Flickering Filter

Flickering Filter

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Orange Face Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Flickering Filter App

If you want to Flickering Filter then please use this app. It's the best of its kind app. Try video remix to instantly create a video from photos and videos you select. Use the video editor for fine-tuned adjustments — change filters, text, camera motion, music, and more. Subscription * Join Flickering Filter to access all cameras and accessories. * Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. * Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. * Your account will be charged for renewal, in accordance with your plan, within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. * You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID account settings any time after purchase. Terms of Services: https://orangefaceapps.com/tos.html Privacy Policy: https://orangefaceapps.com/privacy.html

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Flickering Filter app reviews

  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By kroath1
    Don’t do it biggest waste of money
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! 1/5

    By Josephine.Brewer
    If I could give it 0 stars I would, trust me. Do not download this app. I don’t care what their fake reviews say or what you see on instagram. I downloaded the app for 5 minutes, realized it sucked. Then canceled my subscription and undownloaded. I check my bank account later in the week and they still charged me for a year! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By jojosiwafanofalltime
    I thought getting this app would be sooo cool. But I guess I was wrong. When I first downloaded this game it said I had to start a free trial so then I was like yah ok how bad can that be but then it automatically charged me 7 bucks. Do not buy this game unless you are going to pay a lot of money to just see you as a cartoon character.
  • horrible 1/5

    By NotFuZe
    ok so you literally have to pay money for this stuff. just get an artist to make it
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bashar011116188
    Misleading app. Keeps want you to subscribe without even testing the product. I am turned off already by the app. So I am deleting it. That’s why I am writing this review. You need to hire better product managers.
  • Scam 1/5

    By 🌹 Jenna 🌹
    The app is terrible. The ‘cartoon’ aspect is terrible, looks ugly. The ‘free trial’ didn’t even last a day, it claimed a free trial then instantly charged my card for a one year subscription. In the process of getting a refund right now. I often will upgrade to premium on apps for the free trail, i always cancel the subscription as soon as I start it so I don’t get charged, wasn’t even two minutes before I got charged. Do not use. 👎

    By Kay Miran
    They charged me $29.99 right away. Not even after the free trial. Plus the worst editing app I’ve seen. Smh. This is bs .
  • Asia Moore 1/5

    By add by Fed dvhh
    Lies very trash. I will recommend you to not get this app. Do not buy this app. There’s really no point doesn’t even work.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By 🐥🐣🐞!
    Don’t waste your time or money this app is horrible, The cartoon picture feature is horrible
  • Download this app if you want to pay 29.99.Bad app 1/5

    By Darla Nicky montes
    This app shouldn’t even have one star. The app is really bad. It wants you to pay for a free trial and there is no x to exit that. Some people don’t have money or 30 dollars and just wanna see what they would look like if they were a cartoon or just see what the app has. Don’t waste your time on this app. Don’t download it.
  • “Free”trial 1/5

    By Amywithers
    How is it a free trial when you are immediately charged the fee?
  • Scam 1/5

    By pacmanpace83
    Do not download it say free trial but charge you 29.99 soon as it download app doesn’t work
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Tobuscus10987654321
    This is a crap app So bad I’m making my review a rap, rap The app immediately asks for money No I’m not tryna be funny This is just a ploy for money PEACE
  • Awful 1/5

    By Kayli?
    Saw the add on snap chat, yes yes I know dumb already. It said it would turn my photos into a cartoon and the little add was cute so I check it out and download it to see. Welp it said “start your free trial” and it didn’t give me any option besides a year and I thought it wouldn’t charge me right then and there but it did. And there’s no option to make ur photo look like a cartoon.. so don’t fall for it..
  • Read BMWnan 1029s review 1/5

    By kingp
    Trash app
  • Crap 1/5

    By utielos azzzzz
    Typical scam
  • Hi 1/5

    By I have something to say!!
    I don’t even know how this game actually works. But by the reviews.. Dis is apparently trash. (But ofc I haven’t tried it but all the reviews are one stared and all about scams. )
  • Do not get this app!! 1/5

