Foot Locker - Shop Releases

Foot Locker - Shop Releases

  • Category: Shopping
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  • Current Version: 5.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Foot Locker, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Foot Locker - Shop Releases App

Calling all sneakerheads! The Foot Locker App is your link to FLX rewards, classic kicks, hot launches and more. Join FLX and get rewarded • Earn points across all of our brands • Free standard shipping with no minimum • Redeem XPoints in the rewards center for exclusive products, experiences and even gift cards • Receive a special birthday gift • Take advantage of member-only sales and events • Access to special gift with purchase promotions • Receive Head Starts on many of the latest releases just by being an FLX member! • Plus, as you move up in status you will receive even more rewards Get Dibs on new releases • Keep track of all your reservations with the new My Releases feature • Receive Head Starts just for being an FLX member, join today to improve your odds at scoring a reservation • Know what's next with the Release Calendar • Get notifications on hot new releases before others by opting in to push notifications Shop • For the latest heat in footwear and clothing • Browse your brand: Jordan, Nike, adidas, Reebok, and more • Find your nearest shop with the Store Locator • Scan your credit card right in the app to streamline the checkout process • Access My Account to save your payment and shipping info for faster checkout. • Learn all about the latest in sneaker culture and sneaker news Shop Foot Locker anytime, anywhere!

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Foot Locker - Shop Releases app reviews

  • app is always broken 1/5

    By 1M1F1P
    can’t log in 95% of the time… much less sign up for releases… MUCH LESS actually win releases.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Dpla.Har02
    Sat and refreshed the screen for shoes to drop at 9am and the app said; “not available until 9am” until I refreshed one more time then it said out of stock. There no way real people can buy out thousands of sneakers and all their sizes in .01 seconds. Stop the bots!!!! Please!!

    By Megatarrs
    This app is a waste of space, ALWAYS have issues it logs you out constantly then you can NEVER log back in. Don’t even waste your time.
  • Issues 1/5

    By Vvvasia
    App won’t let me put in any raffles. Always says request error. It’s been like this for months now!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kingjamison
    Can’t even log into the app to enter raffle. Been trying since December still doesn’t work. Terrible app!
  • Not allowing me to login 1/5

    By R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S
    I created a new account and when trying to sign in it keeps telling me invalid email or password when I just made the account and double checked everything to make sure it’s correct. And I tried sending a password reset link to my email, and it is not sending the link to my email which I know is correct. I tried to make another account with my other email, however it says an existing one already exists with the number I used for my first account. So if my account exists, why isn’t it letting me in, and my info is correct. I always double check and my email and password was identical to what I’m using to sign in and it won’t let me. Plz fix this.
  • By far the worse app 1/5

    By churchman11
    I wish i could give this app a -5 stars. Its logs me out every other day, i havent been able to log in in weeks. Its slow, its buggy, and the UI is terrible. Company makes waaaay too much money to have this crap app
  • App Down 1/5

    By Yabuu
    Will not allow me to login with my credentials on the footlocker app for iPhone but could log in with no issues on the web…
  • Trash 1/5

    By ckjavkson15
    This really deserves a 0* but unfortunately, that is not an option. Over a period of several months, I have frequently found shoes that show up in their system in my size, but when I try to add them to my cart, I get an error message. As a one off, I can maybe understand a glitch, but when it happens repeatedly, it shows there is a huge problem. It is very frustrating to find a pair of shoes you have been looking for and get your hopes up, only to have them crushed by the inept team at Foot Locker. I am not talking about the raffle, I am talking about shoes that just normally show up in their system. At least with the SNKRS app I know what I am getting into. Foot Locker is just the place of broken dreams where happiness goes to die. Do your self a favor and use any other app/company.
  • Better chance at winning the lottery! 1/5

