Flipflop Solitaire

Flipflop Solitaire

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  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Zach Gage
  • Compatibility: Android
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Flipflop Solitaire App

From the creator of Sage Solitaire, comes a new Solitaire variant that breaks all the rules! Like its footwear namesake — Flipflop Solitaire is unrestrictive, creating a new game for fans of spider, klondike and other traditional Solitaires. In Flipflop you can stack down, up, or even both ways on a single stack! Need to stack an 8 on a 7, or a club on a spade? No problem! - but - Be careful, you can only move a stack of a single suit! It's fun and freeing, but still challenging and captivating. It's Flipflops for your brain. ------WHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING "I'm in love with it already"..."Once you start, it's hard to stop playing." - App Advice "Truly special" — Game of the Week - Touch Arcade "Surprisingly absolutely brilliant" - Cult of Mac "A perfect diversion with just the right amount of challenge, delight, and depth to make it a must-have iOS game." - Mac Stories "A Breath of Fresh Air" - Gamezebo ------WHATS IN THE “BOX”? - Play Flipflop Solitaire from 1-4 suits for free! - Unlock 5 Suit, and 1 Suit Extended with a single in-app-purchase of $2.99 - Track your best times, least moves, least undos, total wins, total plays, and more - Over a hundred achievements - Unlockable backgrounds, alternate card and card back color schemes - Natural ambient binaural background audio - A strong sense of relaxation ------A WORD FROM THE DEVELOPER Flipflop Solitaire is sort of a sequel to Sage Solitaire in the sense that it's my second crack at the design problem of making a Solitaire game that feels like it was designed for your phone and not for a table. To be honest this is how I wish everyone approached sequels. Usually a sequel takes the solution to a problem and duplicates it. This is why our expectations of game sequels are often more-of-the-same-but-better. I'd rather see more sequels that brought a renewed level of surprise and novelty, and I'm hoping that's what you find in Flipflop Solitaire. While Sage was all about trying to capture the feeling of a tight, easy to play, tough to win, zen solitaire game, Flipflop is about knots. In a typical Solitaire game, like Klondike, you're taking a knot of cards and untying it into sequences. Then you reverse those sequences into clean ordered stacks. In Flipflop you take your knot of cards and tie it into other, hopefully better knots. Then you untie those knots into the final ordered stacks. Having so much control over the way your intermediary knots are constructed led to a lot more depth than I expected. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I've enjoyed discovering it. -zach


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Flipflop Solitaire app reviews

  • Fun game 5/5

    By nonameforme2
    If you could add another play mode that is just normal solitaire i would be extremely happy because i love the art style of this game
  • Great, with some bugs 3/5

    By BuckyBeeBee
    This isn’t a good game to play before playing normal solitaire. It’ll mess you up. However, it’s also super fun. The undo error seems to have been fixed, thankfully. The ads integration is great too. I was happy to watch ads for now to earn free plays of the harder modes until I could buy the full game. However, something that messed up my win rate on 2-suit: if you tap the top (with the title) and haven’t purchased the full game, it’ll take you to the purchase page, and if you cancel, it takes you out of your round and counts as a loss. Was not amused upon encountering that. Also, if the game crashes while you’re playing a round, it counts as a loss and will also mess up your win record, ruining my 1-suit record. Another thing to address: it should ask for confirmation if you click new game while playing a round.
  • This makes no sense 1/5

    By lagunajules
    I love solitaire. Play every single day for years, but this version makes no sense. You can’t move entire stacks around and the lack of suit confuses me so much. I’m sure there’s a learning curve and after a few weeks maybe I’ll understand, but for now this game is a no.
  • Sincere question 4/5

    By RoyalOyl
    First, I want to be clear that I LOVE this game. I love that it’s so challenging. I do have a genuine question though: Am I bad at solitaire, or are at least half of the games (in the 4 & 5 suite decks) un-winnable? I probably won’t stop playing, but my all time win rate is low (in the teens) because I am constantly starting new games. Especially in the 5 suite when I see at least 3 of one card down.
  • Ads 5/5

    By Alison Curran
    Some of the commercials don’t have an option for silent. I can not play the game somewhere where i can not have noise. Very annoying
  • turn off auto-snap, and provide support 2/5

