Fishbowl: Professional Network

Fishbowl: Professional Network

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  • Current Version: 6.32.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Fishbowl Media LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fishbowl: Professional Network App

Fishbowl is where professionals go to connect and talk in a new era of remote work. Choose from thousands of Industry, Community or Company Bowls ("Groups") and have genuine conversations with other verified professionals that are working in roles and industries similar to your own. You can join different bowls or professional groups with others from the same background as yourself to get real advice, share work stories, and network. Don't miss out on what your coworkers and colleagues are saying. FEATURES ----------- LIVE FEED See what similar professionals are saying right now with a real-time feed for your specific industry and profession. LIVE AUDIO EVENTS & CHAT Join live audio-only conversations and get to know others in your professional communities. Start a conversation with coworkers and colleagues, or listen to industry leaders share their thoughts on different topics with the ability to join the conversation with them! NETWORKING Network and direct message with professionals across your industry or meet others within your company by turning on networking mode. Discover new jobs and get a referral to companies. BOWLS (GROUPS) Start or join bowls with people in your industry about anything! You can create or join bowls to: • Have conversations about a specific interest or area of expertise. • Network with former work colleagues and classmates. • Connect with professionals that have similar backgrounds to yourself. • Exchange insights and advice with others working at your Co. or Org • Meet up and get to know other professionals similar to you • Create bowls (professional groups) for interests or networking! • Discover new jobs and opportunities through networking and get referrals. Join hundreds of thousands of professionals from various industries including management consulting, advertising, tech, accounting, finance, law, healthcare, and education. Have conversations with professionals from companies and organizations like McKinsey, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Accenture, EY, PwC, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Skadden, Ogilvy, Saatchi, Publicis, Wieden+Kennedy, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Skadden, UCSF, Mount Sinai, Teach for America, the National Education Association and many more. Get the help you need to climb the career ladder. **LinkedIn Account or Work Email required**

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Fishbowl: Professional Network app reviews


    By GiGiBlkCarLivry
    I signed up for Fishbowl and went “fishing “ for individuals in the law and legal field to network with for special projects. Being a Business Coach and in Management, I thought it would be inviting to post inspirational and encouraging memes ( I discovered on LinkedIn ) to start conversations, and hopefully learn more about members on Fishbowl. THEY LYNCH MOB SAID I WAS CREATING SPAM 🤯 Yes, in the next moment, there were these clicks of presumably extremist white males who started a lynching campaign. OMG! I am telling you all the truth! I am thinking it’s It’s been a tough week for most professionals and workers in all industries. Lets Be Positive On A Sunday. . . . On A Sunday, WHO other than DEMONS could be offended by encouragement? This is the downside of Fishbowl and the sidetracking of not being able to make progress and not being able to initiate networking activities. Thank God I don’t work with these types of goons.
  • I thought this was a professional format. 1/5

    By Pinkfroid
    thought this was a professional format.
  • Does not show salary expectations as well as Glassdoor 2/5

    By reedrohlfing
    It’s just a conversation circle, not very helpful - and mostly filled with people looking for jobs or complaining
  • Moronic onboarding 1/5

    By Asya1
    I deleted it after the first onboarding step.
  • Anonymous 1/5

    By FrankLeathers
    Anonymity is thrown out the window at step 1 asking for my work email address??? What part of Anonymous requires my identity 😡
  • Great App 4/5

    By Smallepu 92
    Awesome app but one area of improvement is to allow the orientation to change in landscape mode for iPad OS.
  • Work Email 1/5

    By Colinduthie
    Mistake to only use work email. Companies monitor work emails with key words- will be construed as looking for a job on work email. No bueno.
  • Not actually anonymous, innit? 1/5

    By MrFiorini
    I don’t like how they say it’s anonymous, but then ask for my work email and my real name.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By 98Akos
    Unable to delete post made on a certain page.
  • Email Issue 1/5

    By Paralegal in Wyoming
    I entered my work email but it says it’s not valid. So I will be deleting the app.
  • Missing Trade Work 1/5

    By bigjoe133
    There is not a single thread or “bowl” including trade jobs such as electrical, pipe fitting, construction, heavy equipment operation, or management of any of these trades. Lots of business and “office” stuff in the app and not much more
  • Gig economy 1/5

    By KatieSmithson
    This app is extremely un-user friendly if you work in the gig economy and/or as a freelancer.
  • Won’t let me even choose my primary profession. Can’t go back on profile setup. 1/5

