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  • Current Version: 2.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: artur tagirov
  • Compatibility: Android
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Flex IPTV App

Flex IPTV allows you to view live and non-live TV/stream technology-based IPTV. Features: • Remote and Local playlists, auto-update playlists from external sources. • Powerful Player supports all popular stream formats, subtitles/audio track switch, video equalizer. • Auto-reconnect for unstable sources. • History of watched channels. • Favorite channels, simple add and manage. • XMLTV EPG support. • Record live streams. • Parental control with Touch ID and pin. Disclaimer: - Flex IPTV does not supply or include any media or content except "Big Buck Bunny" movie, which has been licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.org. - Users must provide their own content. - We are not responsible for misuse of copyright or third party contents using our software and please check your contents are legal and you have rights to use or record

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Flex IPTV app reviews

  • Awful closed captioning scheme 1/5

    By alexjohnson1
    Deaf and hard of hearing people need closed captions to understand the audio portion of the TV shows (as do many people learning a language) yet this app is a dud because no matter which stream you watch, the captions keep turning off by themselves which is really annoying because you need to keep turning them back on, and to turn them on you need to click they menus as there’s no closed captioning button on the Apple Remote. No way to turn on captions as a choice for all channels either - each channel you must activate the captions individually and it doesn’t remember your choices - ugh ! Also, no choice as to font, style or size, nor screen placement - it’s just a basic implementation and it’s clear that no one gave the closed captioning scheme a second thought, and that is awful, and sad.
  • How many times do I need to purchase 2/5

    By Aklilu1
    How many times do I need to purchase the app to use it on my Apple TV and my iPhone or iPad it asks me to upgrade to pro version after I purchased
  • Please update app for iOS 15 5/5

    By Jimbo98533abx
    Has hiccups on all channels (pauses for 15-30 seconds and resumes every few minutes).
  • iPhone proposal 4/5

    By baiyebeuou
    Default screen rotation,add Chinese simplified.thank you!
  • Very good app 4/5

    By Almarashi
    I like it very much but don’t know how to use the available catchup facility.
  • one thing missing 1/5

    By swe7r
    we need 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Good but.... 4/5

    By fargo1981
    Good program but for some reason favorite programs disappear constantly and you have to set everything again.
  • Add Picture in Picture 5/5

    By matiasloda
    Please add support for picture in picture!
  • Simple and easy to use 5/5

    By K-pow55
    Works very well, simple swipe commands and easy to add urls. Pay once and done, none of the constant interruptions like other apps.
  • Fix it, it’s not working 2/5

    By Moroccan guy
    Long time user, but with iOS 14 now, it freezes each time you hit the menu button
  • Bugs and Performance 2/5

    By Zee-J
    It’s very bugging on ios 14....Pls! Update
  • Best IPTV Player Ever! But some bugs. 5/5

    By Chan.Yue
    I bought this app and absolutely loved it! Three suggestions: 1. Please allow it plays at background when switching apps; 2. Two gestures for changing volume and brightness; 3. Sometimes it stops when the screen goes to dark; 4. Please support IPV6 m3u playlist.
  • Best IPTV app so far, needs PIP 5/5

    By TheAre
    The app is very good, great features, it would be nice to have a TV guide view, now all it needs is PIP and we will have perfection.
  • It is a nice App, something more needed. 4/5

    By GerardoS31
    It is a nice and complete App for M3U link, but it is necessary to find a way how to hide countries channels that we don’t use and don’t understand their languages. Having all those countries hidden, it’s easier to find what countries and channels we are looking for.
  • Not sure about epg 4/5

    By Cigator
    I paid for pro but I see no option to view expanded epg on a time line to see future shows. How can I set a future show to record if I can’t see it in the epg? Works good otherwise.
  • Do LukasSawinski post from 18/02/2020 5/5

    By Dżako
    PL - interesuje mnie w jaki sposob ustawiles planetapl stream an ten apce Poszukuje instrukcji Dam znac
  • BEST ONE YET! 5/5

    By Keith The Plug
    Simply put, this is all you need!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Opala41
    I really like this app. I installed it on my iphones, iPad and Apple TVs. The interface is really different and more elegant than the competition. Suggestions: favorites backup to iCloud, changing channels (the favorite list, let’s say) using gestures. Keep up the good work!
  • Disapponted 4/5

    By Cooldude745
    I am disappointed that latest version only supports iOS 13 and above. That doesn’t make any sense. My iPhone 6 Plus is on iOS 12. Please make the app available to earlier versions of iOS
  • Is not working with my Play list 1/5

    By duchene joel
    This is not working with my Play list I will call apple Tom arrows for my money back
  • SCAMMERS 1/5

    By =C-BASS=
    I’m being charged $4.32 for the pro version that I have and will never use. It was downloaded by my teenage son without my permission and I never received a refund after requesting one.
  • I found this to be the best overall design 5/5

    By raulhenriquez
    Developers contact me please, there is redundancy in the app and I have a very good eye for UI so please contact me as I want to make this the best app for IPTV.
  • It crashes when you edit your favorites 2/5

    By 3Doritoslater
    All of a sudden it began crashing on my iPad when I long-press on a favorite channel to move it. Please fix.
  • Archive 1/5

    By Poltavacool
    No archive support.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Martin D-34
    Tried several but this one is right now the best Less buffering isues 👍
  • Cannot port subscription to TVOS 1/5

    By sengboy
    Bought premium on IPad but cannot port subscription to the Apple TV. Company wants user to pay double. Not recommend.
  • It’s so close... but need some tweaking 2/5

