foodpanda - Food Delivery

foodpanda - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 23.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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foodpanda - Food Delivery App

foodpanda – food and more, delivered Craving something delicious from your favorite restaurant? Forgot to pick up the shopping on your way home? We deliver food and groceries in a flash. It’s our mission to bring everything you want, need or crave right to your door, whether it’s a meal from your favourite local restaurant or same day grocery delivery and cleaning supplies. Download the app to check if we're in your city Our app is crammed with the greatest food experiences in the world. Hungry for wood-fired pizza, a classic burger or super fresh sushi? We know the best food for every cuisine that your city has to offer. foodpanda is the best food delivery service in your city – so take the first bite and download now! Plus there's grocery home delivery Missing milk? Batteries? Detergent? Order from thousands of products with shops on foodpanda. It's online grocery delivery without the wait. Choose your favorite shops for everything from groceries to drinks to health to pharmaceuticals and even electronics. How it works First, enter your address (home/office/treehouse). Then, choose your favorite restaurant or shop and place an order. They prepare your items and, once they’re ready, our courier brings them to you. If you need something to watch, you can track your rider in real-time. Just sit back and enjoy. What makes us special Whether you’re looking for the biggest brands or your favorite local restaurant or shop, foodpanda works with the best spots near you. Pizza or sushi? Groceries or gifts? Whatever you’re after, our rider will be at your doorstep with a smile, while you save time to do something else you love. Talk to us If you’ve ordered with us before, we want to know what you think. Give us your food thoughts/confessionals. Email us at [email protected] For more info visit:

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foodpanda - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Decent app but bad business practices 1/5

    By SeaMonkey1976
    The app works okay but the company seems terrible. The orders are usually late with no option to talk to anyone but your driver. At best they give a voucher for future purchases which is good but I’d rather just get my food in a timely manner. A free drink doesn’t help when all my food is cold everytime.
  • 希望可以提供现金找零服务 4/5

    By Jessiematthew88
  • Watch your food go for a ride around the city 1/5

    By Romance5555
    These guys always combine multiple deliveries with the implied multiple stops whenever you order during peak time. Food is cold and soggy by the time it arrives. No option to pay more for direct delivery. Customer service is non-existent, especially between the time you place an order and the time it is delivered. Grab does it way better.
  • Worst help center and support system I’ve ever seen 1/5

    By George3159
    I had an issue with my grocery order. I reached out to help center and the agent asked me to capture a photo. But each time after capturing a photo in the preview screen the use photo button would not work. I tried to explain this to the agent but they just shut me off saying cannot proceed without image. I have another phone so I thought I’d try with that one. I tried and was able to send the photo but the agent escalated the issue to some specialist team who’d get back to me by 24 hours! Later I reached out to another help request for the same problem and able to provide photo with the second phone I have. That agent also escalated the issue to the specialist team! And it seemed the agents are in a rush. They’d merely give me any time to explain my point! Today I’m super frustrated with foodpanda. I would try my best to avoid them as it’s hard to get any support once you face any problem with your order.
  • Awful customer service 1/5

    By EZfuqinE
    Our order was over an hour late, I talked to 2 representatives that were 100% bots, not people and gave useless answers, refused to cancel and refund the order, actually offered to cancel the order without a refund, then about 2 hours late, the restaurant actually canceled the order. I’M HUNGRY 😭
  • Location tracking 1/5

    By neoPHITEing
    How come there is no way to turn off the location tracking on the back end. Foodpanda app is not showing up on the location services under the privacy menu. Please stop tracking my location when I turn off the app!!!!!
  • Horrendous app with worse drivers 1/5

    By Limz217
    Delivery folk they employ are all pathetic scum. No vetting process whatsoever. Tips default to give to these drivers after their latest update. Won’t be using this anymore. Panda pro and still require delivery fee payment. Useless service
  • Poor App...very very slow. 1/5

    By Momal Naz
    Even using on apple,,its extremely slow,,though m using the fastest internet and device...time effort energy waste,,,even with the discounts its not appealing to me,,because of energy and headache...the fonts are poor,,very very slow app..poor pathetic.
  • This company steals money 1/5

    By Chalkfields
    I placed an order with Kuya J using Foodpanda and was charged $5 for an item I ordered but did not receive. When I submitted a picture of the food we did receive and an explanation about the discrepancy, Foodpanda said there was nothing they could do about it. Use Grab or another delivery service when ordering food, because Foodpanda steals money.
  • Messed up orders 1/5

    By Kevin836182
    Really terrible system. I’ve faced so many issues I never had with Grab. Foodpanda pretty frequently: late and slow delivery, orders got taken by other drivers, spilled foods… so much time wasted
  • Useless for US numbers 1/5

