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  • Current Version: 3.4.5
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Foot Locker App

The Foot Locker App is your source for all things sneakers. • Quick and easy shopping of the latest footwear and apparel at Foot Locker at your fingertips. • Shop the hottest brands like Nike, adidas, Jordan, Champion, and adidas Originals. • Stay ahead of the game with the Release Calendar. Add reminders to your own calendar to never miss a drop of the hottest kicks. • Enable push notifications for your chance at new shoe releases as soon as they go live. • Launch Reservation gives you a chance at reserving the hottest sneakers for in-store pickup the day they release. • Become a Foot Locker VIP! As a Foot Locker VIP, you can access your account, track your order status and spending, check your rewards, and stay up to date on hot shoe releases. • As a VIP, you will be sent exclusive offers including an annual birthday discount and early access to sales. Platinum VIPs are automatically upgraded and receive additional rewards to use on purchases as well as access to exclusive events and giveaways. • Get an in-app VIP card to scan in stores. • Find the nearest Foot Locker stores with the Store Locator. Shop Foot Locker anytime, anywhere!

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Foot Locker app reviews

  • Cannot use filter 1/5

    I was looking for shoes using the filter, but the app never gave me results. Please work on the app.
  • Won’t show anything 1/5

    By msbxdiva
    This app does not work. It does not show anything the page is just blank. Can’t view sneakers, clothes etc
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By dr_brobbey
    This is app is simply terrible in all seriousness.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Shenere White
    Absolutely the worst app have experience 2018/2019 I can’t never find what I’m searching for, it always say “ no results “ the old footlocker version was WAY better . Also when I order my VIP points does not appear within 48 hrs . This app needs some serious improvement!!!!!
  • Hate app and vip club 1/5

    By jay42179
    I’ve spent over 1000 in sneaker since joining this vip club the number that was giving I can’t assign to app and I have lost mad reward points not worth the headache and customer service even worst 5 calls and currently on hold for 14 min I guess they hope I hang up but no help car person a month ago said it was a system issue could take 2 weeks to fix waited a month and tried again nope still don’t work once was a loyal customer now will order directly from Nike now 17 min still on hold I’m done
  • Military discount option removed 1/5

    By SMITH A.R.
    Now that the military discount feature was disabled, this app is useless to me. This feature needs to be replaced ASAP.
  • Stop crying 😂 5/5

    By nunya bizz
    Look if you don’t spend at least $300 annually or don’t really ever shop there til it’s release time guess what, you ain’t getting the shoe more than likely. Shop their more often and put in the work to get the shoes want. It’s that simple. Talk in’ bout “I just won’t shop at FTL or it’s sister stores” lol. I hope you’re in my area and really go their with that. Love the app, love all the shoes I hit on. Stop being a cheap crybaby 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Real_Juice24
    I received the wrong shoes and it’s a struggle trying to get my money back. I was not given a return form and now it’s going to take 24 hours just for a return form through the email. Also I’ve been told they don’t have my shoes in stock so I can’t even get the pair of shoes I originally ordered. Right now I am very heated and angry with this company and can say that I refuse to spend any money there any more.
  • Something wrong needs to be fixed 1/5

    By NoOogah lzoOozah
    What’s wrong with Footlocker; they can't handle the online service?!!! Neither the app nor the website works properly. Both the app and the website keep failing to sign in then to purchase.
  • Footlocker 5/5

    By Nrdt3ck
    By far one of the best apps on the store a sneaker heads need that one app in this is that one app I run to when I want to keep up-to-date with my sneakers and Jordans etc. sadly there’s no way to add the sneakers to a wish list or favorites list so I can work on a collection would like to see more features soon.
  • I’m happy 5/5

    By Thaigerthao
    Many ppl tend to get mad when they don’t win a reservation.. u got to earn it.. I’ve been with FL most of my teenage year till now... and I never miss a shoes.. u want to be first? Then be loyal and they’ll be loyal back.. just my 2 cents
  • Need to update exclusive shoe process 1/5

    By Pastoroffering
    People are still losing to bots when it comes to getting exclusive shoes. This app is trash and pointless

    By MsAstrosFan
    I can’t understand what the deal is with this app. I’ve tried to login and it just keeps telling me that something went wrong. BS. I was trying to purchase the new Yeezys for my nephew, but the app kept crashing. Even the website kept crashing. Very disappointed in Footlocker not being able to manage a better app/site. Meanwhile, I’m sure all the boys got their hands on shoes.
  • Trash app. Don’t get it. 1/5

