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Get the latest on top recipes and great kitchen tools with Food Network Magazine. In every issue you'll find hundreds of recipes, behind-the-scene exclusives with Food Network Stars, the best entertainment tips, and more! Subscribe now and get INSTANT access to the latest issue! Don't forget, you can also get free access to issues with a timed preview (on your iPhone, too!). Plus, share app content with your favorite social networks. Using a simple two-finger tap, actual images of the content itself are “clipped” and can be sent directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, or via email or saved to your photo roll. Download our free app today! Select the issue you'd like to purchase, or sign up with a subscription and save! Subscriptions available: • Single issue purchase available for $4.99, no automatic renewal. • 1-month subscription available for $1.99, automatically renewed until cancelled. • 1-year subscription available for $19.99, automatically renewed until cancelled. When purchasing through iTunes, your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn this off 24 hours before the subscription runs out. You can also turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. Please note that you must have iOS 9.0 or higher installed on your device to use this app.


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Food Network Magazine US app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sf49r fan
    I’ve been a subscriber for years, now I can’t even scroll past the cover. It just stays stuck there. Will be canceling my subscription since the devs are aware of the issue and don’t even care to fix it
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By Schubie2
    After my digital subscription expires, I will not renew. After the app changed a few years ago, it has been nothing but one problem after another. Very disappointing.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By PMargaritis
    I can’t even read any of the recent issues because the pages don’t TURN.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By hateapplereviewapp
    Another poorly working food magazine app. Pages take forever to load and scrolling is difficult. I will be making an attempt to cancel my subscription.
  • Can’t read at all 1/5

    By Mommadud
    Pages won’t turn at all...
  • negative 5 stars 1/5

    By beentheredonethat77
    i’ve been a faithful digital subscriber for what seems like forever.....but i’m beginning to think my loyalty will s misplaced.....i have been trying unsuccessfully to view any of the new issues for 2018 to no avail......not sure what happened with the latest update.....but whatever it is.....please please please fix it.....otherwise i will be forced to cancel my my subscription and request a refund (my subscription auto renews in september 2018).....i shouldn’t have to pay for issues i can’t access....
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Fed Up 92
    I’ve subscribed for years, and really like the magazine... But I can’t even open new issues since the update. I’m going to have to cancel.
  • I agree with zero stars! 1/5

    By Dessauerte
    New “improvements “ have basically made this app useless. I plan to cancel my subscription today.
  • Jan 2018 issue 1/5

    By NoSleepTilDisney
    Yeah, so where’s our January 2018 issue? It’s already 01/08 and still nothing! Agreed with previous reviews about the app update being garbage. I actually thought it might be my iPhone or iPad that was acting up but glad to know it was the shoddy tech. Mostly...WHERE THE HELL IS MY JANUARY ISSUE? 02/18: So, just downloaded March’s issue and I can’t read it because I can’t turn the page. I try to swipe left and it just brings me right back to the cover page.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Braylee120
    After updating I can’t view a single page! I tried to troubleshoot but was told I needed an active subscription. I do have an active subscription. Tried to re-login but forgot my password and there is no option to retrieve or reset it. Cancelling. Horrible app!
  • Update! 1/5

    By 1piccjl
    So I did the latest update, now I just owe for some of the magazines...what a joke Bring back the old format! Did the update and now it tells me I owe for each magazine or buy a subscription, which I already have!! No one responded to my email and no phone number. I'm done! Just cancelled!
  • Terrible changes 1/5

    By Teri Dom
    The app has changed so much over the years. I am not able to even use it anymore and i have just renewed recently and I have an iPad Pro. Ridiculous.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Me1786533
    Where’s the January issue?
  • Do Not Purchase... 1/5

    By Rockin Robins
    This is crap. I have not received my January issue to download. I have been getting the run around about who is responsible for this but no answers and no January issue. Even then my December issue, the first 15 pages were all advertisement. I would not recommend this magazine to anyone and am very disappointed.
  • Zero Stars - App is Awful 1/5

    By JRED428
    I hope the Food Network app team are reading these reviews. One star ratings across-the-board is a very good indicator that your application is not working well. Ever since the application was "upgraded", it is basically been rendered useless. Most pages take minutes to load or don't load at all and what was once a very simple application to navigate is now cumbersome, unfriendly, and the changes were pointless. It is now January 1, and the January issue is not even available to download -- not that it really matters because I would only be able to read about 70% of it. I am just cancel my subscription as of today and will not be renewing online. Fix the issues now or you are going to continue to lose your subscribers. You should also consider replacing your technical team and application developers.
  • Useless 1/5

