Flora - Focus Habit Tracker

Flora - Focus Habit Tracker

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 2.5.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AppFinca Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Flora - Focus Habit Tracker App

Just can't put down the phones? Flora is here to help. Whenever you and friends want to stay away from the distraction on smartphones, plant a seed together (or alone) using Flora. As you focus on what's more important in the real life, the seed will gradually grow into a healthy tree. But if anyone cannot resist using the phone, the tree will be killed. This way, Flora creates a shared goal that helps you and friends put down the phones and be productive in an effective and pleasant way. USE WHEN: * limiting your screen time and getting freedom from social media, games and digital life; * staying focused (alone or together) at work, school or home to clear your to-do list and achieve your goals; * being present and enjoying moments with friends & family, such as morning routines, lunch, dinner, events, etc.; * paying attention to yourself and getting the superpower of mindfulness; * breathing, being relaxed, and meditation; * developing healthy habits; * quitting phone before sleep; * saving your own life (and others') while driving; and much more! FEATURES: * A self-motivated and fun way helps you and friends beat phone overuse, procrastination, ADHD, and study blue; * No VPN required to block content—grow trees; * The guilt of killing a tree stop you from using those addictive apps or games; * Compatible with the Pomodoro Technique (aka a pomodoro timer, tomato timer, or focus keeper) proposed by Francesco Cirillo to increases your productivity and self-control (we are not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo); * Set goals and reminders (aka a goal tracker or a do-to list reminder) to plant trees regularly; * Turn your good will into healthy trees into a lush forest where each tree presents something you have done in real life; * Sail in the gamified Grand Tour. Now, putting your phone down is a fun game to play; * Unlock new trees day by day and gradually build a good habit of focus (aka a habit tracker or habit keeper); * Share your trees or forest on Google Classroom, Remind, Class Dojo, Quizlet or other communities to motivate people; * Share who killed a tree (ouch); * See your friends' accomplishments and cheer with them. WHAT'S NEW: * Need STRONG incentive to concentrate? Challenge yourself by setting a Price before planting a tree. So, if you kill the tree you pay the price to plant a REAL tree on Earth. Go off your phone or go helpful. Sounds cool! * Active your Flora Care service to plant a REAL tree every time when your total focused hours reach your goal. So, you turn your mental power into long-term financial aid to families in our rural communities. That's even cooler! NOTE: * Flora supports OFFLINE planting so you can stay focused at anywhere you want. To use it, please go offline BEFORE pressing the Start button in the main screen. * For those who are curious about the relationship between the Flora and Forest apps: Flora and Forest developers were coming from the same lab in a university. The two apps were initially designed to complement each other—Forest on single-user scenarios and Flora on multi-user tree planting. However, after Flora launched on the US market in Aug 2017 and gained some popularity, the Forest developers cloned the multi-user planting function in Feb 2018 and started charging this feature for money. Since then, the partnership between the two apps terminates. Flora is the original app that helps you enjoy moments with your friends and family, and it's FREE! Download Flora and join our 1,000,000+ happy users now!

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Flora - Focus Habit Tracker app reviews

  • Can’t do anything 2/5

    By Crazy art girl 21
    I am a high schooler who’s parent wouldn’t let her get Facebook until she was old enough but by then it was already fading out. I have never had a problem with not having Facebook except now. I am trying to find an app to help me stay focused while I study and do homework but I can’t do anything with this app because it requires a Facebook log in. Please fix this quickly. Facebook is dying out.
  • I Dislike That It needs a Facebook account to be used 1/5

    By ...qwe123qwertyabcdefg
    I downloaded this app and I don’t like it that it doesn’t allow a email address. I do not have a Facebook account there fore I am not able to use this app. I am going to delete it. I think it has a great concept though.
  • Ayo ayo 4/5

    By Wkffksldksiwjsjfidjdsjdnfjfndn
    Can you guys please add email option or other social media’s for login, some people don’t have Facebook, or in my case of scenario my parents don’t let have a Facebook account
  • Super pomysł. 4/5

    By Ja201313
    Fajna aplikacja, sensowna i w dużej części spełnia swoje zadanie. Podoba mi się sadzenie wirtualnych drzewek. Poza tym ekran zostaje „zablokowany” na czas załączenia aplikacji dając jednocześnie możliwość wstrzymania lub wyłączenia planowanego „focus time”. Co dla mnie jest minusem to to, że w pewnym momencie przy „break” czas mi się nie zatrzymał. Ja nadal korzystałam z telefonu a czas leciał, poza tym powinna być możliwość zrobienia na przykład max 5 min break - inaczej drzewko usycha. Bo nie ma to sensu jak co 10 min robimy break... i jeszcze taka uwaga: fajnie jakby app blokowało inny app, np. iMessage. Bo co z tego jak na telefonie nie korzystam i mam stay focus, ale na Macu dalej mi wiadomości przychodzą :)
  • I love this 5/5

