Fishbowl: Professional Network

Fishbowl: Professional Network

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  • Current Version: 6.25.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Fishbowl Media LLC
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Fishbowl: Professional Network App

Fishbowl is where professionals go to connect and talk in a new era of remote work. Choose from thousands of Industry, Community or Company Bowls ("Groups") and have genuine conversations with other verified professionals that are working in roles and industries similar to your own. You can join different bowls or professional groups with others from the same background as yourself to get real advice, share work stories, and network. Don't miss out on what your coworkers and colleagues are saying. FEATURES ----------- LIVE FEED See what similar professionals are saying right now with a real-time feed for your specific industry and profession. LIVE AUDIO EVENTS & CHAT Join live audio-only conversations and get to know others in your professional communities. Start a conversation with coworkers and colleagues, or listen to industry leaders share their thoughts on different topics with the ability to join the conversation with them! NETWORKING Network and direct message with professionals across your industry or meet others within your company by turning on networking mode. Discover new jobs and get a referral to companies. BOWLS (GROUPS) Start or join bowls with people in your industry about anything! You can create or join bowls to: • Have conversations about a specific interest or area of expertise. • Network with former work colleagues and classmates. • Connect with professionals that have similar backgrounds to yourself. • Exchange insights and advice with others working at your Co. or Org • Meet up and get to know other professionals similar to you • Create bowls (professional groups) for interests or networking! • Discover new jobs and opportunities through networking and get referrals. Join hundreds of thousands of professionals from various industries including management consulting, advertising, tech, accounting, finance, law, healthcare, and education. Have conversations with professionals from companies and organizations like McKinsey, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Accenture, EY, PwC, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Skadden, Ogilvy, Saatchi, Publicis, Wieden+Kennedy, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Skadden, UCSF, Mount Sinai, Teach for America, the National Education Association and many more. Get the help you need to climb the career ladder. **LinkedIn Account or Work Email required**

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Fishbowl: Professional Network app reviews

  • Wasted my time 1/5

    By Dj173949
    App asked me to share my industry and didn’t do it correctly. Now I can’t edit it after that they said my profile is waiting for approval, then suspended it. I didn’t even have the chance to get a look.
  • Not as advertised 1/5

    By parmeleeg
    I thought it was a wast to anonymously post or read reviews about companies. Uninstalled.
  • Between jobs 2/5

    By craignotgreg
    I’m currently between jobs and do not have access to work-email to verify if I’m a professional. There is also no option to specify such things in the company or title fields of your profile. Your profile gets flagged for being inaccurate and locked in read only mode. You can’t change your title or company after the profile is created and are only given the option to verify your work-email. Rinse and repeat.
  • Liberal echo chamber. Conservatives banned 1/5

    By stopcensoringconservs
    This app allows liberals to name call and berate the Christian faith yet bans conservatives views and factual statistics. Worse than Facebook
  • Women in Marketing Bowl 5/5

    By severlyunderpaid
    I’ve been on the app for 15 minutes and have already found out out that I’m being underpaid to the tune of 60k.
  • Shady 1/5

    By PBL-NY
    You need my name, work email and my title? I need to code verify via my work email every single time I log in? I felt uneasy and uncomfortable for the 15 minutes that I used this app before deleting it.
  • Enjoy the Conversation 4/5

    By The Greatest of These is Love
    I really enjoy the conversations I have with other educators using this app. For the most part, people stay respectful of other people’s ideas. I learn how differently districts operate and I get a larger world view of my industry and the issues that we have to contend with. I don’t like arrogance and people who put others down just to win an argument. They have already lost in my opinion. So I take what I can, participate when I can, and learn from my colleagues in a collaborative way. Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing?
  • Glassdoor is better 1/5

    By Scuby81
    The hoops you have to jump through just to login are ridiculous. Once you are finally able see their contents it underwhelming. Most simple google searches will give you the information available in these “forums”. If you want information about salary potential, employee satisfaction/review and even job positions available get Glassdoor.
  • Cant use 1/5

    By big daddy whoo whoo
    Saw this on fb and decided to try it. Giving it a 1 star because i cant use it unless i have a work email. They should just let us use our regular emails. Something is fishy about that
  • No 1/5

    By Flex2115
    Doesn’t give you any feedback and is basically a complain discussion board
  • Extremely limited fields 1/5

    By Skyacramer1111
    Not many jobs to look up
  • ✌🏽✌🏽 1/5

    By I never leave bad reviews
    Account erroneously suspended (only have asked comp related questions) nobody to contact to get a review. The least amount of time an app has spent on my phone ✌🏽
  • My Experience 5/5

