FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

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  • Current Version: 2.8.3
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  • Developer: Ford Motor Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers App

FordPass includes features such as parking, gas station suggestions and vehicle controls.   With FordPass you can: - Get vehicle health alerts. SYNC® Connect (1)-equipped vehicles can track fuel levels and get alerts when your Ford needs attention. - Find parking ahead of time in select cities. Search for parking by point of interest, city or address. - Call or chat with a friendly FordGuide. - Access Roadside Assistance. - Find: Easily discover gas stations, restaurants and more. - Move: Start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule starts¹ for vehicles with SYNC® Connect (1) with FordPass. Vehicle Controls Available on: 2017: Ford Escape, F-150, Fusion 2018: Ford EcoSport, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, Fusion, Mustang 2019: Ford EcoSport, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, Fusion, Mustang, Ranger, Transit Connect   The FordPass app may use tracking technologies like cookies and pixels that collect information identifiable to your device to let us know that you downloaded FordPass and about how you use its features. We use this information to better understand, customize and improve your FordPass experience, determine which features you use, develop new features, and to manage our advertising. Some tracking technologies on FordPass may allow third parties such as Facebook to collect or receive information from FordPass and other apps on your device to provide advertising services including helping us identify people like you that may be interested in our products and services and measuring the effectiveness of our ads. The technology may allow Facebook and other third parties to collect or receive this information even if you don’t have a direct relationship them (for example, Facebook may receive information about your use of FordPass even if you don’t have a Facebook account). You may learn about how to opt-out of this kind of collection and use of information for your browser by visiting , for your device by managing your settings, and for your social media accounts by managing your preferences in your account settings.

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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app reviews

  • It worked great and now it doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By Akmgkvmfk
    I loved this app initially. Starting my escape from my phone, locking and unlocking from my phone. But now I can’t even click logon. I was somehow signed out and now the app won’t even let me sign in. I’ve deleted and added it back. Every trick you can think of I have done to no success. Don’t get too used to it.
  • Good, but not great 4/5

    By passingthroughreviews
    The app should notify you if your truck/car alarm is going off... i.e. break in. It would be nice if car/truck had a dash cam so you could see what is going on with your vehicle with the app.
  • Not Intuitive At All! 1/5

    By SRB Great Horned Owl
    A supreme struggle to set up my account most likely due to hyper security obsession on this developer’s part. Frustrating!
  • Dave0000..... 1/5

    By Dave0000.....
    The most complicated, user unfriendly app I’ve ever used. And then when you call customer service, particularly on the weekends, the phone just rings and rings and rings. Hey that’s Ford customer service.
  • Super slow 4/5

    By jaeyounj
    App has very good features such as remote start, lock/unlock. But this app is ridiculously slow when the app starts on my iOS, taking more than 15 sec. Even after the app started, it takes another 7-8 sec to wait for “I’m not driving” button to make sure the safety.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By WrknGirl
    I recently updated the app and now when I open it, the logo shows for 2 seconds and then the app closes. Please update!
  • Ford car 5/5

    By RIL Man
    It works bro good.
  • More security 2/5

    By jdfuh
    I really like the app and that I can lock and unlock my car from my phone. But I wish that there was a passcode in the app to access those features. I am worried that I am going to start the engine by accident or a kid will and I think an extra passcode step would protect against that. I keep my car in a garage so I think about that. I know that some apps (like bank apps) make you put in a password every time you open the app.
  • Need to fix this problem 1/5

    By 22jue
    I just bought a new ford truck and I cant use the app for anything cause there seems to be an issue with the app
  • Ford credit app 5/5

    By dana judge
    This app serves so much extra convenience I am truly grateful for!
  • useless 1/5

    By GodfatherJAM
    The service history details contain just categories, no specific details. Can’t change the incorrect color of one vehicle. Very difficult to change home dealer. No built-in feedback. And why can’t they keep support up for the vehicle health report?
  • Remote start doesn’t work 1/5

    By xzshcubfu
    Doesn’t work!!!!
  • App won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Trble4u19
    Tells me something went wrong and to contact them . Happens all the time . Guess I won’t use the app. Tired of calling
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Av229122
    Constantly signs me out and has me reset my password, only to say something went wrong. Having to call it in get it fixed is getting old.
  • Not working 1/5

    By 9667443098
    First off, i am so disappointed with everything for now after my latest Escape purchase. This app was working fine though incredibly slow on my iPhone 5. I just upgraded phones and now it won’t let me back in, I have had to reset my password many times and it keeps forgetting who I am and then I have to reset again. If ford is going to make everything about tech, you’d think they could make it right. It’s going to be real fun when I have to deal with transmission that is already going out after 6k miles. I miss my Volkswagen and what for used to be.
  • 2019 F150 XLT Regular Cab 4x4 5/5

