Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Scott Cawthon
  • Compatibility: Android
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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 App

-This game requires 512 megs of ram. Because of this, the game will not work on iPod gen 3 or 4 or other low-memory devices. Welcome back to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a new cast of characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike! What could go wrong? As the new security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complained about the characters trying to get into the office (he has since been moved to day-shift). So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should fool the animatronic characters into leaving you alone if they should accidentally enter your office. As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.


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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 app reviews

  • Need to fix 4/5

    By jkdbrothers
    I’m on night 6 every time foxy wasn’t there but he killed me and I flashed the hall so much
  • Not the same. 3/5

    By jetpack glitch
    😤 why does this not feel the same? I will tell you why. Android games can have poor coding or graphics. This game is though slightly better of that poor coding. Fnaf 1 had better coding then this. Just,😩. Hey people reading this,get the pc version. Way better then a game were golden Freddy automatically kills you.😡😖😟😔😣🤔 riddle me this Scott, when will Freddy fazbears pizza simulator come to android?
  • Cool 5/5

    By mia1400
    The Mask is extremely helpful but two flaws 1.Foxy will jump scare you Even with the mask on 2. Check on the music box every now and then
  • CLICK MEH 5/5

    By coollion11 fun but scary... i never got killed by toy freddy.EVER! Most active is really withered bonnie really.he killed me thrice! Toy freddy really powered off my office. But i survived Him. The new one i’v seen is toy golden freddy i saw him when i was four! Well i love that fan made toy springtrap! Update soon for tips for night 1,and 2!
  • Foxy 5/5

    By Retro3601SX
    On night 2 withered foxy keeps on Jumpscaring Me
  • Fun but... 4/5

    By Appstore Developer
    It’s probably the best fnaf of all time in my opinion but like the first one, sometimes when you tap it isn’t responsive immediately. This is especially important in a game as fast as this. When one of the animatronics are in the room and the mask doesn’t go up quick enough it can be a real game changer.
  • Fun, but with small technical problems 4/5

    By Thatonekiritokidwiththesword
    Please make it so the mask actually works when you hit the button.
  • Cool but... 4/5

    By Puppyninga
    The game is awesome but the jumpscares don’t have barley any frames and there is no stTic on cameras in mobile on the pc
  • So fun 4/5

    By theLady311
    I love creepy things and this game series is fantastic. I only have one issue, why can’t I HEAR Mangle?! I’m supposed to hear her audio cues, right?! I don’t hear anything.
  • Rendering advice and 10/20 mode IS POSSIBLE 5/5

    By MyrMyr133742
    This game is a VERY good recreation to mobile devices. For all of you talking about toy Bonnie not sliding across your screen when you put down your mask when he’s in the vent, it’s okay because stuff like that is really hard to render and that’s why toy Bonnie is the only animatronic that does that. But for mangle’s radio, and the static on the cameras, I don’t know how hard that is to make, but the game is very good and to all people saying that 10/20 is impossible, ur wrong because I beat it the day before I wrote this review! It was so satisfying and I hadn’t got that pink slip in SUCH a long time. Anyway, I would defiantly rate this 5 stars (and I did). These fnaf games are amazing and I would definitely recommend them to you if you like horror and jumpscares.
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 5/5

  • Broken 1/5

    By great matthew
    I saw toy chica Looking at me then I put the mask on Toy chica didn’t go away Like spouted to Scott Cawthon PLEASE FIX THIS
  • Stop it! 5/5

    By kkkoolcat
    Best game ever soooooooo addictive I have one question i was in the room with balloon boy with foxy out side and foxy jump scares me while I had the mask on for balloon boy and it brang time to a video game where I was a yellow guy and I followed marionette I am not sure what that was I am a noob at FNAF I just started a day ago I haven’t finished the first game does that have something to do with it? Pls tell and all fans reading dis make a marionette simulater pls I would do it but I am just a kid and have no idea how to make a game I am under 13 so yeah bye!
  • Does JJ kill u? 5/5

    By meggwheel
    Hey Scott. Just wanted to know if JJ could kill you. I've seen people on youtube being killed by JJ and wanted to Know if he/she could kill you. And why is night 2 so hard? I've spent years playing this game and still can't get past night 2. Is there some sort of secret, or do you just need lots of luck?
  • Shadow amatronics jumpscares 3/5

    By Macaroncx
    In night 3-6 the shadow amatronics keep jumpscaring me well I thought it was a new update but of course not every time the jump scare me I crash from the game please fix it but the shadow amatronics are REALLY cool
  • Best game EVER 5/5