    By Zaraiqbalbear
    So basically the objective of this game is to make you not go on your phone while studying. It’s WORKS LUKE AWESOME KEEP IT UP THIS IS AMAZING APP I LOVVVEEE IT
  • Never 1/5

    By cptslow717
    Requires that you sign in, and the ONLY way to sign in is via FaceBook. No thanks. Not ever.
  • Great concept 3/5

    By Ilovethis9876543210
    I love the concept for this app I feel like it could help me, but I do not have a Facebook account, so, since this is the only way to log into the app, I can’t use this.
  • 👎 3/5

    By 1357911246810DANCE
    While this app seems fantastic and I’m sure it is, how would I know if I can’t even use the app! People who don’t have Facebook can’t use the app! I’m just saying that it could use a little work. Actually, a lot of work. Thanks. Bye
  • Amazing idea! 5/5

    By subject_error193
    Great little app that is simple and easy to use! It helps me stay focused and somehow makes me want to work more
  • Requires a Facebook membership 1/5

    By Pittsburgh J
    I don’t participate in Facebook because I prefer my privacy. It’s unfortunate one cannot register and use their email to participate in what the app has to offer. You should fix this immediately. Now the app seems more like an intellectually property grab more than being helpful.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By SCG-D
    This app helps motivate me to concentrate, and I like that you can work with other people to grow a plant together.
  • Really? I have to log into Facebook 1/5

    By Rander Phoenix
    I must log into FB to use. I deleted FB because of all the issues with it. Instantly deleted Flora.
  • Facebook is the worst 1/5

    By lalalarn
    I don’t have a facebook and never want to get one again, so it’s really disappointing that this app requires it. I wish I could use this.
  • NOT OKAY 1/5

    By 13 year old without Facebook
    I was trying to use this to help me study for finals and I wasn’t able to because I don’t have a Facebook account. Thanks for not helping @Flora
  • Privacy concern 1/5

    By Ray S Miller
    Read the privacy policy, They involve third party services to collect your data. If you care about your privacy, avoid. Here’s an excerpt: In addition, we may use third-party services such as Google Analytics that collect, monitor and analyze this type of information in order to increase our Service’s functionality. These third-party service providers have their own privacy policies addressing how they use such information.
  • Can’t even login to use the app 1/5

    By Lindsey Marie 1997
    It just crashes after I try to use Facebook to login. Waste of time.
  • Crash 1/5

    By deegodavar
    Crashes when i try to login through Facebook
  • App Just Crashes 1/5

    By FedeDiGiovanni
    I can't use the app. Just as I try to login for the first time it keeps crashing on the same login step. I have tried in multiple devices and it appears that the problem just keeps happening...
  • ? Won’t even launch 1/5

    By I-Review-Stuff
    I downloaded it onto my phone (which is running IOS 12) and every time I log in with Facebook it just crashes. I’ve restarted it, deleted and reinstalled, still crashes. I’d love to use this app, but I can’t even get past the opening page. 😠
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Snhhv6
    I just tried to open my app that I just downloaded and it keeps crashing. I have tried to open it to no avail.
  • Will not open 1/5

    By brittab325
    I’ve downloaded this twice and the app will crash every time I log in, deleted 👎
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By ☺️💓🙃
    I haven’t even gotten to use it because every time i try to log in it crashes
  • Love better than Forest 5/5

    By AwesomeAmbiance
    I have been a hard core user and evangelist for Forest for about a year. I tried Flora and switched immediately! It’s so much more fun and engaging.
  • Can’t move past the log-in, immediate app crash 2/5

    By Bob09876q24
    Hello, I really wanted to try out your app as it seemed to be very promising, but once I logged in with Facebook and confirmed its access to the relevant information, the app immediately crashed. I tried to repeat the process to troubleshoot and even restarted my phone, but this has happened almost 5 times. Rather bummed out, but please advise as I would like to give the app a shot! Thanks.
  • Keeps crashing :( 1/5

    By I <3 Roblox
    This looks like a really fun and motivational way to stay productive and on task, but after I log in using my Facebook account, the app crashes. I’ve tried updating it and redownloading it but it still does not work.
  • Crashes-useless 1/5

    By withfriendslikethese
    App crashes and won’t even work. Waste of time
  • Issues with Launch 2/5

    By Fabiososo686
    App seems nice and I’d really like to use it, but there were issues starting up the app such as crashing every time I tried to login with FaceBook. It’s a shame
  • Won't work 1/5

    By grenna1213
    I have been excited to try out this app, but there must be some kind of bug, because as soon as I log in with my Facebook, without fail, every time it just kicks me out. Hoping to get fixed so I can use it.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Miranda.1102
    Every time I try to sign in with Facebook the app crashes.
  • Will never use 1/5