    By Andrew082391
    I just want to select my primary profession, but it won’t let me deselect “Teachers” and only lets me select secondary professions. There is no back button, so if you go forward, you have to delete the app and start over.
  • Random posts, slow app loading 1/5

    By OtterLawyer
    I don’t download many apps, especially social apps. Who needs more social apps? But I did get hooked (pun intended) and downloaded the fishbowl app. What an underwhelming app! If you have push notifications on, you’ll never be lonely, because this app will interrupt your day several times. Interrupt your day, and give you the most random uninteresting social media experience out there!
  • Issues.. Lots of Issues.. 1/5

    By Alpha Corndog
    Problems: 1. If you work in the education sector like myself, then you probably a .edu e-mail address. The app in turn treats you like a student and you only have “read access”. So you can’t contribute anything meaningful despite being a professional in your field. 2. Why can’t I change my working Industry? I’m stuck in “Teachers / Education” even though that’s not at all what I do.. I’m an IT Manager for a college but the app thinks I’m a “Director of Technology” at a “high school” because that’s the closest I could get to my actual title. I can’t change that either for whatever reason.. 🤦🏼 Please fix this - the app is useless to me otherwise and I’ll probably just delete my Fishbowl account in favor of Glassdoor if you can’t get it right.
  • Doesn’t work for healthcare providers 1/5

    By red99
    Broken. Requires NPI but doesn’t accept the number. Stuck in a loop.
  • Great insight 5/5

    By Realistic?!?
    I love the anonymity of being able to discuss financial, and personal hurdles like starting a family, looking for investments and your fist home/potential career jumps. Knowledge and learning from others through this platform is invaluable! Thank you!
  • Buggy and fails to verify 1/5

    By TheNamesBongo
    I’ve been trying to verify my work email to create a fishbowl account for months and despite getting “Your fishbowl account is now active” emails the app is permanently stuck in an unverified mode and continuously prompts me to verify. I really want to try this app, but it’s so broken I can’t even create an account.
  • Not as professional as I expected 2/5

    By Gigi_k_b
    Where I thought this forum was for work experiences and reviews I am finding that there are areas left wide open for personal problems. Not what I was looking for…another dear Abby. Not for me. Cool place though if you want to give complete strangers advice about their marital affairs.
  • Better than Glassdoor 5/5

    By Czech_mex
    I love the interactive networking that you can do on this app. it also feels like the responses are more genuine. Not just upset employees over one or two incidences. Feels like you’re getting sincere responses and assessments of the companies you’re looking into.
  • Very unintuitive interface 1/5

    By Bcw2235
    Very unintuitive interface and it seems like they intentionally make certain features or settings hard to find or access.
  • Nothing job related 1/5

    By bittttttlilole
    I haven't seen any now hiring post or anything. Just ppl with questions about life about gossip, etc
  • Locked Questions 2/5

    By qwertyuiiopasdfghjklñzxcvbmn
    I can’t react or comment on some posts.
  • View only access 1/5

    By DukeU23
    I can’t post or reply anything. Unsubscribed.
  • What a cluster 1/5

    By Gatordc03
    Very unorganized. Think Reddit meets Craigslist.
  • White collar jobs only 2/5

    By #1046372
    This app has potential but only seems to tailor to the white collar communities (sales, executives, accountants, etc.). It’s basically useless to any blue collar job searchers. I’m an electromechanical technician going to school for automation but there was not any information for my field.
  • Not very useful. 1/5

    By ItsMeAshleyT
    This app limits who can ask questions, doesn’t have many professions listed included mine, and the layout is hard to navigate. I deleted my account for now. I’m going to give it a few months for improvement.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By Nah1292
    I responded honestly to a question someone posted, and another person didn’t like what I had to say. They reported my comment, and Fishbowl instantly deleted it. I’m done with this app.
  • You can’t DM anyone and the way to open it is too ambiguous 1/5

    By j p morgan jr
    They need to fix this feature flaw. Networking is none existent if you can make connections.
  • The notifications are awful 3/5

    By hawkeyes20
    You can’t reply in threads in a way that makes sense and the notifications never end
  • Has potential 2/5

    By gpowelldesign
    Unfortunately, the UX and UI are clumsy. Great idea poorly executed.
  • People who don’t work for the company anymore are in the bowl 1/5

