Flow by Moleskine

Flow by Moleskine

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 1.0.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Moleskine Srl
  • Compatibility: Android
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Flow by Moleskine App

Bringing the legendary Moleskine notebook experience to iOS, Flow is an all-new way to create simple drawings, complex works of art, and beautiful notes all on your iPad and iPhone. Flow has been built from the ground up with creators in mind, offering dozens of combinations for paper types, colors, and tools. And by pairing our custom drawing technology with Apple Pencil, Flow feels as responsive as drawing on real paper. The state of flow is vital to achieve your creative potential. This led us to make documents in Flow infinite width so you can stay immersed. Create your own set of tools just like a virtual pencil case so you don’t need to constantly adjust colours, size and style. You can have five markers in shades of blue or just a single black pen in the ideal size—it’s up to you! Flow’s flexibility serves amateurs and professionals alike, offering powerful art tools in an accessible format. With Flow, everyone can create sketches, lists, storyboards, designs, handwritten notes, floor plans, recipes, diagrams, journals and works of art. It’s the perfect space for ideas to be created, captured and shared. —FEATURES— - Infinite width documents for uninterrupted creation - Create your own unique set of drawing tools - Dark and light paper with dot grid, squared, lined or blank styles - Customizable gestures, including double-tap for Apple Pencil (second generation) - Collections for organizing your creations - Hideable interface so you can stay focussed - Export with configurable options like transparency and lasso area - Drag and drop documents to Timepage to store creations on your calendar - Multitask on iPad with Split View, Slide Over and drag-and-drop Membership with Flow includes realtime cloud storage and backup for your documents and tools across all of your devices. —MEMBERSHIP— Download Flow to try it free for seven days. After your free trial, Flow requires a subscription which provides you with regular app updates and realtime cloud storage of your documents. Monthly and yearly options are available, with yearly subscribers saving 50%. After your trial, you will not be charged unless you purchase a subscription. If your subscription lapses, Flow remains available in read-only mode. —QUESTIONS?— We love to speak with users, so feel free to reach out at any time via the Flow menu under Help > Contact Support. If you have a feature idea, please let us know at https://bonobo.canny.io/flow. Want to learn more about Timepage, Actions, or Flow? Visit https://moleskinestudio.com to read our guides. We’re also on Twitter—find us at https://twitter.com/moleskinestudio. —MORE— Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal status in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Price may vary by location. Privacy policy: https://moleskinestudio.com/privacy Terms of service: https://moleskine.helpscoutdocs.com/timepage-terms —THANK YOU— We are so thankful for your interest in Flow. We’ve put lots of work into making the app the best it can be, and we read every single review you write. If you enjoy the app and want to leave a review, we’d really appreciate it!

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Flow by Moleskine app reviews

  • Brilliant interface 5/5

    By A Mac, Photoshop and a Beard
    I’m really glad I came back to using Flow. It’s become a truly great app and a good value. The interface is perfect. My new go-to app
  • Fabulous Program 5/5

    By EETorpedo
    I think I have every program possible on writing notes. This one is by far the best one I have ever used. You won’t regret getting it it is an amazing program.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By slug heh.
    The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because it costs money. The app it self looks lovely and works well aside from minor bugs here and there. But it’s kind of surprising that it costs money when apps like Autodesk sketchbook offer a lot more and are totally free. I love how the brushes look and the infinity page makes me want to draw forever and the price isn’t a big deal (honestly expensive is kind of a moleskine brand trademark so what do you expect).
  • Not very happy with Flow 2/5

    By Samsara4Now
    The app is very difficult to use. The user manual isn’t detailed or helpful. Can’t actually put anything on the page - all I get is a circle target on the screen where I put my finger or pen.
  • Love the app, lost progress upon subscribing 3/5

