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Fish | Hunt FL

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  • Current Version: 3.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Florida Fish and Wildlife
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fish | Hunt FL App

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is pleased to announce the release of a new, cutting edge iPhone app that will empower anglers and hunters during their outdoor fishing and hunting activities in Florida. The new app is user friendly, and allows visitors to purchase their fishing or hunting licenses online, access regulations, pull up a copy of the user's current licenses, and use geo-locating tools to maximize a customerís recreational experience. Upon free download, users may purchase and download licenses and permits directly from their smartphone, determine sunrise and sunset time based on GPS location, access NOAA seas and weather information, and more! The Florida FWC has been a national agency leader in providing customers and visitors with the most robust technologies and systems to increase awareness and conservation amongst the natural resources community, opening up channels to customers to promote Florida's outdoors and preserve the sport of fishing and hunting. Go Outdoors!

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Fish | Hunt FL app reviews

  • Grrrr....another well intended government digital initiative that underwhelmes 1/5

    By Aboot03
    This app is so frustrating to use. Won’t accept addresses during purchase checkout.
  • So far so good! 4/5

    By gunnygordon
    So far it’s working as advertised. I was able to purchase a saltwater fishing license using it. I like the layout which is easy to navigate and all of the helpful information it contains.
  • Myfwc app 3/5

    By A1WorldRecord
    Please review your app I currently have a 5 year license & was logged in this app it continues to say I don’t have an account when I do have an account some one has hacked this also I want to renew my 5 year freshwater license i don’t need a snook or lobster permit somebody needs help creating a decent app of I can just go to Walmart
  • Not Good 2/5

    By TJ Olsen
    The app is all web based and not mobile friendly. Really a pain to use and navigate.
  • Difficult to use lots of flaws 1/5

    By cheifofreviews
    Extremely hard to navigate and use. I cannot purchase a license to save my life.
  • Where is the app??? 1/5

    By Omega3270
    I downloaded the app on the Apple store. But a little icon doesn’t show up on my phone anywhere.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Adudewrittingareview
    A high school child can program and come up with a better operating app.
  • Cannot create new customer 1/5

    By 038294
    SSN is locked to 4 digits requires full for creation.
  • Errors 1/5

    By pjcarygerd church yug
    App just errors, “Unable to Sync Your License” so I can’t do anything with it.
  • Unable to retrieve my license 1/5

    By Ruffles Cheddar
    It only worked once for couple of weeks! But then it shows of what some people were complaining about... It would’ve been great if it retains my license using this app. Going back to the old classic way by printing a hard copy is more reliable than this app.
  • Tide reports will not load 2/5

    By Wvdeliue
    Since the update the tide reports will not load, which is unfortunate because I downloaded this app to use specifically that function. When it worked it was great but now it isn’t.
  • Good for lincense, but not much else... 2/5

    By Nuslie
    I am not sure why FCW decided to completely rework it’s website, but it the new version has never been overly user friendly, and given that this app is just a portal to the website, it is understandable that the app is just as frustrating as the main site. I do really like being able to sync my license and quotas on the app - I have always thought that was a great feature, but my goodness FWC, clear everything else up.
  • Used to be good until v3.4.1 2/5

    By 0ldsk0ol
    This app used to be great and simple to use! I used it all the time but now its junk ever since version 3.4.1 like a year now it does not load pages and gets stuck loading. whatever y’all did, take it off and this will fix itself P.s I give 2 star because this app used to be so great and I reminisce on those times I can check the tides that easy, without going on internet or maybe I want to see the sunrise that day ... .. . Meh .. Anyways y’all have a good one
  • Can’t get it to work 1/5

    By Justastupidname
    1st it only listed out if state licenses. Waited a few weeks after calling and waiting forever. Some how it fixed it self, I thought. 2nd I try to get a fishing license and it says my address isn’t verified. How in the hell do I get it verified? I’ve lived in the same address in Florida for over 30 years and this can’t verify the address. I give up, I HATE THIS APP This is just set to stop people from getting a license.
  • Usually awesome, but the tide info is down 3/5

    By WhiskeyDriver
    The tide map will not generate the tidal information.
  • One issue 4/5

