Flashfood: Grocery Deals

Flashfood: Grocery Deals

By Flashfood Inc

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Join over two million shoppers who’ve cut their grocery bills in half by making sure that delicious food doesn't go to waste. Welcome to Flashfood. We connect people like you with high-quality groceries at incredible discounts. Looking to save on fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, dairy, pantry staples and more? We can help. Flashfood shows you nearby grocery stores with up to 50% savings on regular priced food nearing its best by date. Who should use Flashfood? People who buy groceries. That’s who. And people who love a great deal. And a great meal. Love the planet too? Flashfood’s for you. You’ll find us on the east coast and across the Midwest with partners GIANT, Tops Friendly Markets, Family Fare, Giant Eagle, Martin’s, and Stop & Shop. Not yet in your area? Don’t worry, Flashfood is on the way! The bargain hunt is on! Open the app and you’ve got a bargain hunter’s treasure map of deliciousness. It’s easy to use. Super simple. And we refresh the food deals daily. How does it work? We’re glad you asked. • Download Flashfood and create an account. • Browse discounted groceries nearby. • Add items to your cart and purchase from your phone. • Zip over to the Flashfood Zone at your local store for quick pick-up. • Freeze, preserve or simply enjoy! No coupons. No flyers. No food waste. WARNING: Upon finding your first amazing flash deal, spontaneous dancing for joy may occur. It seems too good to be true, what’s the catch? There’s no catch! Grocers are working hard to reduce waste. By partnering with Flashfood, they’re able to sell food nearing its best by date faster and more reliably because of our passionate Flashfoodies. For the grocer, that means reducing waste. For our shoppers, that means a steady stream of deals. A real win-win! To date, our 2 million plus users have helped get over 20 million pounds of delicious food to dinner tables—instead of landfills. The biggest reason of all Just in case the sheer joy of a great meal at a killer price isn’t enough—shopping with Flashfood means you’re directly helping to reduce food waste in your community. 30-40% of food in the US gets wasted and it’s the biggest category of material placed in municipal landfills in America. When good food gets sent to a landfill, it decomposes and emits methane gas—a greenhouse gas even more brutal than carbon dioxide. That’s why we’re here. Who knew service to the planet could also be delicious? Need help? We’re here. Reach out on live chat from the app or email us at [email protected]. ******** To learn more about how we reduce food waste, the cities we operate in, and our plans for the future, visit Flashood.com.