Flip Diving

Flip Diving

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Miniclip.com
  • Compatibility: Android
21,968 Ratings
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Flip Diving App

• The World's #1 cliff diving game - now on your mobile! • Pull off Frontflips, Backflips & Gainers from high cliffs, rickety platforms, trees, castles, and trampolines! Choose from a wide range of divers, and unlock new tricks and moves. Aim for a perfect entry into the water, and don’t hit the rocks! Featuring a custom physics engine with animated ragdoll physics, Flip Diving is the most dynamic and entertaining cliff diving experience ever created! TONS OF DIVING TRICKS • Layouts, Pikes, Reverses - and more tricks coming soon! • Each trick dynamically animated with ragdoll physics! DEATH-DEFYING LOCATIONS • Dive from trees, boats, trampolines and more! • Over 50 jump platforms to leap from! A HUGE RANGE OF CHARACTERS • Take a dive as a bodybuilder, a businessman, or in a penguin costume! • Each diver has different abilities, weights, and unique physics! • More coming soon! SHOW OFF TO YOUR FRIENDS • Record your best dives - or your biggest fails - and share them with your friends! ---------------------------------------- This game does not require internet connection, and can be played offline.


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Flip Diving app reviews

  • Great game, but needs more levels... 4/5

    By IzKid100
    This game is really but I have no flips or locations to unlock anymore, so there is kind of no point until the next update. Now, it is still fun and stuff, trying to get new high scores, but still, you don’t really have the same goal as you did when you were trying to unlock stuff. I have been waiting for an update for a while now, so can you guys please have a new update soon!
  • . 3/5

    By Busted/tazer
    2 kişi oynamanın süreli olması çok saçma bi şeyide düzgün yapın
  • Meh 5/5

    By thanos1423
    Cool 😎
  • Very...concerning. 1/5

    By everyday honest 21
    So I deleted this app like 2 years ago and then I downloaded it again thinking it must be way better now because they have TWO YEARS TO DO A UPDATE!!! I await anxiously for the app to download. Once I open it up... its the same! Bruh! This shows the developers don’t care about there customers. They make a game so everyone can buy it and then.... don’t update it! Just for the money, my friends.

    I Just HAVE ONE word AMAZING
  • Recommended 4/5

    By The Icy Derp
    I have watched my brother play this many times, and I would always steal his phone and try to do it. I admit it is a rage maker and it’s hard to get a good dive, but it’s really fun game to play to pass time, and it doesn’t need internet. It’s fun and helps you figure out timing.
  • Great 👍 5/5

    By Sidney Paige 😊
    I really like this game. It's so addicting!!😊😆
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By Raycefan
    This is easily the worst game app ever bar none. If you mess up the tiniest bit, instead of resetting you to retry that same jump, it puts you to level one the first jump every time. It’s just plain stupid and asinine and makes me want to strangle the developer.
  • Fun so far 4/5

    By WillieBeaux
    Just hope there are still new things to keep interest.
  • IT S U C K S 1/5

    By angery heathers fan
    The app could be great if you added a few features to make it more like actual diving. For example, adding a hurdle for front dives would make the game AMAZING. Also, you need to change the name of the “Reverse front flip” to “INWARD flip” because that’s the actual name you uncultured swine. Finally, ADD TWISTS!! No dive game is complete without twisting!!!!!
  • Like it 4/5

    By dog lovet 1245
    I like this game but when you do the front flip pike you have 0 control
  • Can’t Believe these high Ratings 1/5

    By LabFixer
    This game is a complete waste of time. First, what is the point of this game? You can accumulate points, but what for?? And the ads are so interrupting and interfering of game play, that I immediately terminate the game. Ads I understand, but when you can’t even sustain a continuity enough to improve, why stick with it? I trashed this game after a few days. I was looking for a little fun and all I got was advertising. I’m not throwing money at any game until I can find some pleasure in it. You haven’t given us that chance.
  • good game but... 2/5

    By plznoticethis
    this game is fun and quite addictive which i like about it. however, my one issue is that there are only two female characters, i believe, and only one is properly dressed for water activities(the other is in a t-shirt and shorts). even so, that one has a surfboard on her back that falls off during the dive and makes using her character kind of pointless as having a surfboard flying around while you are trying to make a clean dive can mess you up. my suggestion would be to add a couple more female characters and more that are in actual swimming clothes instead of regular clothes, and have ones that don’t include something that falls off during the dive because i find that quite annoying. hopefully someone notices this and i wish to see an update with these features.
  • Good but not good 4/5

    By Yarnell00
    I love this game it is very fun to play but there are some things I don’t like about it there’re are to many ads and you can’t play one round with out a ad popping up it gets me really mad because every time I lose the game It is a ad and it is relly agervating

    By gamernerd894
    SOO MUCH BETTER THAN BALLOONS TD 6 this games is amazing and is so much fun
  • My Opinion 4/5

    By YoBoyCJ
    I’m giving this game 4 stars only because whenever you try to watch a video to speed up up time or keep going with your jumps, it always says the video can’t be shown. Every thing else is great.
  • Liked it bro 5/5

