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ForeFlight Mobile EFB App

Download for a 30-day free trial. ForeFlight is the essential, integrated flight app that makes planning, flying, and logging flights a joy. ForeFlight delivers advanced flight planning capabilities, terminal procedure charts, enroute navigation charts, moving map, synthetic vision, hazard awareness, optional Jeppesen charts, a comprehensive library of market-leading weather information and visualization features, a large library of advanced aircraft performance profiles, customizable checklists, integration with a wide range of certified avionics and portable ADS-B and GPS receivers for inflight weather and data, a built-in documents catalog and cloud document capability for management of aircraft and flight operations publications, an easy-to-use pilot logbook for keeping track of flight experience, and so much more. ForeFlight is backed by our Pilot Support Team who delivers amazingly fast, accurate, and friendly customer service. Please note: Location is used to enable a moving map and to record track logs, the camera is used to attach photos to logbook, push notifications are used for important bulletins and flight alerts, and contacts are used to add people to flights. ForeFlight requires a subscription. Visit our website for more information on the available plan levels. FLIGHT PLANNING, BRIEFING, & FILING Plan flights with Touch Planning on the Map or full-featured form-based Flights view. Tap out a route in seconds and quickly see if flights will be affected by weather or TFRs. Helpful Route, Altitude, and Procedure Advisors make planning easy and accurate. Generate a graphical preflight briefing and file your flight plan directly from the app. Print a professional-grade Navlog for inflight reference. WEATHER Interactive weather layers include animated radar, global satellite and winds aloft, global icing, turbulence, and surface analysis, graphical AIR/SIGMETs, flight category, visibility, and more. View decoded METARs, TAFs, and MOS forecasts. Thoughtfully organized Imagery view puts a full range of forecast tools at your fingertips. PLATES, CHARTS, & MAPS Both VFR and IFR operations are covered with all of the essentials required for planning and navigation: data-driven Aeronautical Maps, VFR Sectionals, High/Low Enroute charts, SIDs, STARs, approach and taxi charts, and terrain, satellite, and street map views. GEO-REFERENCED APPROACHES & TAXI CHARTS Plates and taxi charts enable the real time display of your GPS location on the chart. They can also be overlaid on the Maps view along with weather and hazards for the ultimate situational awareness. GLOBAL HAZARD AWARENESS TECHNOLOGY Plan and fly with more confidence in all conditions and terrain. Top-down-view Hazard Advisor map layer, Terrain Profile View, and 3D Synthetic Vision seamlessly integrate into the map display to depict a clear picture of terrain and obstacle hazards anywhere in the world. When paired with an AHRS source, Synthetic Vision provides a backup attitude display. LOGBOOK Logbook makes it easy to log and share flights, track hours, review currency, record certificates and ratings, receive electronic instructor endorsements, and create experience reports. Your data is automatically synced across all your devices and protected in secure cloud storage. ADDITIONAL FEATURES INCLUDE: Built-in documents catalog with FAR/AIM, charts supplements, and more Airport, FBO, and fuel price information for thousands of locations Dynamic data-driven Aeronautical Maps Weight & Balance Glide Advisor Expected route and EDCT flight notifications Automatic over-the-air data updates Chart color inversion for better night flying experience Access to web planner REVIEWS Flying Magazine Editor's Choice 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017 App of the Year, Aviation Consumer, July 2011 Best Selling iPad Aviation App: 2010, 2011, 2012 "Best app for IFR" - Aviation Consumer "One of the most popular and most-respected aviation apps available" - Sporty's Pilot Shop

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  • Incredible program, incredible support! 5/5

    By 09RKC
    I read somewhere that FF has a fanatical support team. Over the years of needing that support I’ll fully agree. I’m floored that they’d take the time to help a B737NG fully shelled simulator user (I’m not in a real airplane). They helped beyond what they could have (likely should have) and I’m beyond grateful. That’s unusual these days but I know I can count on them. I *know* I’ll get help... no ‘maybe’, no ‘I hope’ thoughts. They just don’t quit until things are resolved. I’m specifically speaking about Josh and Linda but they’ll be the first to say the entire team’s the same way. Enthusiastic, focused, almost obsessed. These two walked me through FF issues I’d not have found, issues I didn’t even know I had plus things that weren’t FF problems... specifically networking and P3D software. They didn’t have to do that. Again, they didn’t have to do that! They didn’t have to help me with software that’s not theirs, but they did. I’m still amazed, I’m still shaking my head. They’re open to new ideas too. I had a request for a flight plan formatting option (.pln) awhile back. They listened. On another occasion I asked that they enhance certain things when transferring data from one iPad to another on the same FF subscription. They listened. About the FF program itself - I won’t be without it. Period. I now fly on ‘the next level’. It’s very clear that if I don’t fly with FF, something’s missing. I fly with a lower level of confidence and just have to work a lot harder. I won’t get into all facets about what FF brings to the table but a few are taxi assistance, plates and wx on the map, flight plan following, current NOTAMS and way more. It’s just the whole package. If you’re looking for EFB software, take the time to use their 30-day free trial. Do it and hit it hard! I think you’ll stop looking around.
  • In a word: Indispensable 5/5

