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FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking

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FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking App

Banking on the GO! First National Bank Texas (FNBT)/First Convenience Bank (FCB) are excited to offer Mobile Banking for your iPhone. Mobile Banking allows you to receive up-to–date information about your account balance and recent transactions directly to your iPhone. Need to find a branch or ATM closest to you? With Find Near Me, FNBT/FCB Mobile Banking will discover your location and provide you with addresses and phone numbers on the fly. Available features include: Accounts - Check your account balance and search recent transactions by date, amount, or check number. Transfers - Easily transfer money between your Accounts. Locations - Find nearby branches and ATMs using the iPhone's built-in GPS. Additionally, you can search by zip code or address.

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FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking app reviews

  • The app is horrible 1/5

    By Jarveto
    It’s very frustrating because the app doesn’t work and they actually charge you to check your balance over the phone.
  • Needs some work, but overall it’s nice 3/5

    By stephk15
    When I first started using the app, signing on was hard. If I entered my password incorrect once, then I would have to call and reset my password, because it wouldn’t let me login. Overall it’s a good simple bank app, BUT what would make this better is if we can personalize the name on different checking or saving accounts.
  • Worst Banking App 1/5

    By Tree yah
    This apps need to be updated, or at least let me get logged in without having to change a password every time. This is a HUGE INCONVENIENCE with my banking!!!
  • Bad appt 2/5

    By kadur44
    I have to go in and reset my password about every two weeks ! Happened this morning and it’s only been working a week since I reset it! Ugh
  • Love it 5/5

    By michaely0127
    Love the bank and the app.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By MsMixedVixen
    This app got better, then worse. The app times out and won't let me login. It says my username and password are incorrect. I deleted and reinstalled hoping it would help. It says the service is unavailable. Disappointing.
  • “Convenience” is a misnomer 1/5

    By Psycho456
    Periodically it will fail to log on with my touch ID and require my username and password. I don’t particularly care if this is supposed to be a “security feature” or if it’s just a glitch, either way it’s dumb. Who’s going to steal my fingerprint? If I’m registered with touch ID I shouldn’t ever have to use my username and password. Even worse, occasionally it will also tell me my username/password is wrong and require me to change them. It’s incredibly aggravating when this happens outside of their office ours and their website fails to allow me to change it because then I can’t even call customer service. So anyway, fix your app or risk losing customers. “Convenience” is not a good name for you.
  • Face ID 1/5

    By jromero1123
    Face ID used to work on my old phone, but as soon as I got my new one it won’t even let me set it up! What’s going on with this app?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hlollipop
    I’ve been logged out numerous times. The thing I hate the most is that when I make a purchase it doesn’t show what my available balance will be after goes through so that leaves me thinking I have more money than I do. I switched from USAA but now I keep having the same problems with this bank but at least the USAA app was more convenient.
  • Login error 1/5

    By Bullshin1211
    It keeps making me have to reset my password every once a week
  • Too long to load 2/5

    By firstbankcustomer
    It takes too long to load i need to pay for stuff.
  • Horrible, obnoxious, sub-par app 1/5

    By Whole lot of nope
    I’m so tired of having to call no less that once a week to reset my password because of getting locked out of this app. I’m two seconds away from finding a new bank. First Convenience More like first annoyance. 😡
  • Horrible 1/5

    By reviewer1235322463
    This app works when it wants too, says your username and password is wrong when it really isn’t, Then you have to call customer service. This app is perfect if you want to get frustrated. UPDATE. This app still has yet to be updated and fixed. I kid you not, I GUARANTEE You will at have at least one problem once a week with this app. Currently finding a new bank that actually cares about their customers.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Uvula13
    This app works good. I would like the ability to see transactions displayed on the app like you would in the full website. Also it would be nice for them to display holiday hours for those days they are open on Holidays and when they’re closed.

    By colebennet
    I’m the age of technology there shouldn’t be any reason a bank should have such a flawed app. All I can say is good luck trying to log in. The options are so limited it makes me wonder if this is the bank for me. I’ll probably close my account knowing that I can’t track my finances 100 times a day if so choose.
  • No accounts found? 1/5

    By sadnegrito
    When I try to sign in to check my balance it says “Attention, No accounts found.” When I know I have a account with this bank. Is this just a glitch with the app? Because I am seriously worried. I know no one could have closed my bank account or the bank itself shouldn’t have closed it. I really hope this is just an error with the app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By youreallydontwantareview.com
    It is hard to sign in and resolve any issues. I have had to go to the branch several times to reset passwords etc. This bank should not have “convenience” in its title! Don’t try to send review with”unhappy” a part of the name. All taken !
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Serinas24
    This bank is horrible. I’d hardly even call it a bank. Ive been trying to check my balance for 4 days now and every time I try it says that the app is down and to contact someone. My card doesn’t work in some places, even though it’s my money and I should have full access to it. Do yourself a favor and Don’t even bother with this bank.
  • Not working 1/5

    By dragonfire88316
    I’ve had my iPhone X s max for about 3weeks and this app still isn’t opening it just says error I’ve trues to uninstall and reinstall and t will not work can any help me and tell me why it won’t work
  • HORRIBLE! 1/5

    By Keekeebaby
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By leavethisbank
    Terrible App! Worst ever! Never works!
  • Stupid 1/5

    By JJJ the Credit
    I hate how I have to put my passwords in after a few days! They make it where the fingerprint becomes disabled after awhile1
  • Why are they even a bank? 1/5

