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Flash Seats App

Flash Seats® Mobile App: The Future of Ticketing Today™ The Flash Seats® Mobile App makes it easier for you to discover, buy, sell and transfer your tickets on-the-go. You can even enter your events with a Mobile ID through the app on your phone! Simplify your ticket experience with Flash Seats® mobile! - Enter events with convenience: The ONLY mobile ticketing application that lets you enter events and buy, sell, or transfer tickets, all from your phone. The Flash Seats Mobile App provides you with a secure, unique, 2D barcode that is scanned to get you into events. No tickets to bring, no ID to remember—just show your phone and you’re in! - Discover and Buy guaranteed tickets instantly: Find your favorite artists or team nearby or in another location. Browse the listings that meet your needs, find the seats you want, pay for them, and you’re all set! Tickets you buy from Flash Seats are guaranteed and are instantly added to your account. - Transfer Tickets Want to give your tickets to a family member or friend? It’s as simple as selecting the tickets you would like to transfer and entering the recipient’s email address. Change your mind later? You can retract the transfer if your recipient hasn't accepted it. - Sell Tickets Can't make it to an event? List your tickets for sale using the mobile app. In as few as 2 taps, your tickets are available for viewing by thousands of others looking to buy. Retract your listing at any time, and the tickets are ready for you to attend the event.

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Flash Seats app reviews

  • Worthless 1/5

    By rox69
    Totally worthless! One star was just because I had no choice! Big fat zero stars for this one
  • Welcome to 1999 Netscape 1/5

    By MicroRNA
    By far the most out of date app or website ever. Bought tickets via VividSeats only to have to deal with this ticket service. Horrible, horrible, horrible.
  • Worst ticket experience 1/5

    By kenchan1995
    This app has been the worst ticket buying experience I’ve ever had. It has been such a pain to transfer Stubhub tickets to my account. The app hasn’t been updated and is not very user friendly at all as a result. I wish Smithtix would just email the tickets to us instead of making us use this frustrating, out of date app.
  • Wow. Young woman hung up on me! 1/5

    By TPBrazell
    Called and had some questions re tickets and the young woman just hung up on me -- I was telling her that my seats that I'm supposed to have were not showing in the flash seat app. She kept talking over me. Get some customer service training!
  • Don’t ever buy tickets off of here 1/5

    By calvinp303
    So I bought a ticket to a concert and On the day of the show I went to access my ticket and it was gone customer support doesn’t help whatsoever
  • Update your app 3/5

    By Shoopieshoop
    Everyone writing negative reviews about lost tickets either are buying from sketchy sites or don’t know how ticket reselling works. This app does its job. However it looks like the operating system from iOS 4. One update would do wonders
  • Horrible. Just use the AXS APP. 1/5

    By Finesse4Ever
    Bootleg. Trash. Garbage. After frustration and seeing that it was powered by AXS I just decided to use the AXS app. I was still able to access my tickets even though it said you need flash. The flash app is trash and it seems they did not invest one dollar into creating the app. Just use AXS APP.
  • Galaxy tickets 1/5

    By Pr Gustavo
    Bad experience!!
  • This app is a joke 1/5

    By donotusethisapp456
    Purchased tickets online. Was then told I had to download tickets from this application. Tried to download the tickets and were told they were on Axis tickets instead. Downloaded that app and the tickets were still nowhere to be found. Customer service was rude, and was absolutely no help. Please don’t make the same mistake me and others have made by purchasing tickets from this site.
  • Worst App I Ever Downloaded 1/5

    Flash Seats isn’t just the worst ticketing, or entertainment app I have ever downloaded; it is the worst app I have ever downloaded. It is barely functional and Customer Support is non-existent in my experience. If you think about downloading this app, hit yourself in the head once, or twice and you’ll have a better experience.
  • Not sure what everyone is upset about 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5/5