    By Remarcablemusic
    In this you have to survive 12 to 6. It’s really fun. For all the animatronics but foxy, you use the mask.after you use the computer to check the animatronics you should put on the mask shtrat away. (I am such a bad speller) foxy can see under the mask you use the flashlight on him to blind him. SOMTIMES MANGLE SEES UNDER THE MASK ( omg) But I guess this is a rap up glad I could leave a review😀
  • This app is awesome and tips 5/5

    By Jim2-2
    This game is amazing I’m on night 3 and here’s the tips night 1: You don’t need to go crazy on this night it’s really easy only toy Bonnie and Chica move the only cams you need is the main stage,the music box ,party room 2 and 3 and if you ever hear beeping sounds EVER (all the nights have it) check vents and the hall night 2:this night is a lot harder than the first night you will need to check the hall a lot and the vents these are the amtronics that move:old foxy, all the toy amatronics. Now remember the beeping sounds night 3: I died at 3 am because of no flashlight batterie so foxy got me but here are more things about night 3:all the cams you will need is:the main hall,parts and service,party room 1 and 4. (Now back to the night) all the amitronics that move that I know are:toy Bonnie and chica all the old everybody says that foxy and mangle can be in the hall at the same time that is true but also it can be old Bonnie and old foxy how to beat this is to flashlight 3 times and then put the mask on for 3 seconds if only old Bonnie is there you did do it right but if both of them are still there you did it all wrong after old Bonnie and foxy have left check party room and parts and service old Bonnie should be at party room one and foxy should be at parts and service also if you hear that beeping sound and no one is there check main hall cam it is 99% of the time it’s old Freddy if not it’s old Bonnie or maybe chica it won’t be toy chica
  • Tips 5/5

    By Hello neighbor pro
    On night 1 I say most active is toy Bonnie and toy Freddy because they are kinda active. On night 2 When BB is in the office left vent blind spot put on the mask as quick as possible!👌🏻? If he gets into the office Foxy has a chance to kill you!😵 Mangle is active on night 2. The music box 📦 goes a little faster than night 1 Old Chica, old Bonnie,old Freddy and old foxy are active on night 2 And Scott please tell me the gender of mangle.
  • Mini games ? 4/5

    By Melody Bon Sweet
    So I love the game !! Very well made!! But there are supposed to be mini games and I’m not getting any of them !!! I really do love the game but can you fix this ? Thanks !
  • Wow 5/5

    By foxfox120
    This is the best app ever
  • ???😫☹️ 4/5

    By fruby women
    Why is it that all the anima Tronics that are old come on the 3 Night.i can’t get past the level ok I’m simply sick of it ok😒. Now why is that Toy freddy is the only one that has a none scary jump scare I mene what the hell not cool 😎 ok.Now I got jump scared by foxy because I lost my battery power of the light now we need a charger for the light OK I don’t want any more blobloblo k .bye 👋🏻
  • Please fix this 4/5

    By Number 2 Fnaf fan
    I don’t like how in the front hall there is abig square slot to turn on the flashlight.
  • How to get rid of foxy 🦊 (read this if you have problems with W. Foxy) 5/5

    By Dragonslayer8
    To keep things in order when you have a risk at being killed by w. Foxy just do this click the camera then flip it down and use the flashlight on him
  • Fun,Scary, Challenging,Some Tips 5/5

    By Super Mario Louie
    So this is my first favorite FNaF Games I’ve played. The other ones are awesome, but this one has more challenges. On Night 1, it’s scary because you don’t know what’s happening and some animatronics come after you. On Night 2, you should be aware of the Toy Animatronics, But the old Ones Start to roam, also, you should be used to how the music box works. On Night 3, This is where you need to start focusing, Cuz, you are gonna face Withered & Toy Animatronics at the same time. On Night 4, All you need to do is Act fast and think fast, Watch Out For Balloon Boy And Withered Foxy And Mangle as they go for YOU! Night 5, YOU NEED TO BE FAST AND VERY AWARE OF WHATS AROUND YOU,WIND THE MUSIC BOX PUT ON THE MASK AFTER THE MUSIC BOX AND CHECK THE VENTS AND THE HALLWAY FOR FOXY. I am currently on Night 6 so wish me luck to get that Custom Night and One More thing DO NOT FORGET THE MUSIC BOX EVER!
  • TIPS 5/5

