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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel

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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel App

FlixBus is revolutionizing the way people travel all over the world, and is now in the US. Benefit from our unbeatable prices without compromising on quality or comfort during the ride. Travelling with FlixBus is so easy, there’s not much to explain. Just download the free app and try it. For bookworms that need more details, here are some tips to get you started ;-) BOOKING Choose your desired connection, enter your passenger information, choose your preferred payment method, and pay for your ticket. The advantages of booking through the app: - You don’t have to pay booking fees - Your app is your ticket, no need to print anything. - You have access to special offers only available through the app BRAND NEW: - Create a FlixBus account so all your passenger information can be saved and used for future bookings. - Follow the location of your bus. INFORMATION ON YOUR TRIP You have access to your trip information and ticket at any time via your phone. Let the app guide you to your bus stop. Important information, such as delays or changes concerning the bus stop, will be shared with you via push notification or a text message so you won´t miss any information. Very important: don’t forget to allow push notifications! BAGGAGE Every ticket includes 1 free handbag on board and 1 free suitcase/travel bag. Unlike flights or others means of transportation, you can easily and affordably bring more luggage with you on the bus. Bicycle spaces are also available – just choose the option you need during the booking process. Our bus drivers are happy to help you stow them away. You can find more information concerning rules and costs in our FAQs. IN THE BUS With FlixBus, you are guaranteed a seat with a comfortable and adjustable backrest, extra legroom, and, of course, we have toilets on board. More information about our services on the bus can be found in our FAQs. Doesn’t it sound Flix-tastic? See you on board!

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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel app reviews

  • Punctuality & Communication was very unsatisfied 2/5

    By Mevafito
    Only 10% of my trips with FlixBus were on time. It always late and they didn't update their app or sent me any notification regarding any changes made. And not only that it departs late, sometimes it arrives like 1hr or more than an hour late.

    By Marina05A
    bus was late over 2 hrs as we waited in 95° weather outside. bus was no where to be found. Customer service couldnt even tell us where the bus was and when it would arrive. It got to a point where I couldnt trust that the bus would show up AT ALL so I had to uber to the airport to get a rental car and spent more money than i would have wanted to drive home to Houston and get home at a decent hour. Didnt Get my money back either.
  • Impressive travel app! (plus my wish list) 4/5

    By KariAhl
    I found FlixBus through Omio, and after an awesome trip from Brussels to Bruges, I’ve now booked several trips through this app directly. It’s visually appealing, allows for quick searching, and is quite intuitive—especially for a transportation app. I appreciate being able to use Apple Pay and add tickets to Apple Wallet. I just hope to see a few things in the future. In particular, more details on the layovers/changes, and visual confirmation of the trip dates/times as you’re checking out. Also, as a new user, I paid extra service fees because I didn’t realize you could add multiple trips before checking out (so I did three separate bookings). That could be a bit more intuitive, but I’m glad to know it’s possible now. Overall it’s a really great app! 👏
  • Satisfied customer 5/5

    By SOLO2000
    Great app, clean ride, on time and for the next price. Will repeat!!!
  • Could be better! 2/5

    By mumuxuu
    Doesn’t inform you if your bus is late. Nor can you cancel your ticket!
  • Joanne strong 3/5

    By rith19
    Cannot change reservation and cannot use voucher or new reservation
  • There’s a better way than FlixBus 1/5

    By Hello.kitty.cat
    The worst service ever don’t do it take the train...
  • FlixBus was great! 5/5

    By nur46743
    The bus beat my expectations! It was clean, quiet, and accommodating. The bus was always on time to the dot and I never had a problem with finding my seat. Would definitely recommend for any trip!
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By Thezenutz01
    The app offers $5 bus tickets for first-time users only. I was under the impression that it was $5 every time. Everything else moving forward costs more. Don’t be fooled, the app is a lie.
  • Bus service 1/5

    By tttttyyyttttt
    This bus service is so terrible I was waiting for the but an I was just sitting there no one said noting an they say it was my fault I would never again use this service no customer service even the staff using terrible language on us
  • Bus 3/5

    By gula kale
    Bad smelling at bus, driver is very rude, never try to travel by this bus!
  • It is useless! 1/5

