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  • Current Version: 8.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Forever 21, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Forever 21 App

Welcome to the incredible world of Forever 21 – in your pocket and at your fingertips. Features: - APP EXCLUSIVE OFFERS: Get exclusive access to sales and discounts first! - SHOP: Explore, browse, and shop on the go! - RECOMMENDATIONS: we can help you find your next favorite fashion piece! - STAY UPDATED: You can now get push notifications to find out about new drops, collabs and more!

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Forever 21 app reviews

  • No 1/5

    By bruhdns
    I always read comments before I get an app and the comments seemed like this was an good app…. Well that’s when I went wrong I was just singing in then brought my think just one thing and I dont know if it’s going to deliver even though I payed and i dont know is it’s going to deliver because it’s logged me out of my account for some reason and it keeps saying that my password is incorrect when I took a pic and Ik what I put my password as so yea if my stuff doesn’t come before Christmas i dont advise you to get this app and ima need my money back thank you for trying though. Sorry
  • Worst app 1/5

    By minoska aldana
    They do not send a status of what you have bought online, Besides they don’t give a refund for things that are lost. I lost Everything I ordered…I lost my money and my package
  • Bugs bugs bugs 1/5

    By esericcardi
    The app has many bugs since last update. This needs to be fixed. I ended up deleting it cause whenever im trying to buy something the screen just goes blank and the app freeze.
  • FedEx or forever 21 1/5

    By loghhb
    They always ship my order to the wrong address
  • Forever 21 1/5

    So.I have hundreds of dollars worth of items in my shopping cart which I am UNABLE to purchase!There are 4 sold out items in my cart.I have tried a zillion times to delete so that I can complete my transaction?To absolutely NO avail.I deleted the app.Reinstalled it multiple times.FINALLY?I called and spoke to a human.She asked me to screenshot my shopping cart and send via email to her,so IT could fix it?Days later?NOTHING!AND during the HOLIDAYS?I am OUT!

    By kinseydarling
    It won’t remove out of stock items from bag, making it impossible to purchase items through the app. It has been months
  • Do better 2/5

    By ahsnsidbkrbrjeid
    App functionality is crap. Whenever I press a button to save to my wishlist or to save an address into my address book nothing happens!
  • Worst clothing store app 1/5

    By nanane belsmsm
    Compared to every other app this is the WORST. Out of stock items won’t delete from my cart. I’ve tried deleting the app entirely and nothing. I can’t even check out because of the outbid stock items. How can a company as big as f21 have such a crappy app. Do better
  • Have to sign in every time 2/5

    By Paschen2
    App was great until they updated and it signs you out anytime you close the app. Yes I clicked remember me. Still didn’t stay logged in. App is now lagging and can’t add anything to cart. A shame because I was ready to check out my Black Friday cart and everything was removed. App never loads now and is super slow. I deleted previously and gave it another chance. Will be deleting again.
  • update is glitching! 1/5

    By droftihw
    the new update is AWFUL! it’s unusable. i can’t delete anything from my cart & i can have a max of 20 items in the cart. there’s no point in shopping.
  • plz fix the bugs 1/5

    By spicylemonpepper
    won’t let me remove out of stock items from my cart so i can’t purchase anything! wish this could get fixed so i could do my black friday shopping:(
  • It won’t let me remove sold-out items from my cart 1/5

    By nickname103962
    I would love to give you my money, but the app won’t let me remove sold-out items from my cart.
  • Doesnt work 2/5

    By Linkbx
    The app doesnt load sometimes. Ive been attempting to clear my cart with items that are out of stock and it doesnt work. Its a bummer because i really like this store.
  • Wishlist 1/5

    By NishaToo
    Doesn’t let me add items to my wishlist. I’ve deleted the app reinstalled and signed out
  • The wishlist is broken 1/5

    By Ari7Cari
    Why can’t I add anything to my wishlist?
  • Problem 2/5

    By Ana Vill
    App won’t let me delete out of stock item from shopping bag. I can’t purchase other items
  • Smh 2/5