    By CatloverDJ12345
    I'm on night three and it's super scary but fun. Here is some tips for you that helped me pass night 1 and night 2 on my first try. So on night one you don't really need to do much don't use your flashlight much but for me Bonny was a tiny active at 3am. And on night two what I did was when foxy is in the hallway to your office then flash the light about 5 times and then put the mask on for 5 seconds repeat if he's still there. And then if your trying to flash your light in the hallway to your office and you can't then quickly put the mask on for about 3-4 seconds. Make sure to also check the vents and wind up the music box frequently. Hope these tips work for ya I'll check back in when I pass night 3 for more tips.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Is going to work
    This is a great game but I can make a pass night 6 The game great can you make Night 6 easier
  • Great but scary 5/5

    By digweljdfreutoedrf
    I love the game
  • Arg, darn you Balloon Boy! 5/5

    By CallMeFluff
    Five Nights at Freddy’s is a wonderful game and I do understand how to play and the concept of it, but I was stuck on Night 2 and could only get to about 2 or 3 AM, and guess why. Yep, Balloon Boy would not leave me alone! Even when other family or friends would try to play, Balloon Boy is always (in his world) the king and thinks he is the only one in the pizzeria. Well, him and Foxy of course. Scott Cawthon, if you’re reading this, please do something.
  • 5 stars for 5 nights 5/5

    By OB1Kn4be
    While I love this game, I hate night six. Golden Freddy is particularly annoying. One time I had balloon boy in the vents, mangle and foxy in the hallway, and golden Freddy in my office. He kills me every single time.
  • <333 5/5

    By SpringtrapIzKawaij
    The storyline! Amazing! It’s a huge story. Been in love with FNaF from the start. Awesome!
  • One bug and tips 5/5

    By Mooeeps
    Ok. Everyone else playing this MIGHT not have this problem but, withered foxy keeps jump scaring me even though I didn’t put down the camera thing! It’s very annoying so please fix it. TIPS: 1st night: (For me) Old animatronics stay in the parts/service room. Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica might move around a bit in the party rooms. Toy Bonnie might go in the right vent. 2nd night: (for me) Old foxy moves to the main hallway. Mangle. She is active so keep an eye on her. Ballon boi (boy) go’s to the left vent. Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica move around a bit. Keep an eye on them. Toy Freddy might move around a bit too. Don’t use the camera flashlight that much. Only tap it once. Also make sure you wind up the music box. I hoped this helped, (I don’t think it will but whatever). Bye.
  • Parents beware 5/5

    By a man who should not be named
    I love this game soooo much. But it’s really scary! You probably wouldn’t like to have a little kid play this game because there are sudden jump scares and the animatronics tend to look creepy. The ratings don’t lie. So the game is fun overall, get this game. And one tip, listen to the phone guy!!!
  • Tips 5/5

    By Korbandagamer
    When foxes in your hall flash your light 3 times check the box, do it again don't forget those vents, remember, toy Freddy is not that active on nights 1 2 3 4 5. Keep your camera on ONLY came 11 the music box cam. Wind it up EVERY chance you get. Golden freddy comes in your office and hall, when you see him forget everyone else and put on your mask.
  • Fnaf2 night6 to hard 5/5

    By play master 5689
    Dear Scott I’m sry if I’m interrupting u but fnaf is to hard plz fix it so night 6 is the coustom night and take out the puppet plz it’s not fair and B.B. plz
  • Beware The Custom Nights!!!!! 5/5

    By Gregthegod1014
    This game is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have my own personal strategy; Always keep the camera on the music box. When you are done winding up the box, keep your left thumb on the other side where you put the camera, just in case one of them is in the office. And never waste your flashlight battery on the other cameras so you reserve it. And when foxy is in the hallway, flash him 5 times to keep him there, or he will jump scare you. Good luck to those who use the strategy.☠️☠️☠️👻👻👻
  • I’ve played this game for five years 5/5

    By Peridot universe
    It’s a great app I love it
  • Way too hard 5/5

    By Lexxis💙🐵
    I’m on night 6 and it is super hard.
  • Tips to know 5/5

    By kingbrayden7777
    This is a really fun game! So, on night 1 it’s really easy and you don’t even have to worry about the parts and service. There is a chance Toy Freddy will come in your office. If so, your not playing the game right. On night 2 mangle will move around. Before Mangle jumpscares you, you will see mangle on the top of your office. Also you will notice withered foxy will be in your office. And BB will move around a little bit. On night 3 you will notice it’s really hard. Once your at 3 am, all the withered animatronics will be gone. Also withered foxy will appear in the hallway super quick. And the toy animatronics (and mangle) will not move at all. On night 4, mangle will go crazy. Whoever likes mangle, I do not know why you like her/him. Scott Cawthon does not know what gender mangle should be. BB moves a lot this night. On night 5, you may see JJ (also known as balloon girl) under your table. The music box will disable faster. You have to be super quick to beat this night. On night 6, (extra night) you may notice Golden Freddy in your office. If you don’t put the mask, Golden Freddy will turn into this big golden head and jumpscare you. You also may notice shadow Bonnie in your office. On night 7, (custom night and also called 20/20/20/20) trust me, you will not complete this. There is a chance shadow Freddy will be in your office. If you complete this game, CONGRATS!!! Although you get fired after night 7 cause you were tampering with the animatronics though..............
  • Scary scary scary 5/5