    By Blue Hotcake
    TLDR: I love the app, if you plan on subscribing back up your files before payment until this is fixed. When the issue is fixed I’ll change the review to 5 stars. I’m an artist that normally uses procreate for drawing. I saw Flow on the front page of the App Store when it first released and decided why not, would be cool to try something a little more freeform/just for sketching. Upon downloading for the free trial, I ended up loving it much more than I expected to. The infinite scroll is something I didn’t know I needed (though please please developers it would be much more effective to allow vertical in addition to horizontal). All in all, it is perfect for exactly what it advertises- jotting down sketches and notes when you need to with the ability to customize your toolset as needed. All in all, I love the app and it was a no-brainer that when the trial ended, I would subscribe. So this morning, the trial ended and I got a pop up that in order to access my notebooks I would need to subscribe. I went through the payment process of a yearly subscription. Everything seemed good, until I tried to click on my notebooks. They appeared to be downloading, which I assumed to mean they had been kept in a cloud somewhere. What I didn’t realize is that appeared to have backed up a cloud version from two days ago. The updated version on my iPad, which had double the notes from the last two days of using it, was promptly erased, and the incomplete version took its place. As a result, I have lost two days of notes that I am unsure I will get back. I don’t believe this was intentional on the developers end, but an oversight. Clearly the cloud version was not updated as it should of been before payment to ensure no lost progress. I want to point this out so that artists hoping to subscribe might back up their work beforehand, and to bring to the attention of the developers. It hurts to lose those notes but I understand sometimes mistakes happen, and I will continue to use the app as I love taking notes(please add vertical scrolling!). However, this feels like a huge priority to fix as it casts doubt on the apps ability to keep your notes safe. Keep up the good work! I’m excited to see what new things the app can offer in the future -wink wink vertical scrolling wink wink- !!
  • BEWARE Overpaid with no refund 1/5

    By z8925r
    I paid $4.99 per month when it first came out, but when people called out Moleskine for their greed and they lowered the price down to $1.99, there was no refund for those of us who paid the high price so their app would exist in the first place. Between that and their inability to update apps for new platforms, it’s clear that Moleskine is going downhill. Please consider downloading another app like Paper or Concepts.
  • Don’t Call it Free if it it is Not Free 1/5

    By MisterFox
    This is the most current round of, “let’s make people not even bother trying new programs.” I downloaded it because there was no “in app purchase,” so I don’t know how you got around that, but this is absolutely the worst way to engender trust or and sense of safety with you, or your company. If you can get around Apple’s rules, it’d be cake to get around privacy rules, contract rules, and anything else anyone that might be a rule, law, or boundary. So turned off I’ve deleted it. Moleskine has proven, once again, they are all greed. Have any of you priced their journals and notebooks? Outrageous! This is no different. And what’s even more infuriating is that Apple, because their greed knows no limit, isn’t even allowing a complaint to be filed against the product. We get three choices, pick a choice, contact the developer, and contact the developer. No possibility of reporting the deceit through the apple system AT ALL. But why would their be, Apple makes money as long as people keep subscribing. I’m so tired of greed. I’m reminded how tired every time I encounter this kind of thing.
  • Poor Apple Pencil optimization. 1/5

    By IGN: 10/10 would recommend
    Was excited to try this app but was disappointed by the obvious stutter when using my Apple Pencil. Lines appear rasterized at first and then snap into place which is jarring to look at. When using the eraser there is obvious screen tearing on the lines that are on the screen. Very disappointed in this app from a company that makes my favorite sketchbooks.
  • Not advertised as a trial 1/5

    By MalkuthIselith
    This is a 2 week trial app that afterwards requires a yearly paid subscription. If it was listed as such I would have saved myself the time putting it on then deleting it off of my phone and the app would be spared a negative review.
  • Free not Free 1/5

    By cinedependent
    So this app lists as free in the App Store. I downloaded it, and could not do a single thing without subscribing. This is a total bait and switch. This should be upfront in the app description on the App Store. This is not the first app that has had similar behaviour. This should not stand. Maybe Apple needs to step in and mark apps that cannot be used once downloaded for free.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Maldrek
    It is marketed as free, yet immediately upon opening the app I am met with a FREE TRIAL screen and can not progress. If you would like money, make the app cost however much and do not market it as free when it is in fact a paid app. I will take my service to MediBang, or Ibis, as those are reliable and are not marketed as something they are not.
  • Only 14 days free trial. After it’s $12 DOLLARS 1/5

    By Topbridge
    So I despise apps that do any kind of misleading to users. The app is not free even though it’s listed as free in the App Store. A free TRIAL DOES NOT TRANSLATE TO FREE APP. You have no other choice you are going to pay money after 14 days if you decide to sign up. I’m tired and frustrated of all these stupid apps that charge and try to bypass the Free label with a trial. It’s sickening. If there cared about artists, beginners and practiced alike and they supported people’s dreams and interest in creating drawings they would not charge a single penny. How the hell can an app be so self indulged they charge people to doodle a simple thing. THAT IS WRONG.
  • Deceiving 1/5

