Flightview - Flight Tracker

Flightview - Flight Tracker

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  • Current Version: 3.6.2
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Flightview - Flight Tracker App

Free Flight tracking app from the leaders in real-time flight information. Track upcoming and in-air flights, and receive status alerts via push notification. Check gate assignments, delays and cancellations and use the attractive flight map to see a flight's progress. Forward your itinerary confirmation emails and Flightview will automatically load them into your Trips. See your Trips across mobile devices and at www.Flightview.com. View a North American airport delay map with radar weather overlay. Wherever life takes you, count on Flightview to help you travel smarter! "Easy-to-use app that should be an essential for air travelers" - Practical Travel Gear "I highly recommend this App, even if you only fly a few times a year it would be incredibly useful." - AppShouter "There are a lot of flight tracking apps for the iPhone - but most of them sell for $4.99 to $9.99. FlightView is significantly cheaper - and even more reliable. The new app also has a great user interface. It's easy to use, has great visuals and makes information easily available for the on-the-go users." - Fresh Apps Flight Tracking Features: • Track flights on a map showing flight path and current radar weather • My Home page gives an easy view into your home airport's current status and your next trip • Flight Status Push Alerts for flights stored in My Trips • View terminal, gate and baggage claim information • See where the plane for your flight is coming from and check its status via Aircraft's Previous Flight • Driving Directions to Airport integration with iPhone Maps • Easily find alternative flights by viewing flight schedules between cities • Search flights up to 350 days in the future and save them • See My Next Trip information on the iOS 'Today' view My Trips Features: • Forward your itinerary confirmation email to [email protected], and it will be automatically loaded into your My Trips on your device • Trips are synced between devices and with www.Flightview.com so you can quickly reference their statuses everywhere • Add notes to flights or trips, such as car rental and hotel reservation numbers, and keep all of your day-of-travel information in one place • While in-flight, review your saved itineraries in Airplane mode Airport Delay Information Features: • View a color-coded map of airport delays in the US & Canada with weather overlay to see how your travel plans could be affected • View list of airports suffering the Biggest Departure Delays right now • View Flightview's proprietary Airport Delay Index for 180 major airports in the US and Canada • View FAA Airport Closures & Delay Programs for major airports in the US Calendar Integration: • Post your Flight or the Flights within a Trip to your iPhone Calendar Sharing Features: • Share trip itineraries via email or share flights via email or SMS/text • Post your Trip Itinerary or Flight Information on Facebook • Login to Flightview using Facebook login Weather Features: • View current weather conditions at arrival and departure airports on the Flight Details screen • 7-Day Weather forecast so you can see the weather forecast for both ends of your trip Other Great Features: • Call an airline reservation number directly from the Flight Details screen • In the Help section, read the Frequently Asked Questions and their answers, Flight Tracking Tips, Flight Status definitions and Flight Tracking terms Tired of Ads? • If you would like to avoid seeing ads, then check out our Flightview plus application in the paid section of the App Store - no ads there!


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Flightview - Flight Tracker app reviews

  • Great app that works and needs an ui upgrade 5/5

    By Akhil2481
    Great app that gives me accurate info although flight arrival and departure notifications come a tad late but I guess that’s because of the reliance on air traffic control authorities. I do want the ui upgraded to be more in tune with ios11+. Sometime it feels like the ui is stuck with iOS 7 or older.
  • Bad info 1/5

    By duhh flightview
    Don’t trust this app. Terminal info was incorrect and completely f**ked up the drop-off for a departing flight. Dumping flightview and trying flight tracker instead.
  • Go-to app 4/5

    By auldguy
    I’ve flown more than a million and a half miles since I started on the road and I’ve used dozens of apps. Some I really liked, but they aren’t around anymore. So now this is my go-to app for flights. It’s not perfect (no iPad support), but it’s pretty great. It’s the most up-to-the minute app I use (I still use a couple others to track other reservations, hotel, etc.). It shows where your plane is coming from, and let’s you know exactly what’s happening with your plane until it gets to you, and what’s happening when you get on. I haven’t found a better flight app yet, and it’s free.
  • Helpful app 5/5

    By VoxProf
    I used to use Flight Tracker but it’s gone. I have replaced it with this app. While not as much info as Flight Tracker this one is free and it works. One thing I wish it could do is enable switching locations (like you can switch the “to” and “from” in map apps). For multiple leg trips this would save a step as you could just switch the “to” to make it “from” and then add the next “from” location. I’d like to see the flight paths of the plane too - like Flight Tracker used to have. All in all, this is a good app and a “must have” for me in addition to the airline’s own app. I use both together when I fly.
  • Just works! 5/5