    By Gavin638
    This is a real good game and i really love it, but it is very scary💀 I once again say its an amazing game but make the jump scares more less subtle
  • best fnaf game I played 5/5

    By Zyllah
    I love it thanks for making night 1 so easy I did night 1 on my first time it’s so easy so yeah cool! Also I need some tips for Night 2 tips for Night 1: on night 1 there is only puppet and toy Bonnie so just check the music box and check the vents
  • I love this game 5/5

    By CloraxDrinker666
    I beated the Golden Freddy Mode 10/20 it was easy I heard FNaF 6 is comming Scott if you’re are reading this but the icon update it and can it have I phone X support
  • A ballon boy glitch 5/5

    By Spacegirl121
    You know that little punk, ballon boy? Well, you can keep him out of your office by doing this! Listen to ballon boy’s laughs. It may be annoying, but it’ll be worth it! You need to hear his laughs 4 times. After that, drop the mask, you should hear that little punk crawl away in the vents! This does work, I promise. I used it from 2-5 nights. By the way, the number of laughs don’t change. It’s always 4 laughs, then drop the mask. Hope this glitch works out for you!
  • Fun but... 5/5

    By calix1895
    I beat 20 20 20 20 mode and i think, i’m not sure, but i think you get a plushie after beating a challenge in the custom night
  • E.A.O.S. 4/5

    By Dude man!!
    The title might be confusing, but will get to that later, I find playing this game less fun then the first game. The reason? The first game was more about luck and reaction, and it was a roll of the dice if you survive or not. Which made more scary in my opinion. This game is more Error And Optimal Strategy. Or E.A.O.S. Which made this game less hard and not as fun. But I must admit the jumpscares are scary. Good game, not as fun though.
  • Custom Night is way too hard. 5/5

    By Shadowbonnie1970
    I can’t get threw Fazbear Fever because Toy Bonnie stays in the vent too long and makes more trouble. Example: Can’t wind music box or flash foxy. This is too hard!!!
  • Fun but easy 5/5

    By gastythegreat10
    I gave this a five stars because I love fnaf and now I’m able to play it on my phone. One thing is that this game is much easier than the first one. I say this because I was able to get to night five in one morning as in fnaf one I got to night six in 3 weeks. It could also be because of the tactic that I took. I kept the camera on the puppet at all time and then wind the box pull down the camera then check the halls and vents.
  • Gg!! Very fun! Plus some tips and tricks: 5/5