    By Quester234
    I am a huge fan of this all but beautiful and lovely family. We share our genes with the same person and your family.
  • Fishy… 1/5

    By $ecret @gent Man
    My industry is listed, but the app wouldn’t let me input my specific field- I had to chose from a list of other fields that were not accurate. Strange that they ask for a work email… I didn’t proceed because the questions got so specific that if a colleague were to inquire about how much my role is paid, they could easily figure out that it was me who shared the info… might work for large companies, but too risky for medium-sized and small companies… I wouldn’t trust the data that’s in here… app is not well-thought out and does not overcome my privacy concerns.
  • Good 5/5

    By Throat6Throat
  • Their support team is really bad 2/5

    By 123dafuk?
    I was a student when I started so I could only post in the student bowl. I have since graduated and swapped everything for my work email. I’ve been trying to get full access to the app for about 2 months now and still to this day I can only post on the student bowl. Completely worthless if you’re trying to talk to other professionals and get their insights. Their support team only responds occasionally and takes forever even when they do respond. Pretty sure it’s just one over worked guy with bad internet access in Canada or something
  • Great 5/5

    By solmanafr
  • I just rage quit and deleted the app. 2/5

    By best person you'll ever know
    Hi, Please make an effort to fix the CX when creating a new profile. I verified my email twice and ended up with an error message that took me back to the beginning. Super frustrating and not worth it.
  • Unable to verify work email 2/5

    By UndercoverBiotic
    I had to delete the app because my work email doesn’t allow outside emails in order to verify, also I would not be comfortable having this email go to my professional email. Disappointing because I was super interested in the app.
  • Newbie 5/5

    By Heraqane
    Start by saying I’ve seen this app a lot, never was I interested in it and really not sure why. It popped up a few weeks ago and I said why not. Here I am and I’m sad I missed out but I’m loving all things thus far! I am one to use all things for educational purposes. Thank you for the pop up. Keep up the good work as well!
  • Has some problems 2/5

    By MadHat182
    There are a limited amount of "bowls" or topics you can follow, editing your profile to correct it puts it in a pending status that will never get reviewed (2 months and continuing). It would seem there's no admins on the site.
  • Removed it 2/5

    By 98642570
    Insufficient transparency and control over privacy. This is very important for a social network that requires users to identify their employer.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mak2194
    This whole service is a total waste of time, unless you enjoy feeling like you’re a work 24/7
  • Terrible as far as privacy goes 1/5

    By Cela93
  • Another very biased platform 1/5

    By Mad dr 95
    I was excited when this platform came out because I thought it would be a place to share open ideas with fellow teachers. Unfortunately it’s very biased and full of hate. Users who are very liberal or aloud time and again on post after post to personally attack anyone with a religious point of view or a conservative point of view. The attacks are often very personal and if you don’t agree with someone your post gets reported immediately even if there’s nothing offensive in it. There’s no appeals process so your post gets removed and you are warned. Meanwhile if you report personal attacks, often they are allowed to stand and if they’re liberal nothing happens to the post or the user. It just reached a point where I can’t even go on anymore without being personally attacked and then an innocuous post gets flagged and I’m suspended.
  • Terrible. Company has to pay for me to have access. 1/5

    By raydeeoh
    I find Fishbowl bizarre. In order to use it my company has to purchase licenses for employees which goes again the notion that this is somehow anonymous. After 7 days the trial ends and you’d have to convince your company that it’s somehow in their interest to pay for it. Once the trial period ends there is no way to re-enable it. Mystifying.
  • People are allowed to say whatever 1/5

    By DejaMP
    I’m all for freedom of speech until it’s promoting toxic stereotypes within the workplace and attacking certain race groups for speaking on their own experiences. I downloaded this app a while back but never did much with it until this morning. I am highly disappointed and wish I could share the screenshots of what I saw. Just ridiculous. Anonymity is nice until it’s not. I wanted to report a comment and didn’t have the choice to. Safe to say, I will be deleting this app and will warn those I know to stay away from it.
  • Too much censorship 1/5

    By Nickname-o
    You will never tell me how to speak and how to argue. I understand clean language and having a positive vibe. But if we’re dealing with a difficult topic, I’m not going to argue with one hand tied behind my back so that the left will win the argument. Update: I’m on my second account and just got a strike for normal anti-gun-control arguments. Keep this up and I’ll Elon Musk you without buying your little company.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Ace Chodzin
    Had an account that worked fine. Unable to navigate due to errors. Deleted app and reinstalled, unable to sign in or do anything...
  • Annoying 1/5

