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Food Network In the Kitchen App

Rated as one of the *top recipe apps* in the App Store, Food Network’s In the Kitchen is your one-stop shop for all things food. Get instant access to our most-popular recipes from Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, Ree Drummond, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay and many more. Need help figuring out what’s for dinner? Or looking for a recipe that's on TV now? Our app will help you do just that! Finding delicious recipes from the Food Network chefs and shows you trust has never been this quick and easy. We’re all about making life in and out of the kitchen more enjoyable and stress-free, so we’re getting personal with the latest version of In the Kitchen. Choose from your favorite Food Network chefs, preferred cooking styles, and any diets or allergies, and we’ll deliver a personalized set of recipes that you’ll love, updated every day so you’ll never run out of inspiration. With this app, you can: FIND OUT WHAT’S ON TV NOW: - Open the app to find recipes for the shows that are on TV right now. - Search for the perfect recipe to satisfy your meal-planning needs. Narrow down your search by chef, course, cuisine and *recently aired* recipes. SAVE & SHARE RECIPES: - Save your favorite recipes, mouth-watering videos and recipe collections curated by the Food Network editors *instantly*. Organize your Saves in fully customizable Boards. Easily access your Saves and all recently viewed recipes across and the In the Kitchen apps on iOS and Apple TV. - Share recipes with your friends and family via text, email, Notes, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. GET INSPIRED: - Browse over 70,000 recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs. - Looking for a decadent dessert, a healthy meal or want to learn about the latest kitchen hacks? New content is updated and featured daily. WIN THE KITCHEN: - Hone your cooking skills by watching our how-to videos. - Get creative by adding your own ideas and substitutions on each recipe with the Notes feature. - Add ratings and reviews of recipes that you’ve cooked, right within the app. GROCERY SHOP STRESS-FREE: - Save recipe ingredients directly to *Notes* and collaborate with your family and friends while you shop. - Create, edit and order your entire shopping list straight from the recipe page - Instacart, Amazon Fresh & Walmart will deliver the ingredients straight to your door! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: - Enable push notifications to receive our favorite delicious recipes every day. - Enable the iMessage extension to search for and share recipes with friends and family without having to leave the Messages app. - Customize your In the Kitchen app icon with an image of your favorite Food Network chef. - Start your day off right with irresistible food facts, cooking tips and related recipes with our Daily Bites widget, available in the Today View.

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Food Network In the Kitchen app reviews

  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Pamifamili
    It would be nice to be able to search within each chef’s recipes, not the entire database. Also, I liked the previous group line up. It was easier to add recipes to a group.
  • Recipe search and content incomplete 1/5

    By krew303
    For example I want to get the recipe for Ina Garten's Roasted Shrimp with Feta. No luck, it's only available on the website.
  • FoodNetwork app 1/5

    By astrolady20
    All I’m getting in the App Store For Food Network for the recipes it says open. I went to purchased it is not on my phone, and it’s not there. what the heck is going on? I count on those recipes because I’m diabetic and I’ll adjust them accordingly. I don’t wanna watch the TV shows because I already have it on cable. Irene
  • Great app 4/5

    I’ve had this app for about 6 months and I really like it more then the other apps. I would have to say this is my go to app for recipe ideas.
  • Videos won’t play 2/5

    By ARM Student - Bermuda
    Unable to play the videos. Very odd because I use another app that uses video demos and it works fine.
  • Crashing 5/5

    By Mclark7623
    I am locked up with this update!
  • Stuck 1/5

    By ChristySerf
    App will not update, can’t use can’t delete just stuck! So annoying!
  • Go to recipe app 5/5

    By chief1893
    It’s all great, favorite part if I’m watching a show and the meal looks great. Getting that recipe is easy without hunting all over the web to find it.
  • App takes eternity updating 3/5

    By Dum Sim
    This app is STILL dithering after 1/2 hour hitting the update okay.
  • I love cooking!! 5/5