    By corporatedude
    The system only allows the users to mobile users/phone numbers which starts with +63 and does not allow +1 registration. What’s more dumb about this is that the app allows you to enter a +1 number, but customer support tells you you can’t. What in the actual F.
  • Piece of garbage app 1/5

    By Julybabye
    Tried to use app in Thailand as it was recommended by locals for ordering food. Don’t even bother downloading it- it won’t allow you to place an order without confirming your telephone number, but it won’t accept a USA phone number. When I tried to use the number for our Thailand hotel, it wouldn’t accept that either. We spent like an hour going through all the restaurants and then choosing what we wanted with special directions, etc. All for nothing. Don’t waste your time.
  • Nem tudok rendelni 1/5

    By Mancshipo
    Amikor kéri hogy a helyemet adjam meg bárhol vagyok bent Csepelen vagy Dunaharasztin akkor azt mutatja hogy nem szolgálnak erre a helyre de pár hónappal ezelőtt meg jó volt
  • Stop supporting at iphone 7 1/5

    By Rezwan khann
    U guys should fix the bug always shows that doesn’t support your device
  • Scammers 1/5

    By faisalll1989
    Scam app. Never pay with card on this app. They take payment and never deliver the food. When I tried contacting them they just hang up. I bet they are selling card details on dark web. Pathetic people running a pathetic business.
  • Bkash issue 4/5

    By iftekher mithu
    Pls add an option to pay using single bkash number to several accounts. Currently I can’t pay using my bkash, since my bkash number is used in my spose’s food panda account. Thank you
  • Junk company, liar company 1/5

    By Foodpanda's family died.
    Both riders and customer service treat customers as fools. No food, no refund, bad attitude. I don't want my money now, so you can use my money buy some graves for your families.
  • Used to be a great service 1/5

    By Aimee BF
    Waiting for 2 hours after an order was picked up to receive cold, smashed pizzas is ridiculous. And then only given a 20 baht voucher on a 475 baht order is beyond insulting. I have canceled my Pro membership and will use other companies in the future. The delayed deliveries have only gotten worse. Hopefully they can get back to being a decent service. But for now I would recommend using someone else.
  • Sawwwar App 1/5

    By Ariyan8373
    Sawar App! Card use kore payment kora jayna!
  • useless money grab 1/5

    By z587547a6753s4795
    never listen to customers, constantly get orders wrong, never a satisfactory outcome with them or their representatives. horrible disgusting waste of space money stealing app.
  • Disappointing Service 1/5

    By Mabdu123
    They took my money, cancelled my order yet kept promising delivery. I waited double the promised time (100 minutes), called the restaurant who told me the order was cancelled. I contacted Food Panda chat, who didn’t have any answers. Asked for Customer Service email address to send my complaint in writing, and wow! Food Panda doesn’t have a Customer Service email! I asked for an address to send my complaint through Snail Mail, and the Chat agent dropped my chat. And yes, they’re gonna keep my money for a week.
  • Foodpanda scammers 1/5

    By Foodpaanda scammer
    You may waste your money, even you didn’t get your order you still need to pay. They don’t refund you. Never order foodpanda. It is wonder how they still do their business in Singapore.
  • Bad Panda In Pakistan 1/5

    By Zareen Khan
    What a pathetic excuse of a delivery service courier app that tries to impress you with a little pink panda. Behind all that is a poorly managed app that will hire any dunce with a motorcycle to deliver your food. You are better off just deleting the app if you are using it In Pakistan and save yourself the trouble instead of waiting for almost (OR MORE THAN) an HOUR for cold spoiled food. *fun fact pandas used to be endangered, but not anymore* BUT FoodPanda In Pakistan should be extinct.

    Please bring back PayPal payment method back!
  • Good service 5/5

    By karachistreetfood
    👍fast service, reliable
  • Too late for delivery. 1/5

    By mehedi751
    I would give -1 review. I placed order from mirpur 13 but rider has delivered me food from 60 ft and took more than one and half hour and very poor communication.
  • 😡 Stole my money, no service 1/5

    By jingai
    Charged me first no order and charged me again. Talked to their support. Their support said nothing about refunding me and then they ended the chat on me and wouldn’t let me even rate as their system said they would, because I would’ve rated them fail. Use Grab instead do not use foodpanda.
  • Good job 5/5

    By Lwann Su Wai
  • Refund policy is terrible 1/5

    By Torysad
    This app is completely useless, in Cambodia it’s take up to 30days just for a refund.
  • Food Panda stole my money 1/5

