Focus - Productivity Timer

Focus - Productivity Timer

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  • Current Version: 4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Masterbuilders
  • Compatibility: Android
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Focus - Productivity Timer App

Focus is here – A new and beautiful approach to time management. Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, Focus is the best way to organize your work, stay motivated throughout the day and have a more productive work life. “[…] a tool that can genuinely make people more productive" – “[…] a must-have for anyone who finds themselves easily getting distracted or forgetting to take occasional breaks." – ====================== FEATURES ====================== FOCUS SESSIONS Focus Sessions are a highly efficient way to work. Focus for 25 minutes, then take a short break to relax your mind. After four sessions, take a 15 to 20 minute break. This method maximizes energy, stimulates creativity and promotes a sense of achievement. TASK MANAGER Focus includes a lightweight task manager that lets you organize the things you want to work on intuitively. By working on one task at a time, you won’t be distracted and can focus all your attention towards completing that goal. That way you’ll be perfectly organized on your path to success. IN-DEPTH STATISTICS Check what you’ve already done! Focus keeps track of your work and offers in-depth and motivating statistics. See your daily, weekly and monthly activity so you don’t lose sight of the big picture. FOCUS EVERYWHERE Seamlessly use Focus on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Sync across your devices using iCloud; use Handoff to pick up your current work on another device and get up-to-the-second data with iCloud Push. You can also use the Today widget to quickly glance at your progress, import tasks using the handy Action extension, and more. FOCUS & APPLE WATCH: A PERFECT FIT Using Focus on your wrist is a natural fit. The independent Apple Watch app is made for for easy and lightweight interactions that lets you control sessions and track your progress throughout the day. With the Focus complication, you can customize your watch face to see your current progress at a glance. BEAUTIFUL INTERFACE The name says it all: Focus draws your attention to the most important things. It’s designed to be unobtrusive, accessible and easy-to-use. You’ll intuitively master its collection of features just by using them. ====================== FOCUS PRO ====================== One subscription for all devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch): Focus Pro includes lightweight task management, in-depth activity data, fast and secure iCloud sync to have your data across all your devices and more for $4.99 monthly / $39.99 annually. ====================== CONTACT ====================== If you have any questions or ideas, please write us at [email protected] Twitter: @focusappio Focus Pro (1) The duration of every period of the subscription is either 1 month or 1 year. (2) The price of the subscription is shown in the Focus' purchase view updated to the time of the purchase. (3) Payment will be charged to iTunes account at confirmation of purchase or the end of the free trial period, if any. (4) The length of the free trial period, if any, is shown in the Focus purchase view updated to the time of the purchase. (5) Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. (6) Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, with the same amount as the first period. (7) Subscriptions and to-renewal can be managed / turned off in the iTunes account settings.  Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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Focus - Productivity Timer app reviews

  • Awesome helpful App 4/5

    By Hussein AlBehary
    Love the app, but its premium plan is a bit expensive for the app’s function !
  • Buggy 1/5

    By 72bleh33
    Looked promising but after signing up for the free trial I found the pro “features” (tasks basically) would not retain settings like how many sessions and due date. They already revert back to default “set”. Not going to bother reporting since such a simple app should be bug free imo. Subscription is lame too. This app would be worth 1.99 to me if it worked...
  • Great design, just fix some crashes 5/5

    By Mike3292
    Beautiful and simple design that’s easy to use. I’ve been using it to enhance my productivity and, obviously, focus, to great effect. Be aware: Every time you try to use the Send diagnostics data option, the app crashes.
  • Getting me through high school 5/5

    By Pandapower🐼🐼🐼
    I use this app all the time when I do homework. Its so simple but it really helps, especially on projects where there many natural break points. It really helps me stay on task without getting overworked and frustrated. Would completely recommend
  • Mostly solid but Watch app could do with some love 4/5

    By Very Hungry Guy
    I use this pretty much every day to help focus through the less exciting parts of work. There are two things that would help make this a five-star app: 1. The ability to easily set different focus lengths. Some times you need 25 minutes focus to get started, but once you are up and rolling it would be nice to easily move this up to, say, 45 minutes. 2. A Watch app that actually works. There are way too many times where the app just sits there and finally closes. And this is on a newer version Apple Watch.
  • Great pomodoro timer! 5/5

