Food Network GO: 10k+ Episodes

Food Network GO: 10k+ Episodes

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  • Current Version: 7.5.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Television Food Network G.P.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Food Network GO: 10k+ Episodes App

The Food Network GO app gives you on-the-go access to your favorite Food Network shows live and on demand. It’s FREE with your TV subscription. Just sign in with your TV provider username and password to get access to favorites like Chopped, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Beat Bobby Flay, Restaurant: Impossible and many more. New episodes are added all the time. With this app you can: WATCH TV THE WAY YOU WANT: Stream Food Network live Binge full seasons and every episode ever of your favorite shows including: Chopped, Guy’s Grocery Games, Restaurant: Impossible, and many, many more! Browse and search for your favorite shows by genre Save episodes to your watchlist SIT BACK, RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR FAVORITES: Not enough time to finish the video? Just simply select the video again when you’re ready, and you’ll be able to continue watching from where you stopped. Tap the heart icon on a show and when new episodes are available, you’ll automatically receive them in your Favorites. Closed-Captioning supported Current providers for the app include: Xfinity DirecTV Dish Spectrum AT&T U-verse Verizon FiOS Cox Optimum Midcontinent Communications and HUNDREDS more Food Network GO can only be used in the United States. Like what you see? We’d appreciate your reviews in the App Store. Want to talk? If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the app, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Food Network GO: 10k+ Episodes app reviews

  • Always fuzzy 3/5

    Every time I try to watch on my iPhone, whatever I’m watching gets super fuzzy out of nowhere. It’s annoying
  • No commercials 3/5

    By T-CM-G
    If you could somehow go commercial free. We used to be able to fast forward. That was much better! Also, keep your TV commercials family friendly. I don’t want to worry about having the food network on with kids around. Most commercials are fine. Usually it’s the network TV show ads that are inappropriate.
  • This app is my life!! 5/5

    By jdhfhddjhddhfy
    So I’ve been using this app since I was like two I think but I just love this app like it’s my whole life I watch it every single day every single every every single day and if I had to tell you my favorite show it would have to be cake boss!
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By jrfaithful
    This app continues to have loading issues. Wait and wait and wait and it will not load! I have to delete and reinstall. Very frustrated
  • Loving it 5/5

    By jandresb christian in me!
    I. Really like your baking cake episodes. I think that they teach me how to work in a group and how to bake cakes.❤️😄🎃
  • Try before you vote 4/5

    By high-altitude
    some people give the recipe one or two stars without making the recipe. That makes the total number of stars less.
  • I’ve never had this issue with streaming.. 2/5

    By stamm889965
    I love food network and was really excited when I found the app. I don’t even mind the commercials much because I know that’s how it’s free for everyone. My problem is that the video quality is terrible. It’s rarely clear, it’s either fuzzy or completely messed up to where I can’t even watch it. Another thing is randomly the sound will go out. So then I have to get out of it and go back in but then it doesn’t save my place so I have to completely restart the show I was watching. All this makes it almost impossible to even watch it and not worth it at all
  • Great app! 5/5

    By sllen6
    Love the shows! So fun and family friendly!
  • Worst app for streaming 1/5

    By wickedpowers
    I don’t know who designed this app but he/she should be fired or banned from the design. I only stream and using this app makes me want to throw my remote at the tv. There isn’t any continuity between usage and viewing of shows. It’s clumsy to get thru and worst of all, they don’t have enough commercial content so they will play the same add up to four time in a row. Yep that’s right, the same commercial in a row, four times. Really makes you had those vendors which is probably the opposite they hoped for. While you can use this app, you can not see current content. To do that you need to have a cable provider or be locked out of new content. So you can only watch old stuff. Not a way to get viewer to want to use this app. Needs work.
  • I love Bobby flays shows 5/5

    By Cheryl Knight
    I love throw down
  • Sign In Issues 1/5

    By JennBridges
    I have to delete the app and turn off my subscription in settings way too often! Very irritating, can’t even watch shows that aired this week when my cable subscription has not changed.
  • Doesn’t work with Spectrum 3/5

    By Thriller777
    I cannot sign into my provider to access any of the shows. If I click on Spectrum, it only goes to a DiscoveryGo Webpage with no place for me to enter in my information for Spectrum in order to see the shows. I love this app on my television, but please fix this glitch for iPad!!!
  • Discovery content instead of FN 1/5

    By MadhurJunkie
    After I login, I am directed to Discovery channel content, not Food Network.
  • Can’t sign in😡 1/5