    By decent reveiw guy
    I saw that the game was free and I was thinking it could be actual high quality so I downloaded it and as soon as I entered it said,”FrEe TrIaL 1 WeEk” so you have to pay for a subscription for a free game.
  • I’m not wanting to add another payment plan to my list of bills 2/5

    By Humahumanukanukaapuaha36
    I’m sure this app is good for what it offers, but with my every day bills constantly present, adding another payment to that growing list, how ever inexpensive it is, is out of the question. I would not mind having access to this app with an add to watch here or there(to account for the amount your asking for the subscription) or even a one time payment. I’m sorry, but this app is not for me.
  • Misleading 3/5

    By Hawaii123211
    This app is completely misleading. The app is free but you can’t use it without paying
  • Was working great... 5/5

    By Derk The Jerk
    The problem with APPs that help organize thoughts and schedules is that when they stop working, it puts a halt to your newly developed sense of dependence on a brain de-scrambler. I have a subscription with Timepage, Flow, and Actions, and now Flow and Actions no longer work... When I go to draw on Flow, the subscription menu pops up as soon as my pencil touches the writing area. ‘Restoring Purchases’ gives me a confident “Checkmark” of commencement only to not actually do anything... Trying to subscribe to the App again only for it to say “You’re already subscribed”... So I’m pretty much stuck in an unproductive limbo, rendering these apps and their subscriptions absolutely pointless. I’ll change my rating as soon as this issue is solved.
  • Weak performance on iPad Pro. 2/5

    By Jayrodathome
    I use this on my iPad Pro C2 12” with the first Apple Pencil. It works great for about 10 minutes and then iPad gets hot and the app becomes very unresponsive sometimes it crashes the device. I have recently wiped my iPad and updated it to latest and still the issue is there. I’m no artist by any means and this has been more for just fun and learning to play Around with colors and brushes for the first time in my life. So I’m probably going to look for something similar that can perform well on the iPad Pro v2 12”. I’ll update my review is performance changes in the future. I bought a year sub so I’ll be able to follow the development. Oh and not being able to export your entire note as a single file is extremely Annoying and didn’t know that until I filled a page and went to export. Found myself having to use photoshop to stitch 4 pictures together in order to get them into a presentation. I understand the whole well rendered high res thing but come On. Who wants 4 pictures of their one page note?
  • Nice but subscription based 1/5

    By Heinzelman
    I like it but honestly, I’m tired of subscription models reaching in my back pocket every month and holding me hostage. Back to Notability who gets the model and features right.
  • Great! But.. 4/5

    By oops,I,ate,a,twig,8297
    So I’ve been using this app for a while. And I have quite a few drawing apps on my iPad, there is one that I really recommend which is called “Paper”, but this one is not very much like that. The drawing app called “Paper”so there’s this tool where you can mix colors using a little pencil say I want to make Blue yellow into an ombré look this app doesn’t do that. So if you can I will change this feature so you can mix colors into an ombré look.thank you
  • NO. Ripoff of Procreate! 1/5

    By hootyowle1
    Stupid, I hate it. 0 stars I wish. You seriously make us PAY for creating art that’s like procreate!! Ugh, so annoying. Sure procreate costs money, but... not free trials or pay monthly or pay weekly or pay daily! This is a ripoff of procreate. Completely stupid. Procreate has better brushes and you pay less money for procreate. Stupidest art app I’ve ever had. And I’ve had coloring book mlp apps. Seriously, if you’re gonna make an app, make it worth the money people pay for it. Don’t make it an app like, “Pay monthly” or, “Pay daily” or, “Pay yearly” or “PAY whatever..” just make it an app that costs a few bucks like maybe 3-5 bucks and boom lots of people get your app and you’re rich! Happy now? Gosh, we need developer responses that aren’t bots. So annoying. RIPOFF APP!
  • It’s... an app? 1/5

    By jaqque
    “Try free for 14 days” No mention of what happens after those 14 days. Do you lose access to certain paper/pen combinations? Access to any edits? Access to see anything you’ve created? Rather than waiting a fortnight to find out if I can see what I’ve created, I instead deleted it before even completing the introduction. “Try free for 14 days” is a harbinger of doom, and I simply walked away.
  • Limited for price 2/5