    By InfiniTinifnI
    I've tried several pomodoro timer apps, and this one works the best for me. It allows me to pause the timer and customize it to my needs. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Needs An Update 3/5

    By PressedK
    This combined with the Mac version got me through school without losing my sanity. I’m still debating the subscription cost. I don’t mind paying for app upgrades, but $30 a year for something that only works with Apple seems a bit excessive. It’s a wait and see for me right now, but I’m probably going to start looking for a new Pomodoro app that isn’t going to cost me $30 a year.
  • The best pomodoro app 5/5

    By IIIIC
    I've tried a bunch of pomodoro apps and they all fall short of my expectations, particularly around syncing between devices and the quality of the watch app. This is the first that I'm happy with. The developers are continuing to improve the app and are very responsive to feedback. Recommended.
  • Apple Watch App Finally Works! 5/5

    By model6
    Best Pomodoro app for the Apple Watch. This seems to be the only one that has a 100% reliable complication that the competition lacks.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Julie36pa
    Allows me t adjust my preferred time intervals for focus and break.
  • Subscription for this? 2/5

    By Diegoborgh
    I get it, subscription is a good way for developers to get paid reasonable. But for a timing app to need subscription to be usable is stretching it a bit. Not only that, you’re targeting yourself to anyone to create a simple app that does everything you do without subscription and your business model is gone. If you want to get into subscription model be creative and make a product that warrants that, a timer app will never do that.

    By GoldfishBowl
    I can’t believe I paid for the subscription and I’m left with an app that is so buggy I can’t even use it. The timer routinely doesn’t signal when it’s done. Synchronization to Apple Watch routinely fails. Timer on Apple Watch and iPhone routinely don’t match. The pomodoro time block goals don’t measure progress toward the goal. I could go on but the point is it’s a huge fail.
  • No notifications! 4/5

    By iYabbaDabbaDoo
    Everything is fine, but when you are not in the app (locked your phone, etc.) and the sessions finish, it doesn’t show you any notifications or play any sounds and when you open the app, it tells you the session is finished and starts the next session. If they fix this notifications thing, it will be awesome!
  • Great App, Just Needs Reminders Integration 5/5

    By Tronoku
    If there was a way to integrate reminders, I would be a life long customer and push this to everyone I know. As it is, I have to manually move tasks over to this app from apple reminders app and then check the task off of each app separately. Some syncing would be nice, take a look at fantastical ;)
  • A must for any creative person 5/5

    By collective method
    I’m an avid writer and keeping track of my writing sessions has always been somewhat of a challenge. That was until I discovered the pomodoro technique. Intuitively, I began looking for an app to assist me in tracking my sessions. Luckily, I found Focus. I have to admit that at first I was very skeptical. Actually, I gave up on Focus at one point. But I simply couldn’t find anything better. Then, they released an update around the release date of the iPhone X and it was everything I was looking for in a pomodoro tracker with the analysis, insight and stability lacking not only in the previous version but also from every other version of every other pomodoro tracker app. If you are a productivity app junkie like me, look no further. This app is easily in my top 3.
  • Ticking Sound Option STILL Doesn’t Work 3/5

    By SciArts
    Yet another update from this guy without any functional improvement. There’s no reason to pay a subscription fee for an app that is poorly maintained and doesn’t improve.
  • Only problem is it doesn't work 1/5

    By Aprocks
    Worst app ever, I can't use it. When opening it crashes. Syncing it's lagy. If I could recommend one thing in life I would recommend not to buy this app.
  • So little for so much 1/5

    By DallasKnight
    You will ask yourself why did I spend so much for an app that does so little. Pretty much just a timer. Remember I told you so when you blow your money on this one.
  • Look elsewhere . 1/5

    By App_review88
    After 4 months of failed attempts , I gave up on this app. It constantly crashes. Look elsewhere.
  • Really great so far. Syncing too! 5/5

    By tyler_zyco
    I came from Pomodoro Time Pro, which has a fairly unreliable syncing system. Focus utilizes iCloud instead, which proves to be very robust. I've used the task sync too. Although it works well, I use OmniFocus as my task manager. Wish it were possible to sync flagged OmniFocus actions to Focus but that won't happen.
  • $7.99 For A Glorified Stopwatch 1/5

