Flipboard: News for our time

Flipboard: News for our time

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  • Current Version: 4.2.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Flipboard Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Flipboard curates the world's stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed, and getting involved. With curated packages that offer insights and inspiration for any interest, Flipboard will make you feel like you’ve spent your time well. Used by millions of people every day, the award-winning Flipboard gathers together news, popular stories and conversations to give you the full perspective and lets you easily share the best ideas with others. Download the app, pick your passions, and Flipboard creates a Smart Magazine for each topic. Automatically filled with articles, videos, podcasts and tweets, Smart Magazines blend expert voices, curated sources, and recommended stories so you can sit back and flip through the latest and greatest stories of our time. Focus on what matters to you, not the random posts of other people’s lives. When you find stories you want to read later or are worth other people’s time, use the + to flip them into your own personal magazines. You can curate any kind of content for yourself, for others, and even as a group (teams, families or friends). Share your magazines so they can be appreciated by others with similar interests. Download Flipboard and get started today—it’s free! MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR TIME ON FLIPBOARD: • Read stories from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Washington Post, Axios, CNN Money, Wired, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and thousands more top publications from around the world. • Design your Smart Magazines - Bundle together sources, people and even hashtags. • Use the Home Carousel as Your Personal Newsstand — Put up to 9 of your favorite Smart Magazines here for quick access to the stuff you love. • Read The Daily Edition — Keep up with the news in our daily roundup of important stories, hand-picked by our editorial team. • Curate your perspective — Collect stories around specific themes and add them to personal magazines. • Enjoy Flipboard in 26 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, and China TOP PUBLISHERS ON FLIPBOARD: Your favorite publishers are included on Flipboard across a variety of categories like: -News & Politics: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Politico -Technology & Science: TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, Popular Science, National Geographic, ReCode -Business & Entrepreneurship: The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur -Wellness & Lifestyle: Brit + Co., Self, Greatist, Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health -Entertainment: People, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, PopSugar, Refinery29, Hollywood Reporter, Variety -Food & Cooking: Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Food52, Serious Eats, Eater -Travel: National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, Budget Travel -Sports: ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, SB Nation, Bleacher Report -Home & Gardening: ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Dwell, Remodelista, Gardenista -Style: Vogue, W Magazine, GQ, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar -Outdoor Adventure: Outside, Bicycling Magazine, Runner's World, Snowboarder Magazine, Powder Magazine, Canoe & Kayak And many, many more... KEEP UP WITH FLIPBOARD: For product updates and the latest from our blog, including tips on how to use Flipboard and interviews with actors, writers, musicians, and more. Follow us on: www.twitter.com/@flipboard www.facebook.com/Flipboard https://www.linkedin.com/company/flipboard-inc- For videos on how to use Flipboard, visit https://about.flipboard.com/tutorials/. We’d love to hear what you think about the all-new Flipboard. Reach out to our support team under Settings > Help & Feedback. For any other technical issues or questions, contact us at http://flip.it/support.


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Flipboard: News for our time app reviews

  • needs better ui 1/5

    By kzme
    it’s been a while since i last tried flipboard. installed the app today to see if anything’s improved. nope, it’s still terrible. embedded twitter videos don't load. it takes several seconds for the share sheet to appear. swiping from the left edge on a headline page takes you back to the first headline, which is bad when you’re 30 headlines down and you accidentally swiped. no way to change font size for a site. no reader view mode. only one headline per flip. ugly skeuomorphic page flipping animation. apple news ftw. see you next year.
  • Subscriptions ruined this app for me 3/5

    By Jumbogerman
    Have been using the app for over 5 years. Now news sites are limiting me to one article a week and are trying to force subscription option on their article landing. I can find news anywhere and won't be using this app any longer until I can read news free with decent arctile options. Plenty of independent news options here that do not require a payment option but I try to get news from as many places as possible so this doesn't work for me like it used to..
  • Do not download or try this useless this app!!! 1/5