    By silly Sonia
    Awesome!! Love the ideas and recipes!!! I love cooking now

    By Dr TBG
    Unable to update this app
  • 3 star rating 3/5

    By devilwinge
    I rated it a 3 stars, because they didn’t let me watch all the things that I wanted to of the pioneer woman.
  • Too hard. 3/5

    By Flatrabbit1
    Why oh why do you find it necessary to make everyone create a big long password, sign in , and jump thru hoops just to save a recipe. Are your recipes a deep Dark secret? I would rate this app higher if it wasn’t so darn hard to get into it. Lord help you if you forget a password. Meanwhile I’m out of the mood to make whatever it is I was looking up! Jeeeeeees!!!
  • Great....BUT 4/5

    By Claudy51
    This is my ‘go to’ cooking app, it always gives me lots of great options and ideas. THANK YOU! I print many of the recipes which makes them easier to cook from. When I save a great recipe the YIELD is not included so I need to go back, look it up again, and write it on the top of the page. A small issue but an issue nonetheless.
  • Closes without notice 3/5

    By ACarlisle85
    I get halfway through looking at recipes and it closes down on its own. Then I have to get back in and try to find where I left off.
  • Useful Recipes Galore 4/5

    By Tooter4Kids
    Great recipes, easy to find, and it’s easy to make most of them. The saves are great but I wish I could organize them like I do on Pinterest.
  • Schizophrenic Updates 1/5

    By Shela M.
    Boo! Even after multiple attempted uses of this app despite my original review below...this update is horrible! So boring. Same recipes day in and day out. They don’t suggest more than one new recipe a day. Are you kidding me...I’m looking for more than one new recipe a day! After you read all of their recommendations in one can now wait a month for something new. Old news! The Food Network app has no idea what it wants to be when it grows up! I want to love this app because I use it every day; however every time I update it I cringe fearing what crazy nonsense the Food Network has decided to put in its update this time! Food Network cannot decide what’s important in its recipes or pushing its bread and butter shows. I wish it would put the recipes users want to see first...but that never happens. The last format was creative and good bc it had the ability to follow certain chefs with your top picks...that lasted all but two minutes. Now they are back to the second best original idea (so not so good) that shows top picks but is limited on daily new options. It gets stale after two views. And now there is nothing new on the daily. BORING. I can look up recipes faster on!!! I love you food network but you can do better than this hot mess!
  • Too many advertisements!!! 3/5

    By hungrypandabear
    It is very frustrating to be forced to watch a very long advertisement every time when I open a video recipe. A brief ad is ok, and this app used to have shorter ads, but the ads on this app are now way too long. It is always a very long ad and you have to watch the whole thing and you cannot skip it. I was looking for a membership upgrade, paying a little more money or something to avoid this, but I didn’t see any options! It is very frustrating!!
  • Some problems 4/5

    By Luv2sing21
    Love this app but some saved recipes in my recipe box disappear on my iPhone. Also, My Folder, where I save my own recipes doesn’t display on iPad or iPhone.
  • Missing chefs 2/5

    By Kei456
    Why is Kardea Brown not listed under “chef’s” I literally have to google her recipe’s.
  • App hasn’t worked since late June 1/5

    By kristav1990
    App will not successfully update :( I typically use this app every week
  • Diversify your Icons 2/5

    By Tracksnyd3r
    All these white people for icons can we get some diversity?
  • Amazing App! Totally Recommend 5/5

    By 🏐🤩
    it is so nice you can search up any meal and get the recipe in seconds and you can see what your favorite chefs are making
  • I love this app when it works. 4/5

    By KimbreLee
    I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the ingredients list been missing. Anybody else? It’s a five star app on the ingredients list prince or is even visible on the recipe.
  • Food Network in the kitchen 3/5

