FIX | Music Rewards

FIX | Music Rewards

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 1.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Fan Integrated Experiences
  • Compatibility: Android
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FIX | Music Rewards App

FIX is a Fan Loyalty platform that rewards fans for doing what they already do. Earn rewards for listening to music, purchasing concert tickets, sharing news, and more.

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FIX | Music Rewards app reviews

  • Great app 4/5

    By lovemedad
    This app is great for getting merch from your favorite artists and even gift cards. Absolutely love it
  • Best music rewards app ever 5/5

    By judesmith18
    One of the greatest apps I’ve ever used!
  • FIx 5/5

    By HaloHalo_23
    It’s a really good app and you get merch for free!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Tessa's Batphone
    I love earning points for just listening to music on my Spotify. I earn them fairly quickly and they can be redeemed for merchandise and even gift cards to buy concert tickets! Love love love!
  • Review 5/5

    By digit66
    This app has great music and a broad range of genres
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Captain Swan Ship
    I love this app! I like being able to get rewarded for listening to music everyday. I hope more updates will be added to this app.
  • Song length 1/5

    By jjkum
    Is it just samples of music or is it the whole song? Current I’m only able to listen to about 15 seconds of the song
  • It's amazingly easy, all you need is patience 5/5

    By Cayoungster03
    It really is a wonderful way to earn a lil something for your time spent enjoying music. Patience is required, though. Fix doesn't always record everything you listened to that day, it has skipped some days altogether for me. However, in the big scheme of things, you're NEVER going to get concert tickets or real merch like this for free ANYWHERE ELSE. The price is pretty much patience, opening the push notifications, and just jamming out to your music 😊
  • ?????? 3/5

    By dhfhchsncxnxn
    How am I supposed to share the things for points if I don't have either Twitter nor Facebook I cant get my points
  • Pandora 5/5

    By etheridge446
    Y’all should make it were we can use Pandora
  • Great app 5/5

    By Stopgerrymandering
    I love this app. I get to listen to my music like I already do and eventually earn enough points to expand on my vinyl collection! One thing that I really hope they’re working on is getting connected with Apple Music because I personally strongly prefer Apple Music over Spotify. I love that they’re also expanding on ways to gain a few more points every day with the Name That Tune game and reading articles and I hope they’re continuing to add more ways to get points. One suggestion I also have is it would be great to be able to organize the Shop part of the app. Maybe if we could “like” things or create a wishlist, that would be super helpful for someone like me who’s working on my vinyl collection and I can sort out the albums that I already have by my favorite artists.
  • gay 4/5

    By wewillmakemoneysellingyourhair
    i want more points without having to come back to it everyday
  • Lit 5/5

    By Sigsx5
    Like bic
  • It may take a while but it’s worth it 4/5

    By slom angie
    I have 1500 points and I started in the end of February and it’s a great app
  • This app is okay 3/5

    By Ali_clayton
    This app is pretty good so far I’d say I had it for about 3 weeks and it’s a good app... it’s given me a lot of points from not doing anything and just clicking on the notifications then send me but I just wanna see how it’ll be when I get more points.
  • Well then 3/5

    By K1155
    It’s a good idea for an app but the receiving points part is quite confusing for me. Sometimes you will receive a large amount of points for a song that when you listened to it yesterday you received maybe 1 point. That could use a little clearing up.
  • Pretty nice 4/5

    By Laney˚✧
    You can earn points for streaming music & playing bonus games, and with the points, you can get stuff you really want in return. :)
  • Pretty good app 4/5

    By Ikester033333333333
    I was a little skeptical about this app at first but it is actually a really fun app. You get points which build up towards items like shirts and stuff. The only thing is that it takes a really long time to build up points. Besides that, i love discovering new music.
  • Amazing so far! 4/5

    By mosey1245
    I just recently downloaded the app and it’s awesome! I’m earning points just for listening to music (which I do all the time anyways!) and now I can earn points to get gear from my favorite artists!!
  • Good 4/5

    By Gempai
    The app so far is great. It’s just that I couldn’t find the points inside of the news was hard to find😐
  • Cool 5/5

    By camdenrep13
    My sister introduced me to this app and I really like it. Any problem I’ve experienced they’ve ended up fixing. It’s really easy to earn points and I’m already number 1 on the leaderboard for my favorite artist. I do wish though that they had redeemable Taylor Swift merchandise
  • It’s Good, But.. 4/5

    By Kari Brem
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good app. I just wish you got more points a day for listening to music. I think 50 is too low, but I think 100 is too high. Maybe somewhere around 75. And, it would be nice if it was compatible with more music apps such as Apple Music and/or Pandora.
  • It’s an amazing app 5/5

    By kinglario
    I love it I recommend it to those who use Spotify a lot
  • Fix App 4/5

    By Breezy.J
    If I’m being totally honest I like this app, it gives us fans a chance to earn merch from our favorite artists an easier way when we can’t afford them. The only problem that I have is when we listen to a certain artist they don’t track the amount of music right, the points doesn’t come close to the amount of music that we listen to, I know that it takes 24 hours to update the fan chart data but another thing is when we follow a certain artist and listen to their music as we usually would it takes a LONG TIME to get added to the chart and it’s confusing and just a tad bit annoying. But it is a great app, it takes forever with the points but gradually its a good app.
  • FIX 5/5

