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Fishdom App

Never Fishdomed before? Then take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun! Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique twists as you decorate tanks to create cozy homes for your lovely fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you—SO DIVE IN NOW! Features: ● Unique gameplay: swap and match, design and decorate, play with and take care of fish—all in one place! ● Hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels ● Explore an exciting aquatic world with amusing 3D fish, each of which has its own personality, that you'll be excited to meet! ● Fish tanks you can liven up with breath-taking underwater decor ● Amazing graphics all yours once you grab your scuba mask ● Buddy-diving time: play with your Facebook friends! Please note! Fishdom is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu. Enjoying Fishdom? Learn more: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Terms of Use : Privacy Policy: Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to [email protected] or check our Web Support Portal:

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Fishdom app reviews

  • Amazing app 5/5

    By RoboBexBurns
    My only complaint is that I can’t turn off the hints and they drive me nuts.
  • In app purchases are no longer affordable 1/5

    By Bailz3020
    I used to make several in app purchase a week. If I was stuck on a level and out of gems, I would spend 4.99 to get gems and boosters. Now it costs 9.99 for the same package. Your fishy bank that collects gems as you play was 2.99 for 50 gems. It is still 2.99 but you only get 30 gems. You receive less moves on each level and your fish tanks look like an episode of hoarders with all of the junk you have to buy to beat a level. 6 minutes months ago I would have rates the game 5 stars but now I give it 1.
  • Fishdom. 1/5

    By Knitwitcraftiemomma
    I am on a fixed income and really can’t afford to pay to play games but I have tested a theory tonight and realized I am totally right. This contest I’m doing my best to get their special fish. I may not make it again. But after spending almost $100 the computer is leaning more in my favor than ever before. That’s ridiculous. But it is only way you can win any of this company’s games. Spend lots of money!! I still may not have enough time to get the fish. I won a super hard level and got thirty prize tickets I need to earn fish. Another easy level gave me 100. Really? Super hard levels when you still have 20+ plays left should have paid out the fish itself!!! In other words. If you have money to waste by all means play any of their games. But if not don’t bother loading any of them. Cause they are all money hogs. Playrix games don’t listen to their players and it’s getting worse.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By rainbowfox98
    The ads for this game are nothing like the game itself. Aside from the false advertising, The actual game is so boring and despite there being no ads, you still have to pay to be able to do almost anything.
  • Bait and Switch! 3/5

    By imdontlioethisappp
    While playing another game, I received an ad for this game, Fishdom. The game in the ad was an escape strategy game where the player helps the fish escape certain obstacles like lava or sewer grates. There was no mention of a matching game. When I started playing, I found that the ad refers to story mode. In the game, story mode is supposedly coming soon. After level 31, I played one story mode. I have played beyond level 100 and have not gotten to story mode again. That was a big disappointment. Do not advertise a mini-game as the whole of your game! That is totally misleading and upsetting. When is story mode AVAILABLE??? DEVELOPERS: As a gamer, I am less likely to pay for a game that I was falsely led to download! Just advertise Fishdom as the match-3 game with fun fishbowls you can decorate that has a cool mini-game story mode that you play once or twice. Further: The match 3 game is challenging without spending your own money. You can use diamonds to purchase game bonuses. The game lets you collect diamonds in a whale bank, but you have to buy the bank to in order to use any of the diamonds you collect.
  • Locks up 2/5

    By JRandall69
    Cute game. Great way to eat up time. As of recent when I attempt a purchase, game freezes and locks up device. Too bad when your source of revenue kills the game.
  • The Best Game ever 5/5

    By amazing homie
    I Love this game so much and I’m glad I got it because it is so good to play with my friend and family and it makes me feel like I’m playing with my friend again because it makes me happy and it makes my heart happy because it’s a really great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😸😸😸😸😸👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
  • Why you don’t have to change the game 5/5

    By king at fish dom
    You don’t have to change the game is because it is already so good maybe add a new update with a sharks as an option for a pet and you can trade five fish in for a shark I Love your game byeeeeeeeee
  • meh 3/5