    By Blondi228
    Maybe I just got lucky but the app worked great for us. We decided we wanted to go to a playoff game 7 the day before with friends and were able to get tickets at a reasonable price and go right in and on up to club level. We searched and purchased through the app and it all worked flawlessly. I’d definitely use it again!
  • Worst ticket sells ever! 1/5

    By Legoboy3
    I bought tickets to Mac Demarco and they said “we sent a email to you”. I checked but they never sent my concert ticket and it’s a scam

    By Avid snapper wapper
    Please do not use this terrible app. We bought 3 tickets to an Ariana Grande concert in Las Vegas. However, they only gave us 1 seat. They were ZERO help. They did not refund us, give us a credit toward future purchases, or even help us find new seats. THEY SCAMMED US OUT OF 2 SEATS. Instead we had to buy new tickets at the venue in the nosebleeds. A group of girls in front of us also had THE SAME EXACT ISSUE. It is one thing to make a mistake on an order, but it’s another thing to not help at all when you’re at fault. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you want to see a concert, show, game, etc. please use a much more reliable app. Reliable is one of the last things that come to mind when I think of Flash Seats. SCAM AND A HALF.
  • Quick and efficient 5/5

    By Jayf0627
    I was rly nervous because there was so many bad reviews, but once I got to the gate it was very clean and quick. I was very relieved and I don’t understand why people don’t like it
  • it worked as i wanted it too 4/5

    By Nicknameinsta
    i bought resell tickets for an ariana grande concert on stubhub and i was pretty nervous bc it was around 2 weeks before the concert when the concert information was loaded into the flash seats app. i was scared cuz of the bad reviews, but it worked out fine. the worker simply scanned the qr code and printed out the tickets for me. it’s not a scam but i understand why it can be frustrating when you don’t get your tickets right away.
  • Horribly Confusing System 1/5

    By WhnItsLuv94
    Are our tickets on Flash Seats or on AXS or at Altitude Tickets? Too confusing and convoluted. Needs to be fixed.
  • Don’t use this app 1/5

    By BookMiser
    Awful, difficult-to-use app. Makes it impossible to easily transfer tickets.
  • I was able to go to my concert ! 3/5

    By kpopluvvvvv
    So the day before I went to a Blackpink concert, I tried to print out my tickets. I had received my email from vivid seats a while back when I had purchased the tickets. However I decided to open up the email the day before the concert. Which was completely irresponsible of me. And came to find out that I couldn’t print out the tickets and needed to download Flash Seats. No big deal right ? The first thing I saw were the poor ratings this app had and I was instantly worried to the point where I was stressing my self out. The majority of the comments said they weren’t able to access their tickets through the app. That wasn’t the case for me. I logged in using the same email and password I used to purchase the tickets. Then I was able to access my bar code. I arrived at my venue and could still see the bar code. When it was my turn to get scanned, it didn’t work at first (which gave me a minor heart attack). Then the guy told me to turn up my phone’s brightness and hold it vertically. He was able to get the bar code scanned and printed our tickets. The worry, stress, bad app design, and negative feedback is what is wrong with this app. I feel sorry to those who weren’t able to enjoy their concerts and couldn’t get a refund. But all I can say is just hope for the best, and you might get lucky like me.
  • I can’t access to my ticket 2/5

    By Jeon Gillian
    I got a transfer from the seller and I can see all the details but when I try to look for “upcoming events” it appears as if I don’t have a ticket(?!) I tried updating my ID and card info but nothing happened. This app is so confusing. The only thing I am asking is to see my ticket or the barcode that it’s supposed to pop out in the screen.
  • This app might seem scary but it worked 4/5