    By nothanks143768
    App keeps saying couldn’t load content. Tried updating and issue persists
  • Real life comedy 5/5

    By Worewren
    That makes you cry lol
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kill_Rill
    After I downloaded it I cannot register there. Neither my email nor via LinkedIn/ Google/Apple. At final step says “registration is failed”. Waste of time
  • Sucked 1/5

    By A2zzz
    Didn’t have anything it advertised and didn’t even have my company which has thousands of employees and branches around the United States. Honestly feel like it asks for too much info for what it me supposed to use as well.
  • Changing schools name 3/5

    By scttbnt
    I changed schools and can not get it to slow me to edit my school name. Frustrating
  • Unimpressed 1/5

    By Guitar newb1111
    I’m a doctor pivoting into a new function. I’m working on an executive MBA for consulting and strategic planning but this platform can’t handle two professional identities. I treat patients and consult physicians. I can’t connect to my target bowls in business unless I connect through my student account which places a sophomoric title on my account. Not interested in validating my experience as a student with every encounter I make.
  • Limitations 1/5

    By soleighashura
    It shouldn't be limited to students
  • App unusable for anyone with less than perfect vision 1/5

    By GregMancuso
    The copy in the app is unreadable. The font is a light gray on white background and it looks to be a thin or narrow type face to boot. And there are no setting I can find to adjust the font color or size - the app looks to use about a 3pt font. Nor does it listen to the system font size. My eyes are not that bad but this is impossible to read.
  • Read only 3/5

    By cant dm
    Great threads but been stuck at shy of 1 to enable chat feature for over a month so cannot make the best use of it.
  • No back button 1/5

    By dillmeister17
    Yah that’s not goid
  • Need too much info to get started 1/5

    By pebblesgrl
    My company has a lot of restrictions on social media. I was hoping I could benefit from this app without having to disclose the company I work for. I also don’t like the fact that the app asks for my work email right out the gate. Good concept but would be better if u had an option for people to stay anonymous.
  • Can’t use VPN 1/5

    By Sugarbeetle
    I use a VPN for security purposes and this app requires I turn it off in order to use it. That’s completely unacceptable considering what data this app says it wants to access. I can’t even delete my identity from the app. Shady shady.
  • Buggy app. Non-existent service. Poor moderation. Vindictive. 1/5

    By Srinimaverick
    The forum for interaction is good. Moderation lacks context and judgment, like it’s being done by a bunch of retards. Overall, it makes for a poor experience.
  • NO thanks 1/5

    By ralph2006
    Zero stars: they ask for your work email to register .. im gonna say NO thanks.. there is no guarantee that it will be anonymous like they claim to be .. good bye fishbowl
  • The functionality is useful, but the experience is annoying 2/5

    By unisex_swimwear
    One of the pushier apps. The onboarding flow feels like a rails shooter. Clingy emails. Popups in your face when you launch it.
  • Asinine 1/5

    By Donjuanamo
    So tried to interact with it on my phone browser then directed me to download app. Tried signing up with phone…after 3 tries no sms code and no way to sign up by email. Oh well! Deleting
  • No way to contact support 1/5

    By review132
    No way to contact support. They will never review your job title. It’s been pending review for months. They don’t tell you when you sign up that you’ll be posting as your job title so if you’re the only person at your company with that title goodbye anonymity. Might as well post on Facebook.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By BearPwr29
    Not worth my time giving more
  • Tricky App for Privacy 2/5

    By besiendodnsns
    I downloaded the fishbowl app to understand pay in the market and I made my account anonymous because I wasn’t interested in commenting or writing a post. I just wanted to snoop. I made an anonymous user name for this purpose and used my personal email not my work email. Well somewhere along the few months I had the app, it somehow pulled in my first and last name and my workplace and updated my profile with this information. I never added this info myself, idk how it got in there. I’m really upset at this and deactivated my account. The only way to change it is to contact support which could take days! It’s a shame because it was a great app, but they seem greedy for user data. I simply wasn’t ready to share my identity in that app because I don’t know how my workplace feels about employees using it openly. I haven’t had these issues with the Blind app and I’ve been using it for over a year.
  • It’s ok. Privacy settings should be improved. 3/5

    By Justine Cause
    My job title has been in pending mode for over a week now, so I can’t post or respond discreetly. The only two other options are the name of the company or using your real name… And working for a small business, the name of my company would be even less discreet than using my real (common) name! Also no way to switch to freelance/side gig identity while verification of my job title is pending. I will probably delete this app because of that. This is a great idea and good discussions happening!
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