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  • Current Version: 5.12.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Forever 21, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Forever 21 App

With the new Forever 21 mobile app, you can shop, find fresh outfit inspiration, save your faves, and get connected! Access awesome features, the latest scoop from social media, get instant info on our newest sales…and that’s just the beginning. Welcome to the incredible world of Forever 21 – in your pocket and at your fingertips. Features: - SHOP: Explore, browse, vertical swipe to more images, horizontal swipe to another product, and buy on the go! - SCAN & SHOP: Need another size? Looking for more info? Just scan an item’s barcode to get details, read reviews, and share your finds! - F21Home: Check out our latest Shop by Outfit , and trend Videos for instant style inspiration. - SOCIAL: Connect with the Forever 21 community through Facebook and Instagram, and use #F21xMe to find and share style inspiration. - Inbox: Be first in line to receive on-the-spot updates about exclusives, sales, and special offers - Find a Store: Lost without Forever 21? Use the store locator to find nearby stores, get directions, and find out which brands are available at each store. Oh, and we love your feedback! We’re constantly tweaking and improving to make the F21 app even better! Shoot us an email at [email protected] to leave a comment, report an issue, or make a suggestion!


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Forever 21 app reviews

  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Fashionista2612
    LOVE the new way discover my style
  • Discover Your Style Feature 2/5

    By KyasiaWaddt
    I don’t see a way to get to the feature
  • New update has made it reaaallly slow 1/5

    By Infinitelover6969
    Like really slow... it takes too long to load and I’m just done with it. 🙄 It just keeps on timing out and my phone is up to date and I have an iPhone 8 Plus.. so like why is it being this way?
  • Slow app. 1/5

    By jedimasterlyss
    app is WAY too slow. If i add something to my wish list, cart, or even change the size or color of an item , the F21 loading wheel pops up for 2 minutes and then finally loads. This is extremely inconvenient and makes shopping online harder because i like to enjoy shopping and browsing but if i have to wait all the time for something to load, i’m obviously not going to continue with my shopping here.
  • Needs a better update 3/5

    By diana gaivin
    They need to fix their paypal whenever i use the paypal it never catches the number and when i type in the number it says its not a fover21 card
  • Slow, it does request time out all the time 1/5

    By oyindab
    The app is good, but it is slow . It loads for a long time . It has this thing where it would load for about 2mins , and it would say request time out . It’s a hassle to use the app if you are trying to look through it quick
  • if you can’t make it right don’t make it at all 1/5

    By Brynna K
    app doesn’t load, I can’t check my orders. won’t be using the app anymore. just use the website it’s much less time consuming and it actually works most of the time.
  • Access to credit card 2/5

    By Spoiled33
    I wish I could have access to my credit card from this app! I wish I could check my balance and be able to pay my bill from the app!!
  • Get it together 1/5

    By Trease28
    The app was just fine not too long ago!! Now, all of a sudden it just randomly stopped working. Every time I go to the app, it shows a blank white page with the loading ring on it!! I’ve deleted the app and re downloaded it so many times that I’m just about to keep it permanently deleted!!
  • Very glitchy 4/5

    By Crunkal
    This app would be awesome if it would load quicker. Also, it needs more customizable filters and shopping categories.
  • Not functioning 2/5

    By SheKnows32
    For the past 2 wks this app has not been functioning correctly. It takes a while to load even when I’m connected to WiFi. When notifications pop up and I click on the app, the notification doesn’t even show.
  • 👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By code name: vendetta
    ZERO stars for this app. I had 40 items saved to my wishlist. Signed in today and discovered my wishlist empty. I’m furious. Why offer that feature if you’re just going to delete everything?
  • the app doesn’t even work 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1/5

    By Cartog32
    i just got the app and all I see is, nothing. like it’s just a white screen. I didn’t know that was considered a shopping app but I think I will stick to shopping at urban outfitters. It has way better clothing and the people in customer service are just way nicer. I recommend it like 100000 times more than f21. I’m super tiny, and I feel like I never find my size at f21 :-(
  • A lot of issues lately 2/5

    By NSweetz
    As of a few months now the app either crashes or won’t open. This was my go to app until these issues kept reoccurring ... now I am forced to log on using safari when I’m ready to check out . Screen on the app goes blank or sometimes it doesn’t even load ... fix it pleeeeeeaaasseee
  • Amazing, I love it! 5/5

    By Logoya_G
    I am such a fan of Forever 21, this is my favorite store and I love to shop online. I really like you it is set up. Not really much they can do to make it better!
  • Disappointed customer service 2/5