    By Shadow Volk
    The developers are very responsive. They fixed a problem that made the app unusable on iphones with enlarged text enabled. The pens on the ipad version are great when using Apple pencil. However, for the price charged this app offers too little compared to other note taking apps that do not require a subscription. I am not against subscription apps, but the app has to offer more than equivalent apps to merit its cost. I will consider this app when they get selection, shape recognition, and a greater variety of paper backgrounds. I want to rate this higher but the price over a year doesn’t support that—for now.
  • Beautiful UI, laggy drawing 3/5

    By is_this_nickname_available?
    I love the way it looks and feels to move around the app. But the most important experience, the way writing/painting feels is lacking. It feels laggy and slightly unresponsive. Try drawing circles quickly - they turn into 6’s. Improve this key aspect and I think it will be worth it. The app is seriously beautiful though.
  • Glitchy and Misleading 1/5

    By Kolby With A K
    I’ll jump right into it: This app does not work very well for my iPhone. When drawing with any pen at all, the pad will distort whatever you are drawing as you draw, and will only return to normal after finishing your stroke, making it impossible to follow lines or really do anything on this app. I was only a few lines into the app before I uninstalled it due to this extreme oversight, I don’t even know how something like this happens. You also are required to subscribe to use this app. The subscription is expensive and the warning is set in the fine print, where nobody would look. And the developers know that. This app has potential, especially for note takers like me who hate flipping through notebooks to look for one thing. I could’ve made a lot of notes, each named and organized, perfect for me. But this horrible glitch makes the app completely unusable, and, especially with the distortion, is nowhere near worth a $12 monthly subscription. I was excited once I saw this app. But now I’m simply disappointed.
  • needs some fixing but honestly pretty good! 4/5

    By CottonCandYum
    I use Flow for graphic designs, writing, and drawing. And its actually pretty good! Its a really clean and nice app. Easy to use on your first go and its a nice touch that you can make your own colors and customize your brush! BUT, and im not saying its like this for all devices but on my screen every time I touched it to write or drawz the screen would glitch. And do some weird things. It would still draw but its hard considering the screen would glitch every time I drew on it. But other than that I found no problems! So pretty good.
  • First time loving my iPad as a journal 5/5

    By machitect
    I’ve had an iPad ever since the first version. It always stayed unused. I love the simplicity and yet the ability to fine tweak the tools and I’m not overwhelmed by an art app (which are very good but not for quick journaling with concept sketches) will all the brushes and what not. It did feel like I had my moleskin back with me and now I don’t have to feel I’m without it. My only request is for the developers to make a widget for quick access from the lockscreen and to be able to keep the line/graph sizes in portrait mode. Overall perfect app, and finally moleskine got it right after all these years!
  • Unintuitive, laggy, and lacks features 2/5

    By YonicTonic
    I understand this is supposed to be a simple app... it’s just simple in all the wrong ways. There aren’t nearly enough features and the features available are... mediocre at best. I’d stick to apps like GoodNotes for note taking or Procreate for art. This just seems like an overpriced waste, in my opinion.
  • I like it 5/5

    By saniliusa
    Суперская рисовалка. В своей категории наверное одно из лучших приложений! Рекомендую всем
  • developers are greedy 1/5

    By Kaa1el
    subscription for a drawing app? NO!
  • Subscription based trash 1/5

    By Shark135
    I will never buy into the subscription based junk... no matter how good it is... I would gladly pay to buy an app but never will I buy into this crap
  • Way to expensive for that it is. 1/5

    By Upset B
    Monthly and yearly subscriptions are both lame and over priced.
  • Could be great for the right person 3/5

    By Bird poooooh
    I love the wide array of colors and tools available. Also, the simplicity of it being a straight forward note app is great. But I had a few issues. I like how the moleskin apps work well across my iOS devices (Mac support would be amazing though!), but I still don’t understand how flow ties in with Timepage. The link in timepage just sends me over to flow but doesn’t import my selection. Not really sure what the purpose is here. Although the idea is simple, this app still lets you customize your workbooks. You can change the color of your page or the type of grid. This is great! I just wish you could toggle which side the tools are on. I’m a lefty and although this seems small, there are plenty of apps that allow this option. That small switch of position can really affect your workflow. Lastly, I wish you could select the orientation for the infinite scroll. The horizontal nature works perfectly on the iPad, but it’s note great on the iPhone. Of course taking notes on the IP phone is not 20 to be nearly as good as taking as an iPad, but the fact is this app is offered on the iPhone as well. Trying to write on the iPhone is very difficult. The app is in portrait mode but you are still expected to sideswipe, creating a very awkward user experience. It would be a little easier to have a vertical orientation at least for just the iPhone. I understand that would be difficult for developers to make your Notes work between both the iPad and the iPhone, but I thought I’d at least mention it. Like I said, the design is beautiful and for right person this could be a great app. It’s just not right for me...but I love time page and actions. They are great!
  • No Non-Subscription Option 3/5

