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Flipboard: News for our time

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Flipboard curates the world's stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed, and getting involved. With curated packages that offer insights and inspiration for any interest, Flipboard will make you feel like you’ve spent your time well. Used by millions of people every day, the award-winning Flipboard gathers together news, popular stories and conversations to give you the full perspective and lets you easily share the best ideas with others. Download the app, pick your passions, and Flipboard creates a Smart Magazine for each topic. Automatically filled with articles, videos, podcasts and tweets, Smart Magazines blend expert voices, curated sources, and recommended stories so you can sit back and flip through the latest and greatest stories of our time. Focus on what matters to you, not the random posts of other people’s lives. When you find stories you want to read later or are worth other people’s time, use the + to flip them into your own personal magazines. You can curate any kind of content for yourself, for others, and even as a group (teams, families or friends). Share your magazines so they can be appreciated by others with similar interests. Download Flipboard and get started today—it’s free! MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR TIME ON FLIPBOARD: • Read stories from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Washington Post, Axios, CNN Money, Wired, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and thousands more top publications from around the world. • Design your Smart Magazines - Bundle together sources, people and even hashtags. • Use the Home Carousel as Your Personal Newsstand — Put up to 9 of your favorite Smart Magazines here for quick access to the stuff you love. • Read The Daily Edition — Keep up with the news in our daily roundup of important stories, hand-picked by our editorial team. • Curate your perspective — Collect stories around specific themes and add them to personal magazines. • Enjoy Flipboard in 26 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China TOP PUBLISHERS ON FLIPBOARD: Your favorite publishers are included on Flipboard across a variety of categories like: -News & Politics: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Politico -Technology & Science: TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, Popular Science, National Geographic, ReCode -Business & Entrepreneurship: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur -Wellness & Lifestyle: Brit + Co., Self, Greatist, Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health -Entertainment: People, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, PopSugar, Refinery29, Hollywood Reporter, Variety -Food & Cooking: Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Food52, Serious Eats, Eater -Travel: National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Budget Travel -Sports: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, SB Nation, Bleacher Report -Home & Gardening: ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Dwell, Remodelista, Gardenista -Style: Vogue, W Magazine, GQ, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar -Outdoor Adventure: Outside, Bicycling Magazine, Runner's World, Snowboarder Magazine, Powder Magazine, Canoe & Kayak And many, many more... KEEP UP WITH FLIPBOARD: For product updates and the latest from our blog, including tips on how to use Flipboard and interviews with actors, writers, musicians, and more. Follow us on: www.twitter.com/@flipboard www.facebook.com/Flipboard https://www.linkedin.com/company/flipboard-inc- For videos on how to use Flipboard, visit https://about.flipboard.com/tutorials/. We’d love to hear what you think about the all-new Flipboard. Reach out to our support team under Settings > Help & Feedback. For any other technical issues or questions, contact us at http://flip.it/support.

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  • Favorite News App 5/5

    By EmmaAnn1005
    This is my favorite news app. I love that you get to pick the topics of news you are viewing according to your interests. You get to read about the latest in what you need and want to know without too many ads either.
  • Great content too many ads 4/5

    By climate4u
    Excellent content diversity yo many ads that make it distracting. It has become my news source of last resort.
  • Advertising App 1/5

    By NardiAtl
    The app continually bombard the reader with request to signup for news media platforms before you can read the news.
  • No control 1/5

    By Voodoo_Chile
    Seems no way to keep Fox News from slipping in. So it gets deleted. Not putting up with that crap. At least Apple news works as advertised
  • Advertisements blend in with content 1/5

    By Altmanronnie
    Update 1/28/19: Advertisements are difficult to distinguish from regular content. This just diminishes all trust with the app as a true news aggregator. I've been a fan of this app for years. It's a highly innovative way to sift through all of the news written each day and find what interests you the most. It seems now that the ads are difficult to differentiate from the actual content. They appear the same, have the same picture, title, and description, and only feature a small "Advertisement" label where the news source would normally be named. I miss the days where the ad was easy to identify within Flipboard, like when it was a full page ad. Those are obvious. I find myself second guessing every article I see now, and it’s no longer enjoyable to flip through pages of articles trying to see which is an advertisement and which is content. I miss the old app. I will return if this change is reversed or made more clear. Fingers crossed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By mgvbyes
    I use this everyday ... always useful in business and personal life
  • Información actualizada. 5/5

    By Jessie 2nd.
    Por medio de este foro informativo me permito mantenerme al tanto de innovaciones y acontecimientos a la vanguardia de nuestro desarrollo. Es muy eficaz !.
  • Pop up adds 5/5

    By Pjordan27
    Using an iPhone 8 and this is the only app that gives me these annoying amazon pop up type adds saying “congrats you’ve won ___.” There’s no way to close the popup , I just have to close the app completely and start over- which gets annoying after you’ve been flipping through and bunch and then have to start over from the beginning. Other than that I love the app, but those stupid pop up things are annoying enough that I stop using it.
  • Absolutely 5/5