    By ersatzS2
    Possibly the biggest value arbitrage of any hand held app in any vertical market? If you add up the price of paper charts, time spent sorting through ‘free’ govt. weather sources, ads-b in, MFD backup etc etc the subscription price is trivial. Tech support is first rate, product upgrades are sensible, worthwhile, and work. An amazing life changing product.
  • An old pilots perspective 5/5

    By Skywagon 1
    I am a retired American Airlines captain who has been flying for fifty-three years. I have over thirty thousand hours, seven jet type ratings and am a recipient of the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot award. I now live full time at an Airpark and enjoy flying EAA young eagles in my C-182 and try to give back to aviation that has been so good to me. It is my opinion that Fore Flight is one of the best safety devices developed for pilots in the history of aviation. I not only use the app on my IPad and IPhone before, during, and after every flight, I also contact Team Fore Flight on a monthly basis. I often send them and email with a question and they usually answer within an hour. Pretty impressive in my view.
  • Boeing Destroyed This. 1/5

    By CntryClub007
    App used to be great, until they started having device limits after the Boeing purchase. Turned into a joke. How I use my devices: 1. EFB iPad (10.5”) (Airplane Pocket) 2. EFB Mini (7.9”) (Airplane Window) 3. Daily iPad (10.5”) - Used for Planning 4. Daily iPhone (XS) - Used for Planning / Daily Weather etc... I’ve never abused any type of device limit, I don’t share an account, yet I’m now carrying more devices around and being more inefficient than I was before. Ultimately, this was the easiest way for them to be difficult with a long time customer. $350 / year and this is how they treat you? Ya, screw this company.
  • Changed Aviation — 1 request 5/5

    By ugotanygrap3s
    Can you guys optimize a version for the Tesla web browser that uses the cars location the same as it would in the app and possibly pull telemetry? ForeFlight radar while getting driven in traffic by my car is really the future!
  • Just need an Apple Watch app for it now! 5/5

    By dwesleys
    Love it and everything in it. Super useful!
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By CPG90
    I'm a tough sell on rating apps this high but ForeFlight's innovation and service is deserving. Intuitive Navigation, Plates overlayed on Maps - Wow! Proper Notifications of DUATS outages! Replies to help on weekends! All terrific. I own an iPhone because of this app.
  • Test before buying 2/5

    By savvy pilot
    I had a the Garmin Pilot for a year and loved it, thought about trying this for a year since my month test was not conclusive. Disappointing, slow, and clunky. Loses connectivity during flight, crashed a few times while on flight not while doing anything fancy. Weather maps are slow and outdated by minutes. It refuses to go on landscape mode on some views. You cannot zoom in on many inset maps, such as taxi views and airport charts. If defining a direct flight and want to add checkpoints your straight line will move around. Unable to connect to Leidos and recall already filed flight plans. Requested clarification from support about breaks on maps on boundaries of TAC and sectional charts and got snarky reply about that’s the way it is. Unable to modify and correct collected flight log entries, pilot and plane data have to be entered multiple times. Cheaper than the Garmin Pilot because is missing a lot of features and you will get ads all the time asking you to buy them. If you’re not a real pilot, you might be impressed, but if you need an actual pilot companion tool this might not be good for you. There’s a lot of hype from the couch pilot community, test drive and decide for yerself.
  • Outstanding service 5/5

    By no name 5239n
    I had a problem transferring data from my iPad (ForeFlight) to my Garmin 530W (user waypoint) On Saturday afternoon i email ForeFlight service describing my problem. In less than 1 hour I had a description of my problem and a solution. Outstanding service and on a weekend.

