FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel

FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel

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  • Current Version: 6.0.3
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  • Developer: FlixMobility GmbH
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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel App

FlixBus is revolutionizing the way people travel all over the world, and is now in the US. Benefit from our unbeatable prices without compromising on quality or comfort during the ride. Travelling with FlixBus is so easy, there’s not much to explain. Just download the free app and try it. For bookworms that need more details, here are some tips to get you started ;-) BOOKING Choose your desired connection, enter your passenger information, choose your preferred payment method, and pay for your ticket. The advantages of booking through the app: - You don’t have to pay booking fees - Your app is your ticket, no need to print anything. - You have access to special offers only available through the app BRAND NEW: - Create a FlixBus account so all your passenger information can be saved and used for future bookings. - Follow the location of your bus. INFORMATION ON YOUR TRIP You have access to your trip information and ticket at any time via your phone. Let the app guide you to your bus stop. Important information, such as delays or changes concerning the bus stop, will be shared with you via push notification or a text message so you won´t miss any information. Very important: don’t forget to allow push notifications! BAGGAGE Every ticket includes 1 free handbag on board and 1 free suitcase/travel bag. Unlike flights or others means of transportation, you can easily and affordably bring more luggage with you on the bus. Bicycle spaces are also available – just choose the option you need during the booking process. Our bus drivers are happy to help you stow them away. You can find more information concerning rules and costs in our FAQs. IN THE BUS With FlixBus, you are guaranteed a seat with a comfortable and adjustable backrest, extra legroom, and, of course, we have toilets on board. More information about our services on the bus can be found in our FAQs. Doesn’t it sound Flix-tastic? See you on board!

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FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel app reviews

  • Good experience 5/5

    By estevans
    Took the bus from Las Cruces NM to Phoenix AZ with zero issues. Will definitely use again in the future.
  • I tried to get a refund twice and the app wouldn’t let me 1/5

    By Emax1200
    On two separate occasions I tried to cancel my drip because I decided to drive and both times it had me going in a loop. Why can I not get a refund on my trips that I didn’t take and that were attempted to cancel way before the actual trip... guess I just wasted my money.
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By I want my money back today
    In the middle of the night I was dropped off in the front of LA Jain and was told that they are sorry for the delay but nothing they can do for me just fend for myself as a young female adult in front of LA jail at 2 am... How dare you people do that to an medically challenged person or to anyone...
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Robin Knourek
    I could not find where the bus stop was in Tucson.
  • Step up your tech, FlixBus 2/5

    By superenrique
    FlixBus NEEDS a better tracking system. 10/10 you cannot see where the bus is, it only gives you an “oopsi” notification.
  • Very clean busses, reasonable rates, comfy ride 5/5

    By MyAppleRox
    Our driver Joey is very upbeat, informative and pleasant. We had a slight delay getting a handicapped person onto the bus. What impressed me the most was his professionalism during this little delay. Not once did he get irritated and because of that I believe the passengers remained calm as well. We are going to use Flix Bus more frequently, no stress, just an enjoyable ride! On a side note, I hope Flix Bus adds another bus because more and more people are realizing what a great value it is! Thanks!!!!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By disgustie
    Not user friendly. Useless.
  • trash 1/5

    By flixBusStealMyMoney
    it said i can get money back but they dont
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By Joceyjellyfish
    This company is the worst we missed our bus and they didn’t want to let us on the next and never refunded our money.
  • 3 stars because no wifi on my bus 3/5

    By Leanbeanies
    Ad promised free wifi on bus from munich to prague but there is none and usb plugs also not working...
  • Agilent Air on a Bus Budget 1/5

    By Kent Palisades (KP)
    Yes let’s see here. I had a 20% voucher and could not use it. I kept trying to figure out how to use the voucher with success. I should have just taken Amtrak.
  • To/from Aosta 5/5

    By 374629875
    FlixBus was a perfect solution for going to/from Aosta-Milano. Clean, prompt, great WiFi, well-priced, and courteous staff.
  • Amazing company 5/5

    By KingVinson
    Love it better then any other transportation for travel

    By cEcE_mariE
    We are stranded at a rest stop half way between Las Vegas and LA and this is the worst experience I have ever had. I’ve never used flix ever!! & I never will ever again. Not worth the stress. Oh and our bus was 2 and a half hours late to begin with. Haha what a joke dude.
  • Can we give it a Zero star rating? 1/5