    By PhillyTraveller
    After much use, easy to use, very reliable and accurate- actually seen it update the status before the airlines themselves!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By IdolAppreciator
    We could follow our children’s flight which first was marked 20 minutes late, but then Flightview told us it was coming in earlier than expected and it was only 3 minutes late! All is well with the world😀
  • Great App 5/5

    By Lmair69
    Always reliable. I have never had a technical issue. It informs when the plane lands and more importantly when it arrives at the gate. Also, it provides airport delays from around the country.
  • Essential to a service I provide for family and friends!!! 5/5

    This utility has served me very well for at least 2 years, often I need to know the status of a flight or to confirm that a planned one exists. This app has not failed yet to give accurate up-to-date information. And without cost! On a few occasions people asking me to transport them to or from an airport gave wrong information. This app saved me from wasting a 270 mile trip between California’s Sonora and San Francisco.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By 312694
    Easy to use and reliable.
  • A really great app! 5/5

    By blaaahh146
    My family flew in and we had trouble finding out where they were when they were supposed to fly back but this app helped me as it said they were coming back because of a close storm!! Really helped.
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By toner45
    Great app, I work for an airlines and by far the most accurate and easiest to navigate all for free. Only thing I wish it had was custom push notifications like notify me when my flight is 30 mins 15 mins 10 mins or 5 mins away. The app would be great to add to the Apple Watch family also.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Chefbearsteve
    I work at an airport I have to go out airside to pick up passengers this helps me out to know when the plane is coming in
  • Update are delayed 3/5

    By Rickse
    Been using this app for years and really like it. I also use FlightAware. Lately I noticed that FlightView’s updates appear to be 15 minutes behind FlightAware. Not sure why this is happening but I find myself using FlightView less and less because of it and relying on FlightAware more and more.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By sparimang
    Keep up the good work and I’ll recommend this app to all my contacts all over the world.
  • Costa 5/5

    By Jcmdc
    Is the best app I found, very good.
  • Seriously 1/5

    By Moopskazoops
    Terrible! Misleading 🤬🤬🤬
  • So easy 4/5

    By nanaljc
    I like this app a lot. It’s easy and dependable.
  • Force Quit 1/5

    By Chitownmj
    This app was great for years until recently it either quits a few minutes while using or goes to some random site!! Bug issues needs an update please!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By 4Flygirl
    This app worked great for months. Recently it started crashing. Very difficult to look up flights. Unless this app is fixed I would recommend finding something else
  • Crashes 2/5

    By hjjps1
    Used to work
  • Flight Tracker FlightView 5/5

    By Ian Gran
    This app is very useful, I can see where my family is with a map of where the plane is, the app tells you at what gate they will go departing and arriving, and also the thing I love is that it tells you how long it takes for the plane to arrive at its destination and as I already said it shows you a map know I am 99% Never late to pickup anyone.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By notobes
    I love this app! It has everything you need, even shows weather at your destination. Just an all around great app for flight tracking.
  • Wish you could zoom in on the map 4/5

    By Heymansorry
    That would be a great update but overall it’s a good app.
  • Great Ap Multiple Flights 5/5

    By FF Jim
    This Ap can handle all of your flights. Info provided is better than the airline site.
  • Great app but crashes 3/5

    By Dullescowboysfan
    Great free app for saving flights but it has been crashing lately
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Immensely Grateful
    I always use this app to track when any of my family members are traveling. I love being able to see where the plane is in real time. Thanks!!
  • Very Nice App 4/5

    By Mch1zzy
    It won’t be one of those apps you delete from your phone. Works really well. Would have given it five stars if I could add flights to a single trip.
  • Excellent App!!! 5/5

    By My eyes!!!!!
    This app is spot on when tracking flights!!?
  • Very convenient and easy to use 5/5

    By ittakeslongertofindnick
    I am not very app oriented person. I really appreciate very convenient and flexible user interface, important and useful information provided in clear and understandable form.
  • A real time wonder! 5/5

    By Robbess
    I have used this on multiple occasions to follow flights that we need to meet for arriving guests, our own departing check ups, & see when my family arrive to their intended destinations. I find it very accurate and a godsend. I wish there was a way to have reasons given for delays though when they occur. For example: I checked on a flight & it indicated it had departed & was taxiing, but when checked a bit later it indicated it was still on ground & delayed 2 hrs with no explanation.
  • Password 1/5

