FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation

FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 2.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Visual Blasters LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation App

Animate your dreams and bring them to life! FlipaClip's powerful and fun animation tools make frame-by-frame animation easy. Make amazing animations with the newly redesigned FlipaClip! Track your projects with a beautiful new home page and easy stacks, switch between light and dark mode, and discover new possibilities from FlipaClip video creators. Join our growing community of animators and artists creating unique and exciting animations every day! Share your creations with the world on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other popular platforms, and search for FlipaClip animations to get inspired! Whether you’re sketching, storyboarding, animating or learning, FlipaClip provides the best drawing and animating experience. The simple and intuitive controls are easy to learn and powerful enough to bring your ideas to life! Learn frame-by-frame animation, draw pictures and turn them into animated gifs, or draw over videos to create a rotoscope video. Quickly select content with the lasso tool and adjust the colors easily with the new paint bucket. Check out your animation frame by frame or jump to the beginning or end with a tap. You’ll be creating animated videos and cartoons like a pro with FlipaClip! FlipaClip comes with everything you need to start animating. Draw cartoons with frame-by-frame animation to bring them to life, add audio (including up to eight tracks!) and share your animated works with the world! Challenge your animation skills and participate in our contests! You could win exciting prizes just by having fun! Download FlipaClip today and start animating! FLIPACLIP FEATURES DRAWING TOOLS • Draw with practical tools like Brushes, Lasso, Fill, Paint Buckets, Eraser, Ruler shapes, and insert Text with multiple font options all for free! • Custom canvas sizes - up to 1920x1920! • Apple Pencil is supported. ANIMATION LAYERS • Use up to 3 layers for free! • Go pro and add up to 10 layers! • Yes, we’ve listened to you and added more layers but please note app may experience performance issues after adding more than 6 layers. ANIMATION TOOLS • Animating frame-by-frame is super easy with an intuitive animation timeline and practical tools • Onion skin animating tool • Frames viewer • Overlay grids to guide your animations • Back/forward animation controls • And more! ADD AUDIO • Easily add and edit audio clips using up to eight audio tracks for free. • Add dialogue to your animation with voice recording! • Import your own audio files for a low cost. • Get creative with our popular curated sound fx audio packages. INSERT IMAGES & VIDEOS • Animate images you import or draw on top of your videos. • Add rotoscopes to your videos. • Drag and drop images on your canvas. (Only on iPadOS 11 and higher) MAKE MOVIES • Save your animated movies as MP4 or GIF files. • PNG sequences with transparency are supported. • Post your animated videos to YouTube. SHARE MOVIES • Share your animation anywhere! • Post to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr. • Discover videos by FlipaClip creators and get inspired! CONTEST EVENTS! • Participate for free in all kinds of challenges we put out. • Win exciting prizes while having fun! ----------------------------------------- GET INSPIRED See what FlipaClip users are creating! Search #FlipaClip on Instagram, or find these creators featured in our App Store screenshots: @harshit0325 @t_.man @fr0stz_ @all_dat_mani @lambtarl And more! Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flipaclip/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/flipaclip ----------------------------------------- GET SUPPORT Have any app issues or want to share ideas? Go to http://support.flipaclip.us/

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FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation app reviews

  • It’s a good app but. 2/5

    By ElizbethAfton
    It’s a good app I love it been using in for a year and a half now! But I have just one little problem. I like making five nights at Freddy’s animations! But I try to go a copy something and it makes me copy something else I’ve tried to fix it nothing works if this is just something I need to fix sorry about you wasting your time but over all a good app.
  • Please read! 4/5

    By m3ll154
    So I’ve saw the tutorial and pressed help but, I can’t duplicate the layer and and where you draw I try to animate but I have to redraw it each time I would love a response as to how or if it works❤️
  • Best animating app ever 5/5

    By B the kitty car
    I love apps like this. If anybody sees this review please get the app it is amazing! It has a nice tutorial also!
  • UwU 5/5