    By Rigomortis960
    Good luck trying to get a shoe on here. If you don’t have a bot I’d suggest you don’t even try. Sure you might get lucky on a raffle but the majority of this app is botted like crazy 🤖
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Djones0218
    What was the point of entering those sweepstakes giveaways if you were just going to get rid of the prizes. Didn’t care about the console because i know I have a slim chance but I actually wanted shoes and I didn’t even get notified if I won or not.
  • Flex is trash 1/5

    By sneakersover50
    Fix your app!! I can’t confirm wins if your apps never work!! Flex app is absolute trash. Couldn’t even shop for Christmas gifts…
  • Trash 1/5

    By Koko12chanel
    This app is below sea level. It’s constantly kicking me out, I never win raffles, every shoe I click on, the app spins and then gives me an error message. They seriously need to fix this trash they call an app. I can barely search for a shoe let alone try to place an order.
  • Worst Service 1/5

    By greatwrld
    I recently ordered a pair of crocs from there and it hasnt even been shipped yet is almost been a month. I tried contacting footlocker but I haven’t gotten no updates or no responses. And now my account somehow doesnt work anymore and i yet still havnt gotten a refund. Worst customer service ever.
  • Broken app 1/5

    By jdonato22
    Do not even try to use this app until is fixed, it is completely broken
  • The worst app 1/5

    By Perry Farrell's cousin
    Can’t log in. Get in the raffle but it won’t let you log in to check the results. Did the live chat and got the runaround.
  • The worst shoe app 1/5

    By donovan marquis
    This app is always crashing and blocking me from using it. One time it even took my items out of the cart and then re-added them and charged me double the price.
  • App always crashes 1/5

    By Coco-Spider
    I’ve used this app for years and it’s always been the same outcome. It crashes, especially during shoe releases. It’s almost impossible to sign in with your account. Possibly the worse shoe app on the App Store. Buggy and unusable for the most part.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Mysz Meko
    This app continuously logout me out. Signing in over and over while getting an error message so many times is annoying. It literally takes multiple times trying to login. This app is the worst.
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By geraldough
    Broken ahhh app
  • Terrible 1/5

    Every time I try to sign up for a sneaker. It says T000. I deleted it. Reinstalled the app. Updated it. I can’t do anything. It’s so frustrating and this has been going on for months. The app is worthless.

    By Twitch user
    I warned you!! Do not make an account. You will be forever stuck with a foot locker account. Customer service is rude. They end chat in the middle of our conversations and will not assist at all with deleting account. Bots have ruined this app so do not download this app if you’re wanting to win sneakers. Terrible terrible app.
  • Just throw the app away! 1/5

    By Tianau
    This app has become the WORST! I’m getting more “got em’s” on the SNKRS app now before this app. & we all know how hard that is. I received notification that I won a raffle and selected the location to pick up my shoe. All of a sudden the app starts loading and it took forever to load, so I refreshed the app & then it says I’m on the “waitlist”. WHAT?! I reach out to their even worse customer service(texting service) and still no response to this day! Cancel account and DELETE!
  • Good luck getting your shoes 2/5

    By Miyagi sama
    I’ve been using the app for a few months and unfortunately I’ve never been able to actually place an order. Shoes are constantly unavailable or if the website shows them as available the cart is emptied when paying. Called and chatted with agents about it and still no resolution. I was told that it was actually available and to try again on the website. I did and had the same error. Just a poor customer service experience across the the board for me.
  • Terrible App/Bonus points (FLX) DOES NOT WORK! IT’S A SCAM 1/5

    By E.J. Foo
    App does not work!! Order over $300 never got my FLX points. Said my account isn’t being shown but I’m still receiving emails. They sent it to their IT group and was told they would fix and get ahold of me. Almost a month and still nothing. I did receive my packages but their loyalty points is TERRIBLE!! Sticking with Finishline. NEVER HAD ANY ISSUES! Loyalty and customer support is 100 times better!
  • Constant crash 1/5

    By HorHey_Irene
    Can’t even register for releases. Keep getting signed out. This app is trash, need major major improvements. Deleting now.
  • App crashes to much 1/5

