Forest - Stay focused

Forest - Stay focused

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  • Current Version: 4.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SEEKRTECH CO., LTD.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Forest - Stay focused App

If you want to temporarily put down your phone and focus on what’s more important in real life, you can plant a seed in Forest. As time goes by, this seed will gradually grow into a tree. However, if you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app, your tree will wither. The sense of achievement and responsibility will encourage you to stay away from your phone, and will help you make better use of your time. Stop getting distracted by your phone, make you self-motivated and get more things done. Stay focused. Be present! STAY FOCUSED: • Function based on the Pomodoro technique (a.k.a. tomato timer, pomodoro timer) • Plant lovely trees and stay focused on what’s more important in real life. • Turn your focused moments into a lush forest. GET MOTIVATED • Earn rewards and unlock new tree species. • Share your forest and compete with friends and users around the world. • Plant trees along with friends & family. • Unlock achievements and earn extra rewards. • Plant real trees on Earth and protect the environment with tree-planting organization Trees for the Future. STATISTICS • Manage your own tags and view detailed statistics of your time distribution. • Browse your weekly, monthly and even your yearly big forest. • Track your focused time in Mindful Minutes of Apple Health App. • Track your daily phone usage and screen time. • Recall memories of your planting journey with our brand new Forest Timeline! NOTICE • Forest is an app available for both iPhone and iPad, and can be accessed across all iOS devices with a one-time purchase. To download or unlock non iOS version of Forest, this requires a separate purchase. However, by logging into the same account, the account data can be synchronized across all platforms. • Due to budget constraint, the number of real trees each user can plant is limited to five. We will be introducing limited time events that will allow users to plant more real trees. Please follow our social media page or check the in-app announcement for more updates. • There is only one version of Forest on the App Store. Other apps that are similar and mimics Forest are not developed by the Forest team. Thank you for your support! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: We also provide browser extensions. Find out more on! #get disciplined #reduce procrastination #GTD #study #student #work #freelancer Credits *Sound Design : Shi Kuang Lee *Some icons appearing in the app were made by Freepik from and are licensed under CC BY 3.0


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Forest - Stay focused app reviews

  • really good app 5/5

    By roi222
    Pretty good app, helped me increase work inefficiency. The background audio is awesome
  • Very Helpful! 5/5

    By slim79980
    Love this app. It keeps me accountable and tracks my productivity. I’ve recommended it to others.
  • Love it!! Extra benefits of focusing on work 5/5

    By Diana Houston
    It works as well as other similar method apps but this one gives you the benefit of gaining points for the time you focus and you can use those points to plant trees in places in need around the world. Makes me focus so much more not only for me but for a bigger objective than myself.
  • No landscape support on the iPad Pro 1/5

    By virtualshift
    I bought this app to help my focus, but as there is no landscape support, it will be very hard for this app to help me in anyway. I have an iPad Pro 2 with a Apple Smart Keyboard, so my iPad is always in landscape mode.
  • This game is the best when you don’t want to Play on your iPhone 5/5

    By summer zinn
    I love this game,I love the trees and how you have to stay in the game so they don’t Die and who wants to kill a tree*nobody*😍😇#save trees🌲🌳
  • bless this app 5/5

    By Staff'am
    this is the only way I get any homework done. I like using it as often as possible, because I’m determined to gain enough to plant an actual tree. it is efficient in not only helping me focus, but motivates me to do more work than I would plan to in the first place, in this way as well.
  • Tinaisatree 5/5

    By tinaisatree
    Good app, helps me concentrate
  • Good 5/5

    By agudim
    I used to check updates on my phone frequently which I got used to and I used to loose focus. With this app it can focus better
  • Immediately Useful 5/5

    By Beastroy
    Cut my phone pickups in half within the first week of usage
  • 💝🌳 5/5

    By Jjhl2011
    Love it
  • Best productivity app. 5/5

    By Mattxjt
    I am a programmer and with this app I can focus more. It also inspires me to be more productive with their amazing responsive design and rewards. I look forward to collect enough points to plant a real tree.
  • Great! 5/5

    By ber2018
    I think it really worth the money to purchase. Helped me study a lot! Does not have advertise at all that’s the great thing.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ever-youthful
    Now I eat food slowly. It really enhances my happiness!
  • Requires too much work 3/5