    By Mbrbb
    Both iPhone 8 and X will crash constantly after the las couple updates... NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, treated me like crap!!!
  • Deleting the app 2/5

    By Hjmichaels
    There is zero curation on this news feed. They apparently allow any articl/site to masquerade as “news,”which, in these difficult times, is very unfortunate.
  • Too sensitive 1/5

    By Catwalan
    While you’re reading, you have flipped the page prematurely. Not impressed.
  • Magazines Failed 2/5

    By Surfman88
    I enjoyed this app for several years, but my magazines, one with quite a following, suddenly stopped accepting any new additions. Finally, I deleted everything, reinstalled the app....and the same. Annoyed beyond words, given the effort and sudden failure.
  • awesome apps news 5/5

    By flip news
    I really enjoy Flipboard news apps. Just flip the pages you want to read and select the topic you like to read.
  • Worst app after version 4.2.7 1/5

    By braj
    Buggy app after version 4.2.7
  • Todo en una sola aplicación 5/5

    By jablancu
    Me gusta mucho porque chequeas muchas redes con sólo una aplicación! Ahorra tiempo y los contenidos son de excelente calidad.
  • Crashing 4/5

    By spazzle2
    Last update, no longer loads. It comes up & quickly disappears. Please fix this. New update seems to work. Thanks 7/16-already updated my review, works fine. Thanks!
  • Love this app but broke with latest update! Help!! 4/5

    By RichOooooo
    Update: complete uninstall and reinstall of flipboard fixed the issue. Thanks! This is the best news and magazine app in the App Store! I am addicted but the program crashes immediately after launching on iOS 10.3.3 after the latest update yesterday! Please fix so I can get my fix! 🤓 Thanks!
  • Best app 5/5

    By Hale9yeah
    Use almost every day on my iPad. Highly recommend
  • Good 4/5

    By Java2017
    Very good app except i cant forward articles to many people at once
  • Could be better 2/5

    By 2 hung low
    It’s not a bad app but it does need help, it keeps you sending you stuff you have no interest in no matter how any times you tell it it not to. There are times when you can’t read the articles because of need a subscription and you can’t tell the people in charge about it because there is no option to. The developers need to work on this app and fix it.
  • Great app with responsive company 4/5

    By Loves Christmas
    I previously left a negative review because of an auto-playing advertisement issue, but Flipboard was already on it! They responded that they were working on this issue. It’s not often enough that a company reaches out and explains what is going on, so I’m updating this review.
  • Very Broken on iOS 10 - no launch 4/5

    By Mac Medix
    Update: July 2018: deleting & reinstalling the FlipBoard app fixed the problem. While not able to use Flipboard, I realized how much I was using it! I'm glad it is working for me again. I also tried Reddit which is a window into hundreds of amazing communities, but ultimately Flipboard is what I prefer for semi-curated news. Boosted star rating because I mostly enjoy Flipboard, but only 4 stars because some of its websites are not usable due to ads or require separate subscriptions to view. And some news sites are of questionable validity. =============== After update on June 1st, 2018 FlipBoard will not open on iOS 10. Can't use it at all. Don't do this update!! ------- I read Flipboard a lot! It learns what articles I'm interested in, and finds more like that. So it gets better the more you use it. The shortcomings are that it does not allow landscape view, nor can you zoom in, so some articles are unreadable. Also there is a ton of inline ads. I'm used to ad blockers, so this is even more distracting to me. Overall, I put up with the ads because I mostly enjoy Flipboard.
  • Custom Reading 5/5

    By AmySteve1234
    There’s nothing better than flipping through articles that only pertain to your interests from publications you never would have found on your own. Thank you Flipboard!
  • Okay app, comments are broken. 1/5

    By Cameroni79
    There’s no reason to even have the comments section on this app. It stopped giving notifications of when others have commented on a post or mentioned you in a post or directly responded to something you said. The only reason this app is fun is because of the conversations and discussions. All of my notifications are turned on and it simply doesn’t work.
  • The picks 4/5