    By Bobbyhaning
    I think this is a great app for anything marine life regarding fishing, hunting, lobstering, etc but I think there’s an issue with the identification of the salt water fish. Some of the saltwater fish have an identification picture but the others don’t. An example would be the black grouper. The black grouper has a picture of it so we know what it looks like when identifying it but the other grouper and some of the other fish don’t have a picture. How are we supposed to know what we caught? It’s important so we know what type it is to determine the regulations for them. Also there should be an improvement on the picture charts of the saltwater fish because the picture charts keep redirecting me to safari and then the FWC app redirects me to the homepage
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Delaware Teacher
    I just painfully purchased 5 licenses for my family. I had to redo the order 6 times before I finally got it to work. Let that sink in. This app is horrible if you have a big family and can’t legally fish. I think we’re the only one’s with licenses. After more than an hour, still no licenses in my email. I can’t fish after all this trouble.
  • Help 1/5

    By mrmousie
    Keeps saying unable to load image. How can I show warden my shark permit when it’s on my phone and app won’t show it?
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By MDev66527
    Buggy and poorly written/tested app. Basic features do not function. For example, I cannot view any of my licenses. I get “Unable to load image” errors. Trying the Sync function gives a nondescript message of “Error. Unable to sync your license.” Having to resort back to printed paper license
  • So confusing 1/5

    By Nosdodd
    Easy to get to a license but with all the special permits you have to add is confusing. No need for all this BS. My reef fishing (free permit) expired long before my saltwater license. So how the hell do I update the reef license or scallop license without repurchasing a whole new fishing license??? Make it simple!!!
  • App stop working 1/5

    By jdh582
    App suddenly stop working will not generate feeding times for hunting or provide sunrise sunset times. Have removed and reinstalled several times.
  • Good idea, poor execution 2/5

    I like being able to apply for re-issues and having my licenses in one place but I HATE having to log in every time I use the app. Entering my social or DL number each time is annoying.
  • Don’t bother, use the website 2/5

    By Jsikorski
    1) No advantage as far as I can tell. Just use the website. Not integrated with Apple Pay, wallet or anything else Apple. 2) Requiring full social security number for a fishing license is very irresponsible. Not a comment on the app itself, more the Florida process. 3) otherwise works fine.
  • Apple wallet 5/5

    By Saucey1981
    It would be cool if we could put our license in our Apple wallet. Just sayen.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By lord hepl us
    Quick charts are not quick at all they are slow if they even open the developer is smoking crack
  • One Major Flaw! 3/5

    By letgo pita
    This is great for license convenience!!! Most of the other functions work well and are very useful. However, the sunrise and sunset feature has a major flaw in my opinion. Please add a feature to allow us to choose a location for sunrise and sunset!!!! The problem is that you have to have your "Location Services" on to find out what time the sunrise or sunset is. Most of the time, I'm trying to find this information for another location!!!! I'm not hunting or fishing in my house or at work!!!! I'm going to travel to another part of the state and I need to know what time the sunrise is at THAT location!!!! Florida and Georgia use basically the same app, so hopefully a change to one would carry over to the other app. I live in Florida, but I'm going to Georgia tonight and I need to know what time the sunrise will be in north Georgia tomorrow!!!! Others may be flying in to South Florida for a fishing trip and want to know what time the sunrise and sunset will be...
  • Violation Reporting 2/5

    By RobsterMobsterTheLobster
    This app has good intentions and gives users a fast and efficient platform to report wildlife offenses. However, they desperately need to add an option to include photographic/videographic evidence. Otherwise, it makes the entire process pretty pointless. PLEASE FIX.
  • Social 1/5

    The fact that the app requires your full social security number is alarming.
  • App usage 1/5

    By 0924 speaking
    Cannot get app to work half the time, also does not let me add any of my licenses so I can view them. Continually says cannot find customer info due to unable to connect with server. Dissatisfied!!!!!!
  • Gave wrong liscense. 2/5

    By Ldsmsher
    Ordered a saltwater licese(as did my brother and father) and each one of us received a freshwater license. Called and got it fixed but needs to be fixed.
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By TKsixNine
    Would give it negative stars if I could. App is nothing more than a clumsy browser which interacts with the main FWC website, which is also garbage. Nothing in the app you can’t access from Safari. Worse, I tried creating an account for my minor child, and it tells me they are a non-resident, despite having the same address that I do. This cannot be edited via the app or the website. And I cannot purchase a resident fishing license for them now. And also cannot create a different account for them because it requires social security number (another security risk). The whole enterprise is a piece of crap.
  • Nice very good! 5/5

    By Brian livin in the 305
    Really good like it a lot! Valuable information and very handy!
  • Poor Effort 1/5