    By Aricahrae
    So I saw it on Snapchat and I downloaded it then right when I opened it it said try a 7 day “free” trial! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Also follow me on TIK TOK @Hey._.itsaricahraebaby
  • SCAM 1/5

    By ah pues que queires
  • THIS A SCAM! 1/5

    By Alexinaboxx
  • i came from snapchat and got bored 1/5

    By reloading...
    ok so it kinda made me look like this:👁👄👁 but when in reality i look like this:👁👄👁 also follow me on tik tok @averynicole34 if you see this!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By 👍🏻👎🏻Anonymous
    awful app. 10/10 don’t recommend.
  • NOT A FREE APP 1/5

    By Trajic 1
    If your plan is to make people pay to use the app THAN SELL YOUR APP FOR THE PRICE!!! As soon as you open the app it forces you to pay $25 or use a free trial. So $25 for a app??? I don’t think so...

    By jaztalgen
    “7 day trial” my a**!!! After 30 minutes of having this app it charged my card. Now working on a refund. The app isn’t at all what I expected the cartoon picture version of me looked nothing like me. The app in general is so pointless.
  • Money 1/5

    By jaebeasted
    It’s a free app that you have to download and you need to pay to see how good the app is. Total crap app I hate apps like these .
  • Bad app. 1/5

    By aubsyoooo
    Wasn’t even given a free trial, they immediately charged my card for a full year and have yet to return my email in regards to a refund.
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By 13?$gyvd
    This is a horrible app. Useless, don’t get it.
  • The carryon feature wasn’t very good 1/5

    By Brian Doheny
    I downloaded the app and the cartoons aren’t very good plus I saw the reviews on this app and no where have I see good reviews although this app does have a 4.0 rating. I guess the people who did like it are to scared to say they actually do.
  • DO NOT BUY 5/5

    By mercuryfuture
    App barley works and also does not even have the cartoon filter as advertised. False advertisement, just wasted my money.
  • Scummy developers 1/5

    By BMWman1029
    Doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Lemme explain why these developers are slimy lizards. First of all, as soon as you open the app they want you to try a “free” 7 day trial. Seems excellent right? Well wrong. See it charges you immediately after the trial is over. Now I of course wasn’t going to fall for this typical scam. Yet I did get to try the cartoon face filter. Lemme just say it made me look like a Nintendo mii that was Asian and had only one closed eye. Now another thing these developers are doing that are the worst part (if you can even call them developers) is that they are spamming fake 5 star blank reviews just to keep their app from looking like horse crap. (Which of course it is) I don’t even know how this made it’s way into the App Store.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD.. must do trial which is full payment 1/5

    By Kambamer
    SCAMMED YOU CANT EVEN USE THE APP WITHOUT A TRIAL AND THEG FULLY CHARGE YOU. Got trial... literally started at 5/19 11:36 pm... to cancel it at 5/20 12:20 am ... not even an hour within the app... to still be charged 29.99... like really? So trash and wasn’t even as said... and too many hard crashes for that much! Luckily... I disputed it with Apple... to get refunded because such a rip off.
  • I’m confused 1/5

    By om._.nom
    I was looking through the reviews and they said the app was awful and that it’s a was of money and time. But when I first pulled up on the reviews it said most of them were 5 star reviews. Like we’re are they. First they gonna scam and then lie, wow. Apple should just delete this app.
  • Forces you to buy 1/5

    By Sasha Woodrow
    I didnt know start a free trial is equivalent to paying the amount for a subscription. first thing it asks you to do is start a free trial and I agreed to it. And it already snatched the money right out of my account. Don’t even download it. It’s bootleg anyway
  • Scam 1/5

    By LaDane
    Told me to click on the Free Trail then charged me $29.99 right away. I need my money back ASAP.