    By what do i put here ?!??!
    it's okay, nothing like the ads
  • Made it to Level 286 & I Quit! 2/5

    By XThrashedX
    Found this game from a pop-up ad. Overall, love the artwork, music, creative puzzles, and challenges. MAKE MORE fish-eating MINI-GAMES! The ads for this game don’t represent actual gameplay at all. I can’t become a whale or shark. Instead I waste time caring to build different aquariums and solve similar puzzles, WHY!!! Also, the majority of the game is similar puzzles repeated. They become increasingly harder. The more lvls you gain the more rewards they give you from events. You then subliminally get over-reliant on power-ups to win new levels to continue progression. You then get sucked into the Pay2Win money hole, just to do a new puzzle! Rinse and repeat. There’s better places to spend our time than playing a game that misleads you with its gameplay only to get you more addicted and frustrated to beat that last puzzle level that’s almost identical to the one 3 puzzles ago. Awareness is key. How can this game truly be fun?…if it just makes you spend the majority of your time frustrated or having to pay out more money on power ups just to get ahead over and over again. No thanks!
  • Not Fun anymore 1/5

    By Kameel53
    This game used to worth the gold pass. Now it is less moves, less rewarding, you get stuck for days, the pass has shorter period than it used to be, the power ups are not worth it. All That for you to keep buying. It turned from fun to money collecting. I took off my game bucket.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By djuan53
    Awesome game
  • Fun! Just ads 4/5

    By emrysBun
    Love this game except for the ads
  • Not what I thought 1/5

    By fdassfujv
    Honestly tired of games like this advertising the “mini games” and not the actual game. Got it so I could be a fish eating other fish, but no I’m basically playing ocean candy crush🥲🥲
  • I completely did it today 5/5

    By dadzpeach
  • Landscape Mode 3/5

    By Jillxz
    I uninstalled this game for two reasons. Number one , you have to play in landscape mode which I don’t like to do and do not play any game that requires playing in landscape mode. The second reason I uninstalled is because the little fish told me her name and asked for mine and the keyboard came up to type my name. I decided immediately that this game wasn’t for me. I gave it three stars because of these two reasons. Allow a person to play in portrait mode and don’t ask for a name and I’ll change my rating to five stars.
  • Good Game 5/5

    By angelina.all.over
    Very fun easy game play. There’s like no ads except for in game stuff. it’s amazing. they could give out a few more gems more often but i get why they don’t. the fish and aquariums are cute ☺️
  • Ads 2/5

    By Noah Hilgenberg
    When you see the ads, this game looks a lot different from what it really is. This game is not advertised properly
  • Bad 1/5

    By Bota99
    Nothing like the add
  • Love it😊💕 5/5

    By isidjdjaakusksqjodi
    This is the best game I’ve seen so far! Everyone… or should I say every fish is so positive and makes wonderful comments that really motivates me to play it some more!! And the sound effects are so satisfying! And very calming. But the thing I love most is that there is many new aquariums and NO ADS!! That is what makes this game so calming! But I have 1 suggestion… maybe can you put some more mini games because those are really fun! For example the mini games where you can eat fish and grow up to more levels and beat monsters. I would love to see more off those!! Overall, This is the best game ever💕 keep up the good work!
  • Duplicate Charges 1/5

    By Needster
    Be weary of this game - I have been on more then one occasion been charge duplicate times for in-store purchases and Apple denied me a refund on them. It’s a shame because this was my favorite game and I really enjoyed playing it ☹️
  • PAY TO WIN SCAM. 1/5

    By mikecruzmusic
    Game reaches a point where you cannot progress unless you pay for power-ups. Some levels take up to 500 tries (limited to 5 lives per 30 minutes) before you complete a level. Bad game. Created to get you addicted and then not let you play without paying money. Uninstalled.
  • It’s ok fun but they want you to pay for everything all the time 3/5

    By Mrs. Parkey
    It’s an ok game. Very unlike Royal Match where if you don’t win after so many tries you will and it’s free. No pressure to buy. Fishdom wants you to pay for every little thing and when you use all the cheats and stills you don’t win. It is so frustrating and pressures to buy more which will get expensive fast.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By twstdpear
    Every single ad for this game shows the fish eating others and increasing in size. Even the app tile shows that. All I’ve ever seen in this game is the block breaker.
  • Great Fun and Relaxing 5/5