    By Battle Tunes
    When I had downloaded this app I was excited to see all of my favorite shows. When I try my tv provider and yes it dose include it in our subscription it had me go on this page and there was no where to sign in. For all this you can’t even make your sign in easy to find and to unlock episodes. This app really needs some work!!!!
  • Old food network 1/5

    By Hguighgy
    Where is the food network I’ve been watching forever? I don’t want to stream the shows I’m already watching on my tv. I just want to go to .. on tv now..... and get the recipe for that current show!! As of today I don’t have that any more!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By K/\STEH
    The app is awesome and I like how many shows they have on there, but I also wish that they didn’t have that stupid VIP thing
  • Too many log-ins and commercials! 2/5

    By Gooddog76
    I love all the access to the FN shows! Unfortunately when I use the app with Apple TV it makes me type in an access code every time. Annoying! That could be an Apple TV issue, but still... And there are so many commercials! I mean, 8 every 20 minutes?? Ugh.
  • too many ads 1/5

    By Zainw
    Trying to watch an episode of Chopped and within a span of 4 minutes I’ve had 3 ad breaks that are around 2 minutes each. Way too many ads in the app as compared to watching it on cable.
  • Tired cook! 4/5

    By Feather Red
    Please! Please! Ask Sonny on the Kitchen to stop resting her body on the cutting boards, That’s Nasty!!! Otherwise, the show is great! Feather Red
  • Huge Disconnect Between App 1/5

    By Bsckgammon Master
    This app is mainly for watching TV shows. So if you are interested in accessing your favorite, saved, recipes you will still need to use the real web app.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By jaylano101
    This app was ok, I personally think there’s lots of adds. Overall I enjoyed it.
  • Chromecast 1/5

    By DadW3kids
    Where most my apps pick up the chromecast icon to stream food network takes a lot of restarts
  • Food Network 5/5

    By <~Country Boy
    The Food Network app is the best of the best! It always lets me know when there is new shows to watch and it is an easy app to work!
  • App meh 3/5

    By zanydeb
    I love the food network, which is why I have the app, so I can watch shows away from home, or in the kitchen, etc. It only sometimes works. Will often lock me out and tell me I need to subscribe, or am not authorized. SMH. I certainly pay enough for my cable that I should have full access at all times. But, when it works, I do love it.
  • Why 5/5

    By coleand sav fans
    It helps me find me food from around the world
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Jen07&08
    Love this app. Super easy to use on the iPad or phone to cast to the smart tv. Love it.
  • Chopped 3/5

    By caringcook
    Music too loud on Chopped. Drowns out voices.
  • Leisure dreams come true. 5/5

    By Matt540
    Like every episode ever. All day ever day
  • Times out often 3/5

    By SWH11223344
    Love the access this app gives me to current and past shows but it often will sign me out of my Comcast account even though I have linked them. It will also tell me half the time that I don’t have access to this content so I have to exit app, sign out, sign back in. Without these bugs it would be awesome!
  • Comfy 5/5

    By LilRed1777
    It is so comfy to watch my favorite food shows in bed or on my couch as a do crafts. I only wish there were less to no commercials! But I understand it pays for the show 😊
  • Food Network 5/5

    By T$$5$$Money
    This app is amazing!! I can watch all of my favorite shows and the ads aren’t as long as they would be on regular tv. No matter what I want to watch on the channel, it’s always there. Thank you Food Network!!
  • 16 commercials for 20 min show? 1/5

    By mrwintercoat
    Is this real? Am I in some sort of experiment to see how far the human mind can be pushed until it goes mad? Is it possible? I could see one or two little commercials in a 20 minute program, and yeah they are louder than the show (which is illegal by the way) and yeah they might be repetitive... but 16!!! That is true madness. Shame on you and your company.
  • Keeps Forgetting I have a cable subscription 1/5

    By jwpolley
    After going through the hassle of getting the Apple TV application synchronized with my cable subscription, I can watch programs for about one week, then it doesn’t think I am authorized any more. This wouldn’t be so bad if their website would let me activate using my iPhone, but it doesn’t. They need to get this application using Apple’s single sign on. I just got a response from the developers. Because this app doesn’t support single sign on, and having single sign on enabled can cause it problems, they want me to turn it off. For everyone. In other words, break every application that DOES support it. No thanks.
  • Commercials Galore 1/5

    By Pencil&Egon
    Tried watching 20 minute episodes of a show and was forced to watch up to 8 commercials 3-4 times an episode. Not only that, they were the same 4 commercials over and over. Totally worthless.
  • Offensive and terrible commercials 1/5