    By Ejzzoo
    It made my booking even more difficult
  • Just because. 1/5

    By tank u, next
    I was excited to use this app but then saw all the horrific reviews. Don’t even waste your time reading these- they’re horrible! Thank you, next!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By erudite_dunce
    I’ve taken Flix bus from West Oakland to Reno twice, and from Reno to West Oakland twice. Every time the bus has been late, the app won’t show the location of the bus, and I received my text that the bus would be late well after the buses scheduled pickup time. If you are planning a Flix Bus trip, plan for anywhere from a 20 minutes to a 130 minute delay.
  • This bus is terrible. 1/5

    By 2027 ps ca
    Not only was my original bus (2pm Palm Springs to Los Angeles 3:35). This large, multi bus, multi country firm doesn’t even have a back up plan for when buses break down! This the absolute worst experience I have ever had. I had to wait 7 hours for the next bus to arrive?? Who plans this? Who is in charge of this two bit operation. Then, when I called customer set ice, I was on hold for 27 minutes before some no answer operator answers. This is also the loudest bus I’ve sat on. Worse than a city bus. The driver has no control of where people are sitting, the noise level or the cleanliness of this machine. I’m Very unsure this bus line will last long here with such terrible customer service! I want my full refund. You should be very very ashamed.

    By gronked boy
    they literally cancelled my transitioning bus midtrip from san francisco to phoenix and i got stranded in la. they didn’t say anything to me so yeah nice company def buying from them again... scummy company.

    By Don't Book!
    WARNING: Don’t book a FlixBus trip! What a nightmare! Scheduled a trip for 8:30 in the morning. Bus never came. Went on the app and couldn’t find a number to reach customer service. Went online and after hunting the internet forever, I finally found a number to reach them. I waited over 30 minutes just to speak with a representative. Turns out, the original bus broke down. The rep told me to wait for the next one at 12:15. After waiting 4 hours for this bus, the bus driver said I couldn’t get on because I wasn’t on his list. Then I found out, the other people who had been waiting for the bus that broke down, were all automatically rescheduled for the 12:15 bus and were able to get on. Unfortunately, FlixBus automatically rescheduled me for the night bus. I was going to my uncle’s funeral in California and am now unable to make it. Will never get this cheap bus with crappy customer service ever again.
  • Horrible!!! 1/5

    By ok13835
    It was my first and for sure last time I used flixbus! What a SCAM. I purchased 3 tickets (from Austria to Venice, from Venice to Austria and from Prague to Austria) one of the rides got 3 hours late:( and two other got cancelled and flixbus rescheduled for the day before I suppose to go. Heyyyy, ppl have some plans, you can't just reschedule the ride for whatever day or time!!! It didn't work for me so I had to cancel it. And guess what, they don't return money! Think about it before you buy tickets. Very unreliable company to ride with. If you have a transit, flight or train DO NOT use flixbus because you will miss it. Better to pay little extra and be safe. Very very disappointed!
  • Worst service ever! 1/5

    By NikoletaMorales
    Worst service ever!!! The bus was late one hour!
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By seniorjo
    I paid extra for a reserve seat, round trip from Vegas to Onterio. The bus was almost an hour late. I didn’t get the reserve seat I paid for. There was no one to help get your bag on board. When finally on board there was no instructions on where the wi-fi was or how to use it. The seats are really uncomfortable. One man on the bus was smoking. Terrible trip. Won’t do it again. Guess you get what you pay for. Trip back was just as bad.
  • Horrible Company 1/5

    By startinb
    This is the most horrific companies I have ever come across. Should be banned in the US
  • Make it easier. 2/5

    By zacharley
    Should have a home page, with more information.
  • 0/0 do NOT recommend 1/5

    By katt.k0
    Okay so this bus is cheap so I get why it’s not the best but let me tell you arriving THREE HOURS LATE is not worth the twenty bucks. The worst part is while we we’re waiting we called their customer service MULTIPLE (like 8) times and we kept getting the same it’s going to be there in five to ten minutes just sit tight. However it was NOT there in five to ten minutes, even after the last phone call it took thirty minutes to arrive. Because of their convincing promises we didn’t get on the train we had as a backup and because the drivers didn’t even TRY to make up the time as we went we missed our flight and somehow added even more late time when we were on the bus, arriving three plus hours after we were supposed to in Vienna. Furthermore, customer service was completely rude and unhelpful just like the drivers, the website doesn’t work neither does the app and we will receive absolutely no compensation after missing our flight, not staying in the hotel we ordered because we had to take an overnight train to Italy. All of that cost money and considering how big a company this is you’d think they had enough money to give some back. Shame on them don’t recommend even for the cheap prices.
  • Worst experince 1/5

