FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel

FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel

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  • Current Version: 6.0
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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel App

FlixBus is revolutionizing the way people travel all over the world, and is now in the US. Benefit from our unbeatable prices without compromising on quality or comfort during the ride. Travelling with FlixBus is so easy, there’s not much to explain. Just download the free app and try it. For bookworms that need more details, here are some tips to get you started ;-) BOOKING Choose your desired connection, enter your passenger information, choose your preferred payment method, and pay for your ticket. The advantages of booking through the app: - You don’t have to pay booking fees - Your app is your ticket, no need to print anything. - You have access to special offers only available through the app BRAND NEW: - Create a FlixBus account so all your passenger information can be saved and used for future bookings. - Follow the location of your bus. INFORMATION ON YOUR TRIP You have access to your trip information and ticket at any time via your phone. Let the app guide you to your bus stop. Important information, such as delays or changes concerning the bus stop, will be shared with you via push notification or a text message so you won´t miss any information. Very important: don’t forget to allow push notifications! BAGGAGE Every ticket includes 1 free handbag on board and 1 free suitcase/travel bag. Unlike flights or others means of transportation, you can easily and affordably bring more luggage with you on the bus. Bicycle spaces are also available – just choose the option you need during the booking process. Our bus drivers are happy to help you stow them away. You can find more information concerning rules and costs in our FAQs. IN THE BUS With FlixBus, you are guaranteed a seat with a comfortable and adjustable backrest, extra legroom, and, of course, we have toilets on board. More information about our services on the bus can be found in our FAQs. Doesn’t it sound Flix-tastic? See you on board!

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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel app reviews

  • Bus did not show up 1/5

    By buliennn
    I was waiting for the bus for 2 hours and it never showed up. Horrible service they could not even answer my questions. Complete disaster.
  • A great app 5/5

    By Henry Kech
  • Great service!!! 5/5

    By NataliEatsPlants
    I have used Flixbus 2 times now. Once traveling from München to Frankfurt and once traveling from Frankfurt to Wien. Both experiences were very good. Bathroom was clean, seats were comfy and bus was quiet and clean. The bus left on schedule and the drivers were friendly. Their refund policy is also very good (you can exchange your ticket for another trip). They have the most affordable prices. I’m glad they are also now in the US!
  • Great trips 5/5

    By phalsha
    I price is sooo good you don’t have to drive it’s a winner app goes to all of my favorite locations easy fast cheap
  • Very bad customer service 1/5

    By shsyabsm zcxxgzj
    The bus never comes on time and the flix bus attendant at the stop does not have the update of it. They inform last minute delay for bus and I had a bad experience they had cancelled the bus at the last minute when I was waiting at the bus stop waiting for bus. Never trust them
  • I’m not going with you anymore 1/5

    By sub0tech
    You are wasting my time. I gave all of my personal information including credit cards and and your app don’t want to take my money. I hate that
  • Scam misleading false advertisement 1/5

    By Abatti83
    Saw an ad for this bus company seemed really great downloaded the app come to find out all these great prices that they advertise are not the true actual prices of the actual tickets. False advertisement total scam not using this service. Delete !
  • Not for me 5/5

    By xensan379
    Didn’t get anything in Miami
  • Boo 1/5

    By gdnvxbnj
    Couldn’t figure out where to redeem my voucher so I couldn’t use it.
  • Getting the job done 2/5

    By westsidetings
    Only ride Flix bus if you love roller coasters, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks,etc. If you love a good thrill and doing activities that get your blood and adrenaline pumping you may consider this the best bus ride you’ve ever been on. My driver decided to fly out of Oakland pass San Francisco like a bat out of hell. The speeding continue until Fresno. On the way I was awoken by the bus driver screaming obscenities because someone was driving on the wrong side of the road. Not more than 10 minutes later and car crashed into something. Do you think he slowed down for a second? Nope he continued to put the pedal to the metal. Now I’m wide awake and praying he slows down.
  • Really dumb 2/5

    By ZachKrason
    If you’re ever taking a route with a transfer. Check to see if the layover/wait between buses could be shortened by booking two separate trips. I had planned a drive from Phoenix to LA, then to San Diego. Originally the only option was a 2 hr 40 min layover in LA. Once I got there, I checked and there was a bus that cut my wait to only 30 minutes. Really dumb how they set it up like that, you should be given options to wait less. Waiting 2 hr 40 min in downtown la with no restaurants around would’ve sucked.
  • Refund 1/5