    By kerry rosie
    I used the app to book travel from Las Vegas to Anaheim. The bus never showed up. A later bus showed up and everyone that was waiting for the late bus was able to get on except us. The driver refused to let us on. It turns out he was supposed to be the driver of the earlier bus, but was rescheduled for some reason. We had to rent a car for $200 to get home. I don’t know if they will refund my my money for wasting my time and not offering a solution to my problem. I tried to call customer service - it’s someone from Europe - she was not helpful and would not allow me to speak to a supervisor. It is the worst experience with travel and customer service I have ever had. If they refund my money I may not give them bad reviews on every social media outlet I can think of.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By phenluk
    Now I on bus back to LA I Disibity person but your driver not give me front seat I need to report at DMV about your bus post to give front seat for Disibity people.he very bad talk no good. When I from LA on Apr 29 driver so friendly I travel from Sacramento to Los Angeles on 5/3/19
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By 4eKavo
    No one want listen at customer support. Driver using instruction which you not confirm during and even was not informed after for example at sections important information / luggage even at ticket have not inform you. After all you an idiot you not customer. You supposed to learn all site to be sure you match as normal pax if not found at site you must call them!!! Hey you I build and work a lot at travel industry and have lot connections and partners whole over the world. You did illegal thing and acting that not your responsibility inform critical cases and make sure customer get it! Call Centre weird! Agent lie me informing that payment for the seat already posted and refunded ( to be sure check triple- nothing). I will post case I have and will try to reach founders to inform about it. PS agent was look shady answering that they didn’t provide that info and I must use site that didn’t work properly with my browser at iPhone... ( looks like I also MUST find browser which will work with their resource). I’ll keep posted by the way. Regards, Aleksei
  • Not Organized At All 1/5

    By Simonhb1990
    Short story : I wait at the bus station 3 hours and the bus NEVER show up. Poor customer service and no solution provided. Long version: I got to the bus station on time and the bus NEVER show up. Called the customer service. - He told me that they didn’t know the delay until we called them. Seriously?! You can not track your bus and you need to rely on the customers to report that! - He told me that they can not locate the GPS of the bus and the reason is UNKNOWN. Seriously?! Your bus just disappeared for no reason. - After 1 hour, we called again. Then they told us the bus has already arrived and left. Are we all blind?! - The most fun part is here. We asked for the solution and the customer service told us to book a bus from the other companies bc they can not arrange another bus to pick us up to the destination. The “smartest” way to help angry customers to solve the problem. Anyway, they did say they will refund and pay for the new tickets with the other company. Let’s see how it goes. In summary, they are still not well organized. What I heard from the bus station staff, their buses are always late. I think you should be able to provide helpful information to the users and also solutions instead of UNKNOWN and sending us to use the other services. Not good to customer and also your own business.
  • Enjoyable 5/5

    By TurboTee
    Didn’t have any issue catching this bus from Palm Springs to LA. Arrived 10min early and left right on time. Seats aren’t any less comfortable than an airplane. I think people need to realize the cost of this fare is 1/10th that of an uber. If they want luxury hire a driver, don’t board a bus.
  • Zero 1/5

    By Preall18
    Why come up on a search when searching us cities
  • Good service just Needs more than 2 stops in Los Angeles 4/5

    By Nutrish1
    Really like this bus service. It says it makes stops at USC and UCLA but they are yet to show up on the schedule.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hotchnier
    This was one of the worse forms of transportation I ever took , the bus was hours late and took us way more tome to get to our destination way later then designated time and I missed out on a ride I am completely dissatisfied.
  • Mmm nah 1/5

    By anyzas14
    Doesn’t really have alot of specific locations i mean yeah must be saving a lot of money threw here but if you are going to have to travel to the locations it only* has well it’s just not worth it :/
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By facts97
    Horrible experience. Flix driver sent me to a destination I wasn’t supposed to go and I got stranded in a state I never been to!!
  • Bad and bugged app 1/5

    By Keks_ya
    Only usd prices. No Euros for Europe?? Also the $2 BS fee. Wrong prices on the app. Shady business. Ripp off.

    By Akrammasrour
    I am writing this review while im on a flixbus heh ! The journey from Paris CDG to Lille IMPECCABLE 🙏🏻❤️
  • They took my money and didn’t give me a ticket through the app 1/5

    By Spring1979999
    I’ve use this company to weeks ago and it was fine. However today when I booked my tickets through PayPal, they took my money but did not give me a ticket. And what’s even more frustrating, is that you cannot contact anyone to help you I lost 50 bucks. I repeat do not take this bus!
  • Bowser not supported 3/5

    By Labjiyo
    Problems to cancel a ticket
  • Sorry 1/5

    By ñooe
    Its getting more expensive and it’s not at convenient anymore.
  • Great! 5/5

    By ManuDenis
    Nice app
  • Never on time. No customer service. 1/5

    By SocalAL
    The bus gps signal is also never seen on the map even though it’s designed to do so. This time we had two delays with updates in our phones, and now we’re still waiting for the bus and no updates past the last time we were given. Nobody to call. Nobody is responsible and we can’t leave just in case it decides to show up at a time not given. Terrible. Not convenient.
  • Rate the app 2/5

