Flora - Focus, Habit, Pomodoro

Flora - Focus, Habit, Pomodoro

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 2.4.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AppFinca Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Flora - Focus, Habit, Pomodoro App

Just can't put down the phones? Flora is here to help. Whenever you and friends want to stay away from the distraction on smartphones, plant a seed together (or alone) using Flora. As you focus on what's more important in the real life, the seed will gradually grow into a healthy tree. But if anyone cannot resist using the phone, the tree will be killed. This way, Flora creates a shared goal that helps you and friends put down the phones and be productive in an effective and pleasant way. USE WHEN: * limiting your screen time and getting freedom from social media, games and digital life; * staying focused (alone or together) at work, school or home to clear your to-do list and achieve your goals; * being present and enjoying moments with friends & family, such as morning routines, lunch, dinner, events, etc.; * paying attention to yourself and being relaxed & mindfulness; * developing healthy habits of sleep; * save your own life (and others') while driving; and much more! FEATURES: * A self-motivated and fun way helps you and friends beat phone overuse, procrastination, ADHD, and study blue; * No VPN required to block content—grow trees; * The guilt of killing a tree stop you from using those addictive apps or games; * Based on the pomodoro technique (aka a pomodoro timer, tomato timer, or focus keeper) to increases your productivity and self-control; * Set goals and reminders (aka a goal tracker or a do-to list reminder) to plant trees regularly; * Turn your good will into healthy trees into a lush forest where each tree presents something you have done in real life; * Sail in the gamified Grand Tour. Now, putting your phone down is a fun game to play; * Unlock new trees day by day and gradually build a good habit of focus (aka a habit tracker or habit keeper); * Share your trees or forest on Google Classroom, Remind, Class Dojo, Quizlet or other communities to motivate people; * Share who killed a tree (ouch); * See your friends' accomplishments and cheer with them. WHAT'S NEW: * Need STRONG incentive to concentrate? Challenge yourself by setting a Price before planting a tree. So, if you kill the tree you pay the price to plant a REAL tree on Earth. Go off or go helpful. That's cool! * Active your Flora Care service to plant a REAL tree every time when your total focused hours reach your goal. So, you turn your mental power into long-term financial aid to families in our rural communities. That's even cooler! NOTE: * Flora supports OFFLINE planting so you can stay focused at anywhere you want. To use it, please go offline BEFORE pressing the Start button in the main screen. * For those who are curious about the relationship between the Flora and Forest apps: Flora and Forest developers were coming from the same lab in a university. The two apps were initially designed to complement each other—Forest on single-user scenarios and Flora on multi-user tree planting. However, after Flora launched on the US market in Aug 2017 and gained some popularity, the Forest developers cloned the multi-user planting function in Feb 2018 and started charging this feature for money. Since then, the partnership between the two apps terminates. Flora is the original app that helps you enjoy moments with your friends and family, and it's FREE! Download Flora and join our 100,000+ happy users now!

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Flora - Focus, Habit, Pomodoro app reviews

  • When will people who don’t have Facebook be able to use the app? 5/5

    By Take here pillows
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By Ccgdgdh
    It doesn’t work very well.
  • Fantastic. 5/5

    By sonner.
    Best productivity app ever. Actually makes me aware of how much time I spend on my phone. I don’t know how I would get as much work done without this. It’s also a fun and interesting way to promote focus, without too much of a game.
  • Why does a timer need my friends list?! 1/5

    By Cbchdbfjlhg
    Didn’t even get past trying to log into Facebook. Hope you guys change your log in options soon. You couldn’t possibly need all that information you “require”
  • Hi 4/5

    By safiya johnson
    I saw this app on natiles outlets video on how to focus I decided I should give it a try but I need a Facebook ace so I created one I want to delete cause well it’s Facebook why Facebook I gave you my email is that good enough. Anyway I study and stuff for reading and barely had to go out for anything but definitions then I did art I had to acsse the picture on my phone so that was a fail I’m in junior high so we use calculators so went I went to the calculator my plant died can there be and a way for you access school related things through the app anyway that’s just a thought if you are considering you should add a calculator that’s it thank you 😊
  • Must use Facebook 3/5

    By JDT414
    Disappointed that the only option to use the app is to login to Facebook.
  • Still Facebook only? 1/5

    By big fan =]
    What a shame- looks like people have been asking for an alternate log in option for over a year, and no movement on this front. Would love to try this app, not making a Facebook account to do so.
  • Ugh 2/5

    By trashhhhhhhhhhas
    I can’t really say anything about the app so far because it requires a facebook login to access it. Its 2018 and facebook is the only point of contact this app has? I’m really not trying to pay $2 for the Forest app but I really need to get off my phone while doing something productive so this is kind if disappointing. Why do we even need to login? Can’t we sign up with a phone number or something else beside Facebook? Nobody in this generation uses Facebook anymore and if you do, you need to download Instagram ASAP
  • No to Facebook 1/5

