FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

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  • Current Version: 2.6.0
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  • Developer: Ford Motor Co.
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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers App

FordPass includes features such as parking, gas station suggestions and vehicle controls.   With FordPass you can: - Get vehicle health alerts. SYNC® Connect (1)-equipped vehicles can track fuel levels and get alerts when your Ford needs attention. - Find parking ahead of time in select cities. Search for parking by point of interest, city or address. - Call or chat with a friendly FordGuide. - Access Roadside Assistance. - Find: Easily discover gas stations, restaurants and more. - Move: Start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule starts¹ for vehicles with SYNC® Connect (1) with FordPass. Vehicle Controls Available on: 2017: Ford Escape, F-150, Fusion 2018: Ford EcoSport, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, Fusion, Mustang 2019: Ford EcoSport, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, Fusion, Mustang, Ranger, Transit Connect   The FordPass app may use tracking technologies like cookies and pixels that collect information identifiable to your device to let us know that you downloaded FordPass and about how you use its features. We use this information to better understand, customize and improve your FordPass experience, determine which features you use, develop new features, and to manage our advertising. Some tracking technologies on FordPass may allow third parties such as Facebook to collect or receive information from FordPass and other apps on your device to provide advertising services including helping us identify people like you that may be interested in our products and services and measuring the effectiveness of our ads. The technology may allow Facebook and other third parties to collect or receive this information even if you don’t have a direct relationship them (for example, Facebook may receive information about your use of FordPass even if you don’t have a Facebook account). You may learn about how to opt-out of this kind of collection and use of information for your browser by visiting , for your device by managing your settings, and for your social media accounts by managing your preferences in your account settings.

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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app reviews

  • Ford motor credit 1/5

    By possumfat7
    This is the worst app I’ve ever used
  • Has never worked 1/5

    By tobtab1974
    I have had my new car over a month. I have yet to be able to connect to the Ford Pass ap. Why do you have it if you won’t fix it?
  • A-Z Awesome / Amazing 5/5

    By Spacesosu
    An easy to use app offering an incredible level of convenience. I leave early AM for work and enjoy a warm & ready to go vehicle. Thanks Ford for “Keeping Owners your Priority”
  • Apple watch 2/5

    By rtimoteo
    Apple watch Ford pass app was working amazing good and now it doesn’t anymore. It keep saying “refresh” and doesn’t go through. Please fix it. One of the reasons I got my 2018 F150 is for this app on my iPhone and my Apple Watch.
  • Needs more work. 1/5

    By gusbaby2
    Nice thought with this app but it doesn’t even work half the time. Whether it’s failing to start the vehicle or failing to even load the app. Hire better app engineers.
  • Won’t even open now 1/5

    By PG13 Badguy
    Worked great last winter. My car was nice and warm by the time I got inside, now my butt gets to freeze for the first ten minutes I sit in my driver seat. Cmon and fix it already Ford!
  • To many glitches 3/5

    By JDman1234
    When the app is working it works great. But lots of times you open it and it says maintenance being done and you can’t use it. Or the other times I open it I need login again. I shouldn’t have to re login everyday!!!
  • Not so good 1/5

    By Matt stats
    Doesn’t really do all that much. Kind of a waste. Doesn’t work super well with Alexa.
  • Amazing service in all aspects... 5/5

    By treys truck
    I will never buy another vehicle but ford not just for the quality F250 platinum truck that I love next to my children (jk) but close and is the most amazing truck I’ve owned and I’ve owned over 30 cars and trucks in my life and I’m only 47 .. I want to thank the guys at Auto Nation ford Frisco for there impeccable service and attention to detail.. you guys have my busy for life !!!! Thanks
  • FordPass 1/5

    By 2018 F-150
    Trying to get FordPass to connect to my 2018 vehicle with sync3 and it’s not working and the directions are very unclear
  • Apple Watch app doesn’t work 2/5

    By PaWiCab
    The Apple Watch app almost never works. I also get signed out for no reason a couple times per week on my phone. Because I use a password manager to generate passwords, it means I have to go to another app to copy and paste my password to go in and use the FordPass app. Very inconvenient.
  • So slow...... 1/5

    By android400
    Overall the idea of the app is great, but the implementation is bad. It is quite slow and each update seems to make it slower..... For example they added the weather forecast in app, but it seems to slow it down as it now checks the weather when you open the app instead of just showing the car controls. Plus every time i hook up a trailer the app alerts me about the blind spot detection being disabled, i see it on the dash i don't need my phone to alert me as well, plus why does ford even disable the blind spot when a trailer is used, some trailers are small and will not set it off.
  • Not Very Good 1/5

    By Jerry in Detroit
    This app is undependable, extremely slow & tends to crash. If you’re relying on this for a remote start. Spend the extra money & have the dealer install one on your key ring. Ford needs to rethink this app.
  • Please FIX!! 1/5

    By Cas2211
    Spent WAY more than we wanted to on a brand new truck, part of the selling feature was the remote start via the app. This feature hasn’t worked for SIX months, along with find/fuel/anything related to the truck stats. Don’t worry, we do get the multiple recall notices still though. Seriously rethinking our Ford purchase....
  • Maintenance history 3/5