    By FunnySpirit810
    I like this game to pass the time and stimulate my mind. It’s lots of fun!
  • My favorite part 5/5

    By garyspeck
    I love the game!
  • Cuteness overload 4/5

    By Dottie8123
    This game is colorful and cute. I just love all the fish and other things I can add. The only reasons I gave it 4 stars is because the part that pops up to read when this are talking disappears to fast. U should add a tap option after its read. And there doesn’t seem to be enough room in the aquarium for all the decorations it seems a little crowded.
  • Account blocked for suspicious activity?? 1/5

    By flappypenguinz21
    Was fully prepared to give this game a 5 star review. Had a blast playing, won 529 levels in a little over a day. Was leading my team in the crown competition and then all of a sudden I get banned for suspicious activity. Not sure if they flagged that it was suspicious from me winning the levels so fast? I have spent hundreds on this game on my iPad but because of this I am deleting the game on both my new phone and the iPad and I’ll spend my money elsewhere. All the progress and time I’ve spent has been for nothing and I wrote to their customer service and they DO NOT respond so save your time.
  • Yasssss 5/5

    By Barrythevxhy chk
  • Well developed but you need to pay to win 3/5

    By Disc27
    It’s a great game and for the most part well developed. There are no ads but the consistent ads to buy in game micro transactions take their place. (Although all games now are pay to win). Also when you get to higher levels, the game will not give you ANY moves to actually complete the level [of course if you buy their micro transactions you will!]. You will be stuck on levels for days until it gives you one chance to beat it. I like a challenge but this is just forcing a pay to win. It’s fun when you are challenged to plan your strategy on difficult levels, and create combo’s. The mini game with the clown fish seems to be a little rough around the edges but still fun to have a change of play. The holiday storylines are fun, although become quite arduous having to keep doing extra tasks to complete the storyline.
  • Not working anymore 2/5

    By jin7886
    It’s glitching and closing out before I can even get past the main screen
  • Boring!! 1/5

    By Dianna’s Apps
    I wish you would stop advertising these really cool puzzles in “Fishdom” when all there is there are really boring match 3. I don’t want to play match 3. I don’t want to decorate sheds or aquariums. I just want to get the little fish out of a pickle or get big fish swallowing little fish. I have yet to see any of the games in the ads!
  • Really awesome 5/5

    By nuggetmaria
    Really fun game, no ads, fun mini games, and awesome animations 10/10 would recommend!
  • Bffg 4/5

    By bunny bon bon🍭💔💰⚽️🥇
    I think you need to tell the truth in the add.
  • Deleted game 1/5

    By carlycroch
    This game is a money trap and becoming more so. You have made it impossible to have fun and earn rewards without spending money. Such a shame that your developers changed the game so much.
  • Why can't I eat fish I saw in the ad i eat fish but I actually can't in the game 1/5

    By Random_Reveiwer
  • Love it 5/5

    By Vonnagale
    Good Game
  • WHAT?! 1/5

    By Rex The cat that likes goats
    OK so you’re supposed to be able to do this minigame thing and you can do it like once!? it’s not what was advertised I want to be able play the mini games but you have to di this and that before you can i read the rivues and they say it’s pretty good like dude what!?
  • Not what’s advertised 2/5

    By nathanlking
    This is NOT the game you see in all the ads. It’s semi fun but super frustrating. You use a life (heart) whether you win or lose a level unlike most games where you just use one when you lose. And a lot of times you’ll play once and it will take two lives so you can play just a bit and then wait for more lives.
  • Super fun aside from the scamming 1/5

