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Flipgrid is where social learning happens. Used by millions of PreK to PhD students, educators and families around the world, Flipgrid helps learners of all ages find their voices, share their voices and respect the diverse voices of others. Flipgrid is simple. Educators spark discussions by posting Topics to a classroom, school, professional learning community, or public Grid. Students record, upload, view, react, and respond to each other through short videos. Flipgrid is video the way students use video ... social, engaging and fun! Flipgrid empowers student voice and builds global empathy through shared learning processes, stories and perspectives. Let's amplify!

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  • Empowering Tool 5/5

    By Chels Madsen
    Flipgrid is an amazing tool for all! I’ve used it in the classroom K-12, when leading professional development opportunities, and to connect with other educators around the world. It truly gives students a voice and empowers them to take an active role in their learning. And it’s FUN!
  • Assistant Principal 5/5

    By Lady McCrae
    What a great tool for formatively assessing staff and students!
  • Flipgrid is a Favorite 5/5

    By ResourceOne
    Flipgrid is one of my favorite tools to recommend to other teachers. It is an all-around great tool, providing for differentiation, student voice, engagement, peer feedback, and saving time. It is made for students to quickly and easily join and record their videos. This is a game changer in the classroom, especially for those students who hate to write. They can discuss, share ideas, provide proofs, and explain. Then, they have fun ways to dress up their videos with stickers and filters. For those students that are even more self-conscious, they can use the white board instead of recording their own face. It is easy for teachers to use, too. They have their own login to manage their grids that make it easy to respond to the students. If you have a problem, the people supporting this app are so helpful. They really do want it to work well for you. Just look at all the great reviews they have gotten.
  • Takes students beyond the pencil 5/5

    By Rachel Trapani
    Flipgrid takes students beyond the written word & allows them to express their own voice in their learning.
  • Flipgrid Fever 5/5

    By lethal2all
    Flipgrid is amazing! It gives everyone a voice & there are so many awesome features that helps you create unique videos that are exciting. Flipgrid has changed my life.
  • Great app for engagement 5/5

    By principal17
    This was a great way for my staff to engage in a book study! Use at your own time!
  • Language classroom star 5/5

    By RoxieMegs
    I’ve been using Flipgrid this year in my Spanish classroom for verbal assessments. The students love that they can play with their videos, and I love that I don’t have to sit with them for time-consuming interviews during class!
  • Flipgrid Fan!! 5/5

    By C&Asmommy
    I have used this resource with a wide variety of age and ability levels. It has always been well received, easy to use, and a fun and exciting tool to boost collaborative, social, and processing skills.
  • Love Flipgrid! 5/5

    By mae5207
    I love using Flipgrid in the classroom! It is an awesome tool that can be used for any subject. It is easy to use, engaging, and promotes a collaborative and supportive culture in the classroom!!
  • We love Flipgrid 5/5

    By Mariana Zamora
    I use Flipgrid with my students and they really love it. They use the app to share what they learned or to share how they feel, even the shy students. They love to interact to each other by sending feedback. We are FLIPGRID FANS!
  • Flipgrid gives students voice 5/5

    By the_teacher_meg
    I like the flexibility to learning and the ability to respond it gives my students. It helps them find their voice and explain their thinking without the pressure of sharing in front of the whole class.
  • Blast off 5/5

    By asfmlem
    We use this all the time to share our ideas and learning in class. Great way to get kids to share their learning!
  • 6+6= 3612 3/5

    By Fortnite is no
    Did i get it?
  • Flipgrid for PD 5/5

    By mer1030
    We love using Flipgrid for teacher professional development! It’s a great tool for sharing ideas and collaborative projects.
  • Epic 5/5

    By lilboieddie
    It’s like social media but it’s learning... Epic
  • Always finding new ways to use it 5/5

    By Mrs C in TX
    As a history teacher, career prep teacher & impromptu speaking coach, I love the versatility Flipgrid offers. My history classes recorded remixes of the preamble, career prep served up their takes on safety in the workplace & my impromptu speaking kids love recording and reviewing each other’s videos. I love the feedback options and not worrying about student work being visible to the public.
  • Now you listen to ALL of your students! 5/5

