FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans

FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans

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FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans App

Lose weight & get fit anytime, anywhere with free, personalized workout plans. Never pay for fitness again! Achieve your health and fitness goals with unlimited access to the best workout classes - from cardio to strength training to HIIT, yoga, Pilates, dance and more - all from top celebrity trainers like Cassey Ho (of Blogilates), Jeanette Jenkins, Katie Dunlop (of Love Sweat Fitness), Christine Bullock, Kenta Seki, Danielle Pascente and many more. AMAZING WORKOUTS. ABSOLUTELY FREE. • Quick & effective workouts from celebrity trainers • Turn your phone, laptop or TV into your gym • No subscription. No hidden costs. Seriously. PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS • Customized workout plan to reach your goals • Lose weight, build muscle, get toned or relieve stress POPULAR WORKOUTS • Cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, yoga, Pilates, Barre and more • Browse by workout category, body part, length and intensity • Quick Hit 10 minute workouts for when you're short on time • Workout anytime on-demand or join a live class STAY MOTIVATED • Live leaderboard for friendly competition • Track your progress & share with friends • See real-time heart rate using HealthKit + Apple Watch Plus, access workouts online from your TV or computer:

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FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans app reviews

  • Thank you for putting an free app ! It’s REAL 5/5

    By Alexia_R
    I am so amazed that finally I found a app that is totally free and help us out to keep in shape! Thank you so much to whoever started this app and I highly recommended to everyone that would like to keep a health life and be active. I am behind happy!😘❤️😘
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By TierraBran22
    I recently just started using this app. I love it! I hate having to pay for a gym membership and really just want to use my own body weight and this lets me do just that!! I haven’t worked out in over 3-4 years guaranteed and I felt the burn in the first 5 MINUTES!! I had to make modifications to my workout of course. But I love how I don’t have to pay for anything, and I never do the same workout 2x
  • I think I may be in LOVE!! 5/5

    By Last Name Love
    I just joined this app and so far I’ve really enjoyed it. The instructor was great and it was long enough for me stuck with it!!
  • Need a coach 4/5

    By Jneed8543
    Just about to turn 30, about 12 pounds shy of my pre-baby weight and just had my third baby two months ago. I am someone who really benefits by having a coach there to instruct and lead. This app has been awesome. I love the instructors, the personalization and that there is actual video and audio recordings of the workouts. And that it’s free! I’m started the postpartum program. The only concern I have is that I question some of the moves, my having diastasis recti. Otherwise, I’m very happy I found this app
  • Awesome workouts 5/5

    By VronniQ
    The first Pilates video I tried was less than 20 minutes and kicked my butt! It was awesome! There are so many different types of workouts available so you will never get bored. I can’t believe this app is free. It seems too good to be true.
  • Love it 😊 5/5

    By laci strawberry
    I totally love this app , It is totally free!
  • One word... WOW! 5/5

    By mrsjcandrews
    1. It’s free 2. It’s easy to use 3. SO MANY WORKOUT OPTIONS! 4. I’m so so so sore - haha - which means it’s working!
  • wow 5/5

    By goatmum
    I always call BS on Instagram ads that claim that their app is completely free so naturally I clicked on this one to see what it was all about. everything is 100% free and they have a bunch of workouts, you can make a completely free workout plan, give feedback, and show progress. it’s too good to believe tbh but this app has been working super well for me and I can’t even fathom the fact that it’s completely free.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By luvmeraz
    Fantastic workouts no excuses for not working out anymore
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By alexe23brown
    This App is awesome , it’s legit free! No in-app purchases and the workouts are great!!! A wonderful variety for all different levels/intensities/workouts I love it!!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By lmp1121
    I’m seriously hooked on this app. Absolutely love it! I wish it would sync actual workouts with my Apple Watch but at least it tracks my heart rate so my exercise ring does show my progress and my calories burned, just not my actual activity.
  • Finally!!! A really FREE app to work out!!! 5/5

    By BSabella
    I have been searching for what feels like forever to find the perfect workout videos without paying an arm and a leg. FitOn makes it easy for me to find workouts that work for me, they are categorized by what type of workout and by what areas they will help, even ones for pre and postnatal. Thank you for creating an app that will help me get back to the body I want and miss. Also, the trainers make me feel motivated, not beat down if I can’t do a move, major plus.
  • Actually FREE 5/5

    By Hay_Bails
    No subscriptions. No “paid” classes. No stopping you. Also first workout app that offers everything! From yoga, to full body, to pre and post natal for crying out loud! First GOOD prenatal workout on an app! Love it
  • Wow!! 5/5