    By Sh237
    Hello, I am a regular loyal customer of Forever 21, you can see my purchase history In store and through your Online application. I always love my purchases and experiences at Forever 21. In fact I am always writing good reviews about my purchases as well. This is the first time I am trying to reach someone in authority to understand my frustration as a consumer. I bought a pair of Pink Printed pants through your Online app,Order # 76204005 on March 3/28/2018. I tried it on and did not like the size. I drove to a local Forever 21 store at Park Meadows Mall, Colorado to return the item. I was told by the Cashier I can not return or exchange the item in store even though I purchased it from your store Application. The cashier suggested me to have it mailed through US postal service. I was extremely disappointed. It did not make any sense to me, I went back on the history of my order and Product Information of the item on my app and Nowhere it says it can only be return through Postal service. To me that’s hiding a disclaimer and information from the consumer. I drove to postal service with return label and they mentioned I need to purchase a Postage stamp in order to send this Item back to Forever 21. Purchasing a postage stamp is not an issue but not disclaiming any of this information on your website is a Huge misinformation/deception. I called your customer service number and spoke to Teddy B. who was not helpful or courteous at all. He was condescending and made it seem like returning an item is a burden on you guys and it’s entirely mistake. I did not appreciate his tone and asked to get a hold of a manager/supervisor. He said every manger is busy and not available. I am appalled by the series of inconvenience I have experienced and discouraged to make any purchases in the future till this situation gets resolved.
  • Needs A LOT of improvement 1/5

    By AlyxusAnn
    With how much money forever 21 makes, you would think the app would be pure gold but unfortunately it isn’t great. The reviews almost never show up, ordering sometimes glitches & the wishlist option is almost pointless- as soon as it’s out of stock you can’t keep it in your wishlist just in case it’s restocked
  • Avoid app/online order 1/5

    By The Radical Cleric
    Worst customer service for online/app purchase. Be extremely careful!!! Many items are not forever21 brands, which means you will be charged a hefty shipping fee for returning those non-forever21 items. They won’t reply to your email, won’t allow you to speak to a supervisor. When I requested to speak to a manager, I was simply told no supervisor has time and didn’t offer to call me back or put me on hold if I wish to wait. The entire customer service team wanted avoid talking to me and offer adequate service. Don’t be trapped!!! Go to a store to purchase! In modern high tech days, it’s sad to see when all other online retailers are doing quite well, forever21 is still forever behind the technology era! What an irony. A company that refuses to grow up!
  • very bad costumer services 1/5

    By dooliloulou
    Forever 21 is the worst customer service ever! the people who answer the phone they was very rude , impolite , agressive and any thing bad u can imagine , i purchase from their website and it was a miscommunication regarding my adress i was trying to call them many times during my conversation they look that they put the phone speaker and they talk with their colleagues the second one she finish the call and she hang up without any excuse , now i'm just waiting for them to send me an email regarding my shipment , i'm so sad about this but never ever buy from them again !
  • Doesn’t ship to Japan .. military personnel needs clothes too !🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ 3/5

    By Fix this shit😐
    We need shipments to Japan
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By whit09.
    Horrible app! Don’t try it! They will cancel orders for no reason. Customer service is no help either. Just throw the whole app away.
  • Help. 3/5

    By Jestie love it
    What Does It Mean When The “Track Order”Button The App Is Grey, & You Can’t Click It? It’s Been Over 24 Hours Since I Placed My Order & It’s Still Grey🤔🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Forever 21 is incompetent 1/5

    By Infinity Nicky
    The app is slow. The stores are a mess. And when someone orders a package to arrive via express delivery, find a way to get it to the destination when it says it is supposed to be there. Do not push the delivery date back.
  • oh my GOD 1/5

    By Mrs.Jonas♥
    this app is so MINDBLOWINGLY BAD and annoying to use. how do you mess up so badly??????? buttons don’t work, you’re only allowed 40 items in your wishlist, there’s no way to filter products by style, it’s impossible to search. but I’m going to keep using it because I’m just a sad little person trapped in a consumer world :(
  • Outraged 🤬 1/5

    By Booboo112292
    I have been trying to order stuff through the app and it will not let me. I have continuously emailed customer support and never heard back from them! Now some things in my cart are no longer available and I’m just increasing with anger. Please can somebody just help me out here.
  • STUIPD 1/5

    By The critic ✌
  • So beat 1/5

    By Dhdhsha
    Every time I try to order something it says somethings wrong with my credit card and they can’t order it when it’s no problem to order things on other websites with the same card, pisses me off
  • Can be BETTER! 3/5

    By Anna2.2
    I hate using the app!! It always crashes and for some reason can’t load things fast! It literally just sits there as the loading bar keeps loading! And it’ll even freeze up a bit too! I honestly love Forever 21 and stay shopping in stores but if i ever buy anything online it would most likely be bought on the internet not the app.
  • ¡Do something, please! 2/5

    By aashlycastro
    What about Forever 21 Mexico?!
  • The prices💵 4/5

    By babbi.mar
    There clothes are too pricey and need more coupons.
  • Forever 21 Hacked 2/5