    Just bought a new F150 after 13+yrs driving a 350. The technology in vehicles today is astounding, and the FordPass app was a bonus I was unaware of at time of factory ordering my F150. I opted out of remote start option, and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered with the FordSync I can remotely start my F150 anyways. This app has many more functions that are going to be helpful as the app will monitor tire pressure, mileage, and recommended maintenance services. A few more perks will be the ease finding fuel stations, parking, and many other traveling destination needs. I’m old enough to not like all the technology required these days, but I must admit, installing and navigating the FordPass app wasn’t difficult and I’m glad for this feature with Ford. BTW, thanks Ford for still making a regular cab long bed! All the other manufacturers are switching their lines over to the full cab short beds, which look nice, but are totally useless in home construction!
  • Not always reliable 1/5

    By Happily Eating 2Day
    Unfortunately since we got our car in February 2018, the app has been on reliable. Some days it starts on the first try, some days it doesn’t even start on the third or fourth try. And that’s even answering the little pop-up window that says I’m not driving. I just updated the app yesterday, March 20, 2019, and the app wouldn’t start my car four times this morning.
  • Remote start 4/5

    By Tobi M.D. S
    I love having the app on my phone, but think it’s pretty silly I can’t access the app if I haven’t downloaded the newest version. I don’t have any other apps on my phone like that. Sometimes I go to start my car and the app says I need the newest version to be able to do anything. Super inconvenient!
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Bh2006
    Absolutely useless. Service history never shows up. Dealer no help in using
  • Great app 5/5

    By boom4256
    Very nice to keep track of my pickup. A lot of information about it available right on my phone.
  • Great App 5/5

    First time using the App and it works perfectly on my Ford Escape! Thanks Ford. Finally a App that works !
  • Activation 1/5

    By Rocky F-150
    Still waiting to be accepted for activation! Been waiting for two weeks!
  • Horrible app, horrible customer service 1/5

    By FantasyJen
    About every other month usually after an update Fordpass completely logs me out and won’t allow me to log in with my thumb print. When I try to enter my credentials it tells me my username or password is incorrect. Thinking I was not remembering my username and password correctly. I copied and paste all info into my phone for future logins, but I still have had issues with signing in after an update saying username or password is wrong with a copy/paste. This same issue also happens when my husband logs in to check his vehicle info. The only way we’ve been able to get logged back in is to call customer service who then asks you all your information that you don’t normally know like the VIN of your vehicle and your exact mileage. Hello? This is info that I have under my FordPass App that has me locked out. I love my car and loved knowing that it had this handy app, but seeing as everything is linked to an app that won’t let you in half the time may be a deal breaker when it comes to renewing my lease. FYI my husband has noticed that if he just logs in the website and doesn’t use the app he has no problem with logging in.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Hauller
    Great and easy to use. Only want that I have is the ability to change climate controls when remote starting.
  • Worst App EVER! 1/5

    By Dianered
    Never works! Biggest piece of crap ever! And they want you to pay for this? Screw that! I’m buying a Dodge for my next car!
  • 2019 Ford Fusion SE 5/5

    By Shaay123
    Use this for my Ford Fusion it makes everyday life so much easier ❤️
  • Very disappointed 4/5

    By Kids First 1968
    Just picked up my new 2019 Fusion and was excited to have the FordPass app for starting my car. It took 30 minutes to just the app to recognize my car. Now it consistently says “FordPass App isn’t responding, please try again later.” And it will crash 50% if the time when I try to open it. I am using an iPhone X with the latest 12.1.4 iOS software. Please fix this app. The potential is amazing! UDATE: deleted and reinstalled the app. Then I removed the vehicle and traded it while at home where I was able to connect to WiFi. It connected the first time and now seems to work. I was able to start my car and lock/unlock. The Apple Watch app doesn’t connect though. 5 stars is the Watch app works. I will update this review again if something changes
  • Love the remote start 5/5

    By Aj2301
    Great app!
  • Latest update fails 1/5

    By katwomansz
    Used to work fine on iPhone 7 with my Fusion 2019. Shows the Ford logo then crashes and disappears. This started when they tried to include the Apple Watch. reference number is CAS-17213108. Escalated to research. Two updates have failed to fix this.
  • Great app 5/5

