FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers

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  • Current Version: 1.19.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ford Motor Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers App

When it comes to parking, driving, paying and riding, FordPass is a smarter way to move. We’ve partnered with solutions like ParkWhiz to bring you one easy-to-use, reliable journey assistant. Make your every move smarter without switching from app to app. FordPass takes what you used to do with multiple apps and does it in one. One example of how FordPass makes mobility easier: FordPass user Miguel: “A historic night, and I used FordPass and FordPay to book a parking spot 10 yards from Wrigley Field (in Chicago) last night for $20 when there were no spots to be had or prices were north of $200!!  1 block from Wrigley Field for Game 7 of the World Series!  Had to share!” > Find and reserve parking in parking garages and lots, including parking in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, DC, Philadelphia and much more. Search for parking by point of interest, city, address, and more! > Securely pay for parking in select parking garages and lots with FordPay > Find gas stations based on your preferences > Get one-on-one help from FordGuides > Earn Appreciation Badges and Perks just by using FordPass! > Quickly call for Roadside Assistance2 > Find and contact your Ford dealer making car service simpler > Bike Share - Access thousands of public bikes for use across San Francisco, East Bay and San Jose through Ford GoBike — a fun and affordable way to get around town. > Access your Ford Credit account > Start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule starts¹ for vehicles with SYNC® Connect (currently available on properly-equipped 2017 Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Escapes and 2017 Ford Fusions) > With SYNC® Connect, SYNC 3® or SYNC® Applink™-equipped vehicles, track fuel levels and get alerts when your vehicle needs attention > Enjoy Smart parking reservations in parking garages. Easier car servicing and Roadside Assistance. Better Ford dealer visibility. Powerful vehicle controls¹ for the 2017 Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Escape and 2017 Ford Fusion with SYNC Connect. This is just the beginning. More solutions are already in the works. Whether you have the new modem-enabled and SYNC® Connect-equipped 2017 Ford F-150, 2017 Ford Escape or 2017 Ford Fusion, own a vehicle made by one of the other auto makers, or you live in the city and don’t own a car, FordPass can help you find smarter ways to move. The way the world moves is changing. Join us and help shape the way you move tomorrow. As Henry Ford said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” ¹SYNC® Connect, an optional feature on select 2017 model year vehicles, is required for certain features. 2Roadside assistance is included for certain Ford owners and available to everyone for a per-service fee. Learn more about the FordPass Marketplace, FordPass Hubs, FordGuides and the entire FordPass platform at FordPass, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply. Compatible with devices with iOS9 and later.


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FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app reviews

  • Error 401 1/5

    By Rockwell19
    The app tells me something went wrong to call Ford Pass. I can’t find a phone number.
  • Can’t use with a password manager 1/5

    By Arglesnaf
    While the password icon is in the app, both the username and password fields in the current version do not allow the credential to be pasted (I.e from LastPass) or automatically entered using the native iOS password management
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Ilich Andreev
    Latest version is completely broken. Absolutely nothing works, keeps crashing constantly. Won’t even let you contact the “guides”. Useless as as.
  • Looks cool, horrible reliability 2/5

    By MrPacheco
    Crashes constantly when I open it, it tells me to contact a Ford pass guide but jay won’t help when the app isn’t functioning. It won’t even send an email for me t reset the password, which I wouldn’t have needed to attempt if that app functioned properly and took my credentials. It seemed cool when it worked and now it’s been months, I hate it and I’m deleting it. What a cool waste of my time.
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By FarmRoy
    Great App that helps organize everything for my new car.
  • Good system 3/5

    By pat12461
    My system is okay for what it is suppose to do which in my case is very little but that’s what happens when you by a truck used with just standard equipment
  • Awesome 5/5

    By LemonSqueeze(:
    Best app Ford has developed
  • Nice app, but... 1/5

    By Milwaukee, WY
    I can’t even log in. App crashes every time I enter a pin the second time.
  • Crash city 1/5

    By nybor7
    This app, useful when it works, has been crashing a lot.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By Bc4579
    Really works great when it works. It hasn’t worked in months. Fails to connect, crashes, says to use help which is unavailable. I think ford is better than this.
  • Alexa??? 1/5

    By DSR57
    Got email saying ford pass connects with Alexa. So tried it out. First step is link Alexa to ford pass. But it says I have no vehicle in ford pass. Not true. My vehicle is right there. Then it gives info about smart link. But nothing about how to get smart link. So it’s all confusing. I have a 2017 Explorer with Synch 3. Bottom line is it won’t work with Alexa.
  • Not good 1/5