    By bbabyyoongi
    In the middle of February I wanted to go to this concert but unfortunately it was sold out, well a month later I was determined to find a ticket! I looked up the concert I wanted to go to on Ticketmaster and it brought me to ticketsnow a sister company to Ticketmaster. It looked legit so I bought 3 tickets at a good price! When I did I didn’t know it was going to be through flash seats! At first everything was fine, but then it got confusing and I started to read the reviews so I became worried etc. Well about a week later I opened the app and I saw my tickets! I was very happy and it started to feel real! I also saw my tickets on the AXS app! The day of the concert I was excited but scared because I didn’t know if this was a scam. But when the lady scanned the QR code I got in! Easy as that! I recommend this app if you have the patience to follow the login process and everything else and make sure you read EVERYTHING!! People with bad reviews didn’t read everything! But people that do like myself had a wonderful time seeing someone they idolize! Why I give the app 4 out of 5 stars because it’s very outdated and the login/sign up process can be problematic, but once you get it it’s as easy as 2+2!
  • Outdated and Clunky 1/5

    By nikoinfulleffect
    I don’t understand the purpose of this archaic app when there are simpler solutions to storing digital tickets. From a UI/UX standpoint, it looks like it hasn’t been updated since a single digit iOS version.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Gkskeir
    This app is trash do not use

    By JoeHReviews
    This is my first review, and I felt obligated to post it because when I bought $600 basket ball game tickets and I came to see all these 1 star reviews I got insanely worried. Come to find there was nothing to worry about. I do not understand why people give this app 1 star. I bought the tickets from seat geek, downloaded this app like the email said, made a acc with the same email. Bam tickets where available and worked perfectly and was super easy to access it’s Literally in the front page you just scan it. I do not understand why people are having difficulty. Also you can YouTube a video and it shows u in 30seconds. Seriously guys this app deserves 5 stars , stop with the hate I’m not being paid to write this but feel obligated because all of these 1 star reviews. The app was easy efficient and delivered exactly what I paid for
  • Terrible app from a terrible company. 1/5

    By Salmanius
    This app will take all the data it can (name, IP, location, email, billing address, phone number, etc) and share it to 3rd parties.

    By RR312
    I purchased tickets for an event that takes place in 4 days. I bought my tickets 8 days before the event through Ticketmaster from there they said I’d get my tickets through Flashseats. It took 3 days for the tickets to show up in my app. I was worried that I wouldn’t get my tickets on time for the event. So my friend whom I bought the second ticket for called Ticketmaster after 30 minutes of waiting for someone to talk to they hung up on her. So TODAY (4 days before the concert) I went to the box office at The Norva (location of the concert) and I asked to make sure my tickets were real because the whole process with the tickets seemed sketchy. The lady at the box office is very nice and she says “honey we don’t sell tickets through Ticketmaster... those are fake!” They weren’t even in their system. So I just paid $50 for REAL TICKETS on top of the $115 I paid TICKETMASTER AND FLASHSEATS for my FAKE TICKETS. DO NOT USE FLASHSEATS IF YOU DONT NEED TO!
  • User Interface is the tip of the iceberg... 1/5

    By Crtur
    It’s 2019. You just bought tickets to your favorite band for you and a couple of friends. You’re excited, and you have every right to be. Then you get the email from AXS telling you to download the Flash Sears App. After quickly pulling down the application from the App Store, you open it up. You must be mistaken. This app looks like a dev team hasn’t touched it since 2008. Seriously. I would expect to find this app on my iPod Touch that I had a decade ago. There’s nothing to assist your experience from this point on, and there’s no indication that anyone is even listening to this feedback (1.6 average stars). It’s as if you don’t have any choice but to try to use the application because the concert going experience is being ham fisted into an online market place to create bigger paychecks for the stakeholders. Oh...wait.
  • Trash App 1/5

    By zelongGDX
    dont use it! It’s like u put a virus on ur phone!!! Phone will lag af and the app is unresponsive.
  • Worked perfectly fine 5/5

    By Saraaa L
    I went to a Matt Maeson concert last night (If you don’t know him look him up, he’s awesome), and the tickets worked perfectly. I got them sent to me two days before the concert, so i was a little nervous but it was fine. I transferred a ticket to my friends email, she downloaded the app, and her ticket was there too. It wasn’t very hard to navigate and I’m glad it worked out.
  • Like looking back in time before UX existed 1/5