  • Total disappointment! 1/5

    By ATP / CFII
    Purchased the “Performance Plus “ package + Jepp IFR charts. I was never able to download or access the Jepp charts despite multiple contacts with their “Pilot Support Team”. Their responses were mechanical, rote and disinterested. I finally requested a full refund. THIS is the highly touted EFB? I’ll stick with FlyQ!
  • Serious bug in the last version. Fix ASAP 5/5

    By Lithium366
    Last version has a bug where Earth surface is covered with lateral rectangles in a map view making application unusable for navigation.
  • Absolutely Outstanding Tech Support! 5/5

    By Timsta12345678910
    Just got off the phone with “Joey A.” from the support team at Foreflight. He very patiently walked me through the process of using their spreadsheet template for uploading almost 47 years of flying experience into the logbook feature in Foreflight Mobile. Joey is a fellow flight Instructor and apparently a software expert and genius too! I would give this 10 stars if I could!
  • Great app but 3/5

    By pvupilot
    The app is awesome, no doubt. But the cost for a subscription is just ridiculous. The cost does need to be lowered a bit.
  • Great but getting greedy 4/5

    By 741XM
    This is THE app for aviation, as a working pilot I use it all the time, the only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is foreflight is starting to make everything an addition, it’s already a VERY expensive app, so charging another 20 bucks for every little extra feature is kinda BS IMHO.
  • ForeFlight support 5/5

    By James174JK
    I rarely have any trouble at all with ForeFlight but when I do their support team is very prompt and helpful to make sure the problem is resolved to my satisfaction. I very highly recommend ForeFlight to any pilot.
  • The support for this product stinks 1/5

    By sjh7439
    I have used this product for years. When I finally needed support and requested someone contact me all they did was send email after email for days. When you’re flying a plane and need the product no excuse for days of emails. I provided my phone number and their best answer was very busy at an industry show. They change the product and suddenly you don’t understand how to use it (just before a flight) and when you request that they explain it they just send you to the next email and the next link. After having used it for so long and paying for it for years and years and years you would think they would have the courtesy to contact you after you beg for help. Very disappointed. SJHowell
  • Must have! 5/5

    By TravisRunner
    If you’re a pilot of any kind you need this app! It is vital for flight planning, inflight navigation, and inflight information. Replace paper charts, maps, and having to call flight service with ForeFlight. The app is regularly updated with new features and accurate information. It makes flying safer, easier, and overall more enjoyable. Keep up the good work! #TeamForeflight
  • ForeFlight 5/5

    By AK Bush Pilot
    Very little this application can not do. Very user friendly and the team is quick to respond to suggestions or questions.
  • Still the best app in the App Store... 5/5

    By IridiumBoss
    I’m amazed by anyone who doesn’t give this 5 stars. It keeps getting better, and better, and better. It’s amazingly useful in the cockpit, and support is outstanding. This is really a 6 star app, and is very appreciated by this pilot...
  • ICAO Filing 5/5

    By DC Drake
    I asked ForeFlight Support for help and got an immediate answer. Todd went into my Aircraft > Filing and fixed the problem right then. I’m a happy flyer!! ForeFlight Support is the best ever!!
  • Customer Service 5/5

    By Appreciative Customer
    There was a difference between a depiction on my iPhone and my iPad. Even though it was early in the AM (0130) a customer service rep got back to me promptly and helped me fix the issue.
  • Support 5/5

    By dfechter
    Sundays, holidays, anytime they always seem to be there. They answer quickly and their answers are easily understood.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Fun62538392
    This application is amazing. Ever time you think it can’t get better, an update is released with features that are just awesome. If you’re a pilots, this app is a must. Better than five stars!
  • Pleased User 5/5

    By Plane Blessings
    This is absolutely the most useful app for aviation available. I have used it for several years and am seriously impressed at the ongoing improvements they provide several times annually. About the time I think they could add a feature, they do so in a manner better than I could have envisioned. Their exceptional, personable, product support team is very responsive and have helped me many times. You will NOT be disappointed with ForeFlight. As a caution, you’ll want a reasonably new IPad with 64gb to run the app. if you want to download all US charts, procedures and have room for electronic copies of FAA documents and some of your own within the app. I have Maintenance Manuals and Parts manuals for my aircraft downloaded and ready in the event I need them on a cross country flight to equip a mechanic with what they may need to make a repair.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By trinipilot737
    I subscribed to the performance plus USA package and it’s amazing.
  • Pvt pilot 5/5

    By fzfazer
    Really quick and helpful tech support for newbies.
  • Don’t leave the ground without it.... 5/5