    By azppppp
    Nobody knows where your bus stops. There’s no clear direction nor signage of where is it at. Your service is clearly disappointing, obviously not customer friendly especially for those first time commuters. We ended up missing the bus and wasted 3 tickets worth $75 plus our time. This happened 1.5 hours ago.
  • Very difficult 1/5

    By my Flixbus
    I have 2 tickets that I am trying to change the dates, and use my voucher, there is no way, it will not let me! Now I have to fill out papers to use my vouchers, hopefully that will work. Monika Miller
  • Essential travel app in Europe 5/5

    By Hellotelescope
    So simple and easy to use. Comfortable seating/WiFi/extremely affordable rates. Co2 neutral option is a nice touch too. 5 stars no question

    By missvickyy
    Oh my goodness. This bus is always, and I mean ALWAYS, late! I’m not sure if it’s the driver or if it’s the bus, but I took this bus 3 times and it has never been on time from pickup, or to destination. The app insists that you can track the bus, but it never works. I waited for the bus for TWO HOURS one time and it was raining and windy. Another time, we didn’t arrive to our destination until an hour after the expected arrival time listed. The third time, the bus was just delayed for an hour. I honestly don’t know how I always get so lucky for it to be delayed and for it to not arrive on time. Despite there not being any traffic, the bus still manages to arrive to the destination late. Similar to other reviews, I need to find a better bus.
  • It’s unorganized and poor customer service 1/5

    By chinky2019
    I book a ticket for round trip And the price for the ticket is $4.99 each so I booked round trip +$2.00 for booking fee so the total amount is $11.98 but instead i pay $11.99 so i said ok only $0.01 thats fine, so I thought it’s already good.Wrong 😡😡😡😡😡 i check for my return ticket i don't have it and before i click my credit card i make it sure that i did right. And from LA to Barstow and back i swear the ticket is only $4.99 each.I call customer service, not helping at all blaming on me he said i don't click the return ticket,he's wrong cuz they will ask u first ur to go and return which is i did and charge me $11.99 i said there system got me and asking a refund and said fill-up the form and send it to them which i did and no respond.Be careful buying ticket now i know why some reviews said and give only 1 star if i could give 0 i will.
  • Always late! Cancels and reschedules you automatically 1/5

    By Anonymous Feb14
    Not reliable if you have an appointment! They were good at first. Now they are crap! Won’t refund you below 120minutes of delay
  • Everything good until payment 1/5

    By Jowr Koo
    The team should fix the problems, whenever we wanted to check out for the ticket. It keeps showing the incorrect card details or change with other cards. But nothing wrong about the cards even with the verification from the bank. Please fix it.
  • Very good 5/5

    By patitoplus
    Very good and excellent service
  • Horrible!!! Very Worst!!! You get what you pay for! 1/5

    By TFbeach
    Very horrible. Worrrssttt ever. If you don’t want your trip ruined by so many reason, don’t ever book a trip in this bus. This is the most worst and horrible bus app ever. You’ll actually get what you pay for. If I could turn back the time, I would just pay the $3-4 extra at megabus. If ever some delays or any kind of problem came up in flix bus, call the customer service and they would probably tell you a lot of lies that the bus is coming in at 10mins. After 2-3hrs of waiting that’s the only time the bus would come, what’s worse is that your bus might not even come. Or not knowingly that your bus have already left you even if you arrive early at the terminal to wait for the bus. They won’t tell you the truth, they would even hang the phone and worst, they wouldn’t answer your call. Take my advice or Good luck on your trip.
  • Bad driver 1/5

    By ZEZrtyztyycccvvvyvcvczdd
    Left LasVegas 7:45 AM,:::30 min late Feb 15 2019 Driver refused to let those of us who paid for “RESERVED SEATS” sit in those seats: he was very rude & saidhe didn’t want anyone to sit be hind him: he put his luggage & jacket on those seats & demanded we find other seats: he did not help anyone load their luggage even tho there were a few elderly women on this trip: driver just stood back & smoked his cigarette::he took cigarette breaks at every stop: as we left Las Vegas he turned on a music station & loudly played jazz etc all the way to Anaheim, calif there were 5 of us left & all got off at Anaheim— he once again stood back & smoked: I am handicapped :: he made no effort to help as he knew my bag Was shoved up to the middle & I had crawl in to retrieve my bag... very rude driver; driving faster once we hit LA trying to make up time we lost earlier in the day:: Music not appreciated: I paid for a seat I never got,, I hate this on line reservation & price changing in minutes : I meet Europeans who use these buses overseas, but they need to “get it right” If they want to make it in USA, Need more clear English speaking customer Service Reps. I am more than disappointed every time I try to use your service, I always am hopeful each time will be improved’ But!!!‼️⁉️‼️⁉️😂🤬🥵 JHSmith. Las Vegas Nv. February 2019
  • Seat number conversion for non-FlixBus lines 4/5