    By Zel-niku owouwu
    Para mi es lo mejor para animar aunque quiero quitarle la marca de agua qwq pero es para premium aún haci me gusta mucho y por ahora no eh encontrado ningún otro programa para animar de esta forma
  • Adding photo issues 4/5

    By Kenma's girlfrind
    I love this app but for some photos when I try adding a photo it doesn’t show I tried deleting the photo and adding it back from my gallery and it still didn’t work. I had to delete the app and downloaded it again then it worked but I got that issue again today and I don’t wanna keep deleting it and downloading it cuz I have to start over with my animations again.
  • Okay 3/5

    By 🤩Sarah 🤩963
    It is okay, but It is quite upsetting because you can’t have more than 3 layers, But I think it is very great for pros and beginners. And what is up with the watermark?
  • The lines are squiggly/more brushes 3/5

    By my money is gone
    I finger draw, so it frustrates me to make a line and lift my finger to see an unsteady line... so, I think this app could have stabilization. And I think I would like to see more brushes, like smudge, blur, and maybe a pointed pen! And this app should use pressure ‘cause it looks odd without pressure. Like , I think this is a nice app, but if it just had more features then I would make this a five star review! I hope you you consider these suggestions! Thank you for reading this! Bye! <3
  • Great app but you could you please add some new stuff 5/5

    By ujdhhdud
    Look I’m not that good at drawing also because I have to use my finger instead of well those paintings it would be really nice if you add some good like I don’t know how to shape something because like I said I really know if I get a drawing it kind of frustrates me whenever I see people drawing people so well but I can’t could you add something to fix that so I was people they cannot roll well can I actually have a chance of drawing something good-+- also we need more tools to use I’m getting bored of the old ones and more colors please
  • It’s a really good app 5/5

    By fewfbjuyf
    I love the app it is glitchy a bit but I say it’s a really good app it helps me draw and edit more so I recommend to download it It’s nice I love it!
  • Some problems 2/5

    By slenderboy23wowe
    It’s ok- but thing I don’t understand is why there is a 6 second long video limit when adding a video and to UPGRADE its u have to pay MONEY and also to add an audio you have to pay money unless your talking!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By izrut212
    I use it for a lot of my animatics and I think it’s a great source for that!
  • People say this is good but here is my experience 5/5

    By nnnhnunnhho
    Hi dev team! So, uh I’m a 12 year old who recently got interested in animating and wanted to try this app (my friends say it was good for beginners, please don’t be mad at me for being 12) I don’t know if it’s just me but when I made a project once but I guess when I came back it didn’t save.... was there a bottom to push that made it save? Also when I was trying to put music to animate with (I had the file prepared and everything) it said that the feature was locked and that I can buy the feature or I can watch and ad, and since I know my parents aren’t willing to spend money on an app (no offense to you guys, your awesome!) I decided to watch an ad instead...so uhm the wouldn’t load it just said tap to play every 2 seconds or so..so I restarted the app, and tried playing the ad again but this time it just showed me loading screen and and kicked me out. I don’t know what to do about it n such. You might be wondering, why the five star review when u clearly didn’t have a five star experience on the app? Well I know that apps take a long time to develop and meet to people’s expectations, and everybody makes mistakes! I only hope that the app gets better in the future! Stay safe and drink water! (Lol I have no idea why I said that....)
  • Amazing, but pls fix audio issue 4/5

    By Bella ❤️funneh and the krew
    I LOVE the app and everything about it just one problem, whenever I place audio it works for a few seconds but if I draw anything or leave the app it stops working (No sound or anything like it was permanently in pause) and stops my animation as long as the audio is there. The only way to get the animation and audio is to delete the original one and ether animate with no sound or repeat the same process over and over again every few seconds and or minutes. Pls fix , it is preventing me and others from animating with sound, and is incredibly frustrating. I have tried everything to fix the issue except deleting the app. (I have flipaclip premium and would not like to loose it) I Love the app. Pls fix the issue if possible, Thank you.
  • Make the stabilizer optional 2/5