    By Jared Hogan
    Love it! A quick-blitz of information.
  • Flipboard is great! 5/5

    By ycomedy
    I use Flipboard all day. I want to learn what’s happening in the world as much as possible. Plus I love being able to choose the subjects that matter most to me. I like how quickly the app supplies me with new stories. I always recommend Flipboard to everyone.
  • Trolls + Racist Comments Ruining It For Me 1/5

    By Isoceles
    I’ve been using Flipboard since the beginning and used to recommend this to friends. I’ve complained about some of the changes over the years but the amount of trolls and racist/offensive comments are a real problem. I wrote Flipboard customer service about it but they don’t care and say to report each comment which I’ve done but it’s never ending. I think I’ll be using Apple News or an alternative from now on. What a disappointment.
  • Fix “show less” of feature 3/5

    By gritz.luv
    The only downfall is when I request to see less of a certain celebrity or topic like the idiotic Teen Mom, I still see stories of that topic/person. What’s the point of having that feature or customizing your news setting if it doesn’t work?
  • Hate the new ads everywhere 1/5

    By Bagel Baker Extraodinaire
    You ruined the old zite app. Now I have to put up with ads on every page.
  • Biased Reporting 2/5

    By Throne words
    Can readily see where the Opinions are coming from. I want true fact based, investigative reporting.
  • Personalized articles each day 5/5

    By 123fns
    I recommend Flipboard to family and friends, choosing my subjects and receiving articles on these topics each day provides me with a quick glance of what’s happening and reminds me to what’s best to eat and be mindful, since those are two of my topics.
  • Best news app ever! 5/5

    By Wallstreet Evans
    I use this to stay up to date on everything that’s important to me.
  • The app 1/5

    By Jesussantanacanal
    The app is a mess now , smh before used to be better.
  • Decent App 4/5

    By Jimmmmmy T
    Like the app. Good variety of publications, generally works well, but it often doesn’t display articles when they are clicked on and highlights publications that require a subscription so access to those articles is restricted.
  • Too boxy and stringent 1/5

    By César Langa
    1 news per page? No scrolling? With all the screen space an iPhone has? It’s claustrophobic. Images are pixelated. Use Apple News instead. For real.
  • Flipboard 1/5

    By Korg Kat
    For years Flipboard use to be my #1 favorite app but now it is the biggest annoyance trying to get rid of all the stupid pop ups so you can read what you came to Flipboard to read. It’s become awful. I’ll probably end up uninstalling. Too bad. Flipboard was the best in my opinion.
  • Low rating 2/5

    By Seniorkat
    This was a good place to read different articles and was enjoyable but now the articles are either slow to load and full of additional ads. I'm thinking about deleting but can still read a small amount to keep but will reevaluate in the future.
  • Worse and worse 2/5

    By hed1117
    In recent weeks there are fewer and fewer updates to the news. Articles that are days or more old continually reappear. Yesterday as I was scrolling I discovered a finite # of articles. Like 4 rows. Also I get more general news under “For You” than under “News” even though I am only interested in actual, factual non-partisan world/national/local NEWS.
  • Boreing 2/5

    By Mr. A.J.Z.
    Needs more lift .... Hum Drum... CNN on the Flip...
  • Review 4/5

    By Tjanowitz
    Usually I see the same three or more articles in my different categories. Also many of the stories don’t have anything to do with the category they are in. For example, under “book reviews” there are hardly any book reviews.
  • Flip Board promotes liberal bias in most stories 1/5

    By 2nd Amendment Cowboy
    Let’s you choose your preferences but seems to ALWAYS have and promote stories that are biased and completely contrary to my preferences! 😡
  • What’s the logic? 1/5

    By JediInTheHedi
    Flipboard is too partisan engineered
  • Like a magazine 5/5

    By GeeMun-E
    Great for all kinds of reads on different topics. The format is great and easy to read. I recommend it to everybody.
  • When it works, it’s ok 1/5

    By ceberle
    There’s no way to leave feedback in app any more, so 1 star reviews it is. Of course it doesn’t deserve 1 star, but, that’s the world we live in. 5 stars if it works, marginally, to do what it is advertised to do. 1 star if there’s a bug you want fixed. It used to be easier to pinch to close an article. Now it takes 4-5 tries. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to report.
  • Too many ADS! 2/5

    By debybrooke
    Used to love Flipboard but now the content is covered by Ads. Ruins the reading experience.
  • Use it everyday 5/5

    By Jack in Shanghai
    This is my go to for articles across a wide range of topics. Some hit a paywall, but that would be the case regardless. The articles usually have short URL’s so you can easily repost.
  • Annoying audio adds here we come 1/5

    By Kublah
    Flipboard sadly is now plagued with annoying audio playing adds. Good luck browsing news at work or in a quiet place. This app is turning into a virus of adds.
  • Hard to read 2/5

