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  • Current Version: 5.25
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Fly Delta App

Welcome to Fly Delta, Delta’s award winning iOS app. With our dynamic Today screen which provides quick access to your boarding pass and other important day-of-travel information, Fly Delta makes travel easier than ever before. • Enroll in Delta's SkyMiles® program and earn miles every time you travel • Find, compare and book Domestic and International flights • Book SkyMiles award tickets • Purchase Delta Comfort+™ seats and Trip Extras, including in-flight Wi-Fi, Priority Boarding and more • Reserve Preferred Seats like bulkhead and aisle • Rebook cancelled flights or missed connections • Manage your trips, profile and customize your travel preferences • Check your SkyMiles account balance and current Medallion® status • Check in, view your boarding pass and add it to Apple Wallet • Pay for checked bags and track their location • Check the latest flight status and receive flight and gate change notifications • Save a photo to remember your parking spot • Check your status on the upgrade or standby list • View or change your seat • Locate Delta Sky Club® lounges • View interactive airport maps, public transportation details and weather information • Get detailed info about our fleet and partners • Map flights en route with an interactive flight tracker • “Today” gathers everything you need for your day of travel into one convenient place • “Notifications” ensures you always have the latest flight updates, gate changes and more • View countdown to departure and arrival along with gate and baggage carousel information on Apple Watch The Fly Delta app for iPhone and are always free to use on Delta’s Wi-Fi-enabled flights. Visit for more information. When downloading the Fly Delta app, you agree that your personal data will be processed in accordance with Delta’s Privacy Policy which can be accessed via the link below or on our website at

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Fly Delta app reviews

  • Happy Personal 5/5

    By Jr's retirement
    Great to fly with a team that is happy and helpful. Free with another “A” line till almost a million miler but the crews are mostly angry. Delta folks seem happy to be of service.
  • Delta app 5/5

    By Bow doc
    Greats of all the apps. I know apps and yours is the best!!
  • Another terrible travel experience 1/5

    By jms41711
    I am diamond medallion and most delta flights are now terrible late, missed connections etc. another 3 hour delay today so I can miss a family event. Delta worse than American now
  • Flight Times 2/5

    By Roboduck!
    Flight delays are highly inconvenient. Our flights have been horrible.
  • Customer service 5/5

    By keanga
    I appreciate customer service at the gate, they were very helpful flight 5698 to NY. Thank you
  • Beautiful design and function 5/5

    By uzoayo
    The delta app is hands down the best travel app there is. Intuitive and so easy to use
  • My trips 5/5

    By Gholland1952
    Delta is my favorite airline because they get everything right!
  • Medical Emergency Ignored and brushed off 1/5

    By 2021NewuserMarch
    I needed to change a flight and the phone rep just waited out the time. Was on hold for a longtime before the person returned to say “oh well” the flight left.
  • Flight 0402 1/5

    By AngryMomfromMsp
    We are so very disappointed in the late cancellation of our flight from PDX to MSP. We had no prior notice of this change and it totally screwed up our plans for arriving in Minneapolis a day late. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel having a missing crew is a valid excuse - where is your backup plan or contingency plan for such events? You have no idea what kind of mess this has created for us and our daughter here in Portland, not to mention our daughter in Msp who has to change her whole schedule to try to accommodate this last minute change! We are now booked on an early morning flight a day later and sitting in the back of the plane instead of an exit row with extra leg room. It’s such a disappointment considering we’ve had these flights booked for months! Where is your accountability and efforts to make this more palatable to us. We will wait for your response!
  • Delta Flight 5/5

    By Fe lli
    Best airlines around!
  • Decent, needs improvement 3/5

    By RhagoletisPomonella
    Pretty good, and could definitely be worse. Overall it works fairly well and has most features one would want. However, it is frustrating that if you check in at the desk in the airport (as is required when traveling with a pet) the app fails to acquire the boarding pass, forcing you to use a paper ticket. The app even gives me a push notification that I've checked in and my boarding pass is ready, but it's unable to retrieve it. Come on, it's 2022, we shouldn't have issues like this anymore.
  • The best 5/5

    By maria34334
    Thanks for the help of customer service on door 33. Scott helped me ! Thanks. Amazing customer service.
  • Owner of a business 5/5

    By merchandisers
    Had to reschedule trip because of cancel because of hurricane. Brie out of Atlanta and David out of Salt Lake City was above and beyond helpful that is why I fly Delta and have for years only airlines you can depend on. Thank you for being there for us
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Daisy913
    App won’t update completely anymore. Can’t get my boarding pass or update flight information. App shows wrong gate and more.
  • great app !! 5/5

    By jarjeanne
    easy to use, pages load, information relevant. I find it a wonderful travel aid. It seems to be timely and accurate as of 1 Oct 22
  • App not working 1/5

    By itrcbu
    App said I was entitled to an upgrade. Went through motions and made the change then my selection reverted back to original seat when there’s still seats available for upgrade
  • Service due to Hurricane 5/5

    By micheke T
    My husband and I had to delay our return to Florida due to Ian. We had never experienced this before. So rebooking was a bit confusing and we were able to text with a live person and get it done. Thank you so much.
  • Travel 5/5