    By Doodaddy
    Four-star game, rated two because you have no support channel! No email, no forum, and a Twitter that doesn't accept DMs. Very antisocial. Here's what I would have suggested had you allowed me to: can you turn off auto-snap? Countless times I've tapped and a card has flown to an undesired stack. Or I'm dragging it around, thinking, then change my mind and put it back -- but the game auto-snaps it anyway. This is dead annoying for me, since I don't Undo, ever. It goes against my principles.
  • Fun game, but... 3/5

    By gravesfan
    On my 6plus it KILLS my battery unlike any other app. Not sure why. Phone even heats up. Ugh.
  • Artwork is amazing 5/5

    By Nazdel90
    I love the game a lot. Best train ride game ever. Everything about the game is smooth and responsive. Awesome job!!!!
  • Nailed it 5/5

    By ReelDeal
    This did to solitaire what "Really bad chess" did to chess! So much fun and replayability.
  • Beautiful and challenging 5/5

    By Loopy2005
    I liked this game because of the design of the cards. So I downloaded it for that reason only but now it’s the only type of Solitaire I want to play. I get the same exhilarating feeling when I solve a five suit game as I did when I was solving a difficult programming problem back when I used to program. It’s a wonderful game because of its beautiful design and the challenge of the five suit game.
  • One of my favorite games 5/5

    By bsdjunkie
    I am not much of a gamer. Did not take long before I became addicted to FlipFlop Solitaire! It’s an interesting strategy and fun game. I could even try it with real cards, but would have to buy four decks and could never do the five suits! Well worth the in-app purchase as it doesn’t rake you over the coals continually like *cough* some games do. Once you buy it, it’s yours and your family’s to enjoy!
  • Decent diversion 5/5

    By Skellt
    Ok I had a rough time adjusting to this version of Solitaire. After about 20 games my win rate got to acceptable levels at the harder difficulties. Definitely having fun with this one.
  • Good Game 5/5

    By MissRo35
    Addicting game. Challenging!
  • Missing auto play 4/5

    By Charlie Alberty
    Good game. Suggestion to developer: add auto play, more card backs and backgrounds, including solid colors
  • I’ll pay! Stop the ads! 2/5

    By Gstettner
    This game is great fun but I’d lots of money to stop the annoying ads for silly games that look like they were designed five years ago. Please! Let me pay!
  • Great solitaire Game 5/5

    By biviano76
    Fun solitaire game with novel ways to play. *Great game with a fun twist *really nice design Love it **Made a correction to a previous rating. The upgrade features didn’t work. Gave three stars. But think about that, I was upgrading an already great game, a bug didn’t allow me. So that’s not really a rip against the game but my impatience. 🙂👍🏻
  • Fantastic game! 5/5

    Brilliant developer, brilliant game. Another fantastic game from the brilliant mind of Zach Gage. Taking classics, putting a spin on them, and doing it with fantastic coding and a great aesthetic is a winning combination. A must download, and you should definitely consider the in app purchase as well. Keep the fantastic games coming.
  • Good game, some bugs remain 3/5

    By AceyS
    I always aim to play without using undos. I find the challenge exciting. But. If you drag a card from a pile that it cannot be returned to over a pile it can be placed, then decide against it and drag it back to its origin and let go, it jumps to the pile you dragged over. There is no way to leave it in the pile it is currently on once you pick it up. This doesn’t happen always, but when it does, it can totally ruin the game. Also, the undo button is dangerously close to the home button. I’ve woken my phone up and accidentally undo’d and was bummed.
  • Love love Flip Flop Solitare with One Catch 5/5

    By holdenisapooka
    I really enjoy Flip Flop Solitaire. I play solitaire frequently to help deal with stress. I find that I like Flip Flop Solitaire more than traditional solitaire because it is a bit more like a puzzle. I find regular solitaire very rote. The one downside (which may or may not be a downside) is that since Flip Flop Solitaire is based off of traditional Solitaire, it is very difficult to switch back. I find myself trying to do moves that can be done in Flip Flop Solitaire and I have to think much harder about traditional solitaire than I did before. So, not really a complaint. It is just interesting. It may even be good for the brain to try switching back and forth.
  • Entrancing. Buggy though 4/5