    By knk256
    Started my workouts today and wow! It was great! Excited to see what workout is for tomorrow. I love that they have different workouts I can do as extra too. So far I love t!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Emann1122
    This app has a large selection of workouts, varying types of exercise, and the workouts often show you modifications for different fitness levels. The only thing I would suggest is adding the ability to link Fitbit or other fitness trackers. Currently you can only link to an Apple Watch.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ag4870
    It’s so easy in the comfort of your home no one to judge you thank you
  • Believe it 5/5

    By auntiejojo92
    Beautiful app! So many options and I am hoping to link up with a girlfriend so we can do workouts together! Also a bonus is that there are prenatal and postnatal work outs!!! By the way, I was skeptical about signing up thinking there would be some catch like needing a membership. NO SUCH THING. Try it. It’s the next best thing since target. There I said it..... 🤭😅😍
  • Love it 5/5

    By ToriM05
    Loved every burn! Great app and community. Easy to use with great instructors.
  • Love this app it has changed my body ! 5/5

    By kaileigh claire
    This is my favorite fitness app. So many different classes from amazing instructors. I am a stay at home mom and I love that I can do this from home while my daughter is napping. Love that there are different length classes that I always have time to do doing these 10-40 min classes has changed my body more than attending 2 hours doing different classes at the gym !
  • Finally!! 5/5

    By Cooperb3
    I’m so excited to finally find a FREE workout app! Spending money on workout and fitness programs is just not in my budget. This is totally free, easy to use, and has a great variety of workouts. I’m in love! 😍
  • You Got This!! 5/5

    By Mackenzie1286
    Awesome App!! I highly recommend to anyone!!! So, if you are interested in a fun way to get toned, build muscle, lose weight or to just stay fit you should try this incredible app!!’ Don’t be scared!! Let’s do this!!! You got this!! If I can do this well you can as well!! And it cost nothing but time and devotion!!
  • Best Workout App Ever 5/5

    By Mers10
    This app is 100% free. It’s literally the best. I’ve been looking for a free workout app for a very long time but haven’t found one, until now. I recommend this app to anyone. There is all levels of intensity and anyone can do it.
  • Unreal 5/5

    By livwalter
    This app is COMPLETELY free. I didn’t believe it at first. Most apps give you so many days free and then you can sign up for some sort of membership. This app has videos that explain the work outs so well! There’s all kinds of workouts! Yoga, meditation, stretching, and workouts to do while you’re pregnant and after! I never write reviews but this app deserved it! :)
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Art is the way
    Me and my friend workout everyday and we workout together our favorite instructor is cassey ho! We love that the intensity levels are from 1 to 3 so we know how hard to work love yall❤️
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By HalieDavis
    I have been following YouTube videos for years! I'm so happy with this app!
  • Yes to FREE!!! 5/5

    By Massy_09
    Love the variety of workouts and live/on-demand sessions.
  • Almost too good to be true! 5/5

    By ewallac4
    As far as I can tell it really is free and the workouts are smart, up to date and fun! I love that you can change it up and there’s still challenges to inspire you to do more! As someone that’s just starting work this is the answer Ive been looking for! I will continue to use this app now as my main workout companion! Side note please add some kick boxing it’s my favorite! 🙏🏻
  • Quality and free! 5/5

    By vmtcbt
    It’s so hard finding an app that is free with good workouts. Nothing is off limits. The whole app is available without paying anything.
  • Variety and choices!!! 5/5

    By corrae4
    Love the variety so many options for exercises, styles, trainers and it’s FREE thank you so so much!!!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By kc121374
    This is so nice, and it is free! Srsly, AMAZING!!
  • Love this app but with there was a nutrition section 4/5

    By Pancake game
    I LOVE this app. I’m actually excited to go to the gym and work out. AND it’s free. The only thing I wish was different was a nutrition section because nutrition is half the battle. Otherwise, amazing app. Definitely recommend downloading it.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By bubblythoughts1528
    So happy that I discovered this app! I’m in a new routine in my life where I need to stay fit, stay healthy and stay focused. Discovering this app has helped me accomplish this. Thank you so much!
  • Love 5/5

    By shonna17
    They have tons of workouts with all different types. Best thing is it’s truly free
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By chanita13
    I am so excited that I found a FREE workout app. I tried it for the first time today and let me tell you, the workouts are amazing. Thank you thank you for making this free. This app is going to help me achieve my weight loss goal.
  • Exactly what I’ve been looking for! 5/5

