ate my food, and 1 1/2 later the app text me, to see if I was still able to join. Be careful, do both.
  • Limited App Menu 2/5

    By TXCouple
    Why doesn’t the app have the complete menu to place an on-line/pick up order from? I can’t even order oatmeal because it’s not on the app. Really?!
  • Add Apple Pay 4/5

    By Travisdrums91
    Please add Apple pay checkout option.
  • Despite the Flack on here, I’ve loved it 5/5

    By pitufo1998
    A lot of people in the reviews seem to have various issues with this app but I’ve never had one. I think it’s great! And the foods great too. Thanks for adding split payments 👍🏼
  • Did not work 1/5

    By Argus of Thea
    Used the app. Got to the restaurant. They had no record of me. Useless.
  • Completely Wrong 1/5

    By Poliuny
    This is a lie. Download the app to get on the wait list. It was a 40 minute wait. When I arrived to check in with the host. They stated that checking online did nothing. The host said people that came in and check in even after checking in online with go before you. This is unacceptable!!!! So upset!!! Lies!!!!
  • Skip the in-restaurant wait is a LIE!! 1/5

    By Egonz71
    Do not make sense that you do the online Get-line and do not count from the time you did it online you still need to check in at host and will have a normal wait time like everybody else. Dont waste your time doing the online get in line and expect to skip the in restaurant line because will not be like that
  • A once useful app is now useless 1/5

    By Pauldes74
    This app used to allow you to get you in virtual line, which would update you on your wait time and you could arrive with minimal waiting at the restaurant. Now, after you are checked into the virtual time- your wait time starts when you physically get to the restaurant. Why even have the Get in line feature? Useless
  • Food is Great App is a Fraud 1/5

    By LNY19
    They have great food so there is always a wait but if you think your saving anything by the get in line feature it’s a fraud. It does absolutely nothing to hold any kind of place in line for you. Waited the 30 minutes they said on the app before getting to the restaurant as required to be told you have 30 minute wait at restaurant because in order to “get in line” you have to check in at the host. Why the parlor trick with the app?? No one at restaurant can give an answer.
  • app, website AND restaurant bad 1/5

    By Whaleypo
    it’s a shame because this is close to my house but it’s still a pandemic and I don’t want to eat inside a restaurant. Got a gift card for this place so I wanted to use it. For three days I tried to make an online order and each time it told me the restaurant was too busy. Even if I tried the day before to reserve the first time slot for the next day it said it was too busy. I called them and the phone seems like it’s broken - press zero to talk to an operator - who was actually a wait staff person. Then she hesitantly took my order over the phone. Told me it would be 20 minutes so I waited about 25 minutes drove the 1 mile to the restaurant where the food was ready (cold) and it took about 5 to 10 minutes to check out because they didn’t know how to operate the cash register or gift card. I did look through the bags and it looked like I had everything but the condiments were not there. The French toast was burnt it was not saturated with the egg mixture it was basically like burnt bread. The hollandaise sauce taste like lemon Gloop. The gravy was not good it was clear-ish instead of whitish. Even though they say that they can’t take the onions out of the potatoes there are still too many onions and potatoes. You should always be able to take onions out. The selection on the website is pathetic. You cannot customize and it is not user-friendly. Unfortunately the food did not taste good and we will not be returning. I will not recommend it to anyone.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By jmm320
    It doesn’t matter if you check in with the app. When you arrive and check In that’s when they start your wait. Save the space on your phone and the aggravation.
  • First watch has gotten so much worse 1/5

    By Wjkboca
    This is from a long time fan of first watch. App is terrible. First watch in general way worse. First doesn’t even have a space to order regular toast. You have to say gluten free and make a special order. They are now only allowing so many orders per hour and so even if you pick asap your order may not be ready for one hour. And the worst part is It doesn’t tell you until after you pay that it won’t be ready for an hour. Not customer friendly app and app is a continuation of direction the whole company has gone.
  • Bad service 2/5

    By not good servis
    Order is never ready on time
  • This app is useless 1/5

    By Tylamay12
    I don’t know what I need this app to get in line for. I got in line and then it’s inform me the approximate time around 45mins-1hr. I was driving out from home, it took me around 45 mins to get there still the host she said I need to wait 1 hr more. This is a piece of junk!!! Never going back again!!!
  • App is terrible, food is great! 4/5

    By tax time wasted
    The food and service have always been top notch in Fort Myers! When you could use the No Wait! app to get in line First Watch was a five star rating, but the new app seems to be getting worse. I didn't even get text notifications for my visit this morning. Upgrade the app experience and get rid of the paper straws and First Watch goes back to the best in town.
  • Not good 1/5

    By TH from OP
    They changed this app months ago and most of the time it won’t let reserve as it says that a party of this size has no wait but when I get there (I live 2 minutes away) it is full and I have to wait 15 minutes or so. Especially annoying when I ride my bike and can’t wait in the car.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By tech revolt
    Not intuitive. Has a link for training in the app! Tried calling bc the app is so bad. No one to answer the phone. Pushing everyone to app instead of answering the phone. Sad what we have become.
  • Wait time not accurate 2/5

    By Mattc215
    I checked in on the app and was given a 20-30 minute wait time. I arrived at the restaurant at the 30 minute mark and had to wait an additional 45 minutes for a table . What’s the point of the app ?
  • No oatmeal on menu 1/5

    By Lemonkrayola
    Please add the oatmeal to the Togo menu. I hate calling it in.
  • To Go Orders 1/5

    By lolmartia
    The app layout is very stupid. Can’t even properly place to go orders on it and when you call the restaurant they never answer
  • Don’t use app 1/5

    By chubsmcfisty
    Want put you in line.
  • App is HORRIBLE 1/5

    By SLMorgan02
    If I could give it no stars I would. The only thing the app is good for is to look at food pictures. The line placement feature doesn’t keep your spot in line and you have to wait when you arrive. It’s every frustrating and don’t bother calling cause they will tell you to use the app.
  • Get in line feature is misleading 1/5

    By Jsosiebsbhxbdbs
    It is pointless to “get in line” as you are not in line until you arrive at the restaurant. Pointless and very annoying feature. No stars if I could.