FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Visual Blasters LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation App

Animate your dreams and bring them to life! FlipaClip's powerful and fun animation tools make frame-by-frame animation easy. Join our growing community of animators and artists creating unique and exciting animations every day! Share your creations with the world on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other popular platforms, and search for FlipaClip animations to get inspired! Whether you’re sketching, storyboarding, animating or learning, FlipaClip provides the best drawing and animating experience. The simple and intuitive controls are easy to learn and powerful enough to bring your ideas to life! Learn frame-by-frame animation, draw pictures and turn them into animated gifs, or draw over videos to create a rotoscope video. You’ll be creating animated videos and cartoons like a pro with FlipaClip! FlipaClip comes with everything you need to start animating. Draw cartoons with frame-by-frame animation to bring them to life, add audio and share your animated works with the world! Challenge your animation skills and participate in our contests! You could win exciting prizes just by having fun! Download FlipaClip today and start animating! FLIPACLIP FEATURES DRAWING TOOLS • Draw with practical tools like Brushes, Lasso, Fill, Eraser, Ruler shapes, and insert Text with multiple font options all for free! • Custom canvas sizes - up to 1920x1920! • Apple Pencil is supported. ANIMATION LAYERS • Use up to 3 layers for free! • Go pro and add up to 10 layers! • Yes, we’ve listened to you and added more layers but please note app may experience performance issues after adding more than 6 layers. ANIMATION TOOLS • Animating frame-by-frame is super easy with an intuitive animation timeline and practical tools • Onion skin animating tool • Frames viewer • Overlay grids to guide your animations • And more! ADD AUDIO • Easily add and edit audio clips using up to six audio tracks for free. • Add dialogue to your animation with voice recording! • Import your own audio files for a low cost. • Get creative with our popular curated sound fx audio packages. INSERT IMAGES & VIDEOS • Animate images you import or draw on top of your videos. • Add rotoscopes to your videos. • Drag and drop images on your canvas. (Only on iPadOS 11 and higher) MAKE MOVIES • Save your animated movies as MP4 or GIF files. • PNG sequences with transparency are supported. • Post your animated videos to YouTube. SHARE MOVIES • Share your animation anywhere! • Post to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr. CONTEST EVENTS! • Participate for free in all kinds of challenges we put out. • Win exciting prizes while having fun! ----------------------------------------- GET INSPIRED See what FlipaClip users are creating! Search #FlipaClip on Instagram, or find these creators featured in our App Store screenshots: @harshit0325 @t_.man @fr0stz_ @all_dat_mani @lambtarl And more! Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flipaclip/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/flipaclip ----------------------------------------- GET SUPPORT Have any app issues or want to share ideas? Go to http://support.flipaclip.us/

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FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation app reviews

  • It good 5/5

    By squid 101
    Really good
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Dawn5035
    I got an iPad and Apple Pencil so I could start animating, I asked my friends about it and they said get FlipaClip! I love this app and am having lots of fun with it! 11/10 would recommend
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Angelika Parker
    It’s a great app but I would like if the background could be a video from my camera roll.
  • Sign in 1/5

    By ehhdhhchdhs
    Everything about the app is great. But when I signed in on my phone with the account I used for my tablet none of my purchases came with it for my phone so now I’m stuck with ads no sound and 3 frames. When you login it should take your purchases and animations with you on that different device plz work on this🤬😤😤if it isn’t done and if I’m doing something wrong please help.
  • Good but kind of bad 1/5

    By kishard bell
    It work but it always delete the part of my animation so please fix this bug
  • Doesn’t make sense. 2/5

    By jejdjdjdjdududururursldk
    See, I wanted to make a meme but I couldn’t use the audio I recorded. It CHARGED ME for the things I wanted to do, get the whole audio/video, or import the sound. I was so disappointed. Why do we have to be charged, please respond and do something about this. I don’t wanna pay just to get audio or a full video.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By ailce cupcake
    I think this app is the best.Now I can make animations that I have aways wanted to do and it is quick and easy.It is fun too and lots of my favorite animators(witch some are TikTokers and YouTubers) use this too!Flip a Clip I just want to say thank you so much for making this app this is the best app EVER!!! Thank you❤️👍❤️
  • Premium problems 3/5

