Flashfood: Grocery Deals

Flashfood: Grocery Deals

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  • Current Version: 2.29.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Flashfood Inc
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Flashfood: Grocery Deals App

Join over two million shoppers who’ve cut their grocery bills in half by making sure that delicious food doesn't go to waste. Welcome to Flashfood. We connect people like you with high-quality groceries at incredible discounts. Looking to save on fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, dairy, pantry staples and more? We can help. Flashfood shows you nearby grocery stores with up to 50% savings on regular priced food nearing its best by date. Who should use Flashfood? People who buy groceries. That’s who. And people who love a great deal. And a great meal. Love the planet too? Flashfood’s for you. You’ll find us on the east coast and across the Midwest with partners GIANT, Tops Friendly Markets, Family Fare, Giant Eagle, Martin’s, and Stop & Shop. Not yet in your area? Don’t worry, Flashfood is on the way! The bargain hunt is on! Open the app and you’ve got a bargain hunter’s treasure map of deliciousness. It’s easy to use. Super simple. And we refresh the food deals daily. How does it work? We’re glad you asked. • Download Flashfood and create an account. • Browse discounted groceries nearby. • Add items to your cart and purchase from your phone. • Zip over to the Flashfood Zone at your local store for quick pick-up. • Freeze, preserve or simply enjoy! No coupons. No flyers. No food waste. WARNING: Upon finding your first amazing flash deal, spontaneous dancing for joy may occur. It seems too good to be true, what’s the catch? There’s no catch! Grocers are working hard to reduce waste. By partnering with Flashfood, they’re able to sell food nearing its best by date faster and more reliably because of our passionate Flashfoodies. For the grocer, that means reducing waste. For our shoppers, that means a steady stream of deals. A real win-win! To date, our 2 million plus users have helped get over 20 million pounds of delicious food to dinner tables—instead of landfills. The biggest reason of all Just in case the sheer joy of a great meal at a killer price isn’t enough—shopping with Flashfood means you’re directly helping to reduce food waste in your community. 30-40% of food in the US gets wasted and it’s the biggest category of material placed in municipal landfills in America. When good food gets sent to a landfill, it decomposes and emits methane gas—a greenhouse gas even more brutal than carbon dioxide. That’s why we’re here. Who knew service to the planet could also be delicious? Need help? We’re here. Reach out on live chat from the app or email us at [email protected] ******** To learn more about how we reduce food waste, the cities we operate in, and our plans for the future, visit Flashood.com.

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Flashfood: Grocery Deals app reviews

  • view 3/5

    By bofbm exc hxkhxhdj
    I would like to be able to enlarge the picture to see it closer
  • 1783 miles to nearest store 1/5

    By PavlosStavrides
    Need is say more? I’m in California. Oh well.
  • Love it 5/5

    By 8 people
    I love this app. It has saved my family so much money. The only thing I wish it had was when an item is gone it would let you know instead of you guessing which one it gone.
  • Great idea big flaw 3/5

    By Th3viking
    When I zoom out I can’t see more stores within a hour or two of my location. I’m in Dayton Ohio would love to be able to just zoom out and see cincy or Columbus or Indianapolis. If the deal is good I’ll make a day out of it. Your search area is to small. Fantastic idea. App need improvement.
  • Great in some ways 4/5

    By mteg12
    So far I’ve gotten a lot of great deals on meat using this app! I’ll buy it, separate it all into freezer bags and it’s good to go. I’ve also gotten organic produce to feed my chickens which makes me and them happy! The only thing I don’t understand is the higher prices on things that are “best by” that day. I feel like these items should be MORE then just 50% off and then I’d be more than inclined to buy those items. Just my thoughts though. Other then that it’s been great!
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By Marguerite38350
    This app is so good that I almost want to keep it a secret so I can get all of the deals before someone else does. Lol.
  • Steak & potatoes Dinner for 4 with dessert for $13!! 5/5

    By Rayndrop4u2
    Used today for the first time. Excellent experience start to finish! Skirt steak, organic potatoes and cake all 50% off or better. Used my first ourchase coupon for $5 off. Steak alone regularly priced at $25! Will definitely check this app daily for great deals. Most food is nearing expiration date, although cereal was good for another year.
  • FlashFoods 4/5

    By Miss Katerina and company
    So far I have made two purchases, the food was in really acceptable condition. My only complaint is that one of the items that I ordered were taken away because it was expiring that night. I got to the store too late because the hours weren’t listed correctly on the App, it said the Heirloom was closing at 11p rather then the actual time of 10pm. The item that was removed from my order was replaced by something of similar value and I was given that option by the nice attendant but the expired item that was removed is still available to purchase on the list of foods. So little details to iron out but other that this is been great.
  • Great idea! 5/5