    By jayhawk131313
    A bowl for a specific company should only have active employees. There are so many alums that still have access creating issues that this has become a gossip/ revenge site vs a secure place to talk to colleagues. Totally losing its credibility and value. Please reconfirm users for employer bowls are actual employees!!!
  • Its ok - needs a lot of upgrades 3/5

    By Nehdz
    So I am new to fishbowl and I feel fishbowl itself is new and the more I use it the more value I find. So I see a lot of potential in the app and the endeavor itself. I hope my review reaches the developers, marketing and other teams: The app needs a lot of improvement - 1. Once I click on a single notification on my phone all other notifications vanish so I cannot access them anymore. Yes, I can access notifications inside the app but guess what? all the fishbowl lives don’t show up in the in-app notifications! This is basic and needs immediate app updates 2. There is no way to access fishbowl live events later, if you somehow find a good past even there is no way to have it on your past events list or save them for later reviewing anywhere in the app - only the very generalistic ones are available under past events (weekly round up etc) - and you know what I am talking about here Marketing 3. App needs greater visibility as there are not enough groups to have conversations or learn from Product Development 4. Oh and I don’t even want to start with access on the app. If one is unemployed you all make it incredibly difficult to access bowls, posts and contribute! There are so many ways to verify credibility, so kindly use alternate methods and let users use them
  • Keyboard 4/5

    By granny goes off again
    On IPad it won’t rotate so my keyboard is comfortable. Have to twist sideways to use it. thanks.
  • Not helpful 2/5

    By N.Jay99
    Not very helpful to connect with people. It’s not a intuitive app either. It’s hard to navigate or figure out. I haven’t connect with anyone and it says I only have viewer access.
  • Aggressive Mods 1/5

    By uber horror stories zz
    The mods will remove your posts / comments if you don't follow the herd's opinions. Even if you have a thread with 50+ comments and a constructive conversation. Overall very closed minded mods, hopefully they get replaced.
  • Inherently racist back end employees reviewing reporting flags 1/5

    By Nickerpoo88790
    I received hate and they flag me instead of the perpetrators. DO NOT RECOMMEND
  • Not what it advertises 1/5

    By breyjfox
    Not digging how public everything is. Not easy to navigate. Not seen a single salary comparison.
  • Support refuse to help 1/5

    By The Kelvintiger
    Emailed support and they somehow made things worse and started ignoring my emails
  • I’m in Love 5/5

    By agent_1eman
    As a young person would not mudge guidance grown upAnd very curious about an amazing future I think this is hands-down one of the best resources one can have
  • Meh 1/5

    By Iteotwawki
    Not worth it
  • Connections 5/5

    By Beach1414141
    This is a great way to connect with other teachers across the country. Read advice from others, hear about what is happening in other districts, and share ideas. It’s really fun!
  • Not for jobs 1/5

    By Caee23
    The app is not user friendly. If you are actually searching for a higher paying job then this is not the app for you. This is just an app to ask a bunch of professional’s questions & network. You’re not likely to find an actual job. I downloaded this app for nothing.
  • Company fishbowl is outsiders seeking jobs 1/5

    By svcy
    More and more, the Fishbowl for my company, is filled with people who do not work for my company or have not worked for my company. most of them are looking for a job with the company. They’re blindly reaching out for information or boldly asking for referrals even though they don’t know the person are asking a referral from. It’s not helpful to parse through all that, when it’s just junk it has nothing to do with your company. Maybe start a jobs fishbowl or job fishbowl for each company.
  • Can’t sign up for an account 1/5

    By Qaa baa
    Verification code never got sent to my email
  • Can’t use it! 2/5

    By Addicted and Conflicted
    I can’t comment, reply, respond. How is that of any value?!?
  • Great place for career conversations and advice 5/5

    By iamClaw
    The app serves as a handy place with anonymity for you to have career discussions and advices. It is also a wonderful place to talk with people who actually understand what’s happening in your industry/company/role.
  • Too much info asked for 1/5

    By ToDeleteApp
    Thought this was gonna be an easy quick download. I have to verify my account via LinkedIn etc ughh not with the hassle. Deleting this app and account if I can.
  • Not user friendly 3/5

    By kmaaaagggzzzzzz
    Make sure you make no errors in the process since you cannot go back! Love the concept of the app however I have tried to create an account and couldn’t use it since there is no way to press a ‘back button.’
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