    I got this app recently for my computer to animate with, but my tablet hasn’t been working. I had bought the premium on my account and assumed if I’d just get it on my phone, and animate with a stylus. I got the app and logged in again, and wanted to start animating, but I couldn’t add more than three layers. This is the same account I used on my computer that has premium, and I even checked by going on my computer again and saw that I had all the features. I was wondering how I could fix this problem, so that I can use my premium account in my phone and don’t have to ask my parents to buy it again. If fixed, I’ll give 5 stars.
  • It’s great 5/5

    By wwghnxhsjvjjdksmsnwjksndbsjsjs
    It’s an amazing app, but just one thing... The instructions are a little confusing but overall it’s a great app for drawing. I love it, and it’s recommended for artists. The tools are amazing s app makes your drawings look lively. It’s amazing. If you’re an artist, GET IT!! #AMAZINGAPP
  • Great I love it 4/5

    By lulu horses
    This app is really easy to use and you should get it
  • Great! 5/5

    By my.username
    I really like this app and I use it everyday. There is just one glitch, sometimes it freezes and I have to reload. But that’s it!
  • Nice but 4/5

    By FurbyLisa or Tattletail
    It is a great app but it’s absolutely disgusting you have to pay just to import the fx, add your own audio and not some crappy throat made imitation of the audio you intended to add. You can’t even import a complete video with the import video feature with free. Disgusting how the world is led by money nowadays. (Jashonn Reese) P.S. You can also import the videos over 6 seconds, but it’ll shorten the video anyways.
  • Good game 5/5

    By youtuberpowerapps
    Can you please allow me to animate with my friends and my sisters please. I would be rlly grateful if you would add that for me. Five stars for this game for being fun and good please. Allow that to happen so I can animate with my family or with my sister.?!
  • Love the app but something’s wrong 5/5

    By lindsydlc
    I put 5 star because this app is quite literally the only thing I use all day and also because I’m not sure if it’s my iPad or the app but I can’t upload any video to my channel not sure what’s wrong but it won’t post or show that I was uploaded and I don’t wanna delete the app because I have a lot of animations on it and will lose the ones I’m working on? Sorry if it’s just my iPad and not the app, you guys have a great app and I absolutely adore it and everything with it!
  • Amazing but 4/5

    By Naylah Gabriella Everett
    Hi! My name is Naylah and I would like to talk about some things,I love this app it’s so amazing! I just got it a few days ago,But here’s the thing,there’s a fill in color spot,but when I try to color it colors other stuff.I would like the FlipaClip creators to add a coloring tool where there’s a spot to fill in your own spaces because I know there is already one but I would like you to add one where you can color with moving your finger instead of just tapping.Other wise I love this app and I recommend people to buy this app,Thank you Sincerely, Naylah Gabriella Everett
  • Please Fix this problem FlipaClip 3/5

    By Survivor Is Amazing!
    I can’t upload videos to YT anymore just because I changed my YT name also how come the isn’t a feature we’re you can change what channel you want to upload to?
  • This app is unusable 2/5

    By mionshine
    I downloaded this app because I like to think I’m a good artist, so I thought I might try my hand at animating. I downloaded FlipaClip because I’ve seen it before on YouTube. I tried it and now I have an entire list of why this app can’t be used. 1. If I try to import photos or videos, the entire app freezes. I have to restart the app to get it to work again. 4. You can’t delete frames. It freezes up like it does with photos. I hope y’all fix these problems. I can’t use this app to animate because I can’t merge layers or delete frames. ___________ Edit- I followed y’alls instructions. My iPad has plenty of storage, so that wasnt a problem. My device isn’t underpowered, but I disabled rotations anyway. It hasn’t worked on the freezing problem. I do not understand
  • Super confusing, glitchy and way to hard 1/5

