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Lose weight and get fit anytime, anywhere with free exercise videos and personalized workout plans. Get fit, feel great, and start working out for free today! Stay active, reduce stress, and feel good with unlimited access to free workouts and meditations. Get your sweat on with celebrity trainers and read articles on how to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Achieve your health and fitness goals with unlimited access to the best workout classes - from cardio to strength training to HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and much more. With FitOn you’re guaranteed to find a class you love. Plus, you’ll get to work out with top celebrity trainers like Cassey Ho (of Blogilates), Jeanette Jenkins, Katie Dunlop, Christine Bullock, Kenta Seki, Danielle Pascente, and many more. Plus, EXCLUSIVE workouts led by Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Jonathan Van Ness. Also, reduce stress, get better sleep, improve breathing, relax your body and rejuvenate your mind with short and effective meditations. AMAZING WORKOUTS • Quick & effective workouts from celebrity trainers • Exclusive workouts with Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough & JVN • No gym? No problem. Turn your home into a fitness studio with your phone, laptop or TV • No subscription required, no limits - it’s that simple. PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS • Reach your goals with customized workout plans • Lose weight, build muscle, tone up or reduce stress with plans that work for you WORKOUTS FOR EVERYONE • Enjoy cardio, strength, HIIT, dance, yoga, Pilates, Barre, and more • Browse by workout category, body part, length and intensity • Short on time? We’ve got quick HIIT 10-minute workouts so you can get your workout in fast! • Workout anytime on-demand or join an upcoming class GUIDED MEDITATIONS • Calming meditations to help reduce stress and anxiety • Guidance toward improved breathing • Increased relaxation for better sleep STAY MOTIVATED • Join the live leaderboard for friendly competition • Track your progress and share with friends • See real-time heart rate using Apple Health and Apple Watch • Real-time messaging with friends or workout partners Plus, you can access workouts online from your TV or computer: or download our app directly on Apple TV. ------ FITNESS IS ALWAYS FREE Reach your goals even faster and help support free fitness for everyone by upgrading to PRO: • Personalized meal plans • 500+ exclusive recipes • Live workout video calls with friends • Premium music from top artists • Unlimited offline downloads • Real-time heart rate with Fitbit & Garmin • And much more… Subscription Details Fitness is always 100% free - no strings attached. If you choose to subscribe to FitOn PRO for our additional features and to help support our mission you'll be billed annually, charged to your iTunes Account, which will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew can be turned off anytime by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Apple Health You can optionally choose to sync your workout activity to the Health app to share with other apps or close your rings if you have an Apple Watch. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans app reviews

  • Was fantastic, but stopped working 2/5

    By Mbettyb78
    I was loving this app. The videos are great, and I like being able to schedule reminders. However, my app will no longer open. I see the motivational message at the start, but that is all. I cannot access my workouts and have been using an alternative source. I’d still like to use FitOn, but my app won’t give me any further access.
  • App Stopped Opening 2/5

    By Vthabkful
    Love love love the app, but since the newest update, the app no longer opens unless I delete it completely off my phone and reinstall. The next time I try to open the app, it’s frozen again and I have to delete/download all over. Please help fix! I miss the workouts!
  • App won’t open 2/5

    By Codergirl76
    Looks like ever since the app had an update last week (week of March 13) the app doesn’t want to open. I get to the portion where they give you a quote, but then it won’t proceed into the app to play a workout. Not sure what happened. Oh and this is on my iPad that it won’t work. I can get it to open on my iPhone. I need some help please!
  • Great free option but stop moving the camera!! 3/5

    By Shcr3
    Love the workouts here and the instructors! Awesome free option with a ton of different choices from what to workout to times of workouts, but the one thing from preventing me giving 5 stars is the videography. Not sure who made the decision to move the camera shrike the instructors were doing reps, but WORST idea! Those of us who may have balance or vertigo issues this is terrible. You don’t need to move the camera for us to see the move, please stop doing this! I have to look away and then this messes me up more! I’m sure I’m not the only one having this issue, please STOP MOVING THE CAMERA!!!
  • L-O-V-E this app. 5/5

    By Tammers2001
    I use this daily and will continue to use it happily!!
  • ugh the email messages! 3/5

    By bbg130
    This app might be a lot better if they quit sending me email every day. I’ve unsubscribed every day for the past two weeks and I’m still getting email every day. I don’t need email to remind me to do anything. If I don’t stop getting daily email in the next week, I’m deleting the app.
  • Love the app but bugs need fixing 2/5