    By ASAlexS
    I love the app. It works well. Customizable. But needs some polishing. My biggest gripe is the epg population is weirdly... buffered? I don’t know what to call it but the fact that it only populates the epg data of the channels on the screen (in channels view) is terrible. Makes the search pretty useless. That definitely needs to be fixed. The guide is useable. It’d be nice if they had a standard guide like most people are used to. At the very least an option to go into the guide without having to be in a channel would be nice. Like I said. It’s quite awesome. Just wish they could polish a few things.
  • Great app 5/5

    By martialkwaku
    This app is the best, most fast and reliable for iptv. Highly recommended
  • The latest update is crashing 1/5

    By iMhnd
    After updating the app it no longer works and now it’s crashing every time i try to open it
  • Falta Multiusuario 4/5

    By Vic32133
    La app es muy buena solo le falta tener multiusuario (usuario y clave) para guarda tus configuraciones en diferentes plataformas.
  • Best IPTV app 5/5

    By 72 Spike
    Highly recommended app with great functionality and the best interface I’ve found. The EPG overlay is an excellent idea and works perfectly. Definitely worth the pro upgrade. Cannot say how impressed I am with this app. Only thing missing is PIP which would give me everything I want in an IPTV player.
  • Simply the best $4 on iPhone and AppleTV 5/5

    By mycytheone
    Simply the best $4 on iPhone and AppleTV. Please bring background audio and you won!!!!!
  • The Best App 5/5

    By Botrel's
    The best app for stream list Congratulations to the developers!!!!
  • Great on iPhone – crashing on Apple TV! 4/5

    By Frugal one
    This is easily the best IPTV player available. I’ve been using it for six or seven months and I love it. Unfortunately it’s been crashing on the Apple TV so I hope they can get an update out soon.
  • Update 1/5

    By bryanredet
    Update program!! every time i had to reload the app.
  • Best IPTV 5/5

    By benzzite
    Guys this app works great faster, better and easier five stars because no have more starts
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Hedi Ben
    My favorite Iptv app so far! I recommend upgrading to the pro version as it make things much better (changing channels or auto-updating playlist) worth it :) Request: It will help if you add tutorials on how to activate epg or update channels logo!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Eliobolivar
    I got this app for my Apple TV and with a full version, after star using the app and start watching IPTV, it crashes after a few seconds and leave to the Apple TV app menu.... I’d like my money back
  • Eh it works great on WiFi 4/5

    By GhostBmw
    It works great on WiFi for my iptv on my cellular network it buffers not sure what’s the issue I’ve been in spots where it’s full bars or 3 still the same. So I’m not sure if this app has settings to change to let in more bandwidth or it’s restricted . I have T-Mobile and a unlimited plan so this was very alarming to me .. I’ve read others reviews that people have said it’s the app so I’m not sure which is which and I get over 50mb/ download on T-Mobile lte sometimes more .. and 30mb upload with 3 bars so no line jitter so I’m really confused. And I’m a tech guy.. Oh sorry yes I have purchased the full version. So again see how bewildered I am.. so yes if you’re asking it works like I said on Wi-Fi fantastic no buffering know anything just on LTE do I noticed the buffering and again it could be the company that I get my Iptv from who knows.. I was told this app works for Vstream TV.. if somebody else knows otherwise I’d sure like to know maybe if somebody else buys this app and has Vstream tv and using LTE with no problem I’d like to know please. And this is what the say “ USE VIPTV ON IPHONES AND IPADS NOVEMBER 1, 2017 CONTRIBUTED BY MASRHA HADLEY I have spent countless hours installing and testing several apps this weekend that would be compatible for Apple devices. I was able to find an app called "Flex IPTV" that I think everyone will enjoy using. Once you download the app, there is a very small $2.99 fee to upgrade to Pro, which is needed in order to use the full functionality of the app. Check out the directions below to get streaming!”
  • Limited videos format 2/5

    By Ukraqua
    Bought the pay version to avoid annoying commercials, but realized video formats support is limited. Then, decided to look somewhere else.
  • excellent app for iPad and Apple TV 4/5

    By eugene_o
    Very good IPTV player, both for iPad and Apple TV. Out of several apps I tried it was the only one to parse the playlist and electronic program guide from my service correctly. Minus one star for very annoying video ads in the free version and for separate in-app purchases on iOS and tvOS.
  • The best app 5/5

    By (Cheo)
    This is the best app I have seen for iptv services. Works even better on apple tv. I highly recommend it. I have the Pro now. Loving it.
  • CRAPWARE 1/5

    By tsoglani
    Very annoying app does not let you configure the app without spending time watching long video ads. And after you manage to setup the app it does not work. Each click results in 1 minute ad. Do not waste your time. I did it for you.
  • The best IPTV APP so far 5/5

    By Hassantga
    Very stable IPTV app with so many features , highly recommend getting the paid version also. Also support Apple TV 👍.
  • tv 5/5

    By Star777y
    support apple tv?
  • I love it 5/5

    10 star well deserved
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Prishtinaville
    Really good app, but ads makes it unusable, every click a ad video pops up.
  • Dont use 1/5

    By Bear Optimus
    It doesnt work, dont waste your time
  • Keep buffering 5/5

    By Bazuzazaza
    I really like this apps interface, it's simple and easy. But any channel I choose it stuck at buffering. Playlist is good, works without any problems on other IPTV apps. Please fix it. Thanks for fixing bugs! App works just perfect now. Love it. The best IPTV app ever!