    By Dhdhdhdhdvdvdvdvd23
    If you’re looking to cop some limited release or just something fire don’t use this app. Apparently the app can’t take too much traffic. Forgot my account when I was alright logged in, then when I tried to log in it says account not available at this time. Plus I hear they don’t have anything to fight against bots, so don’t count on getting something from this trash app.
  • Worst app gets to get fix 1/5

    By ndjdbvdnslsm
    At first this app was working good and then logged me out and I can’t get back in keeps saying requests fail
  • Imaginen problem. 2/5

    By chucho13503
    The app has something wrong it doesn’t download the imagine has to fix that problem buddy.
  • Trash 1/5

    By ericdbright
    I’ve been trying to log in for a week. I reset my password, deleted and re-installed the app, and nothing. It tells me “Request Failed” when I try. I can access the mobile site just fine, but I can’t get in on launches without the app. Typical Foot Locker BS. SNKRS has us all spoiled, I guess. I’ll go back to Finish Line or Shoe Palace for my chances at limited releases.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Kdndjejckdnr
    You would think after months of people complaining they would fix something but they have done the opposite and not done anything at all for their customers so I’ve been using Finish line and Champs for my shoes. (I highly recommend Champs and Finish line)
  • Poorly working app 1/5

    By qmfynej
    Everytime I open the footlocker app the home screen never load up very irritating app
  • App doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By bmorecrful
    You can’t search for anything on the app!
  • Log on 3/5

    By Uuiuaaaabbnnddddduuu
    Please fix the problem where you have to log pretty much every time you use the app. It’s so annoying.
  • Please fix it 2/5

    By Skum Lord
    My app is not work😑
  • Awful. 1/5

    By mrstmhardnett
    I used previous versions of this app frequently. Now, it’s absolutely awful to use. Can’t find categories. Can’t find but a few kid’s shoes. Terrible.
  • Order History and Shipping 1/5

    By chuck4270
    You would think that it would be the logical thing to do. You can shop on the app and make purchases but you can’t view your order or shipping confirmations on the app. This should heave been one of the first things available. Nike has it, Under Armour has it. Why can’t Foot Locker?
  • F*** Nawl 1/5

    By sdfjkhdj
    f*** dis app
  • Regret updating 1/5

    By Super&NINE
    I finally updated my app even though after I updated my Footaction I had so many issues. Well now I regret updating as I continually have issues with logging in and getting access. I wish I could go back to the old version. Please fix! This is so frustrating
  • No kid shoes really. 1/5

    By Vason Varhoees
    Apparently you can’t order kid shoes via the app highly frustrating.
  • How do I remove things from my cart? 2/5

    By Alexandrialira
    Pls help
  • Needs Major Improvements 1/5

    By Corey Whiteside Sr
    I purchase in the store most of the time but decided to order on line I order about six pairs of shoes you bill me individual once the shoes became available that Wells Fargo thought was fraud. The store SKU are different in line and I’m always asked my email in-store but they aren’t connected this app can’t see or show me what I’ve already purchased or what I have on order once this app is a-line with the store thru email with orders and items purchased it will be unstoppable but until then 1 star is all it good for
  • Footlocker app is not user friendly 1/5

    By Dr3mendo
    This app is not user friendly and every time you try to register for new releases or vip it give you an error.
  • New app is as bad as old version 1/5

    By worstCUSTOMERserviceEVER
    Cant access rewards, VIP card, or spending status. Call the VIP customer service and they’re no help at all. Footlocker has had years to get this right and still cant. So lame.
  • If you wear a size 14+ launch reservations are pointless 1/5

    By Adrock1988
    It would have been nice to know this beforehand. What to do if a shoe reserved and the 3 stores you’ve chosen don’t have your size? The app let’s you reserve but when it comes to buying your SOL.
  • Needs an update my platinum status means nothing 1/5

    By Rellg23
    I’ve been a platinum reward member for a couple of months now the app still tells me to spend $100 to become platinum this is decreasing my opportunity on getting my shoe reservation I’ve been repeatedly lied to by customer service
  • Thy worst 1/5

    By never shopping with you again
    The app always crashes when new shoes come out and logs you out by itself every time I don’t use it for a day or so... this doesn’t make any since a multi million if not billion dollar company can’t get it right.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By rhs65760
    App crashes constantly always logs you out those has been going on for while now
  • Crashing Constantly 1/5