    By starrgazer4now
    Update: was told to reach out by email, however, after one suggestion they have stopped responding. Their “fix” was to have multiple apps running at the same time to ensure it logs my workout. I should not have to have my phone running the same workout as my tv when both had worked separately before. I love this app and it helps to keep me motivated, however I’ve discovered several bugs over the past couple weeks. I do my exercises every morning and when I went to load a video I noticed that the app deleted months of workouts on my calendar. I had to not only log off and back on but I also had to uninstall and reinstall before it fixed the issue. I am also a pro member and cast workouts onto my tv. The past couple casted workouts have not been recording themselves in my workout programs. It’s giving me credit that I’m doing them but my course and program are not reflecting a complete. I have sent an email but am still waiting to hear back. One last thing to note, the pro version includes recipes and a meal planner. I can’t figure out how to plan my own meals into the week, as I’m not a fan of what is preprogrammed in for me.
  • Constant spamming 1/5

    By lydiajjjjj
    I never even got to see the content of the app because the notifications and emails were so ridiculous. The notification every morning a couple of minutes before my alarm would be scheduled to go off was the worst, despite numerous attempts to turn off notifications. I already left an abusive relationship, I don’t need another one with a fitness app.
  • Loved the app before they made you pay for every aspect of if 3/5

    By slh116!
    The app does have amazing workouts and I still use it frequently but I miss the part where they created a cool little workout plan for you and chose workouts for you to do each week based on what your goal was (lean out, gain muscle, gain weight, lose weight, etc) now it everything on the app is subscription based.
  • Great App (with a couple reasons why) 5/5

    By hillesi
    Hey FitOn! I’m a determined 12 year old soccer player who wants to keep himself fit. I saw this app recently and I’m like “Why not give this a go?” So I did a few workouts, browse the mainframe and I love the app. I like the fact that there are also advisory tips so I could search through the pantry and ask if I could make a healthy snack for breakfast. The workouts are also decent, I’m doing the 2 intensity ones (since I’m 12 imo.) They burn not they’re not ridiculously challenging for me that I fall on the floor and give up. So yeah, nice app, ThatOneFitnessKid
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By youseeurgypsy
    I can’t say enough good things about this app. I have lost about 40lbs since I started using this app. I feel better, I’m in better shape, I feel healthier. This app is seriously the best.
  • So many pop ups for a paid subscription 2/5

    By City Forester
    I would give you 6 stars, FitOn, if you would stop with all the pop ups. So many. I already paid. Just let me stretch in ☮️
  • LOVE! 5/5

    By Sunflower1014
    Love love love this app! So many workouts-you can search by time, intensity, type of workout, target area, etc. so helpful for a busy mom like myself-I don’t have to put a ton of time and effort into planning-just pick a quick workout and go. Love it!
  • Only for young healthy people 2/5

    By Cat113331
    This is not an app if you are older, or if you have a bad knee, back, etc. In addition , this is not an app for beginners. The only thing that I could do was the meditations, but that is not exercise. They need to come up with something like chair yoga, and other easier exercises for people who are not in shape do to age, disability, weight, etc. If you are in your 50+ years, not in shape, have health issues, etc, I would Not recommend this app because it can cause injuries.
  • Update 5/5

    By RM2117
    03-01-2023 Update: I reached out via email and I was appreciative that FitOn tech support assisted in resolving the issue readily. The app itself is great and love the variety it has to offer. I have become more driven and motivated to take charge of my workouts. Might I also add I love the trainer Jeanette! I am truly grateful for the results and effectiveness of her workouts! Thank you for the assistance and for the great app. *~*~*~*~* It was working fine until today when I wanted to complete a work out and it fails to load. I have already deleted and uninstall it to see if that would correct the issue and I am still unable to have it load on my phone. I paid the pro version and have been using this app diligently. Please fix this issue.
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By San_Cha
    I can connect my Apple Watch and monitor my heart rate while doing the workouts, and check my post-workout performance in the Apple fitness app. The workouts are challenging but also not impossible. The trainers are awesome and I’m so glad I found this app. I’m also checking out the Apple Fitness Pro app and I don’t like it as much.
  • You get what you pay for 1/5