    Very engaging and fun to play. The move-card-to-pile after a double press doesn’t work half the time.
  • Loved the game but... 3/5

    By Eclecticsoul7
    ...it drained my battery every time I played. Can’t always connect to a power source. Pity.
  • Nice, relaxed game 5/5

    By CalifDude
    I’ve never been a huge fan of card games, but maybe that’s changing thanks to this one. It’s a fairly relaxed game, without time limits or anything. And there’s so much to like... I can choose the difficulty level based on the number of suits, there’s no hints or coins to buy, no levels to run out of. So there’s high replay value. Plus, the full screen graphics look great on my iPhone X.
  • Custom Background??? 4/5

    By Sauderj
    Love the game but even after buying the full version I can’t upload my own image background?! Please add this. I just want an all black background for my iPhone X. I can do it myself if I’m allowed to update the background myself.
  • Great game, but drains battery fast 3/5

    By Nalez
    I love this game. Would easily have given it 5 stars. But it drains my battery really fast. Hope they can fix that! I’ll gladly edit my review.
  • Great! 5/5

    By TeD2D
    Definitely my favorite version of solitaire.
  • Love the interface but game is too easy 3/5

    By I110O
    I encountered zero bugs and the interface design is excellent, and the ads are not at all intrusive. I really want to love this app! Unfortunately the game itself is waaaaay too easy. I’m a big fan of spider solitaire so I was eager to see a new variation but I’m already bored with it (one day with 6 games played), I played the tutorial game then went into 4 suits, won the first in 206 moves with an undo, then won the next 4 with no undos and fewer and fewer moves. There is so little challenge in this game because the only limitation is 20 cards in one tableau—you can play up or down, suit barely matter (only if you want to move a whole stack). Give me a game as challenging as spider but new and different and I’ll pay 2.99 for that, but flip-flop is worth its price (free) Five stars for excellent interface Five stars for great graphics One star for much too easy of a game Averages to 3stars from me.
  • No Plays Left after Tutorial 1/5

    By Zahuranecs
    Watch an ad to keep playing or buy
  • Great free-to-play model 5/5

    By gbear605
    Many “free-to-play” games are have ads than game play time. Not so for Flipflop. After 11 games (at around 5 minutes per game, so about an hour), I’ve only seen three ads. Plus, while the premium mode unlocks more game modes, watching four ads (so I’m 3/4 of the way there) unlocks a deal of one of the additional game modes, so you can try before you buy. On top of all of that, it’s a great version of Solitaire that’s a lot of fun to play. The button that shows all the possible movies is really convenient and makes the game more enjoyable.
  • Outstanding game. 5/5

    By justmeeagainn
    Great graphics. Lots of fun.
  • Hdkkfbnsijcbskxnavxixbabcjisbbdjchvsujd 5/5

    By Vlamis1
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  • Greatest game ever 5/5

    By McKay mouse
    I am obsessed with this game. I play for hours and hours and can’t put it down. I normally don’t even like games on my phone but this one has me hooked
  • Fun, Beautiful, Power Hungry. 3/5

    By jcasabona
    I love this game. It's so much fun and beautifully designed. But I noticed my battery on the X has taken a hit. Turns out 28% of that is background activity for this. I went to Settings -> General to try to turn off background data and there's no entry for Flip Flop. There IS a setting in app, but I trust the iOS level setting more. So unfortunately I've decided to uninstall it.
  • Another great game Zack! But... 3/5

    By Antkm13
    I really like this game, but the Ad implementation has one huge flaw in my opinion. Some adds play super loud music, despite the fact that I always have the mute switch turn on! That is super annoying and distracting when I want to play this casually addictive game in public. Please fix!
  • The best kind of addicting game 5/5

    By Prince_Storm
    I’ve recommended this game to more people than I remember. It’s perfect for a few minutes of downtime and for sinking hours into hunting achievements. This is one of the apps that I doubt I will be putting down anytime soon. Wish I could see my current win streak for each category but otherwise near perfection.
  • Great game needs some optimization and bug fixes 4/5