    By Bmancillas
    Crashes way to many time especially on big drop days won’t even let us log on.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By footlocker is no goood
    How are they such a big company and cant even keep their app fixed. Always logging me off my account and on big drops it always starts acting up. Always very slow to load aswell
  • Can’t even sign in!! 1/5

    By cheek216
    I’ve been trying to sign in for hours and I keel getting “request failed” please fix it!!!
  • 👎👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By NANDOSJ10
    I’ve been trying to get into different drawing in the past month and a half and it keep giving me error T00…..(Whatever the F””” that means). This is one of the many reason I never shop at Foot Locker. I’ll rather shop straight from Nike Or Adidas App cause they have their stuff together. Keep up the great work Foot Locker 🤮
  • Fee for footlocker???? 1/5

    Since when did you have to pay to download footlocker? Y’all the worst shoe company ever. I wish I had a choice to give zero stars!!
  • Hot garbage 1/5

    By goonlord47
    Way too many glitches, have to try to sign in twenty different times and when entering a raffle the app glitches or give an error message
  • Trash 1/5

    By let me change payment
  • crAPP 1/5

    By @dbks_daddy
    This app is cheeks. Can’t even log in. No way it’s a 4.7. 0/5 is my honest score.
  • You won’t get your shoes. 1/5

    By santanabubble
    I ordered my shoes 11/19/2022 and it is now 12/8/2022 still no shoes. Fed ex said the label was created but the item was not ever given to fed ex. I tried to do a refund and was on hold with customer service for a half an hour just for them to say they couldn’t understand what I needed and I had to start all over. Worst app do not download or waste your money. I also have not been able to log back into the app with it saying request failed try again later and it is not a password or wifi issue since I already checked for both.
  • Location 1/5

    By B Chatman
    Can’t turn on location to reserve new releases . Every big release always has a issue .
  • Raffle 1/5

    By Bflye
    I’m not able to raffle for any releases
  • Best shoe app 5/5

    By animefangachatrash
    This is the best shoe app out there it has great prices and real shoes recommend
  • It always signs me out 1/5

    By @Milf_95bunny
    Wtfffffffff! It so annoying always signs me out n I can’t sign back in for my raffles
  • The app is always down 1/5

    By km1nt
    I’ve realized that the app is always down (like every day 💀)
  • Just go to the store 1/5

    By UCE ANT650
    Steady logging me out of my account for no reason. There’s always some sort of error or something with this app…shows that the shoe size is available but when u try to add it to your cart, an error pops up…
  • Worse app ever!!! Always signs me out on releases. 1/5

    By MrAnonymousX
    Want to get the jump on exclusive kicks? NOT ON THIS APP! Want to check your order status? NOT HERE! Want to get signed out over and over again and get a error message to TRY and log back in? RIGHT HERE BABY.
  • Trash app error after error 1/5

    By Ty277
    What a trash app, when a shoe drops and you try to add to cart it just says an error over and over again. There is not bot protection on this app. It’s complete trash. What a waste of time.
  • Fail 2/5

    By fnf21
    Ever since the jordan 1 release I have more been able to enter raffles for shoes.
  • The attitude of the clerk 1/5

    By @ejkskska
    It shows that your store is very crotch. Chatting with other shop assistants in front of customers, making eye contact, not packing well, and then going to chat with other customers. It can be seen that the quality is average and the attitude is really poor. Hope to improve
  • Never works 1/5

    By STGDce
    Can’t login, and always shows stock on items that are out. Just errors all the time. Useless app.
  • Would give -5 stars if possible 1/5

    By lostmeasacustomer
    If the product is not available the item should say sold out . Stop letting employees back door shoe sales.
  • This app doesn’t work 1/5

    By darelliona
    Every time you buy shoes they just cancel your order you can’t buy shoes here
  • Customer service and app needs improvement 1/5

    By coinbase customer
    Called to see if they can check my account by my mobile number because I didn't create an account. Now I can't create an account using my accurate information.