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Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets

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Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets App

Download Flixster – the most downloaded movie app of all time. Stay up to date with movie news, check showtimes, guarantee tickets, discover movies at home, and get Rotten Tomatoes® scores. Now make moviegoing even easier with Flixster’s refreshed movie discovery experience and more. DISCOVER MOVIES - Get the latest Rotten Tomatoes® Tomatometer scores and movie reviews from critics. - Find the latest movie news right at your fingertips with the News page in the global nav. Stay in the know with all things movies, from articles on award contenders to video exclusives with the hottest casts. - Watch the latest trailers and check out cast overviews and movie images. - Movies don’t stop in the theater. Discover what movies are available at home and where to watch them. BROWSE MOVIES + THEATERS - Browse the latest movies and top box office picks. - Check showtimes at your favorite theaters or find nearby theaters. - View theater amenities (Reserved Seating, Mobile Ticket, etc.). BUY TICKETS - Looking for movie tickets? Guarantee your seats and head straight to the movies, with ticketing powered by Fandango. By downloading, installing & using this App, you agree to our Privacy Policy (http://www.fandango.com/PrivacyPolicy.aspx), Terms of Use (http://www.fandango.com/TermsOfUse.aspx) and Purchase Policy (http://www.fandango.com/PurchasePolicy.aspx).


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Flixster - Showtimes + Tickets app reviews

  • Broken 1/5

    By JStamper
    Used to be my go-to movie app for rating and tracking movies I want to see. Doesn’t work half the time now and no longer syncs to Facebook. Uninstalled.
  • They ruined it. 1/5

    By Prof. RHJ
    This used to be my go-to app and ever since they changed it it’s absolutely worthless. Total bomb.
  • What happened? These updates are terrible! 1/5

    By Gq_foine
    I use to love flixter app! But now it's a piece of sh$)[email protected]! The movies in theater don't show further back! My home movies don't show unless I download another app!! This is complete crap!!! The PayPal part is worthless since it doesn't let you go down to make payment!!!
  • Problem 1/5

    By Lycan warrior
    The keyboard won’t go away when writing can’t let me submit
  • Used to be a good app 1/5

    By RobOlepa
    This was always my go-to app for movies, but the major update months ago made it worthless. In the past, when you would click on critics reviews, it would connect you to the full review. Now when you click on the critics review it just takes you to a white screen that shows the same one sentence that you clicked on. So I guess you have to just use the rotten tomatoes app for that information. What it still does decently is to show local theater showtimes.
  • They had a great app and messed it up! 1/5

    By rt747
    I loved this app then they updated the greatness right out of it! Used to be able to view lists of tons of movies both in theaters and DVD but now very limited choices.
  • Worthless!!!! 1/5

    By Nest-tea
    This used to be a great, go to app for movies info. Since all the “improvements”, it is worthless. Guess I’ll have to google for movie info and theaters & delete this worthless app!!!!!!!
  • Don’t fix it if it’s not broken 1/5

    By jon 850
    Along with the other disappointments listed on this forum the worst would be no full filmography for any actors. I can’t research anything with this app anymore. ‘‘Tis unfortunate.
  • Terrible re-design 1/5

    By gubbleducks
    This app was good when it followed the format of Rotten Tomatoes. I have no idea what executive thought the re-design of a few months ago was a good idea. Now it’s useless for retrieving information, filmographies, reviews, etc. A triumph of meaningless style over substance.
  • Fix Please! 1/5

    By Chris3776444
    Lost all my movie ratings (A lot!) and has been “Under Construction” for months in the FAQ. I was proud of that list and was looking forward to reviewing it in the future for must watch movies with my son and wife. They say don’t worry, we have your ratings”. Show them then! Can’t be that hard. Please fix this so I can change back my rating. Integrate more Netflix reviews and recommendations too, after that. Thanks, Much Love 🤞
  • Suxster.... 1/5

    By Timmy Butthole
    Used to be a great app but they had to redesign into a lump of poo.
  • Crap App 2/5