    By Eskamobob
    Flipgrid has really helped me make time to LISTEN to all of my students. I use Flipgrid in my 7th grade math class. Whether the problems have a single solution or are open ended, Flipgrid allows me to peek into their brains and hear how they approach the problem or task. I love listening to their explanations! And they love talking! It’s a win/win. Thanks Flipgrid for making it easy. BTW - I’m flipping over the CANVAS integration.
  • Sign in with Google!? 1/5

    By AlbertoRiviera
    Gotta love these apps. Have to sign in with Google yet cannot use a gmail address. Someone explain to me that one! Too funny. Garbage and I’ll tell my kids teacher to use something else.
  • Amazing teacher tool! 5/5

    By Ms. Self
    This app is so easy to use! I’ve already created shorts for a gallery walk and used a grid for students to respond to review questions for a test review! Love it!
  • Awesome for students and educators! 5/5

    By jacihale
    I’ve been using Flipgrid as a student and now as an educator and I love it! Such an awesome way to get students engaged and teach them how to vocalize their ideas and give effective feedback.
  • McAllen ISD loves Flipgrid ❤️ 5/5

    By Vega...
    Our students and teachers love how easy and engaging Flipgrid is. We love you!
  • Flipgrid Fever 5/5

    By Bon*Bon
    If you are not using Flipgrid you need to add it to your daily Tech Tool list. Flipgrid enables students who may be more timid or not willing to speak up in class the ability to share their voice. It is great for all learners especially your littles.
  • A fun way to engage students 5/5

    By lodell2020
    This is a fun app to use with students. It’s a way to get them used to speaking to each other about the topics that you’re studying.
  • Great for use in the classroom! 5/5

    By Patawon98
    My students love using Flipgrid and ask to use it! They love having a platform where their voice can be heard in a safe and empowering place.
  • We love Flipgrid 5/5

    By Cindycpa
    My students and I have come to love Flipgrid. My students like that they can answer questions and not really speak in front of the whole class. Others love the extras with stickers and the ability to write on their video! It’s become a fun part of our day!
  • Flipping awesome 5/5

    By Ari ZG
    I love using Flipgrid with students and staff. Thanks for making such an easy-to-use, interactive tool!
  • Flipped for flipgrid 4/5

    By Caps Fan12
    It really helps make a flipped classroom work. My students are able to engage in discussions outside of class and I don’t miss a thing! The app is handy for both students and teachers. I can view, give feedback, and grade all in the app! The downloading of the data and videos isn’t as clear or smooth as I’d like, but maybe it’ll improve in the future.
  • Awesome for Student Response 5/5

    By clkile
    My students love this app and it’s so versatile it can be used for every content area at any time. It’s so easy to work with from both the teacher side and the student side. There are so many features and they just keep coming out with more. Support from Flipgrid is wonderful and the ideas from the Flipgrid community keep coming. This is an app must-have.
  • Flipped Classroom Flipgrid Style 5/5

    By MartinSPEDteachELA
    In my English I class, my students are using Flipgrid to go beyond the typical pencil and paper assessments. My students are excited and motivated to create a video of themselves, include drawings and much more to show their learning! My students created chapter summaries over the last novel we read as a review for their final exam, they had so much fun creating them and sharing with the classroom.
  • Engagement abounds! 5/5

    By tayfromtenn
    Flipgrid is an engaging and powerful classroom tool! My students love it!
  • Amazing for iPad classrooms. 5/5

    By ttumotion
    I love video response apps for classrooms. The ability to have the student voice explain or tell a story is very powerful. This app allows the teacher to hear and see the student and now it even has AR!!! I also love the fact that it used to be a premium app and it's been free for a while now. I also appreciate being able to browse other lessons and grids. It is also powerful in a PD setting because teachers can walk away with examples and ideas to use in their own classrooms.
  • Flips not flops.... 5/5

    By R.Peters444
    Flipgrid is an amazing tool! I love using it in my classroom to engage students in learning. I use it as a formative assessment tool as well as a app to let my students choose what help they need. My kids and I love the app. It has greatly improved my teaching and my communication with my students.
  • Eh 4/5