    By teed12345
    Food panda is by far the worst food delivery experience I have ever had. I just installed their app to give it a try. My first order with them arrived late. After paying (and tipping) the driver, I took the food to my apartment only to find out that two items were missing!! I ran back outside to catch the driver but he had already left. I promptly contacted customer service to report this and their response was literally “We’re sorry you had a troubling experience and we hope that next time will be better, goodbye.” They did not offer a refund or a credit. They didn’t even offer to redeliver the missing items. They literally stole my money ( I paid for items that they did not deliver)!! I even tried writing an email to their corporate customer service who told me that no refund or credit will be given and “better luck with your next order.” I am appalled by how awful this experienced has been. I strongly urge everyone to stay far far away from using Food Panda!!!
  • Service degraded a lot in Bangladesh 1/5

    By AhmedTanvir
    App shows delivery within 2 minutes or anytime now, but order doesn’t get delivered. Now a days it takes more than 1 hour to deliver food. People lose appetite when they wait such long time. Also, then deliver cold food for delay. Worst!!!
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Angel Linn
    Worse customer service ever
  • Love love panda! 5/5

    By pcbodo
    You guys are awesome. But can I suggest one thing, please allow international credit card or debit card to pay. Life made easy that way. Especially to those who is abroad and wanting to shop groceries for their families back home. I can’t say enough about the exceptional service, the riders you are appreciated and will always be respected for your prompt and above and beyond customer service. Keep it up! May god bless you all. Stay safe when riding. Your life matters.
  • Thailand anti-foreigner app 1/5

    By humblethorn
    Cash only for foreigners - this app will not take credit cards from overseas. Use GRAB or LINEMAN when in Thailand for a more ex-pat friendly experience.
  • Late deliveries 1/5

    By omershahid77
    Food panda was one of my favourite app to order food but for the past few months they never deliver your food on time. I mean domino’s is famous for fast delivery and yet last night it took 2 hours for the panda rider to get my food from phase 5 to askari 11. And yesterday I couldn’t even cancel my order because their was no option to cancel the order in the app. I had paid via credit card so i had no choice but to accept the 2 hour old cold pizza. Never using food panda again. Will directly order from restaurants now.
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By hisoka and Gonnnnnn
    I can’t enter my location I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times
  • Remove tip option 1/5

    By Honest_review101
    From our country’s perspective this doesn’t fit into our culture.Big corporate like foodpanda should pay their employees from their own budget
  • Order received but not delivered 1/5

    By Mirza (from Minneapolis)
    This is a horrible app. I tried it twice, and now I am done with it. There are no live or real-time updates on your order. Last night our big order was delayed by 1.5 hours. Today the restaurant never even got the order after 2 hours! We cancelled and ordered the food from the restaurant directly. Hate this app. Will try Grab next.
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By rafidr47
    Had trouble opening an account then they refuse payment method
  • Got worst with update 1/5

    By AieFrei
    I am unable to view order history, my pro plan is not showing on my profile and it won't let me order.
  • Good 👍 5/5

    By Rifat066
  • Food 5/5

    By Tasmiah_12
  • No forget email option 1/5

    By jobayerjim9
    I have only 1 mobile number. I forgot my email for that phone number. As they allow 1 account for 1 phone number i cannot login with my that number. Very poor UX
  • Rider Contact 1/5

    By tm014
    The chat box sometimes does not show/load the communication with the rider, this is very frustrating!! I expected a standard app from foodpanda.
  • Very poor time estimates 1/5

    By Joe Blubaugh
    The time estimates are very inaccurate, which makes it difficult to plan meals. Sometimes a “15 minute” delivery takes 90 minutes, like today, and the best they give you is 4 SGD voucher. Other days a delivery set for a specific time may show up an hour early. So by seven my food has been sitting out over an hour. My driver recently said “schedule your meals 3 hours in advance and nothing will be amiss.” Pretty sad. On busy days food panda should be able to adjust the estimates so you can be realistic. I could have walked out and had two lunches in the time it took simple beehoon to be delivered.
  • Wont let me verify my number 1/5

    By Thisgamesuckslikeheck
    Doesnt tell me whats wrong. Number is correct
  • Garbage App do not download 1/5

    By AceVentura003
    I downloaded app to order food it asks for my location & when I hit confirm nothing happens even though my settings are correct! Deleted!
  • Buggy, poorly designed UX 1/5

    By Eekypooh
    For the last 5 days I have not been able to place an order in the app - error msg: an unexpected error has occurred. Crazy that it’s been 5 days and still not fixed.
  • My love my foodpanda 5/5

    By Fahmid Sithil
    Awesome customer service…I really thankful to foodpanda… they make my day special… I love you foodpanda