    By The Syndicate
    No calendar sync support so you basically have to double enter. The watch app won't boot up at all, just spins forever and crashes. There is nothing more I can say. This is a complete waste of money. I feel totally ripped off.
  • A really beautiful, helpful app 5/5

    By davidbressler
    A great way to go when you're looking to be more productive. Focus makes is very easy because of the obvious thought and care that's gone into the app design.
  • Finally it works! 4/5

    By DeepSecret
    The alert sound works with this update. It has nice UI and works perfectly. It would be five stars if icloud sync were faster. iCloud sync takes very long time when start the app.
  • Apple Watch app not working properly 3/5

    By RealTrueBlue
    The iPhone app works great, however I lose time (and focus) evey time I have to start a break/timer from the Apple Watch since it doesn't work properly (60% of the times it doesn't start the next timer after pressing the button). I will update my review once they fix this issue.
  • Okay, but some issues 3/5

    By Dr Psicoloco
    I love the app in general, but have had some issues syncing across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I tried emailing the developers, but the link on their app "write us" causes the app to crash. It works great otherwise, but it just seems like it needs to fine tune the existing features to make this a 5 star app.
  • Independent! 1/5

    By E.R.Burrows
    Make the watch independent of the phone-come on now, it's just a timer.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Maxbender
    This App was exactly what I was looking for. Very clean interface with excellent Apple Watch integration. A little buggy but much better than other similar applications I have tried. I have no doubt these guys will improve things along the way. Happy to support their efforts at a reasonable price considering I will use this nearly every day..
  • Doesn't sync with watch 3/5

    By KT9702
    It doesn't connect with my Apple Watch. Says open app on phone. I do. No connection
  • Better update but still not reliable 2/5

    By omnizen
    Apps notifications about inconsistent. Pauses or stops completely. But it's not as broken as before. Numerous speed and function improvement. This app would also see better reviews if the notification had alarm feature. Sometimes the notification goes off but I don't even really notice, as its short lived.
  • Not bad, but... 2/5

    By Technologizer
    ...when used on an iPad Pro in partial-screen mode, there's a huge bug/usability issue: When you complete a Pomodoro and leave the app, when you come back, you can't see the dialog which lets you decide what to do next.
  • Best Pomodoro Timer 5/5

    By Robert Oak
    I use Focus everyday and it’s amazing how good it works across all my devices (iPhone, Apple Watch and MacBook 12”). Everything is synced with iCloud and the Apple Watch complication is a great time-saver.
  • Simple, clean, and effective 5/5

    By deltatango28
    A nice clean interface that helps you stay focused and organize your tasks in a simple way.
  • Not a very good app 1/5

    By Fu_dog
    I assumed for the price it would be more than just a glorified task timer, but at least on the iPhone version that's all it is. And it doesn't even do that very well. Lack of features and the inflexibility of the app puts this into the "Save your money" category.
  • Update broke notifications on Watch 1/5

    By GoodMusic7
    This app worked perfectly before but the latest update stopped the vibration to notify the end of a session. I have to keep checking my watch every 1-2 minutes to make sure I haven't gone over - it ruins the value of using the watch app.
  • Complications feature makes this app great 5/5

    By Theocritus125
    This is a really slick and minimalist app that does exactly what I need. It is really nice to have my work sessions available as a complication on the watch, and there is very little lag between the iPhone and the watch. Thanks!
  • Watch app a mess 1/5

    By Wwoodard8
    The watch app is flakey and just doesn't work.
  • Not quite there 2/5

    By Dragonzi663
    I bought the app based on a recommendation from an article on Flipboard. It is a bad purchase. It does not worth the $6.99. There are timers that are better than this one. It lacks a task list. So you would have to enter the same tasks every day .
  • First useful, reliable Complication I've ever encountered 5/5

    By tedsvo
    This is primarily about the new Focus watchOS 2 app. I've been trying a whole bunch of third party apps in hopes of finding a solid complication, and all of them either aren't very useful or work unreliably. Not so with Focus. Having a pomodoro timer on my wrist that I can quickly refer to is excellent and, best of all, it works very well! There's occasionally a bit of lag syncing back to the phone app, but what's important is that it actually *syncs* and the Complication accurately shows where I'm at in my pomodoro interval. I'm very impressed with it. Keeping it on my watch face for sure.
  • It's a timer? 1/5