    By johnfmichael
    I was excited about this app at first because I love Moleskine notebooks and wanted a Moleskine option for my iPad Pro since I no longer use traditional notebooks. I download the Flow app only to discover that I have to agree to a trial to try it, then subscribe at $4.99 per month to use it. There should be an option to purchase the app without a subscription and a way to try the app without having to agree to a “trial” subscription. This is the developer’s way of keeping users on the hook so they make more money in the long run rather than only getting paid once for the app. I get the need for the developers to make money and everything, but I don’t like the idea of having to keep paying every month indefinitely for a product. For example: Let’s say I purchase Flow. Regular subscription price will be $4.99 per month. If I use it for one year, then I’ve paid $59.88 for it. But if I use the SAME APP for two years, I’ve suddenly paid $119.76 for the same app, same tools, etc., and so on. Yes, I get that there will probably be updates to the app and some new features added here and there, but when I get an app like Flow, I intend to use it indefinitely as part of my workflow (no pun intended). It gets expensive to keep it as part of my workflow over a long period of time because of the subscription model, and I seriously doubt the updates and/or new features add over a period of, say, two years will be worth anywhere near almost $120. So, I’m giving three stars because, while I’m sure it’s a great app, I sadly won’t be using it for these reasons.
  • What’s the point? 2/5

    By Ghlovahd
    Seriously, what’s the point? Concepts allows for unlimited paper screen, Procreate and sketchbook pro are standards. The notes app is similar to this, in that you use it to take notes, but with out "unlimited" paper. However, the tools within it are thoroughly useless for artists of any kind, as sketchbook pro is at least free, but offers FAR more than this app. The notes app is free and is far more responsive with the Apple Pencil than this lag fest is. It really holds no market, and is stuck in no mans land. The only people I can see who would love this app are die hard moleskine fans. No real artist will use this app for any reason, no writer will use this app... I’d just skip over this app, it serves no real purpose. Sorry molskine, stick to making decent paper, the developer let you down on this one.
  • Just say no to subscription models for basic apps. 1/5

    By Myshkin55417
    You can't even try the app's drawing capabilities without creating an account. If they had a subscription model just for the cloud syncing that would be another matter entirely, but I'm not going to setup an account just to see if the drawing engine has anything to offer. If they really believed that their app was special enough to demand a subscription model in an already overpopulated category, then they wouldn't force you to create an account before even trying the app. Better to stick with good notes and it's ilk, or procreate. They aren't trying to get you on the hook in perpetuity.
  • Not committing to a trial I might forget to cancel 1/5

    By coffeegirlct
    Very upset that you can’t use the app without committing to a trial that you most likely will forget to cancel if you’re unwilling to pay a monthly or yearly fee just to use a drawing app.
  • Not yet 2/5

