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FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking

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FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking App

Banking on the GO! First National Bank Texas (FNBT)/First Convenience Bank (FCB) are excited to offer Mobile Banking for your iPhone. Mobile Banking allows you to receive up-to–date information about your account balance and recent transactions directly to your iPhone. Need to find a branch or ATM closest to you? With Find Near Me, FNBT/FCB Mobile Banking will discover your location and provide you with addresses and phone numbers on the fly. Available features include: Accounts - Check your account balance and search recent transactions by date, amount, or check number. Transfers - Easily transfer money between your Accounts. Locations - Find nearby branches and ATMs using the iPhone's built-in GPS. Additionally, you can search by zip code or address.

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FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking app reviews

  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By Watty2424242424
    This app swallows. Hardly loads up on the first try and Touch ID never works. Trash
  • Credentials 2/5

    By KingJayvee
    Everytime i try to sign in, it pops up tell me that it doesn’t recognize my credentials and i need to call customer service. I’ve done that so many times, reset my password so many times, deleted and reinstalled the app and still and issue. What is going on with the app? And why hasn’t an update been release for this issue or the app itself??
  • Worse than Wells Fargo 1/5

    By -DNSR-
    The app literally NEVER WORKS. It gets real old really fast having to call to check my account. I need the availabilityto check my account. If not, just switch banks. It’s not worth trying to stick it out with this one when there are so many to choose from.
  • Really Needs Bug Fixes and Upgrades 1/5

    By I'mJustSayin2017
    Can’t use fingerprint login or Face ID although option is available. Not user friendly. No services available. No check deposit. App needs to be updated .
  • Trash 1/5

    By JasonArtmanTilghmanII
    You’re better off using the the browser to check your account. Works just fine on android, iPhone must be doing something wrong
  • App is always under maintenance or something 1/5

    By rubix glute
    It’s horrible I wish I never let her talk me into getting an account here ... I’ve switched passwords 3 times in the few months having app ...what’s going on ? No explanation needed this app or my phone is trash.. pending small items for a full business week and over the weekends check comes and boom all the extra fees strike with pending items when I get home I’m getting all my money out thanks for the help much needed in other cases
  • Not that great 2/5

    By Jowans25
    Not that great to be honest! Then when you first sign up they promise you a credit of $20.00 for whatever store they work out of if you work for the same store! That’s a lie I never received any 20.00. The app is too simple it’s always crashing!
  • Fix this App! 1/5

    By TTSD21
    This app never lets me login even with my correct password and username. It’s ridiculous and very annoying! Fix it ASAP!
  • Waste of time! 1/5

    By Cj Lei
    Who needs an app that won’t allow you to see anything past 45 days?! This is the POINT of going paperless - I can see my transactions using the app! It’s Jan and I’m looking for something from November and don’t have access because it’s older than 45 days?!?
  • App Seldom Works 1/5

    By QueenLacy24
    Since the last update, the app seldom works, even after reinstalling.
  • Mobile deposits always declined 1/5

    By Edan Campbell
    Never had this problem before, but mobile deposits are always declined, dont even waste your time Thats a dealbreaker, so time for new bank!
  • Always glitching 2/5

    By natttt1276
    This app sometimes literally makes me want to change banks. I hate that when times I really need to check my account it starts acting up saying “an error has occurred try again later”. Are you serious? I understand sometimes apps have glitches but this app does it ALL THE TIME. I hate that if you log in to check and go back again like 10 minutes later it sometimes won’t even let you login because of unfamiliar activity even when you can enter your password or show face recognition. Also, this app has the tendency to act up at night!! Sometimes I’m out with my friends at night and obviously spending money and I wasn’t to check how much I have in my account is when it tells me “you have no authorization” silly things like that. It makes me so so mad when I have to wait until the morning to check my account.
  • AssChips 1/5

    By MrRoyal2dk
    10% online banking 90% jumping through hoops..trash app
  • App 1/5

    By jacb gaecv
    I have logged in and every time I try to login now it acts up so much this app is stupid I can’t even see my current balance doesn’t let me login still haven’t fixed the app this bank is bad this is my first time and my last time with this bank
  • Do not use this bank 1/5

    By horrible bank
    Worst bank ever horrible customer service
  • the app works terribly 1/5

    By r8wdy
    every time i try to sign on with face id it makes me have to put my password in. the app frequently does not work and says that the mobile banking service is “unavailable” among other things. considering switching banks at this point
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Lovie04256
    I wish I could give this app 0 stars. It’s awful. I try to login and every time it tells me it can’t verify my password so it sends me a code, and that’s if the app is even working, some days it just buffers and never loads. It’s ridiculous.
  • Worse app I’ve ever used 1/5

    By ChillUser
    They really need to update their mobile application. Half of the time I can’t login with touch id. The graphics look outdated and is slow to load.
  • Mot worth having 1/5

    By KingsClairty
    Get a different bank with a better banking app, this app is no good youll have trouble logging in alot if the times. Imagine seeing charges on your card and not being able too check what they are. Then being on hold for an hour in there calls just for then too hang up on you.
  • Doesn’t open anymore 1/5

    By alethamcguire
    I’ve had the app for about a month now and all of a sudden it can’t get it to open. I keep getting an error code.... really frustrating that I can’t get into my account
  • Find a bank that supports mobile banking 1/5

    By thegoatsmustacheiscamerondiaz
    The app worked great for years but is no longer being updated and it just won’t boot up. If you rely on mobile banking like I do you will need to find another bank.
  • Worst Service Not Only Online but The Whole Bank Itself 1/5