    By Boanie
    I can’t stand the new Flixster. When I go to this app I want information about the movie- plot synopsis, genre, who’s in it, reviews...NOT just a trailer that I saw when I was last in theatre. And the address of the theatre proper. I know where I am but where is the mortar? I don’t have all memorized!
  • Horrible what’s been done 1/5

    By DCFads
    Like so many others have said, this used to be my go to app to find out what movies I want to see in the theaters or at home and when they’re coming out. Now it’s been completely redesigned and is worthless for that purpose. Please return to what made the app so successful. As many others have said, deleting this app for now.
  • what happened? 1/5

    By SFO21
    went from good to bad.
  • Update crap 1/5

    By Tee_SIO
    You updated the app and it can not get locations it error out. I love this app and you broke it.
  • never works 1/5

    By Samhasfriends
    always crashing, trying to post on my Facebook, signing me out of my account and forcing me to reset my password - this app works about as well as the website
  • Terrible redesign - saved info now lost 1/5

    By listenup**
    Another update: why is the filmography so incomplete and not in chronological order? Another huge fail APRIL UPDATE- has anyone downloaded this new update???? Have been burned by them terribly so don't ever want to upgrade again unless the Ratings and Want to See data has been restored. March UPDATE - STILL HASNT BEEN FIXED. Don't trust this app at all anymore. Shame on the developer. DONT LIE TO YOUR USERS!! Feb update- WHY WOULD YOU DELETE ALL MY RATINGS AND "MOVIES I WANT TO SEE"?? when you rolled out the update you said this would be fixed imminently and months later it STILL HASNT. Lying to your users will have consequences. This is where I tracked all the things I wanted to see. Had I known it was going to be removed I would have backed up the information myself. UPDATE: another irritation: You can no longer go to the full reviews from the excerpted review blurbs. Why would they stop this feature? The redesign is a step back in many ways. What I find most irritating though is the "movies I want to see" feature. Following the update, all my movies were deleted. This is where I tracked interesting movies and brought me back to the app over and over again. In the initial update they said this would be fixed but it still isn't. Obviously, the redesign has been made to focus more on ticket purchases. This was always inherently a part of the app but now all the other great features have been pushed to the background. Making it less useful and harder to navigate for information.
  • Significantly worse following update 1/5

    By Specarmi
    I had no complaints with the previous version. Everything worked as intended. I was forced to update and now the app is buggy and doesn’t display all the information it used to. For example, it doesn’t show an actor’s full filmography nor does it show the dates alongside the movies in their filmography. Clicking a movie opens the “watch now” tab first when I’m looking for the reviews not tickets. Ads now interrupt the flow of the app. Etc etc. Worse in just about all ways save for a prettier interface. I’ll be looking for a replacement app.
  • Definitely worse than the former 1/5

    By user3290
    It’s so sad that Flixster used to be our “go-to” movie app, but now navigation and features are horrible and changes back to the original, no matter how many bad reviews, are not occurring. What a bummer I will have to look for a replacement. Rotten Tomatoes will you partner with someone else??
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Rainmaker
    Change it back listen to your customers. One star to many.
  • Worthless now. 1/5

    By Alixzahna
    This used to be what I used to find movies to watch at home, see the movies reviews and ratings and search for movies I might like. Ever since they changed the app, it has been useless and the whole construct has changed. Why? I have no idea.
  • Completely Useless 1/5

    By M. Govea
    For years this was my favorite app for movies. Both in the theaters and for my home purchases. I loved this app because I always knew when my favorite movies were going to come out. It was amazingly easy to use and reliable. Full of valuable information. NOW IT IS A USELESS WASTE. I don't understand why or who they put in charge of making the ABSOLUTE WORST DECISIONS ABOUT THIS APP. I'M SO UPSET WITH WHAT IT HAS TURNED INTO. THEY NEED TO BRING THE ORIGINAL APP BACK AND IMMEDIATELY FIRE EVERYONE THAT MADE ALL THESE RETARDED USELESS CHANGES TO WHAT USED TO BE A GREAT APP‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
  • iPad app isn’t working 1/5