    By dpigme
    This ford pass app works I love being able to see where the car is and fuel tire pressure great truck great service thank u sunset ford
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By Charlie$ayS
    Just bought a new Ford Escape and this app complements it perfectly. Works every time and I use it multiple times daily. No errors or issues Alexa at home integration works 100% of the time too. Remote start schedules work perfectly too. I do wish I could adjust heat/ac within the app. Maybe it’s available on other vehicles and not my SEL trim level. We use Ford Pass to keep our vehicle running while we leave our Great Dane in the vehicle on warm and cold days. Auto climate control ensures it stays one temperature. Built in WiFi allows us to stream a multiple wireless cameras while it runs on auto start mode to monitor him while we are away from the vehicle. The one-touch button to add more run time to the remote start feature is slick. We take our dog everywhere so this is why we mention these features. We have a dog divider to keep him behind front seats, use child locks to keep him from opening back doors and FordPass locks out the ability for him to roll down windows. After starting FordPass we turn on the radio for him cause he’s spoiled and then lock it with the app, add time to auto start and walk away. I also got a notification in FordPass for a sensor fault and alarm went off notification which I thought was great as well. The sensor fault was due to 6” of snow on vehicle and the alarm notification was due to me exiting vehicle after using FordPass to remote start the suv. Neat stuff.
  • Not so useful 1/5

    By R. Old Man
    Just took delivery on 2017 Escape Titanium and was excited to have FordPass active. However it takes forever to start the car from the app. Ditto to turn the motor off. Ditto to lock/unlock the suv. Nice to see the fuel level. I think I'll keep using the key for remote start, etc. Today started a chat with guide who disconnected me before we finished. Now it won't start from the app at all. Pretty useless app. Update: latest app update now requires logging in and creating pin...over and over. It allows touch sign in, that works for one day, and then you start all over. I think that Ford should start all over and get it right. It's a great idea, poorly executed. Remote start continues to be starts one of three attempts has been my most recent experience. Update: I have removed and reinstalled this app for the last time. Possibly, in the future, Ford will get it right. But for now it is too frustrating to bother with. Update: With this latest update, I decided to try this app again. After the installation, and using it to start remotely (which was successful), FordPass again reset some settings from "AUTO" to "OFF" . This after days, and after removing the app from my iPhone, when the settings were retained as i had selected. No question the app is the problem. So, i am again removing it from my phone. Very frustrating and disappointing. Update: After several months of the remote start system resetting some settings, and a dealer who was unable to solve the issue, it turns out that Fordpass was the reason. After deleting the app the remote settings for heated steering wheel and seats now retain their "AUTO" settings rather than resetting to "OFF". Yet another problem with this app. Update: So I tried it again after the May 24 update and discovered that even though I had removed this app long ago there were more than a dozen messages about brake issues along with a sales message. Brakes are fine btw. So my Escape Sync Connect has been communicating with FordPass while not resident on my iPhone or iPad. My next step, I guess, is to do a master reset of Sync 3. Hopefully that stops this nonsense. Of course I immediately removed the app yet again. I realize I need to stop wasting my time with this frustrating app. Update: Okay, I just had to try this app yet again as I wanted the Vehicle Health Report...which was available today. However the most basic functions of this app have still not been fixed. I enabled Touch ID, but when signing back in I had to enter user I'd, password and set up pin. Really? It took 4 tries before it started my Escape. After all these months, and multiple "updates ", it remains a faulty and unreliable application. Update: This latest update offers nothing new. It states that data usage from wifi hotspots is available. I cant find it. Turns out that no Ford product has a wifi hotspot capability. Any number of improvements supposedly added are rarely present. I just don't understand the basic incompetence with the developers of this app. They have had more than enough time to get this right. Frankly this is the only app that I regularly use that is issue prone, missing promises and exceptionally frustrating. Update: Finally remote start from the app is working consistently. Monthly vehicle health report completes successfully. I appreciate the improvements. Update: After more than a year touch id still does not work. Randomly i have to reenter log in information including a pin and to authorize touch id. Today i had to do this 3 times. After all of this time this app remains frustrating. When it works it is useful. Ford has more than enough time to perfect this app. Update: For the 4th time in a week I have to log in, set a pin and authorize touch. What is wrong with these people that after all of these months they can’t get the basics right and provide a consistent and reliable app? So annoying. Update: Well this new design is a disaster. You cannot escape from a screen. No back arrow, no home link. When in vehicle details, cannot escape from that screen. Same issue with fuel. What yet another joke from ford developers. The previous version was finally reliable. After 2 years. New and improved? Not! Update: After the update of July 13, now nothing works. The incompetence of this development team is stellar! Most app developers tend to test before release... Update: After a weekend of “technical difficulties “ when the app was inaccessible, the joke continues with the inability to return to the “move” screen from almost any other page. To return to the home screen, i have to reboot my iPad and iPhone to achieve that. I wonder why i keep fooling with this nonsense. Update: This latest update seems to have solved some of these issues, such being able to return to the move/home screen from vehicle details. Maybe there is hope. Update: After months and months of using, then not using this app, I am pleased that it is now stable, responsive, works as advertised. I feel that this developer team has finally got this right. Kudos to them. Update: So the latest is that the app changes my setting for miles vs. kilometers everyday. Each morning I reset it and the next time I access the app it is back to kilometers. Just one frustration after another...after feeling that they finally got this right. Update: So a month after chatting with a guide about the settings issue (and after a call from Ford telling me they are aware of this issue), I still have to reset the mileage setting from km back to miles...every day. This app is still crazy making after all of this Update: I have chatted with guides, talked with a guide and emailed guides about this Units of Measure issue. Version 2.8.3, the latest, has still not solved this problem. Now, they don’t even respond to messages. I give up.
  • Constant log-outs and locked accounts 1/5