    By nockneme
    Yeah, it keeps you off your phone, but you have to manually plant trees and they only last up to 2 hours. Which means you have to check it every 2 hours. I would rather stay off it the whole day and come back to a beautiful forest. The one really cool thing is that you can save up “money” to plant real trees across the globe.
  • Yes, it Really Does Work 5/5

    By zman466920
    You might be skeptical of this app. You might be thinking, “What’s going to stop me from just not doing my work and watching the timer run out?” It’s a valid objection. This app is great at helping you help yourself. It’s n o t going to make you all of sudden want to do work. But if you get distracted, or you’re procrastination monkey is strong, this app w i l l help you. You’ll be surprised by just how little time you actually spend working each day, but astounded by how much work you’re now able to finish. Get the app if you want to do work but just never get down to it. Don’t get the app if you don’t want to work.
  • One of the only apps I’ve paid for 5/5

    By fananfjakma
    Really helps to keep me focused!
  • This app is so great for my productivity! 5/5

    By schmuel25
    I love this app! It really helps me focus.
  • Amazing application 5/5

    By Farah baghdady
    It helped my in my studying for the pharmacy board exam. I've noticed a significant progress in my productivity.
  • Great for everything 5/5

    By Walkingtrashcan
    I’m a HUGE fidgeter. Using this for studying in grad school kept me sane, and I still use it today for work meetings. I have recommended this app countless times. It is SO worth the minimal cost.
  • Great focus tool 5/5

    By FitByBen
    I am a PhD candidate and this app has facilitated my degree of focus tenfold while studying
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Imsocool!!!
    Helps me stay on task without getting distracted. Gives me motivation to not kill a tree because I could get a cute forest. Considering I’m addicted to my phone, this helps me a lot!
  • Solid Resource 5/5

    By pharahspencive
    Healthy screen-time management, and focus, wrapped up in one. If it isn’t for you, it’s likely because you’re incapable of accepting your technological addiction.
  • Worth money 5/5

    By lhbgim
    Give more motivation to focus
  • Fun app for focus 5/5

    By eemm0011
    Forest is a fun app that helps me stay on task. It runs smoothly, and has features that help me analyze my time.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Band4music
    I love growing my forest and seeing how long I've been focused. My one recommendation would be to see some short animation of my tree/bush being added to the forest. It's a great way to see how well ones doing before they take a break. 🙂
  • Simple and Productive, but Real Trees take forever. 5/5

    By Errys Frondarina
    You get like 42 points per 120 minutes of app time. A real tree costs 2500 points.
  • Amazing App!!! 4/5

    By Ms. Chocolate Bar
    This app has helped me stay motivated to finish reading my assigned books!!!! It is a great way to have fun and feel accomplished after any task! The variety of things you can use this app for is just outstanding. Anything from cleaning a room, to homework that is due the next day! There are a couple of things I would change about the app, like a pausing feature, and etc. However, I am overall extremely satisfied with the app!
  • Cute and helpful 5/5

    By Sach-rachok
    Helps me stay off my phone. At first, I found it annoying that I couldn’t pause the timer to quickly respond to a text, but I’ve found that it’s actually helped with prioritizing work and texting.
  • Great App for Focus. 5/5

    By baseddata
    This app has really helped me develop better study habits and train my brain to sustain focus longer. Indispensable study tool for any student.
  • Great for staying focused 5/5

    By Joe-John
    I have adhd and I need all the help to stay focused. So when I check my phone and I see a little sapling growing it’s great. It’s so simple but impactful, and it reminds me to return back to work.
  • My Favorite App! 5/5

    By Rosie015
    Forest has made a hugely positive impact on my studies and productivity. The main focus of this app is to stop you from getting distracted, which is already amazing on its own. However, there are also other great things about it. It MOTIVATES me to study because the ability to view how many minutes of work I did in a day/week makes me feel so happy and proud of myself, and it encourages me to plant more and more trees. It also encourages me to continue studying even when the timer is done since you can get more coins. Being able to study with friends is really fun, too! The different trees/bushes you can buy with coins you earn from focusing are all super cute as well. Lastly, I LOVE the idea of being able to plant a REAL tree! (It takes a TON of coins, though, so it takes a while to save up for.) Overall, I love this app so much, and every penny was worth it!
  • Helping with ADD 5/5