    By 2a5t2f7
    Best EFB with great customer service.
  • GNX375 is now supported! 5/5

    By eceflyboy
    Fantastic app after another 2 years of usage, however, just installed a GNX375 in my Cessna 172 for the ADS-B mandate but they don't seem to want to talk to Foreflight? Update 6/9/2019: Figured it out, ForeFlight Connect now works flawlessly go send flight plan to my panel and also send flight plan updates back to my iPad! Also was able to confirm it was receiving ADS-B traffic and weather the entire time during my last flight. Worked like a dream!
  • Geo reference not appearing on some approach plates.. 5/5

    By N23KM
    Thanks to Albert and his quick response he explained how I had not selected all the states to be up dated that was the root cause of my problem. If I had use the pack feature it would have insured that all the information concerned on that flight path would be up dated....he also took time to explain why the Stratus / Sentry makes sense as a back up attitude indicator in the cockpit...He was a big help In resolving my issue along with all the good information .....Can’t thank him enough. Bob
  • Perfect for Pilots 5/5

    By Sam M..
    Great app and great customer service
  • Not compatible with ipad 2 1/5

    By Alito220472
    Despicable! Why am I not able to download an older version of the app??? What is now the scientific explanation to keep forcing unnecessary device upgrades. Somebody needs to put an end to this social slavery. Forcing people to upgrade so the big brother can keep making money. Go figure.
  • Can't say enough good 5/5

    By Notworthevenfree
    This thing is the best you can get. Don't blame the program if the sun blinds you and you can see the Ipad. Buy some sunglasses. I would be lost without my Foreflight... Wish I could give it 10 stars...
  • Decent app awful support 3/5

    By Jaredaggie
    The app is overall pretty good. However, support is pretty much a joke. They need a phone number.
  • Imagery on iPhone 2/5

    By patriotfreak201
    I don’t really use documents on the phone, so having to search for weather is a bit annoying.
  • Foreflight is a game changer for military flight instructors 5/5

    By BrooksW1989
    I’ve been an avid ForeFlight user for about 3 years now. I’ve used it on deployment, at home, and as a flight instructor for the military’s newest Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard aviators. Without a doubt, I can say this product has made me a better aviator and flight instructor. Between the situational awareness the product provides, the ability to see and plan for weather, or just being able to flex when your fly goes awry, Foreflight has consistently given me piece of mind. At this point, I pretty much consider it essential equipment every time I strap into the aircraft.
  • 4.6 Star Rating. Quality, Intuitive, Incomparable 4/5

    By Gheezi
    Personal opinion, ForeFlight should have a CFI package like WingX who provides it for free to active flight instructors. Or even a discounted version would be awesome. Top reason for writing my review is because the customer service that ForeFlight provides is fantastic. In a timely manner my issues were resolved and questions answered. They are great with getting back to you, whether that’s through social media or direct email to their customer service personnel. Also the fact that they added the documents section for iPhone now made a big impact on me liking the app. My only pet peeve overall is that I can’t view Winds/Temps Data for specific stations. From what I’ve seen the information is interpolated. Although I don’t think the information is inaccurate, it does seem reliable. I would like to know the data issued for the specific stations. I have cross checked ForeFlight and AviationWeather.GOV, there is a slight difference. As a CFII, I use this data to teach pilots how to interpolate themselves the winds aloft for their flight planning.
  • Weather briefing 1/5

    By nchris86
    The new weather briefing is TERRIBLE!!! Bring back the old briefings. The rest of the app does its job. Fix the briefings and I’ll give it 5 stars.
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By Lavish_
    First of all, thanks for quickly updating us regularly to know if we should update to the new iOS firmware or not. I have a BIG suggestion, I feel like it should not be that easy to delete a logged flight in the logbook section without a confirmation question asking if we are sure the deletion was intentional. I love the slide to delete feature but I think it should come with a confirmation question afterwards. Perhaps a toggle in settings to turn deletion confirmations on and off would be good. Also, Apple Pencil support is not that great. The scratch pad needs major improvements because it seems like it has a “string like” writing effect when writing fast. Please make the scratch pad writing more fluid.
  • Automatic renewal with no refunds BEWARE 1/5

    By 1737922261142573
    ForeFlight has an automatic renewal of your subscription (even if you are not using the app) and the policy that offers zero refunds. So, if you are doing something else and not notice they will renew your one year subscription.
  • New Update for the Documents!!! 5/5