    By Dj D-licious
    The commercials on food network’s online streaming are terrible. We’ve seen repeated commercials likening frozen pizza addiction to an internet pornography addiction. Several commercials for athletic wear that has no problem highlighting the body parts the wear covers. As much as we love food network the commercials on the online live and on demand streaming are just disgusting...
  • Get this😝😝😂😂❤️❤️👌🏼👌🏼👍🏻 5/5

    By 5467 i am cool
    I love ❤️ love 💕 love 💗 it u have to get it
  • Is my go to app for food fun entertainment 5/5

    By Been Frank
    Update 9/24/2019: App on TVos has been working flawless for a few months now. Thank you for fixing the issues! Old review: Love the app on TVos but recently it has the loading circle during any full episode (seriously during the entire episode) even though the episode has loaded and is playing. Please fix this it is so annoying.
  • Can’t watch on WiFi 1/5

    By unhappydubscriber
    I have food network through my cable subscription. When I visit my friend who does not have cable, I cannot access the locked episodes on food network through her WiFi even though I am signed in on my account. I continually get an error message saying I am not subscribed.
  • Won’t Let Me Sign In 1/5

    By ag's_mom
    I’ve installed and reinstalled this app several times, and still have not been able to successfully login to stream episodes. It will not even take me to the login page to be able to sign in. App needs serious fixing.
  • Argh!!! 1/5

    By HappyPuppyPinkCupcakeKisses
    Doesn’t work on my iPhone 8!! I can’t sign in using Spectrum! Tech support is nonexistent.
  • It is not working 1/5

    By Ann560
    I reinstalled it but it is stuck on food tv logo bummer
  • Sunny - Less is more 2/5

    By hoorayforfootball
    Audio is very different than video Try fewer misc. comments, speak or chew, not both at once. If you don’t get the first plate,bowl,bite you won’t starve. How many of your hairs land in the food? Find Ann Burrell, Valerie Bertinnelli & create “Screaming Chics Cook” if any of you can really cook. Take home a box of tapes & watch yourself. Life is about learning, talent is all around you, choose it or???
  • This app is awful! 1/5

    By M.ColonN
    I wasted an hour trying to set up to watch shows, and every single show I clicked on it had a lock! And I wasn't authorized. I looked everywhere to see how I could unlock to watch anything at this point and I couldn't even find that! Waste of time👎👎👎
  • as usual... 3/5

    By Bobiolio
    app developers are more interested in forcing a commercial into your life rather than than functionality! tried to email you! tried to answer you... i find it very interesting your link doesnt work... mr developer! thanks!
  • Always fun and enjoyable to watch my favs from chopped to DDD and GGG. 5/5

    By b.raskell27
    Love food network over football any day
  • The app keeps getting better 4/5

    By BogCheese
    I use the app all the time on my iPad and AppleTV and the developer keeps improving it making it easy to find shows and use. I can keep up with the shows I like whenever I have time and on whatever device I have.
  • Logging on 2/5

    By Masiello04
    Just recently I closed out of the app and the next time I went in it locked me out. Tried to re log in and all I got was the circle and it never went any further. Deleted the app and redownloaded it and it still won’t do it.
  • Can’t watch anything 1/5

    By bochmom
    I have xfinity, I can watch the food channel on my tv, and yet now every show I try to stream has a little message that says I have to have access to the Food Channel. At first I had no problem, but when I reopened the app, every show came with this message. I’m going to get rid of this app.
  • Do we REALLY need that? 3/5

    By MeByAnyOtherNameIsRidiculous
    Edit: The Bluetooth keyboard works with the app now and I am super happy, but I still wish there were less ads. Especially when I’m not streaming live TV. I also wish I could download episodes to watch offline. Original: Imagine, you sit down to watch a nice cooking show on demand, all the food starts making you hungry, the host boast an easy dish and tempts you towards the kitchen, when all the sudden the ads pop-up, you roll your eyes waiting for all SIX of them to be over, when an ad for Dr. Pimple Popper invades your screen completely and totally ruining any feelings for food and any desire to ever watch the Food Network app again! If that wasn’t bad enough an ad for the Food Network app plays EVERY SINGLE TIME THE ADS PLAY!!!! Are you kidding me!? If I’m watching your app right now, I certainly DON’T need to download it! Please, Food Network app stop showing these ads it is ridiculous! I also don’t understand why, if I’m not signed in it only plays two or three ads but when I am signed in it has to play six ads every time! I love watching the Food Network and love the idea that I can watch the shows I want when I want but these two ads make me never want to use this app again. If they stopped I would happily give this app a higher rating.

Food Network GO: 10k+ Episodes app comments

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