    By aheixlxkeks
    First of all, they gave me booking # with wrong time, so I had to spend @1 hr arguing with customer support to get it fixed. Secondly, they got my return trip wrong. So I had to call back holding on another half hour to get it fixes Third, the bus was 1 and half hour late and the bus for my return trip was half hour late. Forth, they took 2-3 hour longer than the ETA indicated. Also for my return trip, they were 2 hour late. The ticket was cheap but next time I would rather pay more to get a reliable service. I used so many different bus lines but this one is the worst.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Serivce
    No stars from me. If they didn’t force the star option there wouldn’t be one. Horrible service. Bus drivers always late a hour and two hours late. Charger outlets barely work. Like I miss the bolt bus I rather catch the mega bus at this point. Spend extra money to make it to my stop on time and not 2 hours late. Then I don’t get a refund for the horrible service they provide.
  • Information 5/5

    By 5elwin
    Love the app love the company it’s cheap it’s great however I wish there was an interface where we can see all the specials or if there were any coupons or stuff like that. For example if I’m looking to go anywhere for under $50 round trip what places can I go and what days type of thing.
  • Worst 1/5

    By ncggmm
    It is extremely over price. $80 for 1 adult and 1 child to go from nyc to Washington DC. It is not the price that they advertise for.
  • Do not use on important trips 1/5

    By Freiburg to Frankfurt Airport
    This company may be cheap but there is a good reason why. On my last trip with them they rebooked my second bus. Instead of sitting at the bus station for 1 hour, like the ticket I originally bought, I had to sit at the bus station for 4.5 hours. Once the bus got there the driver told me the new ticket FlixBus made me switch to doesn’t work and I will have to figure out how to get where I was going. Because of FlixBus messing up their ticketing I had to sit at a bus station for 4.5 hours and then get a €250 cab ride to the airport I was going to.
  • Terrible notification 1/5

    By 닌자켓
    I book a morning ticket but it inform that it will be late for 70mins after I booked immediately instead of showing the delay time on the official website. And so I wait for 70mins later, flixbus send me a mail said my ticket has been cancelled!! Why not just informed me earlier?????
  • Absolutely Disgusting App 1/5

    By Johnson4o
    I pitty anyone that has to use this on a regular basis. This is the most unfriendly, broken app I've ever had the displeasure of buying anything from.
  • Only use in Europe! 2/5

    By EragongAl1986
    I used flixbus many times to travel around Europe. It was great--and the only reason I'm giving this company 2 stars. HOWEVER, Flixbus in the US is a different story. The prices are cheap, but the reliability of the departure times is terrible. Don't book a flixbus if you need to leave/get to somewhere at a certain time. It will 100% change multiple times before your trip. I tried taking flixbus 2 different times (Sacramento, CA to San Fran & San Diego to Las Vegas) and ended up having to scramble last minute for both trips because flixbus changed my trip so drastically, it was unfeasible to take their bus anymore. Very unhappy with this company and I'll be damned if I'll be f'd over a 3rd time by them.
  • Poorly designed app 1/5

    By elenalee97
    What could’ve started as a $6.99 ticket turned out to be $18.98 cents. I accidentally booked the wrong destination and tried to switch it and there was no option on the app. I accidentally canceled on the app and tried to call support there was no support line listed. I had to Google the number where I was told that since I had canceled (the only option in the app) I would be charged a five dollar cancellation fee and had to rebook it.
  • New Orleans to San Antonio 1/5

    By tippy1795
    Not only did you cancel the bus trip. You refused to return my money. In addition I bought another ticket with a different debit card for $10 more. But yet to have received the refund from the first trip that you canceled at the last minute. This is the worst experience the fact that I can’t get my money back at the fact that you are make it so difficult to get the money back. I talk to customer service. Your site is not very user-friendly! You give me the runaround and you’re not giving me my money ticket number 104-162-4986 James Miller Kim Thomas43366gmail.com
  • My ride to Austin 5/5

    By MesW6
    My trip on June 10th was awesome. The young man driving was so polite and helpful. This trip on June 14 drive was late. He talked with some young female passengers the whole ride loudly and some times used foul words. This ride got us home 1 hour late . It was cheap but not as good.
  • Great 5/5

    By michelle197781
  • Not a good App 1/5

    By rafiq9857
    Quite useless app.
  • Mr 1/5

    By wes ali
    Terrible attitude from drivers portugeae and French talk to people impolitely Late 25 minutes driver is horrible speaks only portugese in Spain
  • “Customer service” issues 1/5