    By DirectorAwesome
    This app looks like it is made for kids but it is very confusing and super glitchy. I just finished a movie I was proud of but then the app glitched and I couldn’t watch it anymore
  • It’s great 5/5

    By leyton kellogg
    It teaches me how to animate
  • One Anonoying Issue 4/5

    By DireDog
    This is an amazing app and I’ve had it for about 2 years now. I’ve never really had any major issues except for the occasional crashing (which I no longer get). Today the app has bugged out twice where the last frame’s lineart replaced the first frame’s and the same thing happened with the coloring. This is very annoying because I have to redraw everything and the character I’m making an animation for has a lot of markings which I now have to go and redraw. The lineart and coloring were both on different layers. (No clue if that knowledge will help you guys work out the issue or not.)
  • Ok 5/5

    By Star Butterfly😂
  • I wish it had more tools to use 4/5

    By cewl bii
    I like the app, don’t get me wrong, but there isn’t much of a tool bar. In ibis paint, it has dozens of brushes, which is something I can’t get in FlipaClip. It also had the blur tool, which I use a lot to do shading and gradients. If I want to draw a straight line, it’s a lot easier to have a specific brush. I would appreciate ( as others probably would too) if you could record your own audio and add it in. Maybe add more tutorials to help people if they are new to art or animation. I really love this app, and would give it a better review if it was a little better. Also, maybe add stabilizers. Don’t say that you don’t understand my review. I am being very specific. The tool I would wish to have would be the blur tool, a better circle and line tool, and an eraser bucket. Maybe on layers underneath, it could color the actual figure instead of the entire page. I do really like this app, had I made an animation that I’m really proud of. Thanks in advance and for the present
  • AMAZING but... 4/5

    By Robloxboss853
    🥚😌💅✨This app is super fun to make cool animations but the annoying thing is if you draw something hard on page one you have to draw it AGAIN but over all this is a good app to get if your getting started on animation!✨💅😌🥚
  • Great but needs a bug fix 5/5

    By Páwś
    I love this animation app. It's so easy to use and great for beginners like me. But there's one issue that keeps happening when I use the app. Whenever I play the animation to see the progress I've got, it glitches and replays a frame that doesn't go there. So I don't know what to fix and what not to fix. It also just looks bad. I have the latest version so I know it will still happen because I can't update it. Please fix this I'm getting a bit bothered by it. Other than that this is a great app but maybe make the import audio thing free or at least.cheaper. You'd get a lot more purchases and downloads. I know you can watch an add but it waists time and it's annoying. Thanks and if you're thinking of getting the app, I sure recommend it. 💕
  • One thing! 4/5

    By frisk12356
    While I’m playing the animation to see how it looks, it does this glitch wear the first frame of the animation ( or some random frame that came before it) flashes on the current frame, and when I get out of an animation then back in the bottom box with the frames everything in them disappears, but are there when I’m drawing in them, but other than that I love this app, so please fix this! Thanks! ^_^
  • I like the app but THE LAYERS MAN 3/5

    By mlpzaqqq
    Ok I love this app it easy but the layers are very annoying iam upset you can’t get layers back by undoing something it’s very frustrating
  • I love animation. 5/5

    By runthusiast
    I have always loved drawing and animation and now I can do it! It has always been my dreams to be an animator and this app makes that dream come true! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Would give five stars... 2/5

    By TypingTeddy
    Once you delete a layer, a frame, or an animation, it’s gone for good. Accidentally deleted an animation, and there is no way to restore it. Hopefully the app can allow us to restore previous works or previous layers in the future, would give 5 stars.
  • i like this app but theres a few bugs 5/5

    By Random Person In The Internet
    so um i was doing my project using this app and it worked fine at first but then some of the frames started erasing turning blank its a great app but please fix this
  • Loveeeee 5/5

    By m<3sherkids
    I love this app!
  • Great except for one BiG problem. 2/5

    By namelesss...
    I super new to animation, and I heard this app was good for beginners! I was starting out so good on my first big project, everything was working well, until I deleted a layer, and the whole project disappeared... Little did I know that know that deleting a layer practically deletes the whole project!! And you can’t undo deleted layers! I feel very disheartened and hope that the developers will fix this problem.