    By kystoday
    Clothes are ok, I guess. A little pricey for the quality. Tried to buy a sweater but it keeps telling me to remove a sold out item that was in my cart before I continue but it won’t let me remove it, so I can’t even buy what I want to. It keeps saying “unable to update quantity”. Tbh the clothes aren’t worth this much trouble so no big deal. It’s just annoying to deal with.
  • The new update 1/5

    By gabriella g
    I’ve always always used the forever 21 app but ever since the new update it’s been horrible for me. I can’t take anything that is out of stock off of my cart. I’ve tried re installing and installing again.
  • Cannot Add To Cart 1/5

    By MrsMakeItHappen
    I’ve been shopping here for years and for 2 weeks on and off the app doesn’t allow me to add items to my cart. I went to the site it started working at first and the same thing happened! How can we shop if we can’t add items to our cart! Pls fix this!
  • Problems with wishlist 3/5

    By Amiri.Rose
    Nothing is saving to my wishlist and I deleted the app so many times thinking that the problem would be fixed but I don’t know what is happening with your app
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Bleuebird
    Since the new update I can’t nothing to my bag I can’t check out or even save to favorite.
  • Newest Update Is AWFUL!! PLEASE FIX!!! 1/5

    By Sugary_Soul
    Let me just start by saying that I have purchased multiple items from the Forever 21 app and never had any trouble. But with this newest update?? I can’t even get to check out. I’ve had an ‘out-of-stock’ shirt in my cart for two months that literally cannot be removed. Two months!! The problem? You can’t get to check out with ‘out-of-stock’ items in your cart. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it, but it’s impossible. Beyond that, my wish list constantly removes items I’ve added to it, and not because they’ve sold out, but because there’s a bug that just edits the list on its own. I shouldn’t have to re-add clothes to a shopping list every time I open the app. All in all, the quality of this app has gone waaayyy down. Very disappointed. 😐
  • Worst app. 1/5

    By Pretty786
    In today’s time when apps are so smooth and then you have forever 21 which takes forever to load. And always while adding clothes to cart errors unable to add to cart. Unable to delete items from cart. Simply waste of time. Deleting app immediately
  • Not happy 1/5

    By johnnypizon security guard
    This new update is absolutely horrible. Can’t remove sold out items, tried to pay with forever 21 credit card said it was in invalid card turn emptied my cart. Had to readd all the items again then it apparently worked. Also had an issue finding the items I originally added. Searched for them and they were no longer there. Ended up buying the items off the website instead of the app. This is ridiculous
  • Horrible purchasing experience! 2/5

    Through the app I was never able to make a purchase due to multiple “error” messages when there were no errors. The error messages would be my email address one second and once that was fixed the problem was my card number, once that was fixed it said I needed to enter and email and could not leave the section blank, when in fact my email was clearly typed out. I had to purchase through the web without signing into my account. Items don’t load in bag, bag doesn’t always update when trying to remove items, and app is all around tired and glitchy.
  • Ooo 1/5

    By okfranni
    Recent update is horrible. Have not been able to remove unavailable items in my cart. Please fix.
  • Wishlist 4/5

    By chse101.
    I love the app but for some reason when I try to add items to my wishlist on my phone it won't let me i've even tried to add it to my shopping cart and then move it to my wishlist and it won't work
  • F21 app 1/5

    By thehaleygray823
    Truthfully the worst app on the planet. It's constantly glitching and not working. Won't let me remove SOLD OUT items from my bag, price won't adjust at the total when I do remove things from my bag. I've had this app for over 3 years now and I've had nothing but constant issues with it. You're better off going to the forever 21 site on a web browser.
  • Going to Delete 1/5

    By ruhfbxgvdg
    The original app was the best app! Ever since it was completely updated I’ve had issues ever since! The scan barcode in-store to find a style online completely DISAPPEARED! Now, if something is in my cart and it sells out, I can’t remove it to continue! The red circle just keeps spinning! Going to have to delete and just order on the actual website going forward. 😭
  • What happened? 1/5

    By 001buggieboo
    Was working fine until now! I can’t checkout because the app won’t let me remove an out of stock item. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app three times. No luck!
  • Wendalyn 5/5