    By ry_suds
    Great app, although it’s a little inconvenient when you are given a seat number like “2C” and the bus is actually a 3rd party line like Amador which numbers seats with integers (I.e. 2C = 7). On the bus I was on the bus driver spent a lot of time and effort translating the seat number for people, if you guys could include a simple mapping for the seats it would prevent a lot of headache when boarding. My ride is ~7h so I figured I’d give it a shot in python: mapr = {‘A’: 3 , ‘B’: 2, ‘C’:1, ‘D’:0} new_seats = [] For seat in flix_seats: #split into row num/letter f_num, f_letr= list(seat) new_seat = 4*int(f_num) - mapr(f_letr) new_seats.append(new_seat) Cheers!
  • Website 4/5

    By SueMLara
    Their app seems antiquated and not user friendly. Also, the stop locations indicated on their app are not always where the bus stops. Very confusing and frustrating as I have missed a bus because it was at a different location that I was not aware of. Other than that, I have had great experiences on my trips from AZ to CA. I travel this route every 2 weeks to be with my boyfriend, it is the half way point between where we each live. The bus drivers are always nice, the buses are clean and it is an inexpensive and convenient way to travel.
  • Worth It 5/5

    By Ksleu
    if you’re a low maintenance traveler and tolerable, FlixBus gets the job done in a cheap manner. it’s definitely worth it.
  • Muy buena 5/5

    By rate33
    Súper eficaz
  • A shame 1/5

    By daniela prado
    They cancel my bus without any notification. They have a stop in the middle of the street. They are not in a bus station. I two deivers of flix bus told me that my bus was delayed. At 5:40 I called customer services and told me that the bus has been canceled. The customer service guy was totally rude and unhelpful the application is still saying that the bus is on it way
  • Very unorganized 1/5

    By rdadgar
    This bus is relatively cheap, but is very unorganized; has very rude employees, and terrible service. The bus is always delayed for at least 2 hours. They usually dont even check if u bought a ticket or not.

    By AssAssiN10621
    I booked two tickets from San Diego to LA and got to the pick up spot early like instructed. A bus showed up 20 minutes late and when the bus got there a rude female employee told everyone that we must have the wrong bus because it was going to Las Vegas. As a result, only a couple people boarded while a large group remained at the stop late at night in the cold. After calling customer service and waiting on hold for 10 minutes they said that that bus was in fact the bus from SD to LA. I asked when the next bus was and they said it was the next day. When I asked about what I could do all they said they could do was give me a voucher. When I asked about receiving a refund the guy said I would have to go online and file a form. The service is EXTREMELY unorganized and there is a lack of communication between drivers and others operating the service. Definitely not worth using.
  • Bad 1/5

    By vdjnbggggdffffffdfddddddsssdd
    No help scam if you don’t do it right
  • Ahmed rasool 5/5

    By ahmed rasool
    Ist echt gut
  • Drivers attit 2/5

    By SH footballer
    I am taking flixbus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The driver is not polite. She is speaking on the load speakers with demanding and belittling the passengers. Example: she said; ‘listen to me all’
  • It's changed, fares are more $$$ now 3/5

    By rcktgirl0524358766
    I used this a few times going from LA to Phoenix and back a few months ago and it was $15 each way. I'm not sure why the fares have increased so much, now it's $45 each way for the same types of days of the week as I did before. I noticed over the holidays it was crazy high too. I may as well drive for that much money. In my car round trip gas is cheaper than $90, so there's no point for me to use this. If it goes back down I would consider it again.
  • Low value for money 2/5

    By polandmayhem
    The seats are small, the legroom little, the air is stagnant and smelly, generally a last resort when all else has failed! I just installrd the app and found a ticket for about 16$ and ran a diff seatch and then came back to the that ticket again and voila! 26$! I thought the app is saying „dont you hesitate again or I’ll slap another 10$ on you!”