    By joannatrinh
    I can’t load my list of movies that I want to see :( only the first 3 show so unfortunately I have to watch all of those and take them off my list before I can see the rest of my list.
  • No details 2/5

    By CrossyToad
    Can’t see full names of characters in movies, can’t access prior movies of actors, lots of greyed out information. The old Flixter was my go to but just downloaded IMDb for a better resource. Please update!!!
  • Show incomplete movie list 1/5

    By Jmpgspen
    This App does not provide a full listing of the movies exhibited at any particular theater (intentional? Only show movies that pay to be shown?). You can’t relay on this app.
  • Do NOT update. Fandango destroyed Flixster. 1/5

    By Texas ❤️
    Flixster WAS our go-to movie app. Fandango DESTROYED what was an excellent resource. Do NOT update! You will lose ALL data, want to watch lists, reviews, etc. Fandango took a valuable movie lovers tool and turned it into a mere publicity engine to sell their tickets. Years of film references and watch plans well into the future wiped out with NO warning. Thanks but NO THANKS, Fandango. Very rarely review apps. This destructive “update” warrants a ZERO.
  • Borderline Unusable 1/5

    By Krahnin
    This used to be my go to movies app. Now? Recent updates have completely ruined it. Movies on my “want to see” list no longer get removed when I add a rating, and the list won’t load past a certain point, just spins indefinitely. Same with past movies I’ve rated. What was the point of me curating a list of movies I wanted to see or ratings of past movies if I cannot Access that information? On top of that loading movie times (especially accurate ones) is intermittent at best.
  • They Ruined It 1/5

    By iPhonesNeedSDCardSlots
    This was my go-to app for movie info and showtimes. Now I’m deleting it. I’ll revisit in a few months to see if they listen to reviews... It’s been a few months, but nothing improved. I’m now using MoviePass and theater-specific apps. I wish Rotten Tomatoes would offer their old independent app. FLIXSTER CLEARLY DOESN’T CARE ABOUT OUR REVIEWS!!!
  • Horrible trash 1/5

    It was a great app until latest update used to tell me up coming moves and dvd release now it’s horrible redbox trash thumbs down
  • What the... 1/5

    By Lowrider!
    Used to be my go-to app for years, now you get maybe 12 "At Home" movies and then nothing. Deleted the app and trying something else. What a shame.
  • Terrible!!! Don’t use! 1/5

    By bpownall
    Terrible. Used to be a great app where you could look into a bunch of DVDs. Useless app. Delete.
  • Years of reviews deleted 1/5

    By Supadan323
    I have had this app for maybe 10 plus years. I have reviewed every movie I’ve ever watched on the app. Then about 6 months ago; every review was gone. I’ve tried everything I could to recover the lost reviews, but nothing. I tried contacting either Flixster or Rotten Tomatoes but I got no response. So it looks like I’m done with this app unfortunately.
  • No more trailers 1/5

    By Ima225
    The new update is horrible. They got rid of upcoming movie trailers which is why I even used it in the first place.
  • Bring back the old version that worked. 1/5

    By rabidsquirrels2
    The search feature doesn’t actually find anything unless the title is exact. Half the time you can’t add movies you want to see and the link to watch movie previews is for the wrong movie or doesn’t work half the time. Used to be a great app but way too many bugs in this version why change it....
  • First to WORST 1/5

    By HazzMatt work
    My wife and I used to love Flixster. It was the go to tool for planning a night in or movie date. It used to be easy to find great movies. It also used to be a great way to find family movies. Ever since the last major update it seems to have about 1/10 of the films it used to, none of the filtering yields anything but terrible D grade films and genera filtering doesn’t work at all any longer. Give me the old Flixster back!!!!!!
  • Time to delete 1/5

    By The Crenz
    It’s much slower than it used to be, and the design has gone downhill. Why am I still using this? Time to delete and move on. It was good at one time, but these developers can never leave well enough alone in their striving to squeeze one more penny out of their product.
  • Awful! Update ruined it! 1/5