    By Journeyman2015
    It might be a free app, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth your time. The app immediately racks up three strikes against it that any fitness expert worth their salt will point out with little difficulty: 1) There is nothing geared to beginners or those with mobility issues. The only filter, for workout intensity, doesn’t do nearly enough to help you find what you need or want. 2) Only about half of the trainers are certified professionals. This is not okay because only certified personal trainers have the credentials required to be current and competent. 3) You are not allowed to ask the trainers questions about the workouts. If you need help modifying an exercise to meet your limitations, good luck with that. Bottom line: Don’t use this app unless a) you’re a self-starter with a high tolerance for frustration and b) have concluded after extensive research that you can’t afford an in-person CPT and will have to make do. You’re otherwise being set up to fail by an interface that is not user-friendly with only a questionable-at-best lineup of trainers.
  • The only app you need 5/5

    By myevilsmile
    I deleted all my other apps. This one gives me everything I need.
  • Great if you’re already fit. Otherwise … nope. 3/5

    By Cat104
    FitOn has an awesome variety of workouts, plenty of options for short sessions, stretching, and all types of cardio. The app has a very good interface that makes enables you to search for specific intensity, body parts, instructors, etc. The video production is very high quality. It’s a great app … as long as you’re basically in good shape already. If you’re a larger person, less flexible, arthritic, or physically challenged in any way, try a different app. Or the instructors could just say “If you have knee or hip pain, do it this way instead” or “For those with larger bellies or chests, you can modify the move this way…” I haven’t seen that, though.
  • Best Fitness App! 5/5

    By nwood415
    I’ve tried other fitness apps and even YouTube workouts, and nothing has come close to FitOn. The variety of classes is great and has pushed me to try new types of exercises. Having the option to do a short 5-10 minute workout or combine a couple short classes into one workout has been especially helpful as I try to ease my way back into a habit to regular exercise. The only thing I wish it had was a function to plan/schedule my workouts for the week.
  • Not what I was expecting 2/5

    By jsueck
    The app seems to be described as an all access platform where you can access particular workouts on demand. When entering into the “workouts” tab, there are only a few different courses that are displayed. No options for the user to select a section of the body they want to work out, or any user friendly options. The interface for the recipes looks nice, and could be useful, but more work needs done into the primary part of the application; the workouts and workout plans. Attempted to change workout preferences, and an error message is presented: user goal missing(when trying to save workout favorites) or “child startWeek fails because must be one of [4,8,12,1000]”. App is buggy and needs to be fixed for iOS to be tailored to the user.
  • Can’t cancel 1/5

    By Kandedad
    I thought this app was what I was looking for. It has a lot of great stuff, but just not what I needed. Problem is that now I CAN NOT figure out how to cancel it. There isn’t a place anywhere to cancel it and it automatically renews. I have emailed the company 2 times with no response. Help!
  • Meal Plans 3/5

    By dvaiuso
    Am I the only one with recipe issues? I paid for the upgrade specifically for the (I thought) convenient meal planner. I have several issues with it. #1). When I FIRST signed up, I was able to view the next week’s menu and shopping list. Loved it! After the first week of membership Ican view the next week’s menu, but couldnt access a shopping list. So I’ve been having to wait until Monday morning to have a list for the week. Sorry, no breakfast or lunch until I shop that day. I don’t eat breakfast, but still. I want access to my shopping list BEFORE i have to go shopping. #2). Second shopping list complaint: even though I change the number of servings in the recipes, it doesn’t always carry over into the shopping list! I come home with hundreds of dollars worth of food from Whole Foods (three towns over) only to discover that I don’t have enough of certain ingredients, or too much of others. What is the point of the “save” option then? #3). MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT ABOUT THE RECIPES: WAY too many of them are incomplete!!! Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to select 14 interesting-looking foods for the week, shop for them, discover that not only you don’t have enough for the portions you need (reference previous complaints) but THEN almost half of them say something to the effect of “for the dressing combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk together” when there are NO INGREDIENTS LISTED. So, even if I knew what the ingredients should be, they’ve clearly not been purchased. It’s lucky that I’m an excellent cook and can throw together a dressing or sauce on the fly. But my cooking skills are what got me overweight in the first place! I don’t leave reviews often, and try to be fair when I do. The recipes are pretty damned good, for the most part, WHEN THEY’RE COMPLETE. And I have no complaints about the workouts. Which are free. My complaints, unfortunately, all pertain to what I PAID FOR.
  • Best 5/5