    By liked it bro
    Liked it bro.
  • Restore purchases don’t work 1/5

    By SSundee rules all
    So my little brother bought the ninja guy or whatever the characters name in and some like $1.99 dollar map called toe swings I think and I tried to restore thinking,”hey if I do this then I get my money back that my brother spent and he doesn’t get the i game items he purchased with out asking me” then I go and restore them and the message popped up saying 2 items were restored so I went to my AppStore to check if the money came back to my account and it didn’t so I tried 3 more time and it won’t restore the purchase and I don’t get my money back, please game developers see this so you can remove the ninja character and the rope swings map off the account and please put the money back into my account. Great game but bad restore purchasing system.
  • Yo Awsome Game 5/5

    By Mathias 74
    Just Turn off WiFi And BAM! No Ads.....Also Is It Just Me or Do The Characters Look Like Dude Perfect? Also Could You Make A 🧟‍♂️ Zombie Character For Halloween?
  • Bugs,but . . . 5/5

    By chocklateCupcake
    Love the game and how you have to play to get stuff but I don't like how you have to get between the cones that bugs me a lot too
  • To many adds!! 👎🏽this adds 1/5

    By Hmsateegamme
    This game has to many adds it’s like each time I die it gives me a very long add this is ridiculous!!! 😡 Please get rid of the adds no more adds for gds sake!! 😡
  • Fascinating 4/5

    By TenYearOldBoy
    The graphics could be improved but other than that the game is amazing and so stress relieving
  • Meh 3/5

    By djjejejenejenenenenendndn
    It’s fun once you get more locations and flips. 3 stars bc of the ads
  • If I could give it 200 stars I would 5/5

    By i love happy whells
    The bomb
  • Amazing!!!!! 5/5

    By mefunny07
    I have so much fun playing this game it’s addictive!!!! It’s perfect for long trip rides I think the creators of this game did a wonderful job
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By gorman brook
    I got this game and in the beginning I really liked it and there was almost no ads, but as I had the game for longer almost after every time I died or anything it was an ad like and it’s the same as every time! It’s very annoying and it makes me want to delete the game!
  • Oh god no not the ADS, noooooooooooo😫😵 3/5

    By thicc bish
    I like this app it’s fun to play and pass the time but the ads they run so many times and if I accidentally press the ad It won’t let me press the done button to go back and I will have to restart the game. Now I understand that there is the remove ads thing but I don’t want to pay for something with money I don’t have. Again it’s a great app and the updates are cool but the ads are non stop
  • Pig Latin! 5/5

    By Search it up
    Tiay asway wsomesaay
  • Bad 1/5

    By Running Is NOT My Thing
    Played two days but didn’t get my daily spin
  • More levels 4/5

    By Journeyer99
    You haven’t added any levels in a really long time. It’s an enjoyable game, but once you add all the flips, locations, and characters and there is nothing new added in months and months it gets old.
  • Update made it awful... 1/5

    By Jason.Weaver
    Graphics are choppy and half the time you can’t jump out far enough, don't make the landing area or hit something on the way down.
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By GameMaster6312
    Love it but can you change the adds you show because the fort it’s adds are getting really annoying there all so dumb
  • Needs more content 4/5

    By Exhurch7177997
    Would be better if it had more content
  • Scary ads 1/5

    By Theguyinthecorner101
    So I was playing a round when he game ended a freaking scary face popped up and scared me nearly half to death. Fix your ads please
  • Laggy mess 2/5

    By Jayy1032$6:8746
    Yes, it lags waaay to much to even play sometimes.
  • STUPID 1/5

    By Not All of them are free
  • It's awesome! 5/5

    By skywalker_9000
    You should really get this!👍🏻👍🏻it's great!
  • Please read: 5/5

    By carolina the bunny lover
    This game is a GREAT game to pass time!I had to travel 6 or 7 hours for a vacation and I played the game the whole time and it feelled like 3 hours😘😍🙃
  • Ha 5/5

    By gavynparadisgameing
  • Flip Diving 5/5

    By Njrieder
    I love this game especially hitting his head on something.
  • WAY too many ads 5/5

    By cacikspor99
    When I First played this game, There were too many ads.
  • Very addictive 4/5

    By Frisku❤️🎻❤️
    I play this very much and I find it addicting

    By otterboy0909
    I really love this game it’s amazing I got the zombie and it’s pretty cool love the game can’t wait for more updates
  • Yay 5/5

    By islnd_elli
    This game saved my marriage.
  • Ehhhh 4/5

    By perslla
    It’s not good but not enough
  • Good but unfair 4/5

    By PoptropicaPlayer
    You guys should really fix the multiplayer time and make it whenever you want to start it not just when you earn it
  • Supper cool game! 5/5

    By nigeriakdj
    The game is really addicting and super cool. But why put the cones? One time I was playing, I almost beat my high score when I bumped
  • واو العبة جميلة جدا mssnsjsgdgdgdgdhdgdgdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdh 5/5

    By تتب
    واو جميلة جدا
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Riscowa
    It's one of the best games I have ever played. It's really fun to play but the landing area is really annoying when you miss it.
  • Too much adds!!!!!! 2/5

    By animalovergracie
    I love this game but way to much adds

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