    By patarbal
    I like this game a lot. Zach makes some of the best ios games. That said I have been having trouble with battery life with this app. It seems to drain my battery really quickly pulling down 20% in 5 minutes. I don’t have this problem with any other app as far as I can tell. There are also some bugs around undos. Still highly recommend.
  • Used to love it 2/5

    By Frustratedasflip
    Now, you open the app and have to watch and add. You finish a game, have to watch an add. Want to play a different game, make sure to watch this add! There were a lot of updates to this game in a short amount of time, and with each update came more and more aggressive adds. Like I said, I used to love this game and now I'm deleting it to save space. Started out great Zach, but you let it go.
  • Thanks Lex 5/5

    By Ben Zell
    Was one of Lex Friedman’s picks on the Rebound podcast. Downloaded and got hooked. Really well done and plays well on iPhone. Haptic feedback is impressively implemented. Lots of fun especially while listening to podcasts.
  • Great game. 4/5

    By ME43665644
    That is a really great game. I just wish it had iCloud support to sync my iPhone and iPad together.
  • Another great game by Zach Gage 5/5

    By ArgyBargyII
    This twist on classic solitaire makes the game fun again.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Tobiemilford
    A brilliant Zach Gage title with loads of strategy. Infinitely and compulsively playable. Download and then give this man your $3. I know, it’s a lot to ask! ;) A couple of thoughts: -somehow drains battery rapidly on this particular 6+! -in Sage Solitaire, you could “earn” trashes. It would be wonderfully helpful to somehow “earn” a slot in which you could put that ONE card that seems to be ruining your chances of progression. Perhaps you could put it next to where the two “random” cards appear at the beginning. Perhaps there would be a score penalty for each turn that the card is left unused in this slot. Just an idea!
  • Great updates 5/5

    By H digging dawg
    I love updates, don’t be sorry for making them! Keep em coming
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By X32Maverick
    I love this card game! It is a lot of fun and a fantastic game to play to pass the time. I personally have not experienced any bugs or glitches. I am also I HUGE fan of this simplistic art style.
  • Simple and fun 5/5

    By eid0rb
    Zach's games are always great, and this one is no exception.
  • Fun like all their other games 5/5

    By Dogs shoukd be able to vote
    It’s a great, well polished game that doesn’t overwhelm you with ads either. Please keep making original takes on games like these!
  • Love the game but still a few bugs 4/5

    By GaretBo
    I love the game it’s so addicting and I think I like it more than normal solitaire! But there are still some bugs when trying to undo too fast when the deck gets shuffled out sometimes the cards don’t flip over or only go out to a few columns instead of all of them. Or when undoing moves all the moves get stacked into one column. Also could there be a way in settings to turn off automatically tapping cards to the stockpile? I know it’s easiest to just tap a card there but if I am trying to be quick and reverse a stack into a blank column sometimes cards get put into the stockpile and then I can’t continue on stacking and now I am stuck with no moves or have to ruin my undo-less game :'(
  • Please make it stop crashing!!! 4/5

    By Shallahan
    This is my new go to stress relief app. Love everything about it, don't even mind the ads, just PLEASE make it stop crashing in the middle of games, and almost always when I'm about to win! Probably has something to do moving large stacks of cards. Crash fix would change my rating from 4 to 5
  • Really Buggy 1/5

    By natdog14
    Great concept and fun to play, but way too many bugs. Undo feature seems to mess game up. Cards won't turn over, unable to deal more cards, etc. Ended up deleting the app.
  • Fun challenge, but flawed. 3/5

    By totallymike
    Enjoyable game with a neat concept. Solving the puzzles is challenging but satisfying. It plays very smoothly on my iPad Air 2. The biggest problem is that occasionally it won’t let me draw new cards from the pile and I have no idea why. When this happens, the only thing to do is forfeit, further ruining my stats.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Brneyes1954
    I like the game concept but it crashes every time I play. Cards also start getting jerky as the hand progresses. Stats are wrong as it counts a crashed game as a loss. I deleted it.
  • Ok 3/5

    By ShieldJody
    Fun game but it randomly freezes and closes the app erasing the game I'm on

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