    By John & Diana
    The app won’t open. I uninstalled and reinstalled it twice and it still will not open
  • Owner 1/5

    By brencarr67
    What’s the point of this app, you can’t even unlock the doors remotely on a $60000 truck , I could do this on my Chevy Tahoe 10 yrs ago, and your sync3 is a load of rubbish , updates impossible to do , Apple play not working at all to say the least am not happy with the entertainment side of things , I also get interrupted signal on sat radio , every day
  • Used to be nice but now crashes 1/5

    By Aceangel99
    This app used to be really nice, but now it crashes on a regular basis.
  • What happened??? 1/5

    By fixmei'mbroken
    I remember when this app used to work. Crashes every time, remote start no longer works, no way to contact support. Please fix.
  • It doesn’t work with i-phone 1/5

    By Cajunirish
    The first week it was fine. Now it either closes immediately or I get an error message saying something went wrong. Duh. Nothing works in the app. So disappointing for something the salesman talked about being so great.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Birdadams
    Remote start only works some of the time, if your lucky.
  • Business with Ford Credit Made Simple 5/5

    By 58 years-SherGain LLC
    Very simply put, opening not complex- so handy to get open. Simple to use to make a payment, all the information you want very easy to find, great time saver. On another note about your Ford motors, the Econ boost for a big SUV or pickup is the poorest designed motor in my over 58 years of owning fords. The fuel mileage is fake especially when it comes to tolling anything. 5- 10 mpg - hell my Classic I brought like I had in college -64 - 390-Galaxie XL convertible get better mileage than it. My 21015 Expedition EL platinum only gets 18.5 on hwy and 10 pulling my boat, 5 pulling a enclosed trailer, the turbo is not the answer for hwy driving and any tolling- 5.4 for got way better mpg. This will probably be my last Ford after 58 years of loyal customer ownership. Also you put garbage tires on my El platinum not designed to toll anything even though you have all those nice features for tolling. Have someone call me about how bad your present turbo engine design is 816-830-1562 Harold Sherwood 7492 Soc# Put that new mustang motor in them- non turbo- nothing but a gas sucking inefficient when it comes to turbos.
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By jah538
    I love how this app is designed and how it offers connectivity to my suv. It does not crash as often as it used too but there are occasional glitches when setting and especially when editing a preset remote start time. I would love to be able to control the auto lift gate, lights, and horn with the app or even to see more information like average fuel consumption and trip stats. However, I’m not sure if the computer in my car is capable of communicating that information over satellite or if I will have to wait to upgrade to a future model?...
  • Ab Dettorre 1/5

    By Ab & Gooingy
    Hasn’t worked in months!!!!!
  • Love the car, but updates in apps and software just stop. 1/5

    By worthit?
    Honestly, the map features on my cell phone work better. Once your car is 2 years old the only function that is still useful is the radio and the speedometer. Anything else is outdated and Ford couldn’t care less.
  • Doesn’t do the main thing I bought it for. 1/5

    By mkp2018
    The automatic starter barely ever works.
  • Stopped working a few weeks ago 1/5

    By Dirtclaude61
    I can no longer pull up my 2 fords on this app. Also chat is unavailable so there’s no way to let anyone know it doesn’t work, so I have to give it a bad review just to let someone know the app doesn’t work. Update: still doesn’t work. I wouldn’t waste my time downloading this app
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jbennett00
    Complete garbage of an app. Not stable. Half the functions don’t open. App crashes constantly.
  • Doesn’t work well 2/5

    By Jaxride
    Northern US the app only works half the time. Igggg, makes me mad.
  • Missing Apple Watch App for remote vehicle controls 2/5

    By mrtbo87
    Having to open the FordPass app and look for the remote vehicle control features os very inconvenient. It would be very nice to have a dedicated app for those features, or an option to add a lock screen widget and an Apple Watch App where we can easily access the functionality (like all the Ford EVs have). Please make it happen Ford.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By pmichelsen
    When viewing gas stations, users shouldn’t have to tap view, should be able to just swipe up. Also when opening maps it shows my starting location in the middle of the gulf. For having a forces 2012 this app isn’t really useful
  • Does not support pasted password from password managers 1/5

    By HawaiianCloud
    From an app security standpoint any newer app that requires a login credential should either directly support password managers or allow a password to be pasted in to complete the login. The version of the app I tried did not support this security feature. App deleted!
  • Constant crashing on iPhone X 1/5

