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  • Developer: AXS
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Flash Seats App

Flash Seats® Mobile App: The Future of Ticketing Today™ The Flash Seats® Mobile App makes it easier for you to discover, buy, sell and transfer your tickets on-the-go. You can even enter your events with a Mobile ID through the app on your phone! Simplify your ticket experience with Flash Seats® mobile! - Enter events with convenience: The ONLY mobile ticketing application that lets you enter events and buy, sell, or transfer tickets, all from your phone. The Flash Seats Mobile App provides you with a secure, unique, 2D barcode that is scanned to get you into events. No tickets to bring, no ID to remember—just show your phone and you’re in! - Discover and Buy guaranteed tickets instantly: Find your favorite artists or team nearby or in another location. Browse the listings that meet your needs, find the seats you want, pay for them, and you’re all set! Tickets you buy from Flash Seats are guaranteed and are instantly added to your account. - Transfer Tickets Want to give your tickets to a family member or friend? It’s as simple as selecting the tickets you would like to transfer and entering the recipient’s email address. Change your mind later? You can retract the transfer if your recipient hasn't accepted it. - Sell Tickets Can't make it to an event? List your tickets for sale using the mobile app. In as few as 2 taps, your tickets are available for viewing by thousands of others looking to buy. Retract your listing at any time, and the tickets are ready for you to attend the event.

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Flash Seats app reviews

  • Appalling App - Avoid 1/5

    By J0hnny_B0y
    Inefficient, plagued with bugs and extortionate ticketing fees. Avoid Flash Seats as a means of ticket sales at least until these perpetual issues are resolved. If possible select a more streamlined application to deliver your e-tickets.
  • Do not use this app 1/5

    By anni552
    Waited over an hour on the phone because THEY never sent a verification email so we did not receive our tickets. TICKET OFFICES would not get us a refund because they delivered the tickets to flash seats/AXS. Terrible service, terrible app. No tickets and also no refund. I want to give 0 stars.
  • Confused? 1/5

    By ar0617
    How is this app on the market? This is so outdated and looks sketchy.
  • Outdated Design 3/5

    By Da Evil 1
    This app and the website have very outdated designs are aren’t the most user friendly but it works perfectly. I am a Nuggets season ticket holder and have never had a problem using the tickets, transferring tickets, or selling tickets. I have been forced to use this service for many other events around the city and have never had a problem. I wish the app had a more modern design and used features like Apple Wallet. The app isn’t even updated for the full screens of the new iPhones but imagine Apple will force them to update it at some point.
  • STAY AWAY 1/5

    By Dehholio
    Would rather not go to the concert than use this app. Also if you like having your money stolen from you, this app will NOT keep and transactions or records when you trade tickets. So if someone trades you a ticket and they cancel and steal your money, it will not leave any trace behind in the app. Basically a great app if you’re trying to scam people!
  • Clunky to get set up, but seamless at event 3/5

    By DM7review
    I had a poor review queued up based on the experience of downloading and navigating the app. And that experience still stands (no home page to speak of; you have to choose an event location before logging in, because it seems to be defaulting to selling you tix; if you use a credit card as your second ID you better make sure your spouse did not use the same card for their ID, b/c the app rejects that— but only after you type it all in—kinda makes sense, but how about a heads up?). However, the good news is that once we got it set up, we utilized the mobile transfer function (wife sent me my tix), which loaded perfectly; and at the event, the usher scanned my QR and printed out the three tickets associated with it. Speedy; easy. So although I wanted to hate it, based on the front end experience, it worked well at the event, which is what really matters.
  • Credit I can’t use 1/5

    By Thatoneguyoverthere
    I have $48 dollars of credit I can’t use as part of a purchase. Can you please function like every other business? Every other ticketing app is better
  • Convenient but horrible app 2/5

    By Nicc-o
    Please update your app to look and work better. It looks like it was made about 10 years ago and then was never updated for the new OS’s. You guys are a big company now with tons of venues in the Denver area using you to get in to events! Step it up and make an app that is enjoyable to use.
  • Looks like it’s from 2010 1/5

    By KCJZ
  • Trash 1/5

    By bbjffijxjvkcjc
    Flash seats is trash and this app is TRASH!
  • I have to create another account? 1/5

    By biscutbob
    I had to make another account even though I already have ticket master and stub hub. We got tickets off stub hub and then had to make a third account to open the tickets. That’s ridiculous why can’t I just open on one app? We made an account and instantly we were told that the account was disabled and to contact support. We currently still have no tickets. Terrible app that should not exist.
  • Horrid compared to stubhub/seat geek/etc 1/5