    By Groovy dude guy
    Would be useful if the vehicle maintenance history allowed the app user to record maintenance they performed. Limiting it to just what the dealer does tells an incomplete story.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By bbkhi
    Has Potential... currently won’t let me add a vehicle or look up a us address/zip code. Restricting it to Canada
  • App doesn’t respond 1/5

    By pprtrr
    Keep getting an error message that the app isn’t responding. Haven’t been able to use it yet.
  • So Very Very Slow 2/5

    By Timmh35777
    This app works for the most part but it is extremely slow. I can use the app to start my truck and it will take on average about 1-2 minutes to confirm it started, there is really no need for it to take this long. Visually I can see it started almost right away and then about a minute or two later I get confirmation....makes me question what data they are sending from my phone.
  • Needs a lot of work 2/5

    By Steke2u
    You need to click “I am not driving” while trying to remote start!? If I was driving I would not be trying to remote start! No feedback on app when you start or lock/ unlock. GMC app responds your vehicle has started or failed to start.... Ford no feedback you are required to open app and look at indicator or hold phone entire time waiting for a change in status. App is very slow to load - sometimes does not load. No usable long press function on app. Watch app never loads just sits in n half circle loading mode. No complications feature on watch... needs a lot of work to count on it as an everyday app!
  • Features that don’t work 1/5

    By KR iPhone user
    I’m not impressed by this app. There are several “features” that simply don’t work. The schedule service feature doesn’t work. Once a service is performed, the app still does not show the service in the service history record. There’s some others that don’t work, but frankly I gave up trying so I don’t remember the others. It did alert me to a recall before I got anything in the mail. But it still shows it in recall status even though it has been fixed. I’m not actually sure if these are dealer issues because they don’t know how to update it, but if an app is rolled out by a company, the employees should know at least a little about it.
  • Technical difficulties 4/5

    By Tut IV
    App works fine except hard to make changes because technical difficulties pops up all the time
  • My pass awesome 5/5

    Coolest thing I’ve ever seen
  • My car 1/5

    By pennygregory
    Hi I want to say can lock the car and unlock the but to start the car is in Possible I did bring to to ford they can not fix it I went on line they can’t fix it what do I don’t have extra 600 dollars to buy a car starter from Ford
  • Issues 1/5

    By fordjones
    This app locks me out on a regular basis and tells me my log in info is wrong, very disappointed because it's really handy when it works.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Connor557
    The app crashes every time I try to open it
  • Apple Watch 1/5

    By Cat 1234
    Fix the app on the the Apple Watch! Great idea, just never works!!
  • Automatic start 1/5

    By Lindaf513
    Very disappointing app. My last Ford Escape had a built in automatic start and the dealer convinced me I would miss it if I downloaded the Ford Pass. He was wrong. So far this first winter it has only worked a handful of times. More often than not it hangs there for 10 minutes then fails or in today’s case, just told me immediately it failed to start. VERY disappointing.
  • Remote start failure 2/5

    By titiffo
    Most of the time when the remote start says it started I go out and it hasn’t. Several times it takes forever to even start. So many issues when it should be as easy as pushing a button. Very disappointed so far.
  • Ford pass 1/5

    By Henrihno
    I’m sure the app is good but the last two days I can’t set up my new car app down
  • Pass Survey 2/5

    By Mike Gulvas
    I love the concept behind the Ford Pass app but it is not very robust at all. The app is frequently not available and the worst part is the slow responsiveness to picks. It takes far too long to move between selections in the app. Great tool but must become much more robust in it’s responsiveness. I hear this from almost every user as well. Please push for fixes fast. Thanks.
  • Always goes back to default 1/5

    By Skinner 32
    When I first bought my 2017 escape titanium, I was excited that you could start your car from the ford pass app, unfortunately after you go through all the trouble to make the settings in the car, as soon as you use the app, it goes back to the default. For example, I set my heat/ac, rear defrost, and driver/passenger seats to auto, meaning it can tell the temperature and adjust heat/ ac accordingly, I decided to use the app because the car was 4 blocks away, and I wanted it to be warm by the time I got there, well the seats were ice cold, when I went to look at the settings, they were turned “off” this is very disappointing.... please fix this!!!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By cheeseymadonna
    Every single day there’s an issue with auto start. This app is pointless as I waste time logging in time and time again after it logging me out just for the auto start not to work. Better off buying the real deal.
  • Worse by the day 1/5

    By Jay.medic2300
    Wow, your app has turned to complete garbage. Only works maybe half the time, constantly makes me re-sign in, frequently under maintenance. First-world problems to be sure, but when it’s a dealer-advertised feature it becomes very frustrating when it doesn’t work.
  • Platinum 1/5

    By Thorholtt
    System is buggy, it worked for 2 days then quit working, called support to find out their system is down, try again tomorrow, poor
  • Technical issues 1/5