    By meree023
    No gimmicks, FREE workouts and interesting things to read about fitness. This ApP is nothing like so called Free apps. The information and the training you get is quit impressive, thank you so very much.
  • Awesome app, only one complaint 4/5

    By tay1836
    I absolutely love this app and have used it for years. My only suggestion or complaint; we should be able to dislike a trainer or select which trainers workouts we want recommended to us when we follow a program. There are some trainers on the app that I absolutely love, some that I don’t mind, and there are some that I just don’t like their workouts / training styles, and they never do it for me. Unfortunately, those seem to be the ones on my plan a lot. I’d love to be able to “dislike” the trainer so that other workouts are recommended in place. That will mean less time of me scrolling around trying to find a good workout to start. Other than that, I think you all are doing an awesome job!
  • Not Free 1/5

    By Nick-Name$
    It’s free to download but it ends there. They will spam you multiple times daily. You can’t even sample what they offer without subscribing to premium content.
  • This is the App! 5/5

    By great App to keep track
    I have never enjoyed working out but with this app. it’s changes everything.
  • Love but please add Type/Category option to my favorites 5/5

    By DrmAngel420
    Absolutely love the app. I just wish that under favorites there was another filter option to go by categories (Yoga/Meditation/Barre/Pilates/Strength). I save and repeat several types of workouts depending on my mood or what I want to work on and it’s time consuming to search. Or add Meditation as a category since mine are sprinkled in and can’t separate them based on the filters w/ out including other workouts like yoga or short workout videos when I’m in a time crunch. I think it would definitely help.
  • What’s going on?!? 3/5

    By Neezy915
    Is this how you guys get people to buy in? Stop the workout in the middle of the session and don’t let me start or continue even after Wi-Fi and mobile services have been checked several times?!? How rude! And totally unexpected, which adds to the reason I gave three stars because other than that, I LOVE THE APP. It’s the one thing that’s kept me motivated to workout. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Server issues 3/5

    By Slots~ho
    I started with your app a few days ago. This morning, I was unable to workout to any of the video instructions. I got a continuous spinning wheel. I rebooted my phone and was still unable to access a workout. I checked my Wifi and rebooted that as well. Since the issue was not on my end, I believe it was your server. I am hoping this was just a glitch and the app has a much better consistency rate. I will try again this evening. However, spending time trying to triage takes away from my scheduled workout time.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By jijjib
    I like the workouts and coaches so far, content is great. But… When I open the app, the message “user goal not found” pops up perhaps 10 times. When I start a workout, again the same message pops up every minute or so. During the workout my pulse appears on my Apple Watch which is nice. At the end of the workout it’s not clear what I’m supposed to do next. Tapping Hamburger-like menu just gives me “user goal not found”. I have to back out, at which time I’m told the workout was 0 minutes , 0 calories burned, a bit frustrating when I’m still out of breath. I can then rate the workout, option to share, etc. Workout does not appear in my workout history on either the FitOn app or Apple fitness. Yes I know there’s a red button to allow sharing with Apple fitness. Guess what message I get when I press it? Yeah, user goal not found. FitOn was flawless however when it came to charging my credit card. I guess I paid for an App which doesn’t work. It’s surprising given all the great reviews.
  • Amazing butttt 4/5

    By !Sam1958
    This app is amazing! It’s the only fitness program that I actually follow, and have actively followed and been consistent for about 4 years. I love the workouts and I love the trainers. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because I keep losing the calendar feature. With the calendar you could pre plan your workouts for the next 12 weeks so you could be organized and not spend the next 20 minutes just trying to pick one. I absolutely LOVE this app, but please please bring the calendar back!
  • Continues to be my “go to” 5/5

    By LoMartin41
    I really enjoy this app the work outs are fun- I have choices of the type, the duration and intensity. The instructors are fun, inspiring and encouraging. The app connects with my Apple Watch, Apple health, Fitness Pal, and Weight Watchers. Love it! And been loving it for years and it’s still free!!!!
  • Stop looking. Download this. 5/5

    By Jdevus
    Best workout app, the trainers are great, the variety is awesome, they have live classes out on demand, programs, challenges, and it’s free. Plus it’s not even that expensive to sign up, I ended up doing it because of how much I was using the app I decided they deserved it!! I hate the other apps that make you sign up for a trial before even letting you into the app, FitOn has it correct, they are confident in their product so they don’t need to force a commitment after 7 days or whatever. Thank you fiton!
  • I thought this app was free?! 1/5

