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  • Current Version: 4.2.11
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Flipboard curates the world's stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed, and getting involved. With curated packages that offer insights and inspiration for any interest, Flipboard will make you feel like you’ve spent your time well. Used by millions of people every day, the award-winning Flipboard gathers together news, popular stories and conversations to give you the full perspective and lets you easily share the best ideas with others. Download the app, pick your passions, and Flipboard creates a Smart Magazine for each topic. Automatically filled with articles, videos, podcasts and tweets, Smart Magazines blend expert voices, curated sources, and recommended stories so you can sit back and flip through the latest and greatest stories of our time. Focus on what matters to you, not the random posts of other people’s lives. When you find stories you want to read later or are worth other people’s time, use the + to flip them into your own personal magazines. You can curate any kind of content for yourself, for others, and even as a group (teams, families or friends). Share your magazines so they can be appreciated by others with similar interests. Download Flipboard and get started today—it’s free! MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR TIME ON FLIPBOARD: • Read stories from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Washington Post, Axios, CNN Money, Wired, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and thousands more top publications from around the world. • Design your Smart Magazines - Bundle together sources, people and even hashtags. • Use the Home Carousel as Your Personal Newsstand — Put up to 9 of your favorite Smart Magazines here for quick access to the stuff you love. • Read The Daily Edition — Keep up with the news in our daily roundup of important stories, hand-picked by our editorial team. • Curate your perspective — Collect stories around specific themes and add them to personal magazines. • Enjoy Flipboard in 26 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China TOP PUBLISHERS ON FLIPBOARD: Your favorite publishers are included on Flipboard across a variety of categories like: -News & Politics: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Politico -Technology & Science: TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, Popular Science, National Geographic, ReCode -Business & Entrepreneurship: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur -Wellness & Lifestyle: Brit + Co., Self, Greatist, Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health -Entertainment: People, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, PopSugar, Refinery29, Hollywood Reporter, Variety -Food & Cooking: Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Food52, Serious Eats, Eater -Travel: National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Budget Travel -Sports: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, SB Nation, Bleacher Report -Home & Gardening: ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Dwell, Remodelista, Gardenista -Style: Vogue, W Magazine, GQ, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar -Outdoor Adventure: Outside, Bicycling Magazine, Runner's World, Snowboarder Magazine, Powder Magazine, Canoe & Kayak And many, many more... KEEP UP WITH FLIPBOARD: For product updates and the latest from our blog, including tips on how to use Flipboard and interviews with actors, writers, musicians, and more. Follow us on: www.twitter.com/@flipboard www.facebook.com/Flipboard https://www.linkedin.com/company/flipboard-inc- For videos on how to use Flipboard, visit https://about.flipboard.com/tutorials/. We’d love to hear what you think about the all-new Flipboard. Reach out to our support team under Settings > Help & Feedback. For any other technical issues or questions, contact us at http://flip.it/support.


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  • Outdated News 2/5

    By Flemballz105
    I used this app on and off for a year but I am officially done. Articles that were just posted on the app are actually over a year old. I like my news to be current
  • Annoying 2/5

    By BF7575
    Enjoyed the news but deleted app after getting way too many partial news articles. Was just getting into a news item from some good sources when, bam, only paid subscribers could finish it. Just too annoying.
  • Ads gone wild. 5/5

    By jadot80
    Recently I have noticed this app randomly starts videos out of seemingly no where. It also opens the iTunes App Store to random apps even though I didn’t click on a link that should open it. This app is getting deleted for now. I’ve been using this for years and never had these kind of issues until now. Just wanted to say thanks for the response from the developers. I do really enjoy this app, didn’t have the stones to erase it. I use it too much.
  • Intrusive ads 1/5

    By dwilk123
    UPDATE: after reviewing plenty of similar complaints and seeing the same typical response- I’m saying goodbye. It does not take a dev team 2 weeks to identify a root cause and deploy a fix. I have no choice but to believe this is an intentional business revenue feature. I have switched to Apple news- which is a shame because the app is nowhere as good, but it doesn’t have intrusive ads. Bout to uninstall unless someone fixes the completely intrusive ads that are now appearing. Ads are randomly popping up as I’m browsing mobile app and completely taking over screen. To be clear, this is NOT an in screen ad that is playing as I browse the articles- this is an ad that goes full screen video and has full controls for video player.
  • Done with Flipboard 2/5