    By JujiPopAto?
    The new stabilizer is causing more issues for me and there’s no way to get rid of it. Make it an option to have it on or off and have actual settings for it
  • Adding sound 5/5

    By Jason Luck
    Will there ever be were you can import sounds from your photos and videos?
  • It’s awesome but… 4/5

    By Critique_G
    This is an awesome animation app however it’d be really cool if it had an additional feature. The feature is sharing the animation with another people so that they’d be able to work on it simultaneously. This way the animation gets done faster. Hopefully it has like a little bubble to show another person is also working on the same animation.
  • Hi 5/5

    By inky hyina
    Very very awesome but I would love it if you added a feature so you can put the same art on a different frame without having to draw it ( yes I’m lazy >_<) or put a different background to each frame, but very very good amazing awesome app!
  • Best Animating Game EVER! 5/5

    By British Chummy
    My friend told me about this game and I downloaded it. I love that it has a tutorial, and you get to make audio! There’s so many cool animators that I watch that use this app! You should definitely download this game if you want to animate! 5 STAR RATING! JUST A BEAUTIFUL ANIMATING APP!
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By i love this a lot so fun
    I was trying to go to make a new project then it says it failed but I do like drawing in the app
  • Awesome but I have a suggestion 5/5

    By niklodyin
    I love love love this app the only idea I have to make this better is a magic wand tool you know the tool where you can do, stuff on a layer but there separated. I personally think this will help out us animators when we have an. Area where we have lots of details we need to reach with out running are line art.
  • Good 5/5

    By sssssssfgheszZfhegftdgc
  • Full of nasty ads 1/5

    By makmiman
    There are far better alternatives that also have proper export options.
  • Please fix this 1/5

    By planthing
    I add photos on the first layer(the sketch) for reference on the second layer but when i delete the first layer (the sketch) it deletes my finished drawings on other frames when they are on the same layer! Fix this please
  • good game but... 5/5

    By Boom Boom🤯
    i love the app but sometimes when i make/go back to a project, or load an image there’s an annoying ad
  • Frame removing glitch 4/5

    By WaspProductionsYt
    Although I’m about to go on a rant about this glitch, flip a clip it is a good app for beginner animators like myself. Anyway, this glitch will remove the frames that you’ve drawn. It doesn’t just to remove the frames from vision, it removes the actual drawing inside the frame. No matter how many times I restart my phone it’s always gone. I’ve tried to drawing on the missing frames to, you know, replace the old ones; but it just freezes the app. It doesn’t freeze my whole screen it only freezes flip a clip.
  • Please add a magic wand 5/5

    By Suzyisboss21
    That’s all I ask for, it will make shading a lot easier for everyone and maybe and a couple new brushes too but other than that, FlipaClip is super easy to use
  • phew problems and suggestions 5/5

    By Isabella_frog
    I know i know , its a beginner app but i want like to a thing for the bucket tool , like opitons ( how transparent and what layer to use it on . like ibispaint but again thats the creators choice and i still would love it if it just stayed the same! but it would make my day if you responded to this review! thank you for your time
  • WHY 1/5

    By OctoOcto🐙
  • I love this app 5/5

    By xXzCosmicTheFoxXx
    Hi! Ive been useing flipaclip for 1 year, this app is GREAT! Though i have some mistakes its still the best animating app uve had so far! i just cant stop useing it! Its so fun but sometimes a bit hard animating. Even my sister uses this app. Absolutely amazing.
  • great!! 5/5

    By mia adderson
    dear flipaclip, this is a good, good app! i use it to do all my animations!! just one thing tho,,, can you add some more colors in settings? ty!! again, this app is very good and useful -breadsticks
  • Too much ads 5/5