    By BeyondTheCarla
    Can’t log in, constantly having to change passwords, I suspect the bank takes more money than it should because I will make a purchase and have less money than I should. Will be reporting. Is there a way to give y’all ZERO STARS?
  • Avoid this bank and this app 1/5

    By 284839293847382929
    App rarely works not worth downloading or signing up for this bank I constantly have to delete and re-download just to get it to work
  • App consistently inaccurate 1/5

    By escobem
    This app used to work great now it’s consistently inaccurate because It doesn’t show all of the most recent debits & credits. The app is currently missing a whole month of charges so if somebody say steals my identity I won’t be able to see any suspicious charges unless I sign in on a computer or call the 800 number and get recent account info. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS??
  • Never lets you log in 1/5

    By Music piranha
    Piece of crap
  • Bank needs to take app more seriously 2/5

    By Jeff McCord Soule
    If you want to keep your customers, it’s time to focus your money on this app. Every bank under the sun allows for Face ID or Touch ID to log in (this app’s FaceID never works).
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lon3wolf33
    This app is just horrible
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By medlinsteph
    I have probably called every week for the past 2 months to change my password and I get a answer of it.
  • This app is literally always crashing 1/5

    By John4658
    Always says there an error or that my request is denied
  • Login problems 1/5

    By Milka_haile1
    This app is annoying it doesn’t let me login when I use Touch ID and when I try to use my password it says incorrect or no accounts found. Please fix this app!
  • No Face ID support 1/5

    By paul-tx
    Upgraded my phone and this app doesn’t support Face ID. So now every time I use it I have to uncheck the fingerprint button and type my whole password.
  • Worst bankimg app ever 1/5

    By phnzy
    If I could give 0 stars I would. App constantly says my touch id doesn't work, but how? my finger print hasn’t changed. Doing this 3 times then locks my account and then I can’t check to see how much money is on my card until I can get on the phone with someone to unlock it. Seems to do this every night after 11pm. Also putting in my password manually it still somehow says it is incorrect. Again after 3 tries it locks my account. Horrible app
  • Face ID 1/5

    By sandizi2
    Once I got my new iPhone Mac Pro my Face ID stopped working. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing and nothing works.
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By BoastToBoast
    The app is trash, I gotta make a new password like every week to login, it doesn’t make sense.
  • Touch id wont work 1/5

    By Bailleres
    Touch id wont work please fix
  • Face ID doesn’t work 4/5

    Hi I have been using this app for two years and never had a problem when using my finer print , but I bought a new phone and it has Face ID instead of the finger print and every time that I open the app I have to tape my hole password and is kind anoing. I will appreciate if y’all can fix it pleas and thanks.
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By they dont care
    App is straight garbage
  • Review 1/5

    By gdy181818
    App is terrible. Can’t use Face ID and keeps signing you out. Very bad
  • Doo doo 1/5

    By piiiiiissssssseeeeedofff
    This is the worst app I can’t even log in anymore even though I saved my login. Touch ID doesn’t work. Lastly the fact that I have to call someone to fix my login and when I do it’s automated and regardless of what time I call it says the bank is closed
  • Trash 1/5

    By m0nk3y8180
    App is Trash just like the bank do yourself the favor go to a better bank with a better mobile app!!
  • If it works it’s great! 3/5

    By 🌈🕊🦁🐑
    Just started working again, it had stopped working for a few days.
  • App not working 2/5

    By CaaaaatR
    Is the app down? I need to check my balance and have not been able to sign in since last night. The app keeps giving me an error message. Can you please fix 9.29.19
  • Annoying for than convenient 1/5

    By 7h3 0n3 $0n
    Is is convenient to be able to look at your balance on your phone and transfer one you from one account to another. Rather than going in person or doing it online. But, you might as well because every other time you try to log in, with Face ID, it will say “unable to verify device credentials. Please sign on with username and password.” Which is annoying. Why even have Face ID or Touch ID as an option if most of the time it won’t work. Especially when they push for you to use the “easy log in”. But, it doesn’t stop there. Whenever that happens, I try to log in with my username and password, and then all says “login unsuccessful. Please contact customer service for further assistance.” And you have to go online and go to their live cheat and have them reset your login attempts. Because for some reason, even though I put the right credentials, I had too many failed logins. So, this app is broken.
  • Should be fixed 2/5

    By ljg99
    I have been working at FCBI for over 3 months now and it is not good to see people coming in everyday to change their passwords because the app keeps telling them their password is incorrect. I have the app as well and omg it is so frustrating to have to go to the branch to have it changed when I perfectly know what my password is since it is the one i use for everything and has been for over 10 years. I hope they fix it but to be honest I do not think they will🙁
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jsoyervides
    This is a great app! It has everything I personally need
  • Trash app 1/5

    By yourname81
    This app needs to be updated with a new look and better login It’s super trash
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Carlos8404
    Super slow running and the save credentials and face login option do not work properly every single time it tells you that you have to verify your credentials. they need to hire a better IT
  • not worth it. 1/5

    By nona012
    the app is always acting up and freezes and tells me try again later.
  • App and bank not worth using 2/5

    By danijay18
    Most times you can’t use your touchid to log in. App always acting up. Making me sign in or saying it will send me a text for a temporary password for extra security. Also I got a nsf not long ago and it wasn’t my fault. I called to tell them saying I have screenshots showing that the place took payment twice and that that they were going to refund. I told the representative this and also told him I had the screenshots to provide proof he told me I would have to get a statement from them showing it was their fault. I asked even though I have proof of an ongoing conversation between customer service of the place that charged me twice and myself you’re telling me that isn’t sufficient enough? He said no but ended up reversing it and that’s not the first time this has happened. Banking with them makes me want to change banks so bad

FNBT & FCB Mobile Banking app comments

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