    By rodgerfromyutan
    Was recommended this app and I was willing to give it a try. Once I found out you have to have Facebook to use it, I deleted. I wanted something to help with too much screen time, not force me back onto the worst waste of time.
  • Motivating for many reasons!! 5/5

    By Evee4233
    Loving how easy it is to not pick up my phone when I know it can benefit the environment.
  • FACEBOOK 1/5

    By hxnixx
    I cant use it cause i dont have facebook...
  • Wouldn’t load at all to begin with 1/5

    By LaurHl
    App wouldn’t load
  • New update has lots of bugs 5/5

    By Nikki Navidi
    This version does not work !! Need a new update
  • Not loading 3/5

    By ssssssyyyyyyuappp
    I previously loved this app. However now it will not open/load. Very disappointed that I will lose my streak.
  • Cluttered design 2/5

    By D. Fleidermaus
    Disappointed. Did not look as advertised. Ugly price button floating in right hand corner. Looks like you have to get through one session before you can set goals or see anything they advertise. Too much information on screen, I wanted something simple like they showed in the picture. However one extra star because the guilt of killing a tree was very effective. Still, I will keep looking.
  • Requires Facebook 1/5

    By jsrF1
    In order to focus, I have to have a social media login? No thanks.
  • Must use Facebook 1/5

    By Ella_572
    I excitedly downloaded this app only to find that you’re required to log in via Facebook. Due to Facebook’s history of rampant disguised use of data and total disrespect for privacy, none of the apps on my phone or accounts elsewhere are linked to Facebook. Given that this is an app supposed to help you cut down on screen time, mandating use of a social networking platform is counter-intuitive, and seemingly deceptive. Having family in the game industry, it seems like a money grab due to being a free app - there are definitely other ways to connect to users without Facebook, and potentially because there’s a limited need to make this app social and thereby spread the user base, it makes me highly question the motive.
  • S 1/5

    By tedy 91
    I could not use this app, because i do not have facebook account. So it is o bad that have not another way to sign in.
  • Facebook... 3/5

    By Isa 🙂
    I can’t use it because I don’t have Facebook, is there a way to without it?
  • A productivity app? BEWARE 1/5

    By jhjhjhd
    Requires Facebook (for at least Apple users). It is not logical to require a user to maintain (or create an account) with the most notorious time waster of our time, Facebook, in order to even access an app aimed at increasing one’s productivity. It is well established that Facebook’s primary mission, as well as their incredibly sophisticated algorithms, is/are designed to draw in users for as long as possible in order to create more advertising revenue. This app would better serve its clients by providing an option to temporarily disable social media (which can be enriching) in the app, so they can focus on their personal priorities. In fairness, this company is apparently working on other login methods.
  • *Sigh* 1/5

    By KGomex
    I don’t have a account Facebook. So I can’t use this app.
  • best app everrr 5/5

    By kianalke
    this is so great ❤️ but i really cant understand how can i change my profile picture ? i upload a new photo in my facebook but now ... i dont have a picture in my flora ... thats super important to me 😩 please help :(
  • A great way to motivate yourself to focus 4/5

    By Sandeep Adi
    I follow pomodoro technique to manage my tasks and this is a great tool to keep your focus and the incentives of planting trees is a great motivator for me.
  • why only facebook? 2/5

    By RileyMG
    i know in the app it says you're working on other login methods, please hurry up! i want to use this but i can’t because i don’t have facebook and don’t want to make an account just for this app. when i can use it i’ll update my review
  • Terrible structure! 1/5

    By PktCty Critic
    Can’t use the app unless you have Facebook, and it wouldn’t accept my iCloud email! No wonder it’s free!
  • Love the idea 4/5

    By etruhart
    One of the first things I did with this app was set aside time to read a personal book. The timer is a really easy way to focus on one thing at a time and get an idea of how much time you need for certain activities. I love that they include Flora Care which is a charity you can donate to and in exchange a certain number of hours logged in the app translates to a real tree planted. However the only way you are able to use the app is if you have a Facebook account, I haven’t used my Facebook in months but was lucky enough to remember my login. Although after only a couple days of using the app I was told I needed to log back in to Facebook and was redirected to a Facebook security measure asking for a photo of my face -after this i was told i had to wait for the photo to be reviewed before i could log back in. It would be much easier to use an account that I use more readily such as gmail, or even the option to create a new Flora account not necessarily connected to another social media
  • Nope 1/5

    By Craniumgarage
    In this day and age I wonder about developers who have to piggyback off of Facebook... Selling information .. Stay far away from this one...
  • Fun 5/5

    By CrazyRaphus
    I’ve grown a lot since I started, it’s nice to see if I STICK with something I can plant a better future, I hope to leaf this review so that everyone understands this app is more than oakay, and I will branch out to all my friends to get it too! I can’t think of any way to spruce it up, tree out off tree stars, best sap ever! Don’t let the negative reviews soil your opinion!

Flora - Focus Habit Tracker app comments

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