    By Foreclosure Hunter
    I understand that they are new to the USA and the app is very limited. You can not get a map of their routes. (Edited: I am impressed that a developer responded & my intent was feedback to improve. I just increased to 2 stars & despite the reviews, I will give them a try)
  • Stop station 1/5

    By Ambernuwen
    The app showed there is a stop in Henderson( near Walmart) however I got dropped off at Downtown Las Vegas. I talked to the driver, he told me that there is no stop station in Henderson, so I showed him the app telling me I'll get drop off in Henderson at 12 and he had no idea about it and Henderson wasn't a stop of this bus. :( I hope they'll fix it soon
  • Worst company ever!!! 1/5

    By florin0001
    Worst customer service!!!
  • They got it figured out finally 4/5

    By THOOLAN99
    I’ve been taking this bus for a year to go see my gf and at first it was constantly late and not that much better than a greyhound, but lately they get to the stop at the right time ready to go and the bus drivers are efficient. Not the most friendly but I don’t expect them to get paid enough to care too much ahah. Definitely know where the stop is and if it’s your first time using the bus get there early. Overall for the price it’s awesome and I’ve been able to see my gf often thanks to them.
  • Can’t get no real help 1/5

    By Nollomontega
    I’ve sat out side of of bus station at 5:30am to 8:00 to be told I gotta take another bus , now I’m trying to figure how to rebook my trip an receive my voucher
  • Easy, affordable, reliable 5/5

    By Dannyguapo20
    Everything goes smooth if you just follow instructions , people are complaining about things that they cause , but other than that it’s great ride . Tv , ac , chargers . What else would you want for that price
  • Passenger Left Behind 2/5

    By Jalliah
    I got left by the fluxbus in Barstow Ca, after calling customer service I was given no refund voucher or discount for riding this bus. B.S.
  • App not very useful on day of departure. 2/5

    By M2Vegas
    1. The feature ‘See where your bus’ is’ couldn’t locate a signal on both my departure and return trips. 2. Notifications for bus delays due to the 40 minutes it takes to load and secure a passenger in a wheelchair should be sent out right away and posted in your app. I shouldn’t be receiving notifications of those kinds of delays at the very time my bus is scheduled to pick me. You don’t have bus stations and most of your pick-up points are empty lots or curbside on street. Not the most comfortable places to wait for an hour. And the only way to get information is through your app.
  • Bus did not show up 1/5

    By buliennn
    I was waiting for the bus for 2 hours and it never showed up. Horrible service they could not even answer my questions. Complete disaster.
  • A great app 5/5

    By Henry Kech
  • Great service!!! 5/5

    By NataliEatsPlants
    I have used Flixbus 2 times now. Once traveling from München to Frankfurt and once traveling from Frankfurt to Wien. Both experiences were very good. Bathroom was clean, seats were comfy and bus was quiet and clean. The bus left on schedule and the drivers were friendly. Their refund policy is also very good (you can exchange your ticket for another trip). They have the most affordable prices. I’m glad they are also now in the US!
  • Great trips 5/5

    By phalsha
    I price is sooo good you don’t have to drive it’s a winner app goes to all of my favorite locations easy fast cheap
  • Very bad customer service 1/5

    By shsyabsm zcxxgzj
    The bus never comes on time and the flix bus attendant at the stop does not have the update of it. They inform last minute delay for bus and I had a bad experience they had cancelled the bus at the last minute when I was waiting at the bus stop waiting for bus. Never trust them
  • I’m not going with you anymore 1/5

    By sub0tech
    You are wasting my time. I gave all of my personal information including credit cards and and your app don’t want to take my money. I hate that
  • Scam misleading false advertisement 1/5

    By Abatti83
    Saw an ad for this bus company seemed really great downloaded the app come to find out all these great prices that they advertise are not the true actual prices of the actual tickets. False advertisement total scam not using this service. Delete !
  • Not for me 5/5

    By xensan379
    Didn’t get anything in Miami
  • Boo 1/5

    By gdnvxbnj
    Couldn’t figure out where to redeem my voucher so I couldn’t use it.
  • Getting the job done 2/5

    By westsidetings
    Only ride Flix bus if you love roller coasters, bungee jumping, swimming with sharks,etc. If you love a good thrill and doing activities that get your blood and adrenaline pumping you may consider this the best bus ride you’ve ever been on. My driver decided to fly out of Oakland pass San Francisco like a bat out of hell. The speeding continue until Fresno. On the way I was awoken by the bus driver screaming obscenities because someone was driving on the wrong side of the road. Not more than 10 minutes later and car crashed into something. Do you think he slowed down for a second? Nope he continued to put the pedal to the metal. Now I’m wide awake and praying he slows down.

FlixBus: Smart Bus Travel app comments

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