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Flash Seats App

Flash Seats® Mobile App: The Future of Ticketing Today™ The Flash Seats® Mobile App makes it easier for you to discover, buy, sell and transfer your tickets on-the-go. You can even enter your events with a Mobile ID through the app on your phone! Simplify your ticket experience with Flash Seats® mobile! - Enter events with convenience: The ONLY mobile ticketing application that lets you enter events and buy, sell, or transfer tickets, all from your phone. The Flash Seats Mobile App provides you with a secure, unique, 2D barcode that is scanned to get you into events. No tickets to bring, no ID to remember—just show your phone and you’re in! - Discover and Buy guaranteed tickets instantly: Find your favorite artists or team nearby or in another location. Browse the listings that meet your needs, find the seats you want, pay for them, and you’re all set! Tickets you buy from Flash Seats are guaranteed and are instantly added to your account. - Transfer Tickets Want to give your tickets to a family member or friend? It’s as simple as selecting the tickets you would like to transfer and entering the recipient’s email address. Change your mind later? You can retract the transfer if your recipient hasn't accepted it. - Sell Tickets Can't make it to an event? List your tickets for sale using the mobile app. In as few as 2 taps, your tickets are available for viewing by thousands of others looking to buy. Retract your listing at any time, and the tickets are ready for you to attend the event.

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Flash Seats app reviews

  • App either crashes or throws errors... 1/5

    By dodgerfan8188
    App either crashes or throws error when trying to make purchase....EVERYTIME!
  • Disabled my account 1/5

    By Ian M. Simpson
    After multiple attempts and failures to purchase tickets and failing, the app and the desktop determined I was a bot and disabled my account. I was unable to attend the event. This is not the first time I have had issues with this platform. Another time my account was triple charged for a pair of tickets. I was only refunded for 1 of the duplicates. This ticket resale platform needs serious improvement. It is frustrating and rarely works as it is supposed to.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By TheSharkKnight
    Can you people update this for once? Can’t even log in to get my tickets...
  • Skeptical! 5/5

    By momnemma
    I was very skeptical but I got the app, entered my email and my tickets were there! Got to Sprint Center, scanned the tickets on my app and walked right in! They printed the tickets and we walked to our seats! Very smooth process!!
  • Money lost 1/5

    By alejandrodl17
    I sold 2 tickets for an event and it’s being a week and I haven’t got the money and I keep sending emails and they don’t replay , I’m actually worried I lost my money
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By GoGoGadgetNotes
    Broke the day of my event. No support for 6 hours. Failure. Complete, utter failure. Go do something else for a living and let a decent company take over.
  • This app better work when I need my tickets 1/5

    By Mom bear.
    We spent too much money to buy our son what he really wanted for Christmas - tickets to a Denver Nuggets game. He is beyond excited - I went on the app today to make sure it was all in order and they aren’t there. It says i have no tickets. I’ve reset it a dozen times and I swear if we can’t get in the game when we get there heads will roll
  • Not working 1/5

    By Slopeside303
    Have spent hours trying to load- won’t. Losing my mind!!!
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Spiker1212
    Was this app designed by a grade school student?? Either create a professional app or let us use Ticketmaster please.

    By Disappointed-AR
    They’re trying to compete with Ticketmaster, Stubhub, etc but your tickets are locked in their app and their resale market is null- who’s actually going to “Flash Seats” to look for tickets?? If your event offers Flash Seats delivery, DONT TAKE IT, IT’S A CROCK/SCAM
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By sam lemonsz
    Very and confusing. took forever to download and sign up. Tix could have just been sent directly from the seller
  • Works perfectly! 5/5

    By howen2017
    I can understand the 1 star app reviews - the app could use some work - but this was so easy!! We used this for the Denver Nuggets game. We walked in, they scanned our app, our tickets printed,BOOM! It was literally that easy :)
  • Beware 1/5

    By trevortronic
    The only thing that went as planned was them taking my money. Tickets didn’t work at the venue. Spent over an hour trying to straighten it out causing us to miss most of the event. The only response I ever got from fresh seats was the automated “we received your concern” email. The venue finally helped us with no help from fresh seats.
  • Very annoying 1/5

    By Dttggismo
    I understand when companies try to go 'paperless' but WHY is there not an option to print my tickets? The only thing I can print is and order confirmation that says right at the top to not use as a ticket. There's 2 issues with this 1. I do not trust the app and I'll need wifi to be able to redeem my tickets when i get to the location and 2. I bought the tickets as a gift. I now have nothing to actually give my girlfriend except a receipt with the price tag on it. Great.
  • Clunky. Dog poop. 1/5

    By ATownDownTownDirtySouth
    The app works like something run off of a floppy disc. Terrible.
  • Run away from this company 1/5