    By pwincesspoopy
    This game probably costs more money to play (and win) than if you were to literally go and gamble off your money. In order to get more lives to even play the game, you must spend money. In order to beat the levels, you must spend money. In order to beat a lot of the levels you need boosts and powerups, which cost money. You can barely play for a good length of time without encountering a complete roadblock that can only be alleviated by spending money. I was so excited to play at first, and spent some money to continue playing and then as I passed level after level, the levels have become so hard that it is absolutely impossible to advance without spending more money to buy more powerups. It is a fun and entertaining game with tons of features and things to do- for a price. And a pretty recurring price. I can only imagine how much money this game is making from kids begging their parents for money for powerups and boosts and extra lives every 10 minutes, but I guess that is their plan anyway. A highly profitable concept. I downloaded this game after seeing ads for it on a game I play regularly. I love that game so much I almost want to contact them and advise them they are hosting advertisements for a game that is a cash grab, since that’s not what they do I wonder if they are okay being associated with that. Honestly, even if I had a bottomless wallet I would not invest in this game as it prompts you to make a purchase to even continue playing at all so frequently that it feels ridiculous. I regret the money I spent on this game and I wish I spent it on a different game or app so that the money I spent would even make a lasting difference in my gameplay. It felt like such a scam that I wish I were able to get a refund. Fun game but it’s too greedy to properly enjoy (unless you don’t care to literally burn your money).
  • Horrible Game…pay to play 1/5

    By A857687
    This game is fun until you have to pay to play and the download space is ridiculous. I haven’t reviewed a game before, but I hope you don’t make the same mistakes did to pay for this game play…there’re plenty more of other no cost games instead of this piece of junk. Diner dash is a great alternative ☺️ I would give it negative stars.
  • Just Keep Swimming - It’s not worth it. 1/5

    By Venus S.
    Yeah. I know, I know. Most mobile game apps are deceptive to some level. Even my very favorite games run sensationalized ads full of not-quite-truths in order to get you to download and play the game. However, Fishdom manages to stand out by showing maybe two percent of it’s actual gameplay through the advertisements. You’d think that this was a cute feeding frenzy game with ocean fish. Nah. Those greater vs. lesser fish levels are actually just minigames you get to play between bog-standard match three levels. As soon as I realized I uninstalled immediately. With hundreds, possibly thousands of identical match three Bejeweled clones on the market, you think someone would at least attempt to try something new. On top of that, this game is just as money hungry as all the rest. It should be renamed Findom with how hard it tries to take money out of your pocket.
  • Screwed me out of money 2/5

    By Kaminari40
    I’d accumulated many rewards, then needed to purchase more diamonds to continue. I had to change the payment method, but after doing so was forced to start over! The whole point was to continue from where I was! I tried reaching out, but it was all auto responses the led nowhere and it was absolutely impossible to even request a real person! I loved the game until they screwed me like this. No more money. No more.
  • Ads were wrong… 3/5

    By kotlc power
    I had watched all the ads and they say that they are mini games that you play but then I downloaded the game and it turned out to be a Candy Crush Rip-off. I did like to name all the fish and then make names for them
  • Im giving this game a one. 1/5

    By Katzz😨
    The reason I’m giving the game a one is because its kinda stressful for example when you lose a game it makes the fishes hearts go down and also the game is just kinda boring I’m sorry Fishdom developers please forgive me but this is only my opinion.😞
  • SO WORTH IT 5/5

    By Girly with the cute butt
    first of all I love how the fish talk to you lol, and the levels are easy but hard, also on the add it shows a clip of the game people say it’s fake but it just a mini game which is really fun. Overall it’s a really fun game
  • no 1/5

    By Ting can 111
    only gave this a 1 bc i can’t a zero this game is nothing like the ad
  • Please read 😊 4/5

    By gdiukgbk
    This game is super fun but it could use an update.. So when you first see the advertisment it seems really fun but when i got it it doesn't have ANYWHERE NEAR as much minigames as it said. It only has two. And it goes over and over again. The first one is the in where you eat other fish and it only lasts for 20 second's, an the second one is a candy crush type game. It's fun but it gets boring. Thanks for reading! 😄
  • Game not as advertised 1/5

    By RedHoncho
    While this game is somewhat fun the ads for it are very misleading. The mini games shown are only offered after completing several other levels. The game is highly monetized. If you want to advance to higher levels expect to spend your hard earned money. This game should be removed from the App Store for false advertising.