    By ford doesnt like me
    It’s pretty frustrating when the app CONSTANTLY logs me out and reads my password as invalid.
  • Ford Credit 2/5

    By Bullock 88
    This app is keep logging me out from ford credit
  • Too difficult to connect 1/5

    By tbqazmlptb
    Too much trouble and way too slow. And picking a nickname is horrible too.
  • Decent app with room to improve 3/5

    By sh00ter
    The app on the phone works good. Unfortunately the watch app is unusable. It refuses to connect and just displays the 'refresh' button. Also it would be awesome if this app had some Siri shortcuts integration. "sir start my truck" would be an awesome thing to do.
  • Alarm notification 4/5

    OK, I really like this app but one thing that really needs to happen. is if your alarm is going off the app would send you a notification!.. that would make this app perfect
  • Slow and heats up my iPhone 2/5

    By Wenscool
    This app is really nice and convenient however it makes my phone really warm when I use it and it’s a a little glitchy and slow.
  • Need Apple Watch App!!! 4/5

    By MaverickC17
    Update 2: still no Apple Watch app. Now I would like Siri Shortcuts. I want to raise my wrist and say “start my truck” into my Apple Watch using a Siri Shortcut! How awesome would that be! Update: still no Apple Watch app. Now I would like Siri Shortcuts. I want to raise my wrist and say “start my truck” into my Apple Watch using a Siri Shortcut! How awesome would that be! Love the ability to start my truck from my iPhone! Didn’t even know it did this until the sales person was setting it up for me. It would be really awesome to be able to start my truck from my Apple Watch! May purchase a cellular Apple Watch just to be able to do this without my phone nearby. So cool 👍🏻
  • Another Failed Update 1/5

    By Fitznsitz
    This app WAS one of my favorite things to brag about when I bought my vehicle, but ever since September it doesn’t work. I’d give it less stars if possible, because there are continual updates, but nothing changes. Can’t connect to my vehicle for controls or information no matter what I do. Beyond frustrating! Any other app seems to get fixes overnight, why can’t Ford fix this?!?!
  • No service history 1/5

    By Bubbasmed
    I have had vehicle serviced twice in 17000 miles and the service history does not appear in app. Local dealer says it it not their issue. Most recently they performed a recall which was alerting in app and it went away after maintenance was performed. However, the oil change service history does not show up. Got on chat a few times with ford sync and they said to schedule maint thru the app. I had already been doing this to no avail. Still does not work :(
  • My dealership is impressed 2/5

    By Ray's iPad Air
    Scheduling service work through the app did not work with my local dealer. When asked, they seemed unimpressed with the app, like they would never get completely connected. I like my Ford truck but you have some selling to do if you want this app to be effective.
  • Cool idea 3/5

    By ahampton
    Cool idea and handy app overall but gets old having to change my units of measure back to miles/psi every other time I open the app
  • Kilometers really?? 4/5

    By ice57
    Good app, but every time I open it to get details on my vehicle it reverts to km for mileage and kPA for tire pressure. Really? Either make it default to units of Miles and psi (your app should know I’m in the USA), or at the very least save my preference for Miles and psi after I’ve changed it in the settings.
  • Low pressure tire light 1/5

    By Barrywest1956
    Refilled tires 3 times, light goes out for a few days. Now it is on again !!! Attempted to chat and am being ignored as to how to reset. Also needs 10000 mile check .
  • Not so great on iPad! 3/5

    By Bum82
    Works fine on my phone. However, the app won’t rotate on my iPad Pro! Very frustrating having to read my screen sideways when I’m in landscape mode! Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.
  • Miguel coward 3/5

    By miguel coward
    Not able to use fordpass yet activation still pending.
  • Fusion 1/5

    By jbue98
    How do you guys not have the fusion added
  • Remember settings during updates! 2/5

    By NHiPhone
    This app can be very useful (especially compared to the OnStar app I use for another vehicle). However, it is STUPID that it doesn’t keep your previous preferences when the app is updated. You need to re-enter your password, reselect a PIN, reauthorize a face-unlock, reset your metric preference, every single app update. Otherwise it works pretty well most of the time.

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app comments

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