    By harumi gittens
    Every time I click on my animations it shows an ad
  • Looking Good 4/5

    By Brown_Turtle
    I’ve been interested in this app for a while. I really like the new updates this year! One thing that is difficult to do is retime frames. I figured out how to do it but the current flow is a bit cumbersome. Is there a way to pull and extend frames or type in a value on a frame? Other than that more pencil choices would be nice as well. The improved stage resolution is amazing. Really looking forward to the new updates! Thanks.
  • Amazing App <3 5/5

    By Slappy Slapperton
    I Find Absolutely Nothing Wrong With This App! It’s Amazing! Thanks For This Experience! <3
  • Please fix the lag and brushes need improvement 4/5

    By narwhalboy1567
    I’ve been using FlipaClip for about 2 years now I’m a beginning animator and the app has helped me a lot but one complaint I do have is the app seems to lag when I zoom in and also the brushes are not terrible but they could use some improvement like not being so pixelated and when I’m drawing the brush lags behind my pen and ends up making a very jagged line and impedes my process I love this app but I can’t use it if its literally working against me please fix this as soon as you can no rush but it’s getting very frustrating
  • Minor complaint 4/5

    By Happbi
    I absolutely love this app it’s great for both newbies and pros and tbh easily the best for animation on mobile, however there’s one small thing that makes me struggle with I and that’s the fact there’s no sliding tool for when you copy paste or just select something. It’s not a necessity but I have shaky hands and could really use that.
  • copy and pasting new frames is hard 3/5

    By BSLEditor
    how do you copy and paste new frames?? google hasn't helped and when i use the copy and paste button it only copies the first frame. please fix this or atleast if it is fixed make it easier to understand
  • bruh. 2/5

    By Malapit. Royce
  • Cool app but there are sometimes wrong things 5/5

    By Rpggoboom11
    Well everytime I try to make a project it is filps off like the thing that I used to make a project with it’s just when the screen goes black or every time when it everything on the frame disappears it really makes me mad and please fix the glitches
  • Love the app 5/5

    By UniqPink
    I love the app so easy to use for my animations with so much helpful tools this is the best beginner animation tool
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By [}Mxchi{]
    Not only is it cool and good quality, but its fun! just make some doodles and then make em’ come to life! you can draw and animate anything!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Blue Vibes
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By _Triocat_
    Do you think you could add a stabilizer? Every time I tried to draw a character the lines would always look messy. An optional stabilizer can help animate animations more smoothly and help beginners. I will understand if it will be a feature you have pay for because it does make sense.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Cooper Animates
    I’m a YouTuber and love to draw! And this app helped me out a lot my subscribers love my animations and thanks to this app I found myself drawing a lot better now Thank You FlipAClip! Cooper
  • Great just 1 problem 5/5

    By Txbelleweee
    Flipaclip is a really good app and I use it a lot but there is a problem with the color fill tool it leaves white dots behind and it’s kinda annoying but that’s really it 10/10 app
  • I can’t use But still good 5/5

    By Ambergirl87
    I can’t use becuase i don’t know How to draw a stick node. :(
  • Good Game but kinda laggy 5/5

    By 🌈 uhh
    Hi! I really love this Game. It has cool things you can add music,audios,comics! But there is something wrong. When I try to do the music it doesn’t load for me. I wonder why but you guys are trying your best to Fix some bugs! But You guys are fine! Love this game keep updating it!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By mysterous velociraptor
    Awesome great for animating I love too animate and do it almost every day a few requests I have for this is when your animating there should be some background music playing you should also have some free background music too play for the animation and also when is animatics episode 2 coming out definitely get if you want to animate highly recommended
  • It’s good but not very good 5/5

    By my friends <<< pigs
    Hi FlipaClip artist! Well each time I edit my animation and I play it I cant hear sound of play the video.
  • Very good app 5/5

    By skylabylanibba
    So good easy to make animations I’m using my animations on tiktok and YouTube now and it’s all free