    By Mixatxcpl
    I use the News360 app now. Every 4 flips there’s ads with videos or full page casino ads. It often it locks up. It’s becoming so bad I’ve had to shut my phone off. This was my go to app everyday and I got so many addicted to it. I’ve now referred everyone elsewhere and they agree with the same issues.
  • * CEO 5/5

    By Mr.Man II
    > I need glitches ?
  • Response 3/5

    By Rjb7142
    You should place the comment bar at the top of the comment section. In order to type a response you have to thumb all the way to the bottom of the list.
  • A few small issues 4/5

    By Dtraugh
    Enjoy being able to customize my interest stories. It is occasionally disappointing to not be able to access a story due to subscription access etc. iMHO Flipboard should install a button in to the program that warns you when data function isn’t turned on for cellphone. Turns out each time my system upgrades to new OS it turns cell data off by default.many apps tell you, Flipboard doesn’t.
  • HATE the new video ads! 5/5

    By Adam from Ocala
    Good app, but these video ads that KEEP automatically interrupting my read are incredibly annoying! UPDATE: Looks like the ads were an error, and the developer has fixed it, so I’m back to 5 stars now.
  • News sources 3/5

    By duckster712
    Please stop using Fox News as one of your news sources
  • ANNOYING 1/5

    By A vaueable customer
    This UGLY,ANNOYING USELESS .Auto direct to the AppStore OVER AND OVER AGAIN when just trying to read an Article in getting on my Nerves...... S***t Not my Fav magazine App No More....
  • Super frustrating! 1/5

    By G0 H0GS
    I’ve always loved this app, but here recently it’s becoming incredibly frustrating to use. Flipping through stories and coming across ads that automatically open the App Store without me clicking on them is shady behavior and I’m losing trust in Flipboard. Please fix this issue!!! Otherwise, I plan to delete this app from my phone.
  • Too much clickbait 1/5

    By Mobidude11
    I’m deleting your app today as you continue to feed more and more clickbait articles and hyperbole; particularly from Forbes.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Diana32
    After a few minutes the app will begin to sporadically slow, freeze then unfreeze while scrolling through stories. Shortly after that the app will crash. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling it but the problem persists.
  • Fav News App 5/5

    By Chewy05
    This is the best news app that exists. Customizable, Easy to use, Great Design & your information is pulled from countless sources.
  • The good old Flipboard is back! 4/5

    By Bruno7
    UPDATE June 20 2018 Well, after struggling with a lot of glitches and problems in the last year it seems that the good old Flipboard is back! I have to say that you guys did a good job and except for a few minor things the app is once again useful. It even made its way back to my home screen and I can once again use it every day. Thank you! Back from one star to four! 😉 UPDATE June 5 Very strange - you released an update on May 26 and your average (and deserved) rating in the next few days was 2 stars. Three (!) days later you released another update and within two days you had 190 reviews and an average 4.5 stars? Over 150 5-star reviews in two days? Hi guys, Flipboard used to be my most used app - with the firm place on my home screen. There would be no day without checking the news through this one of a kind app. Everything changed with the version 4. I'm not gonna go into the details about what's wrong with the new Flipboard - others did that perfectly for me. I tried it and within two days I was back to the old version of the app - not functioning properly anymore though. I just want to say this to the developers - I know I must've cost you lot of money and time and effort in the last year to develop this new version of Flipboard. And I guess it seems perfectly fine with some of you. But who's more important to you - shouldn't it be your customers? Why wouldn't you listen to us? Is this all worth this huge decline in ratings? You released 14 (!) updates since February - 14! You will never convince anybody that it wasn't just to get rid of bad reviews. Because otherwise - what kind of a lousy and buggy app is it that requires such frequent updates? Sometimes only 3 days apart? Please please please - bring back the old Flipboard which we absolutely loved and be once again the leader of the news apps with a brilliant 5-star app! Thank you.
  • Mute fails to work 1/5

    By Goldwater Republican
    If I mute something, I continue to get posts from or about the muted topic/source. It shouldn’t be that difficult to mute something. If you can’t make it work, don’t offer it.
  • Nice App but hate the liberal bias. 3/5

    By Mafuta 1
    Why do you have to be biased...
  • Somewhat disappointed 3/5

    By Foodsnoop
    I use this app for a lot of my news stories and have been for the past two to three years. It had an excellent interface which can be quite addicting because you can fly through article after article. I do wish there was a bit more variety of quality articles, but that is a bit subjective. The reason I am giving this three stars is there has been a recent influx of advertisements that are planted in the middle of the screen and activate on the slightest touch while skimming though articles. These ads send me out of the app and into the appstore without even asking me if that’s okay and it gets frustrating.
  • Once was 5 stars effortlessly. Now it barely earns 1 1/5