    By jatmama
    Worst customer service. Told me to look an address up on my own on google, refused to provide an address, told me to look it up, refused the opportunity to speak with a supervisor, told me to call back, asked to wait on hold and finally came back to tell me the call was taking too long, yes i lost my temper, yes i was livid, no i will never consider using this service, for me they were a terrible experience
  • ROBBERY!! 1/5

    By Apples_N_Oranges
    I paid the extra $4.99 from the prime seating up front since I had surgery on my hip and I wanted whatever extra leg room I could get. This was my experience: - The bus was 25 minutes late -The driver was rude - I was told I couldn’t sit the the front row since the other bus driver was sitting in one of the seats. I explained that I had paid for the seat “Like I said you can sit in any seat after row one” I called customer service while I was on the bus and the representative told me I could write a complaint and submit it in for review. Yes the $20 tickets are nice but you really get what you pay for. Cheap tickets for Cheap Service, Cheap Experience, Cheap Respect, Cheap Courtesy. I personally would not recommend the Flix Bus to anyone, but if you find you have no other option to get to where you need to go. Make sure you go in fully aware that this company does not care about you as a customer and the drivers care even less for you as a passenger.
  • Not good 2/5

    By xtydwhiodp
    Old and terrible bus, for a 10h drive you would expect to have at least a toilet in the bus or a plug to charge your phone!! How come when I am going to Berlin I always get a nice new bus, but when I’m going to Romania I get a bad old bus ??
  • Worst company ever!!! 1/5

    By pookie123!
    Wish I had seen the reviews before booking. Drivers are unimaginably rude, buses over an hour late though they supposedly run every hour, no way to contact customer service. In short, a complete catastrophe, STAY AWAY!!! It’s not even like their prices are any lower than competitors
  • bad driver 1/5

    By panglos01
    bad behavior of driver he screams on people last time i use flixbus bus to praga 1301 imm WE213GW 07/06/2019 at 7:10
  • Don’t use his company 1/5

    By unluckytraveler
    This is a scam. I tried to use service and they changed my reservation, I assume due to lack of passengers. The date and time they arbitrarily changed it was not good for me as I had to catch a flight same day. When I tried to cancel the FlixBus trip and get a refund they do not allow it so they get to keep my money and did not honor my original reservation. These Europeans don’t know how to treat customers, luckily this problem is happening in the USA where I will complain to the FTC and demand a refund from Apple and my bank card. Hopefully the authorities will kick out these scammers out of our country.
  • Trash service 1/5

    By fnsnsjsnsn
    Paid for tickets, won’t let us on the bus. Asking us to repurchase and the app will not process it. We are paying customers and they are treating us like bums. Finally let us on the bus after much hassle and we PAID for this. Disgraceful company.
  • Payment&language 1/5

    By 2288813
    I cannot pay with the same debit card after I cancel the last trip. I have no idea how do they change my language to German, I cannot even count to ten by German.
  • Washington DC - NYC 3/5

    By DatoL
    The bus arrived 25 minutes late. There are no seat numbers marked. You need to figure out where your seat might be. So my seat was occupied and I l've been reseated. This is very confusing.
  • Horribly confusing 1/5

    By amycapo
    Changed 3times still wrong!
  • Missing info and error in departure point 1/5

    By miifdrnn
    Horrible app and even worse customer service. The app didn't use the origin that I chose (Berlin main station) but used Berlin Schönefeld on the ticket instead. I went to the main station (which you would assume is the main train station especially since there is no more information about it) and then found out no buses leave from there. I found out later it's known as ZOP (no address given) but that term is nowhere on the app. Anyway, hurried to Schönefeld, missed the bus anyway, talked to a few rude and incompetent customer dis-service people who refused to refund me. AVOID taking this bus. They are thrives.
  • FlixBus is awesome! 5/5

    By nicoman14
    I’m a huge fan of FlixBus. I first used them when I was living in Germany, and I was happy to hear that they are now operating in the US. The buses are clean and comfortable; much more so than other bus lines, in my opinion. The tickets are almost always super cheap, and it doesn’t cost much to upgrade to a nicer seat (worth it if it’s a pretty drive). A lot of the complaints I’ve seen here are about the bus being late, which is a fair point. I don’t think I’ve ever had a FlixBus show up right on time. However, their service is designed for longer trips (e.g. San Diego to LA), where you should be traveling smart and anticipating delays anyway. Overall, I recommend FlixBus every chance I get!

FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel app comments

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