    By Feablewestontop
    The WMA brochures only open the first page and you cannot view the rest of the pdf. This has been reported but ignored by Florida Fish and Wildlife. Very frustrating! Please fix!
  • Good start to a great app 4/5

    By Florida Sportsman
    I use this often. Keeping up with regulations can be tricky to say the least and This app makes it easier to access. Updating and purchasing licenses is easy. Would like to see downloadable regulations. Also the WMA brochures only open the first page and cannot view the rest of the pdf. Please fix this. This is important for quick reference while hunting. I use fishing regulations as well. Would like to be able to save the PDFs to my phone so they can be organized and viewed in the native apple app and printed through AirPrint. Please update often and keep up the good work.
  • Not ready for prime time 2/5

    By rooneytunes5
    Bugs. Crashes.
  • Slow, buggy, trash. 1/5

    By TravisCarden
    Start over.
  • Who’s paying what —not me 1/5

    By 🤫😪😴😶
    Don’t know what’s going on — I have not purchased anything from FWC last time I checked being over 65+did you hear me 65+ don’t anything from the state —nothing but my federal duck stamp because being 65+ does have it quirks
  • Great usage and potential, fix text bugs 4/5

    By Egoistic stub
    Love having my license stored. I wish there was an offline mode to store a recent copy of fishing regulations, etc.. Also when the app pulls data from the website some pages do not display correctly. (I’m on iphone 6+ running ios 11.2.6 for bug reporting purposes) After looking through other reviews for this app, one mentioning formatting errors from 3 years ago. It would be nice to see this issue fixed as navigating fishing regulations is too difficult. Luckily there is the workaround with the ‘view full website’ button but at that point it’s much easier to just navigate the website from your own browser of choice and not from within the confines of the app window.
  • Not working 2/5

    By mcheseter
    On my iPhone 7 with 11.2.6 the fishing times and sun rise and sun set do not work. Even though I have location services on. The app support link in the App Store goes to a page not found.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By bkreason
    Simply does not work since latest update. Maybe FWC needs yet a larger budget. UPDATE 8/17/2017: still does not work well on current iPhone with latest os. Specifically, for example, the fishing calendars and regulations downloads do not download.
  • Ok now 4/5

    By Foolfoolfoolfoolfool
    I had trouble buying my license with this app at first, but finally figured it out. The roll down menu confused me. You need to touch the words on the menu itself to enter. I was looking for a separate button. Once I got past this, it worked fine.
  • Great app.. BUT.... 3/5

    By BrewDude694u
    Excellent app that I use, while fishing, for accessing licensing information and records, as well as tide and seas information. However, many features are not accessible when you are offshore, fishing, in an area without cellular coverage. So, when you're out in the reef, you do not have access to fish ID pictures from the linked fishing handbook, license information and size/quota information. These would be very convenient to have actually downloaded into a user's phone, for offshore retrieval. Additionally, the app would benefit greatly by having a fish identification library with large photos, rather than only relying on the small bitmaps in the linked regulation pamphlets...
  • MEH 2/5

    By BrianK316
    Nice that you can have your fishing license available. Good boating regulation info, but not being able to locate a boat ramp is ridiculous! When I try to access "Find a boat ramp" it says, "the virtual display does not allow content to be displayed." Then why have the selection? Total waste! Really? I hope they can fix this and make it usable!
  • I can't use this app 1/5

    By Polkom7
    When creating my account use my driver's license and not use my social security. This application can only login with your last four of your SSN. I can not use it. They have to fix.They have to give different alternatives for access to your information. I have my license and I can not put it in the app. Repair to be able to use and recommend it to my friends and family. Thank
  • Fishing License Plus 5/5

    By Shane Lancaster
    I love this app. The biggest thing for me is the ability to sync your most up to date licenses through FWC. No longer have to worry about bringing that flimsy fishing license receipt with you on the boat. Just show the cop the app!
  • 5 stars before last update, but... 3/5

    By Jz33309
    The previous version was more user friendly and much easier to navigate.
  • This is what convenience looks like 5/5

    By Dimaswiercioch
    This has been a wonderful addition to our outdoor activities ..all license can be bought and stored for fast upload when asked to show them . This is a game changer in our family's book !!! One happy Floridian Carrie Wiercioch
  • App doesn't work. 1/5

    By Artratcat
    This app has never worked.
  • Great. 5/5

    By Natethegreat12156
    This app does everything you need it to do.