    By real kitloin
    Tip 1: your setup A. Look in left vent (if animatronic is there go to E, otherwise go to B) B. Look in middle (if foxy is there go to C, if otherwise go to D. If mangle is there go to E, otherwise D) C flash the light at him 5+ times (nights 1-5) and only twice on night 6 D. Check right vent (if animatronic is there go to E, otherwise go to F) E. Pull on Freddy mask until they go away F. Wind music box for a little ( <5 seconds) G. Exit camera and put on Freddy mask (just in case) H. Repeat Part 2: the animatronics and how to avoid them 2A: toys: Chica: she will either be in the hallway or left vent. If she is in the hallway, flash your light at her like foxy and she should go away, if she is in the vent, put on Freddy mask Bonnie: toy Bonnie will ALWAYS show up right vent. Just put on Freddy mask Freddy: toy Freddy will ALWAYS go down the hall. You can either flash your light like to foxy, although that sometimes doesn’t work. The most reliable, but most risky method is to let him throttle you and put on the mask right away. So be prepared. Balloon boi: YOU WILL GROW TO HATE THIS CHILD!!!! Here’s a general tip with him. He will say either “hi”, “hello”, or laugh 4 times. On the 4th time he will 96% of the time be in the vent in the back or in the vent in your office. ALWAYS LEFT VENT. If that little boi is in there, PULL UP THE MASK. Don’t make the mistake of not seeing that small child and pull up the computer, or else he will be in your OFFICE. And he will LAUGH nonstop, and turn off your flashlight. He never jumpscares you, but he will let others do it. The literal only way to survive that small f- I mean, child is to be close to 6. Depending on the night and how lucky you are sometimes the only way to survive is Mere SECONDS before 6. Whatever you do, DON’T LET THAT LITTLE F- BOI INTO YOUR OFFICE!!!!! Mangle: unlike in the computer version, he doesn’t have static (yes I said he, he was supposed to be toy foxy but then kids just kept taring him apart, literally) instead, his body clinks and clanks. If you hear that followed by vent noises, he’s in the vent. Put on the mask. If you don’t, check the hallway, if he’s in there, put on the mask. Simple as that. If you don’t, she will be in your office. To put it bluntly, at that point, you’re screwed. Once you pull up the camera, you need luck because once you pull it down she has a chance to attack you. Of course, the higher the day, the higher the chance. So like balloon boi, you need serious luck, or be seriously close to 6 if she’s in your office. Old animatronics: Luckily all but one (foxy) are the same. Freddy: enters the hall, so the foxy flash, he will SOMEtimes go away, if he doesn’t, do what toy freddy does, let him try to throttle you and mask up. Bonnie: also the hall, same as above Chica: idk where she comes from, all I know is she will appear and throttle you. So be mask ready Foxy: only different one, he won’t be fooled by the mask like the other animatronics, so use the light trick as stated above, he should 100% go away. Other: Marionette (AKA: puppet) This guy is the only reason you need the music box. If you don’t wind it or let it run out, you will hear jack-in-the-box music, then you know you’re f’ed, best to quit out of the game to not get jumpscared, even if you wind it back up, the marionette will still follow you and hunt you down Nights: Night one: fairly simple, although if you let your guard down you will die. Nothing really happens until 3, the only active animatronics are all the toys, (excluding mangle and BB) and marionette, just follow the above strategy and you should be fine, so fairly simple. Use this to train putting the mask on immediately after closing the camera, and you can move the camera from 11 if you want to, but only to the vents. Which you won’t even need to do if you are playing with audio (which you should be). It’s best if you keep the camera to 11. (On a scale of 1-10 the difficulty of this, I’d say is like a 2.4) Night two: This will make new people struggle a bit, foxy shows up along with the toys (including B.B. and mangle, although those are less active)and there is a slight chance that the rest of the old (except Freddy) will show up too. You really shouldn’t switch cameras this night. I mean, you can if you really want to. I just recommend you don’t. (difficulty 4/10) Night 3: This turns the difficulty notch up ALOT. The old ones take over the new ones and it is pretty friggen difficult... B.B. and mangle show up way more often. Again, you will grow to absolutely LOATHE that child. Just do the strat, but you shouldn’t switch the cameras around. Just because it gets really fast paced from here (7/10 Night 4: The toys randomly reactivate, so now all animatronics are active. I sure hope you took my advice from night one to put the mask down after looking at the camera, because If not... REEEEEEEEEEE (jumpscare scream.) the strat should keep working, just make sure you do it REALLY FAST. (8/10) Night 5. PRETTY DANG HARD. Same as night 4, but faster (like that daft punk song. Faster. Better. Harder. Stronger.) good reflexes ARE REQUIRED. You need to prepare yourself at 1-2 AM, thats when the most animatronics are in your office so prepare to mask like there’s no tomorrow. (9.5/10, yes, it really is that hard) Night 6. I honestly haven’t got a clue (23/10) So yeah. That’s my guide, nice game Scott! I absolutely love it!
  • Super fun 5/5

    By LoxelFox
    I think it is super fun but there is one thing I don’t get, during the night two call he says that to get rid of foxy you have to flash your light, but when foxy is in the hallway it doesn’t let you use your flashlight, so I always die when foxy comes.
  • One bug 3/5

    By Martini'sMom
    Well it’s great don’t get me wrong, but, on glitch or bug is that on night 3 only the withered animatronics come. Toy Freddy toy Bonnie and toy Chica stay. Mangle doesn’t move ether. Ballon Boy moves but doesn’t Appear in the vents or anywhere else. And one more thing, my battery keeps going low quicker as in 5 click, one battery bar down. So it will be splendid if you fix that bug! Bye have a nice day, night, or morning or afternoon!
  • Can you make night 2 easy 5/5

    By Roblox please do my idea
    Hello owner I hope you are reading this because I want night 2 to be easy in this game because I can’t pass it I think if foxy came to me I most keep closing the flash light and opening it on him is that right please tell me

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