    By Tlc1979-a
    The APP NEVER works. Always has an error code. You cant make transfers through the app, only on the website. The bank rejected a deposit transfer from my other bank for no reason, then charged me an overdraft fee. When ever I travel I have to call them like an infant or they decline my account. I only opened the account to help my mom but As of today it is closed. Save yourself the trouble!!!
  • Needs update 1/5

    By JRP87
    Doesn’t work in new iOS... was 5 stars till latest iOS
  • Not Working! 2/5

    By ShinningVictory29
    What’s happening? I’ve never had a problem with this app before. Ever since last week it keeps saying that it can’t access my account because of my credentials or it would just keep loading. Now when I need to check my account I have to keep delete and reinstalling the app for me to access it. Please fix this.
  • Fix? 1/5

    By maseygray
    Every time I give this app a chance because I’m tired of the automated call telling me to download it and being charged 50 cents every time I check my account, it never works it always fails never lets me log in or loads. It’s very annoying.
  • The worst App never works 1/5

    By RayTio
    Never works
  • Iphone xs 5/5

    By chapojr91
    Says not yet supported
  • Please fix 1/5

    By mch1112
    This app I great... when it actually lets me log in. This app keeps breaking down on me and it’s very frustrating because I use this app for all my banking needs and don’t want to keep going to the branch to deposit checks etc. Please stay on top of the maintenance of this app!!!
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By Froy007
    Please, fix the app.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone XS Max 1/5

    By Doesntworkatall11111110000
    I’ve recently purchased the new iPhone and the app has not worked for me at all. It keeps giving an error that it’s not available as if the banking app is not compatible with the new IOS. This isn’t convenient for new iPhone users.
  • Needs way more work 1/5

    By Rico Reclkezz
    The app wont let me log in even though I know my password and haven’t changed it. When I tried sms recovery code, none of the contact numbers where correct. It has completely locked me out. On top of that the app has an error and crashes weekly or biweekly.
  • A coin flip if it works or not!!!!!! 1/5

    By DPJQ
    Please fix is all I got!!!!
  • Worst App 1/5

    By torimarob
    never opens correctly. always has an error. I always have to call the bank or go in person. worst. app. ever.
  • iPhone Xs Max 1/5

    By Davayun
    Please make an update for the Xs Max it’s not working at all
  • Technologically incapacitated 1/5

    By Adesumbo
    I don’t have time for passwords so I use the Touch ID but this app goes through some kind of updates that fails to respond to Touch ID. You try resetting your password online and it does not even identify the information has correct. Every time you have to go to the bank. Who has time for that. Well I guess that is what you get for a second chance bank. Can’t wait to pay my debt to BOA and get back with them.
  • App is SO not worth having!! 1/5

    By ReReMil
    Horrible! I've had to go inside the branch to get my password changed 3 times because the app just stops working and says my information is not correct. This app has been one of the worst I have used. And now I had to go in the branch to get my password reset again😡😡😡
  • The app never opens 1/5

    By LadyShatrease
    My app worked for three days and then it just stopped opening due to suspected connection issues
  • Muy mala aplicación 1/5

    By chikibaby39
    Mala aplicación Siempre en cada actualización me dice error en mi password cada q quiero ingresar a mi cuenta No me deja acceder y tengo q estar viaje y viaje al local cercano a cambiar mi password una y otra y otra vez... Instalo... desinstalo... reinstalo ... y dura si al caso una semana bien y luego de nuevo dice password incorrecto
  • Hardly opens 1/5

    By irenealz
    This app always says “login unsuccessful” completely irritating
  • Never had an issue 5/5

    By Warriormpw
    I’ve never had an issue with the app. I always use the “touchID” option, and everything works as it should.
  • Trash 1/5

    By don.dossey
    This app makes me want to close the account
  • Ugh 1/5

    By QueenBear
    It’s so bad it makes me want to change banks but it’s inside the grocery store and really nice reps work there. The app, ☠️👎🏽.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By Katey1026
    I have to call and reset my password every month because it locks me out
  • Worst bank and app ever 1/5

    By firstunconviencebank
    This app will not recognize you every other week then it won’t recognize your pass word and will tell you to call costumer service when you do that they tell you that they are unable to verify you so you must login to the app to verify who you are or go to your local bank to verify yourself I don’t recommend the app or the bank how can I trust a bank with my money if they can’t even figure out who I am
  • Suckkkkkkkksssssss 1/5

    By cdevorce
    Every month the app will log me out of my automatic login and will refuse my fingerprint touch. Then when I enter the user name and password that I know is right because I’ve written it down due to this ongoing problem it always tells me my password or username is wrong and I know for a fact it’s not. It’s so inconvenient and annoying to have to call and reset my password so often. I’ve never had so many different passwords on one account, ever.
  • Worst banking app ever unfortunately there’s no zero stars 1/5

    By King.basic
    The app never works, always crashing the finger print feature is there for show doesn’t work, I’m going to withdraw my money at the bank tomorrow and closing my account. And I’ve banked with them before you’d think after almost a year they m’d fix it going back to Bank of America 100%
  • Worst bank App 1/5

    By mariahzaye
    Every time I open the App there is an error worst App ever cant even cheak My balance
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By 2xcombatvet
    Probably one of the worst banking apps known to man. About once a week the app will fail to load and/or login. Requiring me to uninstall and reinstall the app. Also, it tells me my password is wrong about once a week and then locks me out which requires me to call and go through the entire drawn out long process of changing my password again and again. Not to mention the app is very basic with little to no options of doing anything other than checking your balance and transaction history. Will be finding new bank soon.

FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking app comments

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