    By Magruder85
    Seriously, why?
  • Can’t create an account 1/5

    By Can’t create an account
    Can’t create an account
  • Why Facebook 1/5

    By triple wolves
    Hi I am complaining that I have to put a Facebook account first I don’t like Facebook and I can’t make one please add something else as in Game Center it google because I have had my hopes up for that update for a very long time thank you.
  • Good app 5/5

    By 懿甄太后
    Just wondering, can this app also block incoming messages? Like I can still reply to messages and most of my notifications.
  • Need Facebook 3/5

    By notyourbusiness42
    Not a fan of Facebook and how you need to be connected to it in order to use the app.
  • Needs and update! 5/5

    By Hdbushbsijs
    When I got this app i personally thought that it was good idea to stay focused on my work, but I couldn’t sign in since the only way to do it is by Facebook I believe. Maybe if you could add more options to sign in it would be perfect because I don’t like Facebook.. Overall, the app seems really interesting and I would love to try it.
  • Requires Facebook login info 1/5

    By Jkrulish
    Give your FB password to an insecure app who will go through an insecure website that has all your data. And no, I don’t WANT to work with my friends nor do I even want them knowing I am using the app. That’s my business.
  • Helpful in the right context 4/5

    By Psjdbxjxb
    This is a cute app that helps my ridiculously unfocused brain get ready and do homework. I sometimes get music playing before I start the tree growing. I use this as a timer in a sense, because I have trouble knowing how much time I spend doing one thing. The garden is satisfying, because it shows a “tangible” way to look at productivity in a cute and mildly gratifying way.
  • Focus 5/5

    By Preeti Rao
    This app helps me stay focused so thank you
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Emy Lynn
    This app rocks. It helps me focus and it keeps me motivated! Love it!
  • Please help! 2/5

    By Chattyjmurphy
    Hi I would like to use this app but I can’t because if this Facebook only login. I would like to use to help me stay off my phone when doing hw and I can’t even login. Would hope this is fixed soon I heard great things about this app and would like to try it. Thanks!
  • I’m sure it’s great but... 1/5

    By KG3773
    I’m so saddddd I was excited to try this app but you have to sign in with Facebook to use it. The problem is, i don’t have a Facebook account(I know, who doesn’t have a Facebook this day in age?) . I was really excited to try the app and the concept sounds great but I guess I have to wait till I can sign in with google.
  • Must have Facebook 1/5

    By MommaFoxxen
    The only way to create an account is to have Facebook? I was excited when I found this app because it looks like it would be perfect for my needs but not at the expense of having to sell my soul to Facebook.
  • Access 1/5

    By Gf John
    Facebook login is the only option. You do you to “socialize” every service. Absurd.
  • Love it most of the time 5/5

    By liz perston
    I’ve been using this app off an on for a while now, and I had a problem with it
  • Randomly stopped allowing me to log in after clicking The Flora Care Service button. 3/5

    By Jloxley
    I have no idea why it just randomly stopped allowing me to log in. It was otherwise a great app. But since I literally can’t log in I guess I’ll have to find something else.
  • Cute!!! 4/5

    By dootdootyu
    Great app for studying. After your timer is up, there is no option to restart the timer, only to set a break timer, view your garden, or share your “tree”. To start another timer, you have to view your profile, and then go back to the menu bar on the left and enter your “room” again. Would be great if it was easier to restart the timer. Otherwise a very cute app and concept!
  • distressed 1/5

    By Catherine!!,
    I have tried this app many a time in the past. no matter what, my tree dies. And NOT because I leave the app. No. I am productive and motivated; I set my phone aside as I work. But nonetheless, my tree dies. every time. & I never leave the app!!! I'm confused. I'm upset. I'm disappointed. I just don't understand why I am being made to feel like a failure when I am not failing. This app is ruining my happiness and destroying my grades. I'm very sad and
  • Sign up with email? 2/5

    By bluedove24
    Hi I would really appreciate if Flora could function without signing into Facebook. I know it’s kinda rare but for those who don’t have FB and were excited to use the app only to find out that you have to log in with FB this was was a bummer.
  • Only Facebook? Really? 1/5

    By Dr. Ramy Amin
    You can't sign up or even USE the app unless you have Facebook to sign in with it. The most stupid, useless and time wasting site ever created, you need to have an account there to use this app for STUDYING, how ironic. Maybe when you "support other login methods" I'll change my review.
  • Not everyone can use it. 1/5

    I do not have a Facebook and have no interest in getting one. I have other forms of social media of course, just not Facebook. This app only allows you to use it if you log into Facebook. As a result i could not use it. This is why i would not recommend. You should be able to use the app with other types of social media. I was excited to use the app, until i realized i could not.
  • Seems like a good app but... 3/5

    By Jena_1951
    I wish you didn’t have to have a Facebook account to use it. I personally don’t want an account through Facebook so I can’t use this app.
  • This is a great app 5/5