    By doradoz423
    The tickets NEVER downloaded to the app. They never Answered the phone when I tried to retrieve my tickets. If You see that you need to use flashseats to get your tickets then run away!!!
  • I hate flash tickets 1/5

    By Mitcheze
    Way too complicated
  • It worked for me 5/5

    By smdcn
    My mom purchased Bruno Mars tickets off of a third party seller on a resale site and the tickets were accessible ONLY through Flash Seats (I did not know about Flash Seats until contacting the site’s customer service). After seeing its reviews, I was horrified that things wouldn’t work out, especially because we were going to attend his show in another city and we had to fly there. 7 months later, we were at the venue, and it was the easiest process! I was the only one with the app on my phone, and it got my family of 4 into the venue. I’m so relieved it all worked out.
  • I almost did not buy the tickets 5/5

    By Rebmann219
    After reading all the terrible reviews, I was very close to skipping the concert. The app worked like a charm and we got in with no issues at all. I will defiantly buy tickets again that require Flash Seats.
  • Do NOT use flash 1/5

    By dpjr1984
    Do NOT use this app. Do NOT buy tix that require a flash acct (say...from stubhub) I’ve been at it for an hour and cannot access my tickets. I get repeated error messages about my credit card used as verification. I do not know if I’ll actually be able to use the tix I bought or if I’m out a bunch of money. This is the worst app I’ve ever used... terrible technology.
  • Fail 1/5

    By RWatts1
    This service used to work pretty well. Now it is almost worthless. It crashes every time I try to buy a ticket. I spent an hour trying to purchase a ticket outside T-Mobile Arena in Vegas and had to end up going to the box office. If it wasn’t for the fact that you have to have the app on your phone to get in I’d delete this app immediately.
  • Craigslist scam 1/5

    By Sal from AFG
    I was forced to sign up for this so I can possible purchase tickets from someone on Craigslist. Guy was trying to scam me and I think using Craigslist to solicit new users to this outdated garbage app. How can billion dollar sports franchises entrust a company that hasn’t updated their app since the first iPhone. Their websites not much better. Stick with some of the other major popular ticket purchasing apps.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By disneydreams19
    What happened to the days when we could just print out tickets? What a waste of time and resources to have to create an account just to access tickets I’ve already purchased. One more step between me and the game makes me want to just watch it at home instead.
  • Is this a scam? 1/5

    By highmtn
    Is this a real app or a scam? Are we in 2008? The website is a joke. What is going on? How does AXS use a crap system like this?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Pissed1212
    I don’t know what AXS is thinking by using Altitude Tickets to manage their Excision concert tickets but AXS let me go Altitude Tickets which is where I purchased the tickets. Then I got an email from Altitude Tickets saying that I can access my tickets on the Flash Seats app. I downloaded it and it won’t accept my account information. Then I go back to the AXS app and the tickets are there. There’s absolutely no reason Flash Seats needs to be included here, yet it was. Totally idiotic.
  • The reviews are this bad for a reason 1/5

    By findonealready
    I bought tickets to a local hockey game and was forced to download this trash app. I waited 4 days for a transfer that was supposed to take less than 24 hours. So of course game day rolls around , no help from customer service or tickets from this horrible app. I ended up have to dispute this over the phone with Stubhub and my CRedit Card company because this app does nothing. This is just a petty excuse for a financial money grab via ticket vendors and this useless app. A b/s excuse to collect another “transfer” free. Never again am I buying tickets that force the use of this horrendous app.
  • The Worst App there is! 1/5

    By NoName111983
    Every year I need this disfunctional app for 1 bowl game & every year I panic as my login tickets don’t snyc up on the mobile app to get into the game. I beg the FCS to find another ticket carrier/app. Flash knows how to take the fun out of s vacation!
  • Against My will 1/5

    By Evanderp
    I was forced to download this app in order to receive tickets. I was forced to give personal information. This is shady at best and exploitative at worst. I do not agree with these practices.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By dexinsd
    Just got the app because it’s how my tix were delivered. Couldn’t log on and couldn’t change my PW so I’m locked from my tix. Really??? They can’t do better than a total fail???
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By rambo876
    This is the 2nd time I have bought tickets and have been forced to use this terrible app. The first time, I was unable to view my tickets and had no call back from customer service. I had to get the tickets printed at the event. Now I am unable to even log in because my account has been “disabled” EVEN though I already bought my tickets. Left a message to costumer service yesterday and STILL no call back. 2 terrible experiences. There will not be a 3rd
  • SROOOPID 1/5

    By Petey123?!&
    Why can’t stubhub just give me my tickets electronically? Extra hassle I don’t need. 6ix9ine would say “STOOOOOOOPID”
  • Couldn’t get tickets 1/5