    By disappointed with flipboard
    Constant Adverts and exceeding limits to how many quality articles you’re able to read sadly exhaust flipboard now
  • Good but could be improved 3/5

    By Kyrozhak
    Remove the subscription based articles; annoying to select a title only to learn you need to pay to read it.
  • It was great, 2/5

    By Dogratty
    But now it’s jumping to videos and apps I didn’t click on. A very quick way to lose fans. If this goes on for a few more days, I’ll miss Flipboard but I’ll get over it...
  • Intrusive advertising* updated review 5/5

    By Cray12345
    Changing my review to five stars because they were so quick to respond and fix the reported issue. Thank you! Flipboard used to be my favorite news app, but over the weekend, they decided to add continuous, interruptive Starbucks beverage adds which pop up every five minutes. Until this changes, I will be looking for another news app.
  • Great 4/5

    By Eetmorjello
    Works great for me. I like that I can have lots of different topics Togo through at once.
  • Needs update 2/5

    By Fire your dev team
    The app has been broken lately. Many times if you click to read an article you are brought to a different article. Different topic, even source. No relation whatsoever. Fail
  • What happened???? 5/5

    By flamingo dancer
    Since the 6-2-18 update every time I try to open the app it crashes. Please fix the problem. I would give the app a much higher rating if I could use it again. Update...everything is working fine now. I change my star rating to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
  • Coverage 3/5

    By delilah07
    I signed up for Flipboard when you first came out I was very impressed by the number of topics you covered not just the same thing over and over somehow you got lost in the lovely iPhone mess when the 11 iOS system was added In any case I refound you in the past couple of days and I have to say I’m a little concerned about the approach to the topics you cover it’s become very provincial one-sided perhaps it’s a sign of the times but the very thing I liked about what you did you are now doing the opposite when I read articles on something I like to see the information I can always make my own judgments it seems now that you are being very critical in a judgmental way not in an educational way. We are a nation that has been dumbed down more and more and maybe for good reason but I think it’s also dangerous it’s like Facebook and fake news and all these other things that are coming out now people as Shakespeare’s would say the mob Are very easily influenced ( fickle)and if they r told the same thing over and over they actually get to believe it. So please if you are going to cover a controversial issue get different opinions not just the same side. Also I thought I had already sent this days ago because when I made a comment today mine was the only one that had underneath it remove comment. Why was that it wasn’t belligerent or distasteful wordage and also every time somebody makes a comment on a subject I make a comment on I get a notification about that I don’t need that really I do not find that necessary actually it’s quite distracting.
  • Get rid of the full screen ads and open the App Store 1/5

    By Uber51
    I have been used Flipboard since early 2011. One of the first people to start using Flipboard. It has been my go to place for IT news. I have some of the most popular server and networking magazines. Recently I have started noticing along with everyone else the full screen ads, video ads, and ads that open the App Store. This is super annoying and makes me want to stop using the app. Please do the right thing and remove these and go back to regular ads. Thank you,
  • Stop with the video ads 3/5

    By spoons896
    This is a great app for catching up on the news. It is my go to, but i am starting to click on it less and less in favor of apple mews because of the video ads that randomly pop up and take over the screen.
  • Moderate the number of Trump stories in any given day. 1/5

    By bobiov
    Every page has at list one Trump story. Many just are repeats by different writers without much difference.
  • Ads 2/5

    By Cybariss
    I have loved using this app for the last few years for news but recently I have had full screen ads launching without clicking on anything or webpages just popping up out of nowhere. At first I was worried my phone had been hacked but it only happens on this app. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to close most of the ads either and I don’t want to click on them. May have to find a new news source.
  • This app wastes your time 1/5

    By sperez77
    I have tried to add an RSS link to the source of one of my magazines for 10 minutes straight. But I get an error message saying that "we cannot update magazine". I'm about to uninstall and find an alternative.
  • Ads, ads, ads!!! 1/5

    By Schmugelheim
    I’ve been a Flipboard user for 6 maybe 7 years. It was my go-to source for news. But the recent change that produced this constant borage of ads disrupts my reading and annoys the crap out of me. Seriously... must ads pop up on almost EVERY article I read. No matter which magazine. It was such an annoyance that I deleted the app.
  • Too much of the same 3/5