    By Magb801
    Apple shouldn’t even offer this app in the App Store because it is so horribly designed and unusable. I also have absolutely no confidence in the security of the platform because this app clearly has not been updated in 10 years. I wish I could leave negative stars.
  • Worried for No Good Reason 4/5

    By Fred Cuellar, LMT
    After reading the top review (which does not reflect my experience of the app) I was definitely worried that I had been scammed. However, the app worked perfectly for me after I read the instructions in the email and in the app. I purchased tickets through seat geek to a concert that I knew would be sold out. I purchased the tickets 3 months prior to the show. After a few minutes of exploring the app, I found that transferring and selling of the tickets was actually incredibly easy. My guess is that there were probably some variables that caused negative experiences. Here’s a list of what I figured happens in those instances: 1. Network Dependence and Not Device Wallet Compatible This app uses a reoccurring ID reset every 1 and when the app is reopened for extra security. So a drop in signal will definitely cause an error. Taking a screenshot of the QR reader will not work either since the qr code will have reset quite a few times. I feel this could be resolved if the tickets were transferrable to the devices wallet. 2. Other Ticket Apps Must Be Closed The instructions in the app do mention that having other apps opened in the background may affect the availability of the tickets so that may be a variable in some negative experiences. 3. Not Very Intuitive I personally make it a habit of seeing everything an app has to offer before passing judgment, but I know that not everyone is as patient as I am. It did take quite a few minutes to really explore the app thoroughly. It did seem quite unorganized and the interface could benefit from some simplification. Even though I’m perfectly satisfied with my experience I am taking a star because of the lack of device wallet compatibility and the lack of organization.
  • Absolute garbage, frustrating 1/5

    By wherestravis
    Absolute garbage. Have tried to reset my password 3 times and it won’t let me in! Also it still looks like it’s made for the iPhone 4. As it turns out my tickets are on AXS anyway even though Red Rocks said the tix were through Flash Seats. Glad I just wasted 20 minutes of my life on this while on the way to the venue freaking out that my 3 friends and I weren’t going to get in. AXS needs to shut this (cr)app down already.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By pineapples214
    My tickets never came and my total was 240 for 3 tickets. Found some cheaper ones later on. This app should not exist.
  • Closest thing to a legal con company 1/5

    By The dreamt benign
    I want to make simple. The app and website interface looks like it was coded in the year 1999. I could not sell my ncaa Final Four ticket after my team lost in an earlier round. I was willing to take a loss but had no idea I had to eat the entire ticket. Literally every other ticket vendor let’s you resell tickets. Not Flash. I sent several emails with no response. Complete crap. Never again.
  • I can’t imagine a worse app 1/5

    By Nateman12345
    Don’t use unless you want to waste a ton of your time. Buying tickets is usually such a simple transaction but they managed to find a way to wayyyy overcomplicate it. Instead of buying tickets and receiving them and going on with your day you have to download this app, create an account, and then deal with slow responding support people and go back and forth for several days until your tickets show up on the app. Miserable. I didn’t even mention the fact that the app looks like it was made before iOS and has multiple links that take you to their website lol. So trash.
  • Awesome!! 4/5

    By Frozen4.
    Was really worried at first with this after seeing the first review but it honestly worked out great. Didn’t have to carry tickets, just had to show the people our QR Code and we easily got in. Would definitely recommend
  • Nightmare App & Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Ian M. Simpson
    The app frequently does not work and customer service does not respond. Frustrating consumer experience.
  • Worst ticketing experience ever! 1/5

    By Psycho-love
    I purchased normal tickets through AXS and was forced to use this application. The night of the show I looked in my account and I had the tickets for the event listed in my active listings. I took a screenshot for good measure just in case there were problems. And there were! I get to the front of the venue where they were scanning tickets and tried to pull up my active listings and it said I didn’t have any. If I went into my tickets it showed the events and the only thing I could do would be transfer or sell them. I go back to my active listings and still nothing. I get shuffled between the lines and I ended up having to give them my credit card, which they scanned, and they found my seats. Had I not had my credit card I would’ve been screwed!!
  • Not updated for iPhone Xs 1/5