    By Tamarra76
    Tried to complete password 12 times all different combinations and none worked.
  • Flight 5/5

    By RastafariHaileSelassie
    Great app
  • Loved this app until just now 3/5

    By CLTguy5
    I travel all the time and use this to track my itinerary and especially view previous legs of my plane to see what is causing delays. Everything was great until it started automatically opening safari for ads. It’s really annoying and happens a lot now. Unless this is fixed to just have ads in the bottom or allow for a paid version without ads, I’m deleting this app. I imagine most others will do the same.
  • App works but pop ups on mobile? 2/5

    By Electricsoup
    If I have the app open for longer than a minute an ad brings me out of it to a spam page. Even though the app technically works, this keeps it from being rated any higher.
  • These pop up ads need to be fixed ASAP! 1/5

    By M_daniela
    I used to love this flight tracking app, however, it is getting ridiculous with the pop ads without even touching anything. You need to inform your users if you have been hacked or you have a malware problem.
  • Terrible pop-up ads 1/5

    By JN 1732
    The app itself is useful and efficient for tracking flights, but it started using pop-up ads that kick you out of the app to load ads in Safari.
  • What happened? 3/5

    By ,=,è
    Why am I now starting to get scam screens open when this app is open. When I have the app on, it suddenly opens safari then an amazon ad says I won something. This app needs some TLC. Where are the devs with some updates?
  • Useful 5/5

    By Isbella90046
    My family and I love it.
  • Horrible Ap 1/5

    By silhouette38
    Ad popups are terrible...
  • Very good app 4/5

    By ammbooth
    After using this app for over a year, I can only recall one or two instances when a flight (arrivals & departures) wasn't tracked correctly. Even flights selected under My Trips (scheduled weeks or even months before the actual trip) provides a heads up reminder especially for arriving flights (when I'm picking some up at the airport) are generally tracked correctly. One issue is setting up several trips under My Trips are not sorted by date (i.e. if a trip in June 2016 was schedule before another trip in April 2016 they are listed in that order). Sometimes last minutes decisions are made so always scheduling trips chronological order is not realistic. If sorting by earliest date was automatic it would truly be a user friendly app. Can't really complain though, app was FREE. Update 4/18/2018: The past issue with My Trips not being listed in chronological order was resolved! Thank you first for listening and most of all for taking action. Appreciate it!
  • Hijacked 1/5

    By Lymon Zurge 2323
    I was checking a flight on the app when my phone was hijacked to a porn site. Either the site was hacked or there is malware. Running security on my phone immediately.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By RockinRaul
    The app is OK but is bugging keeps going to the App Store for unwanted advertisement I think is doing that so you can pay for nine advertising which is a conflict of interest that should not be allowed if you don’t Tap on the advertisement then it should not go straight to advertisement or the App Store That’s why our rated one star they have to fix the bugs that is all
  • Great App 5/5

    By J. Barry Leary
    I travel frequently and live by this App. It easily imports my flights and I get faster updates than the airlines or any other app.
  • Great Companion to their browser app 5/5

    By wayneworld20
    This is a first rate app. Refreshes well, ads are there but not EVERYWHERE like with the app that has 10k reviews. If you want the definition of annoying ads that would be the one. I digress. Easy to search for an airline and add the flight number with quick results. You can even save trips or call certain airlines. Nice touch.
  • Adds make it unusable 1/5

    By Airborne427
    I’ve used this app for years but the new full-screen adds make it unusable. I’m not looking for an alternative and will be deleting it from my phone.
  • Excellent multicarrier flight tracking app 5/5

    By P Spirn
    This app has many convenient features and is extremely easy to use. It gives information that is critical for anticipating flight delays – tracking the originating flight of the aircraft.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By BFox13
    My children travel all over the world and I love being able to track their flights. Thank you so much.
  • App 5/5

    By cleletstalk
    I love this app! I don't fly but pick people up weekly for my job and the FlightView is very accurate!
  • Really great 5/5

    By B7297898
    I very much appreciate this app. I did have FlightStats but somehow lost it. I found this app and glad of it. I travel about 10 times a year with multiple connections so I need a good way to see my flight. I especially like as much information that is on it.
  • Great 5/5

    By lauriebop
    Very useful and accurate

Flightview - Flight Tracker app comments


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