    By 12339384847
    I got left waiting for hours! Bus never showed up and refused to let me get on the next bus! This has happened multiple times!
  • Beware of this company 1/5

    By voyage-nsw
    Would not use this bus company. When we wanted to change one part of the ticket, the customer service rep told us to cancel online. The cancellation charge was $15 to cancel a part of the trip we wanted to keep. Will not be using Flix Bus again.
  • Embarrassing mannerisms 1/5

    By Darnus
    This company is just sad. I’ve been screwed over multiple times by late buses, ignorant and rude employees, and even a bus leaving 10 minutes early as I knocked on the door. The prices are cheap but it still isn’t worth it
  • Worth it!! 5/5

    By MissR.
    All I see are complaints on the reviews and I feel bad because I had such a great experience to and from Vegas. Seat’s are ok. Drivers were on time. Each section has charging stations and you can pull down the shade. Honestly, I rather take FlixBus than have to drive back home or pay $400 RT for a last minute ticket. Also, the drive back to solo to Riverside (hungover) is the WORST!!! I did that twice and NEVER AGAIN!
  • Denise m 5/5

    By vail az
    I love taking the bus very clean and the great service the drivers are very friendly and helpful thanks for the service
  • “Missed” bus 1/5

    By Sporty Dee
    Showed up to our stop and there was a bus that had the display screen with the wrong destination. Apparently it was our bus after we called after an hour of waiting. The customer service lady said that since other passengers boarded at the stop even though the screen was wrong that there was nothing she could do and wouldn’t even let us get on the later bus. Glad that their mistake was my fault
  • Does the job. 5/5

    By 714j48012
    Phoenix - Las Vegas.. did the job for me. The bus was on time & dropped me off right in front of Cesar’s Palace casino. The bus was clean, seats were decent, the WiFi however was not the best. I’d definitely recommend this service & will do it again on my next trip to Las Vegas from Phoenix.
  • Great experience! 5/5

    By Actor.in.the.making
    Much better than grey hound as well as a more flexible schedule. Great pricing for this service. Nice/informative driver. Very happy with this overall experience.
  • It is useless for passengers, only for the future clients 2/5

    By ManDarinasMD
    We had problems with connecting time between cities. The first FlixBus was late due to traffic, so we were on board trying to figure out how we could manage to get on board to the other FlixBus bus. We couldn’t find online so decided to download the app. It was equally useless as the website. Unfortunately.
  • Its fine but could be better 2/5

    By Ricardo Anios
    Its ok but drivers don't speak english as it is mentioned in website, the buses have seats with color and the iPhone app doesn't show our seat and the internet doesnt work half of the way between berlin and poznan
  • Simple to use 5/5

    By LAtoCata
    European app brought to the US. Europeans always do it better ;) Won’t take one to far cities but will be able to guarantee connecting to a city halfway. Ie: will take you from LA to SF for $15 but that’s almost as far as it goes. No trips way up north yet.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kekeyler
    Never again will I use this bus worst experience ever!!
  • Never using again. 1/5

    By peace1149
    I’ve used flexbus 3 time to get around Europe and i must say that all 3 experiences have been, at best, difficult, and at worst, downright unpleasant. All 3 buses ran >25 minutes late, the seats are all too small to be comfortable, and the drivers are all very rude. The worst experience i had was on an overnight bus from Germany to Geneva. I had 2 bags (flexbus only allows 1 but you have the option to pay for an extra one online which i had done) and the driver would not let me put them in the storage space under the bus. I had to wait for him to walk away and open the hatch to put my bags in. This kind of rudeness should not be tolerated in the service industry. Overall i would advise everyone to use any other method to travel, even if you save 100€/$/£ the bus costs more time and effort. A very unhappy customer
  • Worst customer support experience 1/5

    By S v h rao
    I paid extra for seat reservation. But reservations were not accepted on bus.
  • FlixBus 1/5

    By Nitz17
    Always late & not sending email to keep us posted & unless you have the app & check why bus not showing up , it’s 2nd time happen to me which is unacceptable, I might not book again with your company coz service is bad & restroom not working 😤
  • Great company 5/5

    By jpfellis
    Very great service

FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel app comments

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