    By PositiveOnes
    Terrible app.
  • Locking & unlocking vehicle 5/5

    By bandroom
    I don’t have to use key I use my phone
  • This app doesn’t work 1/5

    By BritishITBoffin
    Try getting anywhere in the app it says you need to reach out to a developer. Crap
  • Irritated 2/5

    By Jenn173
    I don’t have Sync 3 capabilities and 2/3 times I have to quit the app because I can’t bypass the Ford pass because it tells me to touch the screen on my car and I don’t have that.
  • Crashes a lot lately 2/5

    By Jlla4
    I got a new iPhone 8 Plus and the app keeps crashing and won’t work. Needs to be updated. Other than that I really liked to the app when it worked.
  • Latest update crashes 1/5

    By Typical Gunner
    I like seeing my history on what maintenance has been done to my vehicle but it won’t show anymore. Not user friendly. When looking for a dealership it gives me dealerships over 200 miles away in another state.
  • Nothing but trouble 2/5

    By Patvw13
    Seems like every couple of weeks the app has trouble and will not work. Not working all day today and can not call. Very sad
  • App has not worked in weeks 1/5

    By C_Flores13
    I absolutely see the upside to having and using the Ford Pass app but it seems like since I bought my truck last August that the app has been poorly constructed. I have been able to access any functionality of the app for weeks now and even on the App Store I noticed that there has been no sort of update for going on four weeks. I would think Ford would be constantly on top of this however it doesn’t seem to be the case.
  • Nice but needs LOTS of work 1/5

    By digital-junkie
    Constantly having to login and setup pin and Touch ID. Constant crashes. Notifications that can’t be found. Fails when I need it most.
  • Stopped working. 1/5

    By topherjgreg
    For whatever reason, the app just gives me error messages every time I click on something.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Jonchurch#1
    It dose not work on iPhone X 😤. When are you getting this upgrade going I’m lost my free trial when I had brought my car I’m not going to be happy if I have to put one in my car so please let’s get going on this
  • Vehicle maintenance 2/5

    By Rivkeyc44
    It would be nice if this app tracked the maintenance performed on the vehicles as long as it was serviced at a Ford dealership.
  • Nice...when it works 2/5

    By Nedw172
    App crashes almost constantly. Tried to check recall notices 10 times this morning and it crashed every time.
  • FordPass Widget 5/5

    By loganxtym3
    It would be nice if Ford make a widget that allowed owners to start their car from their phone, control the AC, and even lock and unlock doors and open the trunk of Ford Vehicles.
  • Alarm 3/5

    I see that the app will alert you if your alarm is going off BUT.......there should be a loud ringer with the alert. Almost as though you were receiving a phone call to inform you of the alarm.
  • Ugh! 2/5

    By Billy Birdfan
    This USED to be a great app. But now it's just useLESS. I constantly get the "contact a FordPass Guide." After waiting on hold forever and ever the guide usually tells me to wait a day or two and then try it again. Of course, it still doesn't work and I end up having to call and wait another 30-40 minutes for someone to assist me. I usually can't even be bothered to wait. Once this becomes a paid app I'm deleting it. It used to be awesome. Now it sucketh big time.
  • Nope. 1/5

    By Nothoppyatall.
    Completely useless without Ford Connect.
  • Faulty App 1/5

    By SSG Kelley
    It stopped functioning. It worked at first but; now gives a error that something is not right and contact a guide; conveniently that does not work either. Technical guess is they have not kept up to date with the current IOS or possibly any of the platforms. It is currently nothing but a space absorber that if not fixed will be a waste. Major Ford fan; but feel ripped off by the promises of usefulness of an app that has no function
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By bmb3fords
    I’ve been scheduling my oil changes at my local dealership through a Ford app for years. I now get a message that the portal “does not currently exist.” Why did this feature become extinct? I would really like it to come back!
  • Good System, Still Difficult to Use 3/5

    By L'éclaire
    Apparently a map will only appear on the touch screen if Car Play is activated and my iPhone is plugged in. The display only appears on my iPhone if the Sych 3 navigation system is used, which requires Car Play to be disabled. It is extremely difficult to switch between the two systems. The user has to do a master reset of Sych 3, which wipes off all of the data, and then the entire system has to be set up again. Sync 3 needs a lot more work.
  • Liking it but.... 3/5

    By Coreyscamp75
    Seems to be crashing more often. Now can’t use it
  • Revise 1/5

    By Asedfrgthyjjuk
    Doesn’t connect half the time

FordPass - Fuel, Park, Dealers app comments


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