    By leroie
    What a great way to save!
  • Great app, needs some work 4/5

    By Jackson 17
    Please please PLEASE support higher quality image upload. It is impossible to read product labels most of the time since the image resolution is so poor.
  • Great value 5/5

    By msu0332
    Just started using this picked up my first order yesterday just placed a new order today. Thanks for a great service!
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By Fane jiji
    Very handy and easy to use 👍
  • Changed my life 5/5

    By Britni H
    I use this app for most of my groceries. I've spent hundreds of dollars on flashfoods and I appreciate what they stand for and the customer service is beyond helpful and kind. I've received grass fed, organic and etc. food that pertains to my diet of non synthetics. Also the rewards program is lovely ! ( Use my code for $8 off! $BRIT3EPG7 ) .. the flashfoods in my area are all more than 20miles from my home, so we travel to pick up our food.. This is what bothers me, In the super unfortunate circumstance that the store is missing my item I PAID for in advance , (it's happened more than once) I've wasted a trip.. wasted time... wasted gas money. And refunds aren't immediate so I have money on hold with nothing to compensate. It would be nice if flashfoods gave me some sort of more compensation in those circumstances at least more credit than the food cost I would appreciate. Because it's my gas and time I wasted to support your service. Plus I have to wait days and days for my refund. When it's $20+... that really hurts these days to wait for my money I would recommend troubleshooting the theft that leads missing items to happen . (Maybe require to keep the coolers near customer service so people can't help themselves to someone else's paid for groceries. ) (or leave an option for store employees to give a refund for items or at least expedite the process ) All in all I still rate 5 ***** stars because it is more of a blessing than a hassle despite the hoops I jump through to use the app.
  • App changes location 4/5

    By BrennensPapa
    I enjoy shopping on the app. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a default store and will change Giant location to whichever is closest. This has resulted in purchases made away from my home territory location.
  • Getting error message 3/5

    By etkidd
    I cannot get to my orders/receipt. Followed all troubleshooting including remove app and reinstall: still cannot access anything but order page. And I cannot get receipt for a refund I needed to submit. Frustrating.
  • Nothing out West! 2/5

    By capitanbob
    Looks like a great idea! Saw a story on the local news and got the app, but there appear to be no stores west of Omaha! How soon will you be in Southern California??
  • So GOOD 5/5

    By Michfest
    I have been getting groceries and sharing with a friend. This works out great!
  • No way to cancel 1/5

    By Hb987
    No way to cancel (not even within a short amount of time to order) and sometimes the pictures aren’t actually of what you’re getting. I.e. meat it’s a stock photo, and there isn’t a refund policy. The photos that are there, like apple boxes are poor quality. Good idea to stop food waste but way too much of a risk unless you’re good with weird colored meat and very ripe fruit
  • Easy way to save money 5/5

    By Ally100500
    I have purchased sale items from this app 3 times now and it is very easy to use. I check the app and sometimes can see items updating as I refresh the app. Items often last a few days past the Best Buy date and I am more inclined to cook knowing I have a short window to used them up. I almost didn’t leave a review so that I could keep this little gem to myself lol.
  • Shopping is fun again! 5/5

    By catlurver
    It’s like “food roulette” when the app alerts me to new food deals - and the picking up and checking out is easy once u know your stores routine. Give it a try!
  • Good app, can’t make an order 4/5

    By DelTague
    Been using this app for months. All of a sudden, no matter what I do, I cannot place an order. Receive error “Error during payment processing”, consistently. Missing a lot of great deals because of this. I’ve deleted & reinstalled the app, and my VISA cards. Support has not responded as of yet.
  • Flashfood 5/5

    By Babs48178
    What a great idea. I’m so glad that I found about this. Now I have to get more people involved
  • Check the store out first 1/5

    By lllamej
    The store I bought from does not check orders and three of the four things I paid for were not available and the store can not provide refunds. You have to email and wait.
  • Wonderful Money Saving and Waste Saving App! 5/5

    By hdtwkfogud
    It’s terrific to save money on food especially these days, but also feels good to prevent food from getting thrown out! I’ve purchased a good bit of salmon that would have wound up in the dumpster. Pricing is about 50% off. I hope this winds up in every grocery store. Try it!
  • Good Deals 4/5

    By 1693CB
    I like the idea of Flashfood but I don’t like that I can’t pay with EBT card
  • Great deals. 5/5

    By Steve Sansig
    Someone stand up that doesn’t like 1/2 off. I’m hooked.
  • Good wish they had more stores 4/5

    By beaviss420
    I wish they had more than just giant around me. Try to get Weis involved
  • Purchases 1/5

    By cctyzcozy
    Always get what u want. No problem with pickup!
  • No wasted food 5/5