    By V17!
    Please please please Do not get this app. I downloaded it to see how it works and the first thing that popped up was “Start free trial”. THERE IS NO FREE TRIAL. It took $30+ out of my account and I didn’t even know how to work it. Trash app. Don’t waste your time. (I only clicked one star because the review wouldn’t send without it, but it’s not even that one star)

    By Par4d0xical
    Okay so I just saw this on an ad and thought I’d check it out. When opening the app it said “start free trial” and then it would charge $29.99/ year after. There was no option to click anywhere else and I assumed I wouldn’t be charged as it’s a TRIAL. I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY BACK.
  • FAKE NEWS 1/5

    By uhohitsesca
    Terrible ad, almost felt like my pocket was catfished
  • Horrible rip off! 1/5

    By abbierojas
    This is Crap! Charged me 29.99 for an app that don’t even work! So upset! I want my money back it SUCKSSSSSSS
  • This app 1/5

    By TerronC
    Don’t use this app it makes you do a trial I would put zero stars if I could.👎🏾
  • Shows you ever single pore! 😱😭 1/5

    By tvyddfy
    although this app was good idea, i don't recommend you download it. Not only does it constantly pop up with ads about premium but it also defines everything including every little pore you have. So unless you have super clean pores and you don't care about it asking you to buy premium, then by all means download this app
  • Horrible app Charged me 30$ 1/5

    By EG117
    This app is Terrible I want my 30$ back I didn’t even use the filter and it took my money. Do not use this app it takes your money!!!!

    By sammy0593
    This app when it opens up it tells you to sign up for a “free trial” in order for you to use it. It will charge you the amount, spoke to iTunes rep to dispute the charge, and they stated there is no fee trial on there end. Very misleading do not use app. If i could give this app zero stars i would.
  • No free trial! 1/5

    By 1987nothappy
    It said it was a free trial, so Normally I’d it’s a free trial it’ll tell you that you have to cancel within so many days, nothing was free and it charged my card immediately $29.99!
  • Do not waste your money or time this app does not work 1/5

    By Ac98tm
    This app is complete false advertising, it doesn’t have the cartoon filter at all in the premium and once you get charged you are screwed with it for a year with no benifit a complete scam and rip/off it does not work - do not purchase this horrible waste of a time app - btw - it made me give the rating of 1 star it doesn’t even deserve that at all
  • Really bad app 1/5

    By random747383
    You do get a free trial for a little while which is nice, but the pictures are very bad
  • ROBBERY 1/5

    By DallyK21
    Do not download!!!!! They will charge your card 29.99 without permission. I selected the free trial option it shows you before you even open the app itself and once I did it opened the app displaying a bunch of notifications one right after the other. One of the notifications said “Thank you for your purchase” I was like wth! I never made a purchased; I simply selected the free trial to open the dam app. I went to my subscriptions and the app had charged my credit card 29.99 without permission. The app is not even worth 29.99. It’s so poorly made. DO BOY SELECT FREE TRIAL IT WILL CHARGE YOUR CARD THE TEARLY AMOUNT. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT AND THIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!! I want my refund!

    By AshF137
    Just don’t..... False Advertisement at its finest and it just makes you look like a disoriented pale alien with down syndrome. Waste of space even for a free app and then when clicking for the free trial it then proceeded to charge me $30 which i need to wait a month now to get back from apple.
  • Free but ones you open the app you have to pay to use the stuff 1/5

    By ehenndjxucuwhwvwv
    It’s not worth it it says free and it makes you think that it’s free to use but you have to pay to use the app if it’s going to be free the adds should say free to download but to use you have to pay
  • SCAM ALERT!!!!! 1/5

    By The Grime Life
    F-Ing charged me $30 when trying to close the pop ups that continued to pop up like it was spamming your screen Don’t Download the app is completely useless and trash. Not what was described at all. Filed a complaint with apple and am in the process of trying to get my money back and telling me it has to be reviewed and it could take up to a moth to get a refund. I can’t stand people who take advantage and scam people like these developers and owner of this garbage app!!!

Flickering Filter app comments

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