    By bear_birdie
    Each page downloads individually? Are we being watched as we read? And the borders across the top? Why? I move them out of the way and they come right back. A five-year-old could have designed this better. No offense to five-year-olds.
  • Not as good as it was 1/5

    By Suddenrush
    Clunky, page loading is horrible, and it’s a step backwards in user experience. Miss the old table of contents. Now it’s just ugly.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By gygugygyguguf
    It’s so sad how far this app has fallen. I used to luv this app and subscribed faithfully each month, but now I refuse to pay money for garbage. I don’t know happened...Sad

    By Koppertone04
    It doesn't work well on any of my mobile devices! The border on top and bottom is useless and detracting. I am also not able to view more than 2 pages in a row. I have numerous friends with same issues and unless this is fixed by next edition we will all be cancelling subscriptions and NOT buying print edition. If I could give zero stars I would.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Wildling Tonks
    I have subscribed digitally for a few years. Loved the old app and ease of use. The update has made it Impossible to save favorites without wifi and Facebook. I read mostly without wifi and I don't Facebook.... Also can't figure out how to print just the recipes that I want. Too complicated and wifi connected, I would cancel my subscription if I hadn't paid for the year. Will not renew. I love food network magazine but I Hate this app
  • Upgrade deleted my digital subscription 1/5

    By Orla77
    With the latest app upgrade I lost access to previous digital editions that were included with my subscription. I have subscribed to both print and digital versions unlike what is noted within the app. I now have to pay to unlock previous editions. Not cool. Please fix.
  • My subscription disappeared 1/5

    By Redheadgirl12
    Like other reviewer's here, I have been a digital subscriber for a few years. Recently all of my issues have disappeared and my renewal through Amazon has not been recognized. I don't want to spend multiple days dealing with customer support to try to get back what I already had. I will be canceling my subscription.
  • Go back to old layout 1/5

    By Me2x2
    I don't like the new layout. It's like a bunch of websites now. Pages load very slow and I really dislike all the scrolling as it's very clumsy. I won't be renewing my subscription.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By krfp
    I agree with previous reviews; this app has serious issues. I paid for both print and digital but it won't let me access the digital. Wasted a lot of time on this and I have just given up. Tried all of the suggestions from customer support and none of them work.
  • New update terrible 1/5

    By Physicait
    The new update is awful. Slower and more ads. Change it back please.
  • Hate the update! 1/5

    By Spooky141
    I've been a digital subscriber for more than two years. The latest update is hard to navigate, can't easily read and save recipes, moving around is not intuitive. Why oh why do the developer trolls feel the need to fix what isn't broken!? Fix it back!!!
  • Hate new ap 1/5

    By Irisheyes1524
    Hate the new version. Will not renew. Should have left it alone!
  • Stop! Don't download! 1/5

    By Rafael4
    Unable to log on at all. You will lose any previously purchased magazines even with an e account. They want you to pay in order to access them. I wish I could give no stars as a rating.
  • My subscription is gone! 1/5

    By Bewhales
    Update deleted my account. Like other reviewers the magazines have a price on them. When I try to log in it says wrong email or password. When I try to reset the password it says that I don't have a subscription with that email. The app needs to be fixed!
  • Ongoing issues 1/5

    By MA NJ
    As others have stated, with the latest update I lost my subscription and previous issues. However this is the 4th time this has happened. After 3 weeks customer service agreed to convert back to print version. Still previous versions are lost. I won't be renewing print or digital versions.
  • New Update is terrible 1/5

    By BrightBlaqkk
    The new update is horrendous. All of my downloads are gone. Then when I finally get them to reload I can't view seamlessly. Every page takes 30-45 seconds to load. Completely terrible. So, so upset.
  • Don't care for the update 2/5

    I've been subscribed to the digital and print versions of Food Network Magazine for more than a year and thoroughly enjoyed the digital version app that allowed me easy electronic access to all the recipes and articles. I would have given it five stars. The app has been updated recently and I've had to phone Customer Service twice to get my subscription reinstated. The page view that had scrolled across the bottom of the page was particularly useful, and that's gone. I find this update clumsy and uniquely NOT user-friendly. I won't be renewing my subscription.
  • Lost Previous Issues 1/5

    By BabyCakes621
    Update 7/17/17: I still don't have access to 3 of my previous issues. Still requiring me to pay for them. Don't know why they decided to update the app, was working great before. DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!!!!! With the current update, I am now required to pay for issues I already had paid for. I have been emailing everyday asking for help with no response. I will continue to do so until this is fixed. This is needs to be fixed asap. DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Newest version works! And customer service was very helpful 5/5