    By Arielbeeeee
    My account got hacked recently, not even sure how. Checked My Forever 21 app on my account noticed things in my cart that shouldn’t be, than an address from Miami that isn’t mine when I live here in Houston. My email was off by 2 numbers which also was not mine and I could not change that problem since Forever 21 can’t change emails online yet. Also my Forever 21 credit card was on that account so I had to call customer service and changed everything. Strange thing is even with this hacked problem and my password changing, with not even the accurate email the app still worked with my false hacked information with the Touch ID. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR OTHERS THAT HAVE THE SAME ISSUE PLEASE. FIX YOUR FAULTY SECURITY ERRORS!! ALSO ADD MORE NUMBERS TO THE WISHLIST!
  • needs a bigger wishlist 3/5

    i use this app to look at all the styles i like and i really need a bigger wishlist! i hate having to prioritse what i want - in simply using this as an "inspo" board. please increase the limit or even remove it for wishlist items!!!
  • Long pending order 3/5

    By Casey Mason
    I bought my clothes December 24 and it’s not January 8th and my order is still pending!! I spent 195$ on it and I’m not happy that I have yet to receive my items and that my order has yet to be shipped!!! Please fix this. I know I ordered this during the holidays but it’s way past that now and I should’ve gotten my clothes weeks ago.
  • Much Better Improvement! 5/5

    By FirstVibe
    I havn’t opened up F21 app for a LOOONG time due to crashes and the difficulty of applying filters to narrow down my search. It’s much smoother and faster to get around the app. The filter option is accurate. I really love how the filter option has a style option of “Trend” and “Wear To.”
  • Do Better 3/5

    By WarioToast
    Y'all are wack for only letting the wish list and save for later have only 40 items. Make it unlimited.
  • LOL 3/5

    By panosanic
    I just find it hilarious how F21 is trying to sell huaraches for $70. I can go to LA and get authentic and real ones at a cheaper price. Anyways, app is okay, wish there was a faster way of looking at items though.
  • Can’t order?!?! 2/5

    By ImagiQ
    I love Forever 21 but don’t always have the time to shop in store. Whenever I try to order in the app it doesn’t let my type my address in and keeps on saying it is wrong. I find this strange because every other app I have recognizes my address accept for this one!
  • Slow App 2/5

    By NieciiPooh94
    I love F21 but the app runs extremely slow. It takes forever in a day to load and when I recently went to order me some things, the apps was going so slow that it crashed. So now I have to call to place my order.
  • Bad at shipping dates 2/5

    By Kassandra Zimmerman
    I buy things online and the shipping estimation is always wrong, and this last time I purchased it was 4 days off. Wish it was better and had faster standard shipping.
  • Shipping Address 4/5

    By Syd12345678919987643214780
    I love this app, don’t get me wrong! But I’m having trouble inputting my address for shipping! It will not let me input my “ADDRESS” which is necessary to move forward with my order!
  • Can't order anything 1/5

    By Lem0465
    I'm trying very hard to order a few things because I have a gift card but when I try to put in my address and glitches and refuses to let me type in my address. I wanted to be able to order the things that are on sale but I guess that won't be happening since the app won't let me. I would really like this fixed because as you can probably tell, I am extremely frustrated with it.
  • crashes 1/5

    By Keko321
    app crashes and everything that was put in the cart disappears
  • First time buying, never again . Haven’t received my item. 1/5

    By Amazing ice kana mark
    My first purchase was on cyber Monday, and I bought a French terry off the shoulder top. And the app said it’s estimated to be here by December 6 but it still said shipped for weeks, and I went to check at the usps they said delivered but I haven’t seen it or anyone ring my doorbell, but the app never said delivered.
  • Spamming notifications! 4/5

    By Princess_Ashley1125
    I KEEP GETTING “Surprise! Get $25 off your purchase of $100+!” MULTIPLE TIMES AND IT’S ANNOYING FIX IT But over all the app is nice!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Dy-va
    The updated app isn’t working it keeps telling me to update the app but there not an updated version in the App Store.
  • UMMM..??!?? 💢 1/5

    By LLA✌🏼️
    There is always an issue with this app-with this new update, the app will not let me search for anything.
  • Fix the app! 1/5

    By chilwil2k
    Did update now it will not open!!!!
  • ANNOYED 3/5

    By cowgrass
    This app was great until I started having issues opening the app itself. Every time I open the app it says to update, so I go and update because i want to be able to use the app BUT there is no new update it is updated to the latest version and it is annoying.
  • After the newest update it won’t let me go into the app. 1/5

    By Alaska_custom
    It keeps saying new update available, update it in the App Store. And it’s updated still says the same thing.
  • Not working !!! 1/5

    By GollJann
    I’m trying to order my stuff that I’ve had in my cart for a day or two and it keeps telling me that I need to update the App which I already did ! It’s not letting the App load and work normally !! Fix thisssss 😡😡😡

Forever 21 app comments


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