    By Hedgehogmcbhhbdhvbvhbbvhchbvc
    Used to be great. One of my most often used apps. Newest update is horrible!!!! There’s very little movie content. First negative review I’ve ever been motivated to posted. Horrible!!
  • Old app way better! 1/5

    By deramas
    Used to love this app until they screwed it up. Now it's terrible (WAY less content, actor filmography, photos etc).
  • You ruined it! 1/5

    By Sparkyslapslap
    You made it extremely difficult to find anything. The new changes are the absolute worst!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By VIce Sky
    I don’t know what happened to this app over the last year but I find that I can’t even use it anymore. It’s become useless
  • Used to be good - update worthless 1/5

    By Twyggs
    Used to use to browse lists of movies by release date. Can no longer view as list, view release dates, or find info easily. Even their new releases is all movies I've ever heard of and have none of the recent releases I know about. New update- no improvements. And it doesn't sort properly. Never heard of crappy reviewed movies are ranked higher for "top box office" than new major blockbusters.
  • This app just got terrible 1/5

    By Adpn
    This was my go to app for everything movies. Now it doesn’t even load movies correctly and forget clicking on an actor and actually getting all the movies he or she has been in. Just terrible.
  • Let’s some awful voices slip through 3/5

    By ElFrenetico
    I love the integration of Rotten Tomatoes’ critics reviews vs user reviews to make informed choices on median films which may preform poorly at the box office but are passable entertainment. Unfortunately, user reviews are now anonymous, allowing for bizarre skewing of data across liberal/conservative lines for religious and political films and tragic racial slurs disguised as reviews.
  • What a fall from grace! 1/5

    By MercinARES
    Use to be my go to movie app it then became to lag and freeze a lot but I put up with it because it had my collection. Changed view to list view with now option to change but again I put up with it as it had my list already completed... all the sudden list gone! I don’t know if I am mad or happy, mad bc my list is gone happy bc I don’t have to deal with this horrible app anymore!
  • Worst App. Ever 1/5

    By Kalito Kale
    This is by far the worst update ever, it made me lose most of my movie ratings that I've been compiling over the past 5 years!! Don't waste your time with this app.
  • Lousy App only shows theaters in it’s pocket 1/5

    By rate66322456
    Lousy App only shows theaters in it’s pocket
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By ALHM
    This was my go-to app for movie info. No more. I can deal with no longer interfacing with Netflix. But the app is now less user-friendly, more difficult to navigate, content is missing or doesn’t update or load. I especially liked the feature of tagging the movies I want to see. However my list of these movies never loads completely now. App is basically pointless now as I can find access to other content features elsewhere and much more efficiently.
  • My go to movie app 5/5

    By zippy.chick
    If I’m traveling or at home this is my go to app for finding movie. Watch trailers to see what I like snd also for what new movies are soon to come out. Has everything I need and I’ve been using it for years now and I’m never disappointed.
  • Terrible redesign! 1/5

    By Timmerton
    Edit, April 2018: My wife doesn't update her apps automatically, so she still has the older "better" Flixster. I compared her "on DVD" category to the new "at home" category on mine. They are not the same, at all. None of the titles matched, at least not in the first dozen or so that I compared. The old one was more mainstream. The new one is mostly foreign, indie, straight to DVD, no name movies, with a few box office hits thrown in. What I'm starting to think, is that Flixster no longer relies on ad based revenue, but there is some kind of shady stuff going on where they will promote movies that they get paid for. I don't want to see your crappy movies, OK!!? So many of them aren't even rated at all. I don't care about them. I will subscribe to some artsy fartsy blog if that's what I want. I can't believe I spent time writing this, but that's how much it irritates me. Bring back the old one please. This is what's wrong with our modern app society. They change something for the sake of change and in doing so ruin something that never needed to be changed in the first place. Say goodbye to your ad revenue Flixster because this is horrible!
  • Seriously disappointed 1/5

    By Danieljorda22
    Common guys. Not sure if your guys are developing this in house or outsourcing but seems like your teams failed to see where your value really lies. Need better XD and research to monotone. You were my go to app for movie reviews and for what to view next. Just deleted from my phone. Pulling for you but going to take a lot to win me back.

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