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Follower Track for Instagram App

Find your unfollowers / nonfollowers and unfollow whoever you want. Followers & Unfollowers lets you see insights on your instagram profile. You can easily unfollow who don’t follow you back. It also gives you insight on people who are mutual followers, people whom you are not following and even the recent unfollowers of your instagram profile. With multiple account login you can easily switch between different instagram accounts. KEY FEATURES: ► New UnFollowers - Followers you lost during last 7 days on Instagram . ► Don’t Follow Me Back - People who don't follow you back on Instagram. ► Follow Back - People you are not following on Instagram. ► Ghosts - Followers who haven't interacted with your account recently on Instagram ► Active Followers - Followers interactors with your account recently on Instagram PRO : Unlock features and remove ads = $1.99 Note - ► This app is by no means affiliated to Instagram ► Followers Tracker For Instagram is not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram ► Followers Tracker For Instagram does not help you gain, earn, or purchase followers or likes and is merely a tool that provides you reports and analytics on your followers

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Follower Track for Instagram app reviews

  • ? 1/5

    By KarinaOrozco
    just stopped working after a day
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By get rid of bots
    Says 50 unfollowed and then when you go to your account the following stays the same
  • Crap 1/5

    By katif14
    The app doesn’t even load anymore!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By ivxvjk
  • Free but buggy 4/5

    By Swatfly
    When it works it’s great! Sometimws can be buggy
  • Hard pass 1/5

    By qwerttyuiiookdhchshsksk
    I paid the $4.99 and blocked my one account from the other. And then had a friend block me. The app will not tell you who blocked you. Mine actually won’t even load anyone more. 10/10 fantastic piece of crap.
  • Doesnt work but makes you pay for it 1/5

    By simonechanel
    This app hasnt worked since I purchased it. It just keeps searching. Please respond
  • jsjsbdisb 5/5

    By hsisbjsbsks
  • Doesnt work? 1/5

    By shsksnsk
    I’ve had this app for like 2 months & it’s never worked. Also right after downloading someone tried to hack into my IG... think it’s a scam.
  • started off great then stopped working ... do not give this app your money 1/5

    By Tammy Chew .
    the app was working fine until i paid to get the premium version now the app won’t even open but it still took my money .
  • Pointless 1/5

    By iTré
    Sure you can see who doesn’t follow back. However, you can’t unfollow IN APP. Pointless.
  • Robbed 1/5

    By Gill11999955
    I paid to see who has blocked me and the payment went through but it didn’t show me who has blocked me.
  • Crashed 1/5

    By UserPR.A
    Worked the very first time now it won’t work. I even deleted it and downloaded again but still doesn’t work. It stays loading.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By smickyyyjones
    This app doesn’t work half the time. It’s never consistent and shows different numbers than Instagram shows. If you can even get the app to open. It crashes more than it opens
  • Bad 1/5

    By jjehsbshhshshshege
    It was working great at first but it stopped working :(
  • Blocked 1/5

    By upset.user.
    It WILL NOT show you who have you blocked after purchasing it. It states “only recent data will display” so if anyone blocked you prior to purchase it will NOT show. False advertising!!!!
  • Does not work! 1/5

    By Jon Soave
    Does not actually unfollow
  • Worked good at first 1/5

    By JackieLovesart
    Stopped working after I got the pro version. And there aren’t any updates. IG then kicked me out since it thought it was a phishing scam to link the app with IG. I don’t even know how to report this app.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By afo3
    It worked the first time I opened it, now it won’t load and open
  • App doesn’t open anymore 1/5

    By chicagostbux
    Doesnt open any more for a the past few days. When it did work it never even unfollowed people, its one most important feature doesnt work. Guess I lost my in-app purchase money.
  • Not a great app 1/5

    By danyelle678
    It logs you out every time you use it so therefore it’s not tracking anything. Other than that the app is fine. But there’s no point in the app if it doesn’t keep you logged on to track the unfollowers and everything.
  • No abre la aplicación 1/5

    By 15delosangeles
    Después que pague, ya no quiso abrir la aplicación, deberían solucionar ese problema
  • It worked great for the first hour 1/5

    By akisohail
    I bought the package and now my lists don’t update. Useless app.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Rburse
    The app showed people who weren’t following back being removed but my Instagram page showed nothing. Then the app froze and I couldn’t get it to come back. Don’t bother with this.
  • Not recommended 1/5

    By Anna V Rafferty
    The app won’t even open after downloading from the App Store :(
  • Only works for a week 1/5

