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Flipboard: News for our time

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Flipboard curates the world's stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed, and getting involved. With curated packages that offer insights and inspiration for any interest, Flipboard will make you feel like you’ve spent your time well. Used by millions of people every day, the award-winning Flipboard gathers together news, popular stories and conversations to give you the full perspective and lets you easily share the best ideas with others. Download the app, pick your passions, and Flipboard creates a Smart Magazine for each topic. Automatically filled with articles, videos, podcasts and tweets, Smart Magazines blend expert voices, curated sources, and recommended stories so you can sit back and flip through the latest and greatest stories of our time. Focus on what matters to you, not the random posts of other people’s lives. When you find stories you want to read later or are worth other people’s time, use the + to flip them into your own personal magazines. You can curate any kind of content for yourself, for others, and even as a group (teams, families or friends). Share your magazines so they can be appreciated by others with similar interests. Download Flipboard and get started today—it’s free! MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR TIME ON FLIPBOARD: • Read stories from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Washington Post, Axios, CNN Money, Wired, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and thousands more top publications from around the world. • Design your Smart Magazines - Bundle together sources, people and even hashtags. • Use the Home Carousel as Your Personal Newsstand — Put up to 9 of your favorite Smart Magazines here for quick access to the stuff you love. • Read The Daily Edition — Keep up with the news in our daily roundup of important stories, hand-picked by our editorial team. • Curate your perspective — Collect stories around specific themes and add them to personal magazines. • Enjoy Flipboard in 26 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China TOP PUBLISHERS ON FLIPBOARD: Your favorite publishers are included on Flipboard across a variety of categories like: -News & Politics: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Politico -Technology & Science: TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, Popular Science, National Geographic, ReCode -Business & Entrepreneurship: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur -Wellness & Lifestyle: Brit + Co., Self, Greatist, Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health -Entertainment: People, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, PopSugar, Refinery29, Hollywood Reporter, Variety -Food & Cooking: Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Food52, Serious Eats, Eater -Travel: National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Budget Travel -Sports: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, SB Nation, Bleacher Report -Home & Gardening: ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Dwell, Remodelista, Gardenista -Style: Vogue, W Magazine, GQ, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar -Outdoor Adventure: Outside, Bicycling Magazine, Runner's World, Snowboarder Magazine, Powder Magazine, Canoe & Kayak And many, many more... KEEP UP WITH FLIPBOARD: For product updates and the latest from our blog, including tips on how to use Flipboard and interviews with actors, writers, musicians, and more. Follow us on: www.twitter.com/@flipboard www.facebook.com/Flipboard https://www.linkedin.com/company/flipboard-inc- For videos on how to use Flipboard, visit https://about.flipboard.com/tutorials/. We’d love to hear what you think about the all-new Flipboard. Reach out to our support team under Settings > Help & Feedback. For any other technical issues or questions, contact us at http://flip.it/support.

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  • Stalls on certain ads 2/5

    By Zoob333
    I generally like this app - it does a decent job of responding to fine-tuning my likes and dislikes. But recently Goldman Sachs ads have popped up, sometimes very early in the flip. Those ads can’t be bypassed and they act like a brick wall to further flips. No “x” to bypass that page and continue, can’t scroll up down or sideways to get rid of the page, even clicking through does not help - a return to Flipboard returns to the same ad page. Those ads effectively block further usage of the app.
  • Nagged me for a review. Here it is. 1/5

    By eTip
    I despise being nagged by an app for a review so any app that does so gets a one star review. Also Flipboard has gotten much worse of late with advertising and items chosen by Flipboard and marked “for you” that you didn’t choose and can’t even mark “show less like this”. The most obnoxious example of this is the Videos on the front page. I don’t want to watch videos on Flipboard! YouTube doesn’t show me articles.
  • Trump 4/5

    By Just Another Proud American
    Too many negative Trump articles - even under non political subjects.
  • Endless ads 1/5

    By La jinete
    Flipboard is a nice idea, but it has become too herky-jerky to read with the never-ending ads that cover the content. You can delete but they pop right back up. They are constantly flashing and distracting.
  • Subscription Articles 3/5

    By JTuggey
    I use Flipboard for free news and information. It’s frustrating when you feature articles from newspapers that require a subscription, such as the Washington Post. If they are not free articles don’t throw them into my feed. It just frustrates me.
  • Not so good anymore 2/5

    By ScubaLP
    Use to be my favorite app. Now it’s so full of intrusive advertising that it’s hard to read an article. Also several of the stories you’re not able to read unless you subscribe to the media company that has posted the article. App has lost its purpose and ease of use.
  • Daily news that fit my interest 5/5