    By Crobaseball
    They have an exclusive agreement with a number of venues bc they’re cheap. And the app reflects that cheapness 100%. It’s pretty much unusable without a map to see where your seats are. 10 years ago this would have been annoying. Today it’s a reflection of just not caring. Hopefully the venues don’t use them any longer.
  • Old, outdated and useless. 1/5

    By GracianoRichard
    It’s the second quarter of 2019 and this app still doesn’t have iPhone X (much less xs max) screen support. Looks terrible. This app hasn’t been updated in ages!
  • Can I give a zero? 1/5

    By Doc Fischbach
    This app is one of the WORST I’ve encountered. First, are the graphics from the 90’s? Second, there are so many glitches and issues. I work for Denver gov in IT and I haven’t seen such a piece of junk for awhile. It’s sad that venues are even using this. It almost makes me worry about the credibility of it.... I’ve also been waiting for an email or call back from their customer service line for over 12 hours now and we have a game to see in 7 hours now...I’m very unimpressed with Flashseats.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Pedro.pia.grande
    Go to create an account. Says I have one. Go to login. Doesn’t work. Account disabled. Absolutely trash, and the formatting seems really weird.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By rocky802022019
    This app is terrible. I can’t even login let alone use my tix. Why is it so hard to offer a print or email option?
  • It works 2/5

    By Kyle_Garrett
    This is such an ugly and clunky app. Please update its UX/UI. If there was another way to get certain tickets I would just because how ugly this app is.
  • Need to fix your app 1/5

    By Gayle 212
    The app needs to be fixed. It has been crashing for a while and I cannot make a purchase.
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By Bellsteros
    I am beyond frustrated by this app. It seems to me that AXS is trying to squeeze all of the other great ticket marketplaces out of business (SeatGeek, etc) by creating this app and putting up huge barriers to sell your seats via them. I would not like that, but could live with it if this app was even close to them. I will not be buying any more Sprint Center tickets until someone assures me this had been fixed.
  • Developed by a 3rd grader 1/5

    By dancingbeartx
    What a joke app from a company with no customer service. 1. You can’t modify a listing from the app, only delete it; so you have to go the the web version. 2. FS has yet to send a sale notice for the 20 tickets sold so far. 3. The buyer search portal is awful. Other ticket sites allow the buyer to search by section with a map showing tickets in each section. That way the buyer does not have to slug through 400 junk tickets to get to the area they want. 4. Site will not allow listings below face so you end up eating the tickets for sucky shows when trying to avoid a total loss. Remarkably poor management of an otherwise good business concept. The board of AXS should rethink FS management.
  • Makes me want to stay home 1/5

    By damdariram33
    Terrible app + bad support. Why does this app exist. All the issues you’re reading are true. Don’t call support. They won’t help you. Just go to the event box office and hope they can locate your tickets. Good luck.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By nickybb32296
    I couldn't go to a game I bought tickets for because this app is trash and their customer service wouldn't return my emails or answer my calls
  • 根本用不了 1/5

    By kenlzy123
  • Why all the bad reviews? 5/5

    By Nevlion
    I’ve used this app three times in the past month to buy, sell, and have tickets transferred to me. No problems whatsoever.
  • Can not retrieve my tickets 1/5

    By StoneCoatDotCom
    I cannot remember my password. Trying to reset it and I am getting a “try again later, we cannot reset your password at this time” message... Seriously??!! This is the first time any app does this to me.
  • Awful 1/5

    By bigs58
    This is a pretty bad app that looks and acts like it's from 2008. All of the venues and vendors who force their patrons to use this app should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Not that great 1/5

    By ferret968745
    A search bar for your event list on the app would be a great addition instead of having to go online to smithix to actually purchase the ticket.
  • nah fam. 1/5

    By Something darkjfjcfghhg
    this app ain’t the move. brought FC Dallas tickets from seatgeek, and i was told i’d receive emails from flash seats on how to access my tickets. day before game and i still haven’t received any email. ended up downloading the app where i then had to create an account and get my tickets which were glitchy. i mean, i’m a nice guy and i’ll give them creds for trying, but nah man this app ain’t it fam
  • GREAT 5/5

    By Domoawwsomeness
    The reviews made me worried af for two weeks if my ticket would work but I scanned it and there was no problem. I guess I got lucky, but honestly I had no issue using this app. No i’m not paid to write this review haha I guess it works for some.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Yoyooyabby
    Absolutely awful. Worst ticket purchasing experience I’ve ever had. It’s not helpful, it doesn’t work properly, honestly not sure why any venue or organization uses this trash program. It’s not just the app it’s the website and set up as a whole. Whatever you do, if you get roped into having to use this 3rd party group, make SURE you are on top of it and give yourself plenty of time to communicate with the costumer service because they WILL mess up and they WONT respond.
  • Not Appy 1/5