    By funkyp56
    You had an app update 3 weeks ago and did not format your app for the new iPhones. TSK TSK!!!!
  • Broken and terrible 1/5

    By blakem16
    Bought tickets. Followed instructions. Downloaded app and created account. No tickets. Waited. No tickets. Contacted support. Told me I was wrong and the tickets were never transferred. Contacted StubHub. Told me the tickets were transferred. They contacted Flash Seats. Now I’ve been on chat and the phone for about 45 minutes. What are you guys doing??
  • So not stable 1/5

    By powmowhappydance
    Everything on my phone works except this app. Keeps telling me to connect to the internet. Frustrating at best cant get into the event at worst. It’s a great idea if the bugs could be worked out.

    By NJaws96
    I had purchased tickets for the Final Four, unfortunately the tickets came through FlashSeats and I had no option other than to download this app and use it. 5 days before the game, I could not make the game. Therefore I decided to sell the ticket on StubHub. The communication between FlashSeats and StubHub is the worst. I ended up losing all of my tickets and therefore was not able to even attend the Championship game I originally planned on going to. No one wanted to use FlashSeats and download the app, so therefore it was even harder to sell the ticket if you can’t end up going to the event.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Molly888888888888
    this is the first review i’ve ever written, I just hated the experience that much. the heinous app and ancient websites design, the lack of customer service, and the unnecessary policies mixed with a poor business model made for the perfect combination to ruin my weekend
  • App works fine 5/5

    By Tnilc101
    Used it all final four weekend in Minneapolis. Works perfectly fine. Old, but works.
  • Worked Perfectly 5/5

    By Dietrich808
    I just want to say thank you to the few positive reviews that were written that reassured me everything was going to be okay. I’ll admit I was a little concerned when I first downloaded this app to get my tickets from Stubhub. However, it worked PERFECTLY!!! I received an email with detailed instructions on how to download my tickets. At the venue, I opened my app and scanned the tickets. Once scanned, the tickets printed and we made our way to our seats. I will admit the app could be updated in look but other than that it works just fine.
  • Jaw droppingly bad app 1/5

    By natyboy
    This app looks as though it was built twenty years ago and feels more like spam than an official ticket brokerage. Avoid at all costs.
  • Absolute scam of an app 1/5

    By jourd820
    I bought tickets on SeatGeek for the NCAA championship assuming I could resell them if needed. SeatGeek is not the issue here btw. So I have to get the tickets through flash seats. The app is bad. And just as ugly and bad as everyone else says. Their website looks like it’s out of 1996, which is just pathetic in 2019. Finally, the real scam is that I cannot resell my tickets. You don’t get actual tickets through this app, so no bar code to list on stubhub or SeatGeek. And Flash Seats point blank won’t let me sell my tickets now. So goodbye $300. Do yourself a favor and never use this app. It’s an absolute scam and likely owned by teams to screw over fans even more. I will never use it again, even if it’s the only option. I would prefer to just not go. Absolute scam. Do. Not. Use. This. App.
  • Trash. 1/5

    By 111111111111111112222112222
    Various ticketing agencies force you to download the app to have access to your tickets. It is a poorly functioning, and awfully designed app.
  • Why? 1/5

    By Quail8848
    I have never ever successfully gotten tickets through this app. THANK GOD for stub hub and their customer service because all flash seats customer service does is yell at you. My husband bought tickets in December for a show, it’s tomorrow and they never arrived. Flash seats doesn’t respond to emails and luckily stubhub gave us a credit for our tickets and found us others, we still had to pay the difference which wouldn’t have been the case if the tickets we purchased had just come through. This system is insanely ineffective and I have NO IDEA why people continue to use it. Note to venues, artists etc: emailed tickets ARE JUST FINE. Thanks for breaking the wheel flash seats.
  • Glitchy and terrible 1/5

    By rh894
    Only using this app because it’s required for the event I’m attending. It’s awful on so many levels.

Flash Seats app comments

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