    By Debamb
    I’m torn. I absolutely love the toolkit with multiple pens and colors. That is gold. No one else has this that I know of. The styles are much more real too. Also the tap gestures are awesome. The ability to undo/redo with a gesture is lacking in note apps. There are a few negatives though that likely will keep me from continuing to use this: (1) the horizontal scrolling.. maybe I would get used to it but scrolling right is not intuitive. Not only on an iPad is it not intuitive, but writing in a legit notebook you write down not to the right. It just feels weird. I’m forced to use the notebook in an unnatural way. There’s also tons of wasted space if I use my iPad vertically to make notes which I typically do. It also makes exporting and sharing incredibly awkward. You don’t scroll to the right on computers. That goes against a massive convention. And I don’t think it’s justified here. The pages are forced horizontally too which I rarely use and is not typically how a notebook is. The advertising loves to call out the loberating feel of “infinite scrolling” but there’s nothing novel or liberating about this here. (2) The lack of ability to zoom out further—I can’t easily zoom out see more of my content and go to where I want. The scrubber isn’t going to work for this as it’s too small. Notability does this well. (3) The page styles (dots, grid, lines) are massive. I can’t stand physical notebooks like this. I have to notebooks with smaller lines/grids so I can make better use of the space. Often I want lots of content on a single page neatly spaced. (4) Notebook organization is lacking: Tons of notes will become unwieldy. Sure I get that this makes it simple, but it’s not practical. Add colors to notebook names and the ability to have a folder or collection of notebooks. Also it doesn’t jive with the fun of having a physical notebook with a chosen color. (5) Additionally something I make heavy use of in notability is making straight lines. That would be helpful to have. Oh, and (6) copy and paste is a must. For people who use similar templates for schedules or tasks this is huge. The other obvious missing feature is typing ability. For a note app that you use for everything.. typing with a keyboard is huge. And if you wanna keep all your notes in one place this would be nice. I really want to like it but I don’t think I can feel comfortable using it long term to make the switch.
  • Really Great... but wish you could zoom out more 4/5

    By Bpg314
    Zoom out more please.. instruments clash
  • Awsome 5/5

    By !!!12
    Awsome but I would prefer that we could color screenshots but still awsome. But it wasn’t working for me
  • Sketch Your Ideas 4/5

    By 4all2hear
    Thank you, Moleskine for making this app. It is the best I’ve used for sketching out ideas quickly. The interface is intuitive and beautiful. I’ve tried to sketch ideas with GoodNotes and Procreate, both are great apps, but not for quickly sketching out my ideas. I can give it five stars yet, but I am confident I will with a future version. I would like to see a better way of organizing the notes/sketches. A filing system using searchable tags would be nice. Also, I’d like to see the graphics improve, mostly when using the writing tools. The lines are too pixelated and don’t appear to take full advantage of the retina display. Thank you!
  • More zooming in?... 3/5

    By Camila here with the cake
    I don’t know how to explain but I can barely zoom in. I zoom in a lot in my digital art… I would really appreciate it if you could zoom in closer. Thank you.
  • Only 14 day trial 1/5

    By jerryss
    It's not really free, this app only provides a14 day trial
  • Realized needed subscription, uninstalled 1/5

    By hdemo
    Was looking forward to purchasing and using this app. Opened it, saw it requires a subscription, closed it, uninstalled it...
  • Lots of Potential ... But ... 3/5

    By dlangendorf
    Taking away a star. Still can’t find a lasso tool. After months of availability. I agree with keeping it simple, but this is a digital product. It should do some things that aren’t possible on paper, like moving ideas around on the canvas — or paper. Still a deal breaker for me. Otherwise, app UI is beautiful and shows promise. Just not now,
  • “Our first experience is to trick you.” 1/5

    By eat this comment
    I guess that is what you brand stands for. Pretty sad to discover this is not an app I can buy, just “notebook as a service.” In other words, my first experience is to learn I have been tricked into downloading something that only works as a subscription model. To make matters worse, I signed up for the free trial and I haven’t even been told the price yet! Would it have been so horrible to say up front that this was a subscription service? Or disclose a price? I guess so, because you didn’t.
  • Excellent tool 5/5

    By HecSR
    Innovative app. Excellent for sketches. Worth the low cost
  • Good pen feel and design 3/5

    By MilkyBee
    This app has good aesthetic and ink feel, but it’s too expensive for customization and features offered.
  • Not very intuitive 1/5

    By Pall R
    Spent an hour to get the dotted paper to activate. Never could get it activate. It shouldn’t be all that difficult to write code to activate anything to activate from selection menu. Help is cryptic. No help at all. Are you listening? Cancelled the subscription.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Fun Bobbi
    As a constant jotter I thought I’d love this, but I didn’t. I don’t have an issue with the subscription payment model and firmly believe that developers should be paid for their work in a sustainable way (just as we expect apps to work in a sustainable way). What I didn’t love was the horizontal scrolling. It didn’t necessarily give it a more notebook feel for me. Having the option to scroll vertically would have been great. (I love Bear and thought this might be my handwritten equivalent). I also didn’t expect the learning curve with the tools and didn’t like the design of them. Can a pencil not simply look like a pencil? They just seemed overly complicated for such a simple concept. Maybe I’ll come back to it in the future after it develops further.

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