    By mcearther.
    I love this app so much! But there is really only thing I think would make it better, adding some more tools for drawing! Like pencil, different kids of pens, different kinds of markers. Thanks! :D Thanks for making this amazing app ❤️
  • Amazing app! Two problems... 5/5

    By siriago
    I love this app a lot. But there’s some things that make me a bit sad I’ll tell you them. 1: Everytime I draw I try to do a mirror like effect,but there’s no copy button to do it. If you don’t know what I mean. I mean by if you could copy ur drawing in the same frame instead of two different frames. 2:it would be great for the sounds to be free instead of paying for it cuz imagine all those map parts in FlipaClip without sound! I’d appreciate you reading this.
  • Revew 5/5

    By Momma4likesgames
    Its da bests
  • Great app, just one thing 4/5

    By RebelSpicyB0i
    This app is super good and easy to use. It’s great beginners, such as myself, but there’s just one thing that bothers me. I’ve been wanting to make an animatic of a song for a while now, but when I tried to add the song to my project so I could animate over the audio, it only had the option to add some sound effects or add my voice in. I’d really appreciate it if there could be an option to be able add music from my device into my project. Besides that this app is totally amazing!
  • Awesome! But, I have a few suggestions 5/5

    By IceWolfX
    When I first tarted FlipaClip, it was hard. But after 3 years of animating I'm getting better at it. the only things that may need some fixing, is when you decide to change a color, and use the bucket to change it, but it goes on the whole screen. I hate how that happens. It annoys me. Otherwise, it is the best animation app.
  • Mejor aplicación de todo el mundo 5/5

    By the poopy guy that poops
    Es muy bello
  • Cool 5/5

    By jlkbjvjvnvnv
    It is the best
  • This is okay 5/5

    By fvifyfktsygshhy
    I like this app but I wish you didn’t need a iPad to do this because what if you can’t buy one.But other than that it is okay to me
  • Not bad at all 3/5

    By ftyioohgg
    My only problem is the ads.
  • Sound menu 3/5

    By RashadAnimations
    For some reason I can see the sound menu off the app like on YouTube or other games it miss up my phone
  • Oh no- another! 4/5

    By A furry customer
    I just payed for premium today on my phone. And I expected to show on my iPad too. I have a FlipaClip account that is shared between a iPhone and IPad However when I checked, It says that premium wasn’t bought on the iPad. I was a bit worried because I thought if I got a new phone or such, I would lose the money I payed for the app. Also that the projects should be synced with other devices. -Either then this minor problem, the app has been good so far! Keep up the good work!
  • I love this app yaaaaaa 5/5

    By tyrezhopper
  • Good but sometime won’t work. 4/5

    By lskskskdjduew
    When I try to make a movie and click Pick picture it just freezes.
  • Easy 5/5

    By R.B Aj. G.
    It’s so easy to use I love it
  • Amazing but.. 4/5

    By Batman (not Bruce Wayne!)
    I have been able to upload one animation to YouTube, but it won’t let me upload my second one, please fix this, or tell me what might be going wrong.
  • It’s great! 4/5

    By uwshbxwuhbx
    The only thing that concerns me is that you can’t change the speed one, small group of slides, because you can’t make smooth animations if you have to just place characters farther away from each other on the same slide.
  • Please fix this glitch it’s really annoying 4/5

    By RiaTheHybrid
    Overall FlipaClip is an amazing animation app. However I feel it could be better. For instance adding a smudge brush and/or blur brush would save a lot of time. Also I have been experiencing a glitch were I would play an animation that I would be working on and it would glitch and show some of the frames at different times when they weren’t there. I really would like this to be fixed because it’s annoying as can be when your animation glitches while your trying to watch it while working on it.
  • Plz fix this bugs on mobile 3/5

    By lilly kit
    So I liked this game into I got a new iPad and I got and I can’t animate bc I was makeing a head but I can’t make the drawing ting big so can u fix that plz

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation app comments

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