    By Tallie Karapetian
    Completely free, super effective, fun workouts with quite a few trainers to choose from. Could not be better!
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By Dmommiee2016
    Workouts get you sweating! I was weary about hidden fees or having to buy different workouts like most workouts apps. But there are no in app purchases as far as I can see. Excited to try the yoga videos! I recommend this app!
  • Great 5/5

    By Kbybee26
    I love how easy and convenient it is to find a workout I want to do. There is great variety. The instructors are fantastic. They explain the positions very well so I know I have good form. Theses have been great workouts for me. I even do the meditation ones.

    By teamME815
    I was highly skeptical in the beginning thinking that the app would be free to download but I would have to pay to get a certain type of workout. But I just did a workout and not only was it free, it was good! The trainers were encouraging, the workout was challenging, and I definitely feel more motivated to workout knowing that I’m not wasting my time or my money on subpar workouts!
  • Awesome App!! But a few suggestions... 5/5

    By happythoughts8822
    I love the idea of a free workout app and the videos on FitOn really do offer a fulfilling experience but I’ve noticed a couple flaws in the app: 1. When using Chromecast, the app does not record the workout which is kind of sad because I like using my tv for workout 2. Can there be a “view” mode so that people can see a workout before deciding to do it, this way it wouldn’t show up in workout history Other than that, this is an awesome app and I love how famous fitness people like blogilates is featured (and for free?!!!) would totally recommend to a friend! Another suggestion: have a calendar where people can plan their workout schedule
  • Love! 5/5

    By EMercy90
    I was looking for an app like this so I could workout on my own at my gym and this is perfect loveee the classes and instructors such crazy and great workouts!!
  • Classes Never Load 3/5

    By total basket case
    I absolutely loved this app-it’s free, there are a huge variety of workouts, and I can stream them anywhere. Then the classes stopped loading. I’ve contacted their support team multiple times and while they’re always very responsive, the issue never seems to be resolved, no matter how many times I contact them or update my app. It’s really frustrating and doesn’t seem like it will be fixed anytime soon.
  • i love this app! 5/5

    By fixucldply
    literally it’s the first free workout app i’ve seen. the workouts are so good and I love them! I use them at the gym when I am tired of the machines or at home when I can’t make it to the gym. it would be amazing if there was an option for me to play my music while still watching the video. other than that I LOVE this app and would recommend to everyone!
  • So good - can’t believe it’s free 5/5

    By JH041981
    So many apps advertise being free, and then you get into the app and all the good stuff costs money, so I was skeptical. This one seems totally legit - every workout is free. And the workouts are awesome! It feels like this should be one of those subscriptions apps because the video quality is fantastic. I’ve signed up for free trials to some other fitness apps. This one is definitely the best I’ve tried so far and the fact that it’s free is icing on the cake!
  • I’d pay for this - and I hate paying for apps! 5/5

    By sky up hogh
    I’ve been using this since 5/31. I’ve paid for other fitness apps, but this one is HANDS DOWN THE BEST! Soooo many workouts, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored, let alone do the same one twice! If you’re wondering, is there a catch, is it actually free? As far as I can see, there’s no catch! No ads either! Not sure how they’re able to do this, but THANK YOU FITON! This app is incredible!
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Greyley
    It’s like your own little community for getting healthy — not at all judgy or weird and you can literally do it whenever or wherever and invite all your friends. I can’t believe it’s free honestly (please don’t ever change that). Such a good app a million times thank you
  • Finally! 5/5

    By ChrlCff
    Finally a free workout app! I had been searching for an app exactly like this, but I kept running across monthly memberships I didn’t want. I love the setup of this app and the workouts are perfect. You select what you want out of the app and the time you can put into it. Thank you so much for the perfect workout app!
  • Awesome app!!!! 5/5

    By Used bridge
    I have many workout videos, which I do love and have paid for many site like beach body and ladies edge. This by far is my favorite 😉😃🤗
  • Great 5/5

    By borajeona
    Free and amazing. I’m not sure how it’s free though, since I don’t see any ads?? But super refreshing and motivating app!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By skristofco
    I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this app and the fact that it’s free it’s just a super extra bonus. It has various workouts for all skill levels hitt, yoga, dance just to name a few! It rivals many of the subscription fitness app that I have used over the years. If you have not tried this app, I highly recommend you do so. I'm loving it!

FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans app comments

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