    By New Update1
    Every time there is a new release the app crashes. You would think by now the developers would be aware of the amount of people who try to access the app of hyped sneaker releases.
  • How do you ever win a reservation 1/5

    By Ghost435647
    I been trying all the time to win but have never won through the reservation launch. I rather show up to the store and pick up a raffle ticket over a system that always says next time.
  • Can’t ever log in to my account on the app 1/5

    By RebelRy09
    Ever since I downloaded this app, all I get is “request failed. Please ty again later.” Every time I try to log in. Making it impossible to do any launches or track my orders via the app. Very obnoxious and annoying. Website is bad enough on drops. Didn’t expect the app to be even worse...
  • Can’t even sign in and given up on this broke app. 1/5

    By Allidoiswin88
    HELLO McFly!!! ANYBODY IN THERE?? THINK FOOTLOCKER THINK!! Two months of reviews that people can’t log in and no one has any idea of what’s going on. Why make it so difficult to give you our money?! Isn’t the purpose to you know, sell some product? After I spend my rewards I’m going to go to an app/store I can actually use. 3 months back and forth with customer service did nothing. New password, invalid. Forgot your password, never receives email. Yes I checked the junk folder. Email is valid and active but still can log in to anything other than the desktop site. Can’t enter to reserve, can’t anything. It’s 2019 let’s clean these types of bugs up in our apps and software please!
  • I don’t understand 1/5

    By Kman
    I don’t understand how a company this large with so many resources can put out an app that is beyond garbage. I honestly have shopped at other shoe sites because of the need to login every time I open this app. I understand it takes time time fix bugs but this isn’t beyond that, this is ineptitude. Close the app or fix it. Please
  • Unbelievable... 1/5

    By Prettysei
    Several basic links don't work, especially when filtering. Pretty annoying. Also, the app is very limited in capabilities. I couldn't even check my order status through the app. I'm having these issues outside of the limited release window.
  • It won’t let me make an account 1/5

    By nikkinukka
    I’m trying to make an account but it won’t let me. I even did the robot test.
  • The App is Trash!! 1/5

    By Greggnice
    This app is terrible, on release dates all you get is blank screens! It sends you notifications and when you tap on it you get nothing!! SNKRS app is where I buy new release Nike products from, much faster and better success! I spend a lot of money with FootLocker, this app is no help at all!! This app really needs to be redeveloped!!
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By sneakerhead1218
    Every time there is a new release the app crashes so even if you are trying to get that release or not there is no point in getting on. Also I have to sign in almost every time I open the app
  • App Crashes Daily 1/5

    By rebecca925
    By far the worst sneaker app. Crashes daily or states request failed.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By benjifrankfrank
    The app is garbage it doesn’t let you create an account or anything and it gives you the run around they really need to do better your better off just going in the store
  • App issues 1/5

    By MF QUAN
    First of all I have been a fan of Footlocker and always shop there for my shoe needs. This app has some issues with the VIP system. I recently (2/14/19) downloaded the app while in the footlocker store for a head start reserve on a release. I did everything as directed, the employee helped me input whatever number or code to register and I thought all was fine. I made my purchase that day and left. Now upon picking up the sneakers I reserved and trying to use the coupon I thought I was entitled to is when I ran into the errors. My app will not display my VIP status but shows up on the in store computer. Very confused, I removed and reinstalled the app and still same problem. The employee at the store said I was entitled to a $20 discount on my next purchase of $50 or more but it does not show on my app. Everybody else in line that day used there phones to receive the coupon code I was also entitled to. By no means is $15 off a reason to bicker but my issue is I was entitled to this as well but because of the app not allowing me to become a VIP member until AFTER I left the store is surely an eye opener. When I open the app the option to become a VIP member is displayed but when I click it, it just says congratulations and freezes or an error occurred message shows. I believe the app needs some sorting out at least mine does.
  • ? 1/5

    By Mille8026
    Whether I’m on the app or the actual website, every time I try to look for kids sneakers I either get a message that no items were found, or two items come up. Women’s and men’s search is fine, it’s just kids.
  • Help please 1/5

    By Texas237
    Can someone please explain how to remove an item in your cart? I cant purchase anything without having to purchase unwanted items in my shopping cart. Any help is appreciated. I just spent 30 min on phone with customer service and they advised me to uninstall and reinstall. I did that and items are still in my cart

Foot Locker app comments

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