    By Grace/Graditude
    Forever 21 Rocks 🤩🤩🤩
  • won’t load 1/5

    By cc963280330832
    i installed this app so i could get a discount on my purchase, but the item i want to buy won’t load on the app… so, i can’t use the app to get the discount anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By frustrared Too
    I tried placing an order twice and kept getting an error order not created yet the funds were taking away from my credit card. Each time I called commenity bank and forever21 the reps had NO IDEA what they were taking about. They couldn’t answer any of my questions and kept referring me back to each other what a headache!!!!! Don’t waste your time go to the store.
  • Poop 1/5

    By Sa123446
    The app doesn’t let me save things to my wishlist.
  • Pls Fix 2/5

    By lunarish
    App is still horribly bugged. Didn't fix anything. I wanna shop but the app makes it so I can't unfortunately.
  • Unavailable Items 3/5

    By PuertoDor
    Why is it so hard to clear your cart items no long available?
  • My app froze 1/5

    By the monkey oooooo
    I was using the app when I tried to delete something, it made an error message. And when I tried to check out it just wouldn’t let me. Please help!!
  • Would be perfect if have “in store availability” option 3/5

    By Fleur d' Genevieve
    I really like the app, it’s easy to use but i think it will be perfect if there is options “in store availability” to check stock of the product that i want. Also the chat with customer service would make everything so much easier (which only available from desktop) instead of calling the customer service (just my opinion) 😊
  • Rip off 1/5

    By deez nutz in ur moms mouth
    So yesterday, I was in Atlantic city at forever 21 and bought a hair clip. Later today I was trying it on. AND IT BROKE. The amount of things I could’ve done with $6 dollars is so much. And I chose to buy this. A piece of chunk that broke into 3 pieces. Very much disappointed. And very low quality. My attorney will be hearing about this, be ready. from -Nicole
  • Bugs 3/5

    By ajakdlfk
    They really need to fix the bugs in this add I can even proceed from checkout. Not only that but there’s items in my bag that I can’t remove that aren’t even in stock and their still showing up.
  • The old app was fine 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1/5

    By jefiucuwowif
    Ever since the newest upgrade, I’ll come to pull up my F21 app and my favorites will be gone or my shopping cart will be empty. Either way, I’m not searching for the items again and F21 isn’t getting my money like this.
  • Broken App 1/5

    By Nordo cool dude
    The app doesn’t work well, if at all. It won’t even let me checkout since it’s now unable to remove a sold out item from my bag, so if all the bugs weren’t bad enough, it’s also just unusable for me.
  • Cannot remove sold out items from cart 1/5

    By Illestkat
    Please fix!!!
  • App is buggy will not update to remove out of stock items 1/5

    By Pja28
    Have been trying for multiple days to remove unavailable items from cart (cannot checkout without doing so). This is has not been resolved by 1. Hitting remove unavailable items 2. Restarting the app, 3. Deleting then reinstalling the app, 4. Logging out of app deleting it then reinstalling it and logging in again. 5. Logging in on a computer (unavailable items do not appear in cart in desktop version of website), and 6. Using cellular data to try to update cart This is incredibly frustrating. Please fix this issue.
  • Never works properly too many bugs 1/5

    By naydupz
    Whoever runs the app obvi doesnt use it bc i can never check out, remove out of stock items, move items to wishlist or logging out/logging on without all items in my cart being gone. Super annoying gnna delete for a while
  • App needs updating or something . Always have issue with not functioning properly. 2/5

    By Resident of AL
    Prevents you from purchasing
  • Wishlist 4/5

    By hg4p
    The app is great only thing that doesn’t work is the wish list it won’t let me put anything on there and before that it was letting me push the wish list button but it would still not let me go to the wish list but now it’s not letting me push the wish list button but is letting me go to the wish list and it keeps saying it’s empty.
  • The site is down 5/5

    By Theresa Skelly
    I really like shopping here but the when I open the app now it’s not working like the cite is down
  • Bad. Doesnt work. 1/5

    By evelynfields1292
    Doesnt work. Screen freezes so i cant make an account then it never deleted any items i deleted in my shopping bag. Its saying i owe more than i do because even when i click delete an item it wont delete it…no where to click pick up so far…

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