    By light.e.fooot
    I bought tickets as a gift through vivid seats. I then got an email saying I had to download this flash seats app to access the tickets. I helped my dad download the app and then tried to link my email so that he could access the tickets. The app would not allow me to link my email giving an error message that an account already existed with my email. I never created an account with my email. I then tried to create an account with my email — but again got an error message saying that the account already existed. Logically, I then hit the “forgot password” button, but got a different error message stating that the action was invalid. I went to the Pepsi Center box office, and they could not figure things out, and told me to contact vivid seats. I called vivid seats; the first person couldn’t help and transferred me to a supervisor. The supervisor said she couldn’t help, and that I should call flash seats. The flash seats customer service person was helpful — and he now has the tickets in his account. BUT the fact that it took half of my day and talking to 3 different companies and 4 different customer service reps to get tickets makes this the most inconvenient ticketing experience I have ever had.
  • Outdated and Annoying to Use 2/5

    By LukeB54
    It did its job in terms of holding my ticket, but compared to other ticket apps out there, this one is awful to use.
  • Never use 1/5

    By Bobrossya
    Worst app for buying tickets don’t even try it try finding another app trust
  • The app is from the 90s 1/5

    By Mark PeZ
    This app is so outdated & not used friendly. Doesn’t even have a seating chart. The app barely works, & to reset your password take a forever
  • Will never use this app again 1/5

    By smellwhattherockiscooking
    If this is the only option to purchase tickets then I will choose not to attend the event. I cannot even log in to my account and now it is disabled. Have never had this much trouble with any other mobile tickets.
  • Taking advantage 1/5

    By kylecryer
    A company that buys massive amounts of tickets with robots then sells them for profit on resale websites. They then force you to download their app just so you can use the tickets. Company’s like this take money out of the pockets of thousands of fans a day. Thank you flash seats you are the sorry excuse of a sports market bottom feeder.
  • Where’s Miami? 1/5

    By Rawknykz
    One of the BIGGEST, MOST SOUGHT OUT and BUSIEST cities in the world, and you don’t sell tickets in Miami. One of my customers told me about this, told me they got some good tickets good seats at a great price. But not for me, Not in Miami, Not us. Thanks!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jelliedleebay
    Probably the worst app on the App Store considering the poor quality and the high frequency with which I have to use it, as an attendee of sports events & AXS concerts. It’s unbelievable that the user interface and customer service interface could be so crappy for an app of this magnitude. Stubhub and SeatGeek and other competitors are in another league.
  • Not fond of this app. 2/5

    By PrincessWahoo
    Purchased tickets for four different games August (four months ago) and they still don’t appear in my flash seats account regardless of calls made.
  • WTH 1/5

    By alyx_peters
    Bought tickets through stubhub, which directed me to flash seats app. Tickets never showed up in time. Had to call my bank and reverse chargers for false advertising of ‘instant ticket download’. Highly avoid if possible.

    By Mope_Mope
    I have the AXS mobile app and it’s been the biggest pleasure to use, never had a problem. I don’t understand why I have to download another app just to use my parking voucher for an event when I purchased it through the AXS website. The second this event is over I’m deleting it. It’s confusing. The interface is slow and it just doesn’t make any sense to have a ticketing app, AXS, and not have all the tickets I can purchase available in it.
  • Worst 1/5

    By Chica lady
    This app is the worst !
  • Terrible 1/5

    By RobJobKnob1234
    My tickets have not loaded, and my even is in a couple hours. Court side basketball tickets are not cheap and this shouldn’t happen with them!
  • Extremely out of date app/service 1/5

    By sas230txst
    Flash seats is by far the most loathsome service to deal with for tickets. They just can’t seem to modernize. Update the app so people with anything beyond an iPhone 5 can use it easily please??
  • TRASH 1/5

    By flashseatstrash
    I’ve never written a review before, but I want you to know that this company is absolute garbage - FOR YOUR OWN GOOD DON’T USE THIS SERVICE! Seriously, avoid the headache. If a 13 year old coded for a website in 2003, well, it’d still be better than this nonsense.
  • Suuuux 1/5

    By Thebikegang
  • Never got tickets 1/5

    By slushbaby
    I bought tickets for a great price. However I never received my tickets, called them and customer service gave me a refund!! Such a disappointment, will never use them again.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Shnelsonburger
    I was worried after reading reviews but had to download the app as it was the only way I could get last minute Elton John tickets. I downloaded the app prior to purchasing tickets on Vivid Seats and created an account. I bought the tickets a couple of hours later. The transfer was not instant. The seller had to do something on their end and I purchased very late at night. By 4 pm the next day I had received an email from both Vivid Seats and Flash Seats telling me my tickets were available. They were on the app as promised and I had no trouble at the venue. This was 2 days before the concert so I don’t know how it would’ve gone if I had tried to do it the day of, but I had no issues.

Flash Seats app comments

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