    By Rosanne7773
    I went to try a work out and it costs. Don’t advertise something is free when it’s not.
  • Overal good app but updates annoying 3/5

    By sucheng
    Overall the app and workouts are great, BUT this is a huge annoyance: stop forcing me to update when I can’t! I’m on an older iPad, and the app still works fine, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I open the app it makes me go to the App Store and pretend to update my app... which I can’t, because my platform is no longer supported, so why are you making me go to the App Store? Again, this is a HUGE ANNOYANCE to what would otherwise be a five star app. /rant over
  • Fit on WAS great! 3/5

    By FOXXE
    Love this app! I also enjoy their tips and notifications to help me schedule my workouts! Until I couldn’t cast to my TV. They want you to pay. Not happy with that.
  • Little bit click bait 4/5

    By valkyriez91
    I think the app would be fine but my issue is that when it popped up for me it states, no fees, no ads and no subscription. I spend time filling the whole thing out, click the workout I’d like to try and boom $24.99 to access workout.
  • Great workouts but glitchy 4/5

    By BAPwarrior0126
    Love that I can easily save favorite workouts into a list and schedule them days or weeks in advance but sometimes the calendar event disappears from my iPhone and I have to go searching for it again. Casting it into my tv or laptop is also not straight forward…took me 15 mins to set it up on my tv. It also doesn’t pick up on my HR all the time when I work out. So accuracy could use some work.
  • Definitely worth it! 5/5

    By Veronica Nadine
    I absolutely love this app and is been committed for about 3 years now. I love that I can work out on my own pace and the trainers are all amazing! I love that I can work out with my best friend who lives thousands miles away and I love that we can support and follow each other’s journeys. Thank you fit on!
  • Free professional workouts! 5/5

    By jennifervu
    Love that you get access to a variety of free workouts of different types (dance, yoga, barre, HIIT) of varying difficulty levels led by professionals that you can do in your own home!! Honestly needs to be shared more! I love how it's truly free!
  • Recommend downloading 5/5

    By Kimi1234*
    Great work out app! I love the selection of different classes it has.
  • um.. AMAZING!!!!!! 5/5

    By ummmmm please fix!!!
    This app is amazing!! Perfect workouts, good instructors, positive body image, encouragement, basically things most workout apps don’t have! There are some things you need to pay for, but I don’t and the app still gives you most of it’s features, and no workouts are restricted! I only have one suggestion; a place to mark workouts as “for later”. I just favorite them but it gets confusing. Just an idea, app works great without it too :). Thank you so much developers!!
  • Untrustworthy and unreliable 1/5

    By Vulpecula9
    I had to delete this after one day due to bugs in data synching. I reached out to support, which was no help at all. Staying in shape is vital to my career, so I won’t use an app I know I can’t trust and that immediately proved itself to be completely unreliable.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By CandieRae1988
    I absolutely love this app. It is free and there is so many things to choose from. If I need a quick refresh, they have meditation. I’ve done a few different workouts and I love it.
  • Can’t Create Account or Login 1/5

    By #745
    Need help asap
  • Not what they advertise 1/5

    By Wilson Curtis
    Was truly impressed with all the reviews, so I decided to not only download the app, but instantly upgraded to the “pro” to have access to the meal plan section. Come to find out, to enroll in one of the courses is between $9.99 and $19.99, for a 6 week course or something of that effect. Whole reason I subscribed was the meal plan, my diet needs some attention. So needless to say, I feel pretty misled and am not thrilled with my first 10 minutes. Will update review as I get some workouts in. But not a good first look!! Be transparent and do better!!
  • Wonderful results 5/5

    By jeani61
    I’ve met my goal for 40 weeks. I worked out for an hour, including cool down, today. I would never do an hour long workout so I enjoy the ability to break it up into 4 separate workouts. So many trainers it’s easy to find those you can work with. I hate to say my favorites, however, thanks Breann Mitchell Kenta Seki, Kenny Ferrer and Luke Milton. 💙👍🏻💪🏼🤙🏻🤟🤘🏻
  • Workout are great, music is terrible!! 3/5

    By Amanda8923
    They play elevator music in the background of all of their workouts. It’s really lame. I wish they’d spend a little money towards good music. It’s a mega downer.