    By Cotton1943
    Enjoy the different picks. You cover many areas. Like the choices you give.
  • Twitter videos don’t work 4/5

    By A-_&$
    Please update links to Twitter videos in article links. They don’t work
  • I LOOOVE IT! Best app I’ve ever had! 5/5

    By Squishy panda123
  • Liberal Bias 3/5

    By bestwine
    So what else is new?. “Commentating”has become “Reporting.” Walk Away.
  • Gone seriously downhill 1/5

    Used to be more balanced - has now gone full anti-Trump wacky left and also explicit sexual content. I have not changed my settings or preferences for years. Flipboard has changed. The developers should be honest and admit that they are promoting a Progressive viewpoint and a much more sexualized content. They just don’t understand that there are millions of people who want honest reporting. It is so very arrogant to assume that everyone wants to live in their liberal echo chamber, and it is stupid from a business standpoint to pretend that their bias does not exist.
  • Flipboard 5/5

    By catwatsnat
    Love the current news and summaries thereof!
  • Room for improvements 2/5

    By gbhyunk
    Good start. Need more flexibility
  • Only posts bad media for Trump 1/5

    By Viko vuli
    It’s a great concept but clearly more left with politics. If it was more neutral I would’ve kept the app.
  • Flipboard is the greatest 5/5

    By Rickey,
    Flipboard is the most convenient news,information site I ever used on my iPad I give it A+ rating. Very well designed
  • Best App I've ever had/info excellent 5/5

    By Drm1214pp
    I'm a super fan of Flipboard. I set it up to find info on things that interested me. I'm always pleased with the content matching what I have requested. Get this app!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By moe happy
    Great news
  • Totally current information 5/5

    By SBR7
    Always the latest news!
  • Great app missing only one thing... 4/5

    By Sark, man
    The ability to select and copy snippets of text.
  • Videos don’t play 3/5

    By ASmith2744
    If there is a video in an article, sourced from Twitter or Facebook, etc, when you tap to play nothing happens. New problem that has arisen from the last few updates.
  • Twitter videos and GIFs 1/5

    By Shach94
    The app does not play videos or GIFs from Twitter that are embedded in news articles. How am I supposed to enjoy and understand an article where the video is the main story if I can’t watch the video? I have been using this app almost every day for the past couple years, but had to find a replacement because Flipboard support doesn’t seem to care about this issue. After numerous messages to them, they still have not fixed it.
  • Ace nelsons opinion 5/5

    By mickey mantle nelson
    I enjoy going to Flipboard because they cover such a wide range of interesting articles.Also,great pictures.My family and I are huge Disney fans and the information we get from articles in Flipboard,help us plan every vacation in some way.Also,huge NFL fans(patriots),the stories,pictures,stats,help us get ready to enjoy a new season.Cover stories and pictures are also a reason to definitely CHECKOUT FLIPBOARD!!!😎. Not just for adults,kids will also get a lot from Flipboard.Sports,travel,movies,movie stars,politics,Disney,universal,sea world,all amusement parks all over the country and world.Fashion,trends,baseball players past and present,every sport in depth,good or bad,doesn’t matter,it’s covered by Flipboard! Flipboard is a huge reason I have an iPad! I am computer stupid,but learn more every day searching more than Flipboard and browsing other sights. Hope all will discover Flipboard. Ace nelson
  • Great collection...but 5/5

    I really enjoy Flipboard...for all things not political. If you’re looking for political topics, it seems very biased, very slanted with a lot of negative articles...of course mostly directed at Trump. I would like to see a balance. I understand that these are drawn from the media outlets and most media are a bunch of leftist blah blah blah. But I would like to read balanced journalism. Outside of the political articles they do offer a wide variety of interests and I like the email feature that articles arrive in your mailbox
  • Still falls short 3/5