    By BuffieW
    After a few days of communication with customer service, my subscription has been restored and I was even given a few other issues a no charge. Thank you! Update! The new update is AWFUL! I've lost my subscription. Fix this now! I'm only allowed to view issues I've already purchased as a "free" 5 minute preview. I will not renew when it's time. I'm not thrilled. I can't get it to work on my iPad. I've done everything the app tells you to do and it's still not working. I called customer service, the guy was nice but couldn't figure it out so in 1-2 days I'll hear from a manager.
  • What? 1/5

    By Beachbumming
    All my downloaded issues are now needing to be paid for again?? What happened to free digital with subscription? Not much point in having the app anymore
  • Latest update ruined the app 1/5

    By PandaLeeGames
    Like with the HGTV magazine I had an active one year subscription and all issues were purchased. The update comes making the issues unreadable and it proceeds to delete all of my issues! No way to restore them and the support is useless! I had no problem cancelling my subscription though. Worst app ever thanks to Maz!
  • Update. No Bueno. 1/5

    By MrsRed99
    I paid for subscription and I've lost all my previous content. WTH!!!!
  • Lost My Subscription 1/5

    By Paulito521
    I bought a subscription, but after the update I cannot log into my subscription. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling. I've tried contacting support and haven't heard back. What a rip off!
  • I hate update! 1/5

    By Reba907
    I really hate the new update. If the page is touched in the wrong place, it goes to a listed index. It doesn't scroll correctly. Terrible. The sad thing is, the previous iteration was wonderful.
  • Bring back old format! Wishing I had stuck with print edition. 1/5

    By M'sfan17
    Update: I have had nothing but problems with the digital content. The issues I have already paid for are now requiring me to pay to access the content. Customer service is terrible. I have not been able to find a phone number to contact them, and the back and forth emailing has gotten me nowhere. Very frustrated. I have lost all the recipes I used to have. Should have stuck with "real" cookbooks. I used to love this app until the most recent update. There is no longer the ability to make a "shopping list", which was one of the best features. It also used to read more like the actual magazine, with each page being uniform in size. Now you need to scroll down on some of the pages, but not on all of them. As a result, some recipes don't fit entirely on one screen, which detracts from the apps practical use while cooking.
  • Update 6/28/17 2/5

    By Redd 2017
    So my app updated. Hopefully that solves the scrolling problem within my issues. I tried to restore my iTunes purchases with the update. No such luck. It still tells me I need to pay for previous issues. Come on food network....get it together!!!!
  • Can't see the whole page 2/5

    By Katfreak
    I don't know what happened, but I'm no longer able to see the entire page; the cover or any other page. I'm driving myself crazy thinking it's me. I deleted the app and reinstalled and it's still playing hide and seek. Then I see it's not just me. Why Food Network? Why? Why change a good thing? I'm not getting what I paid for. I have buy the magazine in order to fully enjoy what it has to offer. Please fix his r I will be forced to cancel my subscription. 😠
  • New Version is Awful!! 1/5

    By penuty
    Bring back the old version! Since the updated version, doesn't work on my iPad , and it keeps crashing. Very Disappointed!
  • New version crappy 2/5

    By PeopleRsad
    New format is buggy. Unable to go to recipes from the visual ToC
  • New version is awful! 1/5

    By Infectious Jen
    This used to be such a great app, but the new release has ruined it! It is no longer user friendly. They got rid of the shopping list feature which is a big disappointment. Some of the pages require you to scroll down so either A) the recipe doesn't fit on the screen or B) there's multiple recipes in one long scroll.
  • It could be great 2/5

    By 2be_
    I love the magazine and I love the recipes! The app however not so much. It crashes constantly. I downloaded the April 2017 issue and every single time I tried to open it it crashed. Please fix this.
  • Food Network magazine 😍 5/5

    By Mlpickering514
    This magazine has everything that I need and plus food recipes that I need to try. I'm loving food network magazine
  • Not worth it!!! 1/5

    By Lg4587
    This app is more hassle then it is worth! I love the magazine but hate the clutter. I thought this would be a good alternative but I have to delete. and re-install the app every time I want to download the new issue.
  • March 2017 Issue 2/5

    By Johnson4305
    What happened to skipping straight to the page from the Recipes Contents pages?
  • EJ 1/5

    By Prhome
    Worst app ever Does not work The fix of "reinstall and try again" is a waste of your time. It does not work Seeking refund on magazine now

Food Network Magazine US app comments


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