    By 5150 un appy
    Why do they make this so difficult to use? I absolutely despise having to use flash seats. Second time being forced to use this crap after purchasing Golden Knights tickets. Then when I call after 25 minute wait on hold the guy who answers is rude and sarcastic. Makes me never want to purchase tickets again!
  • Useless and NOT user friendly in the slightest 1/5

    By IHateFlashSeats
    The absolute worst way I needed to get through to obtain my tickets. There was a vague and unspecified email only stating that my tickets were on these flashseats account. It took me an hour of waiting with customer service to figure out you need to use the same email you used to buy the tickets to create an account on the app. The app is ugly, slow, and not user friendly at all. It’s funny to think we have amazing technology in 2019 to make self-driving cars and send people to the moon but still venues have FORCED people to use this absolute garbage app in order to obtain their tickets. There’s so many other alternatives if you want to go paperless, but this is just a reflection of how LITTLE those vendors care and how LAZY they are in resolving these issues.
  • Terrible UI and Setup 1/5

    By Snowisfun
    Has anyone from this company actually tried to use their own app? When you enter an address in billing you can’t see what you type. I added a credit card, but it wouldn’t accept it saying it was already linked to another account. First 2 times it wouldn’t accept my verification code (even though it was right). It is almost like they don’t want my purchase.
  • Ripped off 1/5

    By 1rodeoHt
    Bought seats for $72, got to the venue to discover that the same seats were available for $36
  • No! 5/5

    There was a line just for FlashSeats issues! Only use this if you have to, or want to meet other people waiting in line to fix the same flash seat issue!
  • Why would stubhub partner with this app?? 1/5

    By Ed....,..
    I’m literally waiting outside of venue with my son over this stupid app. My account has been “locked out” I been on hold for almost an hour with customer service.
  • Terrible app, terrible company 1/5

    By gunnarsik
    Horribly made app, tricky to use, and when tickets have been transferred over they don’t appear because my account hasn’t been verified, but they send a verification code to your email BUT THE EMAIL NEVER COMES. Unbelievable this is how tickets are being transferred now. Missed an actual event due to this.
  • Customer service! 1/5

    By ryan in vegas
    ZERO customer service! Literally! No responses from emails and nobody picks up the phone! Lost a pair of hockey tickets because of them!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By brundin13
    I hate this app. Absolutely infuriating. Unfortunately I’m forced to use at at certain venues. Emailing the bar code would be way more convenient than using this garbage app.
  • Don’t use this app 1/5

    By forreal25
    This company is garbage. Customer service is terrible. Don’t purchase tickets through here
  • Needs updates 1/5

    By Dman1309
    I feels like this app hasn’t been updated since 2007. You can’t bid on tickets, sell tickets or use any of flash seats features that you would use on a desk top. The app is also very clunky and needs a complete make over.
  • Don’t even bother 1/5

    By raffi199997
    HORRIBLE APP, I use to use Gametime and I loved the app but now they combine two apps together so you receive your tickets through here and it’s been an hour and I still don’t see my tickets and the game is today ... OVERALL HORRIBLE NEVER BUYING TICKETS AGAIN
  • Absolutely 0 stars for this app 1/5

    By LaCangJiang
    Any ticket app that requires the other person to have this app to transfer tickets to them abomination and inconvenient as all get out
  • Smooth Process 5/5

    By michelle_merino
    I bought my Houston rodeo tickets through vivid seats and I didn’t realize I would have to go through the flash seats app to gain access to my tickets so I felt very iffy especially reading through all the negative reviews. However my event was yesterday and they scanned the tickets with my qr code with no problem. Make sure you already “claimed” or “downloaded” your tickets and have your brightness all the way up when they’re scanning your ticket.
  • Add bidding 3/5

    By vegaspbballer09!:D
    It would be really good if the website and app matched! By this I mean that the app should have a “bid” option.
  • No Options 1/5

    By .JQP.
    I didn’t choose to download this app. I bought tickets and was told this is the only way to access them. The tickets won’t go to my Apple wallet. This app looks amateur. User interface is difficult.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By dkitishenwkjwvtjekwnsbdbrb
    This app is trash. Makes everything way more complicated than it needs to be and barely even works.
  • dumb app 1/5

    By jsjgdkaksuurjowhdboagdbdb
    they disabled my account without telling me :)))
  • Flash seats No Good 1/5

    By Russki gavno
    Horrible app. Yes you can find decent deals but their contact support never gets back to you. I sold tickets through here and still have no funds. People complained about Uber/lyft contact support funny. Complete garbage

Flash Seats app comments

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