    By Baby t-Rex 98
    I love the app.It has been my source for news.
  • Full size info graphic breaks app 1/5

    By FireHawkDan
    You can’t swipe once one of them loads. Please fix.
  • Management 5/5

    By tissest
    Super Awesome App 😀👍
  • Love it, but needs more mainstream news outlets 4/5

    By Ts4i86
    Use it regularly to get my news fix on many topics that interest me. I would like to see more mainstream news outlets that I can trust (as oxymoron as that sounds). Some of the news outlets I have never heard of nor do I trust the articles - especially the ones that are vulgar. They are slowly getting rid of some of those leaser sites - I hope.
  • Review 5/5

    By Qtk786
    I get most of my interest news on flipboard
  • Flip board 5/5

    By blank 33.345
    Read stories daily....sometimes obituaries of important folk are left out. Needs more conservative viewpoints. Wish they would scrap setting up account requirement for users...some friends want to use it but don’t want accounts. Less tracking sharing would be nice. Pretty good overall...I leave out most of the adjectives to hunt for the truth....wish you would dump CNN.....too many lies.
  • Gaucho 5/5

    By Windy-Indy
    Works as expected. I count on it for quick snapshots of events in the technical fields of electronics and computers. It's one of the best.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Pocket Fan-19
    I get everything I want to read about in Flipboard. I don’t have to skim through a bunch of articles that I don’t care about.
  • Liberal News Slant Gets Old Very Quickly 1/5

    By Katman0724
    I always hope for fairness in the news/information media and continue to be severely disappointed. This applies to national news/informational media as well as those sources on your platform. Very disappointing.
  • Access to in-depth articles 5/5

    By femalebud
    I love reading about meditation, psychology, breaking news, travel, neuroscience, and tennis. Thank you!
  • Just an enjoyable reading app that never bores 5/5

    What a fantastic app! You can custom tailor it to all the subject matter that your interested in. Just awesome!
  • Full of bugs 1/5

    By KiranSS
    The app keeps crashing, news stories open and then suddenly blank out. Stay away
  • Flipboard is awesome 5/5

    By owwh
    I’ve used this app for years and covered almost everything. Just choose your favourite. Thanks Flipboard!
  • Too magazine like, hard to manage 1/5

    By Falling Lots
    Took too long to eliminate topics I wanted to hear less about. Also wanted to mute/block users/accounts/sites faster than it would let me. Would love a way to indicate I’ve read enough about a given topic/event/story, and that I don’t want to hear about it for a few days. Also wanted a way to emphasize text over images, and there were sites that I couldn’t mute for obvious clickbait because they opened in Safari (I’d love to filter out clickbait by default. I don’t NEED to read anything. No, I won’t be amazed. There are 13 ways I don’t care.) I’d love a sense of progress: if you have a magazine or newspaper, it doesn’t go on forever. Back to RSS I go.
  • Flipboard is Headlines Only 1/5

    By Rosie0518
    Love the headlines. Hate the need to pay to prescribe to different news sites to read the articles.
  • Perfect except.. 4/5

    By LDirk
    Although I’d love to give this app five stars because it is one of my favorite apps, I have one thing I wish could be changed. I am in the USA and most of my feed comes from the UK. I have my location set for my region but I still get an over abundance of my articles and stories from UK. Otherwise this app is really amazing and easy to use and enjoy. Thanks for all the hard work that went into the making of Flipboard.
  • My review 2/5

    By charcotking
    As a moderate conservative, with I hope, an open and inquisitive mind, I find much of the current political I formation of Flipboard biased and persistently negative. Couching everything the right does in millennial negative jargon isn’t intellectual, it’s just biased and doesn’t seem to want the reader to make up their own mind based on factual evidence. They want to lead you to their conclusion as though, dah, only a fascist right wing cretin could possibly disagree with our slant on this. I continue to read everything. Like Diogenes, I feel like I’m walking through the city at midday with a lit lantern looking for a honest man. Remember, “ No great man is a good man.”
  • HABIT!!!!! Bad,Bad, and Bad Habit 5/5

    By Maemer1
    I cannot go to bed if I haven’t checked out Flipboard..I especially like it when they have new books that have come out..I rush to Overdrive to put it on reserve...and the recipes..yikes! Pounds added..anyhow, I love Flipboard!
  • Took me a while to get used to flipping 5/5

    By kkarin
    Now this app is my daily source for a wide variety of articles that interest me. It isn’t perfect, for example, I can’t save recipes from Flipboard to my Paprika recipe app (and customer support was no help), but despite that, I use it often and love the variety of articles all in one place and in a nice visually appealing format.
  • Flip over Flipboard 5/5