    By adam_nv
    Need to support reader mode. Great source for articles but I have trouble reading them in the app. I have to use ‘open in Safari’ too often so I avoid the app because of this. Yes I’ve set my font bigger but the reformatting of the articles in the app doesn’t use that setting it seems. Still too small.
  • Could Be Better 3/5

    By Ron in Bellevue
    Half the articles are two lines long or require you to wade through many clicks to get to the end. Many other articles can’t be read because of a pay wall. Way too much of a hassle.
  • 👂🏼Flipboard is listening👀😧 4/5

    By sutrux
    Great app...but is definitely listening to my conversations...creepy!!!!
  • Flipboard Review 5/5

    By Ashinduaitiang
    I am enjoying every bit of the news streaming on the flipboard
  • Massive Ad Overload, Frequent Crashes 1/5

    By vswingfield
    Was a great news app, but the incredible number of add in each story make it almost impossible to read. It's difficult to find anywhere you can put your finger to scroll down without loading an ad and losing your story. Often, stories won't load at all, but simply crash the app due to the number of adds. What was a five star app is now a one.
  • Trump 1/5

    By Carlyle65
    Had this app for quite awhile. Finally deleted it because all of their news is about putting down President Trump. I agree with you but enough is enough. Get over it, he is your President.
  • No way to pre-cache articles. 1/5

    By Jaco105
    Horribly slow when cell service is weak.
  • Autoplay videos, intrusive adds 1/5

    By Mbuki Dru
    This was my favorite app, but the autoplay adds are killing my battery. In addition to autoplay videos, I was trying to flip thru articles and a Poshmark ad closed Flipboard and took me to the link for Poshmark I’m the AppStore. Nice work. Now I’m deleting Poshmark and Flipboard.
  • Going downhill 2/5

    By Wyztat
    3 years ago I would have rated it a 5. Now too many blocked news feeds and replaced with third tier news services.
  • Sadly, no reader view option 3/5

    By Superneutrino
    This was my favorite news reading app that gave me illusion Of being able to curate the information from the web lI want. But that wasn’t quite true. It is tricky to add a website you like to be the source of the news you want to read. lately it fails to meet my expectations making app harder to use because of weird unresolved bugs in updates like showing unrelated images next to articles, repeating same content from different sources, showing articles from the sources that require subscription and being just a general mess of various layouts, fonts of all sizes and low quality content. I remember Flipboard looked better in the past. And reader view is still desperately missing. 3 stars from me.
  • Apt 5/5

    By Sifeaf
    Great! Their customer service actually responds and makes changes. I enjoy the service. One of thing I enjoy is with the use of a language translation program. I can communicate with people that don't speak English. Very cool!! It is my number 1 apt for daily use. I write above a couple of years after using the apt. Still great! The comments allow us to keep in touch with our friends from around the world and have deep discussions with people you don’t know but enjoy talking to. It continues to be my number one site.
  • Old News 2/5

    By Valtense
    I’m tired of old news rolling through as if it is new. Ray Charle died in 2019; well more like 2004. Racing news from 2014.... I’m done.
  • Worse in the states 3/5

    By censorshipin usasucks
    I really like this application When I’m traveling on the road. Since it is not being filtered by US media. I like this app much better when I’m traveling abroad. News seems to be much more world aware and less censored.
  • Comment... 5/5

    By Dorila
    Update all the time. Excellent coverage on different topic, love the format. The writers are current and informative, show their knowledge depending on topic. Always looking for the truth as it should be. Great job from top to bottom, keep it up!
  • A variety of sources 5/5

    By rabbitpam
    I love Flipboard. A free selection of so many news sources that are up to the minute. You can select the sources allowing different POV on the same subjects, or just keep up with your old home town. Select topics of interest and get posts from sources you might not know. With this I get my news from journalists, not Facebook.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By SaraNoe
    It gets me reading and keeps me interested in different topics.
  • Great curation and diverse recommendations 5/5

    By Cooktine
    Love the well chosen articles by Flipboard curators and how the recommendation machine finds good niche articles to suit my interests
  • Well-packaged bait for online news services 2/5

    By Groenlo
    This app is very well-arranged to my taste - the interface and user control over content is great. But each morning I read the news on Flipboard, about 25% of the stories that I select require a subscription. You can’t tell before selecting the story whether you’re selecting a story or an ad. I just opened a story that looked interesting. The article opened long enough for me to read the first sentence, but then the article was overlaid with an opaque banner saying “to continue reading, purchase a subscription to [so-and-so online publication]”. I don’t mind if an online news service expects me to pay for their material, but wasting my time with even a few seconds and clicks of baiting enticement is aggravating. This is what you should expect from Flipboard. If you don’t mind this, or if you don’t mind signing up for a huge number of online subscriptions, you may really enjoy Flipboard.

Flipboard: News for our time app comments

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