    By Jugoboss47
    Just like all the other follower tracking apps, it works for a week and then all of a sudden, stops working and “bugs out” indefinitely. :(
  • Works the opposite of what it's supposed to do 1/5

    By not bappy
    Either something went wrong or this is the dumbest app ever It says I have half the followers I have Then for people who don't follow me, it lists all these people who actually follow me!!! How stupid. You can easily unfollow all these loyal people. Luckily I noticed it because I talk to a lot of these people and see the engagement from the rest of them. This needs to be fixed.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By abby_babygirl805

    By @annanicole
  • Waste of time! 1/5

    By breezyin
    I just spend forever going through and deleting unfollowers and then when I refreshed the page, it didn’t even work. Now I don’t feel comfortable that this app has my login info.
  • Don’t think it works 2/5

    By Jec4numba2
    It thinks it is unfollowing people but the Instagram profile doesn’t actually show that you’re unfollowed anyone
  • What does the ghost feature mean? 4/5

    By edd519
    What does the ghost feature mean
  • A Frustrating Time Waster 1/5

    By KAE D
    This app will allow you to see who you follow; who follows you back, who does not follow you, and who has unfollowed you, HOWEVER, you will NOT be able to unfollow people directly from the app, ALTHOUGH appears you that you can. So, in my case I spent over 2 hours using the red icon in the app to unfollow over 400 people I was following who were not following me back; Only to find out, that only FIVE of those 400 users were actually removed from my account. EVEN WORSE, after downloading another app to try and get the job done, I wasn’t allowed to b/c something about playing around with this app restricted other apps from accessing my account ! FRUSTRATING, certainly! If you are trying to unfollow, using this app, I suggest you click on the account shown (from the app) to go directly to your IG page, and delete from IG, otherwise your will waste your time and likely restrict your account ! Or just don’t use this app. Find another one (and be careful that it actually works)
  • Slow 1/5

    By notyourbitchhh
    Takes forever to load .
  • COOL APP. Until trust lost ! 1/5

    By Duzcoe
    This app is amazing to be honest, until you guys signed into my account 🤔 from Los Angel, CA. Not so trustworthy.
  • Don’t spend the $4.99 2/5

    By spicysawah
    Will not tell you has you blocked, it will only show you the most recent data. So if someone has blocked you prior to purchasing, they will not show up.
  • Poorly made 1/5

    By Bells47437
    App Crashes everyday. I paid for pro and still same issues. App Says the amount of people that don’t follow me back are the same exact ones that I follow and KNOW they follow back.. says I have 0 unfollows and I know how many I gain and lose daily. This app is a waste of time and money. Do not download.
  • Exelent app 5/5

    By be2xrast
  • I can’t tell that it’s working 2/5

    By scrapqueen141
    It doesn’t look like my number of people that I’m following is changing. Am I doing something wrong or does it take awhile to adjust?
  • Does not work 1/5

    By suzykabloozy
    It works the first couple of times then when you open it, it’ll just load forever but won’t open. Don’t purchase.
  • Paid for it & No longer works 2/5

    By ChelsBianca
    So this app is cool as it tells you who has unfollowed you and stuff. I decided to pay to see who blocked me as well as ghost followers. After purchasing it seems I was only able to access the app about twice. Now, when I try to open the app it just buffers the entire time. I force close the app and get the same thing. My connection is always good so idk why this happens. Kinda felt like a waste to me. Maybe it’s just my phone, but aside from that it’s a cool and quaint app.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By nowayklay
    Waste of money and very misleading
  • 🤔 4/5

    By 😌🧸🥰
    It works good but then it stops working it’s really weird 🤷🏽‍♀️.
  • Really disappointed 1/5

    By opinionsarecool
    I thought it would show all the users blocking me but it only shows “recent activity” which is NONE. So mad.
  • I need help 2/5

    By CobraBebe
    I just just bought this app but it’s not loading any information. It is only displaying how many people I follow. Everything else is marked zero when it isn’t the case. Can someone help me get this app to function correctly?
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By prisonspice
    When I go to log in it freezes. Never been able to use the app. Have deleted and tried several times.
  • Bruh 2/5

    By Lukehals
    Aight so I wanted to see who was blocking so I bought the 5$ subscription and then once i bought it it said I can only see my new blockers and I can’t see people who have had me blocked. Do not buy the subscription.
  • Glitch? 2/5

    By NorCal Duchess
    Don’t know if it’s just me but it worked fine first day I downloaded it but next day I opened it and all it did was buffer! So frustrating!
  • Scam 1/5

    By seemyce
    This app is a scam