    By Forevermine55
    I love Delta❤️❤️❤️
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By GGpnutmom
    My husband and I normally fly with Delta everywhere we go. Our last two flight bookings, our seats were (for 9/30/22 and previous booking) changed. We always fly comfort seats due to my husband’s height and history of 2 back surgeries. He has to have leg room to stretch out so his legs don’t start cramping or going to sleep. He qualifies for exit door operation, so we get exit row if it’s a late reservation and comfort seats are all taken. We are very frustrated with Delta because we’ve paid extra for those seats, and have not been reimbursed, and we were refused upgrades. Now, we’re flying out tomorrow night and we were told we could not sit together (even though we paid extra). We are Silver Medallion members. Seriously considering other options at this point. I went on the website for check-in, and low and behold, there were two seats together in the main seating area (that we had not been offered), and I had to pay “extra” fees AGAIN for those “premium” seats (just regular seats in Main Cabin) even though I had already paid once for exit row. Deborah Martin
  • Can’t enter name to login 1/5

    By mevans7777
    Can’t login. App says last name is invalid but doesn’t provide a box to enter it.
  • delta thank you 5/5

    By cartygirl10
    awesome job
  • Survey 5/5

    By in this togethef
  • Check-in 5/5

    By Fran Herring
    The easiest I’ve ever had checking in
  • Delta 4 Life 5/5

    By Tmcg44
    I love the fine folks at Delta. They take fantastic care of me every single time I fly! The app makes everything so easy, and I never have any technical issues with their online systems!
  • Very easy to work with and accommodating! 5/5

    By angford
    Very easy to work with on rescheduling cancelled flights!
  • Love Delta! 5/5

    By JBG246
    Won Wonderful airlines. Always fly Delta JBG246
  • What a mess 1/5

    By bbdorn
    First our flights were delayed then delayed again. Now no way to make connection. An agent Ryan Christopher made a huge mess out of our trip. After many hours in chat and then phone got our delayed flights back. Our flights had been canceled by Ryan Unacceptable
  • The Best 5/5

    By Todd Harville
    I always fly with Delta they never disappoint.
  • Don’t fly Delta if you’re tall! 4/5

    By Beast swag master
    I wanted to upgrade for more leg room but nothing was available and the normal coach has very very very little leg room!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Diggor Graves
    The Delta app is very friendly to use, and easy to navigate. I’ve used it for all my flights and appreciate the ease of being notified of gate changes, delayed flights, boarding, and other notifications.
  • Rescheduling our flight 5/5

    By Tobesdog
    We had a death in our family when we were in Spain I can’t say how thankful we are that Delta airlines helped us to reschedule our flight so that we could be home in time to attend the funeral of our nephew. The woman who helped me was very professional and helpful. Thanks Delta
  • Why am I being charged 92 pounds for a second bag? 3/5

    By La madre de Salomón
    When I flew out of SMF they allowed two free checked bags? Also, when I read the web site last night, it said those with a Gold Card with SkyMiles, I’m allowed 2 50 pound bags to check in??? Also, I love when you send emails saying our bags are on board. Thank you, Lee-Anne CALHOON
  • Cannot check in via app 1/5

    By gghhgghhgghh555
    See title
  • Delta arrivals La Guardia 3/5

    By i quit . its impossible
    Unfortunately, I can no longer fly Delta when traveling w/my husband. It’s simply impossible to get from your flight to baggage claim & get a cab or Uber unless you’re capable of walking 2 miles dragging your carry-on or pushing a wheelchair. Your staff just abandons the elderly at the sidewalk. It’s truly disappointing. Granted, the construction complicates things. But if you can’t adequately service your customers in that terminal, you shouldn’t expect anyone to WANT to fly Delta.
  • Checking in 1/5

    By Siverblade5
    Took an hour and a half to check in
  • Mr K Dees 5/5

    By milsent
    I have really enjoyed the new app. It’s miles above the old one. Fly Delta!
  • Difficult to use and unstable 2/5

    By KY Solar Guy
    Difficult to use and unstable
  • Trouble with Boarding Pass 3/5

    By xxmmyypp
    I’m ready to check in and am in an endless loop. Otherwise Delta is great. And all nickname I try are taken
  • Great app 5/5

    By Nubia Amina
    I love this app it helps me to find tickets, and able to access my flights and travel able to check.
  • Third rate 3/5

    By Soylent Bob
    Maybe I’d fly delta more if they stopped stealing my miles. Who am I kidding? This third tier airline has service on par with no-name commuter flights under the umbrella of a major airline’s subcarrier, and an app that reflects that.
  • Poor Design 2/5

    By insane today
    In general, this is one of the most confusing, poorly designed sign-up process I have experienced. The kicker was when the app asked for my father’s middle name. His middle name is Ian but the app insisted that the name must have more than 3 letters! There was no way that I could see to select another security question so I simply added another “n” to make it Iann. No way I’ll remember that 3 years from now when asked that question.
  • Not acknowledging info 1/5

    By Sgt2222
    I have had to set up more than one account to get access. Each time I return to app it does not recognize my information, including saved passwords and facial recognition. Very frustrating.
  • The way it should be! 5/5

    By wlorenzo
    Notifications were helpful, can use boarding pass in apple wallet, can easily check in on phone, thanks Delta for making it easy!
  • Unable to upgrade seats 3/5

    By skym-et
    Needed to wait 70+minutes on the phone Also, chat window does not work on iOS iPad
  • Every meal order FAILS 4/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    iPad, iPhone, doesn’t matter. I’ve been trying to select an entree for for upcoming trip, and day after day it’s an obscure FAILURE.
  • Check in 4/5

    By Yappin'
    It works but you have to go through several hoops.
  • Check in 1/5

    By gdeykm
    The app would not let me check in my bags now I have to get to the airport even earlier to check my bags in and pay there rather than the convenience of doing it online.
  • Refund 4/5

    By Oey77
    I with there is more option for a refund than eCredits.
  • No notice 1/5

    By Jumanji1958
    I did not check our flight status and our flight was canceled. No one at the counter told us when we checked our bags. A little help would have been nice.