    By kencamp
    While adequate for the most part, improvements are slow to appear and there are several serious shortcomings. - fix flipping into a magazine to readily enable flipping into multiple magazines - enable simple RSS subscriptions for ready addition of sources - enhance muting and blocking of people, comments, content Move the product from adequate to outstanding. Adequate today is mediocre tomorrow
  • Please finally fix the jump to beginning glitch 1/5

    By Frozoloft
    So many years and this is still an issue. I flip for 15 minutes and accidentally move my finger the slightest wrong direction and the whole app flips back up to the top. To continue I have to keep flipping down through all the articles I had just flipped through to find the place I was at. Infuriating! I usually just give up and move on with my day (and miss out on other stories because I cant be bothered with the annoyance again). Update: thank you for responding. A search has never been in your app before this? I thought it was. Anyway, surely you understand that my problem is not as much as finding a specific article again as it is losing my place in the news feed timeline. I would still be unable to get back to my place once i flip out of the feed.
  • Buggy for iPad air2 3/5

    By Wulfplus
    As you’re in the app, it’ll stick and you won’t be able to turn the page, you’ll have to go back to main page after viewing an article, please fix!
  • Flipboard Review 5/5

    By Bill of the Rockies
    Best source of current news, and subjects of interest to me!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Smooth Drive
    Best place to find all my news
  • Flip review conservatives do exist, be realistic. 4/5

    By heariam
    Be realistic and unbiased, conservatives do exist and we want fair balanced news.
  • Flipboard now won't launch 5/5

    By Evilbanker
    When using Flipboard on my iPad, the app will no longer launch. I've deleted the app, and redownloaded the latest from the App Store. Still no go. Any advice?
  • Was great 2/5

    By Vandelay Industries 1
    Was great ,now horrible.Pictures and videos constantly do not show up on page. Always crashing as well. Been like this for a while. They obviously don't care. Recent: Every thing is click bait! Too many adds
  • Too many fluff articles 1/5

    By petenbama
    I am so tired of those fake staged stock pics that accompany every article. The fast flipping is a neat feature but other than that there’s nothing better vs simpler news apps that don’t rely on gimmicks and silly hot air articles. This is also a data hog. The final straw for me.....today’s first article in Health category is titled “The Manscaping Guide to Healthy and Well Groomed PUBIC Hair.” And of course the article’s stock photo is a male model with long green leaves growing outside his underwear. Bye and good riddance.
  • No Stop Intrusive Full Page Ads. All the time. 1/5

    By Steele Imaging
    I had to fight through closing ad after ad, just to read the news. Awful app. When you update the app... let us know what you are updating. Not the same stupid “slogan” each time. Today 7/6/18 I was notified by an email that Flipboard was “fixing” the ridiculous intrusive ads. But NO note on the update description. I’ll download this app again once I know there are practices in place to mitigate the STUPID amount of ads that show up on every freakin thing I touch. Until then... I will utilize other sources that I can actually navigate around. You blew it Adboard. I mean Flipboard. When I see more ads than news, you become irrelevant.
  • 4.2.9 force closing on iphone 6s 4/5

    By mytemuslim
    The latest 4.2.9 update is not working. Immediately shuts down when trying to launch the app. Update7/18--Works well on the latest version. TY.
  • Embedded videos never ever work 2/5

    By 236 477 791
    The app is fine and more visually pleasing than a normal RSS reader, but has fewer options and you are unable to see content in embedded videos, tweets or gif, which is really absurd. I’m going back to my ugly RSS reader since at least I can see content there.
  • June 2 Update Crashes with ios 9.3.5 Updated 5/5

    By twostixx
    Thanks for fixing... works as it should! Please fix, closes immediately upon trying to open. Useless now!
  • A+ APP 5/5

    By fjlcisco
    The best way I read. I may not burn through a novel, or a best seller. I do most of my reading on Flipboard.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By nocturnal3
    Flipboard is such a fun app to use. It has great articles with some interesting information. I use this app everyday to read up on interesting things.

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