    By Kicking goat
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Flipboard, it’s my go to site for education and fresh viewpoints on myriad topics, even offers your own tailored selection if so desired! 😘Keep up the fabulous work people!
  • Everything I want to know NOW at a FlipOf the thumb! 4/5

    By Sleeeepguy
    Great app that serves me up all I want to know now w a highly functional display and layout for easy navigation. Unfortunately the content is now heading toward more “pay for subscription” so news and articles are going the route of Netflix and Hulu Etc. It just seems like you can spend $500/month for content.
  • ᑎIᑕE 5/5

    By Carllos40
    ᒪOᐯE IT
  • Poor integration between feeds and resident app... 1/5

    By UberKool99
    I have the Flipboard reader app loaded on my iPhone. I get various feeds throughout the day (way too many — truth be told). As I browse articles, I select those that I would like to read in the resident Flipboard reader, but the feed reader fails nearly every time to locate, load, and handoff to the resident app reader on my iPhone. Most of the time, it fails to recognize that their reader app is even loaded locally, and tries to load their browser-based reader. This requires logging in and is quite resource consumptive. I am certain that the developer can do better than this if they put their mind to it. Until then, I remain quite underwhelmed and disappointed. Don’t bother downloading this one until all this is fixed.
  • The ONE Essential App... 5/5

    By 4putts
    From the first days of iPad, this is the singular most important, most productive and most essential app. Back in the old software days, the term was “killer app”. Regarding iPhone, iPad and iOS... this is a serial killer! Kudos to the developers!
  • Great but.... 3/5

    By BRR Justin
    I really find some great articles or they find me, but sometimes I get taken to some shady sites. Most are great but a lot click bait seems to be permeating it’s way into the platform. Thanks
  • Great way to stay informed 5/5

    By Auretta's girl
    I love Flipboard! It offers a very wide variety of content and is such a convenient way to access updates on news stories as well as read about practically any subject I'm in the mood for...and all in one place!
  • It's a read 5/5

    By Pappy 49
    Well when I'm really bored, I open this app
  • Biased af 1/5

    By Illiterate buck
    It’s hard to find anything on there about stuff I wanna read I don’t care about politics I was on here looking for sports but appears I just get that boring news shoved down my throat...
  • Best news 5/5

    By Shop guy
    This is the best news app on the Internet. Period end of statement.
  • Far Left Propaganda 1/5

    By Jack 2299
    Another Lib website shoving their Commie crap down your throat.
  • Too much pop up ads 2/5

    By Aquaman23
    Used to be an elegant way to get news. Now with the ads and pop ups it’s as slow as a snail and lot of pages reloads multiple time during one reading session . Needs lots of work
  • Can’t remove biased New York Times 1/5

    By removethebias
    Disappointed that I can’t “mute” the biased New York Times as a source for articles.
  • Everything in one place 5/5

    By phs 56
  • Best app I have 5/5

    By Bob for the next one
    This is the best app to use for absolutely everything of interest to you. it’s continually updating and I would be lost without it
  • Awesome site 5/5

    By EndOfTheLastEra
    Awesome site , I 💚 it.
  • Out of Control Ads 2/5

    By Daadree
    Used to love this app, but the ads are out of control. Now it takes forever for stories to load and I’m constantly afraid I’ll accidentally click on one of the countless ads embedded in stories. Moving to a different way to get my news
  • Consistent! 5/5

    By GershDog
    I enjoy this app, it keeps me up to date on some interesting topics. The only reason I stop using it is when I get sick of seeing trumps face.
  • Flipboard does not flip 1/5

    By Joey8675309
    Im flipping furious.
  • Can’t go to last page read 3/5

    By Haasnosaj
    Sometimes I accidentally press the x button and it goes all the way back to the beginning. It would be nice to have a “go to last page read” button.
  • Miserable app 1/5

    By seadream0109
    Running iOS 12.1.4 (latest) on iPhone 6. Flipboard can’t serve its numerous, intrusive ads up fast enough so stories crash frequently. Not worth the trouble. Skip it.
  • مجله تملك سحر خاص يعرفه متابعيها فقط 😍 5/5

    By ibrahem iraq
    مجله تملك سحر خاص يعرفه متابعيها فقط 😍
  • New Sponsored Posts Kill UX 2/5

    By Daveed R
    I understand the need for ads and sponsored articles, but when I have to flip 3 or 4 boards just to get past one sponsored post it really makes me mad.
  • Not so great 2/5

    By Domalomaday
    I have used Flipboard on my iPad for about two years and loved it. But now there are so many adverts that pop up, you start reading a story and the whole page will reload so yet even more adds can pop up. I’m looking for a different newsreader at this point.

Flipboard: News for our time app comments

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