    By One of a Million bored readers
    I am finding When I refresh for new articles I get the same ones. The order and size of pictures change but not the content. I have chosen many different topics of interest but it seems to be Trump all the time. They asked me for a nickname. I tried Bored, taken I tried Very Board bored, taken I tried Extremely Bored, taken. Seems like there are a lot of bored readers out there. Let me try One of the millions of bored readers. Won’t take more than 30 letters. How about One of a million bored readers.
  • Fullscreen popup ads 2/5

    By Mjolniir
    In generally the app is great, but lately many sources are issuing using fullscreen popup ads while I'm trying to read. And while I haven't timed them, I am pretty sure they are coming in every minute or more, making it impossible to read. The ads are very thick already, but it is becoming ridiculous. It is not worth the hassle.
  • Makes My Day 5/5

    By gyspygirl28
    I look forward to Flip Board because of the layout and the information ...?its easy to digest and great conversation when I meet at the end of my day or whenever with friends or family ... thanks FlipBoard
  • 4.2.9 Launch Crash on iOS 10 5/5

    By bjs87
    Don't install this release. Update: Support was very responsive and issued a fix release two days later. Flipboard is the best!
  • Random, pop up video ads trash the app 1/5

    By TWSHC
    After the most recent update, now I’m getting random video ads that pop up out of nowhere, filling the screen. Ugh. Garbage.
  • Great, but ads need work! 4/5

    By StevieYouin
    I love using this for good information all in one area. It’s nice being able to choose the categories you want to read about. I have learned a lot and kept up to date with most current times since I started using the app. My only issue is that sometimes there are adds that I literally can’t close. They take up my whole phone and prevent me from reading the articles.
  • Deficient 1/5

    By Solon212
    I just deleted this app after using it for years. I got tired of seeing the same story by many different sources, 2 or 3 maybe, but 4 or more is too many. News that has moved on is often presented with an older versions still appearing. Comments which I used to like have become abusive where people are viciously attacked for their views. Many, far too many resort to using vulgar insults. Also it’s obvious that people react to the headline and then post their comment without having read the entire article. Another irritation is an article said to be a day old has actually been for posted many previous times, It’s too bad because with a little thought these problems could be fixed, but when an app becomes irritant it must go.
  • New video ads 1/5

    By Tyson1818
    This has been one of my most used apps for awhile. However with the new auto play video ads it might need to go. Even if you watch the full ad you still have to tap the x at the top left and with the iPhone plus it’s kinda annoying. If it happen once every in awhile no problem, but it’s the same video ad after every 5-7 flips. PLEASE improve or remove this. I know the app is free and nothing in the world is truly free, but make it more user friendly with the ads
  • Flipppper 5/5

    By Lbsthaman
    Been using this app for years and it’s the perfect way to read what you’re interested in. It’s amazing!
  • Auto Video Ads and App Store 1/5

    By CJTurn
    After years of use, this app has suddenly started automatically launching ad videos and sending me to the App Store without asking or me clicking on anything. If an update doesn’t fix this within a week I’ll be deleting it. Unacceptable for a previously spot-on application.
  • Many ads little content. 1/5

    By Tokersey
    Flipboard used to be great. I understood having some of the half and full view ads, but now the amount of ads is just ridiculous. They still have the full and half page ads as well as a new thing where ads take over the screen as you are flipping. Also, they take over the screen every few seconds as you are trying to read articles. Basically, the app has become unusable and an ad driver.
  • Won't open after update 5/5

    By Vudu2
    Love flipboard but since the update it crashes on my iPhone 6s 10.3.3, I tried deleting and reinstalling and I am afraid I've lost my data. I'll try an OS update. Reloading flipboard and logging back in fixed it.
  • Hidden Hook 3/5

    By micro-farm
    Stop providing posts from sources requiring a fee to open and read the article. Don’t even put them in the headlines. Very annoying.
  • New Style Ads 2/5

    By AndywhittAndywhitt
    I am about to give up using Flipboard after several years of using it. Their new style ads are the worst. They pop up as you are flipping and can easily be clicked by mistake.
  • Intrusive video ads 1/5

    By Aeroplicitt
    Ads that pop while I'm reading articles? Absolute garbage idea. Long time user ready to move on to another app
  • Video ads driving me nuts 1/5

    By Hankman2k
    I NEVER write reviews, but the latest Flipboard is intolerable. The video ads popping up along with being difficult to scoot by male using it unenjoyable. I don’t mind the static ads in between every 5-6 stories, but video is ridiculous! After 4 years of use, I’ll be looking for a new news aggregator.
  • Great app ruined by pop up videos 1/5

    By N.a. A
    Used this app for years and loved it. Now they added in random pop up video ads while looking though stories or headlines making it difficult to use.

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