    By mattjerv
    App has no function other than being identical to clock app timer? Anyone can set timer for 25 minutes to finish a task. Waste of money. Nothing can be done to improve app because it is pointless to start out with.
  • I use this version to complement the Mac version 5/5

    By CalebKJB
    Far and away best pomodoro app on the Mac. I like this version on the iPad. I wish this one had dark mode like on Mac...that color scheme looks much cooler.
  • No graphs? 3/5

    By KinamiT
    I like how it tracks time spent on each task, but the presentation of statistics is too scattered to make sense of in a hurry. It would be great to have some kind of line graph--either for total work time per day, or according to tags that could be assigned to multiple tasks. I'd also like an option to hide the numerals from the countdown timer while it's running. The timer is less distracting if it's graphical only.
  • Yes. It works. 5/5

    By Mac12312
    Works great across all platforms. Syncs in real time. I can move seamlessly between devices and watch while on a task. Well done. Wish List: integration with reminders and calendar. Folders for tasks. Hierarchical task structure. Keep going!
  • Need time tracking broken down by tasks 4/5

    By Jingzhe Hu
    The app works quite well; but would be much more useful if the focused sessions can be broken down by individual tasks. There probably should be a tab that will tell you how many focused sessions you have completed for that one particular task.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By briancxx
    This is a well-thought out app and actually helps me stay more productive! I'd love to see how exactly the development of this app continues! In my opinion, I'd love to see an "Import from Reminders" option because I tend to keep all of my to-dos there and move them to Focus when I want to work on them that specific day.
  • Latest version seems broken 5/5

    By Spankwilly
    The iCloud sync option seems broken. Also new tasks should appear below previous entries not above them. I've loved this app but the iCloud sync being broken makes it not worth it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By discombobulate_now
    Syncs across devices and looks great, which is important for a software you'll be looking at many times a day! Features feel nicely balanced and, well, in focus.
  • Disappointed for the price - But Customer Service WIN 5/5

    By TheGradStudent
    Original review: I don't know why the ability to create a task list is included in this app. The number of times a task is repeated is not recorded. Nor is the task listed in the activity log. Instead it just says "Focus Session" over and over. This makes it impossible to record how much time is spent on each task, a feature I was looking for in addition to knowing when I completed a session. The time each session ends is the feature that motivated me to get Focus, but in the balance I would rather know how much time I spent on a certain task than when each individual session ended. Also, it does not seem possible to switch between tasks at the end of a session without marking the current task as "done." I am VERY disappointed as this is one of the few apps I've actually spent money on... And it feels like something of a waste. Especially since this app is remarkably good in most other ways. If tasks were integrated into the activity log or a simple session counter on each task were added, I would give this app five stars without hesitation. Update: I wrote in with the suggestions listed above a received a personal email than addressed my concerns. Because I was handled so courteously (even to the point of providing the proper link when I asked about how to get a refund), I'm going to stick with Focus. Also, Jan said that they plan to improve the statistics with an update in a couple of months. Will wait it out with an inferior pomodoro app (not Focus) and hopefully start really using Focus in Jan/Feb.
  • Terrible. Don't waste your $6.99 1/5

    By ClockParadoX
    I found this featured app while searching for watch apps so one would expect that this app is actually built around the watch. Nope. I'm not even sure how you screw something so simple up. You tell the watch to start a 25 minute timer. 2 hours later, the timer still has 6 minutes left. How do you screw up a simple timer in 2015. Unbelievable. Getting a refund.
  • Nice Clean and Easy Focus Timer 4/5

    By rpphoto
    This is easy to use, does help you focus, and syncs well. I wish the tasks were more integrated with the focus periods in the history view (instead of separate disconnected views) so it would be far more useful.
  • Useless on Watch 2/5

    By randomspaces
    There is no notification on the watch. If I need to check my watch every few seconds it completely defeats the purpose of using this as a timer for focusing on a task. Reinstalled and adjusted all settings after requesting support and still no watch notification.

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