    By NanaBurdick
    I think it’s wonderful to allow lower income families the opportunity to buy at half price when the expiration date nears its end. This is a fantastic way to not waste food, thank you!
  • Paid for food now can’t pick it up 1/5

    By bobis4yearsold
    Disappointed placed my first order, paid for it with credit card, my bank sent notice that my card was charged… now… no food order at the store or the order is not listed on the site!!! Who do I call for help? I ordered fresh food! The store said they can’t help. I must talk to Flashfood to correct the order.
  • Thank you for your service 5/5

    By allsparklz
    This is a true money saver. I appreciate being able to buy items for others who may be less fortunate. Wendy Lady
  • Good prices 5/5

    By Qdogsm
    Pretty good service. Good prices.
  • A disaster 1/5

    By bratlif2
    If Flashfood doesn’t hold stores responsible for actually giving us the items, and only posting items that are actually available, then this is all just a stupid waste of time. My first time using this app will be my last.
  • Did not get what I paid for 1/5

    By unsatisfied34217
    The turkey breast I paid for was individually priced by weight but when I picked mine up I got one 2 pounds lighter than the one I ordered. Apparently someone came and got my package before I got to the store. No one at the grocery store could help since there were no more turkey breast in the store. Learned my lesson. Don’t buy what you can’t see. Don’t shop this app
  • Just what I needed. 5/5

    By leroy 47
    I buy various meat products from here, mostly. The good thing is I’ve been walking in this store for 20 years. It’s so easy for me to buy one or two items. I really don’t have extra money and my health thrives with mostly meat. The list is accurate and the pictures are good but I would like to see the ingredients list but that’s not a deal breaker. Low carb concerns. Thanks.

    By mis4Tune
  • No Horizontal Support or Privacy 1/5

    By ucdscott
    The app will not rotate to display in a horizontal orientation for use on iPad. It also collects A LOT of data about you without any way to opt-out. Finally, there aren’t any stores participating in my area so the app is useless.
  • Good deals 5/5

    By susansatnam
    I have one suggestion though. Take better photos so I can read the label on the product.
  • Good 5/5

    By gotbean3
    Like Flashfood my only wish is we could view details of purchase picture clearer or picture could be enlarged. Not always sure what your buying. Ex. The chicken I bought when I got to the store was Cajun and for health reasons couldn’t eat. Wasn’t real easy figuring out refund. Thank you!
  • Flash food saved the day! 5/5

    By Staycierg
    Running low on food and money, Flash Food saved the day when I needed dinner in a pinch. Thank you!
  • Awesome idea 5/5

    By Boughtit2223
    I am so glad to see meijers sponsoring this scheme to save food waste. If it picks up, it will help the community tremendously and have an extended ripple effect. Thank you!
  • Worth a try. 4/5

    By The Real M1
    I have had this app for a couple of weeks. Like many others I have had some issues with pick-ups. Flashfood customer service has been helpful for me. I have reported my issues with the app and on their website. I have gotten responses and resolutions within 3-5 business days. That being said, the grocery stores need to do a better job of training their employees on how this system works. It is very frustrating to arrive at a grocery store to pick up items only to be told they accidentally gave it away, tossed it, or can’t find it and that I need to contact someone else for a refund. It costs me gas and time for nothing. They should give the grocery stores the option to give the refund.
  • App works fine 3/5

    By 123bdg123
    But the deals are very spotty. Items like a cake, donuts or a box of peppers aren’t really appealing. High value items like meat, cheese, dairy are few and far between. Do I drive out of my way to save $5? No. $50 for meat that was $100? Yes.
  • Great resource 3/5

    By Pamstams1
    Hopefully they will find more stores to participate than just Meijer No problem with the app so far that I’m aware of but I wish they would create a way for the service desk to delete items before finalizing purchase bc sometimes the item is gone, to spoiled, ect. I had to contact the app to receive a refund for items I didn’t get..
  • Broken website, won’t let you request a refund 1/5

    By thisnicknameisstupid!!!
    I had missing items from my order today, was told to request my refund online. We’ll the website won’t let you and just says that there is to many people on the site. Never had an issue with this before.
  • No places near me 1/5

    By Simjuni
    No places within a 1000 mile radius near me! Seriously disappointed!
  • Amazing Resource 5/5

    By Anie Oh
    I have scored so many great groceries from this app and spared them getting thrown away. Every single item I’ve gotten has been perfectly good food. I look forward to Flashfood convincing more grocers to join the mission!
  • Wow 5/5

    By twihardtrubie
    I absolutely love this
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Leslie T K
    This app is so awesome! I’ve watched it grow in grocery stores supported and couldn’t be happier about it. It’s just simple enough.