    By JoshSpeaksWithWords
    This app has basically saved me from my ADD and executive dysfunction. It stops me from using my phone when I should be getting work done and I’m so happy it exists.
  • Stay focused 5/5

    By Heavenlogoswalker
    You need this app, trust me!
  • Easy and strangely motivating 5/5

    By Wayne Chastain
    I hate it when I kill a tree
  • Focus 5/5

    Great app to control your self away from your mobile with useful things like reading
  • Great Idea 5/5

    By LavarBallStinks
    This app is great for helping me get track of my progress with school work over time. Plus, it feels good to have any kind of positive impact, as minimal as it may seem. Ecosia, a search engine, is a similar concept if you are interested helping the environment.
  • Love it 5/5

    By jam.925
    I use to always get distracted with my phone whenever I try to study, but this makes me feel 10x more productive, especially paired with the fact that it plants real trees!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Pandarose1155
    Helps with procrastination!
  • I’ll focus, using Forest 4/5

    By Randomitivity424242
    This simple and effective interface actually keeps me writing in ways that other programs haven’t. Instead of just preventing me from using my phone, it rewards me for focus (both by gamification of focus and by planting real trees). The rewards system is well balanced for me.
  • Fantastic app for those who want to focus and track hours 5/5

    By Chris.C.18
    I love this app so much! It has definitely helped boost my productivity and it’s nice to see my hours of being productive on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis. I also love there is a google chrome extension of this app!
  • Helps studying and the environment! 5/5

    By Fruity gumdrop
    Setting mini goals is so much fun now and it keeps me on track. Also once you earn enough coins, you can plant an actual tree. How cool is that?!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By jhocal
    Reminds my short attention span having brain to stay on task
  • Does not work as advertised 1/5

    By Sattvaaaa
    This is not a Pomodoro timer, which is what is advertised. You cannot set short & long break periods or string together Pomodoro sessions. It is designed to track your time on your phone and set focused lengths of time where you don’t touch your phone. That’s a great idea, but it is not a Pomodoro timer.
  • It works! 5/5

    By jjooyycceeeee
    Does keep me off my phone. When I’m at work there are times where I’m just so bored that I just want to get on my phone and go on Reddit for a bit. Before I know it, I’ve been on Reddit for over an hour and nothing got done. When I have forest on and a tree is growing, I still get my urges to go on my phone, but as soon as I unlock it I see my tree and know that I can’t use my phone. So I go back to work! It’s really helped with me productivity. Thank you!
  • It’s benefit is a 5 BUT.. 4/5

    By h-christian
    I’m tired of the age old business model of trying to trick your user’s dopamine spikes by instilling non-existent competition for the want of buying little dumb upgrades for nonexistent things. - it’s super useful for studying though.
  • Solid productivity app. Could use a few tweaks 4/5

    By in_just
    I began using this app to aid my studying like most users. Overall it’s a great app however there are a few tweaks that could be made. First is the cost of items is substantial. As you begin to use the app it takes longer and longer together more coins. Also the back button after break is kind of awkward. Instead you should be able to push the tree button to start studying again. Other than that it’s a great app. I recommended for everyone anyone looking to study with more focused.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By heb42
    You gotta find the app that works for you that will make you put down your phone, and this app definitely does it for me! It might seem silly, but if my tree is growing, I will avoid killing it as much as possible. With this app you have an incentive to stay off because you can purchase more trees and bushes to grow and even save up enough to have the company plant a real tree (how cool!). Anyways, it totally depends on what gets you off your phone, but if knowing you’ll have some cute trees grown as a result of your patience, this app is for you!
  • Useful and fun —a suggestion 5/5

    By Adela Celi
    I love this app, very useful and beautiful. I wish one could choose where to plant each tree and plant, which would make it more fun building the garden and therefore add motivation to the idea of keep focusing and planting.
  • Fun way to stay focused 5/5

    By CJMeri10
    Helps me stay off my phone and focus on important priorities. Still trying to figure out the purpose of buying things with accumulated points and how some of the other functions work. Hope there are enough functions to keep it interesting. Time will tell. Great app so far and most used app on my phone this week meaning that I’m getting a lot of things done while growing “trees” and not waisting time on my phone. Great job Forest team!
  • You'd be surprised. 4/5

    By Buddy2018
    It actually works fairly effectively.

Forest - Stay focused app comments


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