    By QACHS
    love this!!! ❤️
  • I have simple questions I can’t find the answer to. 5/5

    By elemenop_16
    So, ok to start off I’m very impressed by this app. I love it. It’s amazing. My question is this: I understand that you have to look and it’s a rare thing but those bonuses from the news articles, is that an all over thing so if people find both of them (the limit is two bonuses a day), do I not get a chance to find two of my own? Like my own two? And where would I find it, where do I look? Do I pull up the whole article or do I look at a certain part of the article? I’m just confused.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Spnmusic21
    I love the app and the concept is awesome. I feel like however for the rewards, If you can, I’d have a filter on it like based on the points you have. I think it’d be cool.
  • The song won’t play 3/5

    By maxashley14
    First and foremost I love the idea of this app. However, when I play a song it plays about 45 seconds of it or a minute and then stops and starts all over again. Other than that, loving it!
  • Almost executed 2/5

    By Awesome ninja kid
    My main issue is the limit to the streaming services you can use. Although Spotify may be super popular many people are not able to use it do to the fact we use other streaming services such as amazon music and apple music
  • It was a good idea 1/5

    By Ronny Adictedlove
    Bro... I hate rap. So I’m trying to figure this out if you make money and all you play is rap that’s great. But what about us? The punk rock rick or screams listeners?? Like I don’t listen to rap but I’d like to use your app.
  • Poo 1/5

    By yoboikillem
    Dis app is so poo it gives me diarrhea
  • Great for stans 4/5

    By Lidi Braun
    I love the idea of being able to win merch! And it even has artist that aren’t as big, like my queen, Sabrina Carpenter. It does sound too good to be true. I spend a lot of time on Spotify, if it could track all my points that’d be great. I just want to know what the catch is.
  • Loving It! 5/5

    By ktkayh
    I’ve only had this app for about a week now, but I’m very happy with the way it’s going! I’ve tried multiple other reward apps that pay you for whatever activities (waking, listening to podcasts, shopping, etc...) but this is by far the best app I’ve found. It’s easy to earn points and the amount of points I’ve earned is already double what I’ve earned on the other apps after months of using them. I’ve yet to earn enough for a reward but I have high hopes that whatever I choose will be great quality. I haven’t tried the ticket purchase feature either but hopefully I’ll be able to soon. Overall it’s an amazing app!
  • Yeah 5/5

    By justinianwhen
    It’s good
  • Good 5/5

    By xxx=?
    Awesome app
  • It works 5/5

    By djebebdjd
    Omg I love this app
  • Fix 5/5

    By adriansaucedo
    I love hearing to music and earning points
  • Awesome 5/5

    By gussytrejo
    Great app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Doesn't work? 1/5

    By Lindsey😁
    I downloaded the app, and tried to run it but it just keeps saying "loading" I deleted it re downloaded it and restarted my phone. What is wrong
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By Gabi4567
    Pretty good working up the points already
  • Artist Limit 2/5

    By Mykiemike758
    There is a limit to how many artists you can follow. Which I think is stupid.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Pumpkindottle
    Actually works
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Swag radix
    I just want free Halsey & Hayley Kiyoko merch tbh
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Destiny calls me
    Pretty awesome so far. I love how you can get points by just listening to music.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Kyooo16
    It’s ok, I just wish that u could get points using Spotify and stuff like that, I don’t even know how to get points!
  • Overall, pretty Okay 2/5

    By Gayle (not my name)
    I do enjoy the app (though I just downloaded it) but I noticed a few glitches that really ruins the experience for me. First of all, the app fails to count some of the songs you listen to (even when you are connected to Spotify) I’ve listened to 6 or so songs today and it gave me no points. This may be the point system but the app doesn’t offer any explanation as to how points are awarded besides the fact that you can get up to 50 a day. The second thing is that the app is not letting me share the articles. I have not shared an article before, but I decided to try it. It told me that I could not share it because it was a “duplicate post.” Once these are fixed (or explained) I am sure I could edit my review to be more accurate. Thanks for the consideration !
  • Great App for Music Lovers 5/5

    By chazey chaz chaz
    Really great app if you listen to a lot of music, like me. In about a month I’ve gotten 1,000+ points just from listening to Spotify each day. You only need 2,500 for a $25 Ticketmaster gift card (as well as lots of other merch and ticket options.) I really like the fan charts too—I like being able to see that I’m the #1 Bazzi fan with 500+ points! My biggest hope for the future is that the artists do offer rewards for their top listeners: free merch/tickets, or even a chat session or autograph or something! Would be a really unique and rewarding way for these artists to reward and connect with their best fans. Really no complaints about this app—every music listener should have it to get rewarded for the music they already listen to!
  • Twitter still doesn’t work!! 5/5

    By Hannahfan400
  • Eh 2/5

    By SugarTheUnicorn
    I’ve fell in love with the idea of earning points just by streaming music easy way to earn points, but when I try to connect my twitter for the sharing points I got locked out of my twitter for “Spam” since then it kind of turned me off and leaves me to think this app is suspicious. Will continue to use till further notice

FIX | Music Rewards app comments

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