    By Naked Bedazzler
    It’s pretty cool but as a student I can tell you no one likes hearing their voice on camera. When the teacher says we need to do a flipgrid everyone groans. But it beats writing essays or presentations.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By musickalmars
    This app has revolutionized my music classroom. The kids have wonderful practice videos to watch and respond to at home. Students with special needs can watch my fingers as I play the recorder, and students have unlimited tries to record a video.
  • Student Engagement 5/5

    By thirdgradersrock5
    My students love using Flipgrid! I have enjoyed watching them shine and be engaged with each other. It’s even easy to practice appropriate peer feedback!
  • Brain teaser 5/5

    By Luckyday511
    I got it right
  • Flipgrid is Fantastic! 5/5

    By nicgdom
    I recently joined the Flipgrid Movement and the only regret I have is, “Why didn’t I start this sooner?!” My students are loving Flipgrid!!! It’s an amazing tool that can easily be incorporated in any classroom. It’s very user friendly and easy to set up in case you aren’t tech savvy! Once students get started on a grid, they wont want to stop! My Flipgrid “experts” have shared their thoughts through book talks and responses to important topics discussed in class; we recently collaborated with other classrooms at our campus, too!!! I’ve enjoyed seeing my students feel confident and excited to record themselves and share their thoughts and collaborate with their peers.
  • Saw my students differently ♥️ 5/5

    By Cwecker
    This gave an opportunity for students at every level to speak at their own pace about the content, their project, opinions of the course, and more. I was able to really meet my students and can’t thank Flipgrid enough!!!
  • Even great for college students 5/5

    By Texasdalman
    This is my second semester using flipgrid for my college students. I teach fully online physical geology courses. And I use flipgrid for my students to show my their work for the lab section of the course. I love how easy it is for my students to use and show me all their lab work.
  • Teaching Transformation 5/5

    By Ms. Cleghorn
    Flipgrid has completely changed the way I approach a lesson! I LOVE how it can be used across the curriculum, no matter the content. I am also a big fan of the immediate feedback that it provides. Definitely recommend Flipgrid!

    By jessem13
    My students & I are stoked whenever we can integrate Flipgrid into our daily instruction. The possibilities are endless! Flipgrid is easy to use & my students are constantly coming up with new discoveries on how to make their videos awesome! Try it in your class & everyone will love it. I gave it for homework tonight & just watched my kids give responses on the book they read this evening.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Crysg2002
    I learned about this app in my teacher preparatory program. It’s lots of fun and easy to use my students were very engaged with it.
  • Best tool for student engagement 5/5

    By Cov1978
    I use flipgrid daily in my classroom to solicit feedback from students, keep them engaged in the learning process, and to check in and see how they are doing. It is easy for the kids to use, and they can even go home and have parents use it to keep in contact with me. I love using this tool and so do the kids! Thanks Flipgrid Team!
  • Flipgrid review 5/5

    By Mahjong:)
    Every kid I know loves to record him or herself. Why not tap into this intrinsic motivation and have students demonstrate what they know in a video recording to be shared with all their family and peers. Flipgrid is the perfect tool just for that!
  • Making an Impact with my Scholars! 5/5

    By MrsNatto
    Flipgrid gives my students an opportunity to become global scholars. They are able to collaborate and communicate with students from all around the world from our classroom!
  • Flipgrid Five Star Review 5/5

    By Kelli Coons
    I absolutely love Flipgrid for countless reasons. My students can access it on every device we have available as well as their own personal devices at home. It is extremely user friendly and gives students an outlet to express their views and collaborate like they have never had before.
  • Great for students! 5/5

    By Maybethisname
    Flipgrid provides exciting and new opportunities for students to provide feedback, practice fluency, present, share what they’ve learned, and so much more. It allows all of my students an equal voice in the classroom.
  • Helpful platform 5/5

    By cfgous
    It can be buggy, but Flipgrid has been a great tool for my hybrid college class. It helps students get to know each other and develop their video presentation skills. It’s features allow students to be creative too.
  • Stimulating student voice 5/5

    By cetch5
    My students love using Flipgrid to share their thoughts and ideas on various topics. They have done presentations, exit tickets, q&a and various other types of communication. We have also used peer editing for work through constructive flipgrid responses. The students do not see it as an assignment but a fun opportunity to share.

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