    By ljoyce1
    This app is just amazing. I’m a middle school student and it helps me keep my grades up by %100 percent. If your a kid or u love the earth this app would help. I totally get this app!!!
  • You have to sign in through Facebook! 1/5

    By CherrySurfer
    If you don’t have Facebook, don’t bother downloading it.
  • Log in?? 1/5

    By easternflowers
    I never had to log in and I don’t want to. there’s no reason I should have to. I don’t want to connect to a social media platform and if I don’t I can’t use the app. That’s ridiculous. I just want to stay off my phone and plant some trees I don’t want to have friends or see how other people are doing because frankly I don’t care about how well they do. I should have the option to not log in at all like I previously did. I’ll be deleting the app until then.
  • Why facebook 1/5

    By Plant438
    Would be good if you didn’t need to have Facebook in order to use this app
  • other options 1/5

    By Ivysue04
    newsflash! no one uses facebook anymore. don’t want to sound rude but uhh u should really hurry up on making it to where i can use it without adding facebook cause that’s honestly so annoying. 👎
  • LOVE 5/5

    By fugglyduggly
    I LOVE THIS APP like I’ve tried so many different apps that help with focusing but this works the best because I am so emotionally attached to my trees.
  • Recommend ! 5/5

    By agdueh
    I absolutely love this app. It’s so helpful. There are several times a week when I’m stuck doing work, and I can easily be distracted by my phone. The simple reminders I need to get my work done are enough.
  • Does its job 5/5

    By tyreyuan
    Keeps me very focused!!!
  • Can’t use 2/5

    By Sally Mae 😂
    I would like to use this app but you are required to log into Facebook but I don’t have a Facebook. (Nor would I like to make one just for this) Please fix this
  • Great Overall App 5/5

    By eshermz
    I started using Flora in the middle of August at the beginning of my senior year of college, and apparently, I’ve studied/stayed focused for over 100 hours! Which is great because I was recently diagnosed w/ severe ADHD. This app has been such a useful tool in helping me actually put my phone down and focus on my schoolwork. Not only that, but seeing exactly where my time goes when I do study via the convenient “tags” feature helps me to efficiently plan out my days so I know exactly how much time I need to spend on which subject. However, my only questions/concerns are a.) can you only have 6 tags? I’ve tried to make more, but I can’t find a way to create a new tag or even delete old ones. Even just adding a section about this to the FAQs would be really helpful; b.) sometimes I’ll set a timer, and since Flora has gotten me used to not checking my phone for 1+ hour(s) at a time, I’ll go back an hour or so later to check how much time I have left to find that the app reset, and all that progress I made was lost! This can be very frustrating especially when I’m specifically trying to study a certain amount of hours per day. Other than that, great app; thanks to the developers for helping me stay focused this year!!
  • Amazingly Helpful! 5/5

    By Meeeeeeèèêē
    My productivity has increased by 30% with the use of this app!
  • Why Facebook!? 4/5

    By ko-okie
    This app is great to help with focusing, but the fact that you have to log into Facebook is terrible. I don’t use this app to focus with friends, I use it for studying or doing homework by myself, so the whole Facebook thing is pointless! It would be great if you made it optional so I don’t have to make an account just to use this app, or have something like a “solo” and “with friends” mode.
  • Face book 3/5

    By migeul ohara 2089
    I am really not interested in getting a Facebook account, you should expand your ecosystem of platforms. Would be a lot better.
  • Love this app, but... 3/5

    By Saharsty
    This app has been really helpful for me. It has kept me focused for hours and hours and I could get so much done using Flora, but there’s been a glitch lately. Firstly, my virtual plants are getting less and less, even though I make 2-3 a day, I come back and see that they’ve literally disappeared. Second, sometimes when I set a time to focus and lock my phone, there is a notification that “my tree has grown up successfully.” ... like right after I set the timer. I would really appreciate it if you could fix these, they are not that big of a deal, but they are a big pain in the neck.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Wendy Corduroy
    Cute and reminds me that I’m supposed to be doing work when I go on my phone to browse the internet/social media. I’m glad they changed it so that it’s easier for people who don’t have friend groups who want to use it!
  • Option of deleting dead tree in my stories please! 4/5

    By 元飯盒子
    I tried to play with the app a little bit before actually using it, and accidentally killed a tree after I tapped on the “give up” button. So I now have a dead tree update in my stories and I can’t delete it, which is annoying.
  • Not good with people not on social media apps 1/5

    By Writing cause I have too
    I wouldn’t know how it works since it REQUIRES for you to have a Facebook, why do I need a fb account to keep a time on how much I study?? It’s really inconvenient.
  • So great 5/5

    By jeudbemwof
    This app is so great! I’m a freshman in highschool and it keeps me on track when I get a bunch of homework. No regrets it’s life changing!
  • Charging bug 4/5

    By Xigt
    It won’t let me plant a tree if I am charging my phone

Flora - Focus, Habit, Pomodoro app comments

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