    By me fly
    Amazing app for pilots, Thank you ForeFlight!
  • App changes are terrible 1/5

    By Adabar
    Why would you move the imagery button?? A) why would I want to use documents on my iPhone and B) why is it now that much harder to find the weather products??
  • The app is great so is the support 5/5

    By Flydogfly
    I love the app but am relatively new to it. I mistakenly deleted a bunch of logbook entries (with instructor signatures) recently. Sent the ForeFlight team an email and they restored my book back to before my entries were gone! Totally made my day. Thanks ForeFlight!
  • ForeFlight is amazing 5/5

    By Heath Hilton
    Everything you want in an aviation app and more. I have absolutely nothing to complain about with any part of the app
  • What happened to my bookmarks? 4/5

    By lukeryy
    ForeFlight is a great tool for any pilot who needs/wants assistance with navigation or flight planning. As a flight student at Riddle, it is a very valuable resource. One of my favorite features was the document feature, where you can download .pdf’s, powerpoints, pictures, and other documents and organize them into folders. This was very useful for studying for checkrides, but with a recent update ForeFlight deleted every single one of my bookmarks for every textbook, FAR, or any other document. This is a huge detriment to me, due to the fact I am taking a check ride next week, and would like the bookmarked pages I had for backup. Now I have to go back and re-bookmark everything which is very frustrating. Please fix, if this happens in the future then I will find a different app to satisfy flight planning needs Edit: Another thing that would be incredibly helpful, if possible I would love to have the option to enlarge my navlog when operating/planning a flight plan. It’s frustrating to have to squint my eyes to see waypoints on the tiny navlog at the top of the screen.
  • Great EFB, but Map frame-rate and resolution are not optimized. 3/5

    By KoleDrake24
    ForeFlight is an excellent tool for flight planning, weather analysis, and everything in-between. However, there are two glaring issues I have with the application, especially when compared to the competitors (primarily Garmin Pilot). To start off, the screen frame-rate is capped at either 24 or 30 FPS. The app feels laggy due to this. This is especially upsetting if you have the latest Apple devices (such as the iPhone XS and especially the iPad Pro) that can do 60 FPS and 60+ FPS respectively. Secondly, the map resolution could be sharper, and isn’t optimized for particular devices. The sectional (or zoomed out En-route IFR chart) view is pixelated on my iPhone XS and does not sharpen up until it becomes a TAC. Even then, the map isn’t as sharp as it is on Garmin Pilot. Updating these two features would be excellent for me, and would change my 3-star review to a 5-star review. For $100 or more to purchase this app, things like this should be worked in.
  • Outstanding! 5/5

    By 52' 170b
    The product functionality, quality of technical updates and user communications, and its best in class post sales support, put this product clearly in the 5 star category as a trusted flight companion!
  • Froze 3/5

    By San Francisco Fireworks
    Scratchpad froze while given missed approach instructions. Not good! Maybe my iPad Air 2 is too old for this fancy software.
  • Traffic display on synthetic vision. 3/5

    By diveandskate
    I’m a long-time Foreflight user and have seen many updates and changes over the years. At this time I feel the need to re-write my 5-star review to reflect concerns about the app’s stability and direction. Specifically during the past 6 weeks after updating to the latest versions I’ve experienced multiple app crashes during a critical phase of flight. This often occurs while entering an amended route from ATC while flying single-pilot in IMC. I continue to work with the Foreflight Team (who acknowledges the ongoing issue) by sending in data dumps from my device (iPad Pro) yet the problem persists. While I understand and accept the app’s “advisory only” nature it still should not be a distraction. Now with today’s new multi-page required “User Agreement” I simply feel that Foreflight has lost its direction. In conflict with statements on the company “faq” page the new User agreement no longer authorizes the simultaneous use of an iPad and iPhone in the cockpit. It specifically states “...Individual Subscription provides you the right to use the applicable portion of the Service for one year from the date of purchase on one iPad, one iPhone, or one iPod Touch that you own or control. An Individual Subscription also allows the subscriber to use the applicable portion of the Service on an additional iPad only as a back-up device.” If this is not their intention then the User Agreement should be changed to reflect the actual policy. I am hopeful that the company and the app build on their past successes. The earlier versions worked so well to reliably provide the necessities of an EFB. I would encourage the Team to stabilize the basic functionality before adding more features. Until that time my rating will remain neutral at 3-stars.

ForeFlight Mobile EFB app comments

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