    By Newton's Pomme
    If a feature isn’t working you are prompted to call a “guide”. The phone number goes to a recorded message informing you there are technical issues with the website. If you need to reset your password be prepared to camp out on your email waiting for a reset email. They are not sent immediately as in most other apps.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Jrymac
    So far it’s constantly under maintenance
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Jerzhome
    Frequently I will find my car never started even when the app told me it did. Also, the app often requires that I sign in again and set a PIN, as though I never used the app before. Finally, they do maintenance on the app in the middle of the day, blocking everyone from using the key fob features!
  • Lots of glitches 1/5

    By AllAmerireject8
    The idea of this is app is super helpful and handy - but the glitches make things SO inconvenient and worrisome. I have a timer set to start my car Mon-Fri at 8:10am so it’s warm in the winter before I leave for work. Today while at work, I checked my phone and have 37 notifications that my car started successfully between 10:10am-11:20am!!!!! I didn’t notice these until almost noon so when I went out to check my car it was cold again and I couldn’t verify (and neither could FordPass customer support/guide) if it actually started that many times. I’d also say about 20% of the time when I’d like to start my car in the middle of the day, I am unable to due to the app being “down temporarily”. This would be a GREAT app if it the autostart functionality worked better and any “down time” was communicated in advance - either by a pop up message or notification in the message center.
  • Works sporadically 2/5

    By baja_tex
    Come on Ford, get it together. This app very seldom works. Most of the time I get a blank screen or maintenance screen. This is super frustrating. It worked great until now. 😒
  • No longer reliable 2/5

    By SCLEV99
    After recent updates it takes a long time to load, sometimes does not have my vehicle registered and will not remote start. App maintenance and issues recently.
  • Like the function but... 1/5

    By WhyDissapointMe?
    Something happened with latest update. App constantly asks for login, takes 2-3 min to open, and has a ton of features that seem unnecessary. And now I have to log in almost Every. Single. Time. I. Use. It. Please fix. It is past “not useful” now. And as of 1/16/19 I get a message that “App maintenance is in progress.” None of the core (“useful”) functions like remote start, lock, unlock work but all the peripheral functions that I don’t think many people use (like find a gas station... that located 1 of the 8 stations near me). The app is not the reason I bought a Ford, but I initially found it useful and it’s problems are severely undermining any idea of loyalty I had. ****Get the app right before you launch it/update it or face diminishing loyalty to your entire brand. ****
  • Trying to Get Better 1/5

    By 2018 Escape
    So previously they would take the app down for maintenance without telling you. Now they notify you that maintenance is being performed and lock you out of the app. Great, oh but they don’t let you know maintenance is done and keep you locked out of the app. Had to delete the app from my device and reload the app to get back in. Need to work on what happens when maintenance is completed. They stopped posting reviews back in November because they probably only have negative reviews. GM does this with there vehicles and it works great. Ford should be ashamed of themselves for putting out a completely sub-par app. They stop supporting older phones with no notice and their app only works about 25% of the time. Constantly requires that the app be deleted and reloaded. Just a piece of JUNK Junk. Everyone working on this app should be replaced. They don’t know how to program an App
  • No good 1/5

    By Abjr2000
    When we need it, it does not work, in this cold in the morning to warm the car.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By abarr22
    Takes for ever to start car and won’t even unlock car in a timely manner it’s stupid
  • Please fix the Apple Watch support 3/5

    By tonesto7
    I don’t seem to be having issues everybody else has. For the most part mine usually works pretty good. The Apple Watch integration is awful as It never loads. Also please add support for Siri to start the vehicle just like you can with Alexa
  • Remote start 3/5

    By CM🐲
    The remote start doesn’t always work!!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By every name is taken of course
    For days I have been trying to update my settings. I sent an email to support and finally got a response. I have to submit all this random Info. Why make it complicated? FIX THE APP! I JUST bought this truck and was stoked to use this app. Every time I try to update my units of measure or profile it says “sorry were experiencing technical difficulties.” Ya think?!!! I have removed my vehicle, deleted and reinstalled the app. I MADE SURE I chose United States when creating my profile every time but nothing will update for me. VERY disappointing. Maybe one day someone will respond to my emails or Ford can get it together and create a better app. & for anyone wondering why I haven’t called? I HAVE good luck getting through or getting a call back like promised.
  • Much faster 5/5

    By ryanrands
    The speed of opening the app and sending commands to the vehicle is much faster in the last couple weeks! Keep up the great work.
  • Disappointing (Smartlink) 2/5

    By Knick_name
    The app is buggy and prone to crashing, and logs you out at random times. The reason I have the app is for smartlink, which is an afterthought with Ford. It takes entirely too long to get to the controls for the vehicle! It’s much quicker to just pull out your keys to remote start than it is to go through sub menu after sub menu, only to have a slow initiation. It also doesn’t support scheduled starts at this time, which was a big reason I purchased the smartlink. Everything I could find before hinted that it would be a feature, only to find out that doesn’t exist. If ford could integrate the smartlink features directly into the vehicle it’s installed in, rather than having to go into a separate menu, as well as add the scheduled start, that would go a long way in improvement. Other features such as HomeKit support would be great, too.

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app comments

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