    By Lulu 1952
    App locked up for the first time today. Deleted it and tried to load it again, but it’s a fail
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By SB3743
    I love how this app immediately corresponds with recipes that are shared on the food network. I appreciate being able to save boards for organization. Questions: Is there a way to change my username? I didn’t realize it would be publicly displayed when writing reviews for recipes. Also, could there be a way to directly comment on other people’s reviews? Some people write questions in their reviews and it would be nice to be able to directly answer them without writing a completely separate review.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By LondonBriggs
    I try opening the does nothing. It will stay on the home screen and then close. I deleted it and tried downloading it again...same thing. I wouldn’t recommend this app until someone fixes the bugs in it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Fhgjivhihb
    Really great app. But it crushes all the time and locks you out. Wish for that to be fixed.
  • Their own worst enemy 2/5

    By WVP
    It boggles the mind how after this many years of having an app, a company whose only product is food can’t perform the most basic of functions. You can’t search an individual ingredient; I searched ground beef and came up with five recipes for corned beef and two for stew. If the app isn’t crashing, it’s sending me a bunch of useless articles. I’ll just Google what I want from now on, this app is too much of a hassle.
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By Il buffi
    I absolutely love this app! It recently went through some major renovation and now I find it great! I watch many shows on Foodchannel and I am able to save, categorize and add my personal notes to any recipe I see on tv and like/would like to try. I higly reccomend it!!
  • VPN and App freeze 5/5

    By AnnNet56
    I was also having the same problem of App freeze and automatic close; once I turned off my VPN I was able to use the app. The Norton VPN doesn’t allow in-app ads, so that’s my guess as to why the App freezes. Hope this helps someone else 🙂
  • Printing 1/5

    By Cthjjgttv
    Not much good to me without being able to print the ingredients and cooking instructions.
  • Why destroy this app? 3/5

    By rvrdog55
    When I got this app it was great, now recipes are updated on the home page every 4 months. Not everyone is interested in making summer side dishes or watermelon keg every single day. Please go back to putting new recipes on daily.
  • Summer slackers 3/5

    By inpersuttofgoodfood
    I love Food Network and the app. It’s my go to for everything from weekday dinners, desserts, special occasions, or anytime I need ideas. But summer time is soooo redundant. The videos haven’t changed in months and the suggestions haven’t changed either. Honestly, you could do better. Summer associates can do research and there has to be someone on staff that can keep the website relevant. It’s 2019, the amazing social media natives that are excited about food should be able to keep up with the current trends. I’m an older viewer. Hate it but it’s true. I have been a Food Network for more years than Alton Brown can remember... time to bring the app up to date and current ALL YEAR THROUGH. I will continue to hunt and peck this summer to find things I need. Can’t help it, I LOVE Food Network. But being current is important. You all need to make that happen all year long.
  • Crash and Lock of In the Kitchen App 1/5

    By Cher6870
    I have read most of your reviews and it’s still doing the locking up of the app and crashing out and it just sits there and does nothing. You need to look deeper into this issue and find the cause of the problem. It’s a very good app for. Cooking recipes and finding how to cook meats and times on these items. I hope you can have this issue fixed soon it seems like this has been going on for a long time.
  • Over and over 2/5

    By Gsue13
    Ingredients are listed multiple times and directions are duplicated. Look at Valerie’s strawberry cake. Please fix.
  • Offer new shows with a versatile cast of chefs 2/5

    By Dix from Louisana
    I’m very disappointed in the Food Networks lineup of shows. Especially on weekends. It seem you have 90% Pioneer Woman then Trisha and Valerie. While they are excellent they are home cooks. I want to ‘learn’ something, get new ideas. I miss Extra Virgin the most. Give us more Giada , more Ina, more Bobby. I literally don’t even watch and this goes for my group of fry. We are all in our early 60’s love to entertain. Please bring back more chefs😉😉😉
  • FIX THE CRASHING !!! On iPhone 1/5

    By CW243
    FIX THE CRASHING !!! On iPhone
  • Tues. July 9, 2019. Your NEW changes 5/5

    By Janette 01
    I really enjoy your app, HOWEVER, you need to put back a couple of things that you used to have: FIRST: You need to add back the “SEARCH” button! I wanted to look up a recipe and couldn’t do it order to find it I had to scroll thru everything on that Chef’s site.... SECOND: Your timing... I live on the West Coast and the time that you have been indicating that is pointed to with “On the Air Now” is Not what is showing on my TV! You USED to I dictate this correctly, however, in the last several weeks, not so! Other than that, I am happy with your changes! I like the idea of listing all of your shows / programs... love that if I see a recipe on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, I can easily check if it is available to copy! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK...I TRULY ENJOY INTERACTING WITH FOOD NETWORK and share your recipes and other information!!👍💕
  • Won’t open. 1/5

    By Grasshoppercafe
    I have tried to open this app numerous times. It just doesn’t work!
  • Won’t open Deleted and re-installed...still won’t open 1/5

    By Jay-bee-baybee
    I used to love this app. But now I can not get the app to launch on IOS 12.3.1 iPad Pro 10.5 . I have deleted the app and re-installed but to no avail.
  • App crashes and won’t open... 1/5

    By Fun mostly but not fair!!!
    Unfortunately the app only crashes now and won’t open, even after re-downloading the app. I had it working previously. Now it just crashes for weeks! Please fix!
  • The App Doesn’t Launch! 1/5

    By ms-chick
    Even after following these steps from your website the app will not launch! App Won’t Launch - Try a hard restart on your device. On the iPhone or iPad, hold down the top Lock Button and the Home button until you see the Apple logo. This will take a few seconds. In the meantime, ignore the "slide to power off" prompt – just keep holding those buttons down until you see the Apple logo. Once the device has restarted, try launching the app again (make certain you are connected to WiFi or 3G) to see if you still receive the error message. If the restart doesn't work, try to reinstall the app. Make certain that you are connected to WiFi, LTE, or 3G as the app will not work otherwise. Touch and hold any application icon on the Home screen until the icons start to wiggle. Tap the "x" in the corner of the application you want to remove. You may be prompted to rate the application. Tap Delete to remove the application and all of its data from your device. Press the Home button to cancel or stop deleting apps. Open the App Store on your device and locate the application to reinstall. Tap the price and then "Buy." If prompted, enter your iTunes Store account information. If you previously bought the application, you are prompted to download it again for free. Tap “OK” and the app will download and install the application. After the application is installed, your issue should be resolved.
  • I'm Thankful I Got This App 5/5

    By The talent Gir
    Without this app, I'd be dependent. Now I'm getting into the habit of learning to cook. Thanks whoever made this app! I'm so thankful I got this app! I told Mom first that through this app, I can learn how to cook. I turned off my VoiceOver screen curtain and showed Mom that I can do this. She texted Dad and Mom's friend, Stacey. I told Grandma I could learn. I'm thankful: that I got this app.
  • Will Not Update 5/5

    By Tish&Cholla
    I so enjoy this app and make many, many of the delicious recipes! I have been trying to use it since 6/23/2019 but it is continuously trying to download an update. I have “paused” the update because with it continuously “loading” my battery life is losing power. I do not want to delete the App for fear of losing all of my favorite recipes. It is doing fine on my iPad, however I need it to work on my iPhone because I reference the App from it most often. Can you PLEASE help me? UPDATE: This App finally updateD and it opened ON MY iPhone! I so enjoy this App and all the recipes it has provided to me! Sure is definitely a favorite! I use it at least 2-3 times a week! Thank you SO much!!
  • Doesn’t open 1/5

    By Wimner102
    I downloaded the app and it won’t even open. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
  • App is frozen on main screen then closes 1/5

    By LEVI and GABBIE
    App is frozen on main screen then closes
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By petcook
    I have tried all I can think of. Cannot get recipe to respond from E-mail, unable to log in or reset password, or update when I go to app. I am a subscriber, also